I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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Merry Christmas CW! Plastic Santa on Skis - Christmasin Christmas
Old trunk about to get a redo! - Furniturein Furniture
Back room is finally coming together - Advertisingin Advertising
Early 1940s Pontiac service pin - Advertisingin Advertising
1964 Gibson J45 - Guitarsin Guitars
1950s Old Colony Root Beer advertising mirror - Advertisingin Advertising
HI PLANE Tobacco sign - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s Grey Rock Brake tin sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
1950s era table top or mounted electric chrome fan - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1950s co.Ma plastic spaceman  - Toysin Toys


  1. Wow, killer old AMPRO speaker!
  2. Thank you vetraio and right back atcha!
  3. I love American Indian kitch. Wish I had one!
  4. Yes, I own the very same one and they hard to find in any decent condition. Great piece!
  5. Have a most joyous Christmas, Ed! I hope you and yours are very happy and safe over this holiday as well. God Bless us,,, everyone! Perry
  6. Wow, that is a unique trunk. I won't be driving the prices up cause mine was a gimme.
  7. Sweet Owl's Eyes!
  8. Thank ya Kerry and Karenoke!
  9. Hey thank you Kerry and Merry Christmas to ya'll!
  10. Thank ya rockbat and racer4four!
  11. Thank ya cindyjune!
  12. Thank ya Scott, CindB and bijiocaillouvintage!
  13. Thank ya hanksjames and Scott!
  14. Thank ya Lady Picker, Tom and buckethead!
  15. Thank ya Tom!
  16. Thank ya fortapache!
  17. Thank you Sean, Michael, vetraio and aura!
  18. Thank ya Sean!
  19. Don't know but as a Whistle collector myself, it's a nice one.
  20. Thank ya Dave!
  21. Thank you CindB!
  22. For those who are following this, today I was able to get the two small front locks working again. After probably 60 years of not functioning at all. I used some of my Birchwood Casey gun scrubber to ...
  23. Great find, Dave! That one is not easy to locate. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  24. Very nice airflow piece of toy history.
  25. Thank you Fatboy!
  26. New updated pics!
  27. LOL, Thank you Trunkman, for the much needed help! I have the sore muscles as evidence. I was determined to not let this trunk win so last night I did the back. I am now letting the stripper soak into...
  28. Nice brass hardware there, Trunkman! I wish there was more brass on mine, that I'm refurbishing now, but only area is the little round lock mech and two brats on either side of it. Well I let time sli...
  29. Thank you SEAN and Valentino!
  30. Thank you SEAN and Valentino!
  31. Getting down to pure metal and still trying to decide what colors to do it in. I know the slats will stay natural with tung oil added but not sure on the hardware yet.
  32. Thank you CindB!
  33. Thank you fortapache!
  34. Thank you aura and Vetraio!
  35. Hey thank you aura and Vetraio!
  36. I need this in my house!
  37. Spiritbear, fortapache and ho2cultcha!
  38. Thanks Buckethead, fortapache, ho2cultcha, walksoftly, Scott and artfoot!
  39. Thanks Fatboy and TassieDevil!
  40. Thank you sir! I'll keep everyone posted on its progress and thanks for the info! Perry
  41. Thank you Michael, Bobby, Scott and Rose!
  42. Thank you, Rob, Scott, TassieDevil, Michael, Rose and Ed! Hey Rob, this bench was the reason the room got started.
  43. Much appreciated Trunkman! This is going to be fun. I remember stripping stuff years ago, in my twenties but now at 56 I still think it will be fun and am going to go with your suggestions, thx!
  44. No I don't, but check out my current pics posted.
  45. Beautiful trunks! Believe it or not, I'm finally going to get to stripping and redoing my old humpback trunk very soon.
  46. Great finds out there, Ed! Looks like it was a fun trip indeed.
  47. Sick, I love old Indians!
  48. Sweet find Bernie!
  49. Pretty great find Kerry!
  50. Thank you!
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