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I collect Bohemian glass.


  1. I have several pieces of Saul Alcaraz and I have written to the studio before. I don't know what else you want to know about your piece but I'm sure you could email them whatever questions you have
  2. Still lovely as always
  3. What a find! Awesome!
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. Happy New Year Warren!
  6. I have a rubin vase with blue papillon. I love it!
  7. I love them!
  8. Good job Al
  9. Someone has brought up that Kralik did a similar flower which is proven by known Kralik shapes. I guess it's safe to say that this is one of those decors that was shared
  10. When I first became interested in Bohemian glass, this flower was considered to be Pallme Koenig. Then someone came up with the theory that it was Kralik. I never agreed with that. I have always c...
  11. Hi Anne, I wish I could provide a picture but sadly I didn't take one. I sold the vase in PA and I bought if on Ebay. It is definitely not my intent to question you or the previous owners. And I do...
  12. Hi Anne, curious as to the Webb attribution. I had this exact same vase in the middle (since sold)and it was marked with the mysterious PK mark. That mark has been attributed to Bohemia.
  13. How many do you have?
  14. I want a shell or an animal!
  15. Beautiful
  16. I love this!
  17. Oh my gosh. Forget me nots. My favorite flower
  18. I love it! I collect boxes and don't have a Loetz example :(
  19. I didn't realize you are a Morgantown fan.
  20. Gorgeous!
  21. Great comparison. I saw the Ingrid exhibit in Jablonec. The quality is fabulous. So many of the new Desna pieces actually show up around Pittsburgh with the acid etched Moser mark. And dealers and...
  22. Just beautiful. It must bring you pleasure everyday to gaze upon your collection
  23. 8"????? Wow!
  24. That is gorgeous
  25. Love it!
  26. Hi Al, sent you an email with pics from Passau 2 weeks ago. They attribute this decor to Poschinger. Not saying they are right, just thought I'd tell you
  27. That is gorgeous!
  28. I want it!!!
  29. Lovely
  30. Absolutely gorgeous
  31. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  32. Absolutely gorgeous. I will be in Vienna the week before Christmas. Everytime we go I check out the Lobmeyr shop. I also check out the Dorotheum shop.
  33. Oops, it's too early in the morning for me :) The pic is there!
  34. I can't see the Pic 4 of your miniatures.
  35. Great pieces Al!
  36. Awesome!
  37. What a beauty!
  38. That is fabulous!
  39. The last picture. Are those all yours? I know nothing about the Webb bronzes. The last picture the vase on the far right? Webb?
  40. Gorgeous!
  41. And I love my Fire King!
  42. I had a conversation with Christian Clausen regarding this very subject. He said that the silver overlay was added because that's what the customers wanted. So Loetz didn't add the silver overlay. ...
  43. Beautiful!
  44. I gave a presentation tonight to my local historical glass club on Bohemian glass. I focused on Loetz and brought a lot of my collection to show. You won't believe how many people were drawn to my s...
  45. They made paper light glass in the 1800's.
  46. The decoration on this glass looks to be the family crest. 1594 doesn't necessarily mean that the glass was made in 1594, but that the family history dates back to that date. This piece to me seems...
  47. Gorgeous!
  48. Love it!
  49. Gorgeous! I love the cameo
  50. Where did you find it?
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Loetz Ausführung 218


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