Manalapan, NJ

Teacher, business owner, father, and collector of all things unique. I really like sterling, jewelry, pottery, furniture, and old woodwork.


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  1. interesting, so this is a byproduct of the metal making process? could have been making steel or copper or something like that?
  2. hey blunder, it is actually heavy. 1 pound, and is 4 1/2 by 3 inches. Would not float. Looks like the "slag" glass I have seen in the pictures. It is not all too sharp. Thanks blunder and ho2culc...
  3. lol very true.
  4. thanks for the loves vetraio, elisabethan, radegunder, nutsabotas, agram, mikelv, tom, and aghcollect
  5. thank vetraio, mikelv, and aghcollect for the loves
  6. Thank you agram.m! Always nice to hear from you! I hope all is well, take care. :)
  7. solver, thank you! Looks like the set is the same, mine without the tray of course. I have to find the tray, or one that complements the set. I love the work on this set, I am happy with it. Thank...
  8. thanks freiheit, about 2 inches by 1 inch
  9. man, you never disappoint, Stillwater. I wish I could get my hands on some of the reference books you discussed in a previous post.
  10. anyone think the first piece is a moonstone? it is marked made in Israel 925. And I wonder if the second stone is really a stone. But the first piece especially looks like really nice work.
  11. davyd thanks for the comment! I believe agram is right about the earrings being legit....not sure about the pendent. thanks zowie!!!
  12. thank you art.pottery. Does this have value? Hang on to it?
  13. ho2cultcha, I agree! I love to keep these around to just admire the work. I am trying to put a new rush seat on, so maybe I will post the results. Thanks for helping!
  14. thanks for the help everyone!
  15. thanks crazy ike for the help! Do you think chairs like these have value? Do you have a guess as to how old they are. Thanks!
  16. Hey Crazy-ike, could you give me opinions on these? Thanks for your time and help!!!
  17. vetraio, vanskyock24, and agram thanks for the comments! kerry agram newtimes mikelv aghcollect and vetraio thanks for the loves!
  18. thanks for the loves kerry manikin leah lisa and rhinoman!
  19. vetraio thanks for the comment and the help! I knew you would have a source, although I couldn't find the exact maker. Looks like the piece is at least .833 silver. Hope all is well with you. ...
  20. thanks for the loves, aghcollect, walksoftly, vetraio, mikelv, drfluffy!
  21. Unreal! Love this and thanks for sharing Stillwater!
  22. thank you crazy-ike!
  23. Crazy-Ike, could you help with this one?
  24. Thanks Aimathena for your kind words! I did have a nice holiday, I hope you did as well. mikelv85 thanks for the info. Anyone know why there is a hoop at the bottom of the handle?
  25. Hi Stillwater, hope all is well. Thanks for commenting. You are right....I should, I've been taking a break from picking, but I need to start again. I need to hone my gold skills too....later Still...
  26. thats totally awesome doc
  27. cairngorm stone?
  28. I don't I am sorry.
  29. thanks zowie!
  30. hey zowie, no problem, always like to hear from you. Thanks!
  31. totally....1980's I had these. The warrior has the arms that flip up. Love them!!!
  32. PS. I live 30 minutes from Bucks County, in Jersey, which is why I would like to know the outcome. Best of luck!
  33. Honestly....I would certainly have it looked at by someone who knows Bucks Co. Pottery. If you live in the area maybe try the museum this piece is in. If you have an authentic piece it is certainly ...
  34. are there any slightly loose joints you can take a picture of? I mean, from my limited experience with Chinese chairs, they look right structurally, but very over the top. Not something I have seen ...
  35. PS not trying to sell them! I just value your opinion.
  36. and by like....I mean for my wife or mom....not like, like I want to sport it myself....I have to stop talking now.
  37. Would you be interested in seeing some of the other ones in the auction? I happen to really like the one made by Tasha Polizzi.
  38. hmmmmmm.....interesting doc. Can you find one similar to this, do you think this is plastic? I looks like it was some sort of.....I have no idea....some sort of something. If you look at the part u...
  40. Big tex, I have a large collection of coin silver spoons. I believe these to be 700, 800, or coin. I do not know, however, that these are 1700's unless otherwise dated on the back. Most spoons from...
  41. bigtex, nice....can you repost the back of the spoons so I can look up markings? I can't see them too well.
  42. Very true bootson! Moonstone, thanks for the it is junk?
  43. thank you agram.m It is very strange to find the marks like this. Does anyone specialize in Georg Jensen? Thanks!
  44. bigtex....what is the size? I don't think it is a ladle, instead a soup bowl or an ice cream dish? To hold and eat at the same time at a party. I would not get rid of it, but I do have a soft spot ...
  45. Hey doc. Sorry for the one month delay, now I finally saw these! Yeah these are made the same was the "weighted" candle sticks are. It is a thin tin foil like piece of sterling wrapped around, in thi...
  46. Thanks zowie for the comment. I do think they are made well.
  47. Great thanks moonstone zowie!!!
  48. Lol. So true. Love it!
  49. I just bought an exact same one at a garage sale. I love it they don't make them like that anymore!!!!
  50. thanks mike, vetraio, agram, walksoftly and doc for the loves!
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