I collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the deco style. All of the posts on CW are from a collection of glass images I have developed over the years (not aI collect Czechoslovakian glass from 1910-1930 in the deco style. All of the posts on CW are from a collection of glass images I have developed over the years (not all of the pieces are mine). What I am trying to share is my love of collecting and organizing pieces be decor, shape and technique (Read more)


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Loetz - shape comparison- lidded piece - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik pulled decor #1 - pulled thread - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz #7 - satin flashed- Cobalt and confetti   - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz #6 - satin flashed- Confetti with pleats - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz #5 - satin flashed-  Onion skin  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz #4 - satin flashed- white frosted - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - black flame - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz 3-handle enamels #4 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz 3-handle enamels #3 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz 3-handle enamels #2 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I call it drape decor on confetti. You can see this pattern is the same as drape pieces but the black and white rod (or molten glass spiral) is rarer... The same glass application can be seen in marbl...
  2. It's shows a shape and color I associate welz but I don't think that's nearly enough for positive ID. Would love to see it next to frog pieces from both companies! Great piece! Confetti pieces were ma...
  3. Hey, this was just a fun excersize trying to find actual pieces that match BB catalogues. It's was fun but not scientific, Craig has done more for Welz collecting than anybody, I credit him with highe...
  4. I like these, realy unique texture... They must have been thinking orange-skin texture
  5. Beautiful, these are great pieces in a tango display
  6. It's kralik in French flag colors 1920-30's
  7. yeah, this is the $H!t... turquoise... Rare and beautiful
  8. you should have more of this shape, they look great together
  9. sell it to me!!
  10. great vase for memorial holliday
  11. hey Thomas, does point 5 make sense? does the color match?
  12. 4 welz markers 1 foot is consistent with welz shape 2 the color of oxblood in the confetti was used in the custard pieces/confetti pull-ups 3 the line pattern (that created ridges or lines) can b...
  13. this is what i call a "link" common shape connecting all the welz tango to the lined decor
  14. thanx waren, yes agree. the design is done in silver relief.
  15. yes, it is loetz, I sold one through Dr. Fischer Auctions and they agreed with my attribution.
  16. thank you warren!!
  17. I believe the lines meeting was by accident although if the same metal mold was used the line count would be the same. the crews just indicate the lids were done separate from the bases... they may in...
  18. This pattern shows many clues as to how the decor was made. For one thing welz was the best at one thing... Packing so much depth of decor in the thinnest walled pieces, this shows a mastery in glass ...
  19. Welz, some of us have the shape but in different decors, I believe that decor has been seen on the fan vase with scalloped rim
  20. Very nice blanks.... I like them better without gold lacing. Nice set
  21. Great set, hard to find
  22. sellers remorse...
  23. all good identifiers of welz, the ridges, the black detail on the rim, the pattern and the punchouts, incredible piece for barter in my opinion (hint)
  24. Damnit!!!
  25. Very true, honestly the best way is to buy 1000 pieces of Czech glass, then the research makes more sense, Leah is correct when comparing decors like tango untill you have a set of 30 tango pieces the...
  26. 1a: kralik based on shape, this shape comes in marquetry and flame decors. 1b: welz based on shape of many tango pieces, I'm sure you have seen this shape before searching for "tango" 2a: the loo...
  27. I never noticed these pieces or liked them too much but when you get a bunch of them together in different colors... Magic
  28. Comes in blue with red spots too, cool pieces
  29. I would have paid him asking price, run home then mail him $300 more from a safe distance.... How can you live with yourself!! Lol : ) That was a great find, congrats!
  30. Haha, I always find them without lids
  31. Yeah the color is more milky and the vase more snotty but the shape is the best, so odd
  32. yes, maybe... or even a slotted silver lid (and spoon) that fit inside for sugar lumps, ginger or jam
  33. well nobody wants to sell them but i come across about 8-10 per year, is that rare?
  34. I have to disagree with my old buddy Al, these pieces were probably mass produced and didn't require more skill than any other piece did (about the same)... If you analyze the techniques one by one th...
  35. Leas shape comparisons are great. It ties them in to what i would call "confetti pieces" and tango. There is also one of these pieces signed....its that wide oval mark that looks like a football (foun...
  36. sorry volume 3, here's the link
  37. no, thanx for asking. I can tie them in to Welz production by the base color on some, the decor on others and the shapes too... If you get a few pieces in the satin flash you can see how distincti...
  38. ... if anybody cares I'm doing another Welz series of satin decor...
  39. I told ya son! it a new kind of beast!! NOT mass produced cased glass in mold type stuff
  40. I can look, send me email request: In this post I was trying to show how the same finish appears on three kinds of decor, please look at other Welz flash finish posts and see ot...
  41. Warren, I always love your posts but here I have to dis-agree a little bit (for fun). It is a late piece but "tango"definitely! Tango because. the casing and solid color. These geometric stripes remin...
  42. Some mother-in-law must have hated her son's choice in marriage to the bitter end-because these soaps were unused! P.s. this technique of surface pebble application (confetti) without casing glass...
  43. Email me, ...if I can help, it is my pleasure
  44. PS: does anyone have any information on Erphila glass, pottery or business practices?
  45. Very interesting in many ways... next we have to find a barrel with 24 czech vases with the packing hay inside and czech-slovakia branded on the side. keep looking!!
  46. AAAAH, why did i let you go???
  47. Thank you very much guys!! if anyone has a piece and they want my opinion just email me and i will give advice or refer you to a mentor of mine...
  48. thank you for the loves, im not sure i want to wade in these waters about loving and reloving pieces because as a society we tend to get addicted to confirmation, approval and validation... with that ...
  49. glossy pieces like this are at least as rare as those rootbeer types... Although marquetry pieces are not too rare they are cery desirable
  50. charcoal, thanks for the link but those marks are not difinitive... they do help with kralik attribution but standing alone the silver mark resembles the kralik arched mark but the curve is different ...
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