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I'm married and have two grown children and two grandchildren.My interests are gardening,raising koi,and collecting antiques.I used to collect antique British and AmI'm married and have two grown children and two grandchildren.My interests are gardening,raising koi,and collecting antiques.I used to collect antique British and American motorcycles (Read more)


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  1. I'm having trouble getting the pictures from my phone that are in my computer onto this site.
  2. I just purchased a restored Hercules that looks very similar to the Economy hit miss engine in your picture. It produces 1.5 Hp and weighs 400lbs. Mine was made in 1919.
  3. Shovelhead USA forums
  4. Thanks Manikin and ttomtucker
  5. I think they had one like that at the Chester Pa Y where I took swimming lessons in 1960
  6. thanks for looking Vontrike
  7. thanks TTomtucker and everyone else.
  8. I too had all the Aurora monster kits, wolfman, mummy, phantom of the opera,the hunchback,Dracula, Frankie, Godzilla and King Kong. I was one lucky kid.
  9. I had a friend from Wilkes-Barre growing up.He had an accent different from us guys from Philly.
  10. Hi Jwendell. My car is a 2001 5 speed 2.5 Not sure on motor size. I haven't fired that little steam engine yet. I believe its from the 60s. the seller was a friend and assured me it ran.
  11. I have a blue one that I keep stashed and polished in my garage
  12. Thank you,Trgrubaugh
  13. I had one just like that 50 years ago. They are easy to work. Add a little water, make sure your igniter has a good flint for spark and add a little Bangsite(carbide powder available online)
  14. She was from my hometown here, Philadelphia.
  15. Thank you Bratjdd, Vertario50, blunderbuss2, officialfuel,and AmberRose.
  16. Thank you Manikin,Kerry, Phil David,Tom,fortapache, and aghcollect.And thank you for the correction walksoftly. There were so many different tractors there, I didn't take the time to read everything.
  17. Fantastic
  18. I like that old Harley smell. The dripping is always a good indicator that it still has some oil in it.
  19. Thank you Virginia
  20. Good story. I'm gonna google it and see what the vine looks like today.
  21. Blue Crabs from Maryland are my favorite. I fry the softshells too.
  22. Thanks Sean
  23. Thanks for looking Blunderbuss, geo26e, Phil, tom61375, and Micheal.
  24. Also thank you to antiquerose.
  25. Thanks for looking at my fish, jjsr, EJW-54, Dan121156,ho2culture, Manikin, and tom61375.
  26. Thank you officialfuel, racer4four, and tom61375
  27. We used to get these smaller sets when we were little. When we got older we got the bigger set. The little Hudak girls across the street would always eat them.
  28. I have the one in the middle(the dagger and rose, not the Hula girl). Scars from a misspent youth. Thanks for looking, Sean, Kerry, and Tom61.
  29. The estate passed it on to the late owners son. he decided to keep the car.
  30. Thank you for looking Agh and Phil.
  31. Thanks for looking AG and Blunderbuss
  32. Thank you Aghcollector
  33. I had three sets of these as a kid and spent many hours building houses. I like them better then legos. they were easier to build with. I had them in 1965.
  34. Thank you Phil
  35. Fantastic collection you have there Kerry.
  36. Thanks for looking Matty G and Blunderbuss
  37. I collected Wheaton glass and never paid more then $3.00 for a bottle(30 years ago). I have never seen a bottle like yours, It looks a lot older then the stuff I was collecting. They have a Wheaton Gl...
  38. I had to come back and take another look!
  39. The last of the real Harleys.
  40. My sister had the set when we young.
  41. Thank you for looking Nutsabotas
  42. They look great.I'm going to start looking for one for my garden porch
  43. You dont see one like that every day.
  44. The frame, seat, and tires are along the same lines as a Harley 45 bobber I put together.Very nice.
  45. Fantastic job,please post more. I like thes as much as the real antique trucks.
  46. In grade school we had the male torso minus the bits in the Seneca Ave School Library
  47. Thanks for looking Dan & Budkoh. Ted, an aquiantance told me he thought they might be prewar too. My close friend was a finish carpenter and rarely approved of my wood working abilities.
  48. Thanks for having a look at my junk, AZTom, aghcollect, crswerner, and fortapache!
  49. Thanks for looking, aghcollect, pw-collector, & Mankin.
  50. Thanks for looking, kerry, pw-collector, inky, and aghcollect!
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