Manalapan, NJ

Teacher, business owner, father, and collector of all things unique. I really like sterling, jewelry, pottery, furniture, and old woodwork.


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Hand carved Wooden Bowl - Maple - Kitchenin Kitchen
1977 United States Naval Academy Graduation Pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Help, Anyone? - Asianin Asian
Yellow Ware Custard Cup - Kitchenin Kitchen
Signed Sterling & ? LATON Cuff - TAXCO TF-40 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Real Tiffany Bracelet? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Early Hand Held Wooden Grain Scoop - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Copper Ladle & Skimmer - Decorative handles - Kitchenin Kitchen
Anyone Have A Guess? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Early Forged Wick Snippers - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. zowie, thanks for the complement, I've only been doing this a few months so I have a lot to learn.
  2. fhr, funny I was about to ask you another question. I will try the flour scoop, thanks for the info! My question: what is a cheap good food safe wax for the bowls? Keep an eye out I have another bo...
  3. do you work with an adze fhrjr? I have a HUGE burly maple out back right on the edge of the stream. It is probably wide enough to make slabs out of. I took a branch down because it was dead but i...
  4. fhr, I always love a lecture! That must be a large bbq if you use it to dry stock no? The idea sounds great, but I was under the impression that you wanted to keep the wood in a humid environment. ...
  5. Sean, thanks for the complement! I am doing well, how are you?
  6. Hey surfdubb thanks for the compliment I actually carve the bowls while green. I dry them in ziplock bags. Slowly. It takes about two weeks to dry entirely.
  7. Seriously. Yeah, we used to have a truck deliver them to our house.
  8. I noticed that they started selling these again too. but they are in bags not cans anymore.
  9. paulam...I am jk. That is old for me too! The truth is that I haven't seen too many around though. These were in my parents basement. Take care.
  10. by really mean like late 1970's? I don't think these cans get much more than 20 or 25 dollars.
  11. scottvez, drfluffy, izenglish. thanks for the info. I think I will hold onto this one for a bit. I love the work, and the buy was good enough to be able to keep it. Thanks again for the help!!!!
  12. based on color my first guess is cocobolo:
  13. beautiful piece of wood....fhrjr will know, no doubt.
  14. Look at the seam. The vertical line that runs up the side of the bottle. Does the line run all the way up to the top of the lip? Or, does the line fade off?
  15. noob, as in rough, do you mean to the touch? or do you mean sloppy? I would say it is both. Thanks for the help.
  16. fhrjr, "city people suck it up." Hilarious. Some people would pay a lot of money for that knowledge!!! Thanks.
  17. surfdub, yes, this one is very very light
  18. thanks for the loves, vetraio, agh, patsea, agram, jewels, hotair, dr. cindb, kyran, walksoftly, alan and zowie!
  19. thanks for the loves: patsea, agram, doc, kyratango, cindb, mike, vetraio, share, agh, katherines
  20. thank for the love jewels
  21. thanks cinb, manikin and zowie!
  22. shareurpassion, thanks for the comment, these are purple stones, I have yet to research them
  23. Hi, thanks nutsabotas, davyd, and ho2....i do think it is sterling. I agree that the piece attaching the placque is strange. it is a twisted loop, Ill try to get a better picture of it. I agree tha...
  24. if it was the Birmingham anchor, then it would not have the 925, it would have the rampant lion. I'm thinking it is an american piece.
  25. thank you zowie
  26. racer, hotair, and cindb, thanks for the comments!
  27. Interesting! could be a make-do. Can you fit your thumb in the opening?
  28. Thanks for the guesses everyone. I believe it is a trenching saw. I saw a similar one in a book.
  29. You too vetraio! fhr, thanks for the info. Ill take a closer look and use my wood ID book as a reference. THanks!
  30. thanks everyone for the guesses. and for the loves!
  31. thanks jewels
  32. great collection jscott0363!
  33. I think it's an American broad axe head. One side is flat and the other is slanted? I know you weren't asking that but that is what the shape indicates. Nice!
  34. izenenglish, no marks on it. I have to say it doesn't really look and feel like a chisel. the tip is not sharp either. Thanks!
  35. trunkman, thanks for the info. I agree that the smaller one is better. Jewels thanks for the comment
  36. officialfuel, izenglish, miklv, patsea, walksoftly, jewels, sean, blunder, agh, trunkman and manikin thanks for the loves!
  37. izenenglish, thanks I will give you the dimensions later but its about 18 inches long 12 high and 8 wide.
  38. LOL, thanks trunkman, I've had these for awhile, just wanted to show them to get some opinions. I'm slimming the collection a bit. I have a thing for boxes, no trunks....yet! thanks man
  39. I am going to bring this one back....because recently I had it looked at by a professional. He claims it is a common piece made for export. I normally do not discuss price or value, and I am certainly...
  40. thats a beauty!!! I love the plain and simple face.
  41. hey jscott....yeah, I couldn't believe it. The guy said straight up, "this box is from the early 18th century, 20 bucks"
  42. its actually the one in the third picture, the second decanter from the left. I believe it is pre 1800.
  43. thanks patsea, mikelv, forapache, and aghcollect, I will have to get a better pic of the one that was in an old American Glass book I have, exact same one.
  44. thanks valentino, I was searching but could not find any similar. I will keep at it. Thanks mikelv, valentino, agh and sean for the loves.
  45. Hi zowie, I am not sure what is in his hand but you are right he is holding something. I didnt notice that. I took a good look at this again last night it is def. quite old.
  46. Here is a great bottle ID site: I can see the mold mark continue up the lip of the bottle. meaning it is a 20th century bottle. Looks like it may have been ...
  47. How are the drawers constructed? A photo of how the drawers are joined could help.
  48. I've been looking for one of these, there aren't easy to find a good price. Nice pick! Late 1800's early 1900's? It is in very good shape.
  49. thank you patsea, mikelv, jewels, radegunder, vetraio, and agh for the loves.
  50. that is right, a firkin, now I remember. thank you jewels! Thanks fhr and alan for the comments and help.
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