Manalapan, NJ

I am a collector of mainly early American antiques dating from 1850 and back. I also like sterling, jewelry, and decorative arts.


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Finely Carved Folk Art Box - Walnut - Date and Origin Unknown - Folk Artin Folk Art
Sterling Silver Plate/Tray - REVERE SILVERSMITHS - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Looking for help from book collectors!  DICKENS'S WORKS - LONDON CHAPMAN & HALL: 1889 - Booksin Books
Chinese Crackle Glazed Charger - Late Qing Dynasty - 14 1/2 dia. - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Carved Wooden Belt Drinking Cup - 1850? - Folk Artin Folk Art
Antique American Brass "Frypan" Chamberstick - 1750-1790 - Lampsin Lamps
Late 1700 - Early 1800 Side Chair  - Furniturein Furniture
Early American Fireplace Trammel - Forged Iron - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Mixed Hardwood Table - 22" x 36" - Furniturein Furniture
Early American Blanket Chest - Pine in Red/Brown Paint - Looking for opinions!!! - Furniturein Furniture


  1. cogito, yes, I remember you commented awhile back on something else that I found, very similar to the carvings on this box. You had given the same advice, and that is a great place to start. I also ...
  2. thanks racer! fort, mikelv, vetraio, racer, agh, and ho2 thanks for the loves!!!
  3. yes! Stillwater, nice to see you back again man. Hope all is well, later!
  4. sean and mikelv thanks for the loves
  5. thank you agram for the advice. Do you have a link or contact? Have a great day!!!
  6. thanks agh for the love!
  7. hi antiquerose, thanks for the comment and the love! Yeah, I am not sure if there is any value be honest, I initially grabbed them because I though the leather bound would look cool on a b...
  8. hotairfan, thanks for the comment! I am kind of at a dead end with the research. I am thinking of taking a trip to Smithtown to do some local research. Take care!
  9. zowie, thank you for the kind words... hotairfan, yeah, these are very very very hard to come by. This is the only one I have seen in person, but I am sure they are "findable"
  10. I am thinking these are over 100 years old. That is a pretty sophisticated repair for a contemporary item.
  12. thank you agh for the love!
  14. have any opinion on the table i posted? Talk to you later.
  15. Manikin thanks for the comment!
  16. Hey fhr...yeah i guess it could be later but the wear on the front stretcher is incredible. I just have seen ones with similar finials, with about the same wear dated in that range.
  17. hotairfan, yes I agree, only the trammels made for more wealthy people were decorated like this thus making them more rare. Thanks Roycroft!!!
  18. thanks budek!
  19. sergey thanks for the compliment! ho2cultcha, I am not sure about a tavern piece, I think it is a typical blanket chest, about the hinges, they are right for that time period. Truly amazing how I fo...
  20. its basically the same shape as the one i use to carve bowls. But mine is modern and curved, I think yours is flat. You get used to it after awhile, but you want to try to strike with the back of the...
  21. thank you sergey agram inky vetraio ho2 mikelv fortapache and agh for the loves! inky I agree, no matter what anyone else says....this stays as is!
  22. thanks you sergey rustfarm, vetraio, ho2, mikelv, fortapache, and agh!!!
  23. thanks mikelv and kyratango for the loves
  24. things are great zowie, and you?
  25. thanks zowie! thanks official, fhr, vetraio, manikin, agram, mike, surf, ho2, jonb, fortapache, sean for the loves!
  26. fhr, thank you for taking the time to give your opinion. I put out an email to Smithtown's Historical Society to see if they have any information on the Phillips family. Who knows, it is worth a sho...
  27. In addition I came across this book:
  28. Thanks surfdub! I've acutally found some interesting info on the names Samuel and Mills Phillips. In this article:
  29. I forgot to add I bought this at an antique store. The owner told me she found it during a recent home clean out. It was in the attic of an old home in Neptune, NJ. There were several other trunks ...
  30. thanks for the loves radegunder and sean!
  31. thank you zowie! This is one of those pieces, for me, that does not come along too often. I do not throw around the word "antique" too often, but this is a true antique. The funny part is that ...
  32. thanks for the loves agram, mike, fortapache, vetraio, surfdub, agh, and blunder.
  33. thanks for the loves sean vetraio geode blunder hotair agram mike comoran agh and alan!
  34. the entire piece is 8 inches long? or just the blade?
  35. They shape, direction of the blade, doesn't look like a hatchet to me
  36. So you are saying it is 8 inches may be an early flint striker. I have seen some in a similar shape, but not exactly like this one. My last thought would be a scraper....but they were usu...
  37. I am not so sure this is a chisel. The iron looks old, pitted, like the bog iron tools and hearth implements of the 18th century. I am going to look at some the "blade" tapered? does it...
  38. I am thinking this is an 18th century liquor carrying chest. Similar ones are found in George C. Neumann's book, "Early American Antique Country Furnishings". This differs in that it is slightly sma...
  39. yeah, the color does look blue in the picture, in real life it is purple.
  40. Sorry! I forgot to tell the answer! The tree this comes from we call Sweet Gum. I happen to agree with fhr, that this is spalting going on here. But, here is more about the Sweet Gum tree: http:/...
  41. It's purlpe.
  42. thank you surfdub and agram! No surdub, not lime and not ash. good guesses!
  43. vetraio, thanks! good guess, but not elm and not a burl. this is a tricky one. I think fhr will know...we will see. Take care vetraio.
  44. zowie, thanks for the complement, I've only been doing this a few months so I have a lot to learn.
  45. fhr, funny I was about to ask you another question. I will try the flour scoop, thanks for the info! My question: what is a cheap good food safe wax for the bowls? Keep an eye out I have another bo...
  46. do you work with an adze fhrjr? I have a HUGE burly maple out back right on the edge of the stream. It is probably wide enough to make slabs out of. I took a branch down because it was dead but i...
  47. fhr, I always love a lecture! That must be a large bbq if you use it to dry stock no? The idea sounds great, but I was under the impression that you wanted to keep the wood in a humid environment. ...
  48. Sean, thanks for the complement! I am doing well, how are you?
  49. Hey surfdubb thanks for the compliment I actually carve the bowls while green. I dry them in ziplock bags. Slowly. It takes about two weeks to dry entirely.
  50. Seriously. Yeah, we used to have a truck deliver them to our house.
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