I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


1953 Emerson model 6250-K oscillating fan - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Atwater Kent Radio tin plate 1928 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Catalin/Bakelite green WW2 Bomber pencil sharpener - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1949 Days Work RJ Reynolds tobacco paper litho sign - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
1944 Coca Cola cardboard sign WW2 issue - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Lol, it's,a fairly new product. I have to order it online.
  2. That is a very good oil but I use Quick Release oil, never seen anything like it, it eats dirt and gets it out of the way. Thanks blunderbuss!
  3. Sorry, I said it was introduced in 1949, actually Sprite Boy was first used in 1943.
  4. Thank you Kerry and Kaputs11! It certainly has been getting a workout this summer.
  5. Can't believe someone hasn't stripped that grill off of it in the middle of the night! Highly valued right there.
  6. Hey I used to chew Red Man in high school. Cool Ed!
  7. Cool piece to find. I will tell you this though, Sprite boy was not introduced until 1949.
  8. You're right, fortapache! Thank you and I would add that my wife has an earlier Emerson 8 blade fan, but it doesn't run.
  9. Thank you Kerry and blunderbuss!
  10. Thank you charmsomeone!
  11. Thank you shareurpassion!
  12. That is the trick, Dave cause it's pretty heavy. I am waiting on my daughter's stuff to get out of the back room of the basement so I can hang it in there. She gets married in the Fall.
  13. Thanks vetraio!
  14. All I know is that it's extremely hard to find any OC coolers or crates for that matter. From the style of font used, I would say the 1930s. It changed by the early 1940s. The dash before the word Cru...
  15. Lol, yes it is, Gargoyle! Thanks Perry
  16. Oh you gotta save this stuff so the next generation can see it! Nice job, Ed! Perry
  17. Very cool to see, Gargoyle!
  18. Thank you fortapache, racer4four, Eldisonfan and gargoyle!
  19. Thank you blunderbuss, racer4four, Stammy, fernpig, gargoyle and kyratango!
  20. Does smoke still come out of his ears? It used to do this when new.
  21. He was a comedian back in the 1950s that would appear on various variety shows. Cool piece!
  22. Thank you blunderbuss!
  23. Thank you Kerry!
  24. Hey Ed, great to see you're still on here! How's the station? Thanks!
  25. Me too, Scott! That was a great time in our nation's history. I hope to find a 1930s Gman someday. Thanks Kerry!
  26. Thank you Bernie and vetraio!
  27. Boy, you talk about mid century modern! This is what all the cool kids are looking for right now.
  28. Thank you Trey, agh collect, vetraio, Manni and Bernie!
  29. Lol, thanks Dave! It probably wasn't. Thank you to Trey, agh collect, Sean, Bernie, inky and vetraio!
  30. Hey thanks for the nice welcome back, Dave and Bernie! My two old Coke hoarder buddies! Dave, it's got issues but I kind of like it that way.
  31. Wow, great find, Bernie!
  32. Very unique and beautiful!
  33. It's a beauty! Love the marbles inside effect.
  34. Great finds, Kerry, what are the odds, a Zepplin watch or two!
  35. Amazing world you've created! My hat is off to you sir! Leave it as, in rust we trust!
  36. Wow, that's a real find! Anything Lindy is almost impossible to track down these days.
  37. Wow, I guess I didn't know your family was so personally involved in the making of these watches. Pretty neat!
  38. Better pics loaded now.
  39. Thank you so much, SEAN and Gargoyle!!
  40. Thanks to Kerry, Trey and Edisonfan for the warm welcome back! Thanks Dave!
  41. Beautiful Dave! You're room is really come to life in the last year!
  42. Hey Kerry, I see you're keeping alive the Ingersoll watches! Awesome
  43. Meant to also say that this is a big sign, probably used to insulate someone's home for the last 70 years.
  44. Well done Dave!
  45. Yes sir! Rarely seen and not in any books I've ever seen or looked thru.
  46. WOW, I have always wanted one of those.
  47. Oh snap! You a jewel there Dave!
  48. If it is in fact a Hubley, it would be marked as such. This much I know.
  49. Lol, actually was on the show Nashville on this past Wednesday night.
  50. Cause I'm on Tv, Ray.
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