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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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  1. thanks bill!
  2. congratulations! that is an honor as his documentaries are wonderful! i had the pleasure of meeting Ken Burns a few years ago at my mother's 70th birthday party.
  3. Where do you live, or where did your family live when this was found? any idea of where - more or less - it was found? even the continent will help...
  4. dog catcher?
  5. it's Pete Veilleux. occasionally 'Mary', but not very often...
  6. thanks Master and JImam!
  7. hah! kind of....
  8. thanks racer!
  9. the handwriting on the bottom kind of looks like my own!
  10. yes i do shareurpassion. thanks. he does look very dansk!
  11. what a beautiful dresser! would those globose feet be considered william and mary style?
  12. thanks racer and bijou!
  13. i just put a couple of better photos of this up. it's so dark that it's hard to get a good shot of it.
  14. Thank you Thomas! i just spent $74 on wonderful quality incense! how did you guess i was an incense freak?! if you don't like incense, you probably haven't smelled the good stuff!
  15. it's totally surreal! i'm off to the estate sale now - better late than never!
  16. thanks shareurpassion! i just added some better photos.
  17. i just added some better photos in daylight w/ a light background.
  18. thanks Caper. i've found a lot of these online, but none this nice. must be an old one.
  19. it does look like his work! cool!
  20. nice patina inside!
  21. oops. the coincidence was that there is writing on the back which mentions Carter's Hardware in Windsor - which - if it's from Windsor Vermont, was bought by my grandfather in the 1950s.
  22. thanks blunder. i like how it turned out.
  23. this is such an amazing piece! can't believe it's only had 2 likes!
  24. sounds good bill. i'll try to make it.
  25. thanks Manikin and mcheconi!
  26. thanks cindyjune!
  27. another weaner!
  28. thanks Thomas, Mrstyndall, and racer!!
  29. thank you bijou!
  30. it's 33 inches tall.
  31. This one is 20 inches tall. thanks!
  32. definitely 'Italy'. really nice!!
  33. seems pretty solidly empire, so 1830s to 1850 seems right. not too many fussy details or i would date later.
  34. can we see the whole photo?
  35. yes, it's a weaner! i have 3-4 of them.
  36. i think it's a very hard serpentine - which is related to soapstone.
  37. these work incredibly well! i'm surprised i never see them in use here in the american west.
  38. it is harder than soapstone. i haven't inspected it carefully enough yet. the thing is so darn heavy and hard to move.
  39. this is known as a shona sculpture from Zimbabwe.
  40. this is known as a shona sculpture from Zimbabwe.
  41. it looks like a fairly modern satsuma-style porcelain piece from China - 1970s till now.
  42. satsuma style moriage nodder! very nice one!
  43. nice one bill! i keep looking for one i can afford...
  44. what a beauty!
  45. very nice!
  46. thank you Manikin! it is a beautiful piece and looks amazing in my garden. i just got another one - much smaller and made by a different sculptor from the same home.
  47. we need to see more than just one side. please show pics all around - use the 4 pictures to show it off a bit more. from what i can see, it looks like 1930s-40s satsuma with moriage.
  48. now i know who arias is! i've seen his work before. 50s/60s pressed into a mold for slightly 3-d images. nice stuff!
  49. i have a couple of these too! nice!
  50. this tripod plate and some other really great items were cleaned out of a house where an artist died not too far from my house in east oakland. i'll post some of the other items soon.
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