Southern Spain

I'm interested in Antique and Vintage Jewellery, and anything collectable, It doesn't always have to be old to be interesting.


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Bernard Instone Citrine and Enamel Silver Ring - Art Decoin Art Deco
Norman Grant 9ct Gold & Enamel Pendant and Chain - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Norman Grant Dust Titanium Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Three Bernard Instone Enamel and Silver Brooches - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Norman Grant Silver and Enamel Bracelet and Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Italian vintage silver gilded enamel compact - Accessoriesin Accessories
Art Nouveau/Deco Silver Chrysophrase Earring - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
My Flowered Orchid Plant 
Art Nouveau Gold and Enamel Brooch by Bippart Griscom Osborn - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Pendle Witches and George Fox  founder of the Quaker Society. 


  1. Hi Scott, your trunks are wonderful, thanks for posting. You must have a lot of space to keep all these great pieces.
  2. Many thanks SEAN Djpeder
  3. Thanks you inky for your lovely comment and love :-)
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  8. Thank you moonstonelover, jscott and Kyra for you lovely comments. Hi Karen, I had to look the word Comfrey up I'd never heard of it, looking at the photos of the plant, I think I have seen it in the ...
  9. Thank you Moonstonelover for your lovely comment. I will do what you say kyra, I think I did the same with the Bernard Instone pendant, yet again thanks for your help and lovely comment kyra.
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  11. Oops I get you now davyd, I thought it might have been a cartoon character, lol.
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  21. Oh no not Brittany Spears :-(
  22. Lol good experiences, wait till you have to battle with the mobility scooters. I've been knocked into the aisle a few times in my local supermarket in the UK, with these idiots. Also I've had a few ne...
  23. Oops done it again, I see melaniej has already put this link up.
  24. Maybe it's from the Indian sub continent, just a thought
  25. I'm laughing so much at your comment above Elesgirl, I'm in stitches. I can just imagine all those eager people with Kids tow with double pushchairs and shopping trollies get in your way to achieve yo...
  26. Oops I didn't read your write up Elesgirl, sorry. I do agree with what katherinescollections says about CW not allowing us to use links in our write up, it can be very frustrating. Well done with the ...
  27. Well done on your purchase Elesgirl, you certainly have a eye for a bargain.
  28. Wow katherinescollections, your certainly are going to make Elesgirl a very happy person. Well done.
  29. I wish I could buy the Two Liberty and Co and the Murrle Bennett pendants for that price.
  30. Thanks for posting these Paul, there very interesting.
  31. davyd he doesn't look like a Boo to me.
  32. Oh I see now, it's the apertures for eyes and mouth and the silver shape all adds up to being a ghost. Very observant nutsabotas. davyd I have no idea who Boo is I'll look the name up, thanks for pass...
  33. Hi katherinescollections, thank you for popping by, and leaving your lovely comment, by the way can you see the ghost?
  34. Thank you Elesgirl for saying my brooches are BEE-U-TEE-FOOL. Thankyou also to AnneLanders and gardinerth for leaving your lovely comments :-) Hi kyra, from taking your advise over the last year I ha...
  35. Thank you Kyra and Karen for your passing by and leaving your lovely comments about my nails, I do like this colour which is a colour I haven't used before, lol. I do appreciate your kind comments.
  36. Thank you Kyra and Bluboi for your comments and interest. I'm sure some time in the future some of his pieces are going to be difficult to buy. Pat Cheney also has similar features in her work, it's i...
  37. Yes they are very different Karen, I didn't particularly like his work when I first noticed them, I suppose they are pieces that grow on you. Thanks for your comment :-)
  38. Hi nutsabotas, I'm looking very hard but I can't for the life in me see a ghost, unless it's in the middle photo which shows my iPad. Any way thanks for your comment, maybe you can point me in the rig...
  39. Many thanks aura
  40. These bags and baskets are from Africa.
  41. I hope this works. It's just examples of Native American baskets
  42. Sorry, it didn't paste
  43. native kenyan sisal baskets
  44. When I lived in Kenya we also had these kind of baskets, table mats and I have a few beautiful bags, made of Sisal. I have put a link above, which says that Sisa...
  45. Hi Elisabethan, I'm just going though my post and saw I hadn't responded. Thanks for your interest. I'm very interested in Dorrie Nossiter, I have posted a brooch of hers on my later post. I'm always...
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