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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Large Japanese or Chinese Tile Table - Asianin Asian
Comic History of Greece from the Earliest Times to the Death of Alexander the Great by Charles M. Snyder - 2nd post - Booksin Books
Comic History of Greece from the Earliest Times to the Death of Alexander the Great by Charles M. Snyder - Booksin Books
Playing w/ my things at the nursery 
Very large and heavy, carved and polished granite finial 
Tiled Garden Table and Chair - Furniturein Furniture
Strike / Picket Line Sign - Metropolitan [Insurance] Agents Demand a Union Shop - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Really cool toolbox! - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Plumber's Caddy with Compartments for Pipe Fittings - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Vintage Sneezy Garden Ornament - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. very nice!!
  2. thank you Aimathena.
  3. new photo of the script.
  4. can anyone read the Japanese [i think] on the tile?
  5. Thank you Aimathena! same to you!
  6. these are south american pieces made by native american folks in the Amazon - could be Shuar, Quechua, Shipibo, Achuar - could be from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, or even Brazil. if you do some research,...
  7. this is a piece of Tonala pottery from Mexico. it's still produced, so it could be contemporary.
  8. since the item is not for sale, it's a moot point, but in my eyes, along w/ many other people i know, saltillos and a lot of mexican pottery / other traditional crafts are 100% native american. the l...
  9. thank you tom61375! i think so too. i've found surprisingly little about it. if you'd like to see more photos from it, check them out here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjX7BeKa
  10. from back in the day when astrologers had to open you up to tell your future!
  11. this type of folk art is still popular in mexico where it's called 'popote' or 'straw' painting.
  12. definitely redware, but why Pennsylvania? NJ is well known for high quality clay.
  13. there were a lot of ones w/ a similar look made in the 1920s - gothic revival, maybe? but the date on yours may be significant, if the construction is right. there should be some old repairs or some ...
  14. i would guess english, dutch or german by the look of the knights on the corners. there were a lot of repros made even way back in victorian times, so to get a better feel for the piece, better pics ...
  15. we used to find lots of glass which looked like this around the very old factories where i grew up in new england. we used to call it 'slag' and were always worned to be very careful handling it beca...
  16. do any of the box collectors out there have any info or insight into this toolbox? i am certain that there is something to learn about this great box...
  17. thank you Roycroftbooksfromme1! that was very useful and has allowed me to narrow down the date of the poster. wonderful!
  18. thank you TubeAmp! what a nice compliment!
  19. thanks nutsabotas6! i just traded it for some other stuff. i wasn't that crazy over the graphics on this one. my friend really loved it though - because it is a non-electric one.
  20. if you're in the bay area, just send me a quick email at pete@eastbaywilds.com.
  21. this has got to be my favorite item of all the wonderful treasures i've seen posted on CW.
  22. Wow! your research and ability to convey information-laden sentiment [or is that sentiment-laden information?] is remarkable. you write w/ a rare and enticing prose about many things. i think of you a...
  23. a match meant to be! they are beautiful!
  24. i just added a better, outdoor photo of this pot.
  25. this is not everyday pottery. it's very thick, dense and high-fired - like large tiles made for public places. i think it has a very deco form and partially from the style of the number '5' inside the...
  26. me too!
  27. it looks like a breast implant, but it's pretty cool!
  28. thanks maryh1956!
  29. thanks AmberRose. many plants can be grown in deep pots like this one. i can imagine two, tall and tightly pruned topiaries in two of these flanking an entrance to some chic apartment building in the...
  30. thank you surfdub66! i think it's really beautiful and it doesn't really come across that well in the photos. i'll have to get some outdoor shots and see if they come out better.
  31. Thanks Manikin and fortapache!
  32. i think you're right gargoylecollector. thank you.
  33. i saw a photo of another toolbox exactly like this one - down to the copper handle, so this isn't a one-of-a-kind piece. so now i'm wondering WHAT this is from. any ideas? regardless, it's a great ...
  34. i guess this would be called a 'tool caddy' or 'tote'.
  35. this is a really pretty piece - and utilizing the image of such a common / coarse weed as a dandelion makes it much more interesting to me.
  36. forgot to mention that this piece is 18" tall x 14" across.
  37. too cool cat!!
  38. the piece on the left is definitely Rainbow Art Glass from the 60s/70s. the piece on the right is not Rainbow, but i don't know who it's by.
  39. I think that these are also Rainbow Art Glass pieces.
  40. i take back my 'definitely blenko' statement. i think that these are all Rainbow Art Glass from the 60s/70s now. the ones i thought were blenko are similar to ones they did, but in particular, the co...
  41. yes, i've tried CLR, as well as a few other things. i think racer4four is right and i will need to polish the inside of this vase. i do have an electric polisher which i can set up to polish glass. i'...
  42. thanks sean68 and icollectglass! i went thru all the catalogs and didn't find anything like the large one here w/ the topper. i wonder if it's empoli?
  43. thank you racer4four. the taller one is called a pinched bottle w/ a pinched top and the design is from the 50s, but the color looks more like 70s. the shorter one has a rare topper to it. i saw som...
  44. thank you racer4four and sean68. the two smaller ones are definitely blenko - late 60s or early 70s. i'm not sure about the taller ones. thanks for hooking me up w/ the archives!
  45. and thank you very much for that!
  46. thank you aghcollect. i checked it out - a bit too expensive for me.
  47. this is BEAUTIFUL!! it kind of looks like Bill Marshall's signature. hopefully someone from the bernard leach school. it's a really beautiful piece!
  48. for real??!
  49. i've seen this dinnerware before and i really love it. it was in my aunt and uncle's house in pittsburg, pa back in the 70s.
  50. i think we can safely say that this was made between 1878 and 1895 - when the firm grew from 1 location to over 200 retail stores throughout great britain.
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1941 Coca-Cola Wooden Bottle Carrier?


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