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1998 Delco battery clock - Clocksin Clocks
This years "shed" - Photographsin Photographs
Diamond 760 flange sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
Automotive Christmas records! - Recordsin Records
1968 Ertl IH 1456 1/16th scale - Toysin Toys
Mascot toy stove - Toysin Toys
1976 Chevrolet coffe pot - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Happy Halloween  CW!!!!!!!!!! - Photographsin Photographs
1972 Ertl John Deere 7520 - Toysin Toys
Shell gift - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. Hi Manikin! Thanks for all the loves guys!
  2. Thanks for all the nice and a couple weird comments!fort,I never figured that out either.I've heard a 1/2 dozen different theories.
  3. Thanks for all the loves!
  4. Thanks Valentino!And yep, don't miss those temps!
  5. Thanks Bobby!I agree..........................I found a year old one in the field too,just haven't got a pic,it looks like it may have been ran over by the planter...
  6. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. you do know deer "shed" these antlers every year,and there is a sport of shed hunting to find them when they drop.Starting in February I start searching the fields and woods around our's goo...
  8. ?????? did I miss a joke?
  9. Thanks for all the love!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks Kerry and jscott!
  11. Thanks Kerry and jscott!
  12. Thanks AR!I'm partial to the green too!lol
  13. Modern decor piece,probably from Hobby lobby type store,sorry.And still may be 15-20 years old
  14. you wouldn't happen to have any items from Montpelier Indiana?I have a few milk caps from the local dairies.
  15. Thanks for all the loves!
  16. Thanks AR and for all the loves!
  17. Thanks jscott!He also has an older Chevrolet coffee pot with the 1911 Chevrolet on it.Need to look it up and post!
  18. Thanks for the info jscott!I need to clean it up more tah anything,also it is not painted but enameled.And it is quiet large!....and heavy!lol
  19. got a link to that Rockbat?
  20. Thanks guys!
  21. Thanks for the love guys!!!!!!
  22. decorator item found in stores like Hobby Lobby.Value ,not much sorry!
  23. Thanks for all the loves!
  24. Thanks Fort and jscott for the nice comments!
  25. Thanks for all the love!
  26. Thanks fort and shareurpassion!
  27. Thanks Fort and jscott!
  28. Thank you very much!olebodie,that cost a whopping $25! tt,my sister threatens to call them often!lol
  29. Thanks for all the love!
  30. love these!!!!!
  31. Now there's something to keep my eye out for!Love it!
  32. Thanks for all the loves!
  33. Thanks for all the loves!
  34. Thanks for all the loves!
  35. Thanks OneGoodFind!
  36. I need a box for it,you got any leads?lol
  37. Nope,not a fantasy!
  38. Thanks Walk!
  39. Thanks for all the loves!
  40. Thanks Rick and Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse!
  41. Thank you very much Rick!
  42. Caper,I plan on putting some sideboards on it too! Thanks racer and fort!
  43. Thanks postcardcollector and jscott!
  44. ho2 yes fancier models had chrome,I will post the one I have.Or post yours! Thanks racer and nevadablades!
  45. Thanks caper and jscott!
  46. lucky devil!!!!!!!!!!!
  48. mid 1950's and a lot of value...........
  49. Thanks ravage!
  50. Thanks for the love!!!!!!!!
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