Founded in 1701 by Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac in a settlement called Fort Ponchartrain. Known as the Paris of the West, City of Champions, Arsenal of Democracy, Motown, Rock City, and The Motor City at one time or another in its storied history.

Mainly I collect old beer/soda related items like cans, bottles, signs, corked bottle caps, and everything in between. I also have a great appreciation for old war Mainly I collect old beer/soda related items like cans, bottles, signs, corked bottle caps, and everything in between. I also have a great appreciation for old war relics and an affinity for Petroliana collectibles. Antique advertising typically fits the bill as well. Old toys across all spectrums also rock!! : ) If I think it is cool though I will get my hands on it regardless of what it may be or what timeframe it is from. As long as it would be considered vintage, antique, or old. In addition, I imagine what stories the items I find could tell if only they were able to project the most significant historical experience they were a part of in their existence! Kind of like how R2D2 would project stuff in Star Wars... : ) Also, if the mood strikes me I will choose to thin out certain aspects of my collection to obtain other items that I would like to include in it at that time. Lastly, at times I may utilize this site as a collectable diary documenting some of my finds and the history I have learned about them along the way.... In conclusion, how exactly did I get my moniker you may ask when it doesn't relate to the main items I collect? Probably not, but just in case. ; ) Well when I first found the site on Show and Tell I posted an electric lighter and came up with a name that related to it. I don't even smoke! I didn't plan on staying long. The rest is history as they say.... : ) I also appreciate and am thankful for you taking the time to read this as well as looking at my items. The same applies to those of you that have chosen to follow me on this Collectors Weekly journey we are on together. Thank you all so much! : ) ANY REPRODUCTION OF THE IMAGES TAKEN BY ME IN MY PROFILE AND COLLECTION IN ANY FORM IS NOT AUTHORIZED AND STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM THIS SITE WITHOUT MY CONSENT. P.S. See if you can find me in a picture throughout the items I have listed on here. Kinda like find Waldo. But in this case it is find electobacco. If you find me leave a comment on the specific item that you did and you win a prize.... ; ) Well maybe not. But isn't it worth a shot anyway just in case... ; ) Guess what city all the items mentioned in my location (under electobacco on this page above) relate to and the same applies. : ) (Read more)


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Happy Thanksgiving Antique Figurines, Fruit Basket, & Turkey. Gobble! Gobble! :) - Figurinesin Figurines
Four Old Antique Mystery Porcelain Stuffed Dolls - Dollsin Dolls
1859 Antique Old C. Sharps Philada PA Pepperbox .22 4 Shot Gun Pistol - Outdoor Sportsin Outdoor Sports
1950's Marx Tin Litho E-12 Toy Wind Up Tank - Toysin Toys
1969 48 Inch Tall Vintage Green Glass Chianti Gori Gori Wine Bottle Bamboo Neck Basket St. Julian Detroit Mich - Bottlesin Bottles
1934 Detroit Tigers Baseball American League Champs All In One Pennant Cane - Baseballin Baseball
1919 Parke Davis Detroit Mich 500 Chocolate Coated Tablets Neuralgic Opium Cannabis Medicine Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
1919 Old John Wyeth Nausea Merck One Cent Tax Stamp Cocaine Hydrochloride Medicine Bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
1914 NY License Plate 71354 Old Original Negative Photograph Picture Henry Ford Automobile Model T - Photographsin Photographs
Original Old June 14, 1941, Albert Einstein & Clyde Fisher Princeton New Jersey Photograph Picture - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thank you Sean. Have a wonderful upcoming Christmas, Holiday Season, and New Year my friend! ;)
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  6. Amazing find!Thank you for sharing. I guess the secret to getting the best shot was to dress your best as well. ; )
  7. You are awesome Jono. Thank you so much for the laughs. Sweet post! : ) Hopefully I do not run into, or become, any of these characters later this week. :)
  8. Awesome Manikin. Thank you. You are the best! :) I had a feeling the first doll is of an old TV character as well. A comedian it seems. And as I am writing this I solved my own mystery. It is Jackie G...
  9. Here is another awesome Pepperbox by pw-collector that you may also want to take a look at. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/105790-mossberg-brownie-4-barrel-pepperbox?in=activity
  10. Awesome item my friend! Thank you for sharing.
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  13. Thanks phil, nicole, tom, geo, ho2, and Lori for showing some love for the picture of Einstein and his buddy Clyde! : )
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  24. artislove you should come out to this event sometime. If you love the pictures being at the event itself will blow your mind. : )
  25. Good to see you again as well BELLIN and I appreciate you enjoying this item as well my friend.
  26. I have been to Holland before artislove! You have an amazing country and people! Thank you for showing some love relating to this item as well my friend. I appreciate the post also. Interesting dy...
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  34. It is funny that you ask. I found a number of old medicine bottles. Some were still unopened and full. All of the ones that had opium, cannabis, or cocaine as an ingredient were empty. Go figure. ...
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