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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Beautiful Mug from GW today - Kitchenin Kitchen
Large and Old Tonala Vase / Urn - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Very large Jade Glass Vase found buried in a backyard - Art Glassin Art Glass
Festive Old Tin - Advertisingin Advertising
Green Depression Glass Refrigerator Dish - Hazel Atlas - Glasswarein Glassware
Large Mid-century Modern Vase or Weedpot - signed by Wishon-Harrell - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Very finely woven basket vase w/ an opaque glass insert. - Asianin Asian
Canton Enamel Bowls or Ashtrays - signed 'China' - Asianin Asian
Mid-century Aluminum Flower Pot - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
The Thinker - Pair of Bookends - Booksin Books


  1. it's a devil deer!
  2. i'd guess late 70s to mid 80s. i lived in a metalsmith community in the early 80s, and this style was very popular at that time.
  3. i found some Edwardian Ruskin and Royal Doulton vases w/ the same form, so i think that's exactly right.
  4. yes, i agree. i think it's from about 1900-1910. you?
  5. beautiful!!
  6. i think it is Steuben or Carder's opaline jade from turn of the century. i saw some close-up shots online and the bubbles, color, texture and even thickness seems to match.
  7. can you straighten those photos out? are the nails square or round?
  8. that loopy rim is kind of unusual too. i don't think i've seen that before. i bought one on ebay recently which appears new - it's a beautiful acorn basket - shaped like an acorn. the different spli...
  9. it feels a little bit lumpy, but not gummy. it looks very smooth, but there are actually little bubble bumps throughout - can't see them w/ my eyes though. it doesn't feel gummy, but every fingerprin...
  10. some have suggested that it looks like some of Frederick Carder's early pieces - when he first came from England and started Steuben. i did see some similar bases and colors too.
  11. i've seen these Peruvian caskets before and they are wonderful!
  12. that's the color antiquerose, and there was some very sticky stuff from a lable on the bottom of the piece. the hollow base has me a bit confused though. the form is really beautiful - the high/sharp ...
  13. WOW! i'm tarnished w/ envy!
  14. Murano Jade?
  15. thank you racer4four and mikelv85! the piece is very thin, but has thicker areas like the base and the rim. there are no signs of a mold and i think that the pontil has been highly polished. there ...
  16. thank you alan. i really like it too, but know NOTHING about it!
  17. really cool sign - misspelling and all!
  18. keep us posted! very interesting post!
  19. thanks again Artistinside. that's what i thought. i've seen the I-Fay before on other things.
  20. thank you Kirk. i feel as though i've learned quite a bit from these pieces already. when do you think they were produced?
  21. thank you shareurpassion!
  22. thank you katherinescollections!
  23. thanks TallCakes, robin56, and fortapache. there's a lot of mixed info about this online. wikipedia says that all uranium glass is called 'vaseline glass' by many people and i see other Hazel-Atlas ...
  24. thank you Mudwoman!
  25. thank you Gillian. how can i tell if it's vaseline glass or not? it sure does glow green!
  26. i love it!!
  27. thanks shareurpassion! it's pretty small... i had several, large, really beautiful ones, but i went away a few years ago and let a friend of mine and his two young daughters stay at my place while aw...
  28. thank you racer4four! and yes, i agree w/ you.
  29. does anyone have info on Wishon-Harrell? i'm particularly interested in when they began and when they used what kind of labels.
  30. it looks like you have a beautiful, comfy home filled w/ curiosities, fortapache!
  31. beautiful toracat! and thank you Kevin for the info above. i hadn't heard that, but am a fan of the Pope [for the first time in my life].
  32. thank you so much rucklczglass! very helpful! do you know why one of them is bigger than the other?
  33. wow! really beautiful! it's unusual to see roseville w/ such gloopy glaze on the bottom.
  34. i think it looks Danish - like early Gunnar Nyland stuff. it's beautiful!
  35. ditto what Kevin said. Stations of the cross. can you post a pic of all 15 of them, so we can figure out why there are 15?
  36. thank you Alan. i like a lot of the things in your collection.
  37. thank you Efesgirl!
  38. Dirk Van Erp?
  39. i just added some new photos of this piece. can anyone read the signature?
  40. thank you katherinescollections!
  41. i know valentino97! i couldn't believe my luck until after i got it home and looked at it for awhile. the goodwill near me has almost entirely junk for sale - and useful household things which move w...
  42. thank you racer4four! this is a very nice piece. you can really feel it in your hands.
  43. thank you vetraio!
  44. thank you mikelv85 and Manikin!
  45. very cool!!
  46. this piece is from the 1945 movie Gilda, and is exactly where Johnny Farrel [Glen Ford] says ' Gilda, are you decent?' and her head pops up and fills the screen. it was shot twice, w/ different clothe...
  47. does anyone know of when she wore this kind of crinoline and flamenco skirt? and bra? it seems kind of earlier - maybe 1935-38?
  48. 'i touch my nipple when i think of you.'
  49. wonderful color and graphics!
  50. spooky ghost!!
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