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retired carpenter 6yrs from 33yrs work in the union. i've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the oretired carpenter 6yrs from 33yrs work in the union. i've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the owner shirley would sell some of her better things in "collectors weekly" in the 1960's, a fun time to be a kid, makin a buck an hour. i've been married 31yrs now, we have 2 grown sons. life is good! :^D we collect lots of things, but pottery and glass mainly, with aluminium, couroc, and pocket knives, next in line! LOL (Read more)


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  1. Here's one, they call it Arizona USA Pottery:
  2. Hey Ken, thank you for checking out the sheet music, and givin some love! Very nice of you! :^)
  3. Hi aura, thanks again for some love! :^)
  4. Thank you for a look, and some love, aura! Much appreciated! :^)
  5. Hey Bonnie, and Kevin, thanks to the both of you, for stopping by, and leaving some love! Very nice of you! :^)
  6. Thank you lentika, for taking a look and leaving some love! :^)
  7. I saw an insignia for Blackhawk Hotels in Minnesota, that was similar, in an ashtray on line, but no bottom mark. :^)
  8. Here's an interesting story from "Modern Silver" about Frank Rebajes's life: Please check out this link! :^)
  9. Melaniej, and JImam, thank you both for taking a look, and leaving some love! Much appreciated! :^)
  10. Nice to see you again JImam, thank you for the love! :^)
  11. Thank you for the love, JImam! :^)
  12. Thanks for checking these coins out and giving some love, fortapache JImam and Roy, nice to see you, and always appreciated! :^)
  13. Thanks for lookin, roddyq Kevin swampdogg, and leavin some L O V E ! :^)
  14. Yes it does fortapache! "Father Knows Best" for one! :^) and maybe "Leave It To Beaver" too! :^D
  15. Thanks for lookin at my Fulper Pottery bowl Kevin, and giving some love too! :^)
  16. Thanks much for the love Roycroftbooksfromme 1, it's appreciated! :^)
  17. Cool iggy! :^)
  18. Got ya swampdogg, thanks for the love! :^)
  19. Thank you very much Tube.Amp, for the link, and other info. marked SOLVED Thanks for the comment Thomas, very good! :^) Thanks to you all for taking a look and giving some love! SEAN Thomas and ...
  20. I have a rare Metlox Pottery one that's almost exactly like it, but don't know who copied, who! :^)
  21. Here's one swampdogg, it's a McCoy Pottery piece, also made a planter like it! :^)
  22. This is great Thomas, I've been listening to Led all week in my car, got 3 albums locked and loaded!!! :^D
  23. Thank you all so much, for the love, Bonnie Karin bijoucaillou Thomas Ken and Mrstyndall It really means a lot to me! :^)
  24. Thank you Thomas, I'll pass the word on! :^) Thanks to all of you, for taking a peek at my card, and giving some love, Kevin Thomas bijoucaillou Ken and Mani, Much appreciated! :^D
  25. Thank you for taking a look, and leaving some love, Thomas and bijoucaillou, very nice of you both! :^)
  26. Here's a link to the three young players, that will lead to the player piano: Please check it out, if you like! :^)
  27. I believe you're right art.pottery! The crazing that this glaze has, is made that way, not from age. Nice little vase though, reminds me of some of the old U.S. pottery, Rookwood, Weller, Roseville, o...
  28. BB2! :^D
  29. Hello again CG5, thank you looking at my little guys, and giving some love too! It's what keeps me posting! :^)
  30. Hey Kevin, and iggy, thanks for checkin out my Harley Toy, and givin up some love too! Much appreciated! :^)
  31. Thanks Judy! I try, but pictures can be misleading! :^D I do loan out a lot of bags, because I hate to see something broken, even if it isn't mine! I love my leather bags too, and always get good comm...
  32. Thank you for your comment Thomas, I forgot one important thing, that's $$$, and small bills and even quarters, just in case you're looking for the best buy you can get! :^) Thanks for the love Thoma...
  33. Hey iggy, these are nice owls! I have a few also. :^) Here's a link to the grey one, it's Freeman McFarlin California Pottery!
  34. BB2 was here, and loved this! :^) Thank you very much!
  35. Hey! bijoucaillou Mrstyndall AdeleC and JImam, I really love getting some love! Thanks bunches! :^)
  36. Thank you all for stopping by for a look, and leaving some love, Kevin Roy Bonnie aura JImam and mcheconi, I love um! :^) * I like, likes too! mtg75 and trukn20, always welcome! :^D
  37. It's porcelain Thomas, p o r c e l a i n ! :^D cute! I hate cleanin them out, when it's time to replant, if only you could flush the old dirt away! :^)
  38. Thank you all so much, for takin a look, and leavin some love! aura Kevin Thomas Time Traveller and fortapache, always great to get! :^)
  39. Thanks for takin a look. and leavin some love fortapache! :^) much appreciated!
  40. Thanks so much Thomas, you're the reason I posted this, bud! Somehow I knew you would love this now that you're a Harley Man! :^)
  41. You guys are right on it tonight! Thanks so much for looking and giving some love, Roycroftbooksfromme1!!! I love it! :^)
  42. Hey swampdogg, can't get any faster than that!!! Thanks for the love! :^)
  43. Fun times! You look a lot like your mother! :^) Old family photos are great to have, now everything is digital, unless you print it out, it's easy to lose! :^(
  44. Thanks fhrjr2, are those the little Wade animals? Those are smaller, these are about 3"tall. I have a few of the tea animals, those used to be higher in price too, seems all are lower priced, then 10y...
  45. Thank you for stopping by to take a look, and leave some love, Mrstyndall, very nice of you! :^)
  46. It's a good thing you love it Thomas, because you're putting it back up on the wall! :^D Nice post! :^)
  47. Thank you for the comment martika, and yes it is! :^) Thanks so much for the love also, Zilla martika and EZa, very much appreciated! :^D
  48. Just noticed that I put speeding meant speed reading! LOL :^D
  49. I took typing and speeding in summer high school, neither worked! Then I went for a job interview for the electric company, had to type at least 55 wpm, I made it, don't know how, but got the temp. jo...
  50. Thanks for the love, fortapache Judy and Thomas, and I thank everyone, for stopping by to see my post! :^)
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