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  1. The first one is an unofficial issue, a token: T A
  2. It's from the UK. The 'B' is for bomb. It's a mortar box. He is a list of what and how many it could contain: Box B167 as of 1943: 3" QF howitzer HE 4 rounds per box 2" ML mortar HE fuzed 18 per...
  3. It has the simulated look of an appliqué quilt, very similar perhaps to a Hawaiian Quilt: T A
  4. Add $10.00 for shipping to that price... T A
  5. I don't want to... unless you need to see one. T A
  6. Aeroslove, you are not the only one wondering that;) Thank you for sharing your acquisition with us. T A
  7. You said it's worth $20 (Add shipping to that). She paid $22 TOTAL. She did fine. Now, I think some kids are walking on your lawn... T A
  8. Circa 1930's toaster. Son-Chief Electrics, Inc., series 680. Made in Winsted, Connecticut. You did fine. T A
  9. Not very old at all. I would think it's new. Some people pepper sales with unique decorator items that look old, but are new. May be from Asia. Look at the fourth photo, so much effort was wasted on ...
  10. Palaska is Hungarian-Turkish word for a cartridge-belt or gunpowder box. T A
  11. Great save! Thanks for recycling, T A
  12. BB: you may show Jacky this, T A
  13. You are welcome ;) T A
  14. Here is a hint: T A
  15. The marriage of Queen Isabel of Castile and King Ferdinand of Leon resulted in a coat of arms depicting the symbols of both kingdoms-two castles and two lions. After the Bourbons prevailed in the War ...
  16. Always a pleasure, thank you for sharing, T A
  17. My thinking is it's a razor stropping machine (tool), Samuel Willitt in the UK may be it's maker. T A
  18. Zoos, it is fun to help. BB, ;) T A
  19. I guess she's buying your drinks tonight ;) T A
  20. The date is May not March. T A
  21. Hawaii inspired souvenir art. T A
  22. ???? ?????? is Victory Day. T A
  23. A Dharmachakra. T A
  24. You had the answer but deleted it... T A
  25. You're welcome. Stay cool. T A
  26. cavog cv stove fuel can. T A
  27. Just have them restrung. If you need extra beads to even out the count, purchase a few gemstone beads in your favorite color, place randomly, enjoy wearing them. T A
  28. These are all unofficial, after the BEP, types of things. Real notes, but the portrait is glued on. T A
  29. Make a video, put it on YouTube. T A
  30. From the call letters it's home was in Tennessee? T A
  31. It says 'handmade' in German, and is marked with a crescent and crown and a silver fineness mark of 835. T A
  32. Yes you can get both original and reproduction keys, for example and or replacement lock sets. Also a locksmith may be able to rekey them. Here's a tip, leav...
  33. Well you found the right place then. Thanks for sharing what you find. T A
  34. Sometimes your best bet is to start searching for minerals of blank county, or some other geographical nomenclature that encompasses where you found it. Rock hounds will often have examples already li...
  35. For historical purposes, you would need to come up with at least something to show that this is attributed to the hotel. Difficult as it could even just be from the lobby gift shop. Pennsylvania w...
  36. I don't think this has an association to Philadelphia. Warwickshire, yes. T A
  37. No apology needed, I was just trying to help;) T A
  38. Her name was Leonore, he son took over for her, he may know if it is indeed a screwdriver for eyeglasses, a cocktail pick, or a toothpick. T A
  39. I don't work here, I was just welcoming you to the family ;) T A
  40. Tube amps can be renewed in the capacitor and resistor department and give many more years of use as they were intended, as music amplifiers. People these days argue over abstract audio terms, but in ...
  41. Thank you shareurpassion, that is very kind of you to say. T A
  42. It's always fun to help. Welcome to CW! T A
  43. Presumably not each, but for an inventory of them to sell. T A
  44. From the January 11, 1927, Oakland Tribune: Exclusive sales in territory for the DOOR-O-FONE. Enables housewife to talk from the inside of the house without opening door to undesirable callers. Absolu...
  45. Perhaps: T A
  46. You're too kind. Much love to you too! T A
  47. You are always welcome mikeigotit. T A
  48. A modern copy of an ancient (c. 475-450 B.C.) coin of Gela, Sicily, depicting a man-headed bull, the river god Gelas. You always find some neat things. T A
  50. I would go with Korea, not China. Nice set. T A
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Antique ring Old sheaffers ladies pen with clip on case. Dated Masonic Pin ~ Alaska/Yukon Expo? Confederate States of America Half Dollar