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My "finished" Crouch and Fitzgerald - Furniturein Furniture
my 'new' zinc trunk in need of help - Furniturein Furniture
antique steamer - Furniturein Furniture
Found in an old friends home.   - Toysin Toys
Found on the screened in porch of an old friend's home - Furniturein Furniture
My fun  antique trunk  - Furniturein Furniture
My Crouch and Fitzgerald awaiting renewal.   - Furniturein Furniture
Old trunk needs help  - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Wow! Took my breath away!
  2. Thanks for relieving my worry for your safety! What is meant by chesterfield?
  3. Lol, with tears running down my face.
  4. CW is great for education AND very entertaining! there are 1000 deaths each year in the US from hoarding, usually from crushing injuries. Trunkman, those trunks aren't stacked on top of each other, I ...
  5. This is just one of my inspirations from the Trunkman! I love them all. Keep them coming.
  6. Thanks, myoldkentucyhome! Reassuring. : )
  7. I love your comments. Thank you! And are right! Trunkman must have a staff!
  8. A sad day for the trunk when someone, well meaning no doubt, gets out the spray paint. A high end trunk judging by the double locks. It looks to be a flat top circa 1900. Can't see the slat end caps...
  9. Hi trunkman, just got a trunk I thought was painted blue but now I am thinking it is zinc. How would you recommend I begin to clean it up? It is in pretty rough shape. I'll post it as soon as I find t...
  10. Beautiful trunk and sentiment. Something to have forever
  11. Love this trunk! Can you see a maker name on the lock plate? It appears a bit off although I cannot say exactly why. The latches are not the typical tension draw bolt type. They may be called a slide ...
  12. I have a similar trunk that also has some remnant is the crystaling process, mostly gone . I would love to learn what you find out about possibly restoring the finish.
  13. Sorry, that should have been myoldkentuckyhome abbreviated . : )
  14. Hey, moth, are you still working on this one or can we see the result?
  15. I'd say you've got some work ahead of you but it will be fun and well worth it. The "Saratoga trunk" name was given to those of better quality and with the extras. . I think yours qualifies. Wish you...
  16. I have used stripper on all of it. Usually the wood slats or staves require more than one treatment. Lots of work and mess but also rewarding. Have fun
  17. Check out The expert there has a comprehensive list of makers and labels. Good luck.
  18. This looks like a fun project. I cannot tell if the body is metal or canvas covered. It s a cross slat, barrel stave chest about 1890 or so. If the slat clamps and handle end caps are cast iron ,I th...
  19. Wow, just lovely. Great you are giving us a post!
  20. I would not consider this to be in poor condition but in fair to good condition given its age. It is a better quality trunk. Most have only one lock and yours has two. Plenty of hardware and decorati...
  21. Thanks for the post. How about showing the dome top one too.
  22. Please post the pics of your trunk. The more the merrier.
  23. Beautiful!
  24. Like winning the lottery, no better. Congratulations on all three and a very good friend.
  25. So the hinges are made of leather?
  26. Doesn't look so bad to me, I think you got a deal! Some elbow grease, steel wool, gun oil, and perhaps some paint but I would see how the great works first. Good luck
  27. Here's to señor trunk! What a fabulous story, gift, and gentleman!
  28. That is really something! Right there in the open. Is it a patent date?
  29. Truly, it is now serving in many ways. Thank you for you contribution to The cause. Beautiful work.
  30. You know trunkman, you have nailed it ( no pun intended). It may be the idea of the craftsmanship that draws me to these. Not sure it can be found in today's world without going back in time
  31. Gotta hand it to trunk man for noting all the details...just another reason we wait for your input.
  32. Wow, it is a beauty. It looks as though there is more than one style of slat clamp on this trunk and I do not think I have seen that before. Very fancy and fabulous condition inside. A real treasure. ...
  33. Thanks. I appreciate how you note the source of the info. Your work is beautiful. The experience you share with all of us is priceless. : )
  34. I aspire to just kind of run into a wall trunk one day. Sort of similar to hitting lotto! In my book anyway. I'm a bit green invade you couldn't tell.
  35. Piece of junk,? I do not think so. Do not throw any part if it out as my experience had always made me regret that . This is a terrific format to find info. Before the Internet your chances would have...
  36. Another beauty, thanks and Happy New Year
  37. Another note. Your trunk has five slats across the top. This indicates a higher quality product as most have four or fewer.
  38. Not sure how I missed this one before. Beautiful!
  39. Can you see any patent marks on the hardware? Hard to tell from the pic. Fancy lock! surprising with a more common latch. Lovely refinish job. Thanks for the post. I love looking and learning from oth...
  40. The picture on the lid does not appear to be original as it 1. Does not look like a lithograph and 2. Does not have a border, either as part of the picture or placed around it. If it is a lithograph i...
  41. I believe this to be circa 1890. It is a lovely old trunk that appears in pretty good shape. Is the tray there? The lining and lithograph appear original. If you look closely at the lock it may be ma...
  42. Finished the scrubbing and now will have to sand before the steel wool. There are some pretty rough spots. I have been on the lookout for one handle end cap to match as one was missing and just today ...
  43. There is a site called Bretton Village that has a list of manufacturers. It may lead you to makers from that area, that time frame. Yes, it is fun. Good luck.
  44. I think you got a deal. It is going to take some work but I believe well worth it when you are done. Will you restore it? There are many note worthy comments on this site for helpful hints as how t...
  45. At one time the New Britian and Terryville region of CT was one of the largest lock manufactorers in the country. Terryville is home to the Lock Museum of America and worth the trip . Your trunk is ...
  46. It is difficult to see this trunk for comment. The pic will not magnify for some reason. It is a flat top made about the 1910 era. Can't seee the hardware close up which would be helpful for a more...
  47. This appears to be a better than average trunk as it has both fingerlings and lid guides on the front. The design is either a bevel top or the monitor style, not sure which. Hope to be informed by o...
  48. The handle end caps appear to be stamped metal which would place the trunk a bit later than the early 1800's, probably later 1800. This is a determiner I have learned from Trunkman on this site. My ...
  49. Thanks for the info and inspiration. I'll get right on it after the holiday...
  50. also, "The Wedding Trunk" right now number 23.
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