Manalapan, NJ

Teacher, business owner, father, and collector of all things unique. I really like sterling, jewelry, pottery, furniture, and old woodwork.


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Blue & White Stoneware Pitcher - Apricots - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Block Plane for Cabinetry - "S. Covill" & "J.Towler" - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Hand-Thrown Earthenware Bottle - SELTERS NASSAU, GERMANY - 1845-1920 - Bottlesin Bottles
Cradle Part III - Furniturein Furniture
Looking for Some Help IDing These - Photographsin Photographs
A Tale of Two Cradles Part II - Furniturein Furniture
A Tale of Two Cradles Part I - Furniturein Furniture
1947 & 1948 High School Rings - Irvington, NJ - 10K Yellow Gold - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Large Wooden Pliers? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Drop Leaf Table - Maple - Furniturein Furniture


  1. nice pick sean!
  2. anyone recognize this kind of plane?
  3. thanks blunder, vetraio, walksoftly, bootson, agram and mikelv for the loves and likes.
  4. thank you mikelv and vetraio!
  5. fhr, did you see this post?
  6. thank you vertraio and amberrose for the loves!
  7. great find! The only parts of these that contain actual silver are those marked "sterling" I'd be 99% sure that the Cooper Bros and Sons are silver plated, especially since they do not say sterling ...
  8. inky thanks so much!!!
  9. oh, ok. lol
  10. Its amazing, everyone in my family thinks I am nuts. But I get such a good feeling seeing and talking about stuff like this. Not everyone gets it. Later fhr!
  11. I do think I will do some more research on these. Especially now, since there are two of them. The funny thing is that I am going out to Lancaster, PA this Friday. By starting at 1880 and working fo...
  12. fhr, I will do this tomorrow when I get home. I am still trying to figure out what for, I guess it will be a surprise. Have a good night!
  13. just want to say thank you to agram, valentino and manikin for the kind words. and thanks for the taking the time to wish me well. Thank everyone for the loves on these special rings.
  14. This is called a carpet rocker or a carpet rocking chair. Not sure about the age of yours, but it has natural bamboo turnings with very pretty patina. Looks like a very nice piece. Here is a simila...
  15. Of course, fhrjr, it was found in Bensalem. I have the pics and I am going to post it right now. It is amazing that both pieces have the EXACT same length and width!
  16. fhr, if you are around I wanted to tell you this story. Amazing thing actually. The other day I was skimming c-list when I came across a very similar looking cradle in PA. The more I looked, the mo...
  17. thanks rustfarm for the comment thanks vetraio manikin blunder mike agh aztom and fortapache for the loves.
  18. fhr, I think I found some of those nails we were talking about. I found a few pounds in an old cookie tin in a nearby store. I will post them later.
  19. thanks vetraio for the love!
  20. Nice resource, thanks antiquerose. Thanks agram for the kind words.
  21. hi agram.m, I have never seen or heard of these figures before. I am a little young, but I've never heard of them. Interesting piece!
  22. LOVE THIS!!!!
  23. threaded, treaded...u know what I mean right?
  24. fhr, well because one of them is a bit loose, and it is not could be threaded a little further on down though. Really just a guess.
  25. is it cherry? I need to learn my woods.
  26. Just added a close up of the pocket... I think it is hand
  27. fhr, I was saying the wood is maple, but half of the time I am you know by now.
  28. interesting, thanks for the comment and info scottvez! I really love the table. Just the top is not in the best condition. Needs resurfacing, something I do not plan on doing. Take care!
  29. thanks agram mikelv and agh
  30. Yes, I am familiar with the market. I actually live by the Englishtown market, I am sure you are familiar with that. It is a dump these days though. I've been meaning to go to Columbus for awhile.
  31. very interesting. thanks for the knowledge fhrjr. Would be really cool to find one of those barrels of nails you speak of. I will keep an eye out, I am in NJ, but who knows.
  32. would it be terrible for me to pull a nail from the piece to check it out? the nails look like these: the first on the left, and the second ...
  33. zowie thanks for the comment! fhrjr thank you for the analysis! A thorough job as usual. I'd like to show you a close up of the corner of the door frame. I am going to change the last picture.
  35. the great thing about this piece, which made me fall in love immediately are the signs of usage. Like the top horizontal board, and the insides of the doors, which have worn down after decades and de...
  36. I am wondering what people think about the construction of the door frame.
  37. thanks agram! IMASapp, thanks for the observation. I am thinking early to mid 1800's, but not totally sure. Well see what others think. The patina is great on this one. Have you posted yours?
  38. Lol. We'll done sir.
  39. Lol. Nothing like having some fun.
  40. anil, thank you for helping me. I was wondering what the name of the artist is??? Thank you, have a great day!
  41. thanks tom!
  42. walksoftly, seriously....I can't even have it in the house. I will eat a whole half gallon in a sitting. I need to start going to meetings. ;) Yeah I found this at an estate sale, the woman wa...
  43. yes, I am an ice cream addict myself.
  44. thanks manikin, fhjr, antiquerose, shareurpassion, waslksoftly, blunder, vetraio, and agh for the loves.
  45. so it is a humidor....interesting
  46. thanks vetraio, walksoftly, pops, manikin, and blunder for the loves!
  47. fortapache and ho2culcha thanks for the loves!
  48. yes, a teapot....correct...sorry!
  49. yes I see what you are saying, it's all good, I will see what tomorrow brings me! enjoy the beer!
  50. fhrjr, I too am skeptical about the raised pieces on the front, the large raised piece in the middle and the drawer fronts. However, there seems to be wear marks in the right places for the flip top ...
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