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  1. Syroco Company. It's not wood, but a molded composite. T A
  2. It's really a tire rim tool. It's used on split rim tires, like those on a Model T Ford. T A
  3. A fireplace fender. T A
  4. This may have been sold as a set of placemats, a tourist's souvenir from a trip to Hawaii. T A
  5. That is exactly what it is. T A
  6. You're welcome Ho2cultcha and thank you Shareurpassion. T A
  7. Predates Zip Codes, 1963. T A
  8. It is the whole World after all... T A
  9. T A
  10. Well they also make repros in cast iron. My issue still is the poor quality of the casting especially if it was made at the pinnacle of cast iron manufacturing. Sorry, but I don't see the 19th centur...
  11. You are very welcome! No, sorry, you're on your own ;) T A
  12. T A
  13. There are aluminum reproductions out there, as I suspected: T A
  14. I think the pride of craftsmanship was at a higher level in 1870. There appears to be rough edges that I would not expect to see. Can you check if it is even cast iron? (Use a magnet). Thank you. ...
  15. Sorry, but if yours looks like this knife it is from Siam (Thailand). These pieces are ubiquitously Thai. https://img1.etsystatic.c...
  16. It's easily confuse-able; this is not a benzene burner. Note the writing is not in English. In many countries, gasoline has a colloquial name derived from that of the chemical benzene (e.g., German...
  17. You're very welcome Hickadilly1. T A
  18. An example: T A
  19. A tulip shaped pendent light. T A
  20. Aghcollect, I think you're being trolled. T A
  21. You are very welcome Gpflepsen, welcome to CW, and don't be a stranger! T A
  22. There is always eBay too: T A
  23. I Would think they are all new. T A
  24. ;) T A
  25.;jsessionid=BC94E447201E09644DCFDA116E7986F2?guid=35d799ce-6745-4393-87a4-4500ae5c3099 Wouldn't having frozen ice cream arrive still frozen be considered protecti...
  26. Shamrock Meese Inc. cooler will result in similar pieces, round and square.
  27. We just call them rice bowls ;) T A
  28. Kyratango already on my thank you list, #15 ;) Thanks again, T A
  29. I would think so, as there are hundreds if not thousands of styles of insulators: T A
  30. You're very welcome! Yes they are a very sought after brand. T A
  31. I think they are Nymphenburg Satyr Devil Head Urns. T A
  32. You're welcome Sean! T A
  33. I was just going to ask if you have Aloe ;) Very nice. T A
  34. You're welcome Surfdub66. T A
  35. A shipping cooler. (Cream, ice cream, etc.). T A
  36. T A
  37. I found a snippet in the Morning Oregonian. October 19, 1909, the company was asking for a tax reassessment. T A
  38. You can't say antique and Tanzanite together and mean it. T A
  39. Slag glass. Study the manufacturing past around the location. T A
  40. Well the museum will be the best source, I can't wait. T A
  41. Interesting piece: Emanuel Nobel had Fabergé make this clock to also mark this occasion.
  42. And one more, from within the Nobel family: T A
  43. Here is one in bronze, unattributed: T A
  44. I wonder if this has something to do with it: It would tie everything together nicely; France, Arts, Transportation (petr...
  45. fhrjr2 Virginia.vintage Manikin pickrknows antiquerose Vintage-van-Gogh nutsabotas6 ho2cultcha toracat Jono Dan121156 mikelv85 PhilDavidAlexanderMorris Roycroftbooksfromme1 ...
  46. I go light to dark. It's hard to reverse it if you went too dark of a shade from the beginning. Thankfully Mr. sharpie has expanded significantly beyond the basic five pack; they make it very easy. ...
  47. Different, yet very similar: An upskirt view of her undercarriage may help pin down a definitive answer. She jus...
  48. A Christmas tree topper. I think it's an imported modern piece. T A
  49. I open them all the time by just turning the tumblers while watching a movie. Right, left, right, left... "POP"! T A
  50. To tide you over until you get a player: This is the Night, July 24th 1946 Hollywood. Band of Gold, 1955. T A
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Army & Navy Cooporative Society Ltd LAMP? Kerosene Can? What is this... I.V. Brass Buttons Antique ring Old sheaffers ladies pen with clip on case. Dated Masonic Pin ~ Alaska/Yukon Expo? Confederate States of America Half Dollar


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