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1 of 4 built in cabinets in our farm house/storage unit!lol - Furniturein Furniture
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  1. You must have one hell of a tubing bender, and that's one complex exhaust system!lol Nice job,really!To bad it's a Ford...:)
  2. My comment...I have no idea,but hello Brat,nice to see you!
  3. is that kind of a winter barn yard scene? I love it!
  4. probably off of implements like balers and combines,I would say 50's-60's
  5. what kind of info are you looking for?
  6. I really wish I knew what was causing all this,I haven't been around a lot lately.Doc,we will miss you,and please don't be a stranger!KM
  7. That's
  8. I love the tick-rid box!
  9. Is Whitey always trying to escape?Trying to beat the rap?lol
  10. Glad your staying ,I have seen bullies/haters come and go,some quicker than others.
  11. You do know that this is a reproduction?I would hate to see someone pay original prices for a repop!
  12. your very welcome!
  13. Rose ,what???????????you can't leave!!!!!I forbid it!!!!:)What happened?
  14. Nice agh!
  15. Agree with walk,GM only made the pillow blocks,the rest is homemade.GM logo from the 50's
  16. love it!!!!!!!!!
  17. for you!Hope these or ok photos!
  18. Thanks officialfuel,mtg,and Beachbum!
  19. Thanks rustfarm!
  20. It must have sticky tires to hang on the pavement like that!lolSorry I had too!Welcome to CW btw!
  21. Thanks for the love on this old post trey!
  22. Thanks for the love on this old post trey!
  23. I'm sorry and have to agree with officialfuel,the phillips head screws are a dead give-a-way!
  24. do they have a dimple on the outer end of the tips?
  25. I am sorry I can't help,but good luck, and welcome to CW!
  26. Thanks phil!She must have been some kinda woman!lol
  27. you know I love this!
  28. You can send me that 55 and the pump.Then you wouldn't have a problem!lol
  29. Thanks pickr,sean and packrat again!
  30. This was a dealer's master set of keys for the Model T,if you had all these you could start any T!
  31. was talking more about the lip that you pour from, bb2 not the handle.
  32. They were there from back when they used them,they made many thing in the "tin shop"gutters,stovepipe,etc. Colors ,your guess is as good as mine,They were well used ,so I have no idea! The lead ladl...
  33. Thanks ted and riverrunt!
  34. Thanks ted!
  35. Thanks hedge,packrat,ted,and petey!
  36. Thanks hedge,ted, and petey!
  37. Thanks radegunder,petey,and packrat!
  38. Thanks petey!
  39. Thanks petey!
  40. Thanks petey!
  41. Thanks shawn and petey!
  42. Thanks mani,kingshawn and petey!
  43. Thanks antiquetoys,ted,mani,shawn,petey,and jmcontractors!
  44. Would you be able to help me?-
  45. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. We had one or two of these in our hardware store used to heat soldering irons and lead in a cast pot on the top "burner" area for leading gutters in the "tin shop" I agree with bb2 or try K-1 kerosene.
  47. Well it could very well be a 1977 as some companies did date their signs.I'm not guaranteeing this but it's a good possibility.
  48. decorative weaponry? lol
  49. Thanks jewels!
  50. Thanks cratedigger!
  51. See more


Great Christmas part 4 Great Christmas part 5 BA Peerless Heavy duty motor oil can. Cone shaped Mobiloil gargoyle "BB" AC Delco Sign