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I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Collection of some of my Jewellery, Mostly Bernard Instone  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Bernard Instone Necklace, Bracelet and a Bracelet that could be his? - Art Decoin Art Deco
Bernard Instone? MOP Gold Wash Silver Bracelet - Art Decoin Art Deco
Bernard Instone Silver and Marcasite Flower Necklace and Bracelet - Art Decoin Art Deco
Shipton & Co Moonstone Silver Pendant - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Art Deco Silver Garnet Earrings - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sybil Dunlop Pendant?? - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Antique 9 ct Gold Jade? Art and Craft Brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Bernard Instone Silver Tea Caddy Spoon - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Bernard Instone Silver and Opal Brooch - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Your bangle I think is from West Africa.
  2. Similar semi circle design, of course the bracelet is different. It looks like you've got yourself a bargain well done.
  3. Wow that's one heavy bangle, I wouldn't want to work out wearing that. I like it, it looks tribal.
  4. May I suggest kyra, you find a friend who has the patience to do it for you lol.
  5. Hi Kyra, everything has been put on mounts, I can now look and stare at them, also I now know what I have which is great. Thanks you NevadaBlades for leaving your lovely comment :-)
  6. Thank you Karen, we shall after wait and see if anybody on CW have any ideas.
  7. Thanks both to rucklczglass and kyra for useful information concerning whether this stone is Jade or not. I am taking this brooch back to the UK with me, I'll go to my local jewellers shop which speci...
  8. Thank you glassiegirl, your comment is most appreciated.
  9. Hi Karen, they are more stunning in real life, they are certainly well made and it's always nice to find something different that he made. At the moment I have a caddy spoon he made on one of my posti...
  10. Hi Jewels1900, I was lead to believe if you have a small tag like the one you have on the bottom drop, its more than lightly to be Edwardian.
  11. Hi Bonnie, I think I'd pick the MOP bracelet I've just posted, it's such a lovely piece, but it might not be Mr Instone oh well lol. Thanks for popping by and leaving your comment, you always welcome.
  12. They are pretty aren't they kyra, it would be great if I could attribute this to Bernard Instone, because of the other flower necklace & bracelet it could be a possibility.
  13. Thanks for taking a interest Kyra.
  14. Thank you SEAN, It's accumulation of many years of collecting, it really did need sorting out, now it's all in order:-) I really appreciate you passing by and taking a interest.
  15. I think if you are a smoker, I'd think it would be a good deterant to give up lol.
  16. Oh this is lovely.
  17. Could you take a closer, clearer photo of the signature, please.
  18. I think this brooch was probably a later Instone brooch, I can't say for sure. When his sons took over the running of the family business the style changed dramatically. Nice brooch, and well done. :-)
  19. Great post, the Australians and New Zealanders in Gallipoli, gave it their all and lost many life's. I salute you, we should never forget these brave men.
  20. This i th...
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  30. Hi MyFavoriteTresures, thank you for your lovely comment, its much appreciated.
  31. Many thanks SEAN
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  38. I've had a look for Obsidian pendants nothing, there are Onyx pendants but not in this Art and craft style. While looking at the drop on your necklace it is in keeping with the art nouveau period. I'...
  39. Hi Jewels1900, I think the dark stone is obsidian, from the photos the stone seems to have a tinge. I personally thing the rock crystal with the silver engraved mount looks strange, in my opinion it ...
  40. Hi have to agree with kyra, the style does look typically Georgian, it's lovely.
  41. Clever kyra, it's a beauty.
  42. Jewels1900, I wonder if you could take a look at the Moonstone pendant I've recently posted, it is in detail Instones work. I think I'm more positive that he did do work for Shipton & Co when he let h...
  43. Hi Jewels1900, I have looked for similar pieces to this but nothing, maybe I've made a mistake, but you live and learn, I will keep my eyes peeled. I'm back in the UK soon so will post more photos. Yo...
  44. Thank you NevadaBlades and katherinescollection, for taking a interest and leaving your nice comments. :-)
  45. Hi Gillian, I'm really happy your in the same mind has me, I've tried to contact his family about whether he did do work for Shipton & Co but I never had a reply. Yes you can see were the brooch pin w...
  46. Many thanks NevadaBlades, I really appreciate your comment :-)
  47. Thank you Caperkid, for your lovely comment.
  48. After seeing a ring of the same designed on CW I asked a friend if he could change the stone to the correct side. This is the end result, I'm pleased because the stone is in better condition than I ex...
  49. I have also left a pic with the setting as it was before.
  50. I have put some new pics of this pendant, the reason being the stone was upside down. I didn't realise this until a friend who is helping me to put my jewellery in order explain this lol, he is a mar...
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