Manalapan, NJ

I am a collector of mainly early American antiques dating from 1850 and back. I also like sterling, jewelry, and decorative arts.


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Collection of Treen/Woodenware Spoons/Ladles - late 1700's - 1800's - Kitchenin Kitchen
Burl Wood Cork/Plug 
A Rare Forged Rotating Griddle/Warming Tray - 1750-1800 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Collection of American Wrought Iron Hearth Tools & Kitchen Implements  - 18th & 19th Century - Kitchenin Kitchen
Free Blown Green Bottle - American - Bottlesin Bottles
Early Pine Chest - Spindle Decorated - Wrought Hardware - Furniturein Furniture
Looking for help - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Looking for Help 
19th Century Moulding Plane - Signed F.Z. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
European or Euro-American Spider - Copper w. Forged Iron Legs & Handle - 1750 - 1800 - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Hi acrk11. A great slab! I finish slab tables for friends and family. Based on the images I cannot make out what kind of wood it is. it could be a maple burl, but that is just a guess. I need to...
  2. caperkid, moonstone, agh, alan, violetorange, kyratango, cormoran, vetraio, mikelv, and racer thanks for the loves!
  3. Alan thanks a lot! Yeah I saw this piece on the ground, picked it up and I just knew it was no ordinary piece of glass. Blunder , its on its way.... ;)
  4. ho2cultcha thanks for the kind words!!!
  5. hotairfan....yes sir. I just love to think about what life was like then....if something broke, like a fork, or a pot, people did some crazy things to fix the item. Maybe it was because they couldn'...
  6. Hi hotairfan....again, lol. Yes, I see the ones with the trivet like top, but this is the only one I have seen of these in person. It can also bee seen in George C. Neumann's book, "Antique Country ...
  7. Hi hotairfan, are you referring to the small one seen in image 2? I am not sure, you may be right, it has a rather deep bowl almost like a modern day ice cream scoop. Thanks for commenting!
  8. vetraio, maybe a top yes
  9. thanks for the loves: violetorange, kyratango, cormoran, vetraio, mikelv, racer4
  10. well done!!!
  11. Yeah Scott, thanks man. Maybe I will try to get someone to bite on c-list. If not, it will serve as good kindling for a few weeks, lol. I found a cool bottle today I am going to post it later tonig...
  12. Hey guys thanks for the advice, I was thinking of doing something similar or just keeping it in the shed as a tool box. Scottvez, the seller didn't misrepresent it, I only paid $25.00 for it. I saw ...
  13. thank you fhr and scottvez, you both are correct...sad to admit but true. I was able to look more closely today and after reading your comments I have to admit I was burned on this one. There ar...
  14. agram.m thanks for the love! Hope you are doing well!
  15. mikelv thanks for the love
  16. vetraio, kyratango, forapache, and violetorange thanks for the loves!
  17. It is not a Shaker chair. Shaker furniture is modest and functional to represent the simplicity of their lifestyle. The Shakers did not include carvings or anything ornamental on their furniture. ...
  18. Hi hotairfan, just found mine online, It is a C.B Rogers herb grinder. Like the one seen here:
  19. I am not so sure about either. This is a very small item, the diameter of the bowl is 2 inches maximum.
  20. ok, thank you nora!
  21. thanks violetorange for the love!
  22. violet orange thanks for the love
  23. thank you violet, manikin, walksoftly, geodejem, agram, mikelv, melg, and vetraio for the loves!
  24. racer, I am not sure, the Turkish coffee makers are thin walled and made of copper. This is very very thick brass. geodejem, I know the tool you are talking about but this is too large to be a bulle...
  25. Thanks for the loves manikin, agram, mikelv, and vetraio
  26. Can you add a picture to show how everything is held together (under the dish used to catch the wax drippings)? This looks like a marriage, but I can only be sure if I can see how all the pieces are c...
  27. hotairfan...hey, I just found one of these today. In the least likely of all places a consignment shop. But I got a good deal on it so I did not hesitate. My is marked: "G.B. Rogers" Does y...
  28. well done tubeamp....a perfect match. Now marked SOLVED!
  29. Yes, that is basically a veneer. I was hoping for your sake it was one solid piece or at least two pieces glued up. I can't tell much more from the pictures, but that the inside of the piece looks m...
  30. Yes, definitely hand cut dovetails. The dovetails are larger, so I am guessing late 19th century. There are others here who can narrow down the date based on the size, and style of dovetails. From ...
  31. frisco....yeah I saw that too. Its reads: THE DOSCHER PLANE AND TOOL CO SAUGATUCK CONN
  32. Yes it is pretty cool. Do you think this piece looks authentic hotairfan? I know it is hard to tell in a picture, but the wear looks appropriate I think. The only reason I ask is because I bought t...
  33. Yes, at least that is how I understand it. Either from Europe or made by first generation European settlers. I just scored two iron spiders from a great collection I've been buying from. These ...
  34. thanks for the loves bobby, mikelv, agram, vetraio!
  35. Thanks for the loves agram, inky, mikelv, vetraio!
  36. thanks for the loves mikelv, vetraio, fortapache!
  37. hotairfan...maybe these things had multiple uses. At the museum I saw very similar collars. They called them Calf Weaning Collars. Although they were a little different than yours, it was the same ...
  38. wow...very very interesting. Come to think of it, with a collection like that, his fear of fire was understandable. It was a great place to visit and I can't wait to go again. Great story about the...
  39. Awesome...great piece....have a great day!!!
  40. I happen to believe that this is not a sheep's collar. Instead I think it is a sheep dog's collar. Tell me what you think: Remaining relatively isolat...
  41. oh are so lucky to have one of these!!!!!! I just got back from the Mercer Museum and saw dozens of these examples. Some of them even had hand forged parts to them. I think the earliest...
  42. sorry to be the cause of this confusion. I was just curious to know the about size of the item so I can keep an eye out for one......of course I will never see one but, hey, you never know.
  43. hotairfan.....what is the diameter of the circle? Thanks!
  44. fantastic piece of history right here! Well done!!!
  45. I agree hotairfan....well done! Thanks for the sharing this great item. I will post mine soon so you can take a look.
  46. cool. thanks hotairfan!
  47. Sorry to keep bothering you....but I am really into your collection. Have you seen many forged snakes around?
  48. Do you think this is 18th century?
  49. I have never seen one of these. Unique and awesome!!!
  50. interesting that they are called "ram's horn nuts" because they are actually heart shaped. rams horns go the other way I think. I have a few items with ram's horn and heart shaped finials. The touc...
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