I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the deco style. All of the posts on CW are from a collection of glass images I have developed over the years (not aI collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the deco style. All of the posts on CW are from a collection of glass images I have developed over the years (not all of the pieces are mine). What I am trying to share is my love of collecting and organizing pieces be decor, shape and technique (Read more)


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Czech glass - Confetti "spatter" glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech glass - Tango - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Glass - Diamond patterns - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Glass - Honeycombe Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech glass - Pulled glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Glass - Metal Molds - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Glass - Powder decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech glass -    Zig-Zag decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech glass - Cased adventurine - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech glass - Confetti uncased - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Agustine, please email me I have s nice piece to show you -
  2. I love these and appreciate that they are sometimes sold cheaply...SSShhhhhh
  3. I think its Kralik or Welz too. If you ever visit Czechoslovalia you will see these in small town pubs. I saw a bunch when I went a few years ago...
  4. Very nice and I have never seen the triple vases on tripod! cool
  5. I think its Anton Ruckl, by shape, the color and the frost finish
  6. in my opinion there could be many companies that made these... but they are amazing! they need to grow in numbers because this design looks better in numbers (like 150)
  7. couldn't agree more. Glue chip had the same problems with attribution until a few shapes confirmed this decor as Kralik. this piece is an incredible FIND!! I would suggest looking at two shapes in tan...
  8. Pallme Konig- Great piece. is the mwtal to 14" or is the vase alone 14"?
  9. The colored frit seems to have been fired several times to produce a texture as well as specled color. I just call these "uncased" confetti (spatter). This shape is great if you can find the other siz...
  10. are there three dents (indentations) on the body of the vase? It might be FUNK- another glass company from Germany, they made a rim like that and many glass decors that look like Welz/Kralik. email me...
  11. I found this interesting too, I have noticed that some countries have an abundance of certain type pieces but s scarcity in other types, my guess is certain pieces were made for some countries exclusi...
  12. did you just sell me one? I love it!!
  13. very interesting shape, Ive seen these in about 6 shapes with this decor. this looks like they were blowing one shape then changed their mind, decided they were going to blow it bigger but ran out of ...
  14. love this series
  15. Cool, I have its big brother, it's probably a stand alone Easter gift from Kralik
  16. For some reason the stoopid iPhone makes every vase a little hipster-skinny!...: ) but this shape is the large 14" punching bag shape that is very familiar to most Kralik lovers. This store and label ...
  17. Ian, thanx for the measurements, I'll measure mine better and get back to this post with the measurements of that yellow one
  18. haha, your displays kill me!! its like you are playing with dominoes... p.s. I think I found a new silver foil sticker from Kralik! details soon
  19. Yes, exactly, perfectly said wow22. That is why it's natural to be confused. Some theories for similarities will come up in later posts.
  20. Well at least they were in a showcase- they do have 1000's unshown, packed away in dark basements and warehouses, are there any more of these pics?
  21. hahaha, Passau. I consider it Mecca- but my glass is marginalized, After the flood I saw normal carpenters dinging stuff around and stacking it like tupperware: )
  22. this would make a good trade....I Have seen a few with angular shapes but the piece is amazing shape, like broad facets!!
  23. Ian, I have some pics, send email to to remind me...
  24. OMG, Awsome. Cant wait to get to my images and find more of these
  25. love this example... I have many colors and shapes documented but this is the darkest brown I have (borrowed) for my pic collection; ) also the decor looks primitive, can we assume the maker of the...
  26. Also orange purple but I believe this is a variation of the red-purple
  27. I have this category of Czech glass that I playfully like to call "ugly as sin". This piece goes in that folder- Nice
  28. you mean Ruckl right ?
  29. Kralik in releaf pattern, the piece is stunning. I have seen this pattern in a few colors.
  30. Kralik bowl, very interested in this stuff. I have seen the pattern only twice before in blue with yellow and purple and red. These are the same colors as the pull-up/pull-down pieces but yours appear...
  31. Welz shape in a cool pattern rarely seen-
  32. Love it, need it. I have one exactly like this that is a puny 12" and now I cant look at it without thinking of yours :o
  33. Probably Welz but Ruckl also could be it.
  34. I have seen this pattern on Harrach with silver rim, candlesticks from kralik but if this finish is slightly crackled iridescent it is most likely Welz. They can be found in my post for Welz - Satin f...
  35. killer, want 1 !!!
  36. its great in the glass, we are gonna figure this one out
  37. came with lil glasses and a carrying tray like a basket. great piece
  38. Wonderfull! Can you shoot me the whole page from BB? Jerichohair @ Yahoo . The two on the left are interesting because I thought they are Ruckl. They are also separated in the add... Suspicious. This...
  39. Congratz, I wish I kept the one i had, the flower was a daisy in clear yellow (flower itself was pressed glass) Same shape but the base was translucent white if memory serves correct, Cool!
  40. Cool Ruckl article, the lidded dish is probably Kralik because the shape and similar design on a piece found in a post:
  41. It is s very good decor, look at theRicke loetz book, a black and white picture of a competition with similar cameo decor...a good deal. The Viennese know what's good- you got a great deal
  42. My jaw dropped. Thank Craig! I want to make a t-shirt with that little image in the first pic! thanx for sharing
  43. I need this!!! Congratz, killer piece
  44. Thank you Craig for your research and focus on this amazing kind of glass
  45. I have a piece very similar to these in more recognized Kralik colors. Odd flashing iridescence on mind too! Would love to compare - post more pics or email me to exchange pics - jerichohair@yahoo
  46. I would like to see the same pieces posted with just the bottoms please. Jericho
  47. I call it drape decor on confetti. You can see this pattern is the same as drape pieces but the black and white rod (or molten glass spiral) is rarer... The same glass application can be seen in marbl...
  48. It's shows a shape and color I associate welz but I don't think that's nearly enough for positive ID. Would love to see it next to frog pieces from both companies! Great piece! Confetti pieces were ma...
  49. Hey, this was just a fun excersize trying to find actual pieces that match BB catalogues. It's was fun but not scientific, Craig has done more for Welz collecting than anybody, I credit him with highe...
  50. I like these, realy unique texture... They must have been thinking orange-skin texture
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Loetz - Tango


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