I collect glass of all sorts, especially Jugendstil Czech. I also collect modern American Studio movement glass, Wedgwood, ancient & early modern coins, artifacts, bI collect glass of all sorts, especially Jugendstil Czech. I also collect modern American Studio movement glass, Wedgwood, ancient & early modern coins, artifacts, books, and any number of other things. (Read more)


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Who's the leader of the club that's made for you & me? - Animalsin Animals
Wedgwool "Doric" Majolica - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Van Briggle "Lorelei" Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Rindskopf 3 Piece Suite - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lalique Chrysis Figurine - Art Glassin Art Glass
Denier of Fulk IV and/or V - King of Jerusalem & Count of Anjou - World Coinsin World Coins
Tango Compote with Secessionist Style Silver Overlay - Art Glassin Art Glass
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Loetz Creta Rusticana Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue Cameo Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. PS - happy birthday!
  2. Looks like something I should grab to attack Frankenstein's castle with the other peasants ;-P Cheers! - Bob
  3. If not Murano, maybe Scandinavian? - Lovely form rose. I also like the borders you did to complement the colors in the photos :-) Looking forward to seing #1000 :-) Bob
  4. Gruff - you should edit the post & change category to World Coins - ancient or German. - Cheers! - Bob
  5. He was a very talented illustrator... super find Adele!
  6. Nice teamwork Ivan - that was fun... I would love to see more medieval and ancient coins on CW!!!
  7. I've seen that wacky old movie :-) - makes me laugh - great post!
  8. Absolutely right rniederman - he was still putting on a good show even in his extreme old age! I'm glad I bought some of the band's CDs that night in 2007.
  9. Thanks for the additional ideas kivatinitz - another avenue to follow in research!
  10. Thanks again Sean!
  11. Gracias Michelleb007, SEAN68, & antiquerose !!!
  12. :-) Bluebonnet :-) SEAN68SEAN68 :-) bijoucaillouvintage :-) LoetzBuddies :-) & antiquerose :-)
  13. :-) Sean :-)
  14. Thank you Sean, have a good weekend!
  15. With gratitude to bijoucaillouvintage, kyratango, & SEAN68!!!
  16. :-) Caperkid :-) Mac63 :-) TassieDevil :-) Michelleb007 :-) swfinluv1 :-) racer4four :-) Ivonne :-) IanBrighton :-) blunderbuss2 :-) famatta127 (Thanks Tony!!!) :-) SEAN68 :-) MALKEY :-) aura :-) & j...
  17. Michelle, I was hoping you would like it. Cheers! - Bob
  18. Much appreciated Karen!
  19. Kind of you to say Malkey!
  20. Wonderful metallin in rare color! - Nice one Deb!
  21. Superb Rick, Congratulations - great post! - Cheers! - Bob
  22. You're welcome Gruff, Cheers! - Bob
  23. Almost definite - Pomerania, 2 Schilling..
  24. Similar Gryphon on center of this slightly later era coin...
  25. Probably one of the German states.
  26. Gracias Truthisanarrow08 & martika!!!
  27. I used to have a table top Victor, and I regret selling it, even though I got a lot for it. It was fun to play the old 78s... I live on the Atlantic Coast, so one of my favorite 78s was the Weavers do...
  28. Very whimsical :-)
  29. A stag's head? I hope the price wasn't too dear (nor 2 deer) :-) Bob
  30. :-) fortapache :-) Mac63 :-) blunderbuss :-) swfinluv1 :-) racer4four :-)
  31. Thanks antiquerose!!!
  32. Roy, I appreciate that... I'm going to try to keep it up. I'm trying to document my collection so that one day when I'm gone, my kids will know what it all is :-) Bob
  33. Very cubist! Neat item Rose :-)
  34. Thanks for dropping in bijoucaillouvintage & JImam :-)
  35. NFS, PostCardCollector :-) (LOL) Cheers! - Bob
  36. Appreciate it JImam !
  37. Good observation kivatinitz - yes, I can see that influence.
  38. :-) kivatinitz :-) JImam :-)
  39. Appreciated Karenoke & JImam :-) Cheers! - Bob
  40. :-) AnnaB :-) Caperkid :-) swfinluv1 :-) Best - Bob
  41. Thank you for the nice thoughts kivatinitz!
  42. Thanks BB2... speaking of history, stayed up late last night watching new season premier of Vikings on History Channel :-)
  43. Gracias kivatinitz, bijoucaillouvintage, fortapache, Caperkid, & blunderbuss2!!!
  44. Amazing object Warren! - Regards, Bob.
  45. Both are awesome Karen - especially love the "handkerchief vase"! Cheers! - Bob
  46. soUSA!!! :-) Bob
  47. Very nice example of Ikora, Malkey!
  48. Definitely Brownies...
  49. The shape of the pin looks like Girl Scouts... Brownies?
  50. Fulk V is buried in Jerusalem...
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Hornsea Pottery Vase with three colours and simple decoration vintage retro 60s 70s era. Ancient Roman weight? Also necklace? Ancient coin....Letter K