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I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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Interesting Iwatsu Glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sasaki bowl by Denji Takeuchi - Art Glassin Art Glass
A dinged up Norwegian - Brewerianain Breweriana
Kurata teal vase and sparkles - Art Glassin Art Glass
Edo Kiriko vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lamp by Iwata Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Iwata Toshi designed glass bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass by Boda - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kurata Japan glass serving plates - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue Vase by Iwata Toshi Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Well done Jensen, it is fantastic! I love the shape and the surface design is beautiful.
  2. The cats appear to have missed being stuffed.....
  3. OOoh yesss! Gorgeous glass. Loving your pieces! Welcome, and keep on posting!!
  4. Extraordinary and beautiful!
  5. Cheers Reed. Thanks!
  6. I am back from school. WOW!!!!!That is sweet! 1 question: Do the shells load into the howitzer? Thanks.
  7. I was surprised when I discovered the date of this Elisabeth because my idea of Norwegian 60s pewter was much more modern than this. It is neat Pops......I can imagine myself a middle ages royal! ...
  8. Thanks Anne..hope you are pulling up OK today. Kurata actually made (as far as I know) all of the glass for Mikasa up until Mikasa bought their interest in Walther. I think that was around late 90s...
  9. I missed this when it was posted. This is a fantastic piece of Fratelli Fanciullacci - I am so jealous!
  10. Had to come back for another look GTMOOM. Fantastic piece of Fanciullacci.
  11. Just having another look at your wonderful Fratelli Fanciullacci pieces Kevin. Still love them! I'm having a bit of a FF phase at the moment. They are getting quite pricey!
  12. I'm laughing at your first sentence! Photos back then were so stylish.
  13. Great! Vladimir I think I have found a pamphlet for your decanter or one very similar. Check here: http://www.glas-musterbuch.de/Gebedje-ohne-Jahr.244.0.html
  14. I love the understated style of this. The lovely rounded corners, the little flash bits (do they have a name?) but particularly the proportions. Very nice.
  15. This Meakin pattern (or one very similar) has always been a fave of mine because of the green. I had heaps at one stage and used it daily and attrition has removed it from my house lol! I think mine...
  16. I remember these! The other popular style here were Russian 3 tone gold wedding rings. Mine has been lost to the ages.
  17. Missed yours before Jim. All beautifully carved, as are these Melanie. Keep posting! I want to see more good things like these.
  18. I never find these decanters Rose and I think you are clever to pick them up. I still love your Czech decanter sets and agree - their day is coming!
  19. Clever post!
  20. Just wait until Vincent is back from school and sees this!
  21. Thanks for the revisit Cindy. I see this one everyday and still dig it. Glad you do too!
  22. I missed your re-love Rose. Thanks. Thanks Lise....I appreciate your good taste lol!
  23. Nice find Fran! Japanese glass I DONT yet own :( Around 1900 uranium glassmaking technology was taken back to Japan from the USA and was then made by a number of factories. It was mainly made bet...
  24. Purrfect.
  25. Cool. By my reckoning by now you owe Goodwill $2483.43.
  26. I gather this is a surveyor's instrument? $3 was a bargain for anything precision made.
  27. A photo of the back would help our jewelry gurus heaps!
  28. Love the Greek key pattern!
  29. I'm sorry to hear your dad is suffering Phil, and with him you and your family. We will still be here for you. This pin is of course just gorgeous. Glad you have one in your collection!
  30. What to pick as a favorite? hmmmm...all so good. I do love the glass (fantastic decor), and the glaze on the punch set is just beautiful, butterscotch: what's not to love: but the punch bowl jus...
  31. Lovely lovely dragonfly. You will have to try some Kyra magic on it. We need a new verb...to Kyratise? Kyratinising? Repairkyr?
  32. So.... sucked in to the glass vortex again! lol Love your display and photos.
  33. Nice enamel bug Julie. Is it a brooch or just a thing?
  34. Great find Ken! I always wonder how these things survive - it is good they do.
  35. Nice! Glad you picked it up. Collecting is not about monetary value... it's how we value it.
  36. Fantastic tribal art Jim.
  37. Thanks Alan, Mike, Scott, Nadia and Petey for the comments! Petey they certainly look like the same maker!
  38. More images created - thanks Mike.
  39. Good idea Elisabeth...thanks!
  40. Yep, cool! The dog does look nervous.
  41. VintageLamp have you read a script or seen the movie? I'm sure that would be wonderful for you!
  42. Today's dose of cute!
  43. That is a beautiful platter. I didn't even know MJ made this sort of glass..I only know of his animals and faces too.
  44. Half lidded eyes, full lower lip, tickly 'tache......he's a lovin' man.
  45. Lovely group Nadia! It's difficult to tell who might have made your little bullicante (controlled bubble) bud vase - these were produced in a lot of places with some slight variations. If you real...
  46. What a lovely vision Ivonne! Thanks. Thanks surfdub, you are one that seems to like my Japanese glass and I appreciate it! I think this colour and style would fit well with your collection vi...
  47. Overwhelmed with the love guys! That is a GOOD thing. Generally I don't think any cut glass is valued enough these days. It is looking beautiful at the moment refracting light from my window. Nu...
  48. Likely a satin evening bag then - I did initially think it satin but wasn't sure the thought leather! It's a lovely thing.
  49. Wow, big and beautiful. I hare when op shops get organised......I never find things! Mike I had the base of my Japanese vase interpreted and it says Satsuma OsamuMine. All I can find is a famil...
  50. What a doll!
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