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I have collected Native American basketry for many years now. I love everything about them, the differences in the weaves from tribe to tribe. The heart and soul tI have collected Native American basketry for many years now. I love everything about them, the differences in the weaves from tribe to tribe. The heart and soul that the artist puts into each and every basket they make, I am constantly amazed at how they are able to do what they do. I hope that others can look at my pictures and see what I see in them. Enjoy the pics :) I only give permission to Collector's Weekly to use my photos per the terms agreement. I give no permission to anyone to profit from my photos of anything here from my private collection. If you see some you like, I do not have any problems if you pin them on Pinterest. I am not unreasonable about copying my photos, but I give NO permission to anyone to make money off of any of my pictures here. Thanks, Tlynnie1942 (Read more)


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Small Pottery by Carlos Begay, Signed by Artist - Native Americanin Native American
 "Spotted Pony" Print by Harrison Begay, 1952 - Native Americanin Native American
Amish Leather Belt and Brass Bells - Christmasin Christmas
Maine Embroidery Needle Holder  - Native Americanin Native American
Maine Sea Urchin Basket 1910-1930 - Native Americanin Native American
Miniature Coushatta Basket - Native Americanin Native American
Micmac Black Ash and Bentwood Basket, 1890-1920 - Native Americanin Native American
Maine  Sea Urchin Basket, 1890-1910 - Native Americanin Native American
Passamaquoddy Native American Basket, 1890-1925 - Native Americanin Native American
First Edition Copy of The Scandal of Scientology - Booksin Books


  1. Canyon Road is right..this basket is not Native American. It was made in Africa. I collect Native American basketry and can tell if a basket was made by a tribe or two...but CanyonRoad is an expert ...
  2. Thank you so much to the people who have shown a "love" for my basket here!
  3. Thank you very much for the "love" you have shown for this item :)
  4. Thank you so much, Nicefice! I am sorry I did not answer sooner to your very nice comment to me here, I really do appreciate it very much when someone leaves a comment about my collection :)
  5. Sorry to tell you Ho2cultcha, but this is Penobscot :) I have a few string baskets, two are large like this one but one is skinnier and taller than the other one. I also have mini string baskets i...
  6. Thank you to Sean68 and brunswick :)
  7. You are very welcome, Lambertkh! This is my favorite subject to talk about :)
  8. This basket was made by a member of the Tohono O'odham Native American Tribe. They reside in the Southwest, Central Arizona, and othe places in California. They make these baskets using White Yucca ...
  9. Can every one see the pictures online, or do you have to have a subscription to see the paper?
  10. Really? See Ho2cultcha I waver just a bit off my usual and I get it wrong right out of the gate. I knew it was not Penobscot or Passamaquoddy. I knew it was not Abenaki or Maliseet. I will go with ...
  11. WOW. Just wow!
  12. My mom would LOVE this, her Daschund is named Puddles. Every time Puddles get excited....she piddles and makes a puddle :)
  13. I love this! It is ironic that smoking kills and this ashtray has skulls around it....yep
  14. Thank you to Aura, fortapache, niceface and vetraio50 for the "Loves" for my basket. I do appreciate it :)
  15. Yes, please edit and put more pictures in of this wonderful basket. I for one would LOVE to see more, this basket is beautiful and if I could add another 20 "LOVEs" I certianly would :)
  16. See, I should have waited for Canyon Road to give an opinion...after looking at the picture of the basket at the website CR gave here, I would say Yep it is Yokuts :)
  17. My grandmother on my dads side had a whole collection of this and two of what you have here. We kids would have been killed outright if we went anywhere NEAR her curio cabinets (I have one of her cab...
  18. I LUV that!! I wants them pleezeeeee
  19. "I do not use books to check this stuff"... I had to laugh at myself because a librarian is going to see that and it was too late to take back what I said. I LOVE BOOKS, have since I was a child....
  20. It could be Yokut, they used the same colors as the Washoe and Paiute tribes alot. If that is what you are seeing in your research then I defer to that. I do not use any books to check this stuff,...
  21. As to date, early 1900's. This is a wonderul example of Native American art, I have over a hundred crammed into curio cabinets and everywhere else LOL. It is hard to stop collecting when there ...
  22. I think Washoe or Paiute
  23. Thank U :)
  24. I think this was made by a member of the Quinalt Nation. They are from Pacific Northwest, which makes sense because that is where you say your family is from. The Quinalt are a Southwestern Coast S...
  25. WOW these are Beautiful!! I have a couple of these Tlingit baskets and they are made so intricately and look so amazing. I love your baskets, thanks for putting them up :)
  26. Hello, This is a very nice basket and the colors are still strong on both sides. But I do not recognize this as a Native American basket. Maybe Indonesia or China? I am not sure about that really....
  27. Sorry I did not reply before now, I had taken a kind of "vacation" from computers. Actually, I got a pressie in the form of a new life, a Maine Coon kitten I named Beauregard. His name in french mean...
  28. Thank you, olebodie for your wonderful comment. It is amazing that these baskets can stand the test of time, whether it be in a musty and humid attic or basement or a cave in Nevada that was untouche...
  29. Love the Bee, just a bit more than the others... :)
  30. Oooohhhh, this is cool!
  31. Really nice! :)
  32. This is really nice! I wish I could tell you who the artist is on your work of art. I have a couple works myself that I just cannot read the signature, and it drives me buggy!
  33. Wow, This is wonderful!
  34. For the people who loved this basket, a big Thank You!
  35. A big Thank You to everyone who loved my new treasure, it is appreciated very much :)
  36. WOW. Yes this is Native American, it was made by a member of either the Hupa or Karok tribes. They reside in Northern California and have weaving styles that are similar, but the items used can be d...
  37. Oh, and I forgot to tell you..when you find the copy that I am telling you about, check out the price when changed from Uk currency into American currency :) :)
  38. I checked for your book and found it on Abes Books. I put in a search for English Country life book by Thomas Miller and it came right up. scroll past the first two listings, they are print by deman...
  39. Very nice!
  40. This was one of my most favorite books when I was young! I left it at home after I got married and my Mom told me a couple of years later that she gave that and all my other books to the Salvation Ar...
  41. Yeah, no that is not right. You will see this from time to time on Ebay, a seller has a couple baskets that are damaged in different places. So, in the hope of profit they will smash two halves toge...
  42. Thanks , fortapache :)
  43. Thanks Vetraio50, aghcollect, and JoyB :)
  44. Sorry I did not answer you sooner, valentino97. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it :)
  45. Thank you, vetraio50 :)
  46. Thank you, Efesgirl :)
  47. Ho2cultcha, I only see this type of style basket every once in a while, and it is really hard to find one that is without damage. Those tiny 1/32 size splints are hard enough to weave through the ...
  48. Beautiful basket! It was probably made around the late 1800's to early 1910. And yes, the MicMac did make this style of basket. Also the Abenaki and Iroquois did too. This basket was made with spli...
  49. Okay, this is not Native American, I think this is from Mexico.
  50. OMG, I love this.
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