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Bossons Wall Art Repair or Fun With A Mr. Sharpie 
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  1. If I may suggest, retake photos 1 and 3; arrange the three pieces in a way to give the viewer six different angles. As it is now, you essentially have three identical overhead views and three identica...
  2. You're welcome DGilmer. T A
  3. @Walksoftly thoughts? T A
  4. It looks, form wise, like a small version of a radio cabinet, thus: T A
  5. Lol! Too funny. I hope you don't! T A
  6. Page 17, item #14. T A
  7. Sorry, but we can tell what it came from in general, the series of JD models that used this gear as per the link I posted -- oh and it is a gear...
  8. From this website, it does state that A.A.K. is Arthur A. Kaplan. T A
  9. Keep him happy. Did you ever see Trilogy of Terror with Karen Black? T A
  10. I'm guessing on this one, Arthur A. Kaplan Co. T A
  11. Eastman Johnson (American, 1824–1906) The Old Stagecoach, 1871 Oil on canvas 36 1/4 × 60 1/8 in. (92.08 × 152.72 cm) Layton Art Collection, Gift of Frederick Layton L1888.22 Photo credit: John R....
  12. Yes it does really look like bag triers: Used to sample seeds in burlap sacks. T A
  13. Many cement and concrete tools are made of bronze: However, I don't think this piece has the relief needed to impart...
  14. Thanks Fortapache, that or as a last record warning system. T A
  15. I'll tell zee German, she'll fix that for you. T A
  16. So I'm just being ignored? ;) T A
  17. It's funny, each one I find exactly like your's sold as something completely different on eBay ;) Ink eraser, toothpick, bloodletting knife, sewing knife, etc. T A
  18. Scratch that, it does look delicate. Toothpick, perhaps. T A
  19. I believe it's an ink eraser. T A
  20. Usually twice a year. T A
  21. You may enjoy this slideshow: Kutztown Radio Show, Kutztown, PA
  22. Temporary vertical tracking force adjuster. T A
  23. Yes a carbide lamp and no I don't know who made this model. At least now you know what you have; it should facilitate your discovery of where it's from. T A
  24. This will help: T A
  25. "What's your sign?" I'm a Sagittarius... T A
  26. You're welcome, I'm glad to help. T A
  27. Here is a map of the coin: T A
  28. CW keeps rejecting my new listing... T A
  29. My thinking it was for a coal miner; a pitcheck. Give me a minute to make a slide... T A
  30. Where would you get round disks in the 1850's that was easy to procure? It was a very small town*. People have used coins for a myriad of things other than money. *
  31. This is a US coin, a cent. The date and stars are visible as well as the bottom of the bust. T A
  32. It is the God of vengeance, sky, protection, and war, Horus. Any basic book on hyroglyphics or even a website can help you read this, provided it really says something. T A
  33. That and the fact I personally handled these when they were new at Service Merchandise in the late 70's early 80's. It was the same time I saw the "antique" gum ball machines they sold that occasio...
  34. T A
  35. Almost all of the replicas have the same footrest. I think it was sold requiring the rest to be home assembled. The screws could have been lost and Grandpa dipped into his jar of screws to supply repl...
  36. Yes it was ages ago. T A
  37. Weirdpuckett there is so much opportunity out there today. People today have too many anchors and hangups to persue them. T A
  38. Buy one, let it sit in your backyard unprotected for a year and triple your money. But seriously the first time I saw these was in a Service Merchandise Store. They had a nice plain wood finish ve...
  39. If you need some more: T A
  40. I kinda had a feeling ;) T A
  41. For example, Simpson Hall Miller & Co Wallingford, Conn., treble plate, Pat. Nov. 16, 1889, had this pattern, which if one looks at the handles, one can see a very close copy:
  42. I've fired those responcible just for good messure -- it keeps everyone in line. Ahhhh the smell of pink slips in triplicate on a Friday afternoon... I doubt it's a navigation aid, meat tenderizer...
  43. There were two main periods of Egyptian revival, circa 1824 and circa 1922. T A
  44. Something like: T A
  45. Something along the lines of a handle for a condiment tray. It may have been silver plated. T A
  46. That's odd... He's the link I wanted: T A
  47. Chaplin in 1914, in one of his his first film roles was costumed very close to this: T A
  48. Svensk Bibel = Swedish Bible T A
  49. When in doubt, read what it says... as much of English is Germanic in origin, you can make out the word Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweeden. T A
  50. I don't think it would be that collectable in the finacial sense, but that doesn't mean you can't collect them if you wish. Sometimes the numbers refer to a kiln lot or a way to account for the artist...
  51. See more


Antique John Deere Part???....Need help identifying Army & Navy Cooporative Society Ltd LAMP? Kerosene Can? What is this... I.V. Brass Buttons Antique ring Old sheaffers ladies pen with clip on case. Dated Masonic Pin ~ Alaska/Yukon Expo? Confederate States of America Half Dollar


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