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I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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Threaded Silver Vase by SEA Glasbruk - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bo Borgstrom Aseda Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Three Hooped Vases 1960s-70s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Spatter and Gold Japanese Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Riihimäki Lasi Oy (& another) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Setsuko Ogishi Australia Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
iittala Raito Vase 2780 by Tapio Wirkkala - Art Glassin Art Glass
Veart Venezia Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Costume Jewellery - Miscellaneous Bling - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Costume Jewellery - Some Greens - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Glass. Blown. Vintage. COOL!
  2. Sweet. Looks like it's been rolled in sugar too!
  3. Thanks cggrdn! If only you could hear me say your moniker in my head! Sorry - I'm easy to amuse and don't mean to offend!
  4. Great piece. It is Hineri Glass, made by Iwatsu (hence the IW logo). Nice early label- possibly even 1950s. Love it.....and I'm jealous!
  5. Yeah me too ho2. It's just right somehow. Thanks!
  6. It is a beautiful piece but the story adds so much more! Just amazing.
  7. Gorgeous! Glad you know it's history too.
  8. I think it looks like Murano too.
  9. Some great pyrex there! I love the graded mixing bowls and the casseroles and the store-n-see are fantastic! Well done!
  10. Great! Ready for oil can wars (I guess you had to be there...)
  11. So pretty!
  12. I totally agree with IDC!
  13. WP I think that is so great about your boys! To be young and appreciate the old and developing an eye of their own is so good. My son is a bit like that but my daughter (teenager!!!) only likes "new...
  14. Thanks Kivatinitz for the lovely comment!
  15. Thanks Anne. Mike and Ken and FanciGirl got me excited again! Thanks FanciGirl for the comment and the excitement!
  16. How cool is that! Welcome and keep posting :)
  17. Clever!
  18. Great vase. That blue addition is fantastic!
  19. Gorgeous. Worth it!
  20. It can be tricky Fran. In general Chinese glass to now has had an opaque finished base which just means that when they grind off the pontil scar they don't go to the next step of polishing the glass ...
  21. I thought he was a musketeer. When I checked ebay under spelter musketeer a few similar came up but no names. I'm sure Phil or someone will know!
  22. That's just downright cruel! lol
  23. Well done for knowing your stuff!
  24. Thanks for the info Ripley!!
  25. Gorgeous Fran....but you know what I am going to say now... probably Chinese with an opaque finished base like that. Having said that we should never discount the work spent making these!
  26. This is fantastic - so primitive in it's way! BTW - sorry to spy but I love your retro cupboards too.
  27. The characters are so wonderfully modelled !
  28. Just exquisite Moon!
  29. Gorgeous!
  30. Lovely set!
  31. Priceless Manikin. I have not seen one before...thanks too for the great information.
  32. You are so right about photos. Holding things gives so much more.
  33. Thanks Lisa. Yeah I have a bit of a collection here....lol!
  34. What a girl! Gorgeous WMF.
  35. My thanks Marty and Sean!
  36. My son tells me this is Argus Filch, the irascible cleaner from Hogwarts, Harry Potter series.
  37. I think it is likely original. have you read this? (You probably have...) http://www.ebay.com.au/gds/Introduction-to-Atomic-Stovetop-Coffee-Maker-/10000000003693103/g.html
  38. Pumpkin glaze! Love it.
  39. Mushroom man is so fantastic! I could not have passed him by. Troll man looks like he's tobacco affected! lol. We have to love trolls!!!
  40. I'm with Sklo...great buy. Are we able to see a bit more of the orange one/ Base shot? It looks big too!
  41. He's a beauty!
  42. Fantastic graphics!
  43. Oh so pretty! Must look just fab full of lollies and chocolate! A girl's dream.....
  44. Just gorgeous glass!
  45. Thanks Manikin. It's a subtle but lovely vase. Thanks also Sean.
  46. Thanks Sean!
  47. Thanks CindB. Thanks also to the other lovers!
  48. Thought you would like it Peggy! I have seen a similar piece by Beranek - in a bronzey colour with clear.
  49. So nice Peggy and helpful too!
  50. Woohoo!! A thousand interesting things!! Well done - you never bore me! This is gorgeous. You know it could almost be 60s English too but they always marked their products. Hope someone knows.
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Odd Hand Crafted Amber Glass Pitcher With Applied Feet - Maker? Fetish Mask with working zipper - Don Post - 1989 Custard Glass, Strange Vase Antique Celtic brooch ? white dog flower pot Un Identified Object Strange Find


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