Manalapan, NJ

Teacher, business owner, father, and collector of all things unique. I really like sterling, jewelry, pottery, furniture, and old woodwork.


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Pickaxe w/ Wooden Handle - Made in West Germany - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
More Mortising (Continued from Oak Chair Post) 
Oversized Crystal & Sterling Salt/Pepper Shaker - G. Unite Sons & Lyde - Birmingham, 1930 - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Miniature Dish - Israeli Silver - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Asian Cabinet Continued  - Furniturein Furniture
Carved Oak Side Chair - English (I think) - Furniturein Furniture
Pair of Sterling Silver Ice Cream Dishes - PREISNER SILVER CO. - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Cradle Post #2 
Cradle Made of Maple and Oak - American mid-late 1800's - Furniturein Furniture
Hanging Pine Box  


  1. fhrjr2, I don't mean to be too much of a burden, but check this one out, I think it is exciting too.....
  2. sean and tom thank you!
  3. fhrjr, virginia.vintage, tom, agh, sean, vetraio, mikelv, racer4, pops thanks for the loves!!!
  4. virginia.vintage, thank you for the kind words!
  5. what do you mean by reconstructed id?
  6. thank you vetraio, mike, racer and pops for the loves.
  7. thank you elisabethan, racer, and mike for the loves. Thanks racer for the comment!
  8. I am thinking because the number 2 is there that it is Derek Jeter. He was, in fact, a reserve at that All Star game. It is not a great match from what I see from his autograph, but there are simila...
  9. thanks elisabethan for the love!
  10. remarkable!
  11. thanks pops and agh for the loves
  12. Thanks a million fhr!
  13. are you confident in saying that it is Japanese?
  14. fhrjr, you are certainly not putting me to sleep. I am amazed. I found this piece in a used furniture store. They carry junk furniture, laminate wood, people's old stuff. This piece was not expens...
  15. mikelv thanks for the comment, the reason I bought this was because of the construction. I admire it at least once a day. fhjr, I understand, I have to cut the lawn today too. Please take your ...
  16. fhrjr, very interesting about the mortise tenon joinery. I knew it was a difficult craft, but I had no idea it was like that! I've added some pictures of additional joinery on the piece. To be quit...
  17. petey, vetraio50, agram.m, mikelv, and agh thanks for the loves!
  18. I understand thank you mikelv!
  19. thanks agh!
  20. PS: fhrjr, I was wondering if you got a chance to see this one I posted, you may enjoy it. I am ...
  21. fhrjr, I was referring to mostly every joint including inside the drawers. I will update with some more pics and link them. What is the problem with pic #4? I am just curious. antiquerose, I h...
  22. thanks for the love agh
  23. thank you antiquerose for the comment. inky, I am not sure why I said that. Just because I try not to buy the first time out. I was afraid someone else would snag this one though. But lately I hav...
  24. lol, id I just saw this!
  25. fhrjr, Just want to say thank you for putting the time in to help me. I will certainly look into the paint and let you know what happens.
  26. beautiful
  27. I am not sure if "splicing" is the correct word. I hope this makes sense.
  28. fhrjr, are you saying the restoration involved splicing the top piece of the end board? Btw, here are some more pictures if you have time.
  29. please don't tell me tubeamp, is this one a fake too:
  30. fhjr2, thank you for taking the time to analyze the photo of the piece. When I get home I will be sure to post some more pictures. Just to be clear, you are referring to photo number 4 correct?
  31. hardware looks old, quite old. The box itself looks old, Looks like the pieces covering the wheels are newer additions. The wooden wheels, I cannot comment on these I have no knowledge in this area....
  32. fhjr2, yes, I will wait in suspense until tomorrow. Last night I was up comparing the joinery to some older pieces in books and auction catalogs and wondering if it could be older. I am excited for ...
  33. id....can you recommend any good books to learn about cloisonne?? What is your method? Thanks!
  34. welcome, can't wait to see more.
  36. eastlake style side chair, looks like a parlor chair. Early to mid 20th century.
  37. id, very cool, sounds like youve had some great experiences. Thanks for commenting on my items and helping!
  38. agram, thanks for the comment, id, I was wondering the same thing about the holes. I am not sure if it was painted white, i don't think so.
  39. very nice old chair I have one similar, bamboo turnings and a scooped seat. Looks like it could have been in a green paint originally.
  40. thanks for the love agh
  41. id I just spent an hour going through your collection. I am speechless, a great lesson, or series of lessons, and an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing your collection and knowledge
  42. valentino and maryh thank you for the comments. id, you are so knowledgeable thank you for all of your help!!!
  43. very beautiful piece thanks for sharing!!!!
  44. inky, I don't have it with me, but the size is about 14 inches by ten. id, thanks for the comment. That is old paint on the inside. blunder, always a pleasure....hope things are well.
  45. You're right the more I look at it the more admire how well made the piece is. I also believe it to be quite old. No more stuff, if I could help it !!! :)
  46. maryh, I see what you are saying, there was a green piece of tape on the back, it left some adhesive behind when I pulled it off, I will still crop it for you but I am not sure it is a stamp.
  47. kyratango, thanks for the comment! trunkman, I was thinking like 1820's but I like your estimate much better. Thanks!
  48. I just added some updated pics for anyone interested, thanks everyone for showing so much interest!!!
  49. unreal!!!
  50. moonstone, thanks! I have to update with a full image it is so much nicer than these photos!!
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