Manalapan, NJ

Teacher, business owner, father, and collector of all things unique. I really like sterling, jewelry, pottery, furniture, and old woodwork.


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American Tool Box in Green Paint - Mid-Late 19th century - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Amish Blanket Chest (20th century) & Amish Document Box (late 19th century) - Furniturein Furniture
Sheldon Drawknife and Massive Chisel - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
2 Small Cranberry Glass Pieces - Hand Blown - Glasswarein Glassware
4 Native American Pillows Maybe? 
Collection of Early American Decanters - Ages and Styles Vary - Bottlesin Bottles
Shaker-style Box - Constructed Entirely w/ Tiny Wooden Pins - Sewingin Sewing
Hand Thrown Redware Jug - Dark Brown Glaze - Date? Origin? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Primitive Lockbox or Document Box - Date and Origin are Uncertain - Officein Office
1977 United States Navel Academy Pin - 18k - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. I think it's an American broad axe head. One side is flat and the other is slanted? I know you weren't asking that but that is what the shape indicates. Nice!
  2. izenenglish, no marks on it. I have to say it doesn't really look and feel like a chisel. the tip is not sharp either. Thanks!
  3. trunkman, thanks for the info. I agree that the smaller one is better. Jewels thanks for the comment
  4. officialfuel, izenglish, miklv, patsea, walksoftly, jewels, sean, blunder, agh, trunkman and manikin thanks for the loves!
  5. izenenglish, thanks I will give you the dimensions later but its about 18 inches long 12 high and 8 wide.
  6. LOL, thanks trunkman, I've had these for awhile, just wanted to show them to get some opinions. I'm slimming the collection a bit. I have a thing for boxes, no trunks....yet! thanks man
  7. I am going to bring this one back....because recently I had it looked at by a professional. He claims it is a common piece made for export. I normally do not discuss price or value, and I am certainly...
  8. thats a beauty!!! I love the plain and simple face.
  9. hey jscott....yeah, I couldn't believe it. The guy said straight up, "this box is from the early 18th century, 20 bucks"
  10. its actually the one in the third picture, the second decanter from the left. I believe it is pre 1800.
  11. thanks patsea, mikelv, forapache, and aghcollect, I will have to get a better pic of the one that was in an old American Glass book I have, exact same one.
  12. thanks valentino, I was searching but could not find any similar. I will keep at it. Thanks mikelv, valentino, agh and sean for the loves.
  13. Hi zowie, I am not sure what is in his hand but you are right he is holding something. I didnt notice that. I took a good look at this again last night it is def. quite old.
  14. Here is a great bottle ID site: I can see the mold mark continue up the lip of the bottle. meaning it is a 20th century bottle. Looks like it may have been ...
  15. How are the drawers constructed? A photo of how the drawers are joined could help.
  16. I've been looking for one of these, there aren't easy to find a good price. Nice pick! Late 1800's early 1900's? It is in very good shape.
  17. thank you patsea, mikelv, jewels, radegunder, vetraio, and agh for the loves.
  18. that is right, a firkin, now I remember. thank you jewels! Thanks fhr and alan for the comments and help.
  19. jewels thanks for kind words. Alan thank you for your comment as well. I was just saying it looks like newer nails were sunk to help it stay together but I am guessing. What is this called and what...
  20. thanks trunkman and jewels for the loves.
  21. Hey trunkman, thanks for chiming in. When I bought it there wasn't even a price tag on it yet. Meaning it probably just came in the door, and very few people saw it before me. I agree it looks pre-18...
  22. thank you vetraio!
  23. I am 100% sure the bottom decorative leg pieces are simply nailed in with modern cut nails, I just checked. Is it totally out of the question to carefully pry these pieces off? The result will be a ...
  24. Here is the link:
  25. But something else that confuses me is the back end of the drawer. It is one pin cut and nailed. I am not sure if that is cheating ho2culthcha. Refer to this link, the dovetail looks just like the ...
  26. yes, ho2cultcha, you are correct. I believe the the decorative leg pieces are additions simply nailed onto the original outside of the chest. If I popped these off, the chest would be in its origina...
  27. This is probably a dumb question, but did the bottom drawers always have backs on them?
  28. Also changed pic. 1 to the side leg piece that I believe to not be original.
  29. fhr, thanks for the analysis. I see what you are saying....I think I have a good picture what is going on here with with piece. The good news is that I believe that most of what is original, is stil...
  30. thanks roycroft! thanks to roycroft and aztom for the loves!
  31. fhrjr, no worries. Thanks for chiming in. Please let me know your opinion if you do get a chance to look at the pics. Always appreciated!!!
  32. mikkochristmas! thanks for the love!!! hope things are well, its been awhile. vetraio thanks for the love!
  33. very odd.
  34. thank you elsiabethan for the love and the kind words!!
  35. jscott, agram, mikelv, walksoftly, blunder, and sean thanks for the loves.
  36. jscott, thanks for the comment, I agree. A few nails banged in here and there over the last 200 years, but for the most part it holds together well. Especially compared to some of the junk they call...
  37. thank you jewels for the kind words. THanks to jewels and sugargirl for the loves
  38. thanks to jscott, agram, mikelv, walksoftly, surfdubb and blunder for the loves as well!
  39. thank you surfdubb, agram, and jscott for the kind words. jscott, I've never heard of a sugar chest before but I will certainly do some research. These are typically referred to as: Six Boards
  40. you are correct jscott, thank you!
  41. thank you official and agh for the loves!
  42. Details and closeups here:
  43. valentino, thanks for the love. Anyone have any ideas what this could be or where it is from?
  44. thank you agram for the comment. thanks for the loves southcop, agh, blunder, jewles, melaniej, mike, agram, vetriao, racer.
  45. thanks for the loves agh, elisabethan, patsea, mikelv, agram, cormoran, austro, vetraio and ho2cul
  46. thanks for the loves mikelv85, fortapache!
  47. thank you aghcollect!
  48. thank you austrohungaro and ho2cultcha for the comments!
  49. patsea, you are a master finder! Thanks!
  50. Fhr are u saying it is a repro or poorly made.
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