It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", my special interests are alcohol and tobacco items, railroadiana, sports material, restaurantware, general advertising and photographs. If you are interested in discussing such things, or sharing information etc., my email is: tagspa@ptd.net (Read more)


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Tile Mosaic Sidewalks, Wilkes-Barre, PA - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Tile Mosaic Sidewalks, Wilkes-Barre, PA - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Tile Mosaic sidewalks, Wilkes-Barre, PA - Advertisingin Advertising
55 Chevy Bel Air Side Panel - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Wise Potato Chip Glasses - Advertisingin Advertising
Coca-Cola Bottlle…Binghamton, NY - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Grey Goose Promo - Advertisingin Advertising
Two Vintage Souvenir Pennants - Advertisingin Advertising
Boar's Head Neon….. - Signsin Signs
Neon lights….. - Signsin Signs


  1. Hi, aghcollect….thank you very much….!
  2. Sean, I was thinking the same thing…thanks for the encouragement…!
  3. Thank you, my good friend Sean…...
  4. Hi, aghcollect…thanks for the love!
  5. Thank you, Sean!
  6. Good afternoon, aghcollect…I appreciate the love!
  7. Hi, Mani…thank you for the love!
  8. Hi, fortapache…thank you very much!
  9. Thank you, Jewels…I appreciate the love!
  10. Yes, Sean..it is…thanks!
  11. Thank you, aghcollect…..you're very kind….!
  12. :) it's easy to get carried away! Good thing that you have good friends!!! :)
  13. I'm sure that it turned into a Happy Fourth of July for you!
  14. Yes, J, you are right! You never know what happen at them! I was once at a auction that was liquidating a car dealership. The used cars were being auctioned off outside. And an attendee "high bid"...
  15. Jewel…I appreciate your kindness…thank you very much! I saw one of those ornaments at an auction in a box lot, but I "strategized" too much and lost out :(
  16. Thanks, Trey!
  17. Yes, Trey…I agree with you completely!
  18. Yes, Trey, it is!!!!! An early Merry Christmas to you!
  19. Good morning, eye4beauty! Ha, ha…..no phone there until about the early seventies! The bar had a generic name, "Straub's Cafe"… but my aunt worked at a place at the corner of Abbot Rd. and Dash St....
  20. Thank you, nutsabota…your love and comments are appreciated! I am glad that these images have recalled good days for you! Have a good day….Ted
  21. Tiles are great. I go around my area w/camera in hand. looking for mosaic tile sidewalk entrances to buildings. These are really cool, and most are really well executed. I did have a group of these...
  22. Jewels you wouldn't have an 1980s? era Stegamaier Brewing Company Christmas ornament issued by the Wyoming Valley, PA Red Cross, would you? O've been looking for one of these for a while….thanks…T
  23. Very nostalgic! I "inherited" most of our family's Christmas items….As time elapses, it gets a little more depressing looking at these items…..
  24. Probably still running somewhere…..
  25. Thank you, Jewels! Wouldn't it be great if she was a long lost relative of yours? It's unfortunate that it seems to be that no identifications as to person or subject are found a lot of old photos...
  26. Thank you, ttomtucker!
  27. Thank you, Jewels….your love of this item is appreciated!
  28. Thanks gc, v-50 and walk softly…..!
  29. Hi, Vintage_Joe…thanks for the love!
  30. Hi, z….thanks for your comment and for the love of the image. Yeah, I love that bike too. And as I've said in the post, I'll get back to the next show in late September with tripod and for the hope o...
  31. Hi, Sean, thanks for the compliment…glad that I'm stirring things up for you! No pictures available at this time…because I'm in a cranky mood :(
  32. Thanks Sean…neon is so cool! A lot of the newly produced stuff is not impressive, though. And the old time specialists in neon are going by the wayside.. :(
  33. Yes, Sean, Boar's Head is really tasty….and you're right about the cost too! Thus it is great for a treat or for special occasion! I always liked Russer's Brand, too. This is based in Buffalo, NY. ...
  34. I am thanking you all for your love of these images….
  35. Hi, v-50…thanks for the love….
  36. Hi, Dave,,,thanks for the love….
  37. Good day, v-50…thanks for the love!
  38. Hi, gc…thanks for the love!
  39. Good afternoon Roycroft, 'buss2, racer, & the fort. I appreciate your love of this neon sign...
  40. Thank you, bratjdd…..it IS a real beauty!!!!
  41. Hi, Mani, Hunter, GC, v-97, v-50 and Dave for your love of these nostalgic pennants….
  42. Hi walk softly and v-50….thank you for the love!
  43. Thanking you all for the love of this item!
  44. Thank you both TGBWC and blunderbuss2……you interest and input is truly appreciated!
  45. Thank you, riply206…you and Jewels have solved the mystery….now if only I had the top part….. :)
  46. Hi, T…Thanks for your question….It says "C. C. Soda". Near the bottom it says: "Min. contents 6 1/2 Fl. oz.". And under that appears "Coca-Cola Bottling Company". At the very bottom, there is a bottle...
  47. Hi, musikchoo….thank you for the love!
  48. Hi, aghcollect…thanks for the love1
  49. Hi, musikchoo,,,,thanks very much!
  50. Hey, sean…thank you!
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