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I have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things i have aquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they gI have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things i have aquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they get added to and begin to form a grouping. As you may have noticed, one of my main interests is trunks. Trunk collecting began 25 years ago when I noticed an old trunk teetering on the top of a big item garbage truck. I followed the truck for six blocks until I could finally get alongside of it and flag it down. I asked if I could have the trunk and he said for the price of a cup of coffee it was mine, so I gave him a dollar and gleefully came home and cleaned it up. I have rescued over 15 trunks since then and have recently started to augment my collection through specific purchases, trying to get one of each type that I like. I will post them from time to time. What a great forum this is! Happy to talk trunks and cabbages and kings.... (Read more)


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Au Depart French antique trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
Martin Maier Antique Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Antique Trunk 1880's X Model - Furniturein Furniture
Antique French Trunk late 1700's early 1800's - Furniturein Furniture
German wardrobe trunk 2 - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1900's German antique wardrobe trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
Antique trunk brass plated hardware 2 - Furniturein Furniture
Antique brass plated trunk hardware 1 - Furniturein Furniture
1880's lithographed brass plated antique saratoga trunk - Furniturein Furniture
antique leather 1850's - 60's brass studded trunk aka "Pepto trunk" - Furniturein Furniture


  1. This trunk has been referred to as a "monitor" or "waterfall" style. This was most likely made in the late 1890's to early 1900's. Without a label it is difficult to ascertain a maker as many companie...
  2. Should read "tung oil"
  3. Such a great trunk hardly anything to refinish on it... even the hardware is shiny. Looks like crystallized tin... wouldn't touch that. Maybe put some ting oil on the slats - I use Howard's orange bee...
  4. Those date stamps were patent dates of the hardware and were used for many years well after the dates inscribed. The hardware on most trunks were bought from a supplier so many makers had the same har...
  5. Fine steel wool will clean up the lock nicely,,, the rusty latches can be treated with gun oil after some steel-wooling -- great thing about this trunk is you can do what you like with it... I like th...
  6. Early 1900's flat-top trunk.... yale lock as you well know. Nicely refinished!
  7. Basically a standard flat-top trunk from early 1900's. Nice to see it still has the original leather straps which in most cases are long gone. With no label there's no telling what company made it. Ho...
  8. Your trunk is an early 1900's dome top. The lovely lady lithograph was a common one -- I have had her grace two of my trunks. This was a common style of trunk made by many makers so with no label hard...
  9. Wow -- really great trunk -- first time I've seen that front design. Emblems on the top equally fabulous! Rather unique in my books but have no idea who would have made it... others on this site may b...
  10. Beautiful work Greendog... looks amazing!
  11. Beautiful -- love seeing these well balanced small scale trunks...
  12. What a great grouping and collection -- LOVE IT!!
  13. Yes a lovely zinc covered trunk from 1880's. The lock is exceptionally nice. Various Victorian prints were common in most trunks of this period. I clean mine up with a half lemon smeared over it and t...
  14. Truly a magnificent piece of craftsmanship -- embossed sailcloth??? wow that's new to me. A stellar trunk all around!
  15. Beautiful trunk!
  16. Nice flat top trunk from the early 1900's. Without a label hard to know who would have made it. It's a standard type and style of its day... nice find! The numbers stamped are most likely parts number...
  17. A beautiful oak slat... stunning really... nice to see the great interior. Great find!!!
  18. You have a nice standard type flat top trunk from around 1900's. Without a label hard to know which company made it. its a common trunk for the time -- the nice part is you can have fun with this and...
  19. Thanks randallbarbera, this is the second MM I have, still waiting to redo the black one listed a few weeks back. This is a total hobby for me -- have to sell the occasional one due to lack of space b...
  20. Looks like Beetle Bailey... fun!
  21. Fabulous info once again Drill... just great getting this indepth history on a piece. Huge thank you for all the great links!!!!
  22. Ps. Romadka may have patented those swivel casters if I recall so this may be one of their trunks...
  23. Great find Greendog... looks like a veneer dome? Beautiful to have the centre slat on top... gonna look great when you're done!
  24. Thanks for all of the incredible info Drill! It's great to find some background on these makers... they were great craftsman. Great to see your labels and trunks for comparison... some consistencies ...
  25. Thanks so much js.... fun to have found it!
  26. Looks like an early 1900's flat top trunk. Many companies made this type of trunk at the time so without a makers label hard to know which one made yours. This trunk does not have a high value so you ...
  27. Interesting.... having refinished many trunks similar to this I would say that in my experience the refinished ones sell for more and sell faster. Now this does depend on the trunk and the condition i...
  28. You are welcome -- this is a nice well made trunk... would look great refinished!
  29. As Greendog correctly stated without a label to indentify specific maker very difficult to know -- any number of companies could have made this trunk - standard style and outsourced hardware limit our...
  30. Oh that old thing! Thanks bjb...
  31. Yes the design is a bit unique...
  32. Thanks Caperkid for the comment... just keeping my eye out for the unusual ones.
  33. What do you mean by "brand"....
  34. Fabulous! Awestruck really. I have the same Ideal men's trunk to restore only it's leather and in really poor shape. When I do the interior could I prevail upon you for some advice? Quite an inspiring...
  35. One word - Wow!
  36. Nice steamer trunk from 1930's - 40's. Unfortunately it's not leather covered but vulcanized fibre. Common trunk in its time. Thanks for the post and welcome to collectors weekly!
  37. Beautiful- stunning interior!
  38. Pictures of front and side and interior would be helpful to us... lovely trunk.
  39. Looks like a family "hairloom" -- budda bing...
  40. Looks like a 1920's-30's wardrobe trunk with vulcanized fiber exterior.
  41. Looks like an early 1900's dome top trunk... standard form and style for the time made by many companies. Someone has done some freestyle painting on it. Looks to be in good shape.
  42. Looks like a 1930's piece or thereabouts
  43. Beautifully done Marvin. The colour I think contrasts well with the black and silver. Mine is still in the original brown which is fine but a bit drab. All black wouldn't work so well either - so this...
  44. Drill check this out (hope its still posted)
  45. Lovely flat top trunk and as Michael pointed out it was made in the early 1900's. It is a common style of trunk for its time and many companies produced them so with no label difficult to know which c...
  46. Fascinating-- thanks Drill!
  47. Yes.. this was the correct reference... thank you for the clarification... nuck nuck nuck...
  48. It's not that I take issue with your declaration which I agree is clearly imbedded in my dictate -- just that the premise belies a greater truth, a "profound knowing" as it were, akin to the primordia...
  49. The sub-conscious mind has no time frame... only the illusion of spatiality... caught up in the effervescent continuum... streamed only to reference points in the virtual floating cortex... better go ...
  50. Hey you are welcome... couldn't find the right word that rhymes with "glass"... it'll come to me...
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