Sydney Australia

I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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"Quack" Serving Jug Georg Jensen - Kitchenin Kitchen
Golden Fleece Australia Safety Award - Petrolianain Petroliana
Thai Airlines Salt and Pepper Shakers - Advertisingin Advertising
Unknown Artist - Japanese Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fratelli Fanciullacci for Eberling and Reuss  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
WMF Cari Zalloni Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hadeland Norway Cheese Bell - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wedgwood for QANTAS Bread and Butter Plates - Advertisingin Advertising
Yukio Ueno "Green Dream" Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marti Glass Japan "Red Line" Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Yeah Eye sorry Mike lol! Sorry...I'm on every sort of pain killer at the moment ...that's my excuse. I know your name is really Theodore.
  2. This is such a beautiful piece Melanie....the painting is wonderful.
  3. Orrefors have been masters of these gorgeous clear glass designs. A great "common" collection Mike and your photos are beautiful!
  4. What era is this Nuts? The lid is awesome! One good thing about injury is I don't (can't) cook and am getting very spoiled....other people's cooking always tastes better!
  5. Enamel, brooch, Christmas, yours......all good Ken!
  6. It's a lovely set and your story adds so much to it!
  7. Design and production excellence!
  8. Gorgeous post and all so true! Lol
  9. Interesting ceramic take on the traditional Venetian mask! Nice.
  10. Great tiles and I love the info on the horn painting.
  11. Sorry about the ?????? Tablet at it's best... I meant ;)
  12. Fantastic. I like it this way with the patina ????
  13. Sweet vases! Could you load some more photos, particularly of the base.
  14. Jealous jealous jealous! I love melamine I love green.....but the shape of this is sooooo good. Great find Ken
  15. Thanks for all the great comments guys! Been out of action for a while due to injury, but able to catch up here now....it's all good.
  16. It does have an Aussie glass studio look doesn't it! A bit Stephen Morris? Fantastic find.
  17. It is really fantastic Sue! Thanks. Base photo? (I doubt if it will help me but might help someone else).
  18. I believe these bottles are made in Egypt but I have no idea of the company. They are always very fine and delicate...almost look lamp made.
  19. Cool as! I have a similar one by Kockums Sweden. Great aren't they!
  20. Awesome Awaji
  21. With you on all points ho2! Real cats, nah, Tonala cats, more! Lovely lion.
  22. Gorgeous!
  23. Tough Nuts! Loves anyway, and why wouldn't I? I so wish more Crown TrifarI was around here!
  24. A truly beautiful bowl, and fantastic the research you do. In my efforts to research Japanese glass I have tried to remain mindful of what is proven and what is supposition, and all your Bohemian g...
  25. I like the patina. The graphic is a cack!
  26. We can never have enough Buddhas, and this one is pretty!
  27. Wow...that intaglio is exquisite. And the mount...and the chain!
  28. Sorry - Vet typed in tandem with me!
  29. I feel benevolence and joy looking at this. Certainly Asian but not my area sorry!
  30. This is so gorgeous and interesting.
  31. Oooh - right up my street! Love it. Colour looks Czech to me but it's not a shape I know.
  32. Yeah *##*@@ predictive text!
  33. Cool, thanks Sue!
  34. It is such a gorgeous hand painted set! Possibly Takito Ware Japan?
  35. This is one of the Bella Casa range from Ganz but I don't know the designer ...Suzanne Paley is the only one I know. Maybe C Ormsby?
  36. Love enamel brooches and these "under designed" Scandinavians are fantastic.
  37. It's a winner....would look so good here! Thanks for the info too Peggy.
  38. Thanks for the info on Giovannoni. Remember my boys? http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/125542-banana-boys-by-alessi
  39. Thanks Cindb! Fantastic isn't it.
  40. Thanks Kyratango. I appreciate your care.
  41. Beautiful milk opals on a beautiful spider!
  42. Fantastic Paris. I love the way the same design changes with scale...so interesting.
  43. These are a huge collectible here in Australia and their are sites dedicated to them. Rossini was the main company from Empoli that produced the bulk of the bottles. $5 is a bargain! Now you need s...
  44. Hey Sue nice post! My fave is actually the "pot" as you called it. Love those inclusions. I'm not up to speed at the moment but will try and research it..a great piece! Now the slammer (not real...
  45. Has a bike accident - broken ribs and other, but home from hospital now. All OK, just sore!
  46. So lovely. Your photos with the group are just fantastic.... love them!
  47. Swoon....
  48. Your Swarovski pieces are all just wonderful! I don't know Swarovski historybut would have thought there would be some history on the net!
  49. I like the peach Lustre!
  50. Great demi Mike whichever way you go. Thanks for the info too.....great stuff.
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