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Reading, PA

My name is Chad and I am the Breweriana Aficionado. I have been collecting local PA breweriana for the past 3 years. The breweries that I focus on are Old Reading, BMy name is Chad and I am the Breweriana Aficionado. I have been collecting local PA breweriana for the past 3 years. The breweries that I focus on are Old Reading, Barbey's Sunshine, Reading, Sunshine, Deppen, Lauer, Mt Penn, Mt Carbon, and Yuengling. I buy, sell, and trade the pieces I find. Check out my website to see my full collection or you can contact me if you think you may have something I'd be interested in at (Read more)


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Pale Reserve Beer Reverse-Painted Glass Sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
Deppen Brewing Company 1/4 Keg Beer Barrel - Brewerianain Breweriana
Old Reading Beer Pale Reserve Bottles - Brewerianain Breweriana
Sunshine Beer Thermometer - Brewerianain Breweriana
Misc. Beer Cans from Reading, PA - Brewerianain Breweriana
Old Reading & Sunshine Beer Cases - Brewerianain Breweriana
Sunshine Premium Beer "Monthly Meeting" Sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
Mount Carbon Brewery Thermometer - Brewerianain Breweriana
Old German Beer Cone Top Can - Brewerianain Breweriana
Reading Premium Beer Mat - Brewerianain Breweriana


