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  1. T A
  2. Happy to help. The value of the listing is with the original packaging, showing intended use. T A
  3. T A
  4. Is their a registration number on it? You can look it that way. See if any sold on eBay to come up with an average value. T A
  5. Italian Unification. T A
  6. The Staff of Asclepius is considered the correct symbol. T A
  7. Looks like a Minton mark, circa 1925. T A
  8. Happy to help, T A
  9. Circa 1930, from the UK. Happy to help, T A
  10. T A
  11. It's not postage, it's a revenue or dues stamp, placed in a membership book, NSDAP or one of the orginizations under it, then over stamped (cancelled) to show you're paid up. T A
  12. Probably Camphor Wood Chest. Google should help you from there. T A
  13. It's a toy bomb. A cap placed in the depression it's string holds it together and it's dropped and BOOM! T A
  14. The company that made this had published catalogs: joseph walker: general brass foundry for ironmongers, architects, builders, decorators, joiners, cabinet makers, plumbers, shopfitters, shipbuilde...
  15. I was thinking along the lines of a foot for a wooden tripod or instrument holder that requires leveling adjustments (surveyor's cross, telescope, camera, etc). If someone would like an explanation...
  16. Would you be so kind as to repost without the pipe smoker's multi tool and show the end it's standing on too? Thank you. T A
  17. The telephone number is in Hindu numerals, so India. T A
  18. LST - 473 was laid down on 10 July 1942 at Vancouver, Wash., by Kaiser, Inc.; launched on 9 December 1942; and commissioned on 16 March 1943, 'Lt. R. W. Dillard in command. During World War II, LST-47...
  19. A m1 Garand m3 combination tool. T A
  20. Happy to help, T A
  21. It's a tachometer. T A
  22. That wreath of flowers/foliage is very reminiscent of designs used on coins of India. It may just be a temple token that has devices mimicking the coins of the time.
  23. You're welcome. T A
  24. Wafer tongs gets more hits... T A
  25. Host tongs. T A
  26. Most likely the outer silver case was made in Italy (possibly Eastern Europe) and had a zippo guts placed inside circa 1950. T A
  27. Most likely the outer silver case was made in Italy (possibly Eastern Europe) and had a zippo guts placed inside circa 1950. T A
  28. Not to mention loading a four poster bed and this on your yak would make one a very unhappy nomad. Plenty of English influences here, a library/bed step table. More for show, less for climbing (a...
  29. You're welcome. T A
  30. You're very welcome. T A
  31. Terrine Brevetee, for pate. T A
  32. Tibetan, inlaid red copal resin. T A
  33. T A
  34. Also three slits would be made at the end of a legal document so nothing else could be written and a tag seal would be attached. Perhaps it's use. T A
  35. Projector bulb. T A
  36. Info here: Pictures of other pieces: http://www.antiquer...
  37. No, it's not a real coin. T A
  38. The Yosemite Grant medal came in bronze as well. T A
  39. Seems like a ton of reaching here... phones back then were directly wired to a terminal, so you couldn't just unclip it and pass the end of the wire into a tiny hole and plug it back in, you would nee...
  40. Thanks! T A
  41. It's an advertising piece that came with a pair of Oakley X Metal Sunglasses. T A
  42. Always happy to help, T A
  43. T A
  44. You're welcome. T A
  45. Treen thread holder. T A
  46. Looks like it's been through a lot, but nothing error like about it. T A
  47. Of course it looks different, there are different models... I'm not going to do all the work for you. If you use Google, you should have no trouble finding the exact model as I found hundreds of examp...
  48. First off it's a cent and it's made of zinc that originally would have had a copper plating, that now obviously is missing. Your cent was made at the Denver mint, that's what the "D" under the date st...
  49. In one caption, you wrote "Arnaldo Dumindin points out that the tower near upper left looks like that of the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii. I agree and this makes sense" the palace has a mansard r...
  50. T A
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