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Collector of original stone lithographs and rare posters consisting mostly of the Golden Age of Magic. Contact: zguy2112@earthlink.net


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Original Dante The Magician Flyer ca. 1930 - Advertisingin Advertising
Original Thurston "Do The Spirits Come Back?" Stone Lithograph Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Original Fak Hong "Hara-Kiri" Stone Lithograph Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Original 1940 Dante The Magician Window Card - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Original 1943 "Join A.R.P." WW2 Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Original Horace Goldin Pitch Book ca. 1930 - Paperin Paper
Original "The Great Nicola" Mini Lithograph Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Original 1938 Dante The Magician Program - Paperin Paper
Original "Newmann The Great" Stone Lithograph window Card - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Original "Gordon The Master Magician" Levitation Stone Lithograph Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Mystery Solved: This Poster was Available Only at the 1999 Toyfest in East Aurora, New York...Heavy Weight Poster Paper...Poster Measures 25 1/2 Inches Wide x 18 Inches Tall...Printed Area Measures 2...
  2. I agree my friend. So many GREAT lithographs, but this is one of the best for sure.
  3. Thanks buddy! And thanks for the opportunity!!
  4. Hands down....the BEST Caddy they ever designed and built! Pure ART!!! Take good care of this baby, she's GORGEOUS!
  5. Ha, Ha! Yes, this poster is one the great ones!! A keeper for sure. I will keep my eyes open at the Castle on Saturday for you buddy, you never know, one might surface there. Be well.
  6. wrightarchitecture, Thanks again buddy, you are the best friend one can have! racer4four and valentino97, thank you for the love and I'm glad you enjoy looking at my posters, I am happy to share th...
  7. Very Lichtenstein! Love it!! Good find buddy.
  8. valentino97 thank you for your kind thoughts, glad you enjoy this poster. Be well.
  9. GREAT find!
  10. GREAT piece!
  11. Nice poster! Great find!!
  12. Yeah, this is a KEEPER! Thanks Circusposters.
  13. Thanks for the history buddy! Always appreciated and certainly interesting.
  14. Exactly!
  15. GREAT Luger, Always loved this firearm; especially if Nazi issued. Important piece of both war and firearm history!
  16. GREAT cars! Excellent eye and restoration!! Love them.
  17. And VWs are FAR from German Engineered, at least the more modern ones built in Mexico! Even the VW parts come in a box that states "Made in Mexico" on them! Maybe THIS is why VW has the WORST warran...
  18. I am a BMW enthusiast and know the 507 very well, it was one of the GREATEST car designs ever to be created and considered THE GREATEST roadster ever built to date, even Enzo Ferrari agreed. Such an ...
  19. The ONLY Jeep worth owning is an older Wrangler PRE-1993, as they are built like regular cars now. Just like with BMW, their best models are behind them. And a Jeep Wrangler is a GREAT 2nd vehicle a...
  20. This and the "X" series are American built BMWs, unfortunately NOT true German engineering. But love what you drive, that's what I say.
  21. I had a 92' Wrangler before I got the "M" bug! The wrangler was my second favorite car next to all my BMWs. Love the old Wranglers! Especially here in Cali. But once you drive a BMW....you NEVER g...
  22. Virginia.vintage is correct with what she has stated and I will chime in on what I know as well being BOTH an original lithograph collector and working in the TV/Film industry. First of all it ve...
  23. Yeah, this is a keeper if you can find one! They have one of these in the vault at the Peterson Automotive Museum here in Los Angeles (Unless this is the same one on loan) if you ever make it to L.A....
  24. Thanks jscotto363, I need to start collecting BMWs next!
  25. Such a cool car! Love the new pics. By the way, walked by an 86' 320i yesterday near the office. Brought back lots of fun memories. There is a guy near me that has a 635csi as well. I see this on...
  26. Newer BMWS although under a 5 year warranty, are NOT built like the old ones. The BEST BMWs are behind them. The cars they make today are all BIG and BULKY! They no longer wrap themselves around th...
  27. jscott0363, Don't feel bad that price tag of an M4, truth be told the Golden Age of BMW is GONE forever! Golden Age consisting of the E30, E36, etc up to the E46. You are like myself, the 70's, 80's...
  28. I'm going to go with Evil dentist instrument!.....Open WIDE!!
  29. Thank you guys, your comments are always appreciated. This is an EXCELLENT poster for my collection, couldn't be happier with the find! Be well guys.
  30. We had an 86' 325i in our family as well, GREAT BMW! The old E30s ROCKED! I have an F30 now, but would like to get an M4 next....we will see. Enjoy your BMW, its a BEAUTY!
  31. Always welcome buddy!
  32. BTW, games still cheat today.....only I have learned not to break my computer anymore!
  33. LOL, guess I was an angry child:(
  34. Just had this BEAUTY framed and now hangs in my living room. Took 3 guys to lift it and secure it on the wall, but well worth it as it makes the entire room!
  35. Great image and subject matter!
  36. Always have LOVED Kraftwerk, and still do! I crank this 80's band almost daily!! Nice find.
  37. They even made a few Nintendo Game & watches that were 3 SCREENS! Had one of those also but broke it as well. yes, I am kicking myself today:(
  38. Thank you cratedigger, glad you like this poster and history that goes with it. Keep digging my friend!
  39. GREAT piece! GREAT eye!!
  40. Wish I didn't break them all and still had them, kind of in the mood to play the Donkey Kong one now:( The ONLY pain in the ass with these games was they operated on 2 watch batteries that back in the...
  41. OMG! I had almost EVERY Single one of these pocket Nintendo games! I was the KING of this one and "Oil Panic"!...and maybe "Super Mario Brothers"! What would happen with these eventually was yo...
  42. I think I broke about 4 of these by throwing them against the walls after the games cheated! Love it!...fun memories.
  43. Ha, Ha! I was KING of Mega Man in the 80's! ....Probably still am. Love it.
  44. Jewels, your welcome and thanks for visiting. Hope you had a great New Year!
  45. wrightarchitecture, you are always welcome for what little education I can add to my pieces. Thanks for the love. It is my understanding that Fortune Magazine ran a one-time issue in 1943 that inclu...
  46. Thanks for the comments all, glad you guys like this. Certainly my favorite of ALL my WW2 posters!
  47. GREAT piece buddy!
  48. Thanks buddy, hope you have a great Christmas as well! Holidays approach too quickly as usual.
  49. valentino97, I am sorry to say that Copperfield's Magic museum is truly private. He only admits students of Magic and Magic historians into his museum. It is located in an undisclosed warehouse in t...
  50. Your welcome valentino97, glad you enjoy this piece. jscott0363 - Thank you for your kind words, I am please you enjoy my growing collection. Where I obtain pieces for my collection is a hard qu...
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