Haldimand, Ontario

I collect Coca-Cola. Items i enjoy the most are; Coca-Cola Carriers, Verticals signs, Push bars, and Flanges.


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Restoration In Progress  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Ancaster Buys - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Toy Trucks - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1990's Coca-Cola Porcelain Button - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola 1930's Porcelain Flange  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
42" Styrofoam Display Bottle - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1960's Multi-Diamond, all aluminum Coca-Cola Can (3rd Version) - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Canadian Coca-Cola Cooler - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1930's Silhouette Girl Porcelain Thermometer! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Double Sided Coca-Cola Grocery Aisle Stand & Improved Coke Truck - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Try cleaning the signs, somewhere along the bottom of the signs there should be a manufactures name, most likely St. Thomas. The underside of my cooler is also made of wood. Your cooler appears to be ...
  2. I dont think its a Glascock cooler, the trade mark looks like it was made in Canada. Your cooler looks very similar to mine (
  3. Pretty cool Coca-Cola bottle caps. I dont think I have ever seen blue or green coca cola caps before, thanks for showing. I really like your bottle topper too!
  4. Thanks Dave! I got really really lucky and met a guy who collects VMC 27, he had me over today and sold me a bunch of parts for my machine. I got sooo much info from him, he helped me fix my coin reje...
  5. Hey Dave, I guess I should have taken better picture of that or atleast explained what it is. Its a napkin dispenser, but I dont think it was ever made by coca cola. Pretty sure someone painted it red...
  6. That is true blunderbuss2, I have spent hours cleaning every little part myself, and I know its not going make it worth more than the hours I have already put into it, but when its all done I will enj...
  7. I really like your collection Dave, looks like you found a good spot for you porcelain sign. Its too bad about that other sign, but it seems like you may have had trouble finding a spot for it lol. ...
  8. LOL thanks, I leaned how fast costs add up on these restorations. I was only missing a couple parts and a couple parts needed to be replaced, next thing I know I getting close to having a 1000$ (canad...
  9. Thanks for the comments Dave, Bernie, and Blunderbuss2! I got the VMC 27 all pulled apart right now, cleaning every little part ill take some pictures of it when I get her back together. I did...
  10. I like the condition of your tray, its hard to find trays in this good condition, I see this tray allll the time in local antique shops and flea markets, but not in this good condition. Great find!
  11. Nice additions Dave, its great to buy these smaller items, they take up hardly any space.
  12. Spriteboy42 I was wondering if you could email me: I got a couple questions to ask you
  13. Thanks Bernie and Dave, please check your emails, hoping to get your opinion on a coke machine.
  14. Thanks for the "Loves"
  15. Lol I hope I still have all my original parts when I'm 80, but still love this clock!
  16. One of my fav thermometers thanks for showing it!
  17. Very hard to find trays in this good of shape sweet find!
  18. Great thermometer!!!
  19. Thanks for the image files Dave
  20. Thanks Dave I only paid 16% book price for it, and since you also think it has been repainted, Im hoping to get it repainted again, back to the way it should look. I know a guy that does a really good...
  21. Sweet cooler Tom, I like that its a nice small one, doesnt take up much room at all.
  22. Great bottle openers! I think their pretty cool you don't see these often.
  23. Hey Tom thanks alot for the info great to hear from you. I was a little late at reading your comment because I started to clean the black paint off the bottom of the cooler. It turns out there is red ...
  24. Lol Dave, a Coca-Cola yard sale is coming up soon in Brampton, I might set up a table there for the first time.
  25. Thanks Dave! I got this at one of those large antiques stores with bunch of different boths. The owner was not there so had to pay 35$ plus tax at the front desk. My family thinks I'm crazy for spendi...
  26. Very unique coasters Dave they must be pretty hard to find with original box, thanks for sharing.
  27. Hey Dave thanks for your comment, I am having a very hard time finding a cap catcher for this cooler. I have no idea what they are worth and were to find one. I have searched ebay, but only find the s...
  28. Hey toolbox thanks for your comment, I have a unique Canadian Coke cooler. In my area this cooler is actually kind of common, you see it on kijiji often, but I like how down in the US it seems rare. I...
  29. Thanks alot cheepcheep232, and Kanukster! I do enjoy having this stand very much if you come across any more you will have to let me know.
  30. Thanks Trey, and thanks for all the "Love its"
  31. Thanks Dave great to hear from you I enjoy reading your comments. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy an ice cold Coca-Cola, you as well Bernie!
  32. Thanks alot Bernie & Fifties50s and thanks for the "Love Its"!
  33. Not 100% sure, but looks like a newer flange made in the 2000's. I think their made in Mexico, and yours appears to be straighten out. There should be a bend on this sign so when you hang it on wall y...
  35. No problem its a beauty hard not to comment on it :) I was wondering any chance you could take a picture of it beside one of your bottle thermometers? I know its double the size of one of those but ne...
  36. Great sign Dave I would like to get one of these for my collection.
  37. Thanks very much spritboy42, Trey, Dave, and Tom! My isle stand is one of a kind custom made, I know its better to keep antiques original, but the seller told me he wanted his to be unique so he made ...
  38. Thanks for your comments Trey, Officialfuel, and robeo4. Officialfuel is 100% right, just wanna add that the US is not the only country that restores signs, its done world wide. There is lots and lot...
  39. Great Coke Can Dave! I don't think I have ever seen a diamond can still sealed. The top or bottom usually has a decent size hole in it, yours is as good as you can get!
  40. Considering the huge chips out of this sign, it pretty surprising how readable the word Coca-Cola still is. Its got some really bad damage above and below that word, but not much damage on the word Co...
  41. Thank you officialfuel and fortapache. I normally would not restore an item, but this palm plate would be much better off restored. In its present condition I think its not worth much more than 18$, b...
  42. Thanks alot spriteboy42, and thanks for everyone that "loves it".
  43. Thanks alot Tom, antiquerose and Dave. I always forget to check on, his site is very very handy. Thank you also Trey, not sure about your area, (antiques bring different prices in differ...
  44. Thanks alot Dave and Tom!!!! I thinking im just going buy 12 repo cases for my truck for now, and hope to find 12 more original cases in the next few years. I found a seller on ebay that has 24 of the...
  45. Great to see all the LOVES!!! Thank you very much; geo26e, nutsabotas6, fortapache, officialfuel, Dave, mtg75, Bill, fifties50s, sanhardin, trukin20, Trey, Chevelleman69, antiquerose, chevy59, Longing...
  46. Trey in my area its very hard to find display racks under 200$ especially this style rack. I dont know if this rack is more common in your area, but I ended up paying 220$ CAD for mine. I almost got t...
  47. Thanks Bill great to hear from you. In your opinion do you think 24 repo cases is over doing it for the truck or completing it? I'm thinking about only buying 12, but have the chance to buy the full 2...
  48. Thanks alot Dave, great to hear from you, I got a quick question if you dont mind, I was wondering if you think repo cases for the lincoln truck would be good buy? I'm pretty sure I can get 12 for 30$...
  49. Thanks Dave! and Thanks for the loves officialfuel
  50. Thanks Dave, and retroraabe, glad you guys enjoy this sign. Thanks for the loves blunderbuss2, officialfuel, mtg75, and Navy-Cut.
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