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  1. Clockmaker's Fusée Engine. T A
  2. I would start looking at E. H. Scott Worlds Record Super (5-10) radios. To figure out which model it is. T A
  3. Nice work! T A
  4. You're welcome Mikeigotit. T A
  5. A police officer isn't going to wear a military officer's uniform, with royal orders and breast stars. He looks like King Rama VII of Siam to me. T A
  6. You're welcome. T A
  7. 1925-1931. T A
  8. You're welcome and enjoy, T A
  9. T A
  10. Looks African/Coptic to me. T A
  11. You're welcome Walksoftly. T A
  12. It is most likely camphor wood. There are hundreds of thousands of these out in the market. They come in a full range of sizes, some up to 4' x 2 1/2'. Still being made and imported to this day. T A
  13. There are some of the letters that went back and forth between the U.S. And G.B. On this site that fill insome of the how's and whys: T A
  14. No older than July 1st, 1963, (address has a Zip Code). T A
  15. This gives you an idea ;) T A
  16. Western thinking applied to Eastern doing... T A
  17. Fhrjr2 that's part of how I can tell a general area where it's from. With the Indonesian Rainforests supplying the wood, you see very little use of what we would consider bargain secondy woods. T A
  18. You're welcome Aloofness1. T A
  19. WB Stores were filled with just such things -- everything imaginable. T A
  20. Mixed tropical woods, i.e. possibly a type of Mahogany and Monkey Pod. Stylistically it has an asia look; Bali would be a strong point of origin. T A
  21. "...and, only "antique" ivory or teeth are not protected by the endangered species laws." Not at all true. Each and every state has it's own laws. T A
  22. Hi Sean. The name and logo are not in dispute; this becomes a fantasy piece because it's on a glass home canning jar and not on the paper label of a "tin" can. T A
  23. Yes, it doesn't matter how much shoe polish the dealer brushes on the piece, it's still a fake. T A
  24. Sometimes they are ceramic too. Plaster or chalkware exist as well. T A
  25. These are plastic cast souvenirs sold all over Europe, probably for the last forty years. T A
  26. It is signed at the top with what I assume is the date 90. T A
  27. T M or M T Design perhaps? T A
  28. T A
  29. I think the first screen printed bottles developed circa 1933. The crisp, high relief of the lines looks like an UV or epoxy ink which is decidedly modern. My vote, this is a new fantasy piece. T A
  30. Yes, in 1971, Schaefer opened it's last brewery in Fogelsville, which really killed Reading's market. That slogan is much older than the 1970's, 1958. T A
  31. CD -- Choir Director? Perhaps early church choir garb. T A
  32. Britannia metal. T A
  33. It doesn't have a mark? There is about one every two-three months posted here. These pitchers, patented by James H. Stimpson, were licensed and manufactured by several companies (some confusion ca...
  34. Just a thought -- It may be a DIY project, they used plaster to seal the bottom in order to make it a vessel, where normally a disc is cut and fit. T A
  35. Thanks for reminding me! I forgot all about the little guy that "lives" on my Gameboy. It's been a year... it's not going to be pretty. T A
  36. Are you positive it isn't ceramic? T A
  37. Of course it's not that old, you get them at the museum gift shop... You're welcome, T A
  38. Huh? T A
  39. Sorry I can't help you there, maybe check at the deed office; it sure would make a great story to find it's owner. ;) T A
  40. You're very welcome. T A
  41. On eBay: T A
  42. Did you look at the link? T A
  43. T A
  44. Looks like Hong Kong to me. It's during this time that novelties were being manufactured there, the precursor to everything being made in China. A child's gum ball machine ring, that's what I see. ...
  45. T A
  46. You're welcome! T A
  47. Vocal brand of bronze for use in court Athenai, Athens, Agora Museum T A
  48. No older than February 6th, 1952... T A
  49. Toledo Spain is their sword manufacturing capital. Because of this, millions of souviners also are made there. T A
  50. If it does say Hong Kong, my vote is that it is a gum ball machine ring with the shanks broken off. (One size fits all type) T A
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Antique John Deere Part???....Need help identifying Army & Navy Cooporative Society Ltd LAMP? Kerosene Can? What is this... I.V. Brass Buttons Antique ring Old sheaffers ladies pen with clip on case. Dated Masonic Pin ~ Alaska/Yukon Expo? Confederate States of America Half Dollar


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