I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


  1. Yes sir! Rarely seen and not in any books I've ever seen or looked thru.
  2. WOW, I have always wanted one of those.
  3. Oh snap! You a jewel there Dave!
  4. If it is in fact a Hubley, it would be marked as such. This much I know.
  5. Excellent display, Dave! I'm a big fan ;)
  6. Lol, actually was on the show Nashville on this past Wednesday night.
  7. Cause I'm on Tv, Ray.
  8. Super score Dave! I have never one in person.
  9. LOL! Rambo
  10. Uh, it might be a while Dave.
  11. Yes, that's a beauty and you do have a great friend in Andrew as well! Great story too
  12. Think it through before typing next time. Yes, saying why would anyone love this or the like is just stirring up sh!t. Lol, you know I'm right. Love ya man! Now shut up and send me something valuable ...
  13. Big winner here Dave! I wish I was as diligent as you.
  14. These are beautiful!
  15. My wife sold one of these last year! Everybody loves the streamlined look of this one.
  16. My point is this, it's all in your approach. TGBWC, you have this knack for going too far when sharing your point. Just an observation. You can't help it! LOL
  17. It is certainly a made up piece but TGBWC has to realize not everybody knows what we know.
  18. Typical reason for that, many of these we're used for insulation from the 1940s into the 1970s!
  19. I agree, not a lot of value but will look good on the wall.
  20. We'll done on the Sled sign!
  21. And that's a nice reflection on you!
  22. I'm not dying off yet, at only 52 years, I have a lot of life yet to live but welcome in to the Coke madness! It's a fun and sometimes rewarding endeavor.
  23. Yep, ceiling fan blade.
  24. These are pretty collectable pieces. The cases aren't where the money is, having bought and sold many typewriters over the last 10 years I would say you would be looking at a value of where fortapach...
  25. Great score Dave! I know the feeling, you do see these in TN. as well. My wife and I have seen a few at antique shows around the area but never at the right price. People are very proud of this little...
  26. I have several of the blotters, all different dates and designs and love them all! You have 3 very nice ones there.
  27. What the!! How did I miss this? Nice one Bernie~!
  28. Looks all original. Does it light up and run?
  29. Holy Wilhelm Telephone Tom!
  30. Art is never only in a picture or in a museum. These are great Phil!
  31. I remember these too, Ed! When I was a kid you could put a penny in and get a couple pieces of this,,,, sometimes good and sometimes bad gum from FORD. I hit one every time I saw one standing around.
  32. Definitely a reproduction piece but looks nice on your wall.
  33. Wooohooo, nice Dave!
  34. Atta boy fifties! Looks fantastic!!
  35. I think that's a steal for this late 1930s to early 1940s furniture piece.
  36. This is a fantasy or made up piece, to sell to unsuspecting Coke collectors. The scale is a nice piece but someone painted to deceive so I would have it stripped and repainted in white or mint green, ...
  37. Very cool, almost looks like an earlier Rolex style with those arabic numerals.
  38. That's a purty pump right there, Michael!
  39. WOW, with the Motometer attached, awesome!
  40. Sweet! I'm glad to see you're branching out as well.
  41. You almost have a fleet, Trev!
  42. Here's an almost impossible flange to find these days!
  43. I have the same Philco 1949 model in natural color. Works like new and yours looks great! Philco, if they would've just stayed away from making the Predicta TV. That's what drove them into bankruptcy ...
  44. This is a made up piece. Using an older bottle sticker/decal on a made up painted sign. Totally bogus piece.
  45. That's flat out cool!
  46. Hold out for the real thing when it comes to your spending on Coke stuff. You'll be happier in the end.
  47. Cool ring to find! I would wear it.
  48. Beautiful 1960s Coca Cola emblem/sign!
  49. Glad to see you've been busy Ed! Still would like to live in the gas station, looks like you've got everything I would need. TV, fridge and lighting. ;)
  50. Boy it really cleaned up nicely, Dave! Always a bit of a gamble with masonite but you came out on the winning end with this one. NICE
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