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  1. T A
  2. You're welcome. T A
  3. McKaig-Hatch was a tool manufacturer for the automotive industry. The company, based out of Buffalo, New York made economy tools, and produced and supplied the screwdriver, pliers, and open-end wrench...
  4. Looks like it held a magneto, a hand cranked generator. T A
  5. Kind of you to say. You are very welcome. T A
  6. You're very welcome. T A
  7. You're very welcome, thanks for sharing and welcome to CW, T A
  8. You're very welcome, T A
  9. Yeah, really ;) T A
  10. Awww thank you Kyratango :) T A
  11. If you didn't bump it to the top, I may never have seen it. Happy to help, T A
  12. By Eckhard and Engler KG, circa 1930-1949. T A
  13. Batik stamp, used to print wax onto fabric before it is dyed. T A
  14. Just a guess, so please work with me here: I think it's a soldering pot. You would clamp two items (let's say a cable) in the screws, the two tines would help keep it flat and in line, you apply the ...
  15. Is this it: T A
  16. T A
  17. Here is an interior photo of an early passenger plane; it looks like a seat identification plaque. Air France was founded in 1933. ...
  18. Lemon zester. T A
  19. There was a BARRETTS COUNTRY BS. Co. that had embossed B.C.B.C. on their bottles. T A
  20. You're welcome. T A
  21. Here is a real one: T A
  22. Here is a fine collection of authentic snuff bottles: T A
  23. Thanks, but it doesn't really solve the issue if these are newer copies or originals. T A
  24. T A
  25. Thank you. You got it too! T A
  26. I was only joking with you -- all in fun. T A
  27. Took you 41 minutes to type that? ;) T A
  28. I think this is the patent: T A
  29. An alcohol burner for a chafer. T A
  30. No! Thank you! I always appreciate seeing the interesting items you find. T A
  31. T A
  32. I think it's a pine needle basket. T A
  33. Dad has my grandparent's first TV in the library, plays old B&W movies on it, does wonders for Bela Lugosi. So atmospheric. T A
  34. Some of the items collectively known as the Crown Jewels are gilded silver. It's not a new concept and it's not that uncommon. ;) T A
  35. S & B Lederer Company was founded in 1878, at Providence, Rhode Island, eventually moving to New York City they closed in 1931. T A
  36. I tend to think it's decor only. Real enough looking to those that don't know and not too real as to offend those that know. T A
  37. Happy to help. T A
  38. Happy to help. T A
  39. Happy to help; welcome to CW! T A
  40. A stitching tool for sealing canvas or burlap sacks, such as a flour or mill sack. T A
  41. What other part of the watch says Seiko? (When I say mule I meant that the case and band are one brand and the face and possibly the movement are Seiko.) T A
  42. Possible that it's a mule? T A
  43. 99.9% sure this is by an American artist Bill Rabbit, he passed away in 2012, but his daughter is also an artist, she offers his works in this form online. T A
  44. Close: T A
  45. Meet The Beatles ?(LP, Album, RE) Capitol Records C1-90441 US 1988 T A
  46. First two are Monkey Pod wood. T A
  47. Here is #29 and 31: T A
  48. It isn't really a telephone, but a telephone cover. Hung on the wall to hide the wall phone, for that country kitchen look. T A
  49. When it comes to antiques from Indian, Indonesia, China, et al: Beware the man who owns an antique wooden furniture store in the front AND a wooden furniture factory in the back. T A
  50. T A
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