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Hoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... thoHoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... though all glass can attract .. the wierder the better. (Read more)


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POSSIBLE LOETZ DEK  does any one know?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
1855 BOHEMIAN CRIMEAN WAR MEMORIAL TROPHY VASE Josephinenhütte ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Moser acorn and Dragonfly plate 1885 - Art Glassin Art Glass
KRALIK WAVE VASE  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair Horny Harrach ( ? ) Vases   - Art Glassin Art Glass
True pair Harrach Vases 1889 - Art Glassin Art Glass
BONE VASE but by who???? - Art Glassin Art Glass
AMAZING  HARRACH  ENAMELED GLASS BASKET - 1883 or 1885 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Sean and a very merry one to you and yours ...
  2. Take time over the break to breath ... Drama happens ... hope it is smoother sailing in 2015...
  3. I ain't no expert on these sthings but worth your trowling the internet this is one thought http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/13th_Hussars it looks like cut from a coin so could be for a sweet heart ...
  4. We (I) just did not see it! I think even at 400 quid it was cheap . Lazslo is yet to be fully discovered .
  5. could it mean MT = mounted 13 = 13 th SEC = second so Mounted 13 regiment 2nd brigade ?? of Leicestershire Cavalry just guessing
  6. Thanks my friend I took a punt that it will turn out to be something by somebody :)
  7. Besides sharing the same last name I'd just die for this !!! the first actual piece I've seen of his work .. What a Honey!
  8. NoT just because I'm a Scorpio do I love this ... I may be in Colombo in late march 2015 ! will be in Cochi Kerala India at the beginning of march ...worth going there if you are just down the road i...
  9. Breath taking! WoWZerzz !! Lovely work !
  11. I second that motion!
  12. Rhis Santa's fav beer at the mo is 150 lashes!
  13. Racer ....What can ya expect from a dood from da North Pole ! ( must admit I did not see that .. Not many people do drink it . I was at a large celebration last weekend 70 plus people and next da...
  14. : - ) will do ...
  15. Love'm all especially your granny she looks like a Chiparus figure !
  16. Don't know how I missed these lovelies .. How are you? merry Xmas etc..
  17. modern Zwackeisen Zwackeisen für die Glasindustrie http://www2.putsch.com/Pu_Ge_Se/deutscheVersion/Ebene6/Frame2/PP_Glas/PPZwEi.html
  18. very interesting I'll show this to one of my brother in laws .. he's a wine expert ... (judge )
  19. LOVE this one I have some good royalty things ..... must dig them out sold a couple of things a while ago but know in those hidden boxes of ephemera that still some things are lurking .
  20. I'm forever hopeful that i'll find one of these in the bottom of a box of stuff at a garage sale :)
  21. Glad you appreciate it. I thought more people would but maybe they do not see what we do?? Will keep you in mind if ever I part with my collection ..
  22. Hi ron1939 , only four other people !! . Guess I was lucky .
  23. Very pretty . I do like epergnes though they do take up a lot of space and will not fit into my display cabinets .
  24. Thanks friends for the loves... Vet I think possibly a lot of Kraliks flowers look like Iris . sorry for bad picks i just can't seem to get them right theses days
  25. A stunning coloured flower to brighten any collection Bloom'n beautiful !
  26. Zwuchen the could be dialectual for Zwicken which is Pinched so Zwuckenfüsse would be pinched feet???
  27. might be something in here http://books.google.com.au/books?id=cvYeBYm4pu8C&pg=PA100&lpg=PA100&dq=major+donald+mackintosh&source=bl&ots=g8sNxdKgeC&sig=jJjsAsidy9xY7jGuqIxRpFZLAmg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=MPCAV...
  28. Ok ok Vet sorry they were typos really :)
  29. particularly like the 3rd one
  30. Sean you must live on the computer!! : ) thank you my friend
  31. All the above exclamations !!!!!
  32. Ta! Vet!
  33. A beauty ! fruity!
  34. Thank you VioletOrange & antique rose it is so lovely I have it out on display (for now ) so it is not lost amongst all the other glass...
  35. OMG!!! I love this !
  36. Well they do look familiar but just can't put my finger on it Mmmm ??? probably some modern counting system for preschoolers : )
  37. Hi Sean these Xmas tree ornaments are called Kugle. Kugel is the German word for sphere or ball.
  38. Great to have you on CW ... love your glass..
  39. Any way of tracking down the person who bought the book?? maybe they would let you look at it some time ... It may have been an institution which would grant access for study purposes ????? I too h...
  40. Love the wild colours ! on the first one and all of them!
  41. Fantastic!... it is oh so good to have the original reference and the added history make this piece such a treasure.
  42. Fantastic ! love it . It reminds me of those old stamp albums that had a line drawing or latter a photo of the stamp so you could see what to collect and put them in (hinged eek ! ) the right order...
  43. Agreed racer4four .. thanks for the loves and likes ..
  44. There are other different examples on Kralik.com http://www.kralik-glass.com/ look at index N-Z Wave
  45. NARrrr !! it's better than my poor Pix ...
  46. all the above & more !!
  47. Hola amigos , they are right made in Israel..
  48. A beauty ...not seen this braid decor before ..
  49. gob smackingly gorgeous !!
  50. I'm a fan of these wow what an assortment !
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