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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Chinese Silver mark - Asianin Asian
Pat Cheney Silver and Enamel Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Art Nouveau 15ct gold Necklace - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Gold Edwardian Lavalier pendant  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Gold Diamond Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Art Deco  silver filigree and enamel Peacock brooch - Art Decoin Art Deco
Norman Grant Silver, Enamel Pendant/Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Chinese earrings - Asianin Asian
Vintage Chinese Filigree Enamel Vermeil Bracelet - Asianin Asian
Victorian antique brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. To me it's the White Rose of Yorkshire. If you put the Red Rose and White Rose together you have a Tudor Rose.
  2. Thank you racer for your link, I know it was a stab in the dark. I'll post better photos when I return from hols, I'll be going straight back to the UK. when I buy I usually send them to UK, it's real...
  3. Hi freiheit, yes I saw your pin, I really like Pat Cheney.
  4. Many thanks fhrjr2, when I'm back in the UK I'll take some better Photos. I'm sure it's not export Chinese jewellery, it's before. When I have the necklace repaired I shall post. :-)
  5. Many thanks Manakin, you don't happen to know off someone who understands Chinese symbols? It's a stab in the dark.
  6. Many thanks Lise for taking a interest :-)))
  7. Thanks Katherinescollection :-)
  8. Many thanks kathetinescollections Izenglish glasslove Rustfarm shareurpassion Toni valentino
  9. Many thanks Sean BellaEpoque
  10. Many thanks, Kyra, Sean, BellaEpoque, racer and shareurpassion for your nice comments and love.
  11. Many thanks melaniej Kathetinescollections DrFluffy PatSea Kyra Aghcollect thegoodsgirl vetraio Sean Manikin racer
  12. Thanks, DrFluffy, I'll keep that in mine if I come across some Persian Jewellery. :-)
  13. In Tsarist Russia, their Royal family adored Dementoid Garnet. You should see some of their Jewels, there amazing. They class them on par with Diamonds. I think most of the Russian Demantoid Garnets ...
  14. Hi katherinescollections, I do see that the purple enamelling does look like faceted Amethyst, I suppose that's shows what a talented enamelist she is.
  15. Lovely moss agate.
  16. Many thanks Katherinescollection DrFluffy Jensen PatSea
  17. Hi DrFluffy, it must great going to estate sales. I think while I'm back in the UK I'll visit some auction houses, solely to observe, lol.
  18. You have some beautiful Opal rings, Toni
  19. Hi katherinescollections, there are no stones, only enamel.
  20. Thanks katherinescollections, I nearly like the case as much as the necklace.
  21. It's lovely, it reminds me of the bottom of a didgerdoo.
  22. Many thanks freiheit
  23. Many thanks katherinescollections Kyra lisa
  24. Many thanks Mfourada
  25. Many thanks glasslove Lindapat
  26. Many thanks Agram.m katherinescollections
  27. Many thanks glasslover
  28. Many thanks Toni
  29. Many thanks Toni
  30. Very pretty.
  31. Many thanks shareurpassion for your comment, I'm looking at the photo I think it's the reflection of the Sun on one of the Diamonds. :-)
  32. Sorry nutsabotas,I sent the post before I finished your name, many thanks for the love.
  33. Many thanks aghcollect Manikin PatSea Katherinescollections DrFluffy robin56 vetraio walksoftly racer nutsa
  34. At last Kyra, this is solved. Many thanks for your comment and love.
  35. Thank you CindB, for kind comment, I have always liked this pendant, it's great to find out things about your pieces. Before I forget, thank you for the love.
  36. Many thanks aghcollect Kyra Manikin officialfuel vetraio walksoftly racer
  37. Many thanks DrFluffy, for nice conversation and Love.
  38. Many thanks Sean, for nice comment and love
  39. Many thanks Alan 2310
  40. I love pink and I'm really drawn to the beautiful Butterfly.
  41. Many thanks Agram.m, I did think this was the top part of a Croix A la Jeannette. So it's a brooch?
  42. Hi katherinescollections, this was another piece of Jewellery which I thought I'd bought that wasn't correct in the sellers write up. It's good to listen to advise, it is also good to do your own rese...
  43. Many thanks Sean they are stunning. Yes, Agram.m it's great to have this forum, CW is a great way to help each other and discuss were we went wrong, it is constructive. I've noticed recently that ...
  44. Hi Katherinescollections, I agree with you. When the seller sold these earrings they didn't disclose the problems, then a gain I should have been more observant, when I returned them I had no problem...
  45. These earrings were sold again for more or less the same price I paid. I'm leaving this post on, simply for people to be aware of of the pit falls.
  46. The first time I went to Kenya was 1981, they made some beautiful bracelets. I went to live in kenya 1993, I never saw any of these bracelets, may be there was no telephone wire left, lol. Seriously i...
  47. Also Kyra, you said it was French.
  48. Kyra, you were completely correct, 1950s Retro.
  49. Lol, Kyra do you remember this one, was it gold or wasn't it. I tried the pearl test lol, I think I made a grave error, I thought they were pearls, well you live and learn.
  50. In Kenya they used to make bracelets from telephone wire, I don't think the government was very happy,lol.
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