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retired carpenter 6yrs from 33yrs work in the union. i've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the oretired carpenter 6yrs from 33yrs work in the union. i've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the owner shirley would sell some of her better things in "collectors weekly" in the 1960's, a fun time to be a kid, makin a buck an hour. i've been married 31yrs now, we have 2 grown sons. life is good! :^D we collect lots of things, but pottery and glass mainly, with aluminium, couroc, and pocket knives, next in line! LOL (Read more)


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Fenton Glass Ruffled 8" Bowl Leaf Chain and Bearded Berry, and Mystery Oval Pebble Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Red Canyon Ware Vase/Cup by Byron Seeley bottom mark Byron, From Concord, Ca. Antiques Fair - Potteryin Pottery
Red Dragon Yard Art (concrete?) - Asianin Asian
Flea Market Finds, but a Thrift Store BUY!  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
J. Russell Druggist Folding Pocket Spatula  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
The Carmel Kiln Company Greatful Bread Baking Tile - Kitchenin Kitchen
Todays Flea Find a Jon Price Pottery Crystalline Glazed Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Early R. Strong Art Glass Vase 1974 - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Concord Flea Market, To Open The Treasure Chest, You May Need A Key... - Photographsin Photographs
A Trip For Treasures To Be Found...Or Not! :^)  - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Hey Deepseas72 thanks for takin a look, and leavin some love! Much appreciated! :^)
  2. Good job you guys! :^) So that's a backwards F and AM
  3. Thank you Karen, I wish I could find out who the maker was, but a search came up empty. I think it's contemporary, but it's hard to tell with glass. Thanks so much for the love too! :^)
  4. It almost looks like the bottom mark was double stamped, and shifted a little, makes it hard to read! :^)
  5. Hey Thomas, always nice to see ya! :^D Thanks so much for the love! :^)
  6. Thanks to all of you for stopping by for a look, and giving some love too! fortapache aura Kevin TimeTraveller Thomas and JImam It makes very happy, to get it! :^)
  7. Yes h2c, a lot more complex, thank you for your comments! :^) Here's a Mosaic Pottery Vase by Jean Gerbino Vallauris, on Etsy, like a vase I got a few years ago, also more complex, made more like ...
  8. Oh! You can mark it solved Jeff! and welcome to CW, its a great place for collectors, or just for finding out what things are! :^D The people here really nice too! :^)
  9. Here you go! Just scroll down a little! :^)
  10. Hey Kevin, always good to see you! Thank you much for lookin, and lovin! :^)
  11. bb2 was here, and aura, thank you both, for stopping by, and giving some love! Very much appreciated! :^)
  12. I think so too, Bonnie! :^D Thank you for your comment, and the love! :^)
  13. Thanks for the love Deepseas72, I hope you were able to watch the videos! :^)
  14. I found this info at Unique Lawn Garden Statues in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Dragon Garden Statue Unique and rich in detail, the Dragon Garden Statue, will look equally lovely in any room of you...
  15. Here's another YouTube video on how Byron scrapes down the clay: The name of his studio is Monk King Bird Pottery. Enjoy! :^)
  16. Thanks Kevin, the agate ware made the difference! :^)
  17. Ok I found it! :^) It's Byron Seely Red Canyon Ware, of Jeffrey City Wy., and here's a video on how he makes it: It's so interesting to see this potter...
  18. It's nice of you to take the time, to stop by, and give some too! Master Peasejean55 Judy Rich and JImam, thank you all, it definitely keeps me posting! :^)
  19. Thank you for comments, Kevin, and h2c, I'll try searching, using those, to see if I can find one like it! :^) Thanks for the love! Kevin h2c and JImam, much appreciated! :^D
  20. I just searched spider web brooch and lots came up, here's one similar:
  21. Oh I said butterfly, meant leaf, it reminded me of those filigree butteries! :^)
  22. Nice Bonnie, I like the lizard, butterfly, and flowers! :^) That spider and fly is kind of creepy though, it looks more like a tick! :^{ too me! Sorry! :^)
  23. Wow h2c! Great photographs, and my wife loves your wild flower garden! We may have get over your way, and check it out in person, some time! :^)
  24. Hey Roddyq, thanks for stopping by and checkin out my Copper Collection, and for throwin some love at it! Much appreciated! :^)
  25. Rock Out!!! Have fun Thomas! :^) and the girls are pretty! :^D You always bring um back!
  26. Thanks for lookin, and lovin. Rich! I'm always happy to get it! :^)
  27. Hey Roycroftbooksfromme1, thanks for taking the time to take a look and leave some love, very much appreciated! :^)
  28. Nice pics. h2c, I like going to The Pinnacles, but already Rattle Snakes around! :^)
  29. Thank you so much Mrstyndall, I do too! It's a nice Art Deco looking bookend, but makes a nice paperweight, as a single, or just on a shelf! :^) I had fun putting this together, and now that it l...
  30. When MTV first started it was great! Nothing but music videos, and a little talk from the VJs about them, fun to see, but not too much anymore, too many reality shows, and not enough music! Too bad it...
  31. Nice thought Thomas, and good post! :^) This happens to me too, when I look at different things, it reminds me of my friends here at CW, and what a great place this is, for giving, and getting, inform...
  32. Funny Thomas, you say put the cup down, and I think, oh my coffee is getting cold! and pick it up! :^) Have a good one!
  33. Oh! Mel, if you like copper, check out one of my first posts,"A Fall Collection of Copper", you might like it! :^) Have Fun!
  34. I don't think it's very old, I mean probably not more then 50yrs. It's not hammered copper, and the brass handle is made too crude, to make it look older then it may be, but I don't think the handle w...
  35. Ms.Crystal, those are set crystals and not marcasite, nice! :^) You're right a real sparkler!
  36. Nice to see you all, and thanks for the love too! karenoke aura and Kevin, I'm always happy to get it! :^)
  37. Yep! :^D
  38. Thanks for taking a look and leaving some love, Peasejean55! Very nice of you to do! :^)
  39. I thought so Bonnie, I know how much you like sterling, me too! :^)
  40. Here's one on worthpoint: I don't have a membership so cant see price though! :^)
  41. Here's a link to something to think about: It may help! I hope! :^)
  42. There was a lot of moonstone in the Indo-Asian jewelry too! :^)
  43. Could it be Native American Indian, or from Mexico? Has that look to me! My wife would love it though! :^) Nice find!
  44. Hey dogg, what's that on the bottom? An Arkansas diamond, mini bullet pocket knife, and square nail? Just wonderin! :^) Looks like you had a nice day in the sun!
  45. Thanks to all of you for stopping by, for a look, and leaving some love! JImam bijoucaillou and whyatt Very much appreciated! :^)
  46. Hi Bonnie, the sterling, or the enamel one? I like them both, but the enamel one I put there to go with the spoon, I may have posted that before. The last few weeks not many finds, but what I did find...
  47. That's ok Judy, I think it may be a salesmen's sample, just because the of the mix, and that one has all the bells and whistles! :^) It was one of those buys that 10yrs ago I would have bought it all,...
  48. Thank you so much for the love Hel1! :^)
  49. Thank you for the comment Mary, I got that 2 weeks ago at the flea, the seller didn't know anything about it, and had just got it out of his storage, from years ago and never looked at it, some of the...
  50. Hey roddyq, and fortapache, thanks for stopping by, and giving some love! :^) Now we should post some bread recipes! :^D
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