I collect glass of all sorts, especially Jugendstil Czech. I also collect modern American Studio movement glass, Wedgwood, ancient & early modern coins, artifacts, bI collect glass of all sorts, especially Jugendstil Czech. I also collect modern American Studio movement glass, Wedgwood, ancient & early modern coins, artifacts, books, and any number of other things. (Read more)


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I think this is an unsigned piece by Kent Forrest Ipsen - Art Glassin Art Glass
Coins of the Early Anglo-Saxon Period - World Coinsin World Coins
Numismatics + Genealogy - World Coinsin World Coins
Miniature Thomas Webb Bronze Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Very Large Rindskopf Pepita Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Apple of My Eye - Art Glassin Art Glass
Signed Craig Zweifel Iridescent Vase - 1989 - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Loetz Oceanik/Wellenoptisch - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Kralik Cobalt Vase with Mica Inclusions - Art Glassin Art Glass
Deco Era Loetz Cobalt Papillon - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Here's the link to my other item...
  2. AHA!!! - It is a token - French Canadian... more here...
  3. Am I seeing it right? In the pictures the coin's devices & lettering seem to be incuse vs. raised.
  4. #2 looks to be a well worn AE As of the Roman Republic c. 100 BC +/- , Obverse is head of Janus, Reverse is the prow of a ship. The photos are a little small, so can't tell you more.
  5. #1 is the reverse of a Roman coin minted in Alexandria of the GENIO IMPERATORIS type c. 300 AD +/- #2 hard to tell from the photo, coin is very worn... possibly a token? Do you have photo of obvers...
  6. Why are pictures 2 & 3 so shiny? Hope you did not clean it as that would hurt the value. It looks great in the 1st photo!
  7. The M would seem to indicate a Byzantine AE Follis, but stylistically it doesn't look quite right. My best guess would be that it could be an Arabic imitation of a Byzantine Follis, which were also qu...
  8. @ racer - Thanks! Coins & history go hand in glove. Cheers! BA
  9. @ LOUMANAL - they are Tiffin I believe... about 10" tall w/ sterling overlay of a Japonisme cherry blossom motif. The glass is Uranium, so they glow fiercely under UV light.
  10. Beautiful! Now I need to retract my eyeballs back into their sockets :-)
  11. Especially love the little JIP :-)
  12. Thanks JEV1A... I bought this one already restored, but of course anything in mint original condition is better than something in mint restored condition. I'm with you... the main thing is the accurac...
  13. As a Wedgwood collector, I appreciate that piece :)
  14. Thank you S to G :-) Thanks to all for the loves & comments !
  15. Thanks Tony, amazing how even though made 100 years ago, the form implies modernism.
  16. Thank you Czechman!
  17. Thanks man!
  18. Come to the dark side... we have cookies! (LOL :-)
  19. Regardless of who made it... very cool item!
  20. @ LD - yes he did... in fact I was outbid on a 14" example a couple of months ago :-(
  21. Cool! - Thanks S to G :-)
  22. @ Mikko... that is Loetz Creta (green) Glatt decor in a shape called by many a "Tulpenvase". The Glatt series was first produced in the mid/late 1890s and continued for a number of years thereafter. I...
  23. The Lalique piece reminds me quite a lot of some of MC Escher's sculptural work. Of course, they worked during the same era... fish food for thought :-)
  24. Thanks Inky & Sean... cobalt is always one of my fav. colors, andI really like these early Jugendstil shapes too :)
  25. Thanks to all for the kind thoughts and words :-)
  26. Marty, if he made a really big vase, it would be the Zweifel tower :) LoetzDance - I have a couple of his other vases I will eventually get around to posting - one about 8.5" and the other a 3" min...
  27. That is exceptionally nice!
  28. Thanks czechman, BTW, that is a neat Oceanik you picked up!
  29. I'm not letting that dobie anywhere near my collection of glass cats ;-P Cool piece Sherlock!
  30. @ Stillwater... drink from it then smash it in the fireplace (LOL :)
  31. Tony - like all caretakers, I enjoy it while in my hands knowing I will eventually pass it on. Hope everything is well with you & yours :)
  32. ... & GSO :)
  33. ... & Betsy :)
  34. ... & vetraio50 :)
  35. Thanks Bellin68 :)
  36. No doubt they came from the same hutte... yours is a neat shape. Thanks for posting... I marked the mystery solved...
  37. Great! Nice to see another example of this decor!
  38. Thank you all for the loves and kind comments. So far, the Rindskopfs have it. In a couple of days I will probably edit the story to be mystery solved. Thank you for your help. Cheers!
  39. Thanks Al - Rindskopf was one of the attributions I had previously heard... could it be a variation on their "bullet" shape? That must not be a very common decor.
  40. Roman lead seals... used much like sealing wax.
  41. Possibly Alexander III
  42. Greek - Macedonian, c. 300s BC - Shield obverse, helmet reverse. Nice find!
  43. That's a Byzantine half follis - the K indicates the denomination in Greek... a full follis would be twice the size and have an M... some Byzantine Folles were marked in Roman numerals... XXXX for a f...
  44. Awesome Al, I would love to have a green one! Yours with the pontil must have a worked rim.
  45. I guess I should have said twisted, but I meant tortured as in the old definition sense of "contortion, twisting, distortion" ... I love word play :-)
  46. You did alright. $150 is a good buy... one of my favorite glass decors... I have a similar bowl with the "Thumbprint" optic in my collection, only the rim is straight, not ruffled, and the red glass a...
  47. Also for future... a few other Pepita shapes to watch for...
  48. The pontil is where the glass is attached to a rod at the bottom while the rim is being finished. In quality glass, the mark is frequently ground and flame polished to smooth the mark where it was sub...
  49. LCT is a fake Tiffany signature added at a later time. Rindskopf Pepita is very desirable in its own right and Bohemian glass collectors value it, but of course it isn't as expensive as Tiffany. It da...
  50. Absolutely 100% Rindskopf Pepita - Nice bowl! I bet it has a beautiful polished pontil on the bottom too.
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CZECH DECO EXPORT: ENAMELED BARREL DECANTER AND GLASSES. Ancient Roman weight? Also necklace? Ancient coin....Letter K