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  1. Perhaps a cigar lighter? T A
  2. I'm thinking this is a modern version: of what you have. T A
  3. Sort of the forerunner of challenge coins. T A
  4. There are a few on this site: T A
  5. From Ralf Hartemink's International Civic Arms website: Trier was already an important city in the Roman times and the seat of a bishop in the early Middle Ages. The patron saint of the city is St....
  6. In the US, Zip Codes were used starting in 1963, so that gives you a maximum age. T A
  7. TallCakes nailed it. T A
  8. You're welcome, happy to help, T A
  9. Turnspit dog. For cooking on the hearth. T A
  10. You're welcome Liventruth. There exists a large fan base of Realistic Branded audio components. There are some MODS you can do with the crossovers to get a better sounding set of speakers. T A
  11. You're welcome Mike. The Art Museum has a great collection of them and so does the library: T A
  12. Mike specifically it is a Taufscheine, collectively it's a Fratur. T A
  13. That's how they were made... (Speaker builders buy these to harvest the dipole tweeters). T A
  14. Good luck on your quest, and welcome to CW. T A
  15. Are you asking about the marks in photo two? It looks like a spur marks left from certain types of wood turning lathes. If in a hidden area, or not visually objectionable, it can be left on the piece ...
  16. I called it a month ago, see post #4: T A
  17. It's for a printing press, like a Letter Press. A magazine advert or for a little newspaper. A custom typeset is placed in the opening. T A
  18. The etching reminds me of Fostoria. Check the bottoms for an acid marked name of the maker. T A
  19. ;) T A
  20. T A
  21. You're very welcome. T A
  22. Sorry I don't do worth for free. This is not the place for it. T A
  23. And finally the third: T A
  24. First one: T A
  25. Middle one: T A
  26. Some gold painted bulbs would look great in it, nice piece. T A
  27. Well it's sooo much taking and not enough giving sometimes. I like to follow up. After all it is meant to be interactive. T A
  28. Yes, no, maybe so? Did this answer your questions? T A
  29. Wow! T A
  30. Nice solve! T A
  31. T A
  32. You're welcome. T A
  33. All the information is arranged by series number at the bottom of this page: T A
  34. Ahhhh, the mysteries of life. ;) you're welcome. T A
  35. You are very welcome. T A
  36. Made by the Fulani People, Mali, Africa. T A
  37. It's a resin casting, so there should be several around. T A
  38. About the "odd" shaped vase: The double gourd or bottle gourd is called huluping in Chinese and calabash in the West (Lagenaria siceraria) and has many meanings in China, including purity, longevity, ...
  39. You're welcome. T A
  40. T A
  41. Here's one guys take about bronze on a whale iron: T A
  42. You're welcome. T A
  43. T A
  44. Do you like tea? Store your tea in it. T A
  45. Depending on their size, I agree, they could be for portable devices. T A
  46. I never said it would be an easy search ;) Here is a better photo of the handle's locking configuration, see photo # 6, the underside of the handle:
  47. Great solve! I saw this and thought I might hurt my brain attempting this one :) T A
  48. A little history of the spoons: T A
  49. If you keep your eyes open, there may be a set of handles on line for sale somewhere that will fit. Since they tend to be very ornate castings, I imagine people have a difficult time discarding them e...
  50. Well it does say Hermes in the first photo... but anything can be fake these days. T A
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