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Bossons Wall Art Repair or Fun With A Mr. Sharpie 
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  1. Awww thank you Kyratango :) T A
  2. If you didn't bump it to the top, I may never have seen it. Happy to help, T A
  3. By Eckhard and Engler KG, circa 1930-1949. T A
  4. Batik stamp, used to print wax onto fabric before it is dyed. T A
  5. Just a guess, so please work with me here: I think it's a soldering pot. You would clamp two items (let's say a cable) in the screws, the two tines would help keep it flat and in line, you apply the ...
  6. Is this it: T A
  7. T A
  8. Here is an interior photo of an early passenger plane; it looks like a seat identification plaque. Air France was founded in 1933. ...
  9. Lemon zester. T A
  10. There was a BARRETTS COUNTRY BS. Co. that had embossed B.C.B.C. on their bottles. T A
  11. You're welcome. T A
  12. Here is a real one: T A
  13. Here is a fine collection of authentic snuff bottles: T A
  14. Thanks, but it doesn't really solve the issue if these are newer copies or originals. T A
  15. T A
  16. Thank you. You got it too! T A
  17. I was only joking with you -- all in fun. T A
  18. Took you 41 minutes to type that? ;) T A
  19. I think this is the patent: T A
  20. An alcohol burner for a chafer. T A
  21. No! Thank you! I always appreciate seeing the interesting items you find. T A
  22. T A
  23. I think it's a pine needle basket. T A
  24. Dad has my grandparent's first TV in the library, plays old B&W movies on it, does wonders for Bela Lugosi. So atmospheric. T A
  25. Some of the items collectively known as the Crown Jewels are gilded silver. It's not a new concept and it's not that uncommon. ;) T A
  26. S & B Lederer Company was founded in 1878, at Providence, Rhode Island, eventually moving to New York City they closed in 1931. T A
  27. I tend to think it's decor only. Real enough looking to those that don't know and not too real as to offend those that know. T A
  28. Happy to help. T A
  29. Happy to help. T A
  30. Happy to help; welcome to CW! T A
  31. A stitching tool for sealing canvas or burlap sacks, such as a flour or mill sack. T A
  32. What other part of the watch says Seiko? (When I say mule I meant that the case and band are one brand and the face and possibly the movement are Seiko.) T A
  33. Possible that it's a mule? T A
  34. 99.9% sure this is by an American artist Bill Rabbit, he passed away in 2012, but his daughter is also an artist, she offers his works in this form online. T A
  35. Close: T A
  36. Meet The Beatles ?(LP, Album, RE) Capitol Records C1-90441 US 1988 T A
  37. First two are Monkey Pod wood. T A
  38. Here is #29 and 31: T A
  39. It isn't really a telephone, but a telephone cover. Hung on the wall to hide the wall phone, for that country kitchen look. T A
  40. When it comes to antiques from Indian, Indonesia, China, et al: Beware the man who owns an antique wooden furniture store in the front AND a wooden furniture factory in the back. T A
  41. T A
  42. Did they come with the keys? T A
  43. Looks like someone poured wax onto a Springerle Mold. T A
  44. I find the country of origin interesting, T A
  45. A possibility: T A
  46. Mata? (Black Pine) is a native wood to New Zealand. T A
  47. It was made in 1963. T A
  48. Someone deleted it... oh well. T A
  49. I would think it's from India and not very old at all. (They recycle old lumber and are excellent at applying just enough distress and dirty finishes to fool many people into thinking items have great...
  50. I guess Beam didn't have much faith in barcodes ;) T A
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