Founded in 1701 by Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac in a settlement called Fort Ponchartrain. Known as the Paris of the West, City of Champions, Arsenal of Democracy, Motown, Rock City, and The Motor City at one time or another in its storied history.

Mainly I collect old beer/soda related items like cans, bottles, signs, corked bottle caps, and everything in between. I also have a great appreciation for old war Mainly I collect old beer/soda related items like cans, bottles, signs, corked bottle caps, and everything in between. I also have a great appreciation for old war relics and an affinity for Petroliana collectibles. Antique advertising typically fits the bill as well. Old toys across all spectrums also rock!! : ) If I think it is cool though I will get my hands on it regardless of what it may be or what timeframe it is from. As long as it would be considered vintage, antique, or old. In addition, I imagine what stories the items I find could tell if only they were able to project the most significant historical experience they were a part of in their existence! Kind of like how R2D2 would project stuff in Star Wars... : ) Also, if the mood strikes me I will choose to thin out certain aspects of my collection to obtain other items that I would like to include in it at that time. Lastly, at times I may utilize this site as a collectable diary documenting some of my finds and the history I have learned about them along the way.... In conclusion, how exactly did I get my moniker you may ask when it doesn't relate to the main items I collect? Probably not, but just in case. ; ) Well when I first found the site on Show and Tell I posted an electric lighter and came up with a name that related to it. I don't even smoke! I didn't plan on staying long. The rest is history as they say.... : ) I also appreciate and am thankful for you taking the time to read this as well as looking at my items. The same applies to those of you that have chosen to follow me on this Collectors Weekly journey we are on together. Thank you all so much! : ) ANY REPRODUCTION OF THE IMAGES TAKEN BY ME IN MY PROFILE AND COLLECTION IN ANY FORM IS NOT AUTHORIZED AND STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM THIS SITE WITHOUT MY CONSENT. P.S. See if you can find me in a picture throughout the items I have listed on here. Kinda like find Waldo. But in this case it is find electobacco. If you find me leave a comment on the specific item that you did and you win a prize.... ; ) Well maybe not. But isn't it worth a shot anyway just in case... ; ) Guess what city all the items mentioned in my location (under electobacco on this page above) relate to and the same applies. : ) (Read more)


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1940's US Army World War II WW2 Hand Held Walkie Talkie Wireless Communication Device - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1933 Photograph Framed Picture Babe Ruth New York Yankees Baseball - Baseballin Baseball
Neolithic Native American Indian Grinding Fire Starting Stone Sticks Artifact Shaft Tool - Native Americanin Native American
October 26th 1970 Original Muhammed Ali Cassius Clay vs. Jerry Quarry Boxing Event Ticket Stub - Paperin Paper
1960's Autographed Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay Photograph -- Who is he with? Where is he? - Photographsin Photographs
1964 Original Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay Malcolm X Greg Eaton Miami FL Autographed Photo - Photographsin Photographs
1979 Original NCAA Finals College Basketball Ticket Stub MAGIC VS BIRD Salt Lake City UT - Basketballin Basketball
1912 Original Kling's Detroit Michigan Beer Porter Bottle Wood Shipping Crate - Brewerianain Breweriana
1906-1914 Pre-Prohibition Blob Top West Side Brewery Export Detroit Mich Beer Bottle With Label - Brewerianain Breweriana
1930's Depression Era Ribbed Green McKee MCK  Jadite Milk Glass Tea Storage Jar - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Vintage Fanon T-600 Walkie-Talkies It is cool what this WW2 technology led to in the private sector. :) http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/146885-vintage-fanon-t-600-walkie-talkies?in=activity
  2. Looks like they are multipurpose and can also be used as a hammer. ;) Thanks for sharing kanukster.
  3. Thank you ttom, lzenglish, CindB, surf, walk, fort, agh, Jewels, blunder, and packrat for loving the item in this post! I appreciate all of you taking the time to take a look at this. Have a blessed ...
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  5. Thank you my friend aghcollect. Once again what you shared is greatly appreciated. One more question. Would they have made a picture this big in the early 1900's? If not then there is no way this wou...
  6. Thank you for the comment and love of this item as well aghcollect. So if the picture is by Charles M. Conlon is there anything else you can tell by just looking at the pictures I posted my friend? Th...
  7. Thank you for your input scottvez. It is greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for loving the post Phil. I appreciate you taking a peek as well. It looks even more cool in person. Have an awesome day my friend! :)
  9. For those of you that enjoyed this post there are additional pictures of the Beer Can House at "Part Deux". :) http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/17969-beer-can-house-part-deux
  10. Thanks for passing by and the love Sean! :)
  11. Thanks for the love Pat and Virginia! I just noticed from your post that it is being featured on the FB page PatSea. Thank you for making me aware. Cool Stuff! :)
  12. Thanks for the comment CindB as well as looking at and loving so many of the items I have posted on here. I agree. :)
  13. Thank you so much cratedigger. Yeah it is really cool my friend. Thank you as well for the awesome comment! Who doesn't like POWER huh!?!? :)
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  18. Thanks for the love of this item as well Pat. Nice catch by the way. Your profile picture. It is awesome that you enjoy fishing. So do I. :)
  19. Yes indeed you did. Great effort. With me being a bit older in this one. ;)
  20. PatSea you are very good. Very good. ;)
  21. Nice post crate. Yeah they used to tally it up and it would change every month or so I believe. Enjoy your Big Mac. :)
  22. Pat awesome job! I appreciate you taking the time to read my bio on here. I will get it right out to you in the mail!! ;)
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  24. Thanks for the love Jewels and crate! Crate the comment is appreciated as well. In the Metro Detroit area.
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  31. A really cool item to have as part of your collection Daddy. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing! :)
  32. This is a beauty fortapache. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing! :)
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  34. Hello Vintagetin. AzTom is correct. Thank you for responding during my time away my friend. Happy New Year to all. May it be your best year yet. Also wishing all of you and your respective family, as ...
  35. Awesome Joe Louis poster and find my friend!
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