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I have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things i have aquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they gI have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things i have aquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they get added to and begin to form a grouping. As you may have noticed, one of my main interests is trunks. Trunk collecting began 25 years ago when I noticed an old trunk teetering on the top of a big item garbage truck. I followed the truck for six blocks until I could finally get alongside of it and flag it down. I asked if I could have the trunk and he said for the price of a cup of coffee it was mine, so I gave him a dollar and gleefully came home and cleaned it up. I have rescued over 15 trunks since then and have recently started to augment my collection through specific purchases, trying to get one of each type that I like. I will post them from time to time. What a great forum this is! Happy to talk trunks and cabbages and kings.... (Read more)


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Antique trunk brass plated hardware 2 - Furniturein Furniture
Antique brass plated trunk hardware 1 - Furniturein Furniture
1880's lithographed brass plated antique saratoga trunk - Furniturein Furniture
antique leather 1850's - 60's brass studded trunk aka "Pepto trunk" - Furniturein Furniture
Amand Pasquier Antique French Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
French Trunk Label - Furniturein Furniture
Louis Vuitton Men's Ideal Travel Trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
Romadka Brothers Signature Antique Trunk 1880's - Furniturein Furniture
Antique tool chest - Furniturein Furniture
French trunk 1880's - Furniturein Furniture


  1. It's a real gem - love the look and colour of the leather!
  2. Well Drill you could always do a 'collage' - just sayin'....
  3. Pretty neat pic -- love it - speaking of trucks how often have we seen trunks miss-spelled as trucks for sale -- or is this just me again....
  4. Wow -- fabulous find -- love the look of these "tallboy" trunks as I call them. Triple bonus points for the intact interior. Those side hinges always look great but the ones I have had were always bro...
  5. Marvelous trunk and another stellar restoration Marvin. It is always a pleasure to see a new form and style of trunk with different hardware and design. Thanks too for the link to the informative info...
  6. Well that would be pretty fantastic if it was -- we would need to see close up pictures of the joints, lock, interior, hardware etc. to be able to help in the dating. You could do another set of posti...
  7. I would imagine that the leather top was a latter addition not original to the piece.
  8. Thanks Drill - and I contacted Roland to know how to proceed with the restoration of this and he was very helpful. I have my work cut out for me on this beast...
  9. Beautiful piece....
  10. What a cool clock!! Love it...
  11. What a marvelous find Marvin -- love the creativity of shape and form that went into this one -- very pleasing to the eye. Can hardly wait to see how much more beauty you will draw out of this -- whic...
  12. Scott your passion has brought you to a new level of expertise -- maybe you feel its through the back door or still just a hobby -- but I and others here would easily describe your work as "expert" --...
  13. Thanks js- always fun to come across something new...
  14. Thanks Efesgirl for the loves...
  15. This is very touching -- bit of at a loss for words... so a heartfelt thanks...
  16. That is a great highly detailed handle hardware...
  17. Drill I gotta say you bring on the smiles...
  18. So beautiful -- and what a great story Marvin...
  19. Thanks Marvin -- it's a real joy to bring 'em back....
  20. Wow -- what a beautiful addition js -- such nice design on this -- Love it!
  21. Thanks so much for the information and comments Jim -- it's a real pleasure to learn more about these great pieces of craftsmanship, and delve a bit into the history of the time.
  22. Thanks myoldkyhome -- I tried it once before with good results -- the alternative of course was just taking off the leather which would have been easy. Hard to take off great leather from a trunk so t...
  23. You know Drill I was trying to remember why the colour seemed so soothing... too funny!!!!
  24. Furniture stripper, scrapper and fine steel wool. Took some finish off the leather but the dye did a great job of evening it out - thanks for asking Celine!
  25. Js -- the lock has a crown with v r stamped on it.
  26. Thanks Greendog - did just that and it turned out great! Will post results in a couple of days.
  27. Js -- thanks for that info -- I will pick up the dye this week and see how it works out!
  28. I have done this once before and I was equally surprised that it can be done - a little damage but can be covered over easily enough. Thanks for the visit Spiritbear.
  29. js -- I was thinking of using black shoe polish to even out the black colour -- do you have any other recommendations as to how to even out the colour on this?
  30. I ran out of fine steel wool so could not clean it up yet -- no logo on it - but a solid piece of brass -- high quality.
  31. Thanks so much js -- the paint has preserved the leather wonderfully -- and of course devalued the trunk considerably so a great deal for me and fun to work on. Who paints over leather like this???
  32. Great find -- I have never seen this design before -- it will refinish quite nicely!
  33. I never realized that its rare to find a canvas covered barrel top trunk but now that I come to think of it can't say I have ever come across one -- the canvas on this one is new to me too -- really l...
  34. Looks like an early 1900's dome top trunk. Great to have the original interior tray as most often they are missing. Many companies made this style of trunk at the time so without a label hard to know ...
  35. Great find! Great trunk Alan -- keep those brights on...
  36. Thanks so much Drill - these are really great to see - helps too know what all of those compartments are for. Thanks again for the superb info.
  37. Alan this is a very nice well made trunk. Very unusual to have all that brass trim for this age of trunk. I usually only see the French makers do this intricate nailing of brass trim - those little co...
  38. Thanks so much josh318 -- so much fun having these around!
  39. Fabulous trunk -- I have one with similar badges -- have you tried this site for keys?
  40. Thanks everyone for the loves....
  41. Fascinating -- Innovation are well known trunk makers often specializing in wardrobe trunks. I believe it is originally a French company that expanded into the US. I have seen this exact label on many...
  42. Great square hard to find size "coffee table worthy" trunk. We don't give estimates on value on this site but I can understand problems evaluating as you will not find an exact one to compare with -- ...
  43. SEAN thanks bud!!!
  44. Sean thanks for the great comment!!!
  45. Well according to my close French friends both Amand and Pasquier are thought to be French names... thanks for asking!! (I thought they sounded Italian too!)
  46. This is a beautiful piece -- what kind of treatment was done to the leather to have the "lumps" in them?
  47. Beautiful!!!
  48. Very nice pieces gatekeeper -- more great additions to your collection!
  49. Normally when I see leather in this condition on a trunk I immediately think "write off" -- and walk away sadly. Thanks for helping me see outside the "box" or this time "trunk" to see instead potenti...
  50. Ok admission: not a big jewelry fan, but hey, a nice piece is a nice piece in any genre and I think this piece is great in style, craftsmanship and imagination! Love it!
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