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Eastern Pennsylvania

retired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items tretired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items that made our forefather's lives a little easier. If it has a story to tell, I like it. 18th & 19th cen. tools are my passion. (Read more)


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unknown mystory tool - what is it? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
cork borer sharpener - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
knee nut cracker - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Sheep's Collar - Animalsin Animals
 Seamstress Button Hole Gauge - Sewingin Sewing
Cast Iron Cap Bomb - Toysin Toys
(2) race tools (sometimes called a race knives) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Spoon Mold & Spoon - Kitchenin Kitchen
Mystery punch tool ... (what are they used for?) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
rawhide shoe lace cutting tool  & mystery tool - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. thanks for all the swell responses ............hotairfan
  2. BINGO!! Thanks OlofZ, I think that you might have scored as to what this pliers is. The tool that you directed me to is a dental pliers fron the dental specialties Co. of Denver Co. After careful loo...
  3. thanks Phil & AzTom, I need all the help that I can get on this one... hotairfan
  4. I recently found out some interesting information about this Carlisle & Finch Hydro - Dynamo. I was told , by a reliable source that Carlisle & Finch Co. was the first company to market electric toy t...
  5. To Rick3335, Thanks for the interest Rick. I too spend a lot of time educating folks at grade schools, historical societies, old folk homes, and farm shows as to how our forefathers lived and flour...
  6. To Cnaan: For someone so sure of an item's use, you couldn't be more wrong. It is what I said it is and if you go to: or to:
  7. Thanks nutsaboutas6. .............. hotairfan
  8. to Manikin, Yes that is the punch that I have listed. Good job to both you and AzTom for finding it so soon. The Ebay listing doesn't really discribe what it was used for. None the less, I'm sure t...
  9. to Aztom, you are so close that I concede to your answer. They are both used for the same purpose, and it is for livestock. In particular, they were used to mark poultry. That is what they were call...
  10. I really don't have any idea as to what the larger tool is used for. Help me out here, not knowing has been anoying me for years . ...... hotairfan
  11. Not likely AzTom, not a train conductor's punch..... Jmny, I think they since outlawed these in Fla. ...hotairfan
  12. No fhrjr2, good guess, but not it's use. Please keep guessing. ...hotairfan
  13. Thank you ThriftyGypsey for your nice comments. ...hotairfan
  14. sorry for the late entry, just brousing and saw. Looks like a Colonial skewer holder
  15. hi aycockonxion, thank you for your comment. They are around, you have to look in the right places. I don't think that you will find a Lake Breeze Fan on Ebay. You will have to go to sale items at a...
  16. thanks.........hotairfan.
  17. kind of looks like a saw vice, esed to hold the saw while sharpening. hotairfan.
  18. I agree with walksoftly. It is a saw set . ....hotairfan
  19. hi valintino97, I'm suprised that a native Iowan never heard of hog oilers. That is the home of many of the manufacturers, and, next to Indiana, it is the land of most hog oiler collectors. I live in...
  20. Hi fifties50s, I've only ever seen two water powered fans, and both were made in the USA. I have seen Europeon made water motors, so, it is likely that there were water powered fans fans made ther...
  21. to walk softly my intensions are not to be arguementative. My intension is to educate when I can and learn when can learn. These lifting stocks existed as the photo shows. I leave it to the history o...
  22. To see an oxen hoist visit It states that... "the heavy draft animal had to be hoisted because oxen cannot stand on three legs as horses can ....hotairfan
  23. to fhrjr2 : read the book "Ancient Carpenter's Tools" by Dr. Henry C. Mercer noted writer of several early tool books.... or go visit the Mercer Museum in Doylstown, PA. There are four floors dedica...
  24. thanks for the info walksoftly, I did see an oxen frame hoist at Sturbridge Mass. Historical community, It had a crank-up hoist for picking the animal off the ground.....hotairfan.
  25. to DrFluffy: He's my chubby little buddy, he follows me everywhere... hotairfan.
  26. to fhrjr2. I found mine at an antique fair in Indiana....... hotairfam
  27. Thank you Vintagefran and walksoftly for your comments.... hotairfan.
  28. congrats. to rocker-sd on your purchase and sale..... hotairfan
  29. thanks walksoftly for the patent info. ........... hotairfan
  30. Hi walksoftly, thank you for your interest in the rope maker. This hand held rope maker was made by J.M. Cattoor Co. 1922. The small eyelet on the head of the unit is to switch the rotatio...
  31. Yes, It would be set in the middle of the table and it spins only about 16 -18 RPM. This slow rotation scares the flies away but gives you plenty of time to dish out your mashed potatos..................
  32. looks like a fuse pulling tool.......... hotairfan
  33. they were used during the American Cival War by both the Union and confederate soldiers
  34. What you have is a farm forge. I have come across several of them at farm auctions here in PA. The farmers used these cast iron forges to repair what they could around the farm........ The center hole...
  35. it's a meat tenderizer
  36. it's a cobblers hammer from the 1930's or 1940's
  37. I believe it to be a traper's tool. It was used to pick up and place traps under water They were placed under water for beaver............ I hope that helps...........hotairfan
  38. Hi roycroftbooksfromme, to answer your question, The larger cylinder is known as the displacer cylinder. The internal piston does not fit snugly against the cylinder walls, but rather , there is sp...
  39. To answer walksoftly's question, The way it works is the burner heats the air in the larger cylinder and expands the air which forces the piston up. In pushing the piston up, the hot air is forces int...
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Sewing Machine fan attachements Water Powered Fan (Circa 1890) Henrichi hot air engine Carlisle & Finch Hydro - Dynamo


I'm trying to find out what this tool is used for,any ideas email me at