Sydney Australia

I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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Another Hineri (Iwatsu) Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two Glass Baskets - Japan and Italy (I think!) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sanyu Japan Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Dolphin Japan Ashtray - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Candleholders or Ashtrays - Art Glassin Art Glass
Peill and Putzler "Spiraeos"  Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Peill and Putzler "Hellas" Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass Bowl probably and maybe not Soga Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass Vase Taiwan 1970s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unknown Pressed Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Sorry William, of course you can comment!
  2. He's gorgeous and justifiably proud!
  3. Thank you Kevin as well. Bright colours that work well together!
  4. Thanks Phil! I can own nice stuff but rarely photograph it well so I am happy to hear that!
  5. Thanks for your ideas on Australia Austro! We should ask Vet what he thinks Aussie culture is!
  6. Fran here is one with a sticker - look at the price!! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/VINTAGE-FENTON-SILVER-CREST-FOOTED-WHITE-MILK-GLASS-PEDESTAL-BOWL-/371040939520?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item5663c3...
  7. Great story for your watch!
  8. Toracat glad to hear you! Don't you mean ribetting!
  9. How wonderful are these toys and photos!
  10. This looks like those little Egyptian perfume bottles that are around. Gorgeous things!
  11. This really is fantastic!
  12. Fantastic colour combo! Clowns can be freaky - was he meant to scare the kids out of bed?
  13. Gorgeous - so very Italian!
  14. Such great work.
  15. Although it has dog watch it is no dog watch!
  16. Great sign.
  17. They look incredible. Hope you find one!
  18. I think it is paua shell from the Pacific Islands. It was very popular in the 60/70s, and is still used today.
  19. Great post Austro. I get where you are coming from here - at least Spain has a huge arts and intellectual history behind it - it just wasn't promoted then. Australia still suffers from a lack of cul...
  20. Kromex is new to me- are they still in production? Great post and welcome.
  21. Great photos! Love the car with Grandma - what is it do you know?
  22. Clever!! Fun!! A keeper!!
  23. Peace, love and fantastic lens cutting.
  24. These designs are so wonderful - almost comic book but better!
  25. That coffee pot is fantastic - the shape and the chickens!
  26. So even back then tourists were vandals lol!
  27. Nice one!. There is quite a few compacts here on CW to help you identify your compacts.
  28. There has been a number of modern sculptors called Dahn. Maybe check them out?
  29. I think this one outstanding Ken! Love the colour and it's not OTT with gilt.
  30. Unusual but cool. I imagine when they are on they would look great with the lion's head pointing upwards and the rhinestones down. Really nicely made.
  31. Stay brighter longer! That's my mantra for today.
  32. I love it too. Frogs!!
  33. Exquisite.
  34. I love fun glass like this!
  35. Fantastic find!
  36. Style! Love the wood and leather!
  37. Such a wonderful shape!
  38. Cool! Probably not in that suit. You made us laugh - "not a good pilot"...!
  39. Thanks so much Austro and Rose. Yep, my memories are all pretty kitschy!
  40. It does seem to swim, doesn't it! Gorgeous glaze.
  41. I think it special too!
  42. That is beautiful in every way.
  43. It is hard to believe this is porcelain. I agree with Marty - incredible detail!
  44. What a spectacular group of jewelery she left you! I agree with others that these need to be properly appraised as some are likely to be very valuable, and you will have information even for those no...
  45. Smile piece!
  46. I love a bug...and a bracelet with them is just so good!
  47. Lovely story...thanks for the post. Hopefully help is on the way from those who know jewelery!
  48. They are really well made Mike. The mounts for those stones are beautifully done. And who doesn't like jade!
  49. To make such beautiful things to represent one of nature's lowly creatures - inspired!
  50. This book is a reader! I love old cookbooks...like we all need to know how to dress a pheasant.
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