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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Just a few of the pile of silver i picked up last night - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Salt Cellars or Salceros? Sterling - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Mystery Piece - European? - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Large Monogrammed Shreve & Co. Sterling Bowl - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Salt and Pepper Shaker - very ornate - Harris and Shafer Sterling Silver - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
My Favorite little piece of Sterling Silver from Gump's - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Shreve & Co. Sterling Silver Shakers - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Shreve & Co. Sterling Silver Bowl - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver by Shreve & Co. - Sugar Bowl and Creamer - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Very finely detailed silver box on cabriolet legs - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver


  1. CanyonRoad - how right you are! i went back and found 8 more of them which i bought for 99 cts ea!
  2. thank you melaniej!
  3. protruding volumes?!
  4. thanks kyratango!
  5. thanks kyratango!
  6. Thanks TubeAmp!
  7. Thank you TubeAmp! i will keep them together. none of the pieces are holloware [thank god!]. as a former silversmith, i know how ridiculously difficult it is to repair holloware.
  8. thanks racer4four! this is still my favorite, even though it's only the size of a quarter!
  9. thank you racer4four! even though i was a silversmith when i was young, i've never been into collecting silver. it doesn't hold a whole lot of interest for me for some reason.
  10. yes, racer4four, it is an odd piece. i imagine that the bamboo was so that nobody burned their fingers when the pot held hot liquid.
  11. wow! thank you vetraio50!
  12. almost all of these are marked sterling. there are only three pieces which aren't. one is electroplate and the other is the one that baffles me here: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/158453-m...
  13. filmnet: what is a salt shatter? the salt cellars are all marked sterling.
  14. the enormous platter underneath the salt cellars has a lion on the bottom of it. it's dated 1917 and monogrammed w/ DWE.
  15. do you think i should polish these up w/ some silver polish?
  16. thank you vetraio50 and JoyB! after looking at other silver pieces, i think that these were made sometime between 1880 and 1900.
  17. yes, i agree w/ CanyonRoad. it looks like a concretion. i had one once which looked just like a pair of perfect goggles!
  18. thank you again vetraio50!!
  19. i just added a pic of the inside of the cap. it looks like silver to me.
  20. yes, i can tell silverplate by the smell. but this piece has NO smell whatsoever. the inside looks like silver.
  21. this piece has the finest details in it i've ever seen in a silver piece. blow up the photo to the max to see it.
  22. thank you vetraio50! can you tell whether this is silver or not by the hallmarks?
  23. thank you kyratango, valentino97, and katherinescollections! i really debated calling the police about this jewelry box because i think it was probably stolen. but the police have so much to do aroun...
  24. thank you vetraio50. i was trying to figure out the per oz price and got confused. i thought it was more like $8/oz. !!
  25. thank you TubeAmp and SEAN68! that's the kind of input i'm interested in getting. some of the pieces are a bit dented up. some are VERY large as well.
  26. Ganesh is the 'remover of obstacles' in one's path. i always keep at least a couple of them around so i don't trip over things!
  27. hmmmm.... yes, it does. at least the staircase is here. no nude that i can see though!
  28. sure santiagojmolina. my email address is pete@eastbaywilds.com
  29. oooh! that's exciting! will do...
  30. oops! too late. you are both probably right Jedman1 and Artistinside, but i really wanted a different look to it. i've painted it about 5 times now, and still haven't gotten it right. will post a ...
  31. thanks Jedman1 and novelone! since posting this, i got a great big one - about 3 ft tall. for some reason, i always thought they were south pacific. i have quite a few African masks, but i thought t...
  32. recently, a woman from Spain who studies old religious writing wrote to me after seeing my photos of this on Flickr. She said that it is an early 19th century piece which belonged to one of the origi...
  33. thank you katherinescollections, racer4four, and antiqurose! i love it too. the quality is 110%!
  34. thank you katherinescollections and racer4four! i agree!
  35. aargh! this one is driving me nuts! it's so beautifully made, but the signature is such a mystery.
  36. thank you katherinescollections! i really love it too! it has a different feel than any other bowl i've owned [and i have a lot of bowls!!].
  37. interesting discussion. thanks for all your comments!
  38. secretive race, gnomes!
  39. i agree fortapache!
  40. this is BEAUTIFUL!!
  41. looks like an interesting piece of Capodimonte pottery from Italy.
  42. yes, he's holding grapes. it is a figure of Bacchus. this fits perfectly w/ the rams.
  43. thank you Sergey, racer4four, melaniej, and surfdub66!
  44. blunderbuss - have you been to St. Lucia? Which island do you live on?
  45. i like both!
  46. i'm not sure how long these kinds of hinges were made, but i saw quite a few of them in my sister's 1792 tavern/hostel in southern NH. i don't think this would have been a gift - it's too utilitarian...
  47. whaat does the back look like?
  48. simple and elegant is hard to do in iron, but it was done w/ this piece!
  49. american wabi sabi!
  50. thank you Sergey, toracat, katherinescollections, and racer4four! i had the feeling that would be the case, racer4four! another Numptydoody piece...
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Little painted clay pot


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