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I have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things i have aquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they gI have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things i have aquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they get added to and begin to form a grouping. As you may have noticed, one of my main interests is trunks. Trunk collecting began 25 years ago when I noticed an old trunk teetering on the top of a big item garbage truck. I followed the truck for six blocks until I could finally get alongside of it and flag it down. I asked if I could have the trunk and he said for the price of a cup of coffee it was mine, so I gave him a dollar and gleefully came home and cleaned it up. I have rescued over 15 trunks since then and have recently started to augment my collection through specific purchases, trying to get one of each type that I like. I will post them from time to time. What a great forum this is! Happy to talk trunks and cabbages and kings.... (Read more)


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Antique Trunk 1880's X Model - Furniturein Furniture
Antique French Trunk late 1700's early 1800's - Furniturein Furniture
German wardrobe trunk 2 - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1900's German antique wardrobe trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
Antique trunk brass plated hardware 2 - Furniturein Furniture
Antique brass plated trunk hardware 1 - Furniturein Furniture
1880's lithographed brass plated antique saratoga trunk - Furniturein Furniture
antique leather 1850's - 60's brass studded trunk aka "Pepto trunk" - Furniturein Furniture
Amand Pasquier Antique French Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
French Trunk Label - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thanks so much Alan... all my best to you and yours for 2017 my friend....
  2. What a blast Drill -- too funny !!! All kinds of new possibilities now for my trunks... Happy New Year to you and yours....
  3. Thanks so much Sean - hope you're having a great one too!
  4. Thanks so much Jewels - it kinda speaks to me too!!
  5. Love to have the whole gang of us on a trunk run - merry Christmas my good man!
  6. Hey bb2 - wishing you a warm enjoyable holiday my friend- t-man
  7. Thank you so much vetraio50 for the wonderful best wishes - may your time with family and friends be a blessing this holiday!
  8. Thanks so much myoldkyhome -- we are having a lot of fun with these old treasures....
  9. Too funny Greendog- we are all cornering the market - maybe we will drive up the prices Ha!
  10. Thanks fatboy- rarely see interiors in this good condition... thanks for the comment
  11. Well I'm not an alarmist by nature Drill - what a completely useless patent! So fun to see it...
  12. What a great find! This is going to be beautiful cleaned up. Sometimes I just stain the wood the same brown as the missing leather -- just adds to the charm of a piece in my books. My conversation wit...
  13. Thanks so much Marvin -- it is just great to get this information on these finds -- I would have had no clue where to even start -- was searching under "trunk with an "x" -- like yah that would have h...
  14. Wow Drill - how did you ever know this! Thanks so much for the link and info and all my best to you all!
  15. Glad you like the pic greendog -- big smile -- ! Couldn't get him to fit in properly for some reason... Yah this one was in a town 6 hours away and my brother-in-law works there and just happened to...
  16. Thanks so much Manikin -- Blessings over this season to you and all of your family!!
  17. Thanks so much js... such a joy to find these and to see others that are brought to light. Thanks for the best wishes for the season and all my best to you and yours, and I can hardly wait to see what...
  18. What a great piece Marvin! Love the tin trunks on the top too... Another great find we get the pleasure of seeing... thanks!!
  19. This is a beautiful piece of history and can be brought back to life with a good thorough sanding of all parts. Personally I wouldn't replace anything on it -- even the top will resurrect.
  20. Beautiful trunk in great condition- I don't come across many of these so a great find!
  21. Thanks kyratango for the kind comment and affirmation on dating...
  22. A beautiful piece Alan... the anticipation only adds to the value...
  23. Thanks so much antiquerose -- it does have that factor to it!
  24. What a cool find B.Kay -- hard to pass up these rare unusual pieces...
  25. Thanks walksoftly, CindB, TassieDevil, fortapache, officialfuel, katherinescollections, Rick55, Drill, mikelv85, jscott0363, Efesgirl and greendog for the loves...
  26. and greendog, jscott, AnnaB...
  27. thanks shughs, sugargirl, Rick55, farmlady, TrunkerMarvin, MountainGirl, Caperkid, thegatherer, Beachbum58, AntigueToys, Designer, myoldkyhome, kyratango, Drill, CindB, walksoftly, TheGateKeeper, bijo...
  28. Thanks CindB for the great comment!
  29. Thanks so much Rick55 - it has a charm to it for sure...
  30. This one is gonna be nice!
  31. Love how nicely this refinished Greendog- great hardware too!
  32. Thanks Drill -- yah those locks are really neat, adds to the whole feel of the piece -- thanks so much for the visit and comment...
  33. Hey thanks js - these have such a nice feel and patina to them.... we are certainly on the same wavelength of appreciation for these works of art..
  34. Efesgirl thanks so much for the comment- funny thing about my collection is that it fluctuates and some are chests and not trunks and awhile ago I gave up keeping track! I have some in my office, some...
  35. Thanks for the love Greendog...
  36. I think you meet all the criteria of an excellent post -- I am not a big fan of putting legs on trunks but for some it just works and this would be an example -- and these steamers are just a bit too ...
  37. Wow -- what a FIND!!! I have only seen one Etates unis trunk and I missed out on it but it was not near as nice as this one js... the quality is so evident. Okay -- officially impressed...
  38. Wow-- that's significant progress -- coming along nicely now.
  39. What a great bill of sale - 50 bucks went a long way...
  40. Didn't know you had that many trunks Drill -- holding out on us I see....
  41. Awesome trunk -- love the whole look as is apart from as Drill said trying to stabilize a few sections of the leather -- such a unique piece!!
  42. Jim thank you so much for your insight on this trunk. When I saw the German on the latch I thought German trunk but I was dissuaded by the stickers on it from Paris and another marking from the French...
  43. Thanks js - unusual latch - looks like a German name on it.
  44. You will have fun with your new project Signaholic-- looks great!
  45. Nice trunk!!! Looks like a late 1890's or thereabouts circa. Stripping a trunk seems daunting but really does not take a huge amount of time -- using regular furniture stripper on all the pieces with ...
  46. Thanks for the comment Signaholic -- okay now does "finally" and "very soon" have an actual date?? LOL...
  47. Js -- thanks so much for the comment -- I have a hard time passing up these quality pieces. I bring them home and shine them up and am always amazed at how nice they look. Now I have to find a place f...
  48. Hey greendog -- thanks for the visit-- a bit unusual this one...
  49. Thanks for the love AnnaB.... :)
  50. Too funny - I realized I said the exact thing Marvin said but used different words... didn't mean to be redundant and say the same thing twice - (pun intended there!) Just got back from Bahrain last w...
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