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Fleet-Wing Thermometer - Petrolianain Petroliana
Chief Pontiac radiator cap - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
More junk............future projects! - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
More goodies!and finished already! - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Some new finds and a question! - Petrolianain Petroliana
small Goodyear tire ashtray - Petrolianain Petroliana
Amoco padlock - Petrolianain Petroliana
Archer oil sample set - Petrolianain Petroliana
Here's one for Trey! - Petrolianain Petroliana
Garage sale find! - Hatsin Hats


  1. Thanks for the love everyone!
  2. Thanks for the love everyone!
  3. Thanks for the links AR!No it isn't,I found out it was bought out by Pennzoil in 1970
  4. Thanks for all the nice comments!!!!!!!
  5. went to 3 auctions they had for his family,all old car parts and petroliana!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the love!
  7. Thanks for the love!
  8. Thanks for the love!
  9. hey I need to put some of those in these ,never thought of that.I like to add details to my stuff when they are displayed.
  10. lmao!Sounds like quit a card!
  11. Love these!I have always been a fan of these old drag cars,not the newer stuff.And the king of fire burnouts Jungle Jim!
  12. Thanks for all the love!These 2 make 9 blinking in the "museum"
  13. I have a bunch of these,but not this small.......Salesman sample for a salesman give-a-way!lol
  14. for that price you better get something free!lol
  15. when you get here!lol
  16. Thanks Trey!
  17. if you had an teens/20's gas station display,like a false gas station this would be great.
  18. love it,something else to look for!
  19. I think I will look into one,and the 3-1/4 is total diameter of the tire!Post the pink one!
  20. Thanks for the love! yep, just dis assembled a 1950 Buick vac blade system that ran a cable set-up to actuate the arms!yikes!
  21. Nice!!!!!!!!!!
  22. weekend auction of and old car parts hoarder!
  23. yes and yes,wouldn't a vacuum fan cause a miss in the engine................... Thanks Trey and Tom!
  24. Walk wins!I posted it on oldgas and got the pic posted above!
  25. I just started restoring a couple of these!Mine have a copper strip with the post number in the center. But not to ruffle feathers,I am the sexton of 2 cemeteries!
  26. Thanks for the love!
  27. Thanks for the love!
  28. Thanks for the love!
  29. Thanks for the love!
  30. ahh!You found my can,I forgot where I left it!!!!!!please ship asap!lol
  31. boot-leg John Deere?
  32. No AR ,and yes sometimes.
  33. Thanks for the loves!
  34. lol olebodie!nope motor oils,trans. fluids,axle grease,etc.!
  35. the last 3 bottles on the bottom row are for used oil samples to compare to.
  36. Thanks for the great comments,Tassie I totally agree! I couldn't pass it up for less than $20!The larger sell around $35-40 around here. AR,how do I check?I have another larger one ...somewhere I cou...
  37. yes,also animal oils
  38. now if I just had the directions.........Trey you come help me figure out how these go,A puzzle project!lol
  39. Thanks for the love and great comments!
  40. yes in the early 70's,and still have that car too!Thanks Nicefice!
  41. love it!!!!!!!He's so cute!
  42. Thanks for all the love and great comments!!
  43. lucky!lol you just have pumps come to you!
  44. Thanks for all the love!
  45. nice,nice,and nice!
  46. look real close at pic #3 to the right of the boy ,it's a CASE!
  47. Thanks mani and sean
  48. Thanks Tom ,mani,and sean!
  49. Thanks mani!
  50. yes ,they are photos laminated to the back.Thanks burt and mani!
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