Haldimand, Ontario

I collect Coca-Cola. Items i enjoy the most are; Coca-Cola Carriers, Verticals signs, Push bars, and Flanges.


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Trevor's Coke Collection - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coke Stadium Carriers - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coke Toy Trucks - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Small Sale Buys - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Lincoln Coke Truck - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Marx Toy Trucks - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Company Signs - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coke Flange & Canada Dry Flange!! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Mohawk Tires Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Check out this Coca-Cola Palm Push!!! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Sorry jpsthesecond, forgot to answer your question, 350$ for a display rack is pretty pricey I would say above retail IMO. I got about 200$ CAD invested in mine and pretty sure I have never paid more ...
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys! Ray thanks for the tips on small house much better than apartment. You had me lol when you said for wife or other partner Im not interested in men lol or a ball and c...
  3. LOL thanks Ray! I'm 23 but yes time to find my own place. I have lots of friends and family that lives in the country so I'm sure I wont have problem finding homes for my collection. Im not suppose to...
  4. Thanks very much CK4, I wish I could find a house as big as my parents house but time to spread my wings and find my own home even if I gotta start with an apartment :( Sorry I dont mean any offenc...
  5. Great sign Dave! I have seen soo many of the repo version nice to see an original
  6. Just checking this now really like how many pictures you were able to show. Your collection looks amazing thanks for showing it! Seeing your collection makes me wanna take some updated pictures of my ...
  7. Actually the cheapest Coke 6-packs that were sold in Canada to the best of my knowledge is 27 cents plus 3 cents deposit (45cents). Check this link picture of my canadian coke carrier, I dont think Ca...
  8. Hey guys sorry I have been busy lately with work, but seems like I seen these comments just in time. Im surprised to see Dave and Ray having trouble deciding whos right, an easy way to solve this prob...
  9. Thanks fifties50s, you got some great buys yesterday too!
  10. Thanks CCkid, I only stayed till 11am (2h) so not sure if the rain held off. I was able to get home before it started raining not sure what time it started to rain in Brampton. Hopefully it held off l...
  11. Thanks Perry & inky. Thanks for the Loves its too!
  12. Thanks Perry!
  13. These flanges were produced until the 1960's, managed to find a really early one 1951. Coke change the slogan on the later versions, you will see some say sign of good taste, instead of enjoy that ref...
  14. Thanks for all the loves! I wanna get the dolly hand carts that went to these trucks. I have a repo for my coke truck but would like to find originals. If anyone knows where I can find some for sale p...
  15. Thanks CCkid & Dave! Sprite and Fanta signs seem really hard to find in my area. When you do managed to find them, they can be pretty pricey.
  16. Thanks Dave, I have seen the arcirform flanges on ebay pretty often, but 9/10 times its a repo, then when you manged to find a true original it can get pretty pricey with soo many bidders. I finally f...
  17. Thanks EJW-54
  18. Thanks fifties50s, Dave, Trey, and Cocacola22
  19. Right on, I watch that show all the time, but cant remember that eps. Do you remember what he was willing to pay for his, and what you thought he could sell it for? I already got an offer on my sign, ...
  20. I'm not even sure if this sign was made in 1965, I did some research on it I guess it was made from the 1940's to the 1950's, has possible date on bottom right corner MCA - 965. I thought this would b...
  21. Nice display, really like that diamond coke can you got.
  22. Thanks CK-04, you should join the Ontario chapter Coca-Cola Club, hint hint, wink wink.
  23. I agree, I do like to leave my signs original, I like them more showing their age and their flaws, but a small item like this that has been damage soo bad, most would not even buy it or even consider ...
  24. Thanks alot Dave I am really really happy with how good of job my buddy did on this sign. He told me it took alot of work and I would totally agree. I cant believe how good this sign looks now I will ...
  25. Great porcelain sign!
  26. Very cool banner!
  27. Unique bottle and glass, but curious of when your going show your older coke antiques? I remember you showing me some of the other items you got and now wondering why you have not showed everyone else...
  28. I just recently found one of these for sale close to me and I am considering buying it but its the French version not English, which confirms this is a Canadian cooler. Canada made English and French ...
  29. Thank you, im glad we were able to meet yesterday. I didnt think I would be able to find a spot for them all, but I did lol. I was thinking about trading or possibly selling one of the trays, but cant...
  30. 20$ each very good deal! The frames are harder to find than the actual channel cards. Some shops just switched the channels cards around, only used one frame. I would have payed 20$ for just the frame...
  31. This is called a channel card, used in resturants to advertise different foods. Sometimes you will find these with prices written on them, there is many of them out there. I had over 10 different ones...
  32. 1960's pinic cooler, simi common, should have tray to hold block of ice. This cooler is a little tricky to find in excellent condition the inside is made of plastic and usually cracked. The bottom is ...
  33. No problem thats a great light you got there, both of them are. I am currently trying to get myself a complete one, so if I happen to see any panels I will let you know.
  34. you will see the panels pop up on ebay every now and than keep an eye on that site.
  35. Whens your B-Day lol? I got most the pages for a 2003 calendar, but its missing the first 4 months, has May 3 2003 at the front and the rest of the dates, any interest in it? If not you can buy 2014 p...
  36. Lol very true, auctions can be hit or miss, I dont think I have ever drove over an hour for an auction, a little risky. You never know whos going be there and how high an item will end up selling for.
  37. Great coke items, I like your pushbar and your steel cooler.
  38. Thanks Hope you have a good one as well.
  39. Thanks alot CokeKid-04 glad to see you join! We need more Canadians on here showing off the great Coca-Cola signs that can be found in Canada.
  40. Try cleaning the signs, somewhere along the bottom of the signs there should be a manufactures name, most likely St. Thomas. The underside of my cooler is also made of wood. Your cooler appears to be ...
  41. I dont think its a Glascock cooler, the trade mark looks like it was made in Canada. Your cooler looks very similar to mine (
  42. Thanks Dave! I got really really lucky and met a guy who collects VMC 27, he had me over today and sold me a bunch of parts for my machine. I got sooo much info from him, he helped me fix my coin reje...
  43. Hey Dave, I guess I should have taken better picture of that or atleast explained what it is. Its a napkin dispenser, but I dont think it was ever made by coca cola. Pretty sure someone painted it red...
  44. That is true blunderbuss2, I have spent hours cleaning every little part myself, and I know its not going make it worth more than the hours I have already put into it, but when its all done I will enj...
  45. I really like your collection Dave, looks like you found a good spot for you porcelain sign. Its too bad about that other sign, but it seems like you may have had trouble finding a spot for it lol. ...
  46. LOL thanks, I leaned how fast costs add up on these restorations. I was only missing a couple parts and a couple parts needed to be replaced, next thing I know I getting close to having a 1000$ (canad...
  47. Thanks for the comments Dave, Bernie, and Blunderbuss2! I got the VMC 27 all pulled apart right now, cleaning every little part ill take some pictures of it when I get her back together. I did...
  48. I like the condition of your tray, its hard to find trays in this good condition, I see this tray allll the time in local antique shops and flea markets, but not in this good condition. Great find!
  49. Nice additions Dave, its great to buy these smaller items, they take up hardly any space.
  50. Spriteboy42 I was wondering if you could email me: I got a couple questions to ask you
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