Sydney Australia

I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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MARTI Glass Japan Birds - Art Glassin Art Glass
MARTI Glass Japan Glass Rat - Art Glassin Art Glass
HOYA Glass Owl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Narumi Fantasy Glass (Sanyu) Japan Lumpy Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Yet Another SANYU Japan Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
SANYU Japan Small Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech I think!  What say you? - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Favorite SANYU Japan Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Brown Glass Vase att. Eisch Germany - Art Glassin Art Glass
Not WMF Strap Vase - Gistl Glashütte  Germany - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. This looks later than 1930s! Those Czech were pretty hip. Photos are fantastic (as usual)!
  2. The bottom bracelet is good, the brooch is better, and the jeweled bracelet is best. Of course this is based on an assessment of ordinary (yes ordinary!) photos, and not on personal preference. I'll...
  3. Thanks so much! Love seeing your old Guzzi. Brembo, CEV, Dellorto....it's all there! Veglia or Smiths instruments?
  4. Fantastic!
  5. Still relevant today! Great pamphlet.
  6. I think it is definitely Chinese made and probably quite contemporary, but I can't help you identify who by. Sorry! I would use it as a fish bowl in the garden, or with a water feature. I agree, t...
  7. Love that box - it's a nice thing even if you say it's plastic. The cufflinks are just fantastic!
  8. It's sweet.
  9. His animals always look a bit mournful - like they didn't want to be trapped in glass. But that's what makes them different and appealing!
  10. Pfaff could be considered one of the best engineered machines ever made. Me - I would use it! Won't hurt at all.......you could probably make sails on it! Love to see an old one looking so good!
  11. We all suffer from the same disease Catteann! I like this but it's a garden piece for me - do you have somwhere in the yard to put it?
  12. This looks similar to Mikes posted a little while ago: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/130576-large-chinese-fishbowl-with-stand--swim They are lovely!
  13. I like your "knobbly"! Have you checked the WF catalogues here? http://www.whitefriars.com/
  14. I think it wonderful!
  15. I hope you wear this. It is too beautiful to live in a drawer!
  16. So gorgeous. I adore amethysts!
  17. These are extraordinary! Wonderful photos, and expensively tinted.
  18. Thanks SUP! It is very tactile as is most of my glass. I'm often that sulky......picture is by Yoshitomo Nara - look him up and be entertained :)
  19. Thanks SM! Glad you like it.
  20. Thanks also bratjdd for the nice comment!
  21. They thankfully arrived well packed Ken, but I dropped one yesterday! Tiny tip of a beak is gone.....so sad and annoyed with myself! Thanks for the lovely comment.
  22. Who would Ken!! Thanks.
  23. As always, thank you Nuts!
  24. I saw this for sale Anne and it interested me too...even though I didn't bid. It's a nice piece of glass, and looks "something", though i don't know what! the shape is OK for Caithness but the col...
  25. Thanks again Sweet Sean!
  26. Thanks again Mike! Up early as usual :) Thanks too Sean. Yeah, that piece on FB is exceptional.
  27. Thanks so much Mike.
  28. Thanks for the quick love Phil!
  29. He is just great! Is he still around causing trouble?
  30. Fran it would be hard to date this. They have been making them as tourist items since at least the 50s until now. Looking at the painting thought I would say last 20 years. It's actually one of t...
  31. It's a pity really that Hoya got out of creative glass. This shows that they not only had skilled workers but some fantastic designers too. Thanks Kevin - appreciate the comment (especially the b...
  32. Thanks Kevin! From Karen the Earth Pig!
  33. That's the best Sooty has ever looked!
  34. Good on you! Clearly you have a great eye.
  35. Your collections are wonderful! Welcome to CW - maybe some posts of individual pieces now you have whetted our appetite?
  36. What a fantastic vase! So much work in it!
  37. Wow. Fantastic collection!
  38. Really love these!
  39. Great post Manikin!
  40. Wonderful...and I love the red and yellow together. Your collages are great too - are you a graphic designer? Very professional.
  41. Thanks Catteann. It seems that Toyo has been used for a number of import/export companies so your vases may be unrelated. The very knowledgeable Jim (jwendell22) gave some info about them here in th...
  42. Eek! That's a lot of flying!
  43. It's just you in touch with your inner girl. It's all good. It would look better I think if you addressed the glass with some type of paint remover!
  44. I'll need a photo soon Mike. I need to see these pretty things on someone. Who's close by? Oh that's right, you are!
  45. I'm a sucker for colour and when it looks like this my eyes excite my brain! Wow Inky. Even one would be good, but three! Hope you're feeling spoilt and happy.....good on you!
  46. They are both so beautiful.
  47. Well we NEVER want to chip our nails now do we? It's a very attractive silver stick isn't it!
  48. I'm with Ken! That bottom one is gorgeous. Maybe you could attach it to your hat?
  49. Love the colours in the glazes!!
  50. They look gorgeous there on your daisy cloth and against the wall paper.
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