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A Look at the Noruko Method of Kokeshi Doll-making. - Dollsin Dolls
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Bossons Wall Art Repair or Fun With A Mr. Sharpie 
Hot Water Urn  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Trick Coin Machined From Two Coins - US Coinsin US Coins


  1. You're welcome! T A
  2. The Tefillin. See: T A
  3. Happy to help, T A
  4. The only sites I find with similar style always has Mandarin characters in the ...
  5. Well if it's counterfeit then it isn't a deal; if you can't tell if it's real or fake, I would recommend that you pass on this offer. T A
  6. T A
  7. T A
  8. This is a Batik printing block. T A
  9. The Rosenthal Versace Medusa red by Gianni Versace. T A
  10. Happy to help, T A
  11. A Distelfink. The bird is a Distelfink. T A
  12. These are Hex Signs, a Pennsylvania Dutch (German) tradition. Each has a meaning, to bring good luck for example. T A
  13. He's a tiny url of above link: T A
  14. Modeled after this: Most likely resins and marble dust. T A
  15. Roses in this style were used in Heraldry in Great Britain and Germany, as well as other lands for thousands of years. An example: Gothic or Tudor ...
  16. Just a possible minor correction, it is not cedar, but camphor wood, used in Asia for the same reason as cedar.
  17. It's lovely! Enjoy it when you take it off the bench. T A
  18. Here is an example showing the engraving still done today: Purely for stylistical assessment. T A
  19. The engraving being a matter of taste, one can pay more and have the plain piece embellished. The originals were English mourning jewelry as worn by Queen Victoria as seen by the King and Queen of Haw...
  20. Always a pleasure Shareurpassion, nice to see you too. T A
  21. Perhaps... T A
  22. OK, now see post #1. T A
  23. Always nice to see you Mike. Here: T A
  24. These were usually given to the all the young ladies of a high school graduation by a local Lane dealer. T A
  25. Happy to help Eric! T A
  26. T A
  27. I think you are correct. In this style: ...
  28. Suet blocks are most welcomed by the Woody's. T A
  29. Here you go: T A
  30. And I appreciate that you are open minded. Some people get bent out of shape when having a discussion about their piece. Colonialism may also play a part. Local woodworkers are shown a photo and as...
  31. Just my take:No doubt the accents are hand carved. But they show signs of being rushed, as in production line pieces, not an old world craftspeople. The top, most likely wasn't even made in the cou...
  32. You're welcome Auto12. T A
  33. Similar style pipe in action: T A
  34. German pipe. T A
  35. I hope Phil sees this table and comments. He has a keen eye and a wealth of experience and knowledge with furnishings and their histories. You're very welcome Scott, T A
  36. There is an awkwardness to the piece and the structure wood looks like something from Asia. Here is a 1950's piece (no not exactly the same but it has some of the same design points that I find stylis...
  37. T A
  38. It's a monogram -- not a crest or a cypher. T A
  39. You're very welcome Lindapat and welcome to CW! T A
  40. Really has a pewter color to me and the mark just maybe the copyright symbol. T A
  41. It looks like a bottle stopper, missing the cork ring that formed a seal. T A
  42. A Walter Tschinkel original. T A
  43. The Japanese version, a Kendama, was very popular this past Christmas. T A
  44. Just to give you an idea: T A
  45. Buttons that copied coins were popular and considered patriotic with individuals in the military for their coats. T A
  46. My pleasure. Thanks for sharing. T A
  47. T A
  48. Thank you. So, as I said, the design was originally a coin, This was molded from a coin and cast as a button. Lo...
  49. I think most of the real guns were made with steel springs. If it was golden color, it was washed in pure gold, not brass. T A
  50. Please, thank you. T A
  51. See more


Old cast office paper hole punch Antique John Deere Part???....Need help identifying Army & Navy Cooporative Society Ltd LAMP? Kerosene Can? What is this... I.V. Brass Buttons Antique ring Old sheaffers ladies pen with clip on case. Dated Masonic Pin ~ Alaska/Yukon Expo? Confederate States of America Half Dollar


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