I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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1952 Archer Plastics Space sedan - Toysin Toys
Pyro Plastics Pyrotomic whistle 1950s - Toysin Toys
Frigidaire GM flange porcelain dealer sign - Signsin Signs
Some distant and not so distant relatives - Photographsin Photographs
CC Snuff sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Need help here with this old picture - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Old orange crush tin sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Old neon sign - Advertisingin Advertising
A bit more of my grandfather's uniform from WW1 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Shadow Box of Grandfather's WW1 experiences - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Thank you all, Rustfarm, NiceFice, nutsabotas6, Michael, fortapache, AzTom, blunderbuss and vetraio!
  2. Thank you Tom, me too but they have to be high quality and very unique! Those are my criteria. Thank you Michael, fortapache, blunderbuss and vetraio!
  3. Great project and great idea for the kids, Ed! You'll be the most popular home on the street!
  4. Thank you rucksglass and Bernie!
  5. Thank you leighannm, Designer, Chrissylovescats, DaveSierra and Tom!
  6. Thank you Bernie, Longings, sugargirl, Beachbum, Chevelleman, leighannm, Designer, Chrissylovescats and Tom!
  7. Glad to do it, gargoyle and thank you! Thanks also to Chevelleman!
  8. Thank you Tim and Rattletrap!
  9. Yeah Rob, some high test stuff in that rib joint! That 1930s BIG BOTTLE disc is the cat's pajamas!
  10. Thank you Tom!
  11. Thank you Trey!
  12. Yes, fantasy piece. Much of it produced in the 1980s and 90s.
  13. Thank you fortapache, Michael, Dave, racer4four and Chad!
  14. Dave is right, remove that ugly Bud sticker. Too valuable of a sign to have that on there!
  15. No dust round here. It is the death nail where antiques are concerned and will not abide in my house.
  16. Thanks Chad!
  17. Thank you Chad!
  18. Me too, these old plastic and Bakelite radios really get me going!
  19. Now this is one I haven't seen, love it!
  20. Thank you Sean for the love and the added info! Thank you blunderbuss, Manni, Scott, Ed and NiceFice!
  21. This is the design I remember from going to Disneyland in the 1960s.
  22. Thank you Caperkid, fortapache, Dave, gargoyle, ok I will soon! Thank you freiheit, Manni and aura!
  23. Thank you Trey!
  24. Thank you Trey!
  25. Thank you Rob, Katherinescollections, ho2cultcha and Tim!
  26. Thank you Caperkid, fortapache and gargoyle!
  27. Beautiful fan, fortapache! I own a lot of fans but no Bakelite body ones, love it!
  28. Thank you Sean, NiceFice, Chad for the nice comment too! Thank you Scott for both the love and comment! Thank you blunderbuss, Ed, Trey, you know, we have some here in Nashville too but they moved mos...
  29. Thank you for the kind words, Trey!
  30. Thank you Brunswick, Ed, Scott, for your nice comment too! Thank you Trey, glad I'm not the only one. Thank you Mchael!
  31. Actually meant to type Rem oil.
  32. Cool, looks like a Hammer Brand knife. What does the tang stamp say? If you will do a bit of cleaning to it, you should no longer have a stuck or hard to open cap lifter/screwdriver blade. A little gu...
  33. Thanks gargoyle!
  34. Thank you again, gargoyle!
  35. Thank you gargoyle and Tom!
  36. Thank you gargoyle and silver.clipper!
  37. Thank you gargoyle!
  38. Thank you gargoyle!
  39. Thank you gargoyle and Tom!
  40. Thank you Otaco4me!
  41. Thank you egreeley, usedcarlady and charmsomeone!
  42. Thank you egreeley and usedcarlady!
  43. Thank you egreeley and usedcarlady!
  44. Thank you usedcarlady and Kerry!
  45. Thank you usedcarlady!
  46. Thank you leighannm!
  47. Thank you leighannm!
  48. Thank you leighannrn and surfdub66!
  49. Thank you Beachbum!
  50. Thank you Dave and Beachbum!
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