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  1. Thanks! T A
  2. Happy to help, T A
  3. It's an advertising piece that came with a pair of Oakley X Metal Sunglasses. T A
  4. Always happy to help, T A
  5. One use here: T A
  6. T A
  7. You're welcome. T A
  8. Treen thread holder. T A
  9. Looks like it's been through a lot, but nothing error like about it. T A
  10. Of course it looks different, there are different models... I'm not going to do all the work for you. If you use Google, you should have no trouble finding the exact model as I found hundreds of examp...
  11. First off it's a cent and it's made of zinc that originally would have had a copper plating, that now obviously is missing. Your cent was made at the Denver mint, that's what the "D" under the date st...
  12. In one caption, you wrote "Arnaldo Dumindin points out that the tower near upper left looks like that of the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii. I agree and this makes sense" the palace has a mansard r...
  13. T A
  14. That would be Flander's. T A
  15. It has the looks of a widow's mite coin, however I would not count on it being genuine. T A
  16. J. Schlenker-Grusen (ISGUS) Night watchman's clock. It would record the time keys were turned as they made their rounds. T. A.
  17. Happy to help, T A
  18. T A
  19. It's a mango, not bean. It's Surmadani, used to hold powdered makeup. T A
  20. Google "sugar scuttle" to see a possible suggestion as to what it is. T A
  21. You're welcome; always happy to help. T A
  22. Not really worth the time, IMHO, here is the original: His works in water colors were extremely simplistic washes, often lacking poign...
  23. Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin visited Tahiti and painted many Polinesian women. 1891, Tahitian Women on the Beach. This is most likely a print. T A
  24. It a card holder used to play the game Duplicate Whist. T A
  25. Sometimes if you press Silly Putty into marks you can resolve the letters with a little more clarity, albeit in reverse of course. T A
  26. I wasn't joking. The other word could be England. Need better photos to see. T A
  27. You're welcome. T A
  28. Due to the condition of the coin, it does look more like normal wear and tear. (Of course in person viewing trumps a photo). T A
  29. Google spits out Pomona, CA. T A
  30. After a boxcar was loaded it would be sealed with these lead seals to show that the cargo had not been tampered with enroute. T A
  31. Looks lot like a lead. Maybe a fabric/coat weight. T A
  32. Someone sent certified mail. T A
  33. A single valve broadcast receiving set. Runs off two separate batteries, "E" is Earth (ground) and "A" is for an antenna lead. T A
  34. Thank you for the wonderful memory... I picked up his work at JJC Craft Show in NY and sold his pieces for years at my jewelry store. T A
  35. I believe these are often called a MOP luncheon set. T A
  36. The fact that it's stamped "COPY" on the reverse over the stars... no. T A
  37. Many service members stationed in Asia brought these bars back home. T A
  38. You're welcome. T A
  39. You're welcome. T A
  40. The first is from the Ashanti tribe of Ghana, Togo, and the Ivory Coast. T A
  41. Reminds me a lot of a qin shi huang tomb statue, one of the 8-10,000 life size terra cotta figures buried to stand guard at the first emperor of China's tomb. Various museum gift shops sell these toda...
  42. Sorry, but I really don't think they are old at all. Something a chain decor store stocks. T A
  43. Unfortunately the signature is printed: T A
  44. T A
  45. Almost looks like John Smith. T A
  46. A fabric iron. Hot coals were placed in the bowl to heat it. T A
  47. You're welcome. T A
  48. 1947-1999 all Waterford had an acid etched mark, Waterford. It's a frosted white mark. T A
  49. Hard spirits age in barrels, unlike wine, once they are bottled, there is little improvement, which translates to no real reason to pay a premium for an old bottle (unless you are opening a theme bar ...
  50. In other countries that use US currency, some places will mark bills to show that it was checked for authenticity and that it was processed at their firm. T A
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