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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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  1. I was wondering if anybody knows which Country uses the mark 1000 for their Silver. I have seen other silver jewellery using this mark, but can't find the country or countries. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Many thanks Vetraio toenail2 racer bratjdd Kyra Virginia.vintage SEAN south cop Manikin
  3. Many thanks Galejk Vetraio Racer Kyra SEAN Manikin
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  19. Thank you musikchoo
  20. Thanks you Agram.m bratjdd
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  22. Many thanks vetraio, I'm back in the UK and finding things that I haven't seen for years. Ah memories.
  23. It's a very pretty piece, I love it, the detail is wonderful. I really don't know anything about Satsuma, my eyes tell me quality.
  24. I've been to my local library today, there is nothing there for antique jewellery. I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some advise on antique books, I would want something easy to follow...
  25. Sorry, posted twice, blame my iPad it as a mind of it's Own. :-)
  26. Happy Families, brings back many happy family memories.
  27. Very interesting. Why didn't the Brits or the French take a patent out to look after their interest. Or would it have been difficult to patent this type of item? Also as you say the jewellery was m...
  28. I do have to say the Butterfly is my favourite in this trio.
  29. Yes it is England, a bit of a shock with the weather, when I left Spain it was 28 Celsius. On the other hand it's lovely seeing Autumn and the lovely colours of the trees. We do have loads of history...
  30. Many thanks jewels1900, your information is knowledge to me many thanks. Looking forward to seeing your WMF necklace.
  31. Very pretty Kyra, I love the colour of the enamelling around the edges. Sorry no idea about the Moonstone.
  32. The beastie is certainly a beauty. I find it interesting the close connection with Jewellery enamel makers in Germany and UK during the Art Nouveau period, example Murrle Bennetts work for Liberty, ...
  33. It as a look of Winstone Churchill, could be one of his ancestors.
  34. I'm not in London. I'm in Lancashire, were the rain is falling and the wind Is blowing.
  35. Wonderful, wonderful collection. I am looking at the top bracelet I'm presuming this is Art Deco, the bottom Edwardian. Jewels, I have seemed to have lost the title of a book you thought would inter...
  36. I know the names, I even have a couple of Charles Horner, quiet different from this one. You are blessed.
  37. Goodness, it must have taken a age to collect all these wonderful pieces.
  38. I see yourself and Kyra love insects (bugs). I presume they are carved? The colours are lovely and life like, I can see how somebody tried to flick the moth off you.
  39. Interesting, are they made of bone? Beautiful.
  40. I love them all. What a collection you have.
  41. Oh wow, takes you breath away. Yet again I would love to hear more about these wonderful pieces of art. I wish I had someone to give me gifts like these,lol.
  42. My goodness they are beautiful. Can you tell me anything about them? I love enamel, the work and hours that have gone into these pieces. The bat will be in his element on Halloween. You have a great...
  43. Hi Jewels, I would love to see your favourite jewellery pics. I'm in the UK at the moment, I've bought some pieces and I'm hoping to get some information on them. One in particular is a swag neckl...
  44. Hi Jewels1900 It would be great if you could give me more information. Many thanks for your information above. I did look at some bracelets that were manufactured by WMF but nothing similiar to this ...
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