It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", my special interests are alcohol and tobacco items, railroadiana, sports material, restaurantware, general advertising and photographs. If you are interested in discussing such things, or sharing information etc., my email is: tagspa@ptd.net (Read more)


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Erie Lackawanna Railway Safety Award Pin 1973 - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Procter & Gamble 150th Anniversary Coasters... - Advertisingin Advertising
1950 Buick Dynaflow Special - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Chrysler Building Detail - Art Decoin Art Deco
50s era AC Aluvac Ashtray featuring a 1901 Oldsmobile - Advertisingin Advertising
Asbach-Uralt Ashtray - Advertisingin Advertising
New Haven Railroad Dining Car Bowl - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Dixie Beer Bottle - Brewerianain Breweriana
1977 Junior Baseball Federation of Philadelphia Program…Expos vs. Phillies - Baseballin Baseball
TWA and Continental Playing Cards - Cardsin Cards


  1. God evening, Mani….! appreciate your love of this railroad item...
  2. Hello, racer4four…thank you very much for your love of this pin. It is a beauty!!!!
  3. Greetings, v-50….thanks for the love!
  4. Good evening, Julie…..thank you for the love of this safety award pin. It looks better in person than it does in the photo!
  5. Thank you, aghcollect….I appreciate the love!
  6. Good afternoon, aghcollect….thanks for the love!
  7. Thanks, Sean…and th price was right, too…1$ at a house sale!
  8. Thank you all for the loves on these cool Santa Fe ashtrays! They are real beauties!
  9. Good to see that you're posting items! You always had some interesting things to share!
  10. Greetings, buss, shareurpassion, Trey, antiqueRose, fort, Dave, musikchoo and Mani….thanking each of you for the love of this image!
  11. Hi, Sean….good to hear from you!
  12. Yeah, gc, I see what you mean about the rust :(
  13. Hi, fort, Elisabethan, v-50, v-97, gc, Trey and CindB……I appreciate each of your loves on this!
  14. Hi, surfdubb66….thanks for the love!
  15. Thank you, Trey!
  16. Hello, my friend walk softly…thanks for the love!
  17. Good afternoon, aghcollect…I appreciate the love!
  18. Hi, agh, PatSea, Dave from Canada, J and Trey…..I appreciate the love!
  19. Hello, Trey….I appreciate the love!
  20. Good afternoon, Dave….thanks for the love!
  21. Hi, PatSea…thanks for the love! This is a great ashtray, wouldn't you agree?
  22. I never did either, gc, until I looked at one of its sides… It is a great promo. There were similar ashtrays produced…each with a turn of the Century car depicted. Since this one was issued around 195...
  23. Greetings, aghcollect….thank you for the love!
  24. Hi, PatSea…..I appreciate the love…..
  25. Hey, J….thanks for the love!
  26. Why, hello, aghcollect…thank you for your love of this photo….
  27. Good evening, Jewels….your love of this image is appreciated!
  28. Hi, PatSea….thank you for the love!
  29. Thank you, Dave….I appreciate the love!
  30. Hello, officialfuel…thanks for the love!
  31. Hi, fortapache…I appreciate the love…thanks!
  32. Good morning, aghcollect…thank you for the love!
  33. Hi, J…thanks for the love!
  34. That's good to hear, J…I'm doing pretty good, too! Have a nice night!
  35. Thank you, Sean…I've always loved these old time advertising items!
  36. Good evening, Sean….thanks for the love. Have a fine evening….
  37. Hi, Roycroftbooks…..I appreciate the love…@
  38. Thanks, J…I was really blessed to have obtained this beauty! I hope that all is well with you...
  39. Hi, sean, thank you very much!
  40. Thank you, Sean!
  41. Best quarter that you've ever spent :)
  42. You've done an excellent job in decorating your home…...
  43. Thank you, DrFluffy….I appreciate the love. I have not heard from you in a while, and I hope that all is well with you!
  44. Thanks, austrohungaro...
  45. Greetings, gc….I appreciate the love….
  46. Good afternoon, Dave, thanks for the love!
  47. Hi, musikchoo…thanks for the love….
  48. Good afternoon, austrohungaro…….I appreciate the love….
  49. Hi, Trey…thanks for the love...
  50. Buss….that's pretty funny, but so very true!
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