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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Spectacular pair of Pottery Elephant Garden Seats - Animalsin Animals
Pair of Garuda - Vishnu's Mount and Confidante - Asianin Asian
Hooked Rug from ???  QUEBEC! - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Buried Treasure! Large Dancing Bronze Buddha! - Asianin Asian
Unusual piece of Awaji Ware - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Asian Girl Planter - SBM Pottery, Calif. - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Very small-mouthed, black-glazed porcelain vase signed Cantello - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Awaji Teapot - 1900-1920? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Gobble... gobble! Happy Thanksgiving! - Glasswarein Glassware
Wheel-thrown, Glazed Vase, Signed - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. i don't know if i mentioned, but this is SOLID bronze - not a hollow cast or anything. it weighs around 60-70 lbs.
  2. Thank you Kirk. i'm not positive, but i think that the condition of this precludes much value, unfortunately.
  3. here's one which shows him with a fan in his upper hand. it was done in only one color whereas mine was done in two different patinas. http://www.orientaltreasurebox.com/item.php?id=1301&cat_id=23
  4. i read that the sack is a sack of flower he stood on. it was found separated from the sack, and we just glued it on there temporarily to get some photos. not sure how to attach it.
  5. thank you fortapache, kyratango, jwendell222, racer4four, mikelv85, and toracat! the figure stands about 14" tall, not counting the missing hand. we'll go back and look, but we looked pretty well an...
  6. i think that this is meiji, no?
  7. thank you upstatenycollector!
  8. it's not very clear on this one, but i can see it. it has written in a semi-circle 'made in japan' and there's a diamond imprint.
  9. thank you Virginia.vintage!
  10. thank you art.pottery! i was wondering what it stood for.
  11. albino mickey mouse?!
  12. thank you vetraio50! i was really taken aback by it. it is very unusual for an awaji piece.
  13. thank you vetraio50! it is a really nice, deep green.
  14. Thank you racer4four! it does remind me a lot of Moorcroft. i hadn't thought of that!
  15. Thank you CindB! i agree completely and really like this piece a lot! i have quite a collection of Awaji now - all collected in the past year or two.
  16. thank you shareurpassion. it is very well-made - a very nice weight and balance to it.
  17. Love it! so Matisse!
  18. i've found many of these tiles in the mud in the Oakland estuary.
  19. me too!
  20. the seat is really amazing too! i bet it's original.
  21. is there a label anywhere? they look like they could be Herman Miller or a knock-off. i love the different legs on them!
  22. It could be from the Ming dynasty. i think it's bronze. i love it!!
  23. wow! this looks like a real Kirin or Quilin. it differs from a Guardian Lion by the hooves which they always have. this from Wikipedia: The qilin (Chinese: ??; pinyin: qílín) is a mythical hoove...
  24. this has cranberry jelly written all over it!
  25. or nail gun?
  26. an early stapler, maybe?
  27. yes! a Green Man in marquetry! love it!
  28. thank you kyratango and shareurpassion!
  29. i think that the illustration is from a painting by Frederic Church from around 1855 or so.
  30. thanks Weirdpuckett! i guess it does seem a tiny bit off. not the best seal, really. not like the Fenton tortoise i found recently and posted here.
  31. thank you TallCakes and DrFluffy [love the names!]!
  32. nice graphic!!
  33. in bauhaus colors, no less!! [not really, but sort of?!]
  34. i sure hope you don't mind drool all over your lovely cups!!
  35. this really brought back memories! my grandfather had a truck just like this [except it was red]. we used to ride in the back of it and he would drive us around town.
  36. thanks surdub66!
  37. thank you surfdub66! i bought them from the same person. forgot to ask whether they were from the same source.
  38. thanks again idcloisonne! i believe the work is on paper. i haven't opened the frame yet, although it has been opened and the paper is torn around 3 edges, so someone has had a peak. and thanks for th...
  39. thanks so much idcloisonne. i don't know how to tell the difference between gouache and oil, but gouache rings a bell w/ this piece for some reason. could be wrong tho! my family is from Beaucevill...
  40. gorgeous photos!
  41. thanks TallCakes! i'll check it out.
  42. my OFFICE?! my muscles!! very impressive sean68!
  43. Nickey-Kehoe - LA designers who have some product lines.
  44. someone lookin' for sum snake oil?! we got some over here!
  45. anxiously awaiting photos of the finished product! - ho2!
  46. somebody, somewhere has got to recognize that swan-like number 2! it's really unique and beautiful. have you poured two gallons of water into it to see if that's what it holds? otherwise, it may be...
  47. as much as i love him, i'm going to disagree [slightly] w/ blunderbuss2 on this one! i think that this style of lettering was used alot right after WWII, up through the 50s/60s.
  48. ah! you folks are great! thanks so much idcloisonne and Hunter!! one thing about this painting that has me a bit confused are the two obelisks or smokestacks or ?? on the left beyond the tree. what...
  49. thank you shareurpassion. i figured that it was from the 70s, just not sure. thanks for commenting!
  50. thank you shareurpassion. i have a LOT more of them too. most i still have, although i've given some of the best ones to my sisters. i probably have around 200-300 frames sitting in my warehouse righ...
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Sergio Cuevas artist Red Clay Ceramic Face Sculpture


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