Queensbury, New York

A new Coca-Cola collector, been at it a couple years now. I enjoy gas and oil signs, as well as other industrial and brewery memorabilia.


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1939 Westinghouse Junior Cooler - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Case - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1930's Coca-Cola Syrup Keg - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Cardboard Carriers - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Hockey Time!!!! - Hockeyin Hockey
Sleds, Sleds, Sleds...... - Outdoor Sportsin Outdoor Sports
Coca-Cola Carriers - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
BuddyL...with a lot of life left - Model Carsin Model Cars
Some Recent Coca-Cola Goodies - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Is There A Cooper In The House???? - Brewerianain Breweriana


  2. Trev, it's not as pricey if you leave them "as found" lol.... That's my strategy, until I hit the lotto !!!! Hope to see the vendo soon
  3. Thank you WWIICoke
  4. Bernie, you are on FIRE with the posts, I can't keep up...
  5. Thank you all for visiting and leaving loves and comments, muchly appreciated!!
  6. Well it looks like things will be opening up for you, hehe. I couldn't help myself.... Great smalls for the case!!
  7. Hey Trev, Nice cooler, I would say it's definitely an ice box. I'm thinking the lid should be embossed with the logo as well but you never know until you find a model number and maker. The bottom is ...
  8. Persistence paid off HUGE, right there!!!
  9. Look at all that Cokie goodness!!! Great grabs Trevor.
  10. Nice, three of the major brands covered. The Pepsi is probably from the late 40's to early 50's.
  11. I have always liked the looks of that can, it's an eye catcher. Nice addition.
  12. That's a great grab Trev.... one of my favorite signs as well!!
  13. DRAT!!!!!!!
  14. Did I miss something....being informative is far from boastful. I think it's helpful to know that there are still great deals to be had on great items and this truck is another fine example..... So br...
  15. Hey Trev, you didn't pay too much for that rack at all. I'd say a fair price for a great display !! Also, I agree with Dave, load that truck up with those cases.
  16. Awesome grab!!!
  17. It may be a shipping tube for a very rare or even an unseen paper banner....... I bet the ends are just a little stuck from age. Now the question..... to open or not open??
  18. Half of a rare one is better than none my friend. I'm just going to satisfy my addiction by staring at your budding collection carriers for a little bit...
  19. Hard to tell from the pics but it looks like a Westinghouse WE-6 0r maybe a Cavalier FE-6. Look at or
  20. That's a good'n right there!!!!! I can attest to the carrier addiction as well, but I'm far from out of room, we have like 6 rooms in the house I can expand into. LOL
  21. Hasn't the snow melted out there yet so you can get away from the computer, lol...... Good lookin bunch of smalls there for sure, Dave !!!!
  22. Maybe this guy can give you some history....
  23. OH MAN, you are on a roll again!!
  24. OH YEAH........ That's a keeper, for sure!!
  25. There is NO WAY you have room for that with all of your other great finds......please ship it to me immediately for safe keeping.
  26. Lookin good Dave!!!! And to think someone thought the eight-pack was collecting dust, you're doing just the opposite.... protecting from dust, LOL
  27. Even the storm of the quarter-century can't slow you down!!!!! Awesome snag Dave.
  28. Good bird-dogging Dave, but that little critter would need new mounting holes popped in it to fit this cooler. I'm thinking that isn't a westy cap catcher.
  29. I am willing to be you got this in Whitehall didn't you? I'm guessing it's an early to mid sixties model. I had been watching it for some time too. I hadn't been able to get back up there since they ...
  31. I would say it is a giant but a wet style. Check out for parts.
  32. Sweet gift!!! I think I would be spending today getting that beauty polished and put up, lol.
  33. Thank You all for stopping by......I'm glad I got this one, a little X-mas gift to me from me. Happy Holidays !!!
  34. That's "tray-rrific" Bern, But I didn't know Santa offered a pick up service for those who can't wait......
  35. I'm not a fan of the P brand, however I have about twenty of the swirl style bottles like yours, only they are English or American version. You're welcome to them if you want them, just shoot me an ...
  36. That's the kind of mistake it's not hard to live with. Great grab Ed!!!
  37. I had 36 hours of overtime this week so I may go crazy on Christmas gifts for ME at the morph.....
  38. Sweet Grab chevy!!!!! I'm with Daddy on the sign envy. Great sign!!!
  39. A fine reflection of your collection Dave, I was just eyeballing one of those on the other auction that will be start up again tomorrow with all the Coke goodies!!!
  40. Uncommonly Great variety Sir!!!! Awesome grab
  41. Thanks tom and Ted!!
  42. Thank you all very much for the lovin !! Dave and Perry, I'm all over the glass deal, plexi on it til the real thing is ready.
  43. Another "win with BIN" Great upgrade Dave!!
  44. NICE !!!! I like that twelve pack for sure! Also, I will be doing some mailing this week so watch your box buddy.
  45. Funny you say that Dave.... I'm looking forward too. So far priority two day mail has taken four days, but the tracking number shows it's on the move!
  46. I had won a little bid war once and found out after that it was Trevor. That's why now, I always check the bids to see if I might recognize the id or feedback score. we don't need any casualties fro...
  47. Looks pretty good on that stand....... you can keep it hehehe!!!! I'm not sure if it was an AT&T or a Samsung issue but either way I'm glad it went to one of "us". P.S. just so you know, if I real...
  48. You bet Bernie, stop on down!!!!! Also Thanks for all the loves and the like, I appreciate it.
  49. Thank You Dave! Hopefully I will have a "syrupy" sweet post next week end, still waiting for my keg.
  50. Double welcome, my friend. I don't have the machines full anymore but it was fun for the summer that I did. The neighbors would all come over to buy an icy cold Coke for 35 cents and the older folks ...
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