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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Beautiful Wooden Garden Bench - Furniturein Furniture
What the heck are these things? 
Enamelled Copper Dish / Ashtray 
Enormous glass thing...??? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Another Piece of Awaji! - Potteryin Pottery
Large Hand-colored Photo of a Lakeside Garden - Photographsin Photographs
Large Hand-colored Photo of Coastal Rocks in a Pie-crust Frame - Photographsin Photographs
Old Porcelain Vase - hand painted - Asianin Asian
Pretty Kutani Bowl - with foil label and mark - Potteryin Pottery
Dr J Fogworth - Interesting hand-blown onion bottle - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. whoooaahh! you've outdone yourself Sean! great one!
  2. i think that the one on the right is an Atkinson, not a Parrish. the one on the left is definitely a Parrish, but not sure how old. 'House of Art' would be right though.
  3. looks Mexican.
  4. i love these jeneric! i've seen quite a few at the Big Sur galleries and always admired them. but pricey!!
  5. looks like Versace!
  6. definitely Awaji! and really nice because of the basket!
  7. i heard from a pro that this was made in Japan in the 1930s.
  8. the scenes are typical of Iznik pottery from Persia, although the style seems more modern, or maybe primitive?
  9. shabby chic!
  10. thank you valentino! but i'm sure that this was done by a pro! the colors and form are just too good. i've seen the messy little ones done at adult ed craft classes and they don't look like this one...
  11. nice work TallCakes! a dessicator! sounds kind of creepy. so final!
  12. thanks jscotto! i believe that this is a japanese piece and from the early 1900s, but would love some guidance on it.
  13. thank you walksoftly! you nailed it again!
  14. thank you jscotto and Tassie!
  15. i've seen similar marks - maybe this one. try the collecting japanese ceramics and art facebook site. they are very helpful.
  16. thank you inky and Poire! Poire - please post a photo of your wall-pocket. it's a good thing you left the weave on your pocket - it could double the value of your piece, possibly.
  17. i love this! don't know how i missed it!
  18. thank you Kevin and Mikel! i love those days too, Mikel and i have a lot more to post - just from today. but time to go to bed!
  19. these erotic ceramic or bone figures are Japanese and known as 'Shunga'.
  20. Dick Tracey?
  21. thanks rockbat!
  22. this reminds me of some Shawnee pottery i've owned, but also the work of the great Barbara Willis!
  23. just to keep things interesting, i'll add that i have some similar necklaces i purchased in Ecuador and Bolivia. not sure where the are - somewhere in my warehouse. the bone doesn't look familiar, b...
  24. really beautiful grouped like this!
  25. beautiful collection!
  26. great find!!
  27. wonderful!!!
  28. wow! where are you located artfoot?
  29. i guess i see what you mean. it's so close though! but the glazed hole on mine does make it different.
  30. i agree completely artfoot and feel indebted to you for your great research! and i thought i had figured it out! i really love the looks of this pot - everything about it and would love to find more...
  31. i think Jessie had other people sign her pots for her, because i saw several signatures and each one was very different from the other. the work does look like her work though. wow! her pots are very...
  32. thank you geo3xs! that's great detective work!
  33. cool! thank you! this is my super busy season, so i may not be able to make it but will try.
  34. i get a headache just THINKING about CocaCola!
  35. thank you Belltown! will Randy Tuten be there?
  36. i really like this piece alot!
  37. going thru old posts of mine. thanks walksoftly. i'm pretty sure that these are relics that were found after the mission had been abandoned. somebody went back and collected these artifacts and mou...
  38. it's beautiful and very distinctive! you might try one of the facebook studio pottery identification pages.
  39. i think that this is an early bauer pot from the 1920s - and the color is called 'sun yellow'. i could be wrong though. thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  40. thanks art.pottery, artfoot, and valentino! the larger ones i have are inferior quality to this one. they chip easy and just don't have the art pottery feel/look that this one does.
  41. thanks artfoot. i'm pretty sure that this is a Bauer #6 flower pot. garden city did not use numbers on their base, from what i've heard.
  42. Thanks again Belltown! i wish i could have made it. can you send me updates for future ones? thanks! pete@eastbaywilds.com
  43. Hi Thomas. i've shown the map to some California Indian friends before. I may make some copies of it to send to native friends around Hoopa or anywhere else they are interested. if you know of anyo...
  44. many years later, i finally see your comments stefdesign and purpledog! thank you for commenting!
  45. SpiritBear - email me - maybe we can do a trade or something. pete@eastbaywilds.com
  46. Thank you Efes! i'm amazed as well. thank you nutsabotas6. you may be right, although i think it's better quality than most i've seen.
  47. thank you artfoot! i have several of them too and like them very much!
  48. the birch photo is a Wallace Nutting, i think. i saw a signed one just like it on the net last night.
  49. that's a coincidence! are you of Czech heritage?
  50. thank you racer!
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