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Bernard Instone Set of Silver Enamel Spoons - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Bernard Instone Pendant, Earrings, and Brooch. - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Bernard Instone Silver Amethyst and Green Paste Brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Part 4 Japanese Shakudo Necklace - Asianin Asian
Part 3 Japanese Shakudo Panel - Asianin Asian
Part 2 Japanese Shakudo Panels - Asianin Asian
Bernard Instone Silver Brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Part 1 Japanese Shakudo Panels - Asianin Asian
Silver MOP Art and Craft Brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Helen Holmes Silver and Moonstone Brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts


  1. Thank you IVAN, I wouldn't have thought about this, it makes prefect sense. This is why I love Collector Weekly.
  2. Hi Rick, looking at this Helen Holmes brooch it does have fly, butterfly look to it. I've never realized until you mentioned it. In real life it's a stunning piece, I would love to get more of her wor...
  3. Thank you kyra, I have another set, they are no were near as nice as these, maybe I should say that they are different. People have their own sense of style.
  4. Yes kyra, it's a beauty, very similar to the citrine brooch I posted a year ago. The link is above on a comment to Gillian. As alway, I really appreciate you popping round.
  5. Thank you katherinescollections, I really appreciate your comment.
  6. Thank you kyra, they are probably my best pieces of Instone, but that's only my opinion.
  7. Sorry *got*
  8. Hi katherinescollections, my Mexican friend said whoever got the white dolls had to throw a party. Mexicans love a good party. From Christmas, New Year and The day of the Kings thereafter there is n...
  9. Many thanks Caperkid sklo Efesgirl kyra beyemvey Hunter jscott freiheit martika racer Jlmam aura bijoucaillouvintage TassieDevil Bluboi kiwipaul davyd fleafinder inky ...
  10. Nearly Christmas pud time, yum. I love these charms Judy, I do remember off people putting a silver thrupenny bit in their Christmas puddings. Congratulations on your baby grandson
  11. Thank you Scott, Judy and Karen I really appreciate you all popping by and leaving your wonderful comments.
  12. Hi Karen, I really appreciate your comment, I said I wasn't going to be posting any Bernard Instone for a while but I can't help myself. To be honest most of my pieces of jewellery are Bernard Instone...
  13. Thank you Judy. The combination of the 2 colours does work well together, both are bright and one colour doesn't out do the other. Yet again Judy thanks for passing by.
  14. Hi Scott, yes the amethyst are pretty amazing. I've been looking on my postings I didn't realize how many amethyst pieces I have, I suppose that tells me I like Amethyst a lot lol.
  15. Many thanks martika, I'm glad you like them. :-)
  16. Hi Judy, thanks for your comment, it's a added bonus when things come in their original fitted case.
  17. Thank you Scott, it's great finding different things to post from Bernard Instone. These spoons are in fantastic shape for their age.
  18. Yes Karen, there's no doubt in my mind this is Bernard Instone. May be you can get some advise from kyra on how to do some restoration work.
  19. Hi Manikin, it's always nice to see you, and thank you for your lovely comment.
  20. Hi Gillian, thank you for your comment, I've added a link above which is a very similar brooch. I haven't forgotten that you woul...
  21. Thank you freiheit, I really appreciate you passing by and leaving your lovely comment.
  22. Wow, you had a fantastic bargain, well done. I also love Jorma Laine, the link above is of 2 Jorma Laine pieces...
  23. Many thanks jensen ozmarty inky glasslove katherinescollections Lise aura
  24. Many thanks fleafinder
  25. Thank you Jlmam, they are pretty special, I'm a great fan and collector of Bernard Instone, thanks for the love, it's much appreciated.
  26. Many thanks aura
  27. Many thanks Jlmam
  28. Thanks you Jlmam, I really appreciate your lovely comment and love.
  29. Many thanks Jlmam
  30. Many thanks TubeAmp Efesgirl NevadaBlades LovelyPat Caperkid martika vetraio aura mikelv jscott racer TassieDevil melaniej SEAN kyra Jlmam shareurpassion Womam34
  31. Many thanks Jlmam
  32. Many thanks pebble martika bijoucaillouvintage Woman34 Celiene
  33. Many thanks valentino
  34. Many thanks valentino
  35. Many thanks vetraio valentino
  36. Many thanks vetraio valentino
  37. Many thanks vetraio valentino
  38. Thank you so much valentino.
  39. Many thanks Vetraio Manikin valentino
  40. Hi grendel, I do consider myself being very fortunate, the price was right and thankfully there was no bidding war. I very much appreciate your comments.
  41. Your welcome Bonnie :-)
  42. Yep your absolutely correct Bonnie :-)
  43. This is a similar style and similar markings, so I think your brooch could be David Andersen. Good look ...
  44. Definitely in the same style as Jorma Laine. As you say it's difficult to read the mark but I would say it's In the Finish style, it's very stylish.
  45. I would think this brooch is Georgian, pretty painting.
  46. Hi grendel, I can't say on here, but it was a true bargain, the starting price was quite high but not outrageously for the piece, infact very low. I was lucky I knew a little bit about Shakudo, most p...
  47. Hi Jewel1900, I know Shakudo is extremely expensive, I was very lucky with this one, I watched it for days. The people who sold the necklace didn't realize it was Shakudo, It wasn't in their write up....
  48. I would love to find out the maker Gillian, I asked a friend I know, he didn't think it was the Gaskins, shame that's what I was hoping for. I'll just have to keep researching or hopefully someone wil...
  49. Thanks Gillian, it's the loveliest of my Gladys and Charles Mumford pieces, I was extremely lucky to add it to my collection. Thank you for your comment.
  50. Sooty and sweep, lol, I loved them when I was a kid.
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Bernard Instone? MOP Gold Wash Silver Bracelet Victorian Brooch