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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Porcelain Music Box - 1981 Souvenir from the Palace Museum - Asianin Asian
Tiny Famille Rose Nyongya Straits Piece? - Potteryin Pottery
Trader Vic's large Coconut Cup - ceramic - Potteryin Pottery
What is this covered marble container for? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Early 20th Century Antimony Box from Japan - Asianin Asian
Majolica from Portugal - 3 large spill trays - Potteryin Pottery
Large Vase from Portugal - Potteryin Pottery
just a few more wildflower shots... - Photographsin Photographs
Very Special Wildflower Bloom! - Photographsin Photographs
Warning: very offensive piece here! - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. i'd say he was a pretty good painter!
  2. cool piece! so many talented Danish potters!
  3. i guess nerikome is a little more complex, because it involves making a repeated design by cutting and pasting sections of agate.
  4. nerikome! it's an old japanese technique.
  5. thank you JImam, Gillian and Karenoke! Alabaster makes sense. it's a very nice box, for sure!
  6. i think it's to groom your pet echidna.
  7. with pottery, we ALWAYS need to see a good shot of the base - even if there is no writing there - to say anything about the piece. looks cool though!
  8. thanks Karenoke. consensus is that this is an early 20th century piece - around 1900-1920.
  9. thank you Master and Wandless [very funny moniker]!
  10. i'm with inky on this one!
  11. this is a modern interpretation of an 18th century painting by Francesco Guardi - arch ruins near Venice.
  12. i think it's bulgarian.
  13. thank you artfoot!
  14. i didn't sell it to him. i wanted to keep it longer and i still have it.
  15. really nice piece!!
  16. scandinavian? russian?
  17. thanks vintagelamp! it is a nice little box! i love so much japanese stuff!
  18. when i was a kid, we had two hamsters named Aggie and Clyte for Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. we named all of our little animals after Greek royalty and gods. strange family...
  19. Mai tai time!!
  20. ha!! good one racer! these are really cool!
  21. it's a butter bell. http://www.rhoneypots.com/butterbellhowto/
  22. really cool painting! mr. glitterpants!
  23. this is definitely a butter bell. i had never heard of them before. i guess you put the butter in the cup attached to the lid and hang it upside down in the pot. keeps butter fresh and soft.
  24. thanks TallCakes! thanks TallCakes! thanks TallCakes! thanks TallCakes! thanks TallCakes!
  25. thanks artfoot and art.pottery! it does look like Treasure Craft. they made the first wood-like bisque pottery in 1956/7.
  26. thanks Deepseas! so this would be called 'a Japanese antimony box'.
  27. thank you czech! great info and good eyes! thanks valentino!
  28. i am showing it mostly cleaned up. big improvement, i'd say!
  29. aren't they Ashanti figures?
  30. thanks Bill! you should come on over and check it out sometime. people come from far away and really love it!
  31. thanks everyone! if you want to see more photos from the bloom, check out: https://flic.kr/s/aHskY8cZCT
  32. thanks Virginia.vintage [where are you?!]! me too jb64!
  33. i cannot answer that Roycroft! i think you may be right shareurpassion!
  34. i think that the badge is silver and the case is nickel plated brass. i also am pretty sure that it is the real thing from all the feedback i've gotten on fb about it [including offers to buy it].
  35. very unusual. what do you think it was for?
  36. wow! i just did some research and i think it is real and very valuable. it's a nazi science/engineering award of merit mounted to a period cigarette case. it was lying there open on the sidewalk and...
  37. do you think it's old/vintage? i really don't know.
  38. is this some kind of kris knife?
  39. i like that idea Caper! thanks Tlynnie and Karenoke!
  40. i find everything about the man offensive. he deserves the same chance he gave obama - which was none. birth certificate?!
  41. thanks artfoot! good info!
  42. thanks bijou. i don't think i can resist. i can't stand the green paint on her like this. i wonder why it was put on in the first place!?
  43. thanks Efes, artfoot and racer! i'll ask about the Arita rumor and let you know what i find out from the fb Japanese pottery experts.
  44. Wow! what a gorgeous little pre-raphaelite print! just beautiful!!
  45. Kevin is on a ROLL!! lovely plate and great sleuthing Kevin!
  46. if you want to find out more, you might contact Alma Gilbert - a friend of my family's. https://almagilbert.com/
  47. thank you inky. yes, i agree completely!
  48. thanks again Kevin! i have some interesting ephemera i found in australia many years ago. if you'd like it, i'll send it to you next time i am back home in new england. email me at pete@eastbaywilds...
  49. Kevin: are you a professional researcher? it seems like it. if so, what is your field? you don't have to tell me, but i'm curious now!
  50. but all the info is very interesting!
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