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Hoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... thoHoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... though all glass can attract .. the wierder the better. (Read more)


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pair Harrach (or Stuart?? ) peacock  bowls  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Big  Early 19TH Century Ruby flashed and cut water Jug  / Pitcher  - Art Glassin Art Glass
JADE GREEN GLASS VASE with prunts  GLOWS!!! late Loetz ?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
HARRACH ATLAS GLASS VASES - a feast for your eyes  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Intaglio Cut Glass Vase  ( like Moser ) 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemain 19th Century triangular Perfume Bottle  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pretty pink Harrach classical revival vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. OOOOwh! Uranium Jade collection .. mmmm...
  2. E Hi VintageFran , every time I get one of these big pieces I have to do a lot of rearranging ... But it is worth it . ..and an excuse to do some dusting as well...
  3. Hi Zowie Off to Bundie tomorrow driving slowly .... Need some of that northern warmth....
  4. Hi Loumanal these do not sell for big money at the moment guess they are not what excites people now but I think one day more will appreciate them . I still have one some place ..... will have to...
  5. Hi Have seen with Murano sticker on them ..
  6. I love paperweights your gollection is great
  7. I once had a 19th Century Salamander paperweight . The detail was so fine that it looked like they used a real lizard for the mold.
  8. Lovely collection I have only 2 piece of this one like the middle one and a lamp similar shape http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/45774-welz-honeycomb-oil-lamp
  9. I have an old friend in Sydney who would have loved to restored this .. caught up with him at this months Wenty..
  10. Kookaburra it may have series numbers on the base to help date it .
  11. Stunning piece that I would love to own .. This ranks right up there amongst anything else being made in the world at that time .
  12. I think yoursis the 6th mark / 3rd green 1965 -1980 http://www.belleek.org.uk/marks.html
  13. Hi What you have is a piece of Belleek Irish pottery you can date it by the stamp on the base see this site http://www.belleek.com/uk/date-your-belleek
  14. Perhaps I should call this Biedermeier ????
  15. I once had a little collection of Electric jugs that i sold to the top collector of the time . They are a very unique Australian item. this is one blokes rave on them ( I would add that some of the ...
  16. Ta Vet , the glass is so clear it was difficult to photograph .
  17. Hi IanBrighton , This is a pretty old piece and very heavy . I looked at lots of images of Georgian / Regency jugs and this had design similarities to me ( especially the cutting under the lip ) . ...
  18. Fabulous !! now for me to find one ...
  19. Hi Alan they are so difficult to tell who these are by but yours having a British silver plated base would lead me to say it is by Stuart . not Harrach .
  20. Hi Welzebub thank you . That is an interesting piece a thorn vase post 1918 . I have seen the same crimping on a " Loetz " cattail /bubble glass vase from latter production ( I wish I kept a photo ...
  21. Totally beautiful including the frame ..
  22. Thank s Racer , I got at Wenty yesterday . it was a poor fair pickings wise but had a great time as usual...
  23. Hi Vet I should weigh it ! ... I did some searching and have not found another ( Yet ) but the shape and the notching below the lip suggest Georgian ...
  24. Great piece with good shape and great decor and iridescence
  25. Thanks again .. looks like you are correct http://comunidad.mallorcazeitung.es/galeria-multimedia/Leben/Einheimische-Fauna-Tierische-Mallorca-Bewohner/12484/2.html
  26. Thank you kairomalte they look very interesting
  27. The first bird looks like a fanciful Peacock not see another like it . I think the ones in my last post are of European Woodpeckers .
  28. Thank you so much . I did not know Heckert did this type of work . I must have missed them or been overwhelmed when last at Passau.. I will now have to buy Stefania 's book on Heckert . Are any of...
  29. lovely!
  30. not a Rhoda piece but commercial ....still very lovely ...
  31. Love the Harbour Bridge on the lid not see this one before . i have a little Harbour Bridge collection ... amoungst all that stuff I never look at these days ... you have to come down and spend some t...
  32. WoW !!! this is jaw dropping stuff!!! fantastic oh so modern and over 100 years old ... good design is timeless...
  33. Super love this one~! it ticks most of my boxes Glass ... flower etc...
  34. Great discovery my friend ! One more clue in the puzzle of early Loetz....
  35. Thanks Sean & Surfdub66 ... It has an Art Deco feel to it though may be pre 1925 ????
  36. Thank you Michelle007 ; sklo42 and Rick55 ....
  37. I agree, she was going to sell it at one point but think decided to keep it ... I too dream of such things ... that is the treasure hunter in us ...
  38. hi kairomalte that is indeed interesting . I do not have that reference would it be possible for you to send me images or post links on here? thanks Marty
  39. Ooops!! I meant Pêle-mêle -......
  40. reminds me of early Loetz Chine but threads seem thicker... nice one !!!
  41. Hi Kiwipaul thought you might like to see this seeing into Knox / Liberty belong to a friend who inherited it . http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/31726-archibald-knox-liberty-necklace
  42. knowledge!! priceless asset... lovely piece too and just love the convoluted way we sometimes find treasure...
  43. What a wopper! great score ... I get most of my bargains when they are miss described...
  44. I had to travel to Europe to by mine as none seem to have made it to Australia http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/65321-big-kralik-bambus-vases
  45. A beauty and a steal at that price ...
  46. Fantastic! love it ....
  47. Thank you kivatinitz ..
  48. I missed this must have been in India ... lots of food for thought and investigation ...
  49. WILD! over the top ... I think the glass master had mushrooms for lunch!.. I want one of these ...
  50. But looking back on mine It is Loetz threaded and jewelled http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/81786-loetz-threadead-and-jewelled-vase
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