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I have collected Native American basketry for many years now. The photos I put up on Collector's weekly are for here ONLY. And I only give permission to Collector'sI have collected Native American basketry for many years now. The photos I put up on Collector's weekly are for here ONLY. And I only give permission to Collector's Weekly to use my content per the terms agreement. I give no permission for any other entity to use my photos or content in any way, shape or form. Thanks, Tlynnie1942 (Read more)


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 Artwork by Maxine K. Stussy, 1957 - Paperin Paper
 Stussy print, Untitled - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Stussy, 1971 - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Signed Sara Ayers Wedding Jug Pottery, 1979 - Native Americanin Native American
Print by unknown artist - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
 Breastplate with Choker Attached, made in the 1980's - Native Americanin Native American
Urchin Basket by Jeremy Frey, Passamaquoddy Native American. - Native Americanin Native American
Maine Sweetgrass Basket With Bentwood Rim - Native Americanin Native American
Sweet Grass and Ash Basket with Bentwood Rim,  1880-1900 - Native Americanin Native American
Fine Weave Basket made by Jeremy Frey, Passamaquoddy. - Native Americanin Native American


  1. Yes, I think so too Vetraio50. I wish I would have asked my friend who the artist was, it is too late now as he passed away very recently. He was a great person who told me stories of his life in H...
  2. The Akron Civic Theatre is an indoor place. It was restored to it's original glory and looks amazing. My mom used to go there when she was little to see movies. You could see 4 at a time and then the...
  3. What a treat, my mom and I had a great time! But he was only able to play for an hour and a half, he was starting a new tune and the venue made him stop. He was not happy, they talked for about five m...
  4. Love this! I am actually going to see BB King on Friday night, treating my mom and me to dinner and then concert. I can't wait :)
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  8. Thanks. This is not my area of expertise, I collect baskets. But I did talk to my mom some more and she said it was closer to 30 years ago which would put it in the early 80's. I have changed the ...
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  15. I just love these colors together, and beautiful form. Really nice inky!
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  22. Thanks for the "Love" inky :) I just bought some more myself, a braid and a couple small bundles to smudge my apartment with.
  23. Thank you for the "Love", ho2cultcha :) I appreciate your comment, and I also love Sweet Grass. It smells so good and I love coming home and opening the door, walking in and smelling the baskets be...
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  31. Wow Wow WOW is that sure nice! So beautiful and just think about the hours it took the artist to do all the beadwork. I am sooooo jealous of you right now :)
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  38. Hello MrsAR8Jason and thank you for your comment and "love" :) The sheath is 9 inches long. And I have a picture of the back of it here, second one in. Thank you again, Tlynnie1942
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  42. Thanks Carlomar, for the "love" and for your comment. I have two other Quill boxes made by Mel Losh up here too, if you want to look at those. Thanks again :)
  43. Nice pottery! Can you give measurements for it?
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canoe and boat-shaped woven baskets, Salish, c. 1930 Arts & Crafts Style Pottery Wall Pocket ABE LINCOLN dancer Wisconsin Winnebago or Ojibwa Basket 1940 Small Blue Painted Basket Primitive Melon or Buttocks Basket Painted Basket Bright Yellow Buttocks or melon baskets Primitive Large Green Buttocks basket or melon Painted Primitive Basket


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