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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Antique Silver engraved handbag compact - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Bernard Instone Brooch - Art Decoin Art Deco
Silver Plique a Jour Pendant - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Bernard Instone Enamel Brooch Clip - Art Decoin Art Deco
Russian Silver Gilt Cloisonne Bracelet - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Gold Art and Craft Opal Pendant - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Murrle Bennett Silver Enamel Pendant - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Silver Peridot and Garnet Pendant. - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
WMF Silver Gilt Bracelet - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Plique a Jour Pendant - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Hi Shareurpassion, sorry I've just reread my thread and see I haven't said thank you for your comment.
  2. Efesgirl, well done for getting yourself a bargain.
  3. Hi Efesgirl, Woops, I stand corrected, I've just been looking at some gold jewellery I bought from the States, it's does say 14K.
  4. I'm sure Gloria wouldn't kill me for this, lol. I must admit, it's a bit of a mystery, Rick.
  6. I have been looking as I said at Hanau, they did export Sterling for the British market. Still haven't found anything.
  7. I've been looking at the marks from Hanau, Germany there are a lot of cursive maker Marks, but yet I can't find anything resembling these marks.
  8. Hi Kyra, could the second photo be D E. Do you think this is German? if not do you have any idea from which Country this is from? Many thanks for your help, your a Angel.
  9. I have cleaned the marks I have found and put 3 photos of the hallmarks or makers marks, one of them looks Chinese, but I doubt that some how.
  10. Thank you inky, for passing by and leaving a lovely comment.
  11. I talked to the seller of this Silver box, he was adamant the box was Portuguese, which does make sense, I bought this box in Goa. Goa was a Portuguese colony for 450 years. So I think my first assu...
  12. Exquisite.
  13. Hi Efesgirl, I was looking to see if the UK was the only Country that used 9ct gold. In some parts of Northern Europe they also have 8ct, and the Southern countries in Europe tend to use a minimum 14 ...
  14. I have used my diamond selector on some earrings I know are sapphire, then I tested the stones on this piece and the stones register has Sapphires.
  15. Oh well at least I know what I'm doing tonight, thanks again Kyra.
  16. Hi Kyra, yet again thanks for the very useful information :-)
  17. Hi Kyra, This is the best I can do. There are 3 mark one to the left of the 2 oblong marks which is a oval shape. The 2 oblong marks look like 3 spots in 3 diagonal lines.
  18. Many thanks mikelv Kyra oldandsilly Manikin SEAN aghcollect Valentino nutsabotas trunkman vetraio LuLuX racer kiwipaul BellaEpoque Rick Roycroftbooksfromme
  19. Thank you to Manikin, nutsabotas, Kyra, Karen, BellaEpoque and Rick for popping by and leaving some wonderful comments.
  20. Many thanks vetraio mikelv Kyra oldandsilly Manikin SEAN aghcollect valentino racer Rick
  21. Thanks Karen, for dropping by and leaving a great comment, it's much appreciated.
  22. Many thanks Kyra vetraio mikelv oldandsilly Manikin SEAN aghcollect Valentino nutsabotas racer Rick Virginia.vintage sarahoff
  23. Nice to see Virginia.vintage, and thanks very much for passing by and leaving a lovely comment and love :-))
  24. Many thanks SEAN
  25. Many thanks SEAN
  26. Many thanks SEAN
  27. Many thanks Hoipolli Deano
  28. Many thanks Ivonne
  29. Many thanks Caperkid
  30. Many thanks AnneLanders cogito Zowie Caperkid Surfdub trunkman courtenayantiques sarahoff
  31. Many thanks SEAN
  32. Thanks for your kind comments Manikin, racer, nutsobotas and Kyra.
  33. Hi Kyra this little dog Dylan a Patterdale is the dog I bought over from the UK, he makes me laugh, see how he's stood on the table so he's more less the same size as Pongo the Dalmation. He's settlin...
  34. Thanks you Kyra for your lovely comment, it's much appreciated.
  35. Many thanks Kyra, racer and Jewels1900 for comments and great information. I'm 100 percent sure this is levinger & Bissinger necklace.
  36. I think it's from the UK where they use 9ct, continental (European Gold) usually starts at 14ct.
  37. Thank you for your lovely comment and love, antiquerose.
  38. Sorry just saw the carvings, in the Title
  39. I love all these stones. If you look long enough you can see certain things like a profile of a ladies face with long hair, a rabbit and at the top of the photo what appears to be a bird. You'll think...
  40. Now I look at the lettering it does say depose. Many thanks Kyra for info and link
  41. Great link Kyra
  42. Yep, a lovely piece. Is it true Brad Pitt collects Mr Knox? you never know he might set up a Museum, which would be great.
  43. There are certainly things in life that you can't forget, And this is one of them. Rick, sorry I'm loving this again.
  44. These Tiffanys stained glass windows are beautiful, the colours are lovely, I would love to own something like these windows, well done.
  45. Many thanks oldandsilly, I do like Bernard Instone, I try to collect his jewellery whenever I get the chance, in opinion he was a great designer/ maker, I have great respect for him, he led a very in...
  46. What a great posting its been extremely interesting, thanks to all who have parcipitated. I'm sure there'll be more to say, I just want to say how much I'm enjoying it.
  47. Many thanks vetraio Kyra Ivonne aghcollect oldandsilly katherinescollections Kiwipaul mikelv racer Manikin Rick Efesgirl Zowie kivatinitz
  48. Hi Kiwipaul, I think the end conclusion was Vasiliev Vasily Vasilievich.
  49. Thank you Zowie :-)))
  50. Many thanks Radegunder BellaEpoque Bluboi Kiwipaul Ivonne
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