It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", my special interests are alcohol and tobacco items, railroadiana, sports material, restaurantware, general advertising and photographs. If you are interested in discussing such things, or sharing information etc., my email is: tagspa@ptd.net (Read more)


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1964-65 New York World's Fair…White Horse Scotch Dish  - Advertisingin Advertising
Premium Coupons From 1939-40 - Advertisingin Advertising
Martz Trailways Bus Luggage Tags…. - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Reading Beer Bottle…. - Brewerianain Breweriana
Happy New Year 2015…..to all of Collectors' World Friends! - Postcardsin Postcards
M&Ms Christmas Ad…... - Advertisingin Advertising
Bucky Harris…Vintage article, Scranton, PA - Baseballin Baseball
Lackawanna Railroad Advertisement….. - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Merry Christmas! - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Kaier's Beer Opener, Mahanoy City, PA - Brewerianain Breweriana


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  6. Well, Dave…ya never can tell….as they say in some circles "Anything for a buck!" :) Thanks for you comment and love of this item…..
  7. Good day, v-50….thanks for the love of these old coupons.
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  14. I'll be at a sale on this upcoming Sunday, and will try to obtain the two Kaier's 100th Anniversary keychain medallions that will be up for bid!
  15. You are welcome, BA……collecting Breweriana is such a great pastime!
  16. Thank you all for your loves of these keychains….
  17. Pretty cool, BA! The descriptions of the 4 types is much appreciated….i will keep on the lookout for them in the condition that you are looking for. Thanks for posting! Your other items are rea...
  18. Hi, BA, thanks for the love and for the info on the Reading PR bottles. I had no idea on the variations! It will be great to see your postings of them…have a great day!
  19. Thank you all for the love of this cool bottle…I appreciate your interest very much!
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  23. Thank you,fhrjr2…I appreciate the love! So that's where the party busses ended up! They're not offered in PA anymore…I was one once, and it was a great trip!
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  29. Hi, Jewels…thanks for the love! Think of me if you see a Martz Bus on the road!
  30. Thank you, PatSea…let's raise a toast across the Ocean to each other!
  31. You are welcome, J! Things are OK with me, and I hope that all is well with you, also :)
  32. Great graphics, and you got them for a great price!
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