Manalapan, NJ

I am a collector of mainly early American antiques dating from 1850 and back. I also like sterling, jewelry, and decorative arts.


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  1. ive been looking for one of these myself for some time. They do not come come around too often and are quite pricey. Well done!
  2. thanks for the loves vetraio, manikin, blunder, aura, racer, jscott, and mike
  3. agram, not sure if you saw the updated photos. What do you think? Hope all is well, thanks for helping!
  4. just added them.
  5. Yes, agram, i purchased the piece. The color of the piece in the pictures is not right. I does look brass. I believe it is about coin silver quality. I will take some more pictures without that yel...
  6. I think so too scott but wasn't sure. It ended up being a buck or two, so I figured I would give it a shot. thanks!
  7. purchased in Red Bank, NJ at an antique store.
  8. Hi Dhakir, thanks for the info. Yes, a Kris, that is right. I bought it from an antique deal who went out of business. An older guy. It looks like it is made of brass.
  9. thank you vetraio!!!!
  10. its blue depression class. Try looking up the different patterns, see if you could math it.
  11. yes, I thought so. I like these immigrant trunks. Take care!w
  12. thanks agram, wind, lovely, katherine, violet, aura, vetraio, efes, and ho2 for the loves!!!!
  13. To me, I look at the sea. How many pieces of wood is the seat made out of? If it made from a single piece of wood, then it is an antique and I consider buying. If it is made of more than one piece,...
  14. Yes. Hi I have a similar chest. Although mine is more ornate, I believe the construction is very similar. Beautiful piece!
  15. thanks katherines, and ho2cultcha for the kind words!
  16. How could I tell the quality of the saphires? Is there something I can do? Or does a jeweler have to look at it? I really appreciate the help, thank you so much!!
  17. I am also wondering if this is platinum not silver, I will have to test it
  18. thanks for the loves: vetraio, martika, aura, caper, nice melanie, katherine, racer, tassie, mikelv, efes, sean!
  19. check this bracelet out....
  20. Thanks efesgirl for the comment! Funny thing I was just watching Antiques Roadshow and I learned that Louis Comfort Tiffany loved the combination of moonstone and blue sapphire. So you think thi...
  21. thanks for the kind words nicefice!
  22. thanks for the comments blunder, hotair, and brunswick thanks for the loves bobby, blunder, fort, mike, hotair, bruns, agram, destiny, officialfuel, violet, lisa and vetraio.
  23. Thanks for the loves: fort, kyra, oroy, blunder, sean, bruce, mike and motor
  24. thanks for the loves, bobby, hotairfan, fortapache, ho2, blunder, mike and motorhead
  25. hotairfan.....thanks for the comment, I was thinking the same thing. Most likely for hanging it somewhere. You can also raise or lower the height. It also spins around.
  26. haha, thanks blunder!
  27. yeah, I agree it is very plain. Not all blanket chests were "dowry chests". Actually in the Wallace Nutting text he says something like, "Chests on legs are blanket chests, chests that sit flat on ...
  28. ho2cultcha, thanks for the comment! Yeah it is a cool piece, when I saw it I just had a feeling it was a great deal. We will see what happens with it!
  29. aura, mani, kyra, elisa, budek, antique, and katherines, thanks for the loves!!!
  30. I can't make out the mark, is there a makers hallmark? Something like: "TR-95" If so I an look it up for you. Niece piece!
  31. hi bobby, yes a nice score indeed. I agree with alan that it was probably a nice deep red color originally; just like the one i posted. Very unique to see a chest that has drawers on the bottom with...
  32. thanks for the loves katherine, antiquerose ,budek, elisa, kyra, manikin, aura, vetraio, blunder, jean and violet!
  33. thaks antiquerose, violet, and anna for the loves
  34. thanks blunder I'll give it a try. The wire wheel....not the crystals. LOL
  35. Hey Vintage_joe. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I thought this was something special when I saw it. Just so hard to ID this stuff. The detail of the workmanship is like work from a fine painting J...
  36. Efesgirl. I have a lot of experience polishing sterling silver. I use Tarnishield by 3M., and cotton balls. Tarnishield has been proven to be the most effective and gentle of all abrasive cleaners. ...
  37. You think I should polish it?
  38. picture four. Looks like there used to be a few marks there. One of which is the cross. Thanks for the comment!
  39. thank you myfavorite, ivonne, hotair, agram, melanie, aura, nutsabot, mikelv, and vetraio for the loves!
  40. 1800-1850 broad ax. Broad axes are beveled on one side, flat on the other. Used for hewing beams for barns or split rails. Nice ax
  41. These were heavily used tools... I doubt the handle is original although old. Usually they had a curved handle so the user wouldn't slam his knuckles on the log. There were different shapes for diff...
  42. Interesting, I had a feeling it was something different than advertised. Like I said I thought Cochise..not because I have any knowledge on the subject. Only because of similar items in a book I ha...
  43. Canyon Road, thanks for clarifying. I appreciate your taking the time to explain. I have a few books on the subject, I will have to educate myself....blunder!
  44. blunder, whether you consider your opinions educated, they are still the best. Always appreciate it man.
  45. melanie, mike, nuts, racer and sean thanks for the loves!
  46. Thanks sean!!!
  47. compare to this ax head which was dug here in NJ.
  48. early 19th century.
  49. I do not believe it is a trade ax. I think this is a broad ax, or as blunder was saying, a hewing hatchet. These axes were only beveled on one side, like a chisel. They were used to cut square beam...
  50. I just saw a flintlock fire start go at auction. If I remember correctly it was in the thousands. They are not cheap, and not easy to find.
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