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ted and i enjoy restoring old furniture, trunks and using glassware to make birdbaths and ornamental yard designs -- he is a retired engineer and i am a retired chemted and i enjoy restoring old furniture, trunks and using glassware to make birdbaths and ornamental yard designs -- he is a retired engineer and i am a retired chemist -- we always say what one monkey doesn't know the other hopefully will -- so far few things have stumped us -- including gutting the pace motor home we use to travel during the summer months (Read more)


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  1. these are great -- thanks for posting
  2. what a cutie -- eat your heart out lauren hutton
  3. how lucky -- what a find -- happy holidays
  4. these will certainly brighten up the cold winter days -- happy holidays
  5. oh blunder -- you never change -- yes drool and the kegel moments -- don't ya just love old age!!!!
  6. thanks inky -- good to hear from you -- happy new year to you also
  7. well -- i definitely think is it appropriately named -- as the dazzler -- it is almost as if the thing has a spirit that wants to get inside your head and make your eyeballs go goofy
  8. nice work
  9. beautiful trunk -- unusual locks -- looks like there is some writing on them -- usually that information offers more clues on to where your trunk was manf
  10. well drool drool drool -- this watch is drop dead gorgeous -- happy holidays
  11. thanks sean and vetraio -- hey guys -- got a question -- i use to receive emails from cw when comments were made on my postings -- has something changed -- i know i gave hunter the new email address l...
  12. that is beautiful -- thanks for sharing -- have never seen one before -- happy holidays
  13. 13 fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- what are you going to do -- perform the feeding of the 5000
  14. thank you agram and myoldkyhome -- good to be back!!!!!
  15. what a dolly girl this one it -- happy holidays blunder
  16. you are too funny -- i'm going to blog were you hide your keys-- happy holidays
  17. love the silver overlays -- this one is a beauty -- i agree -- this is what a teapot should look like -- happy holidays
  18. hi sean -- so this is were you hang out -- happy holidays -- love you new goodies -- been awhile since i have checked in -- but you guys were always in my thoughts
  19. hi agram -- long time for me on this sight -- had a mishap with a house fire but we're back in full swing again -- i love this brooch -- you always have such good taste in your jewelry picks -- happy ...
  20. what a striking photo -- love it
  21. zoie how did the above weblink work for you at the state museum of arizona on this rug
  22. these are absolutely beautiful -- lucky you
  23. got me by the antlers on this one
  24. no zoie -- believe it or not it is still in the shop -- would seem the original owners went into bankruptcy and skipped town to florida -- luckily they left the inventory and i had all the paperwork t...
  25. beautiful bike -- someone sure took good care of it
  26. they are a class act that is for sure
  27. you find some of the neatest classiest items -- this one is just outstanding
  28. zoie -- check out this website -- they are almost in your backyard -- maybe they could shed some more "light" on your rug
  29. oh another goodwill baby -- goodness i am in great company -- takes one to know one i guess
  30. after looking at several pages of navajo rug patterns -- in my humble opinion it would appear this style of rug is called the eye dazzler or the dazzler -- and it would certainly appear that it is liv...
  31. very pretty -- how long have you had it and little more details on where you found it might help in the identity -- happy holidays
  32. well let's see on this one -- it has the chemical symbols for silver and copper and sometimes .925 sterling can have a little copper thrown into the mix -- which in this case is a nice comb with the c...
  33. welcome on board bret and jackie -- hope this site will help you for researching those items that one scratches their heads and ask -- what the heck am i looking at and what is the history -- ditto o...
  34. keep them both -- crawl inside and listen to the engines -- they will tell you
  35. we all love rosie the riveter -- hollywood should do a movie on this icon of america -- welcome on board to cw
  36. thanks debbi -- love all animals great and small -- cute story on silverbell -- it was the same with abby she was born in a silo -- i was on my way to romania for business and my girl friend kept her ...
  37. hi brat -- it is getting closer to getting back in the house and hopefully by mid nov -- you will not recognize the bike -- she is a beauty -- have a new member on cw if you and cw members can help br...
  38. welcome on board val -- hope you enjoy the site -- know the members are going to love you autumn and again can not wait to receive my new hat from you -- can't wait to get back with cw after this s...
  39. hi backstagecrafter we had a fire may 18th which you can see in my other postings -- here is my email you can send specific questions and perhaps i can answer your concerns
  40. hi justanovice -- thanks for the comments -- yes she is my little 23 year old amazing cat -- has personality plus -- usually take her with us -- pending on heat -- but today she gets to visit her fire...
  41. thanks nldionne -- going to the columbia gorge today -- 40 acres -- no phone service no nothing and sometimes we get to see the bears -- of course abby will stay at the house -- but she has seen them ...
  42. thanks inky -- going to the columbia gorge with ted's family -- all is fine here
  43. thanks blunder -- it will be in the fall when perhaps it all finishes -- the smoke detectors all failed -- absolutely no help all the wiring fried within minutes -- batteries can't work when the wirin...
  44. thanks jay -- yes she is a very good road car -- hugs those gorge curves -- she is the best and i have raced, dragged etc etc many cars since i was small child when my dad first placed me in the seat ...
  45. hi toolate2 -- yes you are right on those pedals i can not find them as of yet -- but i am on a search currently -- you are a doll to help me -- this item number on ebay will absolutely not work ...
  46. thanks sean and lee for the loves and blunder as far as the joke list -- ya bring her on -- getting better -- took the huffy bike in and left a $1000 check -- will see how far that goes -- they say up...
  47. yes hunter -- those items are much cheaper than paying the $35 for leather dye plus the haz mat shipping cost and they work much better -- just dig to the b0ttom of the can on the stain -- that is whe...
  48. thanks hunter -- will do thanks lee for the loves and comments
  49. thanks tony for the loves i know sean -- i have one in black that i purchased new in the 80s and it is still my favorite evening bag -- they just never wear out -- had to take this one to a deeper...
  50. thanks sean -- i am a bit ditsy over these little gals -- hope all is well with you -- hugs to scott also
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