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Norwood Pa

I'm married and have two grown children and two grandchildren.My interests are gardening,raising koi,and collecting antiques.I used to collect antique British and AmI'm married and have two grown children and two grandchildren.My interests are gardening,raising koi,and collecting antiques.I used to collect antique British and American motorcycles (Read more)


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  1. thank you Judd and Rustfarm
  2. I had one in the early 60s.
  3. I never saw one that old looking. The one I use is only 50 years old.The beveled edge is for cutting slate and the point is for punching nail holes through the slate.
  4. Lol,you had me confused, I kept looking back at the picture trying to figure it out!
  5. Very nice display
  6. I'd go with the ice chipper.
  7. Thank you Lundy
  8. Google George Kaiser of Kaiser Storage 311 w Oak Lane Glenolden Pa. He is a customer of mine that has spent many years restoring and collecting old fire trucks.
  9. Grandpop worked for Westinghouse and Grandmom cooked thanksgiving Turkey in one of these for years,as did my mother till about 1978.
  10. I saw one today and it looks like it could fly.
  11. We used to buy these things on the boardwalk in Atlantic City NJ at the Planters Peanut Store about 1965.
  12. Those terra cotta tiles have a nice patina to them.
  13. Fantastic collection.
  14. Thanks AG.
  15. Thanks for appreciating my picture Hedgewalker. A competition sounds interesting. I've put up all my good stuff, but I like looking at other people's finds.
  16. I had a picture of my grandson looking out from between T-Rex's teeth.
  17. I go on Fridays and the serious buyers go early Thursday. The place is too crowded on Saturdays. Thanks for looking Rustfarm.
  18. Thanks for looking bobby725 & aghcollector
  19. Thanks Manikin.
  20. I live close to Baldwins Locomotive Company in Eddystone Pa. The renovated office still stands, where the factory stood is a Wal Mart.
  21. Thank you AG for looking at my motorcycle posts.
  22. I just got back from Tulum where I did some snorkeling in a couple of cenotes with my grandkids, not far from Belize. Interesting mix of fresh and salt water fish.
  23. I have trouble remember numbers unless the dollar sign is in front. Its the same bike.
  24. Thank you Virginia.
  25. Yes,but the scuba diving is a lot better in the islands then here in Philly.
  26. Thank you Michael.
  27. Thanks Blunderbuss, Its a 1977.
  28. Philadelphia
  29. Thanks for posting. Grace Kelly is from my hometown, Phildelphia. My brother in law tells me he used to see her on the beach at Ocean City New Jersey, but I take that with a grain of salt.
  30. Roycroftbooksfromme1, thanks for your interest in my project. Check out my new post.
  31. Yes Guardian, I believe you are right. I think most of those on the Chesapeake Baywere single masted also.
  32. Fantastic find!
  33. Very nice . My neighbor had the Titanic in a similar sized model. He actually sat in the center and would cruise around the river.
  34. Thank you Catburgler
  35. You have good taste in the vehicles you drive.
  36. thanks agcollect and everyone else
  37. There noses are shaped differently.
  38. Thank you Roycroftbooksfromme1 and everyone that loved my post.
  39. Your fish looks like something my daughter would make. She is an artist near Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
  40. That sounds good to me kanuckster. The spoke wheels must weigh 80 lbs each. Thanks for looking kanuckster and fifties50s.
  41. Thanks Walksoftly. Its a quiet little clatter with an occasional chug, very different then an old open pipe Harley.
  42. Check the Banjo Hangout. Some of the members are Gibson specialists.
  43. I'm having trouble getting the pictures from my phone that are in my computer onto this site.
  44. I just purchased a restored Hercules that looks very similar to the Economy hit miss engine in your picture. It produces 1.5 Hp and weighs 400lbs. Mine was made in 1919.
  45. Shovelhead USA forums
  46. Thanks Manikin and ttomtucker
  47. I think they had one like that at the Chester Pa Y where I took swimming lessons in 1960
  48. thanks for looking Vontrike
  49. thanks TTomtucker and everyone else.
  50. I too had all the Aurora monster kits, wolfman, mummy, phantom of the opera,the hunchback,Dracula, Frankie, Godzilla and King Kong. I was one lucky kid.
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