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  1. Makes all the difference... T A
  2. General location found? I could possibly see it being a celebratory pin for the passage of the Suffrage Act, Section 13 of the Montana State Constitution, however I'm not certain that would be cor...
  3. USGS, look up the county where it was found. You should be able to find out what types of iron minerals you have. The cube should be easy... T A
  4. You're very welcome Phatbuddha. T A
  5. I appreciate that you are willing to have this convo; thank you. T A
  6. Collectors Weekly (or in some cases weakly collecting). T A
  7. Well there is time invested in research and replying from our side too. Don't worry about trolls, the site will take care of itself. T A
  8. This place... love it. T A
  9. When a discussion about your piece doesn't fit your preconceived idea you delete the item. This prevents others from learning; it's about the collecting community, not just so you can get a free appra...
  10. Youval Yariv, Painter. b. 1942, Kibbutz Dafna, Israel. Studies: Avni Institute, Tel Aviv; Royal Academy, Brussels; Central School of Art, London; Morley College, London; Sir John Cass College, London....
  11. Always fun to help, T A
  12. Too cryptic? ;) The "Om" symbol in Devanagari. T A
  13. Oooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... T A
  14. What a perfect dive bar. T A
  15. Says: Made in USA on the bottom. Sorry for your loss. T A
  17. I wonder if it is a lighter. For example: T A
  18. 3 years late. Yes, this was for perfect attendance, i.e. no sick leave used. They also awarded years of service separately with gifts and/or pins. T A
  19. I am totally fall'in for this guy! T A
  20. Happy to help Mike! T A
  21. Yes, he would get free (franking) use of the mail. Perks of being a federal politico. T A
  22. You would have to pour over military records... Just open it. It could be damaged... or have a correctable issue that you are unaware of because you wouldn't open it ;) T A
  23. You're welcome! T A
  24. Yes a sight. T A
  25. T A
  26. It's a coffeemaker. T A
  27. T A
  28. It may be both naturally formed and so was chosen to be used as a tool because it was so close to the form of tool that is often seen in the Southwestern area:
  29. A Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator. T A
  30. Have you filled it with water? See if it is just a pretend spout... the dabber on th...
  31. I believe these are sold as perfume bottles. T A
  32. I was worried you wouldn't see this. And as I said 3 months ago, the rock lookout was blown up, so it doesn't look the same today. I have a good memory, so when I see something I know I will see it ag...
  33. Just joking with you. Here is an advert, shows how it is held in use:
  34. A corn slitter and scraper you say... I would have never gotten that, thanks for clearing that up! T A
  35. Yes, since 1770. T A
  36. It a collector's site, not really for selling. You can check eBay sold listings, $65-250 for this set, however the condition now may be a problem. Do you like tea? If you have a daughter, she may ...
  37. Could it be? Sugarloaf in Avalon Bay, Catalina, California.
  38. Birmingham Silver Co. of New York formed circa 1957. Did someone clean it with a Scotch-Brite pad or Steel wool? It looks like it had a tough life. Sorry for your loss. T A
  39. T A
  40. Corn Slitter and Scraper. T A
  41. It's a Distelfink and in Pennsylvania Dutch folk art documents known as Fraktur it represents happyness, a traditional symbol included on wedding Fraktur. T A
  42. I would be very cautious as to the authenticity of the three coins you posted. T A
  43. Have a look, you decide. T A
  44. It is Yuan Shih-Kai, the first President of the Chinese Republic. He came to power December 11th, 1915. T A
  45. It just has a primitive quality to it, one that I wouldn't expect for a brick and mortar dinner; and to photograph it -- there's more to it. Unfortunately, with most old photos, all we can do is spec...
  46. Yes of course it is speculation, but it may help if you trace your relatives occupations. Here in the U.S. Census records and war registration records often list occupations. Is it the same there? ...
  47. The suspended pans maybe to catch flying insects? I was wondering if it was a converted rail car cantina to provide services to worker/pioneers as they established (rail, mining, lumber, etc.) Nor...
  48. Ivory doesn't have a mold seam running down both sides. T A
  49. What does it say directly below Made USA? T A
  51. See more


Antique John Deere Part???....Need help identifying Army & Navy Cooporative Society Ltd LAMP? Kerosene Can? What is this... I.V. Brass Buttons Antique ring Old sheaffers ladies pen with clip on case. Dated Masonic Pin ~ Alaska/Yukon Expo? Confederate States of America Half Dollar


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