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  1. Is the gold filled case or dust cover marked in any way (besides service scribed numbers). T A
  2. Here is a simular styled piece, metal bedroom furnature was a thing at one point. T A
  3. Very interesting, if you ever find out where the coin is from, please let us know. T A
  4. From the CW Tiffany page: "Tiffany began selling silverware in 1847, most of which was produced in Europe. Shortly thereafter, German-trained designer Gustav Herter was hired to execute Tiffany produc...
  5. You're welcome. Keep'em coming! T A
  6. Old die showing polishing artifacts; nearing the end of it's striking life. T A
  7. They are meant to be a paperweight that may or may not accurately keep time. Some come with a a little stand too. T A
  8. I'd say you are on the right track. T A
  9. Try Google to tell you what that word means... ;) T A
  10. I get a kick out of the ones that say Patek Philippe. T A
  11. Sorry to ask, but would you please post clearer photos. There are Middle Eastern/Asia versions with photocopied dials and crude brass movements that sell for a few dollars in the street bazaars. Can't...
  12. For a bit of info, perhaps start here: T A
  13. You're welcome. T A
  14. From far away it looks a bit like a 45 record adapter too: When I saw that and "DJ" that's why I clicked on through. No, I don...
  15. The art of circuit boards, nice. T A
  16. It's faux painted to look like Jasperware. (There is a very visible mold seam on the side, Wedgwood QC allows light fingerprints as it shows that it is handmade, but I don't think mold seams would pas...
  17. Try the search term "reversible candleholder". A few similar styles will come up in the picture search. T A
  18. Yes, I saw that. You're not a bad guy, some people just can't or wouldn't take a joke. T A
  19. Why did you delete my answer... T A
  20. You're very welcome. T A
  21. Soap pot= bean pot ;) T A
  22. In photo two, at the five o'clock position on the ball part, you can see two dings where the copper was dented. T A
  23. T A
  24. I put "stone" in brackets because I know it's really copper. T A
  25. It may have been for soldering. The copper wedge (stone) is heated with a burner or torch. Plumbing, roofing, auto fenders, etc. Used crude irons to melt lead/tin solder. T A
  26. Cowboys, beans, priceless. T A P. S. Love the A. K.
  27. THOMAS BRADBURY & SONS LTD. Here is the company's catalog, on page 30, dead center is a very ornate version they made: T ...
  28. A nice brandy warmer. T A
  29. You would melt the pot before the gold melted... T A
  30. Not really sure if you would find out. A few companies made them with a name or patent notice on them, over time, they were made in various places by many people. I don't think yours is from the 1880'...
  31. Sack stitching tool. T A
  32. Your personal value is more than it's intrinsic value, as it is a replica of a real coin. T A
  33. T A
  34. Just call it plastic, easier that way. T A
  35. Budai, Pu-Tai, (Hotei in Japan) not to be confused for Siddhartha Gautama. T A
  36. Not sure which post you're going to keep, so: While somewhat beautiful and seemingly made from exotic looking materials, at the end of the day most of these turn out to be made of plastic (resin). ...
  37. Perhaps Serpentine. T A
  38. Has the look of plastic resin. T A
  39. In Tibet Kuan Yin is known as Chenrezig and is thought to be reincarnated in H. H. the Dalai Lama. T A
  40. Yes. Don't underestimate the device. It self heats and thereby pressurizes the alcohol to form a jetting flame. (Like a rocket stove). Alcohol burns with a dim flame, so use precaution until you are ...
  41. It's a copper coil alcohol stove. T A
  42. You're welcome. Go back and ask, it may still be there. T A
  43. It's from a KLH (Singer) Model 11 Turntable. It was a suitcase portable turntable and speaker system made after 1965. T A
  44. And to clarify, when I say Polynesian I mean an Italian Artist that has never been to Polynesia, making what they think a poly-girl looks like wearing a lei and a lava lava. T A
  45. If one purchases enough Caviar to fill twelve large serving glasses, one usually leaves it in the tin to allow people to see where it is from. (No need for twelve when one would do). A Prawn or Sh...
  46. You don't serve sherbet on ice, no need to double glass. T A
  47. Perhaps Polynesian? T A
  48. Shrimp Cocktail Glass. (Would be great to serve ceviche too). T A
  49. I carry some of these unsolved imaged in my mind, often when looking for something completely different I run across something else useful. T A
  50. Classic. T A
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