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  1. T A
  2. Please show the bottom. It helps... T A
  3. Found it, T A
  4. I'm pretty sure it's a piece by Jan Michaels of San Francisco. T A
  5. Beautiful lusterware! T A
  6. Ahhh Garuda. T A
  7. For example: T A
  8. Slag glass. T A
  9. Slag glass. T A
  10. "It doesn't say that the plates and forks are made from whale parts." Sure it does, right on the gold sticker, whale whiskers are baleen, a part of whales. The entire point of the leaflet is so th...
  11. Baleen. T A
  12. Try pierce work. T A
  13. Mahogany species from Asia are usually solid construction due to low material and labor costs. So don't always rely on that advice. An aside about exotic and tropical woods, take care sanding unk...
  14. I too get the electrical feel, but perhaps it's an egg switch or lamp part?$_35.JPG A reference of scale to size it up would be helpf...
  15. Pure speculation as it may have been part of a bookend set, but I feel it may be flat just to fit perfectly against the back of a small home shrine. T A
  16. Taiisan Kotokuin Shojo Senji. T A
  17. It's by Viniti. T A
  18. You're welcome ravage60. T A
  19. Always happy to help. T A
  20. They are gate latches. T A
  21. T A
  22. In case you missed it in his obituary: "He became an SF Firefighter in 1966... ...He was truly a "Renaissance Man" in that he excelled in many areas of life: author, sculptor, poet, athlete, wa...
  23. You're welcome. T A
  24. T A
  25. T A
  26. From The Future of Road-making in America, 1905: In many of the Eastern and Southern States road stones do not exist; neither is it possible to secure good coarse gravel. No such material can be se...
  27. They are kind of ubiquitous: T A
  28. Not old at all: T A
  29. No, I think my solves speak for themselves. T A
  30. You're welcome! T A
  31. Cast resin (plastic) I don't think they engraved the plastic, but molded the engraving. T A
  32. Yes a 1910, Russian 100 ruble note. T A
  33. T A
  34. I would think it may be higher than 18k, perhaps 22k... T A
  35. I assure you it's not a cactus. T A
  36. Some may argue that it is called Stigmaria, as it is the root of the tree, I will let that fight up to you ;) As this is tree that formed most of the coal reserves, it isn't very rare, but still cool ...
  37. Your fossil can be 359 million years old... It's lepidodendron, an extinct tree. T A
  38. P. S. It's not from the 1950's, read the date code 4-63(8?). T A
  39. Turn off the lights and you should see what the use is... T A
  40. T A
  41. I see a Korean piece. Like a blanket chest. T A
  42. Semantics... The gourd mate can be made of pure gold if you like, it's not always made of a dried fruit pod... T A
  43. It's a Yerba mate gourd and bombilla. T A
  44. A nice Polynesian hook. T A
  45. Search for Taiwan, not China... T A
  46. + Sch = Swiss A. Mutzner = The maker's name 44 Maienfeld = the municipality where the maker was/is, und possibly the model number or post code. Hope that helps somewhat. T A
  47. Not sure that it is true doubling, maybe struck through grease. T A
  48. Sometimes it helps if you read what is engraved on the item... it can be telling. (Sure grandma may have pounded potatoes with it, but it's original purpose was a ceremonial tool, like the chrome plat...
  49. Ceremonial stone mason's mallet? Ivory sales can be affected by local laws... but generally legal as long as the sale does not cross state lines. T A
  50. Yes, it also says that, but if you turn it sideways it just says om, with a few added flourishes to set it off. :) T A
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