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Hoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... thoHoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... though all glass can attract .. the wierder the better. (Read more)


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True pair Harrach Vases 1889 - Art Glassin Art Glass
BONE VASE but by who???? - Art Glassin Art Glass
BRITISH BEAUTY  WEBB S&W OR STUART ????? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Moser Ruby Glass Salts  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Little Loetz ? Tango Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tall Scandinavian / Italian ?????? cased glass jug / pitcher retro... - Art Glassin Art Glass
My Mum circa 1922 she still is a sweetie  - Photographsin Photographs
POSCHINGER IRIDESCENT  VASE circa 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. What a lovely charabanc . I'd love to own a real one ! guess the wife would not let me keep it thought so I'd settle for a lovely one like this ..
  2. http://youtu.be/-vgdOjKkCkA
  3. WoW thought it was a lamp ! have a shot of something for me !
  4. I hve purposely tried not to collect bikkie barrels as we call them down under ... but there are so many that one could specialize ..
  5. Lovely eye candy ... beautiful colours remind me of a dress my mum had in the early 60's or was that late 50's...
  6. CW can be addictive ...
  7. it was wonderful to stumble upon the original catalogue whilst looking for some thing else .. still have not found what I strated out looking for...
  8. thanks folks I get teary when I look at this photo .
  9. Thank you all keep all that love rolling in ! : )
  10. Poschinger???????????
  11. all of the above!
  12. I am the bearded dragon that hibernates around this house :- ) I can see you getting some of those Moser / Harrach August Jean lizard pieces to keep Ulisse company
  13. Lovely.................... is this one for the girls??? Looks like it glows..
  14. Kirk , yes!!! *!*
  15. Shareurpassion :- Yes most times when people say a pair they mean two identical pieces put when these things were meant for display on a mantlepiece or sideboard etc a mirror pair surpassed ( IMHO ) ....
  16. Racer:- me too ! we are so lucky live in the land of oZ ... except where postage is concerned .. Sean :- you are always one of the first to love so I will forgive you this time : ) xxx
  17. BGM ... There is a slight glow I think the UV LED torch I have does not have a full spectrum of frequencies . Zowie it is just that some people live in the dark ages ... it all worked out well b...
  18. Thanks Folks for the love and comments . Ill try to answer them all ..
  19. If it is just that white milkiness you can soak fill several times with demineralized water they put in irons and batteries put n warm place and over time the minerals dissolve
  20. can you cure the glass disease?
  21. Hi Racer I did not go , had family staying ...and Dads / Marty's day...
  22. Wow Kev you dunn it again!
  23. Thanks Amber Rose . fairly good at the mo ... Yes some people live in the dark ages ... it was so extra expensive ...
  24. Every thing on 1stdibs is over inflated most times one is flat out getting a tenth of what they ask .. so who buys from them??? Actors ; drug dealers or oil shieks ?? Wall Street traders .. they c...
  25. a stunner I'd love to own myself such lovely lines .
  26. I have added another possibility to the list of makers ... Riedel ...
  27. Beautiful I'd add it to my glass garden any day! do a search on here and see other lovely Kralik flowers .
  28. Love'm
  29. The antique ring I gave my wife was too large but rather then having it cut down I gave her a watch chain so she could wear it around her neck instead .
  30. Rings are resized for various reasons usually the NEW owner wants it too fit : ) This could have been used as a wedding ring and so passed down through a family as some traditions dictate ..
  31. I believe so ...... It was you who got one of those big ones from France ??? : )
  32. Zowie I see kids and the very odd tradie down here with shorts on in Winter and teenage girls with mini skirts and bear mid drifts as well ...slaves to fashion ... and it can be minus temperatures !!!...
  33. Zowie are the images jpg ? are they on your computer?
  34. Hi Kivatinitz I am leaning towards that attribution as well. It was my initial thought then Moser or perhaps a Meiyr's Neffe piece decorated by Moser . I have searched and will keep searching but...
  35. Hi Zowie you were up early . it was a little pun ...
  36. Just stoldya Leunig!
  37. Soo Czech looking : )
  38. I can not see the Sheffield mark in the photos on here . Just makers mark W G and Crown 18 meaning 18 Karat and England No Assay Office mark or date mark. http://webarchive.nationalarchiv...
  39. Very interesting indeed .. one sees this chine on the early shells ....
  40. Gee you boys are lucky ..and have very good taste !
  41. Hi Racer 4 4 , I did look at Flygsfors as well but still not striped Dam those copies ! (note I did not use the words that Clive Palmer did : ) ) This has a very solid polished base. Paul Kedelv di...
  42. Dats whart I wanna know!
  43. Turned out more interesting than I thought it would be . Love a good mystory!
  44. Perhaps the holes were to allow this piece to be attached to a now missing base ( perhaps made of metal by Hansa ??? stunner no matter what
  45. with Lalique you don't see the mold seams ...
  46. I like these Kralik spikey bowls
  47. I love these Kraliks . they seem to be bringing good money out there in the glass world too!
  48. I picked mine up in Belgium http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/65284-kralik-millefiori-rosebowl
  49. Leave some for me ! : )
  50. Thanks for all the love folks !
  51. See more