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  1. William Thomas Grant opened his first store in1906 with a $1,000 investment. This single store would grow to over 1200 stores by time Mr. Grant died at the age of 96. His W.T. Grant stores dotted the ...
  2. I think in this case, yes. The design was also popular in the Art Deco period, however, stylistically I am seeing 1950's in these. T A
  3. A crystal waterfall (boudoir) lamp is what I would call it (not that I'm anyone). Most likely Hollywood Regency, mid century pieces. T A
  4. Here's some old iron slag Yours look like it's bottle brown glass. Clorox bottles in the trash fire ...
  5. Here are some tools to accompany it: It wouldn't be used in a roaring fire. Use the cinder shovel to make a mound of ho...
  6. Possible that there are missing parts. A simple rendition of a sterno torch. T A
  7. Variations on a theme: scroll threw and look at the similarities of these basic components. All things that are handy on a farm/garage and all the gray areas. T A
  8. The Cosmopolitan Art Association was founded in 1854 to "encourage and popularize the Fine Arts, and disseminate wholesome literature throughout the country." Started by the book and periodical publis...
  9. Remove the lock and take it to any antique mall. The two around here have big boxes of old keys. They laughed at me and said "knock yourself out" I took less then ten minutes to find two keys for each...
  10. Samuel Marti & Cie. T A
  11. Yes, this is the stuff little kids in Mexico who would follow the smell of money around yelling " Veinte pesos por favor, Veinte pesos!" Guilt or the Tequila would usually kick in and almost everyone ...
  12. I call 'em as I see 'em ;) T A
  13. Not a problem, it's what I do. T A
  14. Town Crier Bell Cocktail Shaker circa December 14, 1937, by Bruce de Montmorency. T A
  15. It may be English. The mark is telling of it's Registration Number. If it were legible, you could track down the year and maker. T A
  16. Fireplace kettle stand. T A
  17. You have a great eye. I appreciate how you recycle in a very classy way. T A
  18. Alexander Graff is a race car driver. Perhaps it is his autograph. I imagine it may be difficult to write on a golf ball (especially if your not a professional golfer) so turning and writing may make ...
  19. Could be spinel and just as easily could be glass. Take it to a G.G. Ask for an identification, not an appraisal. T A
  20. Well it was sold as a decanter and shot glass holder/novelty bar item. A simple wire windshield was attached to the two lugs appropriately where it should be. T A
  21. Could be that the "y" is really oxidation/corrosion that is giving a letter a tail. Great item, T A
  22. My pleasure Jai. You should try to see the statue, it is surreal. T A
  23. The makers mark will be on the bottom. It's porcelain, so be careful handling it. The old technique of dipping lace in porcelain slip and firing it was popular in Dresden. T A
  24. Windowpane Oyster, also known as Capiz, the shells are made into all types of crafts in places like India and the Philippines. T A
  25. You are welcome. T A
  26. You are welcome. T A
  27. You are welcome. T A
  28. You are welcome. T A
  29. I will give you a hint for the first piece:à_(Michelangelo) T A
  30. William K. Edward's AUTOMATIC GASOLINE VENDING MACHINE invented December 7, 1926 and was awarded U. S. Patent 1609750 A. T A
  31. There are two individuals that are shown slaying a dragon, St. George and St. David. I believe this is St. George making it a representation of something from Great Britain. T A
  32. Spanish Colonial Revival and Mediterranean Architecture were very popular 1910-1930. They extensively used tiles like this in the designs. The home--as the source of the tiles--was destroyed and built...
  33. Sometimes if an item is too rare it can command less then one would want or expect from the marketplace. A collector may drive the price up, however it will not be "priceless" because no one will aspi...
  34. T A
  35. Yes, in countries that take drinking seriously (England) people are concerned about bartenders short pouring drinks. This measures out and dispenses a shot. T A
  36. These were disposable pipes, so they are often found during privy digs. T A
  37. Part of a flashlight. T A
  38. When they are intertwined they form a bowl stand, from Africa. T A
  39.öhne-Zigaretten-Dose-Wolfgang-von-Wersin-1952 T A
  40. Yes I would think Dali was the inspiration of the concept, just as Giuseppe Arcimboldo may have inspired Dali. T A
  41. A square shape introduces turbulence, so yes it would work just fine. With the lid missing, I kept picturing the mess it would make... . T A P. S. Hope you are feeling better BB!
  42. Google Salvador Dali skull. T A
  43. I wounded if it was for blending dry ingredients, such as soil mixes for in a greenhouse. Some of those orchid collectors had secret soil mix recipes, often composed of very lightweight materials like...
  44. These are called sounds. Maybe Van Buren Sounds to be specific. They are inserted to prob and open passages such as the urethra. T A
  45. And they are still made today. Search Google Images for "asian carved table" and enjoy. T A
  46. If you would transcribe the writing from the blade, Google, or someone here may recognize it. T A
  47. It's a canvas giclée. Brush strokes can be simulated with brush stroke gel overtop of the print. T A
  48. Tiles are not acrylic. They are fired in a kiln. You know in the U.S. Spanish Colonial Revival movement enjoyed its greatest popularity between 1915 and 1931, these may be from such a house that stood...
  49. If your interest is strong enough, consider a geology class at a community college. Many have a lab that entails sample identification. It's a great way to learn the technics to identify rocks. Museum...
  50. An example: T A
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