  1. How big is it? Is it the size of a standard beer serving tray or small like a tip tray? What does the back and outside rim look like?
  2. No that looks like a steel pull-top can. Depending on the conditions and if it was found say down south they can last pretty long. Digging up north however, this can wouldn't have lasted very long. ...
  3. Wow!!!!!!! Those are awesome! I don't know to much about those the signs themselves but as far as an old breweriana collectible from arrow and national usually demand big bucks in the collectors mar...
  4. Wow, that thing is so retro and I love every bit of it! Very nice sign, your lucky to have it. :)
  5. Very nice piece! I believe you have what's called a cash register light. These would have been displayed on the bar back or attached to the top of an old cash register. What does the rest of the ligh...
  6. Thanks blunderbuss2! It took me a while to find her and I'm happy to have it. :)
  7. Thanks Ted, I'm glad you like them.
  8. Hey Ted, I just posted my PR8 bottle collection. Check them out and let me know what you think. thx
  9. You know I'm not crazy on newer breweriana and beer advertising but your Mets neon sign is pretty AWESOME! Good stuff!
  10. That's a nice PR8 Bottle you have there Ted_Straub. Did you know that the Reading Brewery made 4 different versions of this bottle? They all are the same size but with slightly different graphics on...
  11. Wow, Clark00, those I really cool! I really like the barrel one and the fact that you can tie the piece to a Chicago Brewery is even better. I hope to find one of this in my travels one day so I can...
  12. Thanks for the heads up pi_huggins. And ya I'd be interested in seeing what you have. Send me some pics to my email at: thebrewaf at gmail dot com
  13. Wow, that is a very nice piece. I can really appreciate this because I am from the Reading PA are which is just below the coal regions. I love the history and the advertising pieces that you see at ...
  14. I believe the old cab lights are baked on paint so a high watt light bulb shouldn't peel the paint up. Antique rose is right though, a lower watt around 15 should work. I too have a few beer pam clo...
  15. Yes FeverDog I would still put a date on it around the 1930's. And last night I did a little digging, turns out the wooden base is in fact original to the piece. Does the light still turn on? If so...
  16. *Correction: this light wasn't made by Gillco, it was made by the Cincinnati Advertising Product. Very similar to Gillco's design though.
  17. Oh my god that is AWESOME! What you have here is a Gillco Cab Light. I would put a date on this piece around the 1930's. These would have been place on the bar back of taverns and hotels to advertis...
  18. Wow, that can is beautiful! I love the color and the graphics on it too.
  19. I believe this neon was created for the Mount Carbon Brewing Company located in Pottsville, PA. The brewery operated between the 1933 to 1976 at which time the brewery and the beer recipes were sold ...
  20. Thanks upstatenycollector. Ya this is probably one of my favorite clocks in my collection. The only problem with it it's missing the second hand, which I hope to find from my parts guy at the next b...
  21. Wow, that is very exception restoration work on this piece; looks brand new. Very nice job bringing this piece back to life. Do you have any "before" photos of it when you got it before the project?
  22. I've seen similar signs like the one you have at breweriana shows on the east coast in the past. It is definitely collectible and sought after by beer sign collectors and specialists who only collect...
  23. Wow, that is a really nice light. I have a similar one in my collection except mine is a cash register light by the Reading Brewing Company; same makeup and parts though. I've seen a few of these ov...
  24. Thanks for the update Riply206. Since this can is of the old cone tops produced by this brewery does that make it rarer? Or are these relatively easy to find? I know it's just a dumper but it'd be ...
  25. That's write it was 1958, for some reason I must have got the timeline confused with when the brewery went under in 1976. Thanks for the correction TubeAmp.
  26. I believe it was mostly distributed in PA and maybe a few surrounding states. I have found various kinds of breweriana in New Jersey, Maryland and as far as Vermont. I know it wasn't a national bran...
  27. Thanks a lot Riply206. Your comment was really insightful, and I really appreciate it.
  28. I'm not sure what they are going for these days but I know these signs are fairly common. I usually see a bunch of them at the breweriana show that I go to every year.
  29. Wow I really like this piece! I have a few of the cans pictured in this sign too.
  30. Well what I can tell you is that logo on the front is what the Leinenkugel Brewery used during the late 1950's till I believe around the 1980's. Fun fact: I read somewhere that the Leinenkugel's Brew...
  31. Those Guinness thermometers are rather hard to find. I think I've only ever seen one like it and that was at a breweriana show. I have one similar to it except mine is by the Old Reading Brewing Com...
  32. Glad to see that you are enjoying my posts blunderbuss2! It's a good hobby to get into with a lot of various items to be had. Honestly I've never had the beer, the brewery went out of business in 19...
  33. Thanks blunderbuss2, and ya these tap knobs are kind of hard to find. I found most of them in the Pennsylvania except for one that I found via online auction in Florida of all places. Took me 2 year...
  34. That's Cool! I have seen the Tennent's cans with an image of a pin up girl on the back but I have never seen a bottle like this before. You might have something here. If I were you I would look t...
  35. Well from my opinion and my background in beer collectibles and vintage poster collecting I believe that you have 2 original pieces here. Everything you have told me points to an original lithograph ...
  36. The framing is a good sign that someone took care of them but at the same time they may have thought they were originals too. Distinguishing an original from a reproduction is very hard to do these d...
  37. I believe these are litho prints put out by the brewery. A lot of breweries put these out to be hung in the bars. If they are original and not reproductions they can be worth big bucks!
  38. Yuengling brews a lot of different styles of beer. Their flagship beer is Yuengling Lager. They also brew light lager, porter, bock, wheat, ESB, and a black & tan. I have been all over the USA and ...
  39. Great piece! I've never seen a half sheet like this before, love the graphics on it. I own the insert and a 1 sheet from this movie, guess I'll have to keep an eye out for the half sheet from now on...
  40. Thx antiquerose, ya I actually use low watt LED bulbs. They last a long time and they don't burn hot at all. I've seen what happens when you put a high watt bulb in one of these clocks. :(
  41. After a bit of research and talking to other collectors and dealers, this sign was made for Barbey's Sunshine Beer. The sign is actually pretty rare especially in this condition, besides the dart hol...
  42. I just saw this image appears on a very rare and collectible Yuengling beer tray. I saw one last weekend at a Breweriana Show in Harrisburg, PA going for big bucks!
  43. I'm familiar with this poster and others like it that use the marketed phrase "Loose Lips Sink Ships". I don't have one of these in my collection, but I do have a Navy poster with a similar message. ...
  44. who does your restoration work?
  45. Very nice! I have one just like it in my WWII poster collection. I just posted mine, check it out.
  46. I love it! I've seen this image before on a local PA brewery tray but I cant think of which one. I'll let you know if it comes to me. Very cool piece though!
  47. I go there almost every weekend. Its one of the nicest antique and collectible markets I've ever been too.
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Vintage beer sign beer advertising NORWEGIAN  SHOT CUP Images from my private collection of original Spuds Mackenzie potos Goldberg Brother Movie Reels I think ceramic beer advertisment Information appreciated Favorite pieces of old furniture. Schlitz back lighted electric beer sign with rotating silver disc Yuengling Brewery 1994 165th Anniversary Poster WW2 Camp Campbell, KY souvenir pillow cover  c. 1943 Early NSKK model 1933 dagger, blade by very rare maker C. Schlieper


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