I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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1930s era 8Ball soda mirror - Advertisingin Advertising
Old cardboard 1949 National INS. calendar sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Whitman's anyone? - Advertisingin Advertising
Estate Heatrola Neon - Advertisingin Advertising
Ok Kerry, you asked for it! Deep in the rabbit hole. - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Royal Crown soda therm mirror found! - Signsin Signs
The Coca Cola/Old Advertising basement - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1953 Emerson model 6250-K oscillating fan - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Atwater Kent Radio tin plate 1928 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Catalin/Bakelite green WW2 Bomber pencil sharpener - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. That is quite the statement piece!
  2. Sweet sign!
  3. Looks pretty old and these handles were referred to as scratted bone handles. The sailors or persons owning the knife would get it new, in smooth bone, cow mainly, or what was referred to as parchment...
  4. Flashback indeed, Kerry! I remember Chopper and Yakky as well. Cute little character. They just don't make cartoons like these anymore!
  5. Them pigs is sly Devils!
  6. I would say 1970s
  7. Meant to say "looks beautiful"
  8. Man, it swould beautiful! I need to own one!
  9. Very nice find!
  10. Very cool Waltham, Kerry!
  11. Dang, that's one I have been looking for too!
  12. Yep, the smalls are kings in my book! Course my book is small too. ;)
  13. Boy, that looks great! Still have my humpback, that was painted light blue by my mother back in the early 1970s. Been a long time since I last talked about it but I will soon be restoring and showing ...
  14. Wow, great setup, Kerry! All easily seen and not hoarded at all, IMO! Cleanly presented and well lit as well. I don't think anyone would claim this was hoarding, this is a beautiful collection and of...
  15. Hey thank ya Dave!
  16. Thank you FirstBuzz!
  17. Thank you Nora!
  18. Thank you FirstBuzz!
  19. Thank you Trey, I don't know what or where it's going yet. Have to wait till sometime next month to decide I guess. Thank you Trey, pw collector and Vetraio!
  20. Thank you Trey and Vetraio!
  21. Thank you Vetraio!
  22. Lol, I think I will pass on answering that right now until more information is available! Thank you Rattletrap, Vetraio, Trey and Ed!
  23. Thank you Trey, Edisonfan, for the nice words! Thank you Vetraio, blunderbuss and Ed!
  24. Hey thanks Bernie! Wait till you see the 8Ball soda mirror I found recently!
  25. Very cool fort! My wife just gave me 6 spacemen from the 1960s today. I'll try to post them soon.
  26. Yeah, me too, I'm in line right behind you!
  27. Ah ha, yes it is! All makes sense now, ok it's a couch made out of a 59 Caddy, cool!
  28. Thank you Bernie and Michael
  29. Thank you Bernie and Michael!
  30. Yeah, you had to have that plate, without it, it just wouldn't have the same look. Perry
  31. So it's like a car kind of? Looks so space like from here!
  32. Thank you so much, Bernie and Rattletrap!! It's probably harder to find official Coke items at reasonable prices than ever before, right now. Daddy Nobucks seems to pull the rabbit out of the hat from...
  33. Thank you Bernie, Dave, blunderbuss and Michael! Edisonfan, I hear ya! The red and white bobber was my first piece of fishing gear that my grandfather gave me back in the sixties. He taught me everyth...
  34. Ok, pump is grea but what is he item in the first pic, on the floor, in front of the jukebox? Looks like a space ship ride with that yellow light shining on the front of it?? My curiosity is peaked!
  35. Wow, what a great lookin pump, Michael! Did the light already work? Perry
  36. Thank you blunderbuss, thanks Bernie! Michael, good to see you again and thank you! Thank you Edisonfan for the nice comment too!
  37. Thank you Edisonfan!
  38. Yep, if anybody knows Coca Cola, it's Ray! He and earlycoke have owned or seen it all! Great piece! Perry
  39. Thank you Trey!
  40. Thank you Bernie and Edisonfan!
  41. Thank you Kerry, Tom, fortapache and walksoftly!
  42. Thank you Vintagefran?
  43. Thank you Manni!
  44. Thank you Manni!
  45. Thank you Manni!
  46. Thank you Kerry, fortapache, walksoftly and Manni!
  47. Thank you Kerry, agh collect, fortapache, walksoftly, racer4four, Manni, SEAN, Katherinescollections and rocker-sd!
  48. Thank you Tom, fortapache, walksoftly, my good friend Dave, Manni and SEAN!
  49. Dang, Kerry, you found a great clock. I have watched these on eBay before and wondered if you knew about them.
  50. Thank you kaputs 11 and CokeKid 04!
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