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Fort Worth, tx

We collect old Bibles, Elephants, milk bottles and dust..


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Old Dresser with Wooden Casters  - Furniturein Furniture
Air India Brass Cassette Box - Advertisingin Advertising
Red Dog Pull Toy Brio Toy Company Sweden pre 1950s?? - Toysin Toys
1940 Disney Dumbo 2 sided Cookie Jar - Kitchenin Kitchen
Rodewald Farm's Dairy Milk Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Weaver's Quality Blue Ribbon Milk Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Fairmont Hotel San Francisco Dinner Menu plate Dec 31 1999 Millennium Souvenir - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Arcadia Dairy Farm Half Pint - Bottlesin Bottles
Knolle Dairy  - Bottlesin Bottles
Milk Bottle Creamer's Dairy Fairbanks Alaska - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. thanks tom61375
  2. thanks vanskyock24
  3. thats great, Its interesting it may be from sears. It is very sturdy. We have loved it.
  4. Thanks. It is very solid. Seems to have been well cared for. I wish it still had the mirror
  5. thanks aimathena
  6. great story
  7. She loves the dresser by the way.
  8. Thanks fhrjr2. I think the key is that number stamped on the back to identifying it. Some of it does appear hand put together, the wood seems machine cut. I know its not art deco. I wish it had a ...
  9. Thanks manikin. I may remove the casters too not sure
  10. Thanks philip
  11. Thanks sean
  12. Thanks walksoftly
  13. Thanks officialfuel
  14. Thanks for the info. That makes sense. It has beento very well taken care care of. It's for our daughter I think she will enjoy it.
  15. ok thanks walksoftly. did they use wooden casters in the 30's?
  16. kerry does yours have a mirror on top? We are hoarders too :)
  17. Thanks Kerry
  18. I believe it is the same wood on top and the side panels. I believe it has been reveneered/refinished. Some of it appears hand assembled and some seems to be machine cut. It is a great piece, it ha...
  19. thanks for the love moonstone
  20. Thanks. I think it may be birch. I think maybe 1910-1930 but no idea. It is great. I wish it had the mirror top.
  21. thanks mustangtony and toracat
  22. Thanks Brat
  23. thanks toracat for the info
  24. thanks moonstone
  25. thanks Bratjdd
  26. Thanks Moonstonelover21
  27. thanks BeauxPurdy
  28. thanks crabbykins
  29. thanks Petey
  30. thanks philpdavidalexandermorris
  31. That is a great chair.
  32. love it
  33. thanks nldonne
  34. Kathy thank you for the information.
  35. Thank you for the information. It is a great item. Do you know about how many were made/given out? Do you know if it was made in India? Thank you again
  36. thanks so much pinkelephant
  37. you have an amazing elephant collection. we haven't posted all of our elephants yet. we have a lot, this is our dumbo cookie jar
  38. love it
  39. thanks yall. The flea market booth we bought it from didnt speak much english, much less advertise it as an antique, and yes, far too many antique booths try to claim something new as old. Have a Ha...
  40. thanks Kerry
  41. true, thanks for the thoughts trunkman.
  42. i would think more 8 trak. my old cassette holders were desinged for the tape to go in horizontally. but you may be right
  43. thoughts as to age? use?
  44. thanks trunkman
  45. Thanks for the love Petey
  46. nice signs
  47. thanks for the comments. haven't seen the Alabama one yet. I know mine was made in Thailand or the Philippines, but dont know too much more. I have not run across many that are the same size, most...
  48. that is a great document. so sorry for your son and daughter in law.
  49. Brady Tx. I used to live in that part of Texas. That is a great picture. Ill have to go and find it sometime
  50. yes, tracygary, id love to see the pics... Glad you found a bottle. I haven't found many of them.
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