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  1. Thanks Pops52, you are all right in my book too! T A
  2. Rattletrap: I also flipped it for you. T A
  3. Sure give it a try. Rotate and post it as the second photo. T A
  4. This is to help Rattletrap with posting. I will remove as soon as I get feedback from him. Thank you bearing with me, T A
  5. Be sure to Save the photo after you Edit. T A
  6. I can help you, if you would allow me. Are you left handed? The home button positioning tip applies to the iPad as well. Go to your photo in Pictures. At the top right, it says Edit. If you cl...
  7. The correct iPhone camera upright position is (in portrait) the Home Button is on the bottom and (in landscape) it is on the right. You can also rotate (first icon, box with a curved arrow over the ri...
  8. The correct iPhone camera upright position is (in portrait) the Home Button is on the bottom and (in landscape) it is on the right. You can also rotate (first icon, box with a curved arrow over the ri...
  9. Remove the nails holding the cardboard, the piece will then show you what it is and how it was made. T A
  10. Looks like someone painted over a piece of printed textile. Sort of a home made paint by numbers. T A
  11. You are very welcome. Well you should never have a paper blow away;) T A
  12. BB, get a secondary hobby? Griswold calling the Lodge black... ;) T A
  13. Plastic. Carved bone or ivory does not leave both positive and negative artifacts on the surface. Those are signs of dirt on the object being molded and gas bubbles in the resin that form when it ...
  14. And they have a copy of yours here: T A
  15. Yes that was my first thought as well, see the bridge: T A
  16. Ding, ding! T A
  17. Nice work Ben! T A
  18. I just tested it with a test post from my iPad... No problem. T A
  19. It's a cast copy of an older wood cookie stamp/mold. T A
  20. ;)
  21. You are very welcome CardinalLady, It was my pleasure to help. T A
  22. Made in Hungary. T A
  23. Well I look forward to your return! T A
  24. Peasejean, please reconsider. Because this is a public site, everyone is welcome. Sometimes that is great, sometimes not as good. I have really enjoyed seeing your collection, as I know others have al...
  25. Laugh all you want, I have helped many. Snapping your fingers and badgering people isn't the best way to act when you need questions answered. We can all learn from each other, but it helps to put...
  26. Something wrong with yours? You want to learn, do something about it or hire me as your teacher. T A
  27. Go look at QVC for CZ's in 14K gold. T A
  28. @ID See any class ring you can buy today... T A
  29. You're welcome Mikeigotit. T A
  30. Thomasville Furniture, the parent company of Lane has a hospitality line. You may be able to contact them or try to locate a source of their old catalogs. T A
  31. Botticelli painted La Primavera, "The Three Graces", also in Florence. Not sure of the remaining side, kinda has that Medici look about him. T A
  32. It's David as depicted by Michelangelo and Cellini’s Perseus statue, both are in Florance... T A
  33. I would peg it as being a souvenir from Florence, Italy. T A
  34. You are very welcome Sledgeheli. T A
  35. Or welding: T A
  36. The Edi Sweet pieces are nice. T A
  37. The "C. CO. S." in the quatrefoil is the "stamp" you are looking for... now you need to figure out which C. S. company made it (no offense intended). T A
  38. It also corresponds to this one ;) T A
  39. Keep checking your change, errors do get out. T A
  40. It happened outside the mint, so it isn't a minting error. It was originally copper plated, someone may have removed some of it exposing the zinc. T A
  41. Would you please take a photo of the top and the back side? It looks like an alignment tool, for what, to be determined. Thank you, T A
  42. But it's still a great set, I hope you get some enjoyment from wearing them. T A
  43. Wow! Small World! The internet can be pure magic sometimes. T A
  44. If you painted darker hair on him, covered the name, you could pass him off as Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham ;) T A
  45. typical piece. T A
  46. Well if you would look closely, you can see that the hinges are replacements. It is possible that the liner was also removed. T A
  47. Tobacco stand, humidor. You keep your pipes on top, tobacco stays moist, yet mold and insect free (copper has a germicidal effect). T A
  48. SherwoodTrunks, you are very welcome. T A
  49. Most likely are synthetic star sapphires. T A
  50. Yes. And if you would combine the following words in a Google search, you would see others: palaska, Ottoman cartridge box you will see others. T A
  51. See more


Antique ring Old sheaffers ladies pen with clip on case. Dated Masonic Pin ~ Alaska/Yukon Expo? Confederate States of America Half Dollar


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