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  1. T A
  2. It may not be a mark at all, but a leaf pattern that went all around the shank, now obscured by age. T A
  3. "It is also strange that one name is Russian and on the other side (not on the picture) is German." Not really odd if you consider the Russian Revolution was 1917, many of the wealthy fled. T A
  4. Guessing that he was on the Queen's Birthday/New Years Honors List, receiving the British Empire Medal, could not attend the award ceremony, it was mailed to him with this note. (You may be able to lo...
  5. The second word is the town on Rhodes, Archangelos. T A
  6. You're very welcome. T A
  7. T A
  8. It's a bus license plate. To be used in conjunction with the 1942 plate, it was part of the materials savings drive for the war effort. T A
  9. I wonder if it has Pennsylvanian roots? T A
  10. Nice to meet you, welcome to CW, and don't be a stranger ;) T A
  11. No, sorry. T A
  12. You're welcome. T A
  13. It's Greek tourist pottery, specifically from the island of Rhodes. T A
  14. Made by The Jackson Belt Manufacturing Company of Glassop, England, this spanner was used to tighten a belt fastener used on machines th...
  15. Reread the site I posted in #1. T A
  16. You're welcome and sorry about the typo ;) T A
  17. Looks like a sticher. T A
  18. Usually made of pot metal and from circa 1930's. Sad because of the damage (tail and tusks are broken off) but that is commonly how they are found. T A
  19. From here: Zip codes (US Postal Code) first used in 1963, so sometime after 1963. T A
  20. 1908. Not sure if it is real. T A
  21. T A
  22. Jason is in a different band now, they have an album If any of the members make it big, it's a nice collection of their early career memorabilia. (Potential collectabl...
  23. Share is confussed. It isn't a Flash Mob, it stands for Music Over Business. It is a music festival with humble beginnings, since it lacked the funding to rent out a proper venue, the shows were held ...
  24. Same with artists... sign your name as you wish, but please also place a legible rendition of your name. ;) T A
  25. I wonder if it's lowered into a pipe, if it would graph a break or buildup by having the feelers move the inked pens on a round of paper. T A
  26. What is it, a two dollar coin? T A
  27. You're very welcome. T A
  28. T A
  29. It's easy enough to look for the compressor if it's a dipping cabinet. Question. Is there any candle wax on it or candle making supplies or evidence of such activities? Based on one photo, a dippi...
  30. Usually silver plate, it's an alcohol lamp (warmer), for various plates, urns, servers, chafing dishes, etc. T A
  31. Get well soon! Rum I.V. and some brownies ;) You won't feel a thing. T A
  32. Are they just clevis? (Pl. clevi?) T A
  33. I only disagree with the "very late 20th century" part as I only first saw these start to appear just under five years ago, it's a new factory churning these out. Here's an antique store selling a...
  34. Brand new from China: T A
  35. You're welcome tigerchips. T A
  36. Should there still be doubt, the legal section of GC (Guess) should clear it up: T A
  37. Smart Jeweler: Note picture 3 and 6. T A
  38. If it was real, this would be the write up: "DESCRIPTION: Here is the genuine Wiking Division ring. We have all seen the “fantasy Viking ring,” that ugly, grimacing Norseman with the evil, clenched te...
  39. I never thought it was a genuine. They didn't even polish out the mold seam. Most of the rings in the search are all repos. (Many old gumball machine rings were made to higher standards). T A
  40. Actually it says MADE IN TAIWAN. T A
  41. then switch to Images. T A
  42. Looks like a lot of info on the side. What company made it? T A
  43. @frisco that's what I was thinking as well, like a small version of a Van Dorn or Kemmerer Bottle. T A
  44. From Brittany, France. T A
  45. Not knowing what you have in this, it's not unheard of to find a complete one for $20.00. I love a challenge, but some battles are not worth starting ;) T A
  46. You could also take it to the bathroom department at any major home center store, they sell cultured marble sinks, which is plastic resin and marble dust. They would be able to ID it as such for you t...
  47. I think it's cast plastic (resin). T A
  48. And you need the fuel fill cap too. (You would need the brand and model to even begin to look for a matching spare part, not impossible but it may take quite a bit of searching, challenging to say the...
  49. Looks Greek to me. T A
  50. Nice foldover error. It occurred during the third printing process. Google "third printing fold over error" to see others like it in Google's Photo section. T A
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