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Hoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... thoHoarder Collector all my life , perhaps not as posessed by the posessions as in the past but still quite addicted! Preseent drug of choice is Bohemian Glass .... though all glass can attract .. the wierder the better. (Read more)


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Pallme Konig  mounted  threaded bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Riedel Formosa vase  take 2 like Harrach   - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Formosa  Vase   Riedel   like Harrach - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Beauty  (  Blattgruen verlaufend ??? ) - Art Glassin Art Glass
4 FABULOUS  HARRACH VASES  - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Pallme Konig -  Rindskopf ? tall veined vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
POSSIBLE LOETZ DEK  does any one know?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
1855 BOHEMIAN CRIMEAN WAR MEMORIAL TROPHY VASE Josephinenhütte ? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I'm thinking more Industrial design .. something for an office or institution .
  2. I'm with cindB.. and Sean.....
  3. Timeless beauty
  4. I have a purple tango tripod vase http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/12093-tripod-tango-vase nothing like yours
  5. WOW WOW WOW !!!! FIRST TIME i'VE SEEN THESE TREARMENT ON TANGO Looks like it could be Loetz .. but I'll leave that t the experts ..
  6. Thank you lovely people for kind comments . My main display case is so cluttered ( once again ) that a cull is in order I will have to pack away other things in secondary display cases . This has...
  7. thanks mate!
  8. I'll Just have to put an order in for one of each !! love 'm
  9. Just Had to pick up another parcel from France nothing to exciting but it arrived Broken .. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! this happens fer too often. My stomach seems too accommodate too much!! hope you...
  10. Zowie I should have a couple of more things to post if they arrive soon ... nothing as grand as this but interesting hopefully . ..
  11. I know I know !!!!!!! I just had to have it ... paid many times the starting price .. and the postage is a killer too but well worth it all ... I could not believe the fantastic condition as well ....
  12. Michelleb007 I am going with Riedel too .. this has to be my best one ...
  13. Thanks bohemianglassandmore, My pleasure .... Just wish I could find and afford more lovely glass of this quality ...
  14. Hi CindB and Sean thanks for your appreciation ...
  15. Zowie old cobba up Bundy next week . I have to stop Hunting for a while ... But will I is another thing : ) Hope all is well up your way and you had a beaut Ozzie Day... I did friends and barbie...
  16. Thanks Scott and Zowie Al I too am leaning towards Riedel on this one ..
  17. Ta Sean , the colour ids difficult to capture and describe
  18. That's one big chunk of glass .. use it well. G&T 's ....anyone ? !
  19. Hi Just found this image being used in google search to redirect to a Louis Vitton site ??
  20. Hi Vet just amended the description .. what do you think???? Blattgruen verlaufend - 1903 ????
  21. Hi Ed-P . I do not have an exact date of manufacture but think 1890's - 1900 ish . There are others out there who probably can tell you better than I can . Some very lucky folks have had access to th...
  22. Hi Just a quick reply ( Im supposed to be out the door .) Oxblood and sand is one name I've seen Love this .. will talk more later
  23. Lovely! and as racer points out true pair!
  24. Most of our fish down here are straight off the barbie and on to the plate ! But I'd swap a couple for this one any day! Dress warm !! stay inside ! -15 ouch my bones hurt just thinking about it !
  25. Hi JBMCQ sorry for very delayed reply ( guess I'm just slack B****** ) : ) Tooheys is the spelling for that amber ... The tipple of choice at the DO was Coopers Sparkling Ale ( and Pale Ale for ...
  26. Has arrived but thinking not Loetz may be Rindskopf or Kralik???
  27. May our veins be golden ...
  28. Me too !! I feel so lucky to have them
  29. Hi Zowie , we had the promise of rain for days rumbling thunder but only a few drops very hot days ... last night got some goo d rain . My experience of up your way is cyclone warnings all the tim...
  30. thank you CindB
  31. what a beauty!
  32. thank you austrohungaro , zowie sufdud66 skl42o etc al....
  33. I still love this !
  34. Lovely vase The polished pontil would lead me to lean towards Harrach . I think true Matsu no ke is only in clear glass may miss label all florals as this http://theantiquarian.us/Ma-Su-No-Ke%20I...
  35. hi maybe ask theses people .. Id would like to know . http://www.modernsilver.com/MYSTMARKS.html
  36. 930 - Netherlands [w/pseudomarks 19 C.], Germany, Israel, Palestine
  37. what a hoot! love it
  38. Very interesting specially the marks . I looked in my Tardy 's book of international hallmarks and nothing the same ... 930 is a very unusual standard of silver. It could be a stamp container ???
  39. Oh show me ! at Wenty??
  40. Amazing piece ! all the above and I'll throw in Kralik just for fun!! Just played with image of the numbers in Photoshop and look like 4/47 to me too .
  41. Hi Anne it is definitely a commemorative piece and from the era ( 1885 ) lovely old glass . Harrach is also a potential maker of the glass . The inscription could have been done at the factory t...
  42. Thanks for the loves folks and new year wishes .. all the best to you all
  43. Thanks folks definately interesting ...
  44. Hi Sklo42 I am now thinking all pallme Konig . Page 104 of Collectable Bohemian Glass 1880 -`1940 ( Vol 1) by the Truitt's has one same shape as the blue one .
  45. T a Love !x x
  46. Ta Vet , my pix do not do them Justice .
  47. Sklo we are all novices //
  48. Yes Virgina loved my brief time there and will return one day. Happy New year .
  49. OwwH! I liked Uruguay especially Colonia
  50. Thank you Elisabethan i shall take a look at that . Happy new year to all at CW !
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