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Been collecting/repairing neon signs for over 25 years


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Anheuser Busch outdoor porcelain neon - Brewerianain Breweriana
Hanley's Bulldog - Signsin Signs
Gibbons Beer - Signsin Signs
Esslinger Premium neon - Signsin Signs
Carlings Red Cap Ale neon - Signsin Signs
Piel's Beer neon - Signsin Signs
Schaefer Beer backbar neon - Signsin Signs
Valley Forge Beer - Signsin Signs
Old Bud ROG sign - Signsin Signs
Bud On Draught neon - Signsin Signs


  1. Nice sign! I have 2 of these - both being window hangers - i'm going from memory but I believe one is the same as yours and the other says beer instead of On Tap and the colors are different. I'll s...
  2. Thx Trey - glad you like it!
  3. Thanks for all the great comments - I'm glad I could share it with the site.
  4. I'll take a guess of 1950's but I'm sure others on here are more knowledgable on Hamms than I am
  5. They made a lot of these but to find one in this pristine condition is next to impossible - it looks NOS - do you have all the accessories that also came with it? Beautiful - thx for sharing!
  6. Nice job on the restoration - I think the sign is from the late 60's/early 70's.
  7. Michelob used the Bowtie in the 60's - before the bowtie they use the circle - it does not appear though that the Michelob word is original to the sign. The bowties were spelled only with first lette...
  8. I believe it's from 1952 - the date code on the transformer is usually the last 3 digits and it looks like that transformer is still the original one. Nice sign. They made a large and small version ...
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