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  1. Thanks for the love and thanks SB,isn't it great!
  2. Thanks brunswick!
  3. Thanks for the love and thank Az,it's a keeper for sure!
  4. Thanks caper!
  5. Thanks for the love!
  6. Thanks for the love!
  7. Thanks for the love!
  8. Thanks for the love!
  9. I need one like this-
  10. Now see, your just being mean!lol you know I love this!
  11. Thanks Sean!
  12. Thanks collectomaniac!and Peter! WS-posted a pic,looks like Ray or Roy.
  13. Thanks!
  14. yeah AZ but it has a Cadillac looking front end! and v's on the hood and trunk,it's a Heinz 57! Fort I got a lot of smalls,even running out of room for those,my museum is only a car and a half!Someti...
  15. come on up AZ!
  16. just a tip, wash it with "Comet" cleaning powder,keep it wet,don't rub it on dry.Alot of those stains will wash off with this!Welcome to CW!
  17. this will go on your permanent record........but I love it,good job!
  18. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for posting this beauty!
  19. I don't think I will fold up that small!lol
  20. don't have to worry about that!
  21. you see the spot lights and the custom hubcaps?those are so cool!
  22. Thanks for the love!
  23. Thanks for the love!
  24. Thanks for the love,this project fell off the tracks.........paint went sour,gotta get motivated to fix it,it was jet black....may end up flat black:(
  25. Thanks Trey!
  26. The JD is the only real good one!JMO!And no at the moment I have no room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. lol Thanks Trey!
  28. Thanks Trey!
  29. Thanks Trey!
  30. and a 62 chevy truck!custom too!
  31. Thanks Trey!
  32. this isn't a good pic but you are correct,I 'll take both!!!!!!!!!!lol
  33. I may have a can have it if I do
  34. you need to post that GM Frigidaire sign in the back!
  35. Nice!................................
  36. Thanks for looking and loving!
  37. Thanks for the love!
  38. thanks for the love and the heads up KS!
  39. Thanks for the love!!!!!!!!!
  40. Thanks kS!
  41. LOL thanks KS!
  42. SURE ME TOO!
  43. Thanks KS!
  44. those are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry drooled on the keyboard..........
  45. Thanks for looking!Mani come on!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. whole photo mani
  47. Thanks collecto!
  48. everything!
  49. Thanks for the love!
  50. Nice,my dad has one just like this and I have a Cushman Highlander which is a step-thru scooter. Thanks jscott! Az we got many barns,come on out! ho2,We had to snap a pick before we took it out.I w...
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