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  1. An antique sewing machine, circa 1860 By Williams & Orvis. T A
  2. Rothenburg ob der Tauber. T A
  3. AR-2 Communications Receiver, sold as a kit 1952-1955. T A
  4. You laugh, but poorer people that couldn't afford a luxury spit-jack like this did use a twisted string tied to a rock to get a twirling motion going. ;) T A
  5. Usually called a bottle-jack because of it's shape, it was wound and would turn meat in front of a fire. T A
  6. You're welcome. T A
  7. It's meant to look like an antique lamp. Some lamps like whale oil lamps often came with tools to care for the wick, hanging from them for convenience sake. T A
  8. Small World. T A
  9. A steam vent for hot items. T A
  10. In American cast iron, the gate mark on the backside, it looks like a raised crack, is a sign of antiquity, 1800-1890, after that the casting process was changed. I don't know if that information tran...
  11. Sold as ceramic bisque to be painted by purchaser. T A
  12. You're welcome. T A
  13. T A
  14. Sorry, fake. T A
  15. A butter server, missing the knife and I believe it should have an insert dish, so that some iced water could be put in the base to keep the butter cold. T A
  16. Typo? Besides, there was no Burggrafen in 1610... T A
  17. A niche stein, by August Weygang, circa 1900. T A
  18. They date it circa 1935. T A
  19. You're welcome and no worries, I learn new things here everyday :) T A
  20. Just a guess, a small glue jar. Originally a brush or even just a stick in the center of the cap as a applicator. T A
  21. Guam M.I. as in Guam, Mariana Islands. T A
  22. Sometimes called a dissecting slide preparation microscope. T A
  23. You're welcome. T A
  24. T A
  25. The form is that of a gourd, it may be an element of Feng Shui decor. T A
  26. Here is a version... perhaps the same use? T A
  27. Lol! Most of the time I'm just on my iPhone waiting in line somewhere, hence my numerous typos/autocorrect errors ;) appreciate the sentiment just the same. T A
  28. Iris Riso works even better ;) T A
  29. Here's a manufacturer's solution: T A
  30. I posted a video how to solve it, but you deleted it. T A
  31. You deleted my answer? It's a pub puzzle... T A
  32. The five beads maybe spur marks, where the box sat on red clay stilts to keep the glaze from fusing it to the kiln. T A
  33. Perhaps a radio station DJ "Chris 'The Stooge' Risotto" gave it to an intern? T A
  34. It should read: Chaucers Canterbury Pilgrims, and with the names of the pilgrims, Reeve, Chaucer, Clerk of Oxenford, Cook, Miller, Wife of Bath, Merchant, Parson, Man of Law, Plowman, Physician, Frank...
  35. Not really... the planchet metal should be silver or copper color, but not both. This is an after the mint piece, most likely for a magic trick. T A
  36. Rare doesn't always equate valuable. Seems this sell tried to sell the identical decanter on eBay, twice and failed to get $21.99 in March, so that should give you some idea as to where you stand with...
  37. You're very welcome. T A
  38. Oh you're very welcome; yes, they came from the bank in a protective sealed plastic sheet. T A
  39. T A
  40. I have one ounce bars that I purchased circa 1985 that are identical. T A
  41. Lol, or the sea is full of fish, maybe, lol! That seems to fit better than hours/time. You're welcome, T A
  42. I think it's a piece of Judaica, saying something along the lines of " the sea is full of time" ( I hope someone that reads Hebrew will correct and forgive my error). Representing the 12 tribes. ...
  43. Happy to help! T A
  44. Thomas, they employed edge lettering to free up the design area for the obverse and reverse. So the date, mint mark, and motto e pluribus unum are on the edge. T A
  45. Look on the edge. T A
  46. How's the research going? Found this and wondered if you saw it: T A
  47. Perhaps it was their wholesale line brand. (Seems to be in bulk under that name and D...
  48. They had civilian personnel working for them. It doesn't look like a family day, or NWR, or USO sort of event photo. (Just assumptions of course) T A
  49. A 6G601M Circa 1941. T A
  50. The Advance Platoon of the 30th Medical Depot Company arrived on Omaha Beach on 30 June 1944; the second advance section established a dump at L'Etard while the first advance section went to Cherbourg...
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