I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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Vintage glass candy containers of the 1940s and 50s - Glasswarein Glassware
Central Shoes advertising Chair - Advertisingin Advertising
Tin lithograph advertising whistles - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s era 8Ball soda mirror - Advertisingin Advertising
Old cardboard 1949 National INS. calendar sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Whitman's anyone? - Advertisingin Advertising
Estate Heatrola Neon - Advertisingin Advertising
Ok Kerry, you asked for it! Deep in the rabbit hole. - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Royal Crown soda therm mirror found! - Signsin Signs
The Coca Cola/Old Advertising basement - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Thank you farmlady!
  2. Thx buddy!
  3. Thank you bratjdd! Hey Bernie, yeah these were hiding in an old wash stand my mother had in the spare bedroom. I couldn't believe my eyes. You never find them with the candy still in them.
  4. Beautiful patina, don't change it!
  5. Thank you Lady-Picker, farm lady, trukn, shughs, Roy, Lieannm, Sanhardin, snowman and Chrissylovescats!
  6. Thank you ho2cultha!
  7. Great old portable typewriter! My wife and I have bought and sold many of these over the last 5 years or so.
  8. Thank you so much, kyratango and Vetraio!
  9. Thank you courtenantiques!
  10. Very true Trey and thank you! Thank you too Sean, I couldn't believe the actual candy was still them! Thank you Michael!
  11. Thank you fortapache!
  12. Thank you Kerry! She is nearly 90 years old and not doing well at all. Basically has outlived her body, her doctor said, however she still loves antiques and instilled in me the same passion, I guess...
  13. Thank you all, eye4beauty, Edisonfan, Dave and racer4four! Thank you also for the nice comment, racer4four!
  14. Ditto, what Dave. Said! Bernie wins!
  15. Ray is good folk! And he has also sent me a coaster with this girl on it.
  16. Goodness Bernie, you got a convoy now!
  17. Thank you Michael!
  18. Thank you Sean!
  19. Thank you Beachbum!
  20. Thank ou antiquerose, usedcarlady, Beachbum, trukn, Antique Toys, charmsomeone, Longings and snowman!
  21. Interesting how she's wearing a medallion around her neck that looks like two Cs. Looks like that mirror has been broken for a while, probably discarded after it broke. People were extremely superstit...
  22. Wow, well blow me down! Awesome Kerry!
  23. Very cool Popeye watch, Kerry! Love them arms! Perry
  24. We had Captain Maddox too, but didn't ever get Sam.
  25. The hat is definately army issue too. My grandfather was in the infantry and had the same hat.
  26. Definitely WW1. My grandfather fought in that one so that's how I know. Uniform or tunic, as they called them, were made with many different style pocket flaps and buttons, depending on what branch yo...
  27. Original oldie right there! Great find
  28. I'll say this, I wouldn't want to get in a fight with her!
  29. My grandmother had the second one. BelAir it was! Wish I could've gotten it when she died.
  30. Oh man, you found a gem fight there, Ed! Right off the classic business man coupe Buick! Great job
  31. I'm gonna guess and say it might've been used as a free wheeling store display. Obviously for selling six packs of Coke.
  32. I have owned mine for several years and never used anything on it other than to keep the dust off by wiping it down once a week. Great find and a great addition to your Coke collection!
  33. Had this Geronimo figure too, in fact had just about the whole set. No telling how many of these sets were sold in the late sixties!
  34. Thank you Sugargirl!
  35. This sign is depicting what Coca Cola does to you, over the years of drinking it. Old, pale and washed out,,,,I can't wait!
  36. Thank you egreeley, shughs, crswerner, Designer and crissylovescats!
  37. Thank you egreeley, mtg, shughs, Vetraio, crswerner, Designer and crissylovescats!
  38. Thanks Efesgirl, Bernie and all of you! She's always surprising me with things from time to time.
  39. So it's a Martin, looks like it might be from around the 1930s but have to see a full shot of the whole guitar to be sure. Any label inside sound hole? If not, maybe even older.
  40. Pretty rare to find this original Coca Cola framing too! Nice
  41. These were certainly built to last! I have the same radio in a cream color. Philco built them right.
  42. Yep, these were made all through the 1980s and 1990s.
  43. Thank you Roy and Tom!
  44. Yes, these were all Union made and that's usually how you can tell the fakes from the orignals. Because you have the brand embossed in the back, it's definately the real deal though! Cool
  45. These are super smalls!
  46. Thank you Trey and Ed!
  47. Ok, forgot to read your type first,,,again! Still, I can see why collectors would clamber for this one. The numbers being so limited in the 1930s, when these were originally made, I can see why they w...
  48. Thank you Dave, Kerry, Valentino, Bernie and Michael!
  49. Wow, the W.E.D. Production stamp! Pretty hard to anything with that particular stamping on it! Hope you got to see the Walt Disney American Experience show on PBS. Fantastic find, Kerry!
  50. She is better at buying than me, but I am better at,,,,,,,,I'll get back to you on that.
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