I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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Early 1940s Pontiac service pin - Advertisingin Advertising
1964 Gibson J45 - Guitarsin Guitars
1950s Old Colony Root Beer advertising mirror - Advertisingin Advertising
HI PLANE Tobacco sign - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s Grey Rock Brake tin sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
1950s era table top or mounted electric chrome fan - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1950s co.Ma plastic spaceman  - Toysin Toys
Late 1920s Coca Cola advertising mirror - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Some more of my Coca Cola stuff - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1960s plastic Spaceship cap bomb - Toysin Toys


  1. Thank you!
  2. Thank everyone! My wife actually found this with her eagle eye!
  3. Uhhhhh, it looks like Brazilian Rosewood too! That's like gold, any guitar luthier would give one of his kids to use this on guitars they're building!
  4. Major, major, major love!!!
  5. Thank you Bernie and Sean! Hope so! Thank you all!
  6. Great find! I would guess, from the logo, that it's from the early 1930s.
  7. Great, you just can't beat 1950s fantastic plastic!
  8. lol, thanks everyone! I have bought four guitars in the past month, yes I'm keeping them all. Back in late 80s thru about 1996, I was a working musician, traveling on the road.. Going from kids camps ...
  9. Hey just like mine, Bernie! That's a very nice collection of coasters bro!
  10. Thank you NiceFice!
  11. No, you're right. Some of the most valuable Coke stuff is impossible to find anywhere! As for the rarest pieces, I always check the big auctions, with a somewhat careful eye. Don't want the Schmidt ki...
  12. Thank you crswerner and Motorhead!
  13. Thank you Sean!
  14. Thank you Otaco!
  15. You dodged a pretty good size bullet there, Dave! Glad you were able to get your money back.
  16. Thank you Katherinescollections! Could be. Thank you Sean, MeliG, Brunswick!
  17. Thank you Trey!
  18. Hey thanks sugargirl and Trey!
  19. Thank you again, farmlady, AntiqueToys, crswerner, NiceFice, Trey!
  20. Thank you farmlady, AntiqueToys, Beachbum,crswerner and Trey!
  21. Thankin, Trey! Thanks crswerner, farmlady, sugargirl, AntiqueToys!
  22. I tell ya,,there are so few metal Coke signs that are still out there, that have an actual picture / or people on them. Such a great find, Dave!
  23. Lol thanks again, Caperkid! Thank you OKCJim, and Motörhead!
  24. Hey thank you Chevelleman, OKCJim, mtg, Longings, leighannm,egreeley, usedcarlady, sugargirl,Designer, Beachbum and trukn!
  25. Thank you Chad! Thank you Chevelleman,Caperkid, mtg, Longings, leighannm, egreeley, usedcarlady, sugargirl, Designer, Beachbum, trukn and antiquerose!
  26. Lol, maybe, Chad! Thank you Chad, SpiritBear, mtg,Longings, leighannm,egreeley, usedcarlady, sugargirl, designer, trukn, antiquerose and Bernie!
  27. Thank you Chrissylovescats!
  28. Thank you Chrissylovescats!
  29. Thank you SpiritBear, Chrissylovescats!
  30. Meant to type 1953
  31. 1952 Coca Cola tray, known as the "menu girl" tray. They made a literal ton of these so this tray is not worth much. In fact they made so many of these that in the mid to late 50s they would give one ...
  32. Thank you Lisa!
  33. Thank you Michael amd AnnaB!
  34. Thank you Ed, Bernie, vetraio, Michael, Dave, shughs and Sanhardin!
  35. Thank you vetraio, Michael, Dave, shughs and Sanhardin!
  36. Thank you Michael, Dave, shughs, Sanhardin and fortapache!
  37. Yeah, there were probably around 20 different brands of root beer back then. Thank you Nevada, Caperkid, iggy,vetraio, and racer!
  38. Hey thanks Bernie, Manni and clairelouu!
  39. Thank you Bernie and MyFavoriteTreasures!
  40. Glad I could make your day, Caperkid!
  41. Very true, I certainly live in my collection! Thank you AmatoorPikr! Thank you shottims and MyFavoriteTreasures!
  42. Hey thanks Bernie! Thank you racer, Ed and Nevada!
  43. Very true, not with that whole metal for the war thing. Thank you SpiritBear, Sean and blunderbuss!
  44. Good luck! There are others out there, where, I don't know. Thank you blunderbuss and fortapache!
  45. Thank you blunderbuss!
  46. Yeah, there's no markings at all, I guessed at the 1950s strictly based on design alone. Thanks!
  47. You're very welcome and you're right, it is some fine Americana! Thank you charmsomeone! Thank you both!
  48. Thanks for the help in identifying it, fort!
  49. Ok will do Caperkid! Should be up shortly.
  50. Thank you gargoyle! Much appreciated!
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