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North Jersey

Been collecting/repairing neon signs for over 25 years


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  1. Can you post a pic? Not sure what bushings you are referring to
  2. It's a great way to recycle old tubes that would have more than likely been tossed. I like it!
  3. Understood, there is nothing like real ruby red tubing all lit up though. If you ever drive up towards SF California, bring the sign and I'll help you wire up a transformer to get it lit up.
  4. This is a newer sign, probably from around 2000 or so but most of these signs have date stickers on the back of the metal frame or transformer. Have you checked?
  5. Great price for that sign plus the fact that it probably hung on the Stone Pony back in the 1960's. I think like the smaller versions, this one also would have had an A & Eagle logo on top in the mid...
  6. AB mass produced these for bars so it's definitely not 1 of 1. You just don't see many of these because they are getting older.
  7. Nice Coke signs. The Official Softdrink of Summer one is the most expensive and rare ones out of the 3. They only made them for a summer promotion so I think much lower number was produced then the ...
  8. It was a Coors Light sign for the NYC market and obviously before 9-11. I think they are rarer today because of that. I used to have one in my collection too.
  9. It's an older sign from the late 80's and was produced for the New Orleans market. Other states got them as well for Mardi Gras so not as rare as they led you to believe. Still a nice sign but they ...
  10. I think it dates to late 60's early 70's. I had one in my collection and yours is only the second one I've seen. One of the rarer ones from Ballantine
  11. I'm guessing mid to late 1970's because of the gray frame but I could be off. Are there any labels on the back?
  12. I guess you never got it repaired?
  13. Take a look at the metal tag on the transformer. Look for SER and the digits will be the date of mfg. For example 790 would be July 1990.
  14. Hi, I think your sign is custom built and was originally a Budweiser script sign because you can see extra standoffs on each end. This tells me that the glass part that originally was on there was lo...
  15. If your signs are flickering and they have the heavy transformers on them, chances are the transformer is going bad and will need to be replaced. I used to repair all the signs for a local AB distrib...
  16. Take a look at the metal tag on the transformer and you should see SER with 3 or 4 digits. That is the date of mfg - example, 383 would be March 1983. This only works when you still have the origina...
  17. If you get an original core and coil one (the heavy ones) they may charge you 75-100 installed. If it's an electronic one (the lightweight ones) probably 60-80. Post a pic when you have it fixed up.
  18. If you were closer I'd help you wire up a transformer. I'm in the SF Bay Area. Google neon repair in Phoenix and I'm sure you'll find a sign shop that could help you. Good luck!
  19. You're right about the age. What's wrong with it? Is the glass broken or the wires broken off the electrodes? From the pic, looks like you just need to wire a transformer to it. I believe it takes...
  20. Nice repro. Original porcelain Coke signs can fetch way more than $2000 today depending on originality and condition
  21. The sticker on the back says 1997 so it's a newer sign. They made quite a few of them.
  22. I would love to see a pic of the back of it. This could be a reproduction or it could be original. It has newer electrode insulators but would need some pics to really see if it's original of not.
  23. Nice Art Deco look to the sign. I hope you restored it with new neon. I'll have to look. I might have a picture of that sign in my collection too. I'll post it if I have it.
  24. Interesting sign. Was it part of an arcade game? Looks great in your room!
  25. The sign looks to be from the earl 1980's but definitely not rare. Heileman Old Style produced a lot of these word signs. What makes younthink it's rare?
  26. I bet you it's Jan 54. Look in the upper right corner of your Lot Prepaid label picture. Even if I'm wrong about that number, I would estimate it somewhere in the 50's. Great find along with the or...
  27. Nice sign but I think it was a little newer, say around the 50's. In the 30's much of the signage was given an Art Deco look. I do not think it was that old but thx for sharing.
  28. Nice replica of the original and at the end of the day your wallet is still full.
  29. Budweiser mass produced these through the years and the ones with the plastic bowtie reflectors are a dime a dozen. $75-$100 depending on condition
  30. I've seen a few of these in my collecting years. I believe they were produced sometime in the 80's when Tab was popular. I think they are pretty rare but they are not Coke or Pepsi value. I would s...
  31. Miller mass produced these signs. I will say they're worth even less than $250. Probably in the neighborhood of $125-$150. If NOS in the box maybe you can fetch $250 but it all depends on condition...
  32. Yes broken, they are worth around $25-$50 (what the transformer is worth). Correct repairs could cost you between $60 - $120, maybe more if it's a mercury unit. Most shops would have to bend a piece...
  33. As everybody already mentioned, it's not a one off sign. Schlitz made a lot of them but they are getting harder and harder to find. Many of them don't survive well from all the heat and being on all...
  34. The sign was more than likely mfg in the late 80's earl 90's. Earlier ones in the late 70's had a gray painted frame. If the sign still has its original transformer there should be a tag on the side...
  35. Nice sign. Do you have any idea who mfg it?
  36. Nice sign Grendelking - from Neonking - by the way neons actually run pretty efficiently.
  37. Any painting looks better with neon! Thx for sharing your story
  38. Nice Schlitz neon. You should spend the time and touch up the block out paint. You would be rewarded with one clean, crisp Schlitz neon. Thx for sharing
  39. Nice sign and I like the embossed letters. It would look great with neon lit up.
  40. I had this Camel neon in my collection at one point. They are pretty rare but I've seen them reasonably priced, $150-$200. I don't think there are many left because once they break, neon shops canno...
  41. Looks like a great reproduction of the original Chrysler dealer signs. Thx for sharing!
  42. I remember seeing this brand advertised with a faux neon sign (looks like neon but isn't). I never saw a full neon version and have to believe this is pretty rare. Is there any indication of what mf...
  43. Very nice reproduction of the original. I remember seeing that Philly clock in a neon book years ago. I hope they restored and preserved it somewhere. Finding a clock with all neon numbers is rare.
  44. Cool that you found this sign in the building you bought. An added bonus for sure. The glass in front of the Merc sign looks to be from a Comet window hanger so it appears you have the remnants of 2...
  45. Nice, I started out with a Natural Light neon and progressed from there. Collectors have to start somewhere. Good start to your collection. Don't kept the breakage of neon scare you off. As long a...
  46. Nice clock! I used to have a Pepsi Cleveland Clock with the same face as yours but it had the marquis piece on top (half circle) that had their slogan on it, " say, a Pepsi Please". These are gettin...
  47. This one does not seem to have any breaks in the tubing. You definitely need to have the wiring gone through your make sure it's wired correctly. Anh, did you used to work for Universal Sign Co? ...
  48. Not sure if you ever did anything with the sign but the wiring is not the problem. The red border around the sign has 2 breaks in the tubing so that would need to be replaced for the sign to function...
  49. I like the Plymouth channel letters in green. On the repro signs, quality varies among mfgs but for some reason the repro sign transformers never last as long as good quality ones like Everbrite.
  50. It's probably from the 90's because it had the newer Miller logo. If it came from the actual Binion's Casino it could be worth more than if it was just a standard logo sign but I don't think it's so ...
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