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Pittsburgh PA

I collect Bohemian glass.


  1. Oops, it's too early in the morning for me :) The pic is there!
  2. I can't see the Pic 4 of your miniatures.
  3. Great pieces Al!
  4. Awesome!
  5. What a beauty!
  6. That is fabulous!
  7. The last picture. Are those all yours? I know nothing about the Webb bronzes. The last picture the vase on the far right? Webb?
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. And I love my Fire King!
  10. Love it!
  11. I had a conversation with Christian Clausen regarding this very subject. He said that the silver overlay was added because that's what the customers wanted. So Loetz didn't add the silver overlay. ...
  12. Beautiful!
  13. I gave a presentation tonight to my local historical glass club on Bohemian glass. I focused on Loetz and brought a lot of my collection to show. You won't believe how many people were drawn to my s...
  14. They made paper light glass in the 1800's.
  15. The decoration on this glass looks to be the family crest. 1594 doesn't necessarily mean that the glass was made in 1594, but that the family history dates back to that date. This piece to me seems...
  16. Gorgeous!
  17. Love it!
  18. Gorgeous! I love the cameo
  19. Now the hunt begins to complete the set!
  20. Where did you find it?
  21. Absolutely Beautiful! I'd love to have one of these.
  22. Wow! Love it!
  23. Thank goodness all those zeroes didn't get used
  24. Stories like this always make the piece even more special! Beautiful piece
  25. Great work and a beautiful piece, congrats!
  26. Was it common for them to have a cork stopper?
  27. I wonder if they decorated here or ordered them ready to go.
  28. I'll be seeing Jack in a couple of weeks and will be happy to tell him that I am the proud owner of this vase.
  29. I love the one with the birds.
  30. Hi, I'm in the Pittsburgh area and could possibly help. I would love to see the collection :)
  31. Beautiful piece. You mention the original lamp base. I guess I would have opted to buy the base as well if it was truly original to the shade. Bases can be cleaned up.
  32. Great piece!
  33. Absolutely gorgeous! Too bad I was stuck in home depot when the auction started. Gotta load the liveauctioneers app on my phone
  34. Beautiful and very moving.
  35. Gorgeous!
  36. Warren, I think you have your terminology confused. A deckel is a lid. And a Humpen is a mug. Great piece! Good luck with the restoration.
  37. Wow! Really interesting piece.
  38. I love it!
  39. Beautiful!
  40. Great find
  41. Absolutely beautiful!
  42. Gorgeous!
  43. I like it!
  44. It is beautiful. I know what you mean about fragile, I have a vase where the rim is so fine and thin that at first I thought it was chipped but it was made that way and the iridescence is almost like...
  45. just absolutely gorgeous
  46. I do love them!
  47. I figured as much! :))
  48. Have these pieces not been attributed to Welz?
  49. Great find!
  50. See more


Loetz Ausführung 218


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