I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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1930s Pontiac service ring - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s to 40s tweed suitaces - Bagsin Bags
1950s Cow masonite sign - Signsin Signs
Dairy Island lighted clock sign 1960s - Advertisingin Advertising
Switchboard oak Phone - Telephonesin Telephones
X-Ray machine 1945 - Electronicsin Electronics
1940s Regal Cowboy guitar - Guitarsin Guitars
1911 NOS S. W. Pickering and Sons store Calendar, cardboard and embossed - Advertisingin Advertising
Hamilton Brown Shoes bench and porcelain sign - Advertisingin Advertising
1942 Emblem of Freedom American flag picture - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Thank you GeodeJem!
  2. Thank you blunderbuss, pw-collector, Thomas, roddyq, fortapache, vetraio and freon!!
  3. Hey thank you bobb725, Mani and Radegunder!!
  4. OMG, the motherload!
  5. Very cool! We saw one at Brimfield back in May and I wish I'd bought.
  6. Yes and it is from the 1940s.
  7. Most definitely 1960s era.
  8. Great WW2 piece!
  9. Fresh Up Freddie was a cartoon character 7up used in their TV ads in the 1950s and later the company switched to the slogan of 'Fresh Up" into the early 1960s.
  10. Probably late 50s to early 1960 era.
  11. Thank you Caperkid!
  12. Thank you Lisa!
  13. Yes, I own an Ingersol Yankee Radiolite pocket watch and to think it had it's hands and numerals hand painted by one of these ladies, probably someone had to die as a result.
  14. Thank you AntiqueRose!
  15. Yep, Addison radio and then all Catalin, a winning combination.
  16. Wow, sad but true history.
  17. Thank you AntiqueRose!
  18. Thank you Phonoboy!
  19. Yeah, the farming days were pretty safe and benign. I miss them sometimes. Thank you AntiqueRose!
  20. Thank you Valentino97 and AntiqueRose! Yes they do provide some great storage space too. Thank you both!
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  43. Thank you Trey! Yeah, lots of cool stuff inside these two signs.
  44. OMG YES! Lots of times, glad those days are over. Thank you, Trey and akrodog!
  45. Thank you vetraio and Trey!!
  46. Now that would be something to find a song written by Hank! Thank you.
  47. Wow, great bird doggin the research, Bill! Thank you for that. Thank you Trey, I don't know if I was meant to find it but I've been searching for just the right bench for years.
  48. Yep, you're right when you say, sometimes you have to dream bigger than just the sign alone, Trey, thank you bro! Thank you ho2cultcha!
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