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Hoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... thoHoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... though all glass can attract .. the wierder the better. (Read more)


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Little Loetz ? Tango Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tall Scandinavian / Italian ?????? cased glass jug / pitcher retro... - Art Glassin Art Glass
My Mum circa 1922 she still is a sweetie  - Photographsin Photographs
POSCHINGER IRIDESCENT  VASE circa 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tango  Vase with looped prunts  - Art Glassin Art Glass
KRALIK GLASS FLOWER . ( yes another !)  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ballerina music box 1940- 50's TV/ Juke Box style  - Musicin Music
Welz Wavey Vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass
19th Century BOHEMIAN Overlay Perfume Flacon  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I'm thinking both are more than likely Empoli but have not found (yet ) exact same shapes .. Think I'll give them to a niece who has good taste and is into " retro " and mid century design .. she has...
  2. Thanks Dave , who ever made it it is better than lots of the tangos I' ve seen thicker and the rim is cleanly applied .
  3. I'm not too sure if this will help got a closer dating but it is interesting http://www.jamiri.dk/Royal-Copenhagen-mark.htm
  4. Hi Jericho 3 years later and still the only one .. they just don't pop up down here .. :)
  5. Ta cobba
  6. wish there was a double love button ... such a beautiful detail piece.
  7. Manikin yes she is . I had taken this photo out of it's oval convex glassed frame so I could take photos of it to share with relatives. Lucky still here but wish for her sake she would close her eye...
  8. Hi Racer4four my eye were not dry when posting ... I was thinking of her .. she is 1700K away in Bundaberg.
  9. Just another glass bloom... : )
  10. Zowie tis ...
  11. Hi Fran must confess I'm too much like that guy! A long time ago I had an antiques / old wares / decorative arts type shop and a friend made a sign and put it up in it ..." Look but do not buy! ...
  12. Welcome Cobba to the wonderful world of Collectors Weekly ....good to have another Ozzzie on board
  13. Take a realy close look at the glass to see if a molded mark is hidden in the design
  14. It Screams French to me .. like Muller Freres
  15. beautiful lines such an elegant ship.
  16. Another fasntastic find ... Top reminds me of Loetz palmtrees glass reminds me of Kralik & Meyrs Nerffe ...... Quuality and wierd just the right combination for me and a mystery too boot ...
  17. Thanks for the love guys ( and Gals ) it is a sweetie ...
  18. lovely ... these fritty pieces are so fruity ...
  19. Amazing to have all that information so ofter we do not know who the people are in images... You could try and trace descendents and give them a copy of the image ( a photo) .
  20. I suppose it could be called Pinchbeck as it fits the description of , but I usually associate that with older pieces. This is what I would call gilt brass ( I could be wrong ) . Probably made in ...
  21. oops! this kind of thing
  22. Looks like it could be Czech too me . they loved this cind of thing
  23. I think more Edwardian .. ie early 20th Century . are there any makers marks??? I love this , my eyes match the colour of the Peridots ... green with envy! :)
  24. Hi Cogito , it may be well asking Peter Mason his opinion . I have found him to be very helpful and a true gentleman . It is his site that I sent a link to .
  25. Tube lining the method used here was a specialty of the Rhead family who did have many designs executed on tiles by several companies . see somne here http://www.rheadpottery.com/charlotte-rhead/...
  26. or Meyr's Neffe, Adolf, für J. & L. Lobmeyr
  27. Another possibility could be Lobmeyer
  28. Amazing! Look at the quality of the painting! this is a A1 museum piece. Would look good at my place ..... :)
  29. A lovely splash of colour! would brighten any place
  30. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=dodge+brothers+logo+history&client=firefox-a&hs=4zO&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=sb&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=2ZXHU_HFPIHh8AWSooLABQ&ved=0CEMQsAQ&...
  31. Dodge Brothers car piece that is their symbol
  32. This was one of my best pieces http://members.iinet.net.au/~martyhoenig/newwebdianaprawnplatter001.jpg
  33. I love these Diana prawn pieces . I've had a few over the years most part of my now gone Australian Pottery Collection. Great fun ..
  34. Do you own this piece? or is it the one that is for sale?
  35. The apature is tiny so a thin piece of wire is needed . I have all sorts of things to clean my glass.
  36. Thanks Sean... I'd prefer Kev's as the other mans glass is always cleaner ( and gleamier ! ) (sorry for the poor pun)
  37. Being winter down here any flower is a bonus... needs fine wire for minute orifice..cleaning ... ..
  38. Thanks Folks it is a nice one I do like the colours.. As Vetraio knows it was some what over shadowed by another thing I bought on the same day.. still have a smile on my ( frozen ) face..
  39. Hi just looked up Clay babies and found this article http://www.foxislandwa.net/clay_babies.htm one learns so much here on CW. Basalt is a hard stone .
  40. Are you sure that this is made of clay ? it looks more like Basalt . love the ledgend.
  41. I'm with Michelle on the shape... though I think I have seen a taller piece with same base attributed to Elizabethenhutte.
  42. Hi Warren double boxing is not always the answer . I recently had 2 very big kralik flowers from an epergne shipped to me from France I stipulated good packing and paid extra for it . they just put o...
  43. How rare is that two in one go! lucky devils! :)
  44. You really are quite a charmer ... snake charmer this is :)
  45. I second all above !
  46. great glass , your daughters have good taste.
  47. You have more snakes than a Herpetologist!! This has got to be quite a rare one ??
  48. Pretty pink just perfect for a little princess. It is not a colour combination I see very often . I will now look out for it !
  49. Hi racer4four I think you nailed the category .. many thanks ...
  50. Love this I have a wooden version pack away some place ...
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