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  1. Due to the condition of the coin, it does look more like normal wear and tear. (Of course in person viewing trumps a photo). T A
  2. Google spits out Pomona, CA. T A
  3. After a boxcar was loaded it would be sealed with these lead seals to show that the cargo had not been tampered with enroute. T A
  4. Looks lot like a lead. Maybe a fabric/coat weight. T A
  5. Someone sent certified mail. T A
  6. A single valve broadcast receiving set. Runs off two separate batteries, "E" is Earth (ground) and "A" is for an antenna lead. T A
  7. Thank you for the wonderful memory... I picked up his work at JJC Craft Show in NY and sold his pieces for years at my jewelry store. T A
  8. I believe these are often called a MOP luncheon set. T A
  9. The fact that it's stamped "COPY" on the reverse over the stars... no. T A
  10. Many service members stationed in Asia brought these bars back home. T A
  11. You're welcome. T A
  12. You're welcome. T A
  13. The first is from the Ashanti tribe of Ghana, Togo, and the Ivory Coast. T A
  14. Reminds me a lot of a qin shi huang tomb statue, one of the 8-10,000 life size terra cotta figures buried to stand guard at the first emperor of China's tomb. Various museum gift shops sell these toda...
  15. Sorry, but I really don't think they are old at all. Something a chain decor store stocks. T A
  16. Unfortunately the signature is printed: T A
  17. T A
  18. Almost looks like John Smith. T A
  19. A fabric iron. Hot coals were placed in the bowl to heat it. T A
  20. You're welcome. T A
  21. 1947-1999 all Waterford had an acid etched mark, Waterford. It's a frosted white mark. T A
  22. Hard spirits age in barrels, unlike wine, once they are bottled, there is little improvement, which translates to no real reason to pay a premium for an old bottle (unless you are opening a theme bar ...
  23. In other countries that use US currency, some places will mark bills to show that it was checked for authenticity and that it was processed at their firm. T A
  24. A flower frog, used in the bottom of a container to help support flower steams. (Makes a great fountain pen hold too ;) T A
  25. Here's a better picture: T A
  26. It's a Thai amulet (talisman). Not sure specifically what this was made for; luck, ward off evil spells, stuff like that. T A
  27. It's a watchmakers tool, a poising tool, with ruby grips, for working on the balance wheel. T A
  28. I'm inclined to think it's brass and not gold. T A
  29. Enjoy. It's hit or miss, but I found several that were unknown up until that point. Kind of a nice rainy day task, if you know what I mean. T A
  30. Thanks, I didn't know that. T A
  31. Spink is a really great auction company and they have their sales catalogs available. You can peruse them to find your coin. T A
  32. The problem is, that date, does not line up with Esso's, or even Standard Oil's founding date. It was a year that they had Put a Tiger in You Tank Contests around the World. They gave out Tiger Cards ...
  33. T A
  34. You already said it was Egyptian type, stick with that. (Probably tourist art from there). T A
  35. T A
  36. By Civil War, you mean WW1. T A
  37. Yes, it's cocktail shaker. Maybe the vent tube is clogged. T A
  38. Wrong key, pictured with the bank is an emergency key, used to open bathroom door locks. T A
  39. Maybe a military uniform coat button. But keep in mind, crowns are a popular design in fashion. ( Wien = Vienna). T A
  40. At this point, I trust zero from China. T A
  41. You're very welcome. T A
  42. Wilfa is a Norwegian company that was established in 1948, they mostly now make coffee makers. T A
  43. A nice cloisonné bowl. Maybe Chinese. For example: T A
  44. It doesn't look very old, to be honest. Asia has had a booming "Antiques made to order" business for many years now. But it's still an appealing decretive piece. T A
  45. That too, lol. T A
  46. Epicure (Silverplate, 1970) by Reed & Barton T A
  47. In Hawai'ian it's called Panini. It was an early introduction soon after cattle ranches were established. T A
  48. Do they smell like silver? T A
  49. Different color of ink. T A
  50. I think it was a pattern tracing wheel--the wheel fell of this one. T A
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