I love glass design after WW II. I am just a beginner.


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Gunnar Ander Big Cascade Vase for Lindshammar - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vicke Lindstrand Jug for Orrefors 1934 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small Red Cenedese Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vicke Lindstrand Decanter LH 1519 for Kosta - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gralglas Little Jug by Josef Stadler - Art Glassin Art Glass
Algimantas Žilys Blue Vase with White Filaments - Art Glassin Art Glass
Spontana Bowl and Vase by Bengt Orup for Johansfors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bengt Orup Spontana Vase for Johansfors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Asta Strömberg Bowl for Strömbergshyttan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Saara Hopea Red Vase and Liquor Glasses for Nuutajärvi - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I have the jug - but not the glasses! I always love WH-simplicity.
  2. Incredible.
  3. Incredible, what a collection!
  4. Very beautiful, really, and extremely rare.
  5. Finally, a glass piece! Yes, Nanny Still is trendy. I never saw this piece, though, it's really rare and very beautiful. I am asking myself why certain piecers are so sought after, and others, by othe...
  6. I don't know Spain at all, unfortunately. But there are other things I remember when I think of Spain in the Seventies for example the films of Carlos Saura with Geraldine Chaplin (she is still young...
  7. Excuse-me, I didn't read well. It's really a fine piece. Iwould really like to see a book or catalogue on Strömbergshyttan. They are special.
  8. I am really impressed. How big is it?
  9. Wow, that's stunning - surrealism in glass! It's a real challenge to take pictues of glass, and you managed it really well. There was this exhibition in Venice, last year http://www.lestanzedelvetr...
  10. French Ceramics of the 50s is gorgeous, but extremely expensive. Do you know this fantastic blog by Pascal Marziano: It's a wonderful source of information and in...
  11. Hm, Locato, that is an interesting commentary. But what do you want to say me with it. That it is not by Vicke Lindstrand. That the label is a fake? But it seems really to be old. And how do you comm...
  12. This is spectatcular. I've never seen it.
  13. I understand your pain! I like it very much to take pictures of my pieces. I have another vase by Ander, but I have to find some time to take pictures.
  14. Thanky you all for your loves! @racer, taht's very well said. @autro, I know this problem. In this case sending was more expensive than the item!
  15. How do I see the difference?
  16. I only have one!
  17. Impressing. Valentino is right.
  18. I would like to see more of his early work. And more glass for use - later on he did more experimental works for his vases.
  19. Dear Sean, vetraia, austro, hunter, racer and agh - thank you for loving it. Yes, it's a beauty! Lindstrand did so different things, he is really an interesting designer.
  20. I didn't buy since at least two weeks!
  21. I just commented. We had the same Idea.
  22. His name, I wanted to say. We should consider a group therapy. It's less expensive and more money is left for our vice.
  23. Could be Algimantas Zilys. Nobody knows his. But normally his pieces are signed. I am a fan:
  24. Could be Algimantas Zilys. Nobody knows his. But normally his pieces are signed. I am a fan:
  25. Thanks Sean and Icollect, and thanks for the invitation!
  26. Please send them. The Gralglas catalogue of 59/60 is really great design of the late Fifties. Some pieces are still a little conservative, but others strikingly modern.
  27. This Orange with black rim reminds me certain designs of Loetz which could be astonishingly modern. But I don't think it's Loetz, it's more like a quotation.
  28. Great collection. I love the glasses.
  29. It's the simplicity of the form, and the quality of the color and the glass. This Gralglas collection from 1960 is really great. Thank you autro and vlkma!
  30. Thanks for your loves, vetraia and agh!
  31. You are lucky! These pieces are difficult to find.
  32. It's a fantastic piece. They were real experimentators at Strömbergshyttan.
  33. Zell am Harmersbach
  34. I admit that they are not so much to my taste. but they seem to be rather sought after today, you are lucky.
  35. Unfortunately I am not such a fan of this wgp fat lava stuff (with exceptions), it's too much bound to the period for me. But there are some individual designers, I like. Even at their time they were ...
  36. People had the bad habitude to use these vases!
  37. Do you share my impression that german ceramics after WW II ist completely underrated - if you compare the prices with prices for french ceramics for example?
  38. Interesting piece, unusual. From which year?
  39. One of the most interesting ceramic designers in Germany after WW II, if I am well informed.
  40. I am a Bengt Orup fan, without any doubt. Happy new year to you, too, Rebessin.
  41. I would be proud of all of these!
  42. Very beautiful.
  43. Your collection is endless. If I were a museum director I would come to you and kneel down.
  44. I should come around one day!
  45. They were poets! And which is your home town?
  46. Very instructive, thank you!
  47. So you would still see them as handcrafted, not industrialized press glass?
  48. That's why I love the Gullaskruf räkskål Because the form here even follows function!
  49. A sort of telephone receiver in a public telephone booth covered with graffiti, strange and poetic.
  50. The other ones are beautiful, too, but this one is spectacular!
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