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Eastern Pennsylvania

retired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items tretired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items that made our forefather's lives a little easier. If it has a story to tell, I like it. 18th & 19th cen. tools are my passion. Email: (Read more)


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raisin seeder - 1891 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Tear Catcher or Scent Bottle (i don't know) - Bottlesin Bottles
standing Boston Terrier Cast Iron door stop - Animalsin Animals
Scale Model Saw Mill - Toysin Toys
1/8th Scale Model Steam Donkey Engine - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Columbia Graphophone Cylinder Player - Recordsin Records
walnut duck decoy - Animalsin Animals
children's cast iron stoves - Toysin Toys
Golden Sun Coffee Can - Kitchenin Kitchen
kitchen items - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Great stuff, you can be proud of your collection. I just love early hand forged household items, especially when they are signed with a name or initials. Tool makers and smiths signed their creation...
  2. We see these on occasion here in Eastern PA, but, I never saw one with a solid rotating top. The ones that I see have forged and welded trivet tops. A very interesting piece and a great piece of Col...
  3. I tend to agree with slapjack. Too large for a toy, and there is no real way to spin it other than by hand. Plumber's tool makes more sense. It is a neat piece, either way.
  4. looks like the mystery spoon is a tasting spoon. Great collection!
  5. Great BHock45, I'd love to see a pic of your herb grinder. They are usually not easy to come by, even though they were used by most households. Mine does not have a maker's name stamped anywhere. I wi...
  6. I definitely agree with walksoftly. I have two myself hanging on the wall. As he said, they were used in the days of loose haying. When moved to the mow from the wagon, the hay grapple could handle ...
  7. nice restoration ..... not overdone ... looks original
  8. nice piece Blunderbuss2, even though it started life as a stone hammer, You suited it for your purpose. That's the neat thing about early tools, their usage is only limited by the imagination of the o...
  9. Thanks fellows for the post
  10. kyratango, you hit the nail on the center of the head. I think my wife has a tassel similar to the one in your download Thanks all ... mystery solved
  11. great piece. I've learned something from you again, ...brass spiders are from Europe.
  12. love the lollypop shaped end!
  13. thanks, LOUMANAL
  14. I think you mean cyanide .......... I hope not
  15. To BHock45 - Ever since I read your very informative comment about the sheep collar/dog collar, I was trying to recall exactly where I got the information concerning it's use. It finally dawned on m...
  16. Thanks for the link BHock45. I am always open to other explanations. When I begin my historical displays and talks at local Historical Societies, I always lead with the comment that "this is what I am...
  17. Hi BHock45, Isn't Henry Mercer's museum great? He collected items from auctions in the eastern PA area. He was a great archaeologist and knew how to categorize dedicate his findings. You might have a...
  18. I'm not sure of the exact inside diameter of the gage blunderbuss, as I said in the description, The hole is not exactly round anymore and it's difficult to tell the true diameter. If there was a way...
  19. The circular diameter is 4 ''
  20. Yep BHock45, these are more bull shaped, but I have seen them where the curl travels in a complete loop. That might explain why they are called rams head nuts
  21. It is entirely hand forged, so, yes, I do believe it is either late 18th or early 19th century BHock45 PS. I like your wit ho2cultcha
  22. keep looking shareurpassion, you'll find some PS. I like your Collector's Weekly name
  23. sorry to say, the horn is not original to this cylinder player. I purchased the cylinder player with the horn crane, but the born was not with it. I have several horns. I purchase them when I find the...
  24. Thanks BHock45, too bad it has a chip on the blade (visible in the 3rd pic)
  25. I really have no idea, but if you look at the rivet from the rear side, you can see that the length is long and never hammered on to anything. The smithy might have been waiting for a nice harness to ...
  26. thanks, BHock45
  27. Yes BHock45, they show up every now and then. I even saw them listed on Ebay sometimes, although it's hard to tell just how old they are without seeing them in person. I see most of them at farm sales...
  28. Hi BHock45, Horst weekly auctions in Ephrata often have high end items I was there yesterday and had my sights on an early cast iron pull toy airplane with "LINDY" in raised letters on the wing. As th...
  29. I've seen several like your #1 before, but I never saw one like your #2 toaster. They're great! I never knew that the main reason to toast the bread was to preserve it from going bad by getting moldy....
  30. Thanks a bunch fhrjr2, you gave a lot to go on and I really appreciate your help
  31. I had one just like it only mine was a 1950 vintage. I mowed our lawn for 8 years with it until it finally died. It left me with a lot of good memories and served me well.
  32. I had one just like it only mine was a 1950 vintage. I mowed our lawn for 8 years with it until it finally died. It left me with a lot of good memories and served me well.
  33. thanks blunderbuss, I made it about ten years ago. I had carpel tunnel operation on both hands and the surgeon told me to use my hands as much as possible to get full movement back. I thought that thi...
  34. thanks for the comment paulmartin
  35. I get similar reactions from some.... ahem... people, when I show or display animal handling items. The bambi..ites claim that the items are cruel and should never have been used, shown, or collected....
  36. thanks Vintagefran & katherinescollections for the kind words
  37. Thought it was time to get busy, B Hoch 45 is getting way ahead of me. Trying to catch up, but he has big shoes to fill............ thanks
  38. nice early pine chest the forged hinges .... great that you are tracking history of the origin
  39. Great find ......never saw one of these lamps ..... I'll be looking for one in the future
  40. I love the decorative detail that the maker added
  41. Hi surfdub66, Thanks for the nice comment. I saw one being used on U-Tube. It was traversing across a pond or lake on a canoe. It seemed to do quite well, as a mater of fact, it made a small wake in t...
  42. Hi Vintageangels, I did hear that the Man-U-Trol was made in Georgia. I believe that they made them there at a later date than in Florida ....
  43. No GeodeJem, it's more of an American typographical error. I meant to say needed, but I hit the d instead of the n and came out with deeded. I have since corrected the typo. (my wife is always after m...
  44. I have a whistle like this, but no knife blade in mine. Great piece!!
  45. WOW! Great condition. I hope that I'm in that good condition when I get that old...
  46. never saw one like this, what a find!
  47. When I displayed them at engine shows, I also displayed a miniature corn sheller that shells (mini) small ears of popcorn. I shall the popcorn to demo the way the sheller operates. I tell the kids tha...
  48. nice find......... great price
  49. thanks for the info AzTom
  50. that's when autos had character....... and individuality too
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