Sydney Australia

I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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Glass Koala for Australia Day - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kitaichi Glass from Otaru Japan  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ribbon Vase by Hineri Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Warne Dollar and Cent Ready Reckoner - Booksin Books
Ryuku Glass decanter and cup - Art Glassin Art Glass
Japanese glass fishing floats - Fishingin Fishing
A majestic vase from Kamei Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Skrdlovice for Vetraio - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kuniaki Kuroki sake cup - Art Glassin Art Glass
Get cooking with Farmhouse Fare! - Booksin Books


  1. Flower frogs I think!
  2. So many stories in a few photos. Great post packrat.
  3. Agreed. I haven't gone there too much.....I don't need another addiction.
  4. Wow nice find! I would love to visit some of the brocantes you go too. I would imagine the range of items there would be so different to here.
  5. Nice Zowie. The family links are there even if the looks are not! How nice to have a photo with your son, mother and grandmother together!
  6. The shape is fantastic!
  7. Cindy you know lots about glass so they might be Murano but whenever I see these stemmed goblets I think Florence. That set is a great contrast of styles and colours!
  8. This one is ahunting.
  9. I think it is probably Japanese, going off the design and glaze and the felt bottom. Possibly Taiwanese also.
  10. Oh No! Now I have had an overdose of cute!
  11. I wish your Goodwill was near me Alan! Lovely.
  12. How cool is this!
  13. That's my dose of cute for the day done!
  14. That beading is lovely.
  15. I like the new table too!
  16. Just gorgeous piece. Would you be able to replace a photo with a base shot to help ID thanks.
  17. Gorgeous Alan. watch out! Rose is right, glass is addictive.
  18. I am awed, impressed and enamored! Just beautiful and wonderful.
  19. LOL Eye!
  20. So much work in this, and beautifully done!
  21. What a find! It's very beautiful. I think Venetian, maybe someone like Barovier and Toso, but others with more knowledge will know better.
  22. I will be down buying old dolls this week to decapitate. I love this!!!
  23. A marvelous monster of a grinder! You can carry it over your arm and play waiter at your dinner table "Would sir like pepper with that?" Then look supercilious when the pepper is politely refused.
  24. It's a special class potter's have for a whole semester. How to make your signature illegible. Obviously that class has a high pass rate. I like the unusual too and this is really great!
  25. Lovely intaglio on this bowl!
  26. Yeah, that blue and brown are fantastic!
  27. Love this!
  28. This looks moulded Melanie? Have you seen them before? Really great.
  29. What a great group you acquired....see...clever!
  30. Moss in a forest loveliness.
  31. See! Another swoon piece.
  32. The Bohemians really knew how to make glass that is just gorgeous. The textures, the shapes, and most of all the iridescence. I really see the appeal in collecting it Peggy!
  33. Thanks everyone for the Australia Day wishes, and the comments on my Koala!
  34. Thanks Mike...I will think of you as I eat my Vegemite toast!
  35. Lol Elisabeth! Thanks :)))
  36. He's a big beauty!
  37. I'm sorry Reid...I don't know how my $#£& tablet got that from stunning! I'm mortified and am now watching it like a hawk. These shells are STUNNING.
  38. Puck you've used Sean's word!! I have to agree though ....just stupid Ning shells.
  39. Thank you Paris. From one with a collection as beautiful as yours that is a great compliment
  40. I really love this Vladimir.!
  41. Great trench art!
  42. These are fantastic. What time do you think?
  43. Both gorgeous but the filigree on the smaller one is just incredible! Great items Jean - you are clever (not just lucky) to own these!
  44. I have found quite a few of these for sale online but unfortunately no one identifies the maker! I'll keep looking.
  45. I'm glad you have pulled out your beads...they are lovely. I agree Glasslove and DrFluffy. CW has made me look at a lot of my things differently!
  46. Great lamp. Bjorn Wiinblad has certainly brought me joy!
  47. Just gorgeous. Love the feet and handle.
  48. Sorry....#$@#¥ tablet! Arcorac France.
  49. Nice. Very much in the German Roemer style. Is it Arora France?
  50. Ripped off! Gorgeous for nibbles.
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