It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", my special interests are alcohol and tobacco items, railroadiana, sports material, restaurantware, general advertising and photographs. If you are interested in discussing such things, or sharing information etc., my email is: tagspa@ptd.net (Read more)


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Ducati Diavel Catalog - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
WWI German Postcard…Altenberg - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Erie Lackawanna Railway Safety Award Pin 1973 - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Procter & Gamble 150th Anniversary Coasters... - Advertisingin Advertising
1950 Buick Dynaflow Special - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Chrysler Building Detail - Art Decoin Art Deco
50s era AC Aluvac Ashtray featuring a 1901 Oldsmobile - Advertisingin Advertising
Asbach-Uralt Ashtray - Advertisingin Advertising
New Haven Railroad Dining Car Bowl - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Dixie Beer Bottle - Brewerianain Breweriana


  1. Thanks for posting. I never knew the name of the pattern! It seems with al of the Corningware found at sales and markets, the glass lids are missing, most likely due to breakage!
  2. Good morning, Dave! Thanks for the love, and have a rewarding day!
  3. Hi, racer4four! Thank very much, have a great day!
  4. Good morning, Julie…..thanks for the love, and have a grand Thanksgiving!
  5. Hi aghcollect…thanks for the love….have a great Thanksgiving!
  6. Hi, ttomtucker….i appreciate the love!
  7. Good morning, upstatenycollector….thank you for the love!
  8. Hi, Pat…thanks for the love!
  9. I have a set of these Valvoline cards…!
  10. Hi, Dave….thanks for the love!
  11. Greetings, musikchoo….thanks for the love!
  12. The good old days! :)
  13. Thanking you all for the love of this image of the Chrysler building…...
  14. Hi, ttom, thasnks for the love!
  15. Thank you, all, i certainly appreciate your love on this interesting item!
  16. Hi, gc, thank you very much!
  17. Good evening, Radegunder……I appreciate the love…..
  18. Hi, austrohungaro, thanks for the love!
  19. Hey, Sean…thanks for the love!
  20. Thank you Racer4four. They do look young. Looking at photos from all of the wars, all of the fighters look so young…and all of the leaders look so old….
  21. Aghcollect…thanks again…..i'll find that card, and maybe the back of it has more info….
  22. Hi, Dave….thanks for the love!
  23. Good afternoon, Sean…..thanks for the love!
  24. Hi, Buss….thanks for the love!
  25. Thank you, aghcollect, your contribution to solving this mystery is invaluable. I certainly appreciate it….
  26. Good morning, Julie! Thanks for the love of this old postcard….Hava great day!
  27. Good morning, farm lady…thanks for the love!
  28. Hi, gc….thanks for the love!
  29. Thank you, austro-hungaro….
  30. Hello, austro-hungaro….thanks for the love! Are any old USA cars still running in Spain?
  31. Hi, v-50…thanks for your love of this cool ride!
  32. Good morning, Trey…I appreciate the love!
  33. Greetings, PatSea…..I appreciate the love. Are P&G (Procter & Gamble) products available in Portugal?
  34. Hey, Trey….I appreciate the love!
  35. Hi, PatSea…thank you for the love!
  36. Good morning, fort! Thanks for the love...
  37. Hello, Cormoran…thank you for the love!
  38. That's pretty neat…I never knew that Zippo made pens!
  39. :) You are very welcome, Julie!
  40. Greetings, gc……I appreciate the love!
  41. Hi, v-50…thanks for the love!
  42. Good evening, Dave….I appreciate the love!
  43. Hey, J…thanks for the love!
  44. Hi, gc……thanks for your love on this cool railroad item!
  45. Hi, Virginia.vintage….I am appreciative of your love of this pin!
  46. That is a cool coincidence, J! You're pictures always look good, so you must look exceptionally radiant in person :)
  47. God evening, Mani….! appreciate your love of this railroad item...
  48. Hello, racer4four…thank you very much for your love of this pin. It is a beauty!!!!
  49. Greetings, v-50….thanks for the love!
  50. Good evening, Julie…..thank you for the love of this safety award pin. It looks better in person than it does in the photo!
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