Sydney Australia

I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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Koshida Japan Vase and Bowl Duo - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vase and Ashtray Duo, Kamei Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Folding Sunglasses 1950s - Accessoriesin Accessories
For Dear Agram With Thanks! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sasaki Japan Penguin by Denji Takeuchi - Art Glassin Art Glass
Shi Shi Lions (Foo Dogs) c1920 - Asianin Asian
Ulisse awakes to meet a Janku!  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Clarice Cliff "Crocus" Reproduction - Art Decoin Art Deco
Denby Arabesque Storage Jar - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Unidentified Pottery - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. I just love them!
  2. Funkadee! It's great.
  3. I never see these here except on Ebay. I would grab one if I saw it and would wear it happily. I always imagine Kerry and George pondering their collection and thinking "who will I wear today? 1...
  4. Your framing came up well! Does the painting justice.
  5. Love the watch. Cranky about the seller!
  6. I can see the butler wandering around with this!
  7. Tip find! Sylvac of all sorts remains pricey here in Oz! Such well made ceramics. There is a lot of design in this leaf vase.
  8. Cool. Rapallo is near Genoa.
  9. Wow Inky! Colour and form to the point of fantasy!
  10. What great pieces Sean! The shapes of the vessels are wonderful, but it's the graphics that just blow me away.
  11. fantastic!
  12. Fantastic mostro marino (sea monster) on the cups. Great find - these are very collectible (and usually pricey)!
  13. Nice post!
  14. For sure beautiful.
  15. Melanie what a great pottery collection you have! I'm sure others wonder about where all my glass is in my house, but where are you fitting it all? lol Karen
  16. Thanks all. So now I will only wear them when dressed as a Steampunk Elton John, with extra bling, and looking incredibly cool. Just not sure I could carry it off.
  17. Many thanks guys! Lisa I have noticed even the pieces from Europe get boxed for Japan. So a piece say from Kosta Boda (Kosuta Boda) will be in a proper box! So cool. Thanks SpunkysMom - if onl...
  18. Oooh sweet! Did you start hoarding very young or have you learnt from your elders?
  19. Awesome. Who's is it? (as in creator, not owner!)
  20. Oh wow!
  21. Cute as - Belleek pig! RCD cat! scrumptious.
  22. They are nice!
  23. Shaun came up with this: He thinks it was possibly fitted to a BRM of that period, as they revved very high and generally carried Smiths instruments. They made models of various types as customer ca...
  24. Thanks Valentino. I think them wonderful even if they are "modern" and cheap metal! I was a teenager in the 70s and remember it very clearly! I love the work in these -someone sat and placed each ti...
  25. Sue I am speechless about these and no wonder you have kept them! What a clever at incredible person your uncle was. He must have seemed so magical to you. Unforgettable memories here.
  26. I just love and love your duck. It is an exceptional and unusual duck. I love her face and her feathers but most of all her bottom!
  27. That is so nice! I have no idea what you are doing wrong. Did your hold your tongue the right way when you searched? Was your t shirt red or green? Did you make any offerings to the almighty Goog...
  28. Thank you Sean and Virginia for the love and comments! Ken I am surprised you have never found any. Maybe your "collectores fortunatos" for these is yet to come. And possibly for you too Rose! ...
  29. OK Anne, here it is: Origin - probably Italy Age - two first later than 1970, third possibly 50s Material - the yellow one is a steel/nickel alloy with a filigree edge. The mosaic is made from opa...
  30. Thanks!
  31. I'll be honest here AR and say I am not a fan of mosaic glass but this one is good! I like the change of tile shape and path - it really makes it!
  32. Lucky you. I love jadeite!
  33. The stalk curl just makes this so good!
  34. Question Ginseng.....what wood is normally used for the pin?
  35. Great finds Jewells. Love the "I collect them!" Hear that often around here....
  36. Ken! I'm absolutely laughing out loud here at your last Google statement! It is a fabulous bracelet - I have never seen one with that form of the leaves fastened over the beads before. Fantastic!
  37. Ginseng I never knew bowling pins were so varied! Bowling is not big here in Oz . And what's the story behind your avatar pic?
  38. Nice! Can't go wrong with blue and white. Interesting these because I would not have picked them as German.
  39. It looks like Capodimonte or similar so start searching google images and see if it helps.
  40. So cool!
  41. Sure it is Ripley! Equine dentist sounds feasible.....although I might go with the nail puller!
  42. It's a great piece of pottery Melanie! Love your photos too.
  43. Fantastic piece. I think it's possibly Murano with the sommerso and facets. Gorgeous photos too!
  44. I'm with everyone else - just stunning.
  45. Neat to you too AntiqueRose! You possibly aren't scaly enough Marty although your beard is impressive! I do love those Harrach lizard vases......I'll have to save up!
  46. These are wonderful. With the basket they make such a great collection!
  47. TubeAmp your knowledge of tools constantly amazes me!!!
  48. I can see why she is the pride of your collection. An exquisite three dimensional portrait!
  49. Great! Steak, taties and green veg. Thanks.
  50. Great history there. Thanks!
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Odd Hand Crafted Amber Glass Pitcher With Applied Feet - Maker? Fetish Mask with working zipper - Don Post - 1989 Custard Glass, Strange Vase Antique Celtic brooch ? white dog flower pot Un Identified Object Strange Find CLARICE CLIFF - ENGLAND


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