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Been collecting/repairing neon signs for over 25 years


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Knickerbocker neon - Signsin Signs
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Anheuser Busch outdoor porcelain neon - Brewerianain Breweriana
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Carlings Red Cap Ale neon - Signsin Signs


  1. Looking forward to it.
  2. Sorry for the late response but unfortunately no. You canno really service much inside the transformer other than possibly the switch and cord. You can get that at any electrical supply house or Hom...
  3. I believe the last 3 digits on the catalog # is the date so March 1951. You are right on the year. Nice sign, hope you get the plug replaced so you can light it up again. There is nothing like ruby...
  4. That's great that you found that NOS. Universal has been out of business for years! I always liked their signs because they were built to last, not like Neon Tech or Enhance nowadays
  5. Nice sign. I have one as well but mine has a date of 1940's on it. Yours shows a date of 152 on the transformer tag which equals Jan 1952 but it's very possible that AB made them for a number of yea...
  6. The 2 piece bowtie signs were plentiful and you can still find them. It's block lettering not script, but all the blockout paint has flaked off over time. You should be able to get some replacement ...
  7. Thx for letting me know.
  8. The Schmidt's more than likely from the early 1970's. The Schaefer could be from late 1960's early 1970's. Hope this helps. Good luck with the projects.
  9. It is rare to see that in the north east so close to the border. Shiner is from Texas but enjoy it. Looks like it's in great shape!
  10. Miller produced a lot of these signs as well over the years starting in late 1970's when they first introduced Lite Beer The grey frame was used in the 70's and then they switched over to black in th...
  11. Budweiser produced a lot of these signs over the years starting in early 1970's all the way through early to mid 1990's. The grey frame was used in the 70's and then they switched over to black in th...
  12. Hi Kate, A-B produced this sign in the 1950's. That is around the time when the circle logo was being used. In the 60's they came out with the bowtie logo. You should try to attach the transformer ...
  13. A-B made a lot of them and they are not a rare sign. They do show up for sale on the internet from time to time.
  14. They all had lights and were never made without them - it's tricky to replace the bulb. You have to remove the screws holding the top and bottom in place. Then remove the bottom lid and replace the ...
  15. Thx - glad to be back!
  16. Thanks for that article Belltown - I learned a few things I did not know - very informative!
  17. Yes Knickerbocker was a beer from NY. There are other variations of the neon as well that say Ruppert Knickerbocker.
  18. Well use your imagination - it's supposed to be a globe - the rest of the world is in the back.
  19. I date the sign to around 2000 or so. It's not rare at all. A-B produced a lot of these - some were light up signs and some were not.
  20. I think it's probably early to mid 80's when it was made. In that timeframe, a lot of the beer companies produced these faux neon signs for their brands. Olympia also made a neon that looked like th...
  21. You are correct - the sign is from the 50's and I think the transformer may be original to the sign as well. The numbers in the Serial field are the date; 450 is April 1950 and dated correctly for th...
  22. Nice sign! I have 2 of these - both being window hangers - i'm going from memory but I believe one is the same as yours and the other says beer instead of On Tap and the colors are different. I'll s...
  23. Thx Trey - glad you like it!
  24. Thanks for all the great comments - I'm glad I could share it with the site.
  25. I'll take a guess of 1950's but I'm sure others on here are more knowledgable on Hamms than I am
  26. They made a lot of these but to find one in this pristine condition is next to impossible - it looks NOS - do you have all the accessories that also came with it? Beautiful - thx for sharing!
  27. Nice job on the restoration - I think the sign is from the late 60's/early 70's.
  28. Michelob used the Bowtie in the 60's - before the bowtie they use the circle - it does not appear though that the Michelob word is original to the sign. The bowties were spelled only with first lette...
  29. I believe it's from 1952 - the date code on the transformer is usually the last 3 digits and it looks like that transformer is still the original one. Nice sign. They made a large and small version ...
  30. Hi Lisa, Generally, these signs are from the late 30's right around the end of Prohibition. The tag however may date it to as late as Nov. 43. The A and Eagle shield has the stars and stripes - ...
  31. Thanks for the positive comments. I didn't actually clean the tubes on this one - this is how I received the sign however I have used steel wool 0000 (really fine) and that usually does it on reall...
  32. The Hamms neon is from the 60's and much rarer than the Miller one The Miller sign is probably from the early 90's and many were produced These newer signs usually have labels on the back with the...
  33. Budweiser made many of these - they are not that rare. The left side could be taken out and replaced with a clock or different brand sign so it could say Busch or Michelob. About 5 feet long and m...
  34. Enhance Neon made this one in mid 2000
  35. I'm almost 99% sure that Universal Sign Co produced this back in the early 70's - I've had both the large version and the smaller version over the years and I distinctly remember the sticker on the b...
  36. Thanks - it was NOS so I got it in the original wooden crate - it was mint when I took it out. There were 2 to a crate - wire tied together. I don't find many NOS signs from the 40's - 50's!
  37. A lot of the vintage neons from the 50s and 60s used pink - some more sparingly than others :)
  38. Thanks - glad you like it
  39. Thanks - no worries :)
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