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Reading, PA

My name is Chad and I am the Breweriana Aficionado. I have been collecting local PA breweriana for the past 4 years. The breweries that I focus on are Old Reading, BMy name is Chad and I am the Breweriana Aficionado. I have been collecting local PA breweriana for the past 4 years. The breweries that I focus on are Old Reading, Barbey's Sunshine, Reading, Sunshine, Deppen, Lauer, Mt Penn, Mt Carbon, and Yuengling. I buy, sell, and trade the pieces I find. Check out my website to see some of the pieces in my collection at (Read more)


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Mount Carbon Beer Tin Sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
Bushkill Beer Ball Tap Knob - Brewerianain Breweriana
Poth Beer Tap Marker - Brewerianain Breweriana
Old Reading Beer Cooler Tap Knob - Brewerianain Breweriana
MC Pilsener De Luxe Ball Tap - Brewerianain Breweriana
Premium Sunshine Beer Clock - Brewerianain Breweriana
Light Reading Premium Beer Clock - Brewerianain Breweriana
Ol Reading Beer Plate - Brewerianain Breweriana
Sunshine Beer Glass ROG Sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
1943 PA Keystone License / Badge - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. These Schlitz Motion Globe signs are from the late 1960's to early 1970's era. It's a very beautiful light you have there. I had one when I started collecting vintage breweriana; I wish I still had t...
  2. Thanks for the offer Foxalli but this sign isn't going anywhere. I'd never find another one in this nice of condition. Although if you are interested in getting your hands on one I might be able to h...
  3. Thanks Nicefice! Been looking for a good one for a while.
  4. I've come across these Gibbons Beer signs before in various collections. I'm always looking to add one to my collection of old PA beer and brewery signs. What you have here is a Gibbons Beer Neo...
  5. Value would be tough on those signs, if they are common or rare I'm not sure as I only mostly collect and deal in East Coast Breweriana. The condition is a bit rough on the one, although I'd need to ...
  6. Old King Beer was made by the Southwestern Brewing Corporation located at 2 West 3rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK. They started brewing a year after the repeal of prohibition in 1934. The Southwestern B...
  7. Looks to be pre-prohibition 1920's era or possibly post prohibition after 1933 just before breweries started kegging in metal kegs. That's a very cool piece; I have a similar one in my collection fro...
  8. Thanks Dwmerk9, I'd be interested in seeing what you have. You can contact me off my website at
  9. Your opener is a generic salesmen sample from the Vaughan Churchkey Company. Sales reps would visit breweries and taverns and give these openers away while trying to set up business accounts with est...
  10. Thanks Nicefice! If you want to see more of my collection feel free to check out my breweriana website at
  11. Thank you very much Nicefice!
  12. That thing is awesome! Never saw that variation before, I hope I find one some day to add to my collection. Esslinger Beer was out of Philadelphia PA though.
  13. That's a nice crowntainer! The grade is awesome too. I have a few similar to it in my collection. I recently picked up a Sunshine crowntainer from the Sunshine Brewing Company in Reading, PA. http:...
  14. Thank you antiquerose, I have a few other PAM Clocks in my collection, you can see them on my beer and brewery advertising collectible website at
  15. Thanks antiquerose, but I use bright LED bulbs in most of my lighted signs in my collection. They are bright and they don't bake the reverse painted glass. I just posted a pic of the reading beer cl...
  16. Thank you very much TubeAmp. Consider this mystery SOLVED!
  17. They look to be printers etching plates to be used for print publications like newspapers, magazines, and sometimes coasters. Very nice pieces you have there. Printer blocks are very hard to find be...
  18. Thanks for the comments paulmartin and Ted_Straub! Ya I can't wait to get this sign hanging up on the wall.
  19. thanks for the comments valentino97, racer4four, TubeAmp, and scottvez.
  20. Thanks Ted_Straub! I've wanted one of these since day one when I started collecting.
  21. Thank you very much inky. Glad you like it :)
  22. the brass badge on the front looks to be an image of the Mayan Calendar. More then likely your mugs mug be a souvenir of some kind but I'm not sure. Very cool and beautiful pieces
  23. Wow that is a really nice lighted sign oldbeerstlouis! I've seen similar signs like this one in the past from other older breweries but never one from Griesedieck Brothers. I do know that signs l...
  24. Wow, I really like those! Awesome find
