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  1. Enjoy. It's hit or miss, but I found several that were unknown up until that point. Kind of a nice rainy day task, if you know what I mean. T A
  2. Thanks, I didn't know that. T A
  3. Spink is a really great auction company and they have their sales catalogs available. You can peruse them to find your coin. T A
  4. The problem is, that date, does not line up with Esso's, or even Standard Oil's founding date. It was a year that they had Put a Tiger in You Tank Contests around the World. They gave out Tiger Cards ...
  5. T A
  6. You already said it was Egyptian type, stick with that. (Probably tourist art from there). T A
  7. T A
  8. By Civil War, you mean WW1. T A
  9. Yes, it's cocktail shaker. Maybe the vent tube is clogged. T A
  10. Wrong key, pictured with the bank is an emergency key, used to open bathroom door locks. T A
  11. Maybe a military uniform coat button. But keep in mind, crowns are a popular design in fashion. ( Wien = Vienna). T A
  12. At this point, I trust zero from China. T A
  13. You're very welcome. T A
  14. Wilfa is a Norwegian company that was established in 1948, they mostly now make coffee makers. T A
  15. A nice cloisonné bowl. Maybe Chinese. For example: T A
  16. It doesn't look very old, to be honest. Asia has had a booming "Antiques made to order" business for many years now. But it's still an appealing decretive piece. T A
  17. That too, lol. T A
  18. Epicure (Silverplate, 1970) by Reed & Barton T A
  19. In Hawai'ian it's called Panini. It was an early introduction soon after cattle ranches were established. T A
  20. Do they smell like silver? T A
  21. Different color of ink. T A
  22. I think it was a pattern tracing wheel--the wheel fell of this one. T A
  23. Some had colored waters in them too. T A
  24. Have a look inside the back for a build plate on the actual radio chassis or a label glued to the cabinet. It may offer some information as to model number. T A
  25. They sold these at fairs and beach side towns; the boardwalk in Atlantic City. T A
  26. Google: magnavox stereo 500 T A
  27. Made by Schreteger in Germany 1795-1850. (What you think is a date is most likely the latitudes of the cities). T A
  28. At one time it was a portable speaker, hinged most likely to carry the cables. T A
  29. I would say the next time someone complains about vacuum cleaning, show them your antique vacuum cleaner... T A
  30. Happy, the Oil Drop Man. Really cool, T A
  31. Mints, mint coins. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, prints currency. This is just someone fixing a bill on their own, not a BEP error. T A
  32. Just a note, the area was called California hundreds of years before it was a state, circa 1530's. T A
  33. Google eastlake design. T A
  34. Merry Christmas and welcome to CW. This sums it up well: T A
  35. You're very welcome, happy to help. T A
  36. The coin is related to Hindu temples, i.e., it is a 'Temple Token', with various Western spellings such as Ram Tanka, or Ramatanka, or Ram Tonka. T A
  37. Sorry to say that happened outside the mint. T A
  38. This seller has them, there are bakelite artillery shell fuse containers that are very similar. T A
  39. No, It looks like a trick coin used for magic tricks. Some have a hollow compartment to hide things inside while others have a magnets or steel glued inside to make otherwise none magnetic coins, magn...
  40. I'm sure he loved you Wingy23, he may not have known himself. T A
  41. No worries Sean, it's just a busy time of year for Jewelers... T A
  42. I can save you the time... there wasn't an Omega Watch Company in 1882. The forerunner of Omega, La Generale Watch Co, was founded at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1848 by Louis Brandt, who as...
  43. You're welcome, happy to help. T A
  44. there is an email address. T A
  45. Wiki says the building at 40 College Street was completed in 1988. Perhaps a dedication ceremony keepsake? T A
  46. You're welcome. T A
  47. You're welcome; happy to help. T A
  48. I'm thinking that the rounded front would make it easy for a cigarette to come out when grabbed, rolling up and out. T A
  49. That company was founded 30th, November, 1955. So the piece is not older than that. T A
  50. Kazakhstan. T A
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