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  1. Wow!! That is beautiful. I haven't seen anything shaped like that either. It looks like a variation of a Jenny Lind trunk. Great work on it!
  2. I absolutely love this!! What a beauty. I also collect doll trunks for the same reason. I don't have any as nice as this one though! I rarely see them with embossed tin.
  3. Beautiful work!
  4. Amazing trunk!! I've never seen one like this. Thanks so much for sharing!
  5. That's a beauty!! Love the interior. Gorgeous!
  6. Very impressive work! It looks great!
  7. Beautiful!! I love it!
  8. Wow! I love this! I particularly love the embossing on the lock.
  9. Great trunk! Wonderful story!! I don't know what your "trade" in life is, but you could be a writer (if you aren't already.) I was a newspaper publisher, editor and reporter for 25 years before health...
  10. Another great trunk! Love the alligator embossed tin! I don't have one with that pattern but wish that I did.
  11. Thanks trunkingforfun! I believe that originally the valise was sold as a separate item entirely. So, you might have any style of trunk and then you would buy this valise to carry smaller items. It wa...
  12. Just beautiful! Love the bottom. Never seen that before.
  13. Really great work! Where did you get this lock cover plate? I've got a trunk that's missing this and didn't know how that I was going to fix it.
  14. Another good find! Happy New Year!
  15. Very nice! I have several of these and thought that they were called doll trunks. I got that because that's how they are referred to in the Antique Trunks book by Linda Edestein and Paul Pat Morse. I ...
  16. Very Cool! I love old shoes. I don't know anything about them really but I have a couple of pairs of toddler sized old shoes and one old adult shoe. I'm suspicious that your shoes are adult shoes beca...
  17. Love it! I've never seen a trunk like this. Very impressive!
  18. Great work, Scott. It really looks wonderful!
  19. Nice job! Great to have you back!
  20. Great work, Scott. It looks beautiful! Merry Christmas!!
  21. Another beauty!! Love it!
  22. Very cool! Lucky to find inside of a trunk. I see spats from time to time but I'm not willing to pay what they are asking for them.
  23. Love it! Great find.
  24. Another great trunk! You have all the luck!
  25. Thanks jscott. I had looked on eBay but hadn't been able to find it. You're right. It does look a lot like mine. I wish mine had been covered in leather and still only cost $10!!
  26. Thanks Phil and jscott. My husband helped a lot! It was a team project.
  27. I have almost the identical machine and cabinet that I bought at an estate sale this summer. My middle drawer is slightly different. My husband and I restored it. I will post it later. These are great...
  28. Thanks Jewels!
  29. This was my first trunk, jscott. I have mostly restored the outside of it but had a paint problem that I'm going to have to work on at some point.
  30. That is neat that she wrote her name in it, jscott. I ended up giving this one to my mom. At least I get to visit it occasionally.
  31. Thanks jscott. I'll have to take a look on eBay. I have since finished restoring this one but never posted the finished product. Fixing the termite damage was a real challenge but it came out pretty w...
  32. Thanks jscott. It took a ton of time but it looks great sitting at the foot of my bed now.
  33. Thanks Scott!! That's even better that he has Indian artifacts. I have some Indian baskets and pottery myself. Sounds like an interesting man. I'll try to get in touch with him after the holidays.
  34. jscott0363 I talked to him on the phone a couple of years ago and kept meaning to go over there but never did. I probably wouldn't buy anything else right now because my house is full! I would like to...
  35. Wow! This is very cool. I've never seen a trunk like this.
  36. Another beautiful trunk. I haven't seen a domed top Jenny Lind either.
  37. You really did great work on this. It's beautiful!
  38. Thanks drill, trunkman and jscott0363. Hey jscott0363, is your cousin the man who has a trunk restoring business just down the road from Maker's Mark?
  39. Thanks jscott0363! Yes, I'm in Bardstown. It's a small world.
  40. Another beautiful find. I don't know how you do it! Love it!
  41. Looks great! You did beautiful work!
  42. Nice photo! Looks like it's in really good condition which the daguerrotype often aren't.
  43. Impressive collection!
  44. Hi etgohome, I have not been able to get a better age on this trunk. I would say that it is a little later than the Civil War era. I do think that it is no later than the 1880s. The inside of mine did...
  45. Thanks for the post. Interesting reading!
  46. Thanks for the love, trunkman and manikin and the comment trunkingforfun. I found out from Jim at HMS Trunks that this is a bellows suitcase from the early 1900s. This was the first one that I've seen.
  47. Beautiful work, once again. I've had to paint metal a few times, too. Many times that's about the only choice to truly preserve it.
  48. Great work as usual, Trunkman!
  49. Love it! This gives me some ideas for my collection.
  50. Impressive! What a beautiful job. It would have taken me that long, too.
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