I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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Pre WW2 Shapliegh Hardware and Schrade Cut Co. celluloid butter and molasses knives - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Chalkware Indian Chief - Figurinesin Figurines
Old display case with old plastic toys - Toysin Toys
Late 1900s wooden Fairbanks Standard Scales sign - Advertisingin Advertising
1940s DUO - THERM neon sign - Signsin Signs
1930s Coca Cola stainless pocket knife - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1934 Coca Cola disc sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola disc sign 1932 - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1940 Silhouette Girl menu board/chalk sign - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s tin Coca Cola whistle - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. And that's a nice reflection on you!
  2. Thank you fortapache and Tom!!
  3. Thank you SEAN!!
  4. Thank you SEAN!
  5. Thank you ogdencriss, Amandajane and Radegunder!!
  6. Thanks much SEAN and mcheconi!!
  7. Yes and when you or if you ever remember where you got that frame. you promised to hook me up!
  8. I'm not dying off yet, at only 52 years, I have a lot of life yet to live but welcome in to the Coke madness! It's a fun and sometimes rewarding endeavor.
  9. Yep, ceiling fan blade.
  10. These are very difficult to find and in this condition,,,,forgetaboutit!
  11. Hey Ray, I'll bet the color of your personal car is uhhh, yellow with a touch of red?
  12. Ahhhh, the first appearance of the soda jerk!
  13. It's all about re-adjusting the room to fit your collection. Sweet!
  14. What a great glimpse into the history!
  15. Brilliant crate and welcome back!
  16. Hey Kerry, some interesting reading there. I was wondering if you noticed the current bidding war on a Dan Dare pocket watch on ebay, over the last several days?
  17. These are pretty collectable pieces. The cases aren't where the money is, having bought and sold many typewriters over the last 10 years I would say you would be looking at a value of where fortapach...
  18. Thank you very much shareurpassion! It's pretty dicey out there, but I try not to buy them with hum. I like running my neon all the time. Gives a nice glow to any man cave.
  19. Great score Dave! I know the feeling, you do see these in TN. as well. My wife and I have seen a few at antique shows around the area but never at the right price. People are very proud of this little...
  20. Thank you Mani!
  21. I have several of the blotters, all different dates and designs and love them all! You have 3 very nice ones there.
  22. Thank you pops52!
  23. Thank you SEAN!
  24. What the!! How did I miss this? Nice one Bernie~!
  25. Thank you Tom and fortapache!!
  26. Thank you Tom and fort apache!!
  27. Thank you Tom!
  28. Thank you Bernie, Tom and petey!!
  29. Thank you Tom!
  30. Thank you Tom, ho2culcha and petey!!
  31. Thank you petey and Tom!!
  32. Thank you Vintagefan, southcop, petey, Tom and fortapache! !
  33. Thank you Southcop and Bernie!!
  34. Wow, thank you all very much, Mani, Michael, Trey, Galejk, petty, toolate, tom61375, likeart, and Tom!!!!
  35. Looks all original. Does it light up and run?
  36. Holy Wilhelm Telephone Tom!
  37. Art is never only in a picture or in a museum. These are great Phil!
  38. Hey thank you geo263, Kerry, aghcollect, blunderbuss, nutsabotas6 and trunkman!! The second knife from the left, in the first pic was what started it all. A friend of mine put a new blade in it, to s...
  39. I remember these too, Ed! When I was a kid you could put a penny in and get a couple pieces of this,,,, sometimes good and sometimes bad gum from FORD. I hit one every time I saw one standing around.
  40. Kerry, I am only aware of one pocket watch in particular that Coca Cola produced and sold. It had a look very similar to one of their clocks of the time. This one would stump some people.
  41. Definitely a reproduction piece but looks nice on your wall.
  42. Wooohooo, nice Dave!
  43. Atta boy fifties! Looks fantastic!!
  44. Thank you REED!
  45. Thank you AzTom and trgrubaugh!!
  46. I think that's a steal for this late 1930s to early 1940s furniture piece.
  47. Thank you oldstuffguy!
  48. Thank you Rob and clockerman!!
  49. Thank you tom61375!
  50. I would love this watch 5 times,,,,, if I could! WOW
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