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  1. Looks great! You did beautiful work!
  2. Nice photo! Looks like it's in really good condition which the daguerrotype often aren't.
  3. Impressive collection!
  4. Hi etgohome, I have not been able to get a better age on this trunk. I would say that it is a little later than the Civil War era. I do think that it is no later than the 1880s. The inside of mine did...
  5. Thanks for the post. Interesting reading!
  6. Thanks for the love, trunkman and manikin and the comment trunkingforfun. I found out from Jim at HMS Trunks that this is a bellows suitcase from the early 1900s. This was the first one that I've seen.
  7. Beautiful work, once again. I've had to paint metal a few times, too. Many times that's about the only choice to truly preserve it.
  8. Great work as usual, Trunkman!
  9. Love it! This gives me some ideas for my collection.
  10. Impressive! What a beautiful job. It would have taken me that long, too.
  11. Thanks again, Jim. I really appreciate your expertise. You're right. That's definitely what my case is. And you were right about it being fiber board, too. I thought that it was leather that had hard...
  12. Thanks for information, Jim. I appreciate your help with this. I will check out your catalogs.
  13. Great job! I own some metal trunks. They are a lot of work. You did an excellent job!
  14. Beautiful! Love the brass studs.
  15. Beautiful! Love the interior.
  16. Very unique trunk. Never seen one like it. Beautiful!
  17. I absolutely think it's worth restoring. It shouldn't take a lot of money to do it. It looks like it's in pretty good shape. I like the alligator skin pattern on the embossed tin and love the lithogra...
  18. Beautiful trunk!
  19. It's in such good shape that I'm not going to do anything to it. I just cleaned it up and it looks pretty good.
  20. Wow! What a beauty! Wish they would have left it in Kentucky and that I could have been the one who found it and bought. Beautiful restoration job, too!
  21. Love it! I think these are very cool. A doctor's bag is on my radar but I haven't found the one that I want just yet. This is a great find!
  22. Nice trunk! Love the lithograph!
  23. Neat little chest. Love the lithograph.
  24. Very cool old trunk. I have never seen one like it in person. Great find! I'm jealous!
  25. Gorgeous! You did a beautiful job!
  26. Beautiful trunk! I would love to see photos of the inside of the trunk. I also have never seen one like it. There is no doubt that it is a high end trunk. I assume the previous owner must have had it ...
  27. Thanks for the kind words, everdayssaturday. It was definitely a work of love.
  28. Nice trunk! It would be beautiful restored. I can't tell from the photos what the outside is covered in? The inside is particularly nice and it's unusual to find one in such good condition. It would b...
  29. Beautiful trunk! Great job of restoring it.
  30. Great trunk! I particularly love the inside tray. You don't see them like that very often. This is a wonderful family heirloom.
  31. Nice old trunk. The inside of the lid looks great. I agree with trunkingforfun that it would be nice if you could leave it and preserve with shellac. Good luck!
  32. This is beautiful! I have never seen a trunk that looked this good on the inside either. What a great find!
  33. That's funny, passion4trunks! I usually find the best ones when I'm just out looking for junk.
  34. Thanks Manikin! That answers my questions. I thought they were probably homemade but I don't know much about dolls. I think they are a lovely pair, too.
  35. Thanks for the info, TrunkerMarvin. I assumed that the dates on the latches would have been when it was made. Sounds like it's not quite as old as I thought. I'm still learning about trunks. Thanks fo...
  36. Beautiful trunk! You did a great job on it.
  37. Thanks for the information TrunkerMarvin. That's pretty incredible that you have a trunk belonging to a Civil War officer and you were able to trace its history. Those kinds of things don't happen ver...
  38. Thanks blunderbuss2 and trunkingforfun for the nice compliments and the love. Thanks moonstonelover21 for the love.
  39. Thanks, Trunkman. I appreciate your kind words. I was a hesitant about the blue and about just how far to go with it. Because it was allowed to rust for so long, I couldn't polish all of the discolora...
  40. Great trunk. I agree with trunkman. This trunk would look great restored. It has some interesting metalwork on the outside.
  41. Beautiful trunk and a great price!
  42. Thanks trunkingforfun. I'll have to check that out.
  43. Thanks again, Trunkman. I hadn't thought about painting the spot black but that would work. I don't do everything perfectly when i refinish either. Hadn't heard of the mink oil either. I cleaned it w...
  44. Thanks for the comments, DoorCountyTrunks. Mine also has a 2-sectioned tray and each side has a lid made of a heavy (cardboard-type) paper. This was the first trunk that I bought. I have bought severa...
  45. That is a great flea market find!!! I love finding and restoring trunks, too and am running out of room. I, too, am addicted.
  46. Wow! That is an incredible trunk. What a great find. It's beautiful. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you are done.
  47. Gorgeous trunk! And, yes, please post some photos of the inside of it. Would love to see them.
  48. The prices on them vary pretty dramatically depending on the condition that they are in and the area that you are located.
  49. Beautiful heirloom!
  50. Thanks Trunkman. I'm just about out of space, but I love finding them. I was surprised this one was so cheap. This yard sale extends across several states and people set up booths, similar to an outdo...
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