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Montreal Canada

I have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things i have aquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they gI have enjoyed collecting various items over the years. Most of the things i have aquired have come by chance, as picks or as gifts or finds. Little by little they get added to and begin to form a grouping. As you may have noticed, one of my main interests is trunks. Trunk collecting began 25 years ago when I noticed an old trunk teetering on the top of a big item garbage truck. I followed the truck for six blocks until I could finally get alongside of it and flag it down. I asked if I could have the trunk and he said for the price of a cup of coffee it was mine, so I gave him a dollar and gleefully came home and cleaned it up. I have rescued over 15 trunks since then and have recently started to augment my collection through specific purchases, trying to get one of each type that I like. I will post them from time to time. What a great forum this is! (Read more)


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  1. Good question. I have understood this to be intentionally done for a "tortoise" effect. Chemically treated tin, which over time does start to eat into the tin. Since I am only a novice at this I hope ...
  2. Thanks Sherwood trunks... love this lock piece but someone punched out the center facing on this one and screwed in a loop to put a pad lock on it -- well it is effective..
  3. Looks like an early 1900's "monitor" style trunk... option for restoration are similar as per other trunk except the wire drill bit... no need for that on flat tin...
  4. Looks like an 1880's to 90's dome top trunk. Unless there is a label on it it is difficult to know who made it -- there were many companies making similar trunks at the time. The alligator tim pattern...
  5. Nice trunk -- I think it is old....
  6. Thanks Phil -- glad you like it...
  7. Centuries old tried and true method -- a worm.... after hours with various expensive lures...
  8. and you cannot use Billy Bass 'cause we can tell the difference...
  9. Thanks fhrjr2 for the great quote...
  10. Hey -- we made Sean laugh.... and Elisabethan is a good sport... someone needs to take you fishing eye....
  11. Gee -- glad we got that sorted out....
  12. No silly - I am a Boy -- TRUNKMAN -- not trunkwoman... come on now eye..
  13. Hey eye its your turn to throw the ball into the man cave conversation -- I am sure you have a `Billy the Bass` lurking somewhere in the depths....
  14. Thanks Elisabethan -- off to do some research once I deal with eye4beauty...
  15. Elisabethan -- would you be so kind as to give me the Swedish name..?? (I want to look it up)
  16. Nobody these days wants their weight magnified!! LOL.... I think you should take Carson off pantry security by the way... just sayin'.... Love the look of this piece.
  17. Thanks BB2 for the nice comment -- I think you have a lot of fields....
  18. Hi Elisabethan -- the one in my profile pic is real -- it is a small mouth Bass -- I think -- or a black bass.. I think Black Bass caught in the St.Lawrence River in Canada.. sorry for the mix up -- m...
  19. Thanks for the nice comment nutsabotas6 and mikelv85 for the love...
  20. Stunning.... will trade for fish...
  21. BB2 I am still laughing at your understated humour... I also like the bike...
  22. Lovely example of fine leatherwork. Awesome to have such a great label still intact.
  23. Oh the wonders of photo shop....
  24. Elisabethan I have to report that the fish I am holding in this post is a fake fish. Most of my North American collectors would recognize this as "Billy the Big Mouth Bass" novelty fish from the late ...
  25. Leather handles are available on line for a reasonable price. My Martin Maier trunks is missing them as well... never did get them replaced. has a coup...
  26. Great trunk! What straps are missing??? Welcome to CW!
  27. Thank you Peasejean55 for the love...
  28. Mani that gave me such a laugh -- "Girls Cave" -- love that one!!!
  29. Thanks Kyratango -- by the way I am impressed with your French -- I actually understood your message completely... (my writing is merde though)
  30. Thanks Sean -- thought you might like this...
  31. Hey -- you too, thanks -- that was a good run... :)
  32. Don't worry about that stuff Russ -- Be Happy...
  33. There could be no better place for it RussTenale... no better place...
  34. Manikin is yours in the "special" attic office too?
  35. His name wouldn't happen to be "Billy" would it??? I mean -- what are the odds!!!
  36. Russ -- I had my son throw it to me so I could legitimately tell my wife I caught it while fishing....
  37. Thank you Vathis for the love...
  38. For me if I had this trunk I would take off the leather. It is old stained and just will never look good -- and there are pieces missing. I would take out an exacto knife and cut out the stickers firs...
  39. Great trunk -- wonderful find. Good to see Canadian trunk find content!!!!
  40. Thanks RussTenale -- a little splash of colour goes a long way...
  41. Thanks so much Drill -- I just love these older trunks. Although I had to unload a wall trunk to make space for it! Seems I have my A list of trunks now and have to decide when a new one comes in weth...
  42. Hi Phil. Thanks for the nice comment. I actually have no idea how to fix or replace the broken slat. The only thought I have is to be on the look out for a junked trunk that I can use for replacement ...
  43. EXCEPTIONAL!!! Top of the line quality trunk. I could see my self just staring at it for a long time too! Great collection you have going KathyK.
  44. Wow -- what a spectacular find!!!! I have read somewhere along the way that they did not make salesman samples of trunks... but there are always exceptions. Regardless, even as a child's trunk this i...
  45. Very interesting research. I see term like "humpback" trunk used on line all the time. The purest in me says that is not right but I know exactly what type of trunk they mean. Interesting how language...
  46. Nice standard flat top trunk circa 1910. Many companies made these with shared parts so it is difficult to say who made this one. Looks in good shape.. thanks for the post and welcome to Collector's W...
  47. Watch fobs, door keys, piano, small and large pad locks, china cabinet, trunks, keys to wind clocks.... you even have a sardine can opening key in there... basically anything that had a lock on it ove...
  48. Wow -- such craftsmanship.. exceptional piece. (well honestly all of your pieces fall into that category)
  49. Thanks petey for the love...
  50. Thanks kyratango for the great "GREAT" comment...
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