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  1. It looks like it could be horn, some had a metal (perhaps a sterling) rim attached to the top, the holes are where it was attached to the horn rim. The bottom could be a piece of turned wood inset to ...
  2. Could we please the bottom of the possibility wooden cup? And maybe place the opening of same cup on top of a flashlight (torch) with it on, so we can see the pattern, if light penetrates it, thank yo...
  3. Please post a link and I would be happy to take a look, when you're ready. Thank you, T A
  4. It means it's not sterling silver. Most of the info here: T A
  5. Agram.m the Pennsylvania Dutch are Germans, the colonists mistook them for being Dutch when they said they were Deitsch (Deutsche). T A
  6. Funny how much it looks like scrap iron, it just could be the lighting. Just for humor, would you check it with a strong magnet? Welcome to CW. T A
  7. Just an observation when I'm out shopping. It happens at some estate sales too. My neighbor was Japanese and I have been inside her home more times than I could ever guess and recall most of her rooms...
  8. For wood: Thinking the hump piece could be hammered into a cut cleft first, then the flag tucks into the hump (middle area) and is hammered and pulled to the side using leverage to make the split run....
  9. I may just be imagining it, but I swear the "questionable items" start to appear in the shops towards the time the shop's rent is due ;) let the buyer beware. T A
  10. The morning star design has it's roots in Christianity, so it's not coincidental that old order PA sects used it. The same thing in ancient form:
  11. No, sorry, it's not Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch. Maybe try India, T A
  12. So this company name only was in operation for four years, 1934-1938 (The family operated breweries under their name from the late 1800's) ending the Schemm brand when it closed. Now the first keg...
  13. Have you tried decoding the VIN number, if it has one? It's a starting place. T A
  14. Just add the brand name Clark's thread desk, example: T A
  15. She cares for the kid while he cares about sports? Just kidding ;) T A
  16. Like SlackJack said it was probably for thread and it was a sales desk that sat on the counter. Receipts or the "on account" books would be filled out here. (The flip top may have been the place to st...
  17. This is the type I am accustomed to, the PA Dutch style: Other places apparently purée the vegetables to a more relish like...
  18. Only problem PCC is the spacing of the holes is consistent with a netsuke. It's also ivory, which is consistent with netsukes but not with a Suiteki. There is also the problem Scott drew your attenti...
  19. It could just be Chech glass, but again, without seeing in person, I don't know ;) T A
  20. I think the pink is just a really, really, really, really, really, really, really light purple. T A
  21. Not sure, it's something I would need to see in person, however celluloid or bakalite are slight possibilities. T A
  22. An example: T A
  23. Looks a lot like Derbyshire Blue John, (Fluorite). T A
  24. A Scarab, the dung beetle that rolled the Sun across the sky in ancient Egypt, these were originally used as jewelry and amulets. During times of modern day discovery and exploration in Egypt, the...
  25. Do you know the history of this collection? Is it from one person? Are you in the UK? T A
  26. So it's below 5.5 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. So fluorite is still in the running. T A
  27. Do a hardness test on a hidden side you don't mind scratching. A steel knife blade is usually a 5.5, and a pre 1982 cent is a 3, fluorite is a 4. If the cent doesn't scratch it but the knife does, we ...
  28. You're welcome. Thank you for joining in and sharing. T A
  29. I think it represents AMIDA BUDDHA, Buddha of Infinite Light and Life Lord of the Beyond and the Afterlife Lord of Gokuraku, the Land of Ultimate Bliss Savior of Japan’s Pure Land Sects. And I t...
  30. That's up to you, the stones with natural fractures are going to break, so the finished goods from them will be small. It's also a soft stone wear wise.
  31. Green Florite. T A
  32. If it is all small panel construction, There is a chance it is bone, a Dragon "warrior" boat. A close up of where the dragon head broke off will show better if it's really bone or plastic molded to lo...
  33. A dial hand jack (set). T A
  34. Example of a gauge: T A
  35. Are you asking what's it for? It's to lift and to replace the pointer in a dial gauge. (If you pull them off with your fingers you usually bend them. T A
  36. The trick is the queen bee is placed inside the screened cone. The other bees will stay as close to her as they can. You're welcome, T A
  37. It's to transport bees. T A
  38. Great find, great advice. Let it be... T A
  39. Not at all racer4four, not at all. T A
  40. They are Pennsylvania Germans, not Chinese. T A
  41. That's where I'm leaning with this piece. T A
  42. Would you please include a photo of the locking hardware and the back view? Thank you, T A
  43. Rebuilt by Reading Company; originally built by Baldwin. T A
  44. For example: T A
  45. Engineers will often use clear acrylic when prototyping as the process of manufacturing is visible. T A
  46. And you found the missing wire. T A
  47. Taking the cover off the control box may help solve the mysteries. T A
  48. I think it's a homemade piece, not an off the shelf detector from Sears. T A
  49. Happy to help Ika, and welcome to CW. T A
  50. Melvin H. Tyler inventor, T A
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