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  1. I'm thinking that the rounded front would make it easy for a cigarette to come out when grabbed, rolling up and out. T A
  2. That company was founded 30th, November, 1955. So the piece is not older than that. T A
  3. Kazakhstan. T A
  4. Kazakhstan. T A
  5. Tete d'homme barbu, google it. T A
  6. I'm thinking police kepi, Paris Prefecture. T A
  7. There was one one Esty: T A
  8. I have seen a few in this style referred as being persepolis achaemenid pattern ghalamzani (tray). Hope it helps. T A
  9. No, I'm serious. The damage looks consistant with a road coin. Also it looks like it was exposed to water, with dirt or debris acting as protection to produce the mottled finish. T A
  10. A few are listed on eBay as New Zealand Door Knockers. T A
  11. Getting run over by a car does not an error make... T A
  12. I stand corrected: T A
  13. @kyra, I'm just not sure that it would have the durability for the clasp. T A
  14. If you google search her name with autograph, you can see some of her distinctive "r" looking "b's". T A
  15. Perhaps bone? T A
  16. All the best, Beth Daniel (?) Kinda looks close, T A
  17. You're welcome. T A
  18. The Repoblic of China is Taiwan. vs
  19. You're welcome. T A
  20. Pretorius, from The Mask animated series. T A
  21. Nisenholt is what it looks like to me. T A
  22. I'm leaning that it means nothing, if some minor royal could afford to have their arms placed on their furniture, surely they would have hired someone to render it better. Has that third world, I've ...
  23. It would be in observing the finish of the coin. The sharpened square edges of the rim. T A
  24. Perfectly normal for it not to have a mint mark. T A
  25. Imperial Lenox paperweight, they did an entire U S coin set. T A
  26. T A
  27. The year was 1992. T A
  28. Used to make gnocchi too. T A
  29. Sorry, forgot that Ben has a vintage collection of software ;) ???????????????? ?? ???? ????????? Flower of Life (memorial) Request for "Flower of Life" redirects here; Geometric symbol see. Flow...
  30. The pin appears intact... T A
  31. It's marketing ephemeron... to sell bond (paper) etc. to the trade. T A
  32. Sure why not? It has the look of a more recent tourist piece. T A
  33. T A
  34. Please show the bottom. It helps... T A
  35. Found it, T A
  36. I'm pretty sure it's a piece by Jan Michaels of San Francisco. T A
  37. Beautiful lusterware! T A
  38. Ahhh Garuda. T A
  39. For example: T A
  40. Slag glass. T A
  41. Slag glass. T A
  42. "It doesn't say that the plates and forks are made from whale parts." Sure it does, right on the gold sticker, whale whiskers are baleen, a part of whales. The entire point of the leaflet is so th...
  43. Baleen. T A
  44. Try pierce work. T A
  45. Mahogany species from Asia are usually solid construction due to low material and labor costs. So don't always rely on that advice. An aside about exotic and tropical woods, take care sanding unk...
  46. I too get the electrical feel, but perhaps it's an egg switch or lamp part?$_35.JPG A reference of scale to size it up would be helpf...
  47. Pure speculation as it may have been part of a bookend set, but I feel it may be flat just to fit perfectly against the back of a small home shrine. T A
  48. Taiisan Kotokuin Shojo Senji. T A
  49. It's by Viniti. T A
  50. You're welcome ravage60. T A
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