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I have enjoyed collecting and restoring antiques of all types including antique trunks for over 35 years. I enjoy travel and historical sites and have lived in 15 sI have enjoyed collecting and restoring antiques of all types including antique trunks for over 35 years. I enjoy travel and historical sites and have lived in 15 states and in Europe. (Read more)


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McLeod & Shotton Slat Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Excelsior 1868 Patent trunk, Oak Slat - Furniturein Furniture
Small Cube shaped Trunk - Heavy Duty! - Furniturein Furniture
Taylor Ticket Trunk, Theatrical - Furniturein Furniture
Leather covered small trunk or hat trunk, 1850's - Furniturein Furniture
Stagecoach or Gold Rush Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Alligator Embossed Metal Antique Doll Trunk - Dollsin Dolls
Brass antique trunk lock... George Washington?? - Furniturein Furniture
Drucker Barrel Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
A large alternating Slat Trunk, Martin Maier?   - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Hi Drill, yes, you are probably correct about that. Thanks for pointing that out. I don't know when the company got started, but it doesn't really matter to this trunk as it is obviously from the l...
  2. Hamish, thanks for the comment. There are many fairly simple, basic types of trunks that you could find to start with. I personally try to stay away from trunks that are not wood, which are usually...
  3. Thanks JonB! I haven't found time to work on it yet because I've very busy restoring some trunks for other people. I hope to get to it in the spring. I think it's a great trunk too. I have just fin...
  4. Thanks gundy, bjb, and shareurpassion, yes it is fun to consider what some of these trunks were used for. I believe there were a good variety of "custom" made trunks for special purposes, such as th...
  5. Thanks gundy! I would say I have to agree about the trunk. Have a great weekend!
  6. Beautiful job on this great trunk! yes, the B.B.& B is for Boyd, Boyd, & Boyd... I've done a couple of the Taylor trunks that had the canvas cemented on... wow, what a job to remove!! A few makers ...
  7. Thanks everyone for your "loves"!
  8. Thanks trunkman, Drill, and bjb! Yes, there was another maker which I believe got into the game on these fairly late, maybe in the 1890's, and that was the Fall River Trunk Company of Fall River, MA...
  9. Hello again, I wanted to say that now after more research on these and upon finding a couple of the slat trunks made by the McLeod & Shotten trunk company of Montreal Canada, I believe this trunk may...
  10. JonB, Great find! I love the fancy Martin Maier trunks and it's just a nice coincidence that I have the same initials as his, so I love the M hardware. It's very hard to know how long many of the t...
  11. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  12. Thank you myoldkyhome, jscotto363, JonB, and trunkman! I appreciate the comments.
  13. Thanks KathyKay, Yeah, I've only seen two of these in many years, so they are quite hard to find.
  14. Ben, Yes, they made them in many sizes, from these "half" trunks to very large barrel tops about 38 to 40" wide.
  15. Thanks Drill!
  16. Thanks TheGateKeeper, AntiqueToys, and Lady_Picker!
  17. Thanks aghcollect!
  18. Hi Chris, welcome to the world of trunk restoring and collecting! I've been at it for many years and started in a similar way. Along the way I've done a lot of research so I can tell you that the tr...
  19. Hi elocard, That's a very interesting story and I think it was meant for you to get this trunk and preserve it from destruction! I know it's a lot of work to remove the old paint. I first started w...
  20. JonB, neat trunk you found... I definitely know what you mean about running out of room! Imagine becoming a "trunk junkie" about 40 years ago as I did, and I still can't pass up some trunks, so they...
  21. Very neat.. you don't see the early Romadka latches very often. I think they made a couple variations of these latches.
  22. Thanks trunkman, I agree it is interesting when you see the smaller size trunks with lots of nice hardware.
  23. Beautiful condition! I agree, probably a Barnard Brothers trunk.
  24. Thanks for the comments and "loves" everyone!
  25. Hello heatherw, You trunk is a good example of the "cross slat" round top trunks with embossed metal covering that were made by many American trunk companies from the mid 1880's until the early 192...
  26. Thanks Drill! Yes, it does look like Taylor hardware but doesn't have their name on it. I think Taylor was the first to use this design but then the Sessions hardware company started making this sty...
  27. Thanks JonB. I wish I knew what it was used for but I really don't know and I'm sure many could take a guess at that!
  28. Thanks Ben, appreciate the comments. Well, I have a few more of various types and will share more pictures later. Yeah, I love that lock too! Thanks.
  29. Thanks Fatboy64 and gthandymanco!
  30. Thanks Ben, very kind of you. It is fun finding something unique like this. I love your trunk too!
  31. Thanks for the loves Sherwood Trunks and VanessaT. This is still one of my favorites and I'm glad I kept it.
  32. Hi tmwhitaker, that's great that you saved the trunk from being thrown out. It's hard to believe that some people still think something like this is junk not worth keeping. And a lot of these trun...
  33. Hi Drill, yeah I had done some research on Pearl Tangley and Norman Glenwood Baker when I first obtained the trunk a few years ago. I had found the pictures of that unusual token and it is certainly...
  34. Thanks for the loves people! I appreciate it and hope you don't mind me not listing everyone here, but thanks!
  35. Ben, I've been searching my patent files and studying your trunk. I do have some patent information to send you and I also believe there is a very strong possibility that your trunk was made by the ...
  36. Hi Ben, beautiful trunk! I really love these more unusual trunks and those tack designs. The trunk is early 1870's because the cast metal slat clamps are an 1871 patent and the latches are early 1...
  37. Hi Tashame3, You have a "cross slat" round or barrel top trunk with embossed metal covering. This is a style made by many American trunk makers starting in the mid 1880's and until the 1910's and e...
  38. Drill, very nice trunk and great that it has the super lock and lid compartment. I would say around 1875 is right especially since it has the leather tie down straps rather than metal latches. Those...
  39. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  40. You have a lot of beautiful glassware and pottery, etc, but I particularly love this one! Beautiful!
  41. Thanks Sean68, always appreciated!
  42. Thanks for the kind comments, passion4trunks. Sorry this is so late. I didn't get around to checking comments on some of these for a long time!
  43. Hi scotto and trunkman... did you see this original condition hat trunk? I know you like the hat trunks too! Thanks
  44. Thanks Trunkman and Drill! These are fairly large style brass buttons. I've seen some larger but not too often. I've seen several styles including a couple of the very early solid cast brass types ...
  45. You're welcome bjb.... I do wonder if we will ever see any with the rose or acorn style, could be they never made them.
  46. Thanks for the loves folks!
  47. Hi Christi49, You've had some good luck finding this trunk that was left behind. It was a high quality, fairly expensive trunk when it was made. This style with the narrow wood slat covering was ...
  48. Thanks Trunker! I do love the look of the green crystallized metal.
  49. Thanks for the loves racer4four, fatboy64, Elisabethan, walksoftly, and others!!
  50. Thanks Elisabethan, I'm pretty certain the trunk is American made and possibly in Vermont. It came from an old home in Vermont and based on research I've done, there were several trunk makers in Ver...
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