  25. Thanks upstatenycollector and charmsomeone! I display it on the floor next to a mantle of other old beer stuff I have in my collection. It's pretty heavy so I try not to move it a lot. I occasional...
  26. Wow that foam scrapper holder is awesome! What's it made out of?
  27. How big is it? Is it the size of a standard beer serving tray or small like a tip tray? What does the back and outside rim look like?
  28. No that looks like a steel pull-top can. Depending on the conditions and if it was found say down south they can last pretty long. Digging up north however, this can wouldn't have lasted very long. ...
  29. Wow!!!!!!! Those are awesome! I don't know to much about those the signs themselves but as far as an old breweriana collectible from arrow and national usually demand big bucks in the collectors mar...
  30. Wow, that thing is so retro and I love every bit of it! Very nice sign, your lucky to have it. :)
  31. Very nice piece! I believe you have what's called a cash register light. These would have been displayed on the bar back or attached to the top of an old cash register. What does the rest of the ligh...
  32. Thanks blunderbuss2! It took me a while to find her and I'm happy to have it. :)
  33. Thanks Ted, I'm glad you like them.
  34. Hey Ted, I just posted my PR8 bottle collection. Check them out and let me know what you think. thx
  35. You know I'm not crazy on newer breweriana and beer advertising but your Mets neon sign is pretty AWESOME! Good stuff!
  36. That's a nice PR8 Bottle you have there Ted_Straub. Did you know that the Reading Brewery made 4 different versions of this bottle? They all are the same size but with slightly different graphics on...
  37. Wow, Clark00, those I really cool! I really like the barrel one and the fact that you can tie the piece to a Chicago Brewery is even better. I hope to find one of this in my travels one day so I can...
  38. Thanks for the heads up pi_huggins. And ya I'd be interested in seeing what you have. Send me some pics to my email at: thebrewaf at gmail dot com
  39. Wow, that is a very nice piece. I can really appreciate this because I am from the Reading PA are which is just below the coal regions. I love the history and the advertising pieces that you see at ...
  40. I believe the old cab lights are baked on paint so a high watt light bulb shouldn't peel the paint up. Antique rose is right though, a lower watt around 15 should work. I too have a few beer pam clo...
  41. Yes FeverDog I would still put a date on it around the 1930's. And last night I did a little digging, turns out the wooden base is in fact original to the piece. Does the light still turn on? If so...
  42. *Correction: this light wasn't made by Gillco, it was made by the Cincinnati Advertising Product. Very similar to Gillco's design though.
  43. Oh my god that is AWESOME! What you have here is a Gillco Cab Light. I would put a date on this piece around the 1930's. These would have been place on the bar back of taverns and hotels to advertis...
  44. Wow, that can is beautiful! I love the color and the graphics on it too.
  45. I believe this neon was created for the Mount Carbon Brewing Company located in Pottsville, PA. The brewery operated between the 1933 to 1976 at which time the brewery and the beer recipes were sold ...
  46. Thanks upstatenycollector. Ya this is probably one of my favorite clocks in my collection. The only problem with it it's missing the second hand, which I hope to find from my parts guy at the next b...
  47. Wow, that is very exception restoration work on this piece; looks brand new. Very nice job bringing this piece back to life. Do you have any "before" photos of it when you got it before the project?
  48. I've seen similar signs like the one you have at breweriana shows on the east coast in the past. It is definitely collectible and sought after by beer sign collectors and specialists who only collect...
  49. Wow, that is a really nice light. I have a similar one in my collection except mine is a cash register light by the Reading Brewing Company; same makeup and parts though. I've seen a few of these ov...
  50. Thanks for the update Riply206. Since this can is of the old cone tops produced by this brewery does that make it rarer? Or are these relatively easy to find? I know it's just a dumper but it'd be ...
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Vintage beer sign beer advertising NORWEGIAN  SHOT CUP Images from my private collection of original Spuds Mackenzie potos Goldberg Brother Movie Reels I think ceramic beer advertisment Information appreciated Favorite pieces of old furniture. Schlitz back lighted electric beer sign with rotating silver disc Yuengling Brewery 1994 165th Anniversary Poster WW2 Camp Campbell, KY souvenir pillow cover  c. 1943 Early NSKK model 1933 dagger, blade by very rare maker C. Schlieper


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