I collect glass of all sorts, especially Jugendstil Czech. I also collect modern American Studio movement glass, Wedgwood, ancient & early modern coins, artifacts, bI collect glass of all sorts, especially Jugendstil Czech. I also collect modern American Studio movement glass, Wedgwood, ancient & early modern coins, artifacts, books, and any number of other things. (Read more)


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Tall Optical Kosta Boda - Edenfalk - Art Glassin Art Glass
Furnace Decorated Lustre Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Technical Virtuosity - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Pepita Poppy - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Randy Strong Mirror/Cobalt Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
First post of the New Year - Art Glassin Art Glass
Christmas Wishes to CW friends - Christmasin Christmas
Flame Sculptures by Randy Strong - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cobalt Pinch Decanter with Sterling Overlay - Art Glassin Art Glass
Denier of Louis VIII (The Lion) - World Coinsin World Coins


  1. Appreciated Sean!
  2. Thanks Nicefice... now they are all merged with a bunch of other companies... so much is changing!
  3. Hi Sean! :-)
  4. Pretty good for original paint!
  5. The top lozenge shows an Assyrian winged bull. I like the scimitars dangling at the center... if not a brooch, perhaps part of a gentleman's pocket watch fob?
  6. Very sculptural! Cool find!
  7. Thanks blunderbuss!
  8. About the artist...
  9. Craig, I will play Edgar Cayce and just say that I think I know to whom you refer ;-P Always a caveat emptor if effect... even with signed objects there are many convincing things on the market th...
  10. Thanks CZglass5... I was already suspicious due to hardly any wear, but like I said the price was right. I bought it about 10 years ago, unattributed... I'm surprised that the link I referenced for my...
  11. :-) Lovely Pat :-) Nicefice :-)
  12. Thank you Malkey :-)
  13. Perhaps that's why I only paid $5-10 for it at a flea market... still a pretty thing.
  14. I wonder how much new glass is out there passing itself off as antique Czech... especially splatter & tango decors... hmmm.
  15. Same décor, different shape comparables can be found here...
  16. Yippy-cay-ay-yay!!!
  17. typo - LAIRD :-)
  18. The lair appears to be a stiff shirt ;-P What a fun and historical piece! Congratulations!!!
  19. :-) Gruff :-) jscott0363 :-) IronLace :-) sklo42 :-) Ivonne :-) bijoucaillouvintage :-) Glassgaga :-) Caperkid :-) inky :-) aura :-) kyratango :-) vetraio50 :-)
  20. Thank you Gruff... some nice Loetz you've been posting lately!
  21. I know JScott... it reminds me of candy... at least it is eye candy :-)
  22. Thanks Iron Lace... the only problem with these really big vases is that they fill up the shelves too quickly ;-P
  23. Thank you very much Penny!
  24. Happy to assist GeodeJem!
  25. Thank you vey much maritka!
  26. Actually Glassgaga, I had it for a few years before I checked it under UV... that was a bonus :-)
  27. Thanks vintagelamp!!!
  28. I believe it was a part of this... text from article below... "Fund-raiser to help restore bell tower ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? MARION -- The Preserving Marion's Traditions Capital Campaign Committ...
  29. Thank you jimtim & fortapache!!!
  30. Thank you swfinluv1... it was on my wish list for about 10 years :-)
  31. Thanks Michelle! Despite the missing tiny flake on the rim I made a strong offer on it because no telling when another would come along. I can't take credit for the photos as they were provided by the...
  32. :-) IanBrighton :-) artfoot :-) fleafinder :-)
  33. Appreciate it Craig!
  34. Source for attribution here on original Loetz website - "A beautiful Rindskopf line, illustrated as typical of their Art Nouveau production in photo 23 (PMC 184, IV.324) consists of vases shading from...
  35. Thanks Sean!!!
  36. Appreciate the kind thoughts czechglass5 :-)
  37. Thank you very much Malkey! I've been dying with anticipation for it to arrive!
  38. Hi Alan, Rindskopf did that style of crimped rim too... see here for a comparable... Cheers! - Bob
  39. Looks like Randy Strong to me - great find!
  40. Wonderful face on it Kevin!
  41. Excellent action shots!
  42. That is a thing of beauty! Congratulations Malkey!
  43. Gracias, SEAN68, PhilDMorris, swfinluv1, LovelyPat, Gruff, Master, fortapache, Glassie, vintagelamp, jscott0363, Nicefice, vetraio50, Caperkid, aura, Michelleb007, sklo42, bikergirl8, & blunderbuss2!
  44. Thanks a lot gruff... some nice glass you have posted recently too!
  45. vintagelamp - the colors of Pepita are some of my favorite :-)
  46. Thanks J Scott - trying to catch up a little bit :-)
  47. Cool Caperkid!
  48. Thanks Michelle, I have a new one up my sleeve... can't wait to show you!
  49. Thanks for looking in, PhilDMorris, iggy, SEAN68, swfinluv1, Master, OneGoodFind, racer4four, fortapache, vintagelamp, billretirecoll, Nicefice, jscott0363, vetraio50, Caperkid, & aura!
  50. Nice find Bill - he has quit making things like stemware and vases these days and is only making very top end sculptures & such. Nice find!
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Hornsea Pottery Vase with three colours and simple decoration vintage retro 60s 70s era. Ancient Roman weight? Also necklace? Ancient coin....Letter K