I love looking for treasures at thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. I love antiques and the history behind them. I have always loved history-so much that wI love looking for treasures at thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. I love antiques and the history behind them. I have always loved history-so much that when I was a child, I wanted to be an archaeologist. Over the years, I have enjoyed collecting antique books, pictures, dolls, pretty glass and porcelain items, pottery etc. (Read more)


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Heavy thick cut glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marble and gold embellished clock - Clocksin Clocks
Bracelets - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Brooch lot - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pretty wooden plant stand - Furniturein Furniture
Sarah Coventry necklace and Trifari brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Three brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sword and key brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Necklace and brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Glass cheese dish - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Awesome!
  2. Very nice indeed!
  3. Valentino and Celiene, thanks for the comments and info!
  4. Gorgeous vases and cute piggy!!
  5. I love the scene on the plate!
  6. Very nice-I like the twisted base!
  7. You did well on this one! Nice piece
  8. Thanks, Master :). I think so too
  9. Really pretty!!
  10. Thanks bijou!
  11. Valentino, thank you!
  12. Thanks for that info, Valentino!
  13. Nice piece :)
  14. Gorgeous bookends-very nice detail!
  15. Racer and nutsabotas, thanks for the comments :)
  16. Pretty!!
  17. Czechglass, I saw one earlier on eBay that was 14k gold. Unfortunately, I have not seen any gold markings on these. Thanks for looking :)
  18. Efesgirl-thanks so much!
  19. Jensilvermath-thank you so much for that info and date!!
  20. Nice finds-I have one like or very similar to the tray with the center handle.
  21. Very nice detailing!
  22. Nice and so unusual!
  23. Very nice-I especially like the one in the second pic. Very nice form and iridescence.
  24. When I first saw it, I thought of Columbus stepping foot into the New world. Not sure but maybe be a start. It's a very nice box.
  25. Nice pieces-I think my fave is the the blue flower one-very pretty!!
  26. Thomas, thank you for the comment! Glad you like :)
  27. Very pretty color!!
  28. Elisabethan, thank you!
  29. Phil, thanks for that info. I did not know anything about the company. That is interesting. Thanks Czechglass-thank you!!
  30. Racer, glad you like-thanks for stopping by :)
  31. Nutsabotas, thank you-i thought you might like these :) Shareurpassion, thanks stopping by
  32. Wandlessfairy and Efesgirl, Thanks!! yes, the store has a couple of cardboard box tops, that is just full of thrown in pieces. A lot are just junk, broken, missing earring mates etc., but there are ...
  33. Thanks so much for the comments. Nutsabotas, yes, it has been a good source to find some cool pieces. I don't really ever wear brooches, but I am drawn to them. Valentino, thank you-the Trifari is...
  34. Thank you Deepseas!! Efesgirl-thanks. I saw that one-it looks a bit darker than mine. I wonder if they made them in several different woods. Now, I have to find a place for it, and figure what I'l...
  35. It's very pretty,too!
  36. Glad I could help :). I have a couple drinking glasses that are Moser and probably a couple more pieces that have no mark!
  37. Very nice-I like the bubbles too!
  38. Is your cake stand posted? If so, I will check it out:)
  39. Tallcakes-thank you! Maybe that's why I couldn't find many listed :). I wish I had the dome. I came across this today cleaning out a cabinet. I had no idea it was that old until I started researc...
  40. Very nice non-collection :). I love the bird on the top shelf.
  41. Its is a Moser tankard. If you google images, there is one very similar on Kovels
  42. Thanks for the nice comment, inky. Thanks to everyone for the loves
  43. Love the colors :)
  44. Nutsabotas, thanks for stopping by :). Yeah, not sure about this one, maybe someone will recognize eventually
  45. Very nice one :)
  46. Thanks for all the comments! I have tried several variations of what letters might be, but no luck-still an interesting piece.
  47. Love the colors!
  48. You're welcome-this is such a lovely piece!
  49. What a nice Easter brooch :)
  50. I think this might be a piece of morpho butterfly jewelry. After looking at the back again, I think it says sterling and can make out M&Co.. here is another CW post for one that is very similar ht...
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Hand Made 925 Sterling Crystal Pendant Flea Market Find 1 Euro ($1.09)


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