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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Little Brother and Little Sister - The Brothers Grimm - Illustrated by Arthur Rackham - 1917 - Booksin Books
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  1. thanks Merr. that is as good a reason as any to love a piece!
  2. you were right again, walksoftly! it is copper plated.
  3. exactly walksoftly!! thanks bratjdd and walksoftly!
  4. thank you Riply206! it does kind of look like 'earth' - sort of. i just googled 'earth pottery' and there were a gazillion hits - many here in the bay area. i may never know who did this one!
  5. Tonala burnished plate or charger.
  6. gracias Virginia.vintage!
  7. thanks Manikin and Virginia.vintage. he does look a lot like a Steiff reclining lion!
  8. i'll post some more photos from it. i hope i can get my favorite one to load this time.
  9. pretty rough for a washboard... maybe part of a mold for cigars or cigarettes?
  10. yes, the title to one of these buildings would be the best, but i'll settle for a single tile!
  11. thank you SEAN68! i'm always amazed at how beautiful these buildings are. there are lots more fantastic ones too. i'd love to find some of these tiles!
  12. it looks like there is a fancy V there. thank you bratjdd!
  13. thank you kat22 and LOUMANAL. the last one you post - the etsy one - is the correct one w/ a different finish [and in bad condition]. some of the ones which are inferior castings also say '501'. i ...
  14. i don't think so walksoftly. they have the feel of copper, and they sure don't look copper plated. i think that there was some metal on top of them which rusted on. it's coming off though - slowly.
  15. thank you eye4beauty and PhilDavidAlexanderMorris!
  16. the ones i found from the 1920s/30s appear to be a 2nd generation casting of poor quality. i think these are actually earlier than that - maybe around 1900. the casting is much better on these ones,...
  17. thank you LOUMANAL! great info!
  18. what kind of wood?
  19. thank you Kirk! i may save them for the right frame. not sure yet...
  20. it looks like a coral fossil or possibly a bryozoan fossil.
  21. i have a couple of similar hanging lanterns w/ cast iron dragonflies and glass inserts.
  22. i've been cleaning this up and i'm unclear as to why there is some rust on it, as it appears to be made of copper. i wonder why?
  23. very clear photos would help a lot. if you don't have the right camera equipment, maybe a friend could take the pics for you. there are several online sites which will respond to questions regarding...
  24. after living w/ this for a few days, i'm convinced it's a really good piece, but i sure hope i can find out who made it.
  25. chartreuse, maybe?
  26. this is great, but he kind of reminds me of Homer Simpson, no?
  27. cloud feet!!
  28. early barbara willis??
  29. i love it! looks italian to me - maybe deco? could be a wedding present. the grotesque figures in the bottom section of the body appear to be sort of Deruta. i just learned about Deruta thanks to V...
  30. i love your collections! this one could also be Micmac, i think.
  31. i see a penguin, but not a pelican!
  32. thanks lisa!
  33. i've been studying up on aesthetic movement transferware tiles, and i think this is Wedgwood - early Victorian 1850s-60s, because of the color and quality. it's blue and cream transferware which Wedgw...
  34. thanks idcloisonne. this may have been made for use in China, but i doubt it. this kind of luxury good has been made for export in china for over 500 yrs - mostly to Japan, but also Taiwan, and in t...
  36. very COOL!!
  37. thanks idcloisonne. Bonsai is a japanese term, but in english, it's used to cover all the 'small trees in containers' made by Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese. these are all outdoor plants -...
  38. thank you racer4four and kyratango! it does remind me a lot of the Sainte Radegonde pottery. the bowl is more complex than it appears. there are flattened areas above each face of the footing which...
  39. i like this cat. it doesn't make me sneeze and itch.
  40. after reading alot about bonsai pots, i think that this might also be a chinese bowl. the footing is definitely a stylized cloud footing.
  41. i think that this is known as the 'wu' style of pot.
  42. i think that this is yixing clay, so it's a chinese pot, probably made for the Japanese market. i think that the yellow color is a slip decoration known as 'engobe'. The feet are called 'cloud feet' ...
  43. for holding sheet music?
  44. it could also be a dibbler for planting seeds. a double dibbler!
  45. it would be a GREAT tool for removing some pesky weeds poking up between rocks, curbs or asphalt.
  46. a very funny story i heard as a kid was that FLW was asked to come to Mr. Johnson's office and when he got there, Mr. Johnson pointed to one of many leaks which was leaking right on his desk. He ask...
  47. thanks Jewels!
  48. thank you AmberRose! now, i'm really confused. but that's okay. i think it's really beautiful wherever it's from.
  49. thank you wksgibson and i'll take that under consideration racer4four [kidding!].
  50. HA! thanks Riply206 and walksoftly!
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Sergio Cuevas artist Red Clay Ceramic Face Sculpture


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