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  1. Depends on if that bead is plastic... if yes, it was strung recently and is not old. The glass beads may be older. T A
  2. Happy to help Rustfarm! T A
  3. Looks like molded glass, see the seam around them? The gold colored bead maybe plastic that was plated. T A
  4. T A
  5. At 9 £'s yes they will break... But the savings of not buying CZ's as diamonds is worth it. T A
  6. A diamond tester is around 9 £; even battery powered so you can carry it to car boot sales. T A
  7. Yes, I watch it. ;) T A
  8. The Tracy Barlow post was a joke; a part of your country's television legacy, Coronation Street. T A
  9. Spot on AR! The whole Chessman motif was popular with men's furnishings then. T A
  10. You are too kind Shareurpassion. Never perfect, always learning, I am, T A
  11. The mark backs up what I said. T A
  12. #2. Republic of China. T A
  13. No, sorry it's not. T A
  14. It IS a medallion recently made. T A
  15. I put my complaints department email address on my About Me page. I occasionally get a message there ;) T A
  16. A cigar box opener. T A
  17. Alan, when someone types "Hahaha!", "lol", and "...too funny..." That usually means your comment did not upset anyone ;) T A
  18. LOL! Yes, I am ;) Walksoftly usually answers them before I show up. Have a great night, T A
  19. Thank you Sean. I'm here everyday ;) T A
  20. This will bring back some memories: T A
  21. At first glance, I thought Phil was playing around with PhotoShop again ;) T A
  22. Did you get this from Tracy at Barlow's Buys? T A
  23. T A
  24. It maybe a heavily rhodium plate over silver (should have been marked). I don't think it's diamonds, even white sapphires have a bit more reflectivity than these stones do. T A
  25. In the first photo, the bottom left prong (@8 o'clock) appears to possibly show base metal under plate. The stone looks different as the cutter produced a thick girdle to increase the weight of th...
  26. T A
  27. It's a protection amulet usually associated with Jewdeica. A Mogen David with the eye of God (evil eye) in the center. T A
  28. I get the feeling this is stone tiles forming this mosaic design. It may have had a coat of finish painted on it. T A
  29. Seems old to be David and the head of a giant... seems rather small. T A
  30. What?!? You mean that isn't Ronald Regan at the far table in photo number two? ;) Lol, T A
  31. That's what I was thinking. T A
  32. No arguments here... I'm not surprised as Sotherby's didn't really have anything to gain by giving you an in-depth (assuming free) evaluation, especially if they knew it wasn't for sale. T A
  33. If your adding moderate priced art to your home, you really should consider having it properly evaluated by an art appraiser so that you may add it to your homeowners insurance. T A
  34. I never said or thought that "I am perfect" -- far from it. There is enough information in my posts to aid others. Most of us here understand how to interpret free advice on the Internet... that ...
  35. Not a beginner. Europe was full of painters that traveled around selling copies of masters. Here is one such piece believed to be from Italy:
  36. It is not by the hand of Wladyslaw Czachorski. He was all about details and mixed textures and contrasts. This artist failed or couldn't be bothered to render the candles. It's not the work of a maste...
  37. Happy to help, Share. T A
  38. A water filled bird warbler. T A
  39. He started his business of tin, copper, sheet iron work and hot air furnaces in 1882. There are listings for him being active in bussiness up to around 1922 as president of the state's Sheet Metals Wo...
  40. Here is a modern example: T A
  41. Maria Gruszczy?ska was a Polish Folk Singer, Arranger, and Composer. T A
  42. No sorry, I don't know. It has been reproduced thousands of times even in newspapers without a photo attribution. T A
  43. Sid Mercer. T A
  44. ;) How were the eggs? T A
  45. T A
  46. Glenn: What is the rest of the company name on the front? T A
  47. Such a wonderful piece! I'm a sucker for good craftsmanship. T A
  48. Still made to this day: T A
  49. It is a pot scrubber: T A
  50. Very cool. It is so thrilling to meet people that have inspired you throughout your life. T A
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Old cast office paper hole punch Antique John Deere Part???....Need help identifying Army & Navy Cooporative Society Ltd LAMP? Kerosene Can? What is this... I.V. Brass Buttons Antique ring Old sheaffers ladies pen with clip on case. Dated Masonic Pin ~ Alaska/Yukon Expo? Confederate States of America Half Dollar


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