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Azzurro by Göran Wärff 1994 Kosta Boda - Art Glassin Art Glass
Heikki Orvola Volcano vase 1974 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jørgen Karlsen for Hadeland Glassverk - Art Glassin Art Glass
Very rare Orup Cinder 6" vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Funghi by Ulrica Hydman Vallien - Art Glassin Art Glass
Benny Motzfeldt for PLUS Norway - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare large Elsa Söderberg vase for Hovmantorp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Milan Vobruba for Gusum Sweden - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bertil Vallien 'Mummy'  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Seaweed by Vicke Lindstrand - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. The design is called Jäkälä (Lichen in English) designed in 1951 and produced up until 1964 and is much sought after.
  2. I think you'll find this is a perfume bottle missing it's stopper hence the 'etching in the neck.
  3. Rolf Sinnemark who worked at Kosta 1967-1985 could the 6 actually be an 8? as this would give year of design as 1984 (2nd and 3rd digits in Kosta 5 number codes indicate year of design)
  4. The range is called Ventana and are the most desirable of Morales Schildt designs!
  5. H937 is listed by Great Glass as being 1960's so I'd say this is prob early 1960's
  6. Ikea Salong vase :)
  7. It's def Vas Vitreum I have no qualms about the signature it's just there is a lack of info about their designers.
  8. I'm wondering if it is a commemorative or corporate piece?
  9. Found it in an an antiques centre :)
  10. Me too! And since then I have seen one with a beatiful pale Blue interior :)
  11. signed Flygsfors Coquille
  12. I've seen the listing & this is not Fuga as by the very nature of the process would make this design impossible to produce. Fuga was developed as a method of mass production of glass using a spinning ...
  13. I have one of these with a Smålandsbrukglas sticker on which also says made in Sweden.
  14. Josef Schott for Smålandshyttan is also an avenue to look into.
  15. I've just seen a Transjö vase for sale at just short of $3000 & IMO it's no where near as beautiful as mine :)
  16. These are indeed from Bertil Vallien's 'Days' Series this shape has also been used for Corporate gifts & commemorative items (with an engraved design in the centre rather than moulded) Nice find!
  17. Different variations on this Vallien design have been produced for a long time the last 'update' being in 2007 known as 'Body Bubbles' see:
  18. Thank you for the lovely comments! This is my first piece from Transjö Hytta as they are quite hard to come by :)
  19. I have the green version - Love it!
  20. According to Design Lasi these were made in at least 17 colours! I have heard an Italian company made copies of them too.
  21. WOW super collection!
  22. Super jealous!!!!! Stunning piece :)
  23. Torbjørn Torgersen is another Randsfjord designer some examples can be found here: I think there are probably many of his desi...
  24. I think this may be another Torbjørn Torgersen design - certainly the orange variations are listed as such in Fire & Sea.
  25. 2 of mine are Purple & the other is the deepest blood Red :)
  26. I have 3 of these but you will find the 'Black' one isn't Black at all - hold it up to a very strong light & it will be either Blue, Red or Purple :)
  27. These Alsterfors pieces by Ström are highly sort-after & this example is a particularly good one!
  28. Smålandshyttan & Åseda also made this form & those pieces are unsigned. So there is another avenue to investigate :)
  29. Only her website:
  30. Great find! As far as I no there are 3 model numbers for Pompadour this being 1945 & 1404/5 for the ones with the folded over rim.
  31. I have an early Olive green one & a clear one with a Blue & 2 Green stripes which I have seen attributed to Gullaskruf
  32. Indeed Bellin! I have to admit when I first saw it she didn't come to mind.
  33. Is this piece signed? Do you know the pattern number? as I haven't been able to find it.
  34. Matts Jonasson is undoubtedly the King of Animal engravings I have a couple of Panda's & a Polar Bear by him. The quality of this one id up there though the engraving is very fine!
  35. Nybro makes similar items but they are molded not engraved like this on & as far as I am aware they are unsigned. Here's the horses from their current range!
  36. :o) Josef Schott is the only designer I can think of from that factory
  37. I would say Smålandshyttan as their pieces tend not to be signed.
  38. There is also a lot of German Walther glas identified as Pukeberg online too!
  39. He's not Kosta Boda Zoo line he's Pukeberg probably designed by Uno Westerberg :o)
  40. Thanks for answering that Eye4! I'm guessing you can get them in Home Depot. They are small LED lights which can be recessed into shelves (does take a bit of cable management) I also have some colour ...
  41. All the Songbird vases I have seen have a 5 digit mark which indicates post 1970 although they could have been designed much earlier.
  42. TY Bellin!
  43. TY Bellin!
  44. Yes LH = Lindstrand Handformed & 1335 is 1958 I'm perplexed by the HD90 though
  45. 11 doesn't refer to number of colour variations available just to clear crystal.
  46. It is indeed a pipe stand designed by Uno Westerberg.
  47. ## indicating a number following the C. which I'm guessing would indicate the model size
  48. Smoke & Ice pg 99 list this vase (1955-1960) & the signatures as Of P3664.C## I'm wondering if the 3 digit number could indicate later production as found on Simon Gate's 1000 windows.
  49. What does the signature read?
  50. Hi I would put the designer of this piece as Torbjorn Torgersen I have one of his vases that has very similiar swirling & bubbles.
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