1. Rarely seen and hard to find Dave!
  2. WOW that's a fantastic find Dave! Never thought I would see one of those in semi person. Great score
  3. Holy Smoke, what a great scale!
  4. BURRRRRRP! I will,,,,LOL
  5. Man, you knocked it out on this one Dave! You almost never see these up on ebay,,,,,,EVER.
  6. This was a very popular thing when it came out, Schrade hit gold with this promotion.
  7. I agree with Dave, get that beautiful label covered by some glass asap.
  8. Great upgrade Dave! Looks like you got a much better one.
  9. Man, the one that got away from ya Rob! I guess you wanted to let it go at the time but I can surely see why you wish you still owned it. Detail in antiques has always driven my wife and I, in our sea...
  10. Great snags Trev!
  11. Hey hey, I have seen this carrier before and passed on it. Course I wasn't as serious as you Dave. She looks great among all the other years of carriers.
  12. Thanks for your service and family history of protection of our Country.
  13. Fantastic job Ed!
  14. Sweet! You never know Dave, it could happen some day.
  15. Uhhh yes, I'm getting thirsty here in Pepsi,,,I mean Vegas! Pepsi has taken over this town, I knew there was something about Vegas I didn't like. Looks great Dave!
  16. I thought I had a clock collection! Great wall display
  17. YEAH! I think she's pretty hot for back then.
  18. I meant to say "early"
  19. This picture is really in his carreer. I would say middle 1930s.
  20. Dave I think this is the best looking Coke girl, for what it's worth. Great mirror!
  21. That's a great sign to have! You are right on the money with your thoughts. This sign was made in the 1960s.
  22. That's a haul right there! We live where no Halloweenies are right now. Good news is, we save about $100 bucks a year now.
  23. Fluffy, I might be able to tell you more about this little pen knife if you can tell me what the stamp, on the base of the blade says. Does it say "Imperial" or maybe "KENT", maybe even Hibbard Spence...
  24. I can understand why they're your favorites! Very nice pieces that few have.
  25. Boy you're right about that! Great 1940s find and a great size too.
  26. Yep, that's where you want to be on the price. That way you can always make money later.
  27. That's a tricky one there Dave. I like it though, looks original to me.
  28. 2 really scary lookin characters! I remember watching this as a kid, in the late 60s.
  29. Great looking Remington! These are always fun to collect if you can get them cheap enough.
  30. Love the Everly Bros!
  31. It's cool to have it complete, I'm in Vegas right now and a little late to the game today, but this is a very neat item to have.
  32. WOW, this is too cool, I didn't even know they made one in 59'
  33. Johnathan Frigg was scary even without the makeup!
  34. Gosh, I remember this show in the late 60s and early 70s! It somehow had my undivided attention.
  35. Makes sense don't it? GARGOYLE MobilOil,,,,gargoyle collector? Oh yeah!
  36. You said it Bernie! This therm is in great condition. You certainly don't see them on ebay in this condition. Great snag!
  37. Bernie, the fact that you even found one in tact is amazing! None of these are pristine anyway so don't feel bad about the condition. Mine has little things that made me angry at first but now I know ...
  38. One worthy of your collection too Dave!! This one os not that easy to find in this condition either.
  39. Yep, I can't tell you how many nail holes are in my basement walls. I've had to move something almost every time I brought home something else.
  40. Cool Ed, I really like the little tacker signs best! You can get a lot on a wall and they're getting harder to find now.
  41. Looks like a keeper Michael!
  42. And I'm sure almost impossible to find as well.
  43. Very cool cuff links Fluffy! My wife has a ton of these early double sided sets as well. Back when I worked a real job, I would wear french cuff shirts all the time and she started collecting them aro...
  44. That's cool Dave!
  45. Are you sure it's a mic and not a horn?
  46. Gonna need a better shot of the stickers on there to know what you have.
  47. Well that clears up a lot. These guys would advertise once arriving at the town, in the local hotels and businesses?
  48. Everyone read and enjoyed books back in the late 1880s to the 1920s and 30s. No TV! Books were a very big deal back then.
  49. I'll go one better, I think this is a 1930s Beginners Duncan.
  50. Brilliant Phil!
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