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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Japanese Shakudo Brooch - Asianin Asian
Vintage Jadeite Necklace? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Silver, Rock Crystal Arts and Craft Pendant - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Silver Enamel Compact - Accessoriesin Accessories
Bernard Instone Brooches - Art Decoin Art Deco
Chene d Glas by Pat Cheney - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Silver Bracelet and necklace by Jorma Laine - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian Arts and Craft Buckle - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Italian Vintage Silver Compact - Accessoriesin Accessories
Silver Gilt Enamel Compact - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Many thanks aghcollect
  2. Thank you Katherinescollections, for your kind comment and love.
  3. These are wonderful, I have a fan but not has detailed as these. The fan was on my forum but deleted it, I've been meaning to put it back on. The history behind Shakudo is very interesting. I'm glad y...
  4. Many thanks SEAN Kyra vetraio mikelv85 aghcollect katherinescollections Manikin antiquerose
  5. I did send a email to the seller asking her if these beads were Jade Jadeite. Her reply was she brought them had Jade Jadeite. I shall have to wait and see if they are, when they arrive here in Spain....
  6. Many thanks Elisabethan, for your nice comment and love.
  7. I'm really not sure, I've looked but come up with nothing. It is a nice piece, not old in the sense that it is antique or even vintage, but if you keep hold of this it may become a collectors item. Lo...
  8. Thank you Elisabethan, I do have a person who I buy from who helps me and gives me advice. If I was left to my own devices I think I'd make some terrible mistakes. :-(
  9. I'm annoyed because I've seen this type of work before but I can't remember. I will keep looking.
  10. Yes Elisabethan, this is what I would class as modernist piece. I'm still a novice and learning, thanks so much for your help.
  11. I'm still very new to the modernist work, I'm trying to get a feel for it. Thanks for your comment Elisabethan:-)
  12. I was also thinking it as a African feel to it.
  13. Many thanks davyd286
  14. Many thanks Elisabethan
  15. Many thanks Rick Elisabethan
  16. I agree Elisabethan, would you think it's a modernist piece.
  17. Hi AuntMolly, it would be helpful to take a photo of the back.
  18. I really like this, could it be Scandinavian, well worth investigating.
  19. It's not Bernard Instone, he did have similar designs on some of his necklaces, that's how I'm dating it.
  20. Could you take a photo of the back, sometimes you can tell a lot.
  21. I wouldn't do if I was you, most people like the patina, but eh if you want to clean it, it's your pendant.
  22. I don't know anything about the pendant, the chain does have a Nouveau/deco feel to it. On some of Bernard Instone necklaces he as a similar design.
  23. Thanks for your link Kyra, I was wondering if the weight would give any clues.
  24. Hi Kyra, I couldn't resist the price was really good and I'm sucker for looking for a bargain. My friend will be bringing the necklace out when she visits me at the beginning of June. It's going to be...
  25. Thank you for great information, I'm enjoying this post, I'm afraid I can't add anything to it, but thanks to all involved.
  26. Many thanks BellaEpoque aghcollect Kyra Manikin Budek katherinescollections mikelv85 vetraio Rick
  27. Thanks Jewel1900, it would be great to put a name to this piece, but I love it, it looks wonderful on and lovely to wear. I hope you are well and enjoying life in Oz.
  28. Many thanks valentino katherinescollections SEAN aghcollect racer Kyra Budek Rick
  29. Hi vetraio, I do think you are correct in the year, thanks for the info. Thanks also for the love.
  30. Hi mikelv85, I have seen some very lovely brass compact, could you post them please. Thanks for the comment and love.
  31. Thank you Manikin valentino aghcollect mikelv85 Kyra vetraio Bluboi Budek
  32. Back again to my favourite Bernard Instone. Thank you kindly, katherinescollections, racer, Rick and Elisabethan for your wonderful comments and love.
  33. Many thanks Valentino aghcollect vetraio BellaEpoque stwillia
  34. Great comments, thanks mikelv85, racer, antiquerose, Rick and Elisabethan, and thanks for the love.
  35. Many thanks melaniej katherinescollections aghcollect mikelv85 vetraio Rick
  36. Thank you Valentino, racer, Jewels1900 and Elisabethan. I'm really beginning to take more notice of this type of work, I hope to buy similar interesting pieces in the future. Thanks for leaving your c...
  37. Many thanks mikelv85
  38. Hi Elisabethan, my friend is bringing this out to me in Spain, I can't wait to wear it. Thanks for your comment and love :-)
  39. Many thanks mikelv85
  40. Thank you Elisabethan, for popping by and leaving a lovely comment and love.
  41. Many thanks JoyB
  42. Thanks both to kivatinitz and mikelv85 for passing by and giving this compact some lovely comments and love.
  43. Many thanks mikelv85
  44. Many thanks mikelv85
  45. Many thanks Toni
  46. Many thanks mikelv85 JoyB
  47. I'm not sure Valentino, the pendant came with a ribbon which I suspect was of that era, I'm open to suggestions.
  48. I do love these beautiful vases, but alas I don't have the room to display them.
  49. Hi Bluboi, this is my Amethyst brooch there is one photo showing the back.
  50. Very nice.
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