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  1. I guess Beam didn't have much faith in barcodes ;) T A
  2. Bar codes first placed on products June, 1974. If you type the complete code number into google, it may return info such as when that barcode was first registered for those bottles. It's a start... ...
  3. Actually I consider most of these items to be hollowware. T A
  4. or T A
  5. That's what we use one for, AKA a muffineer. This is turning out to be a great set. Dents can be dealt with by a competent hollowware silversmith ( I would let that up to the buyer). I hope you can...
  6. Sell as collectables is my advice. Many collect it. T A
  7. Do not scrap, Shreve & Company is the oldest company in San Francisco. Drop by the store, they should clean them for you for free. Such a nice find. T A
  8. Yes, we have been loaned such things for large picnics from local beverage distributor. The ones we used had copper coils in the cooler; one would fill the cooler with ice, so it wasn't dispensing 80...
  9. A swizzle stick, or champagne swizzle. T A
  10. You're welcome! Always interesting... T A
  11. That's a wonderful treasure. T A
  12. Mere et enfant sur le rivage, 1902. T A
  13. Thank you, but I think there are others more deserving of such a title. T A
  14. You're very welcome! T A
  15. I appreciate the feedback, thank you. T A
  16. Sorry, I just recognized the shape from a natural history museum. Which animal it's from? I will leave that sleuthing to you. My thoughts are that there has been some work done on it, bear that in min...
  17. I would look to South America, Aztec, Inca, or Mayan cultures. T A
  18. A baculum. T A
  19. It's the one bone many mammals have, that men don't (although they sometime speak of it as one). T A
  20. Use: Age: I'm not sure. These could have been made for the past fifty years (just a guess). T A
  21. With mintage figures in excess of one and and a half billion (with a "B") for each of the years 2000-2006, even if a thousand people posted that they found one like this, still amounts to nothing but ...
  22. Going by the pattern in no. 149, I would say these are weaving patterns/designs for weaving narrow fabric and circular weaving.
  23. You're very welcome Toracat! You have great friends. T A
  24. Yes, with various edge lettering, they still produce these. T A
  25. Nice find Kyratango! T A
  26. Abebooks and Biblio are good places to look to find general information; determining the edition and state, can take some time. The value is in the complete set, not just a few volumes, generally. ...
  27. Calabash Fruit Pod. T A
  28. It's cast plastic, (remember the "wooden" car) here are other pieces: T A
  29. I know they carve gourds there: T A
  30. Happy to help a new collector. Welcome! T A
  31. In depth article: Today's high speed presses has increased these marks (see state quarters). It happens when the coins fly into the hopper ...
  32. Look at the reeded edge of the coin, now the mark, edge, mark... ;) T A
  33. Google Römer or Roemer Glass. T A
  34. Golf Kings blazer button. Variations on the theme: T A
  35. I feel this is not of anyone's personal crest, but a piece of room decor. T A
  36. T A
  37. Are you sure Kerry? A 1916 movement serial was around 2,800,001... T A
  38. Fhrjr2: Which name (or word) is in error? T A
  39. I hope it does! T A
  40. I'm Wondering if it's a shave mug; the small spikes hold the soap in place when lathering the brush. Just a thought, T A
  41. Others. T A
  42. Here are the updates regarding the restoration: T A
  43. I was thinking a Weird Person... T A
  44. I think I know who it was he left because someone "wronged" him here a few months ago... Sorry to see you leave, but I completely understand. Take care, T A
  45. We have the bed that would match this, it's from Indonesia. T A
  46. Looks like a Hawaiian ring: T A
  47. Yes after you make plastic conductive (graphite powder would work) you can plate plastic. T A
  48. this YouTube video shows you basically what it does: T A
  49. It's new, still made today. They didn't have CD Players in 1940's... T A
  50. T A
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