I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


  1. Wow Bernie, great find!
  2. Wow, killer old AMPRO speaker!
  3. I love American Indian kitch. Wish I had one!
  4. Yes, I own the very same one and they hard to find in any decent condition. Great piece!
  5. Have a most joyous Christmas, Ed! I hope you and yours are very happy and safe over this holiday as well. God Bless us,,, everyone! Perry
  6. Wow, that is a unique trunk. I won't be driving the prices up cause mine was a gimme.
  7. Sweet Owl's Eyes!
  8. Don't know but as a Whistle collector myself, it's a nice one.
  9. Great find, Dave! That one is not easy to locate. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  10. Very nice airflow piece of toy history.
  11. Nice brass hardware there, Trunkman! I wish there was more brass on mine, that I'm refurbishing now, but only area is the little round lock mech and two brats on either side of it. Well I let time sli...
  12. I need this in my house!
  13. Thank you sir! I'll keep everyone posted on its progress and thanks for the info! Perry
  14. No I don't, but check out my current pics posted.
  15. Beautiful trunks! Believe it or not, I'm finally going to get to stripping and redoing my old humpback trunk very soon.
  16. Great finds out there, Ed! Looks like it was a fun trip indeed.
  17. Sick, I love old Indians!
  18. Sweet find Bernie!
  19. Pretty great find Kerry!
  20. Uhhhhh, it looks like Brazilian Rosewood too! That's like gold, any guitar luthier would give one of his kids to use this on guitars they're building!
  21. Major, major, major love!!!
  22. Great find! I would guess, from the logo, that it's from the early 1930s.
  23. Great, you just can't beat 1950s fantastic plastic!
  24. Hey just like mine, Bernie! That's a very nice collection of coasters bro!
  25. No, you're right. Some of the most valuable Coke stuff is impossible to find anywhere! As for the rarest pieces, I always check the big auctions, with a somewhat careful eye. Don't want the Schmidt ki...
  26. You dodged a pretty good size bullet there, Dave! Glad you were able to get your money back.
  27. I tell ya,,there are so few metal Coke signs that are still out there, that have an actual picture / or people on them. Such a great find, Dave!
  28. Meant to type 1953
  29. 1952 Coca Cola tray, known as the "menu girl" tray. They made a literal ton of these so this tray is not worth much. In fact they made so many of these that in the mid to late 50s they would give one ...
  30. Lol, you got it! You done good Dave!
  31. Great buy for those three! You wouldn't find that deal anywhere else.
  32. Could've been, or maybe a bathroom window or the window over the kitchen sink. Great Art Deco design in it! Kitchen Windows, back in this time period were not as big.
  33. Fantasy or fake piece.
  34. Wow, I had no idea they had landed!!
  35. A great many railroad whistle look very similar,to this one.
  36. I love your whistle and own many myself. My opinion is that it might be European railroad whistle, maybe from the 1940s. I'm no expert but based solely on the design and materials used.
  37. I have a lot of fans too, and yours is cool! First time I've ever seen a JackFrost fan.
  38. Lol, tried to redeem once from Lego and they sent me one plastic brick!
  39. Goodness, a hard one to find, Dave! Great snag!
  40. Well done, CokeKid!
  41. Cmon, those are beautys!
  42. Love it, that reminds me,,,,,it's for a Coke!
  43. This brings back some great memories when times were simpler.
  44. I think it's a great and rarely seen piece. Doesn't matter that it's a bit bigger, great condition too! Hey, I still haven't found a place for my nearly destroyed "For people on the go"41' cardboard s...
  45. Hey Dave, the new phonebook's here, the new phonebook's here! Lol, my mirror came in today.
  46. Great Bernie! You have Great Wall space, I wish I had that much space still.
  47. Holy cow, now that's collecting right there!
  48. Look at that, I wonder if there is any Clown stuff out there still, like mirrors, metal signs and the like?
  49. Sweet, thx!
  50. Dave, does your first pic show on the back made in High Point North Carolina?
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