I love looking for treasures at thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. I love antiques and the history behind them. I have always loved history-so much that wI love looking for treasures at thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. I love antiques and the history behind them. I have always loved history-so much that when I was a child, I wanted to be an archaeologist. Over the years, I have enjoyed collecting antique books, pictures, dolls, pretty glass and porcelain items, pottery etc. (Read more)


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Bracelet  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Kentwood water bottle - Kitchenin Kitchen
Pretty plate - Asianin Asian
 buffet - Furniturein Furniture
Antique Parcheesi game - Gamesin Games
Antique wooden puzzle - Gamesin Games
Carved wooden eagle - Visual Artin Visual Art
California Pottery Craft stoneware - Potteryin Pottery
Glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Copper and glass trinket box with toy snail 


  1. Efesgirl, it might be
  2. Thanks swampdogg!
  3. Awesome!
  4. I am still in awe of this-it is stunning!!
  5. Thomas-thanks for the comment. I have seen some of the glass mannequin heads before, but this one is a bit different. This one does not stand up but lays on the back of the head. i have tried to fin...
  6. Actually after remembering this purchase the center maybe tanzanite and not amethyst.
  7. Any ideas about this piece?
  8. Scottvez, ok-have edited title :)
  9. Thanks for all the loves
  10. That is gorgeous!!
  11. Jlmam-yes, mine has a bottom red velvet also!!
  12. Ian, thanks for responding-yes, you're right-I am learning that this process can be hard or perhaps impossible to figure out 100% who made it :)
  13. Thanks Valentino :)
  14. Thanks for all the loves
  15. Thank you lentilka11!!
  16. Czechglass-haha, maybe a little!! Knowledge is great though :)
  17. Welzebub, thanks for that info. Yeah, I guess I missed the dz in front of the $4.00 :). Anyway, whether Kralik or other, I only paid about 10-12 dollars for it, so probably not too bad :). Thanks ag...
  18. Thanks again for the info czechglass!
  19. Yes-that makes sense. It's interesting in the ad that you could 72 pieces for $4.00 back then. It's great to learn about new things :)
  20. Czechglass-thanks for the info-I'm still surprised that this vase is that old-I would have thought a much recent piece. I guess it is real mystery as to some when they are not marked .
  21. Racer and Tassie-thank you!!
  22. Hey, Lamplover-thanks for the comment!!
  23. Ok-good luck-maybe someone on here will happen to see it and know something. It is a really cool piece.
  24. There are several watch part pictures on eBay-maybe you can find something there?
  25. Shareurpassion, yes-that's why this site is great!! Artfoot, I found that catalog page on here under a post by IanBrighton-it does look exactly like my vases shape. Thanks
  26. I especially like your green pieces :)
  27. Hi, Ian-I just bought what looks like the middle tall thin vase from the old catalog picture. It was posted on my site yesterday. Another member told me it was posted in this catalog
  28. Alan, that's neat that you found one too! Again appreciate your help on this!
  29. Alan-thanks for the info. The vase is 8.5 inches tall. I would not have guessed it was that old-that is great!!
  30. Thanks for stopping by
  31. Thanks you, nutsabotas6!! The Coro are unique looking!
  32. Martika, thanks!
  33. Very interesting piece!
  34. Very nice design and pretty colors.
  35. Thanks so much for the info-I've done a little research on D&E, will also check out Weiss :) Thanks so much for taking the time to help!!
  36. Nice find!
  37. Thanks so much, lentilka11!!
  38. Thanks for all the loves
  39. Thanks for all the loves
  40. Both are adorable!
  41. Thanks nutsabotas6 and Ms.Crystalship for the nice comments!!
  42. Ms.Crystalship, its funny you should say that. After seeing your musical brooches yesterday, I started looking up D&E brooches and had started to wonder the same thing! Is there any way to know for ...
  43. Wow-that's nice!! I haven't seen one like that either
  44. Thanks, aura!
  45. Cool pieces!!
  46. It has an adjustable band.
  47. Nutsabotas6, Thanks for that info-I did not know the name of it.
  48. Thanks for the info, Efesgirl!
  49. Very pretty!!
  50. Thanks so much for the comments :)
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