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I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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Two vases by Kurata Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
3 of 3 handpainted Japanese plate - Asianin Asian
Hand painted dish Made in Japan - Asianin Asian
Lovely little Nippon bowl - Asianin Asian
Coin banks - both from Japan - Animalsin Animals
Some cute critters  - Animalsin Animals
Ernestine, le gatto Italiano - Animalsin Animals
Kids tea set, made in Japan - Toysin Toys
Kids cooking set Hong Kong - Toysin Toys
Dolphin Japan vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. It looks like it says Mdina but the style is unusual for them. I might be seeing what I want to see!
  2. It is odd isn't it?! I wonder what the added tube things on the funnel end are for? Aerating more if it is a wine funnel? Fantastic photo.
  3. I would love the have this too! What a fabulous piece of art.
  4. Gorgeous piece. I love the third photo and the relationship between the two. So artistic Sean.
  5. Nice Mike! I saw one similar from Jonasson online recently and was tempted to buy it. So beautiful and different to much of his other work. I didn't because (believe it or not!) I am trying to be d...
  6. He's got the black forest look too hasn't he, just a different wood. Clever people!
  7. Hi Jewels!! Happy to see you! I'm sorry though, this pic is a bit creepy for me..... although clever.
  8. It's a great piece of pottery. Really interesting technique.
  9. Sylvac made great figural things - I love your bunny!
  10. Love the graphics.
  11. This brooch is beautiful. You clearly have a great eye for spotting quality!
  12. Wow - thanks for the responses all! I appreciate the love and comments, so my thanks to: Sean Vet Kivanitz Lulu Peggy Paul Ivonne Kyra and Ken Arigatoo....Karen
  13. Gorgeous glaze.
  14. Good can - good buddy.
  15. I appreciate the auriferous flourishes also! (had to look up auriferous and then I though I should have worked it out!)
  16. Thanks Sean and Rick.
  17. Lovely brooches - we will be happy to see more!
  18. I love this. I think he is Sisyphus (rolled a boulder up the hill, only to see it roll down again). He sorta has that look of frustrated exhaustion!
  19. Indian wedding jewellery. Often gifted to the bride as part of her dowry and as a resource for difficult times ahead. Even today they are generally made from 22ct gold and jewels although more paste...
  20. Pretty ring. And hands. And Avatar!
  21. It is exquisite.
  22. Great find Vet! I just want to hold this - that glaze! Those teeth! The texture!
  23. Oh no! I can't love this post :{
  24. I recall these and no wonder it was in an op shop unused!! How about a recipe for an old Nana's pineapple tart (good Aussie one!) http://shecooksshegardens.com/2011/10/nanas-pineapple-tart/
  25. Hey Dee. I think this is a recent Chinese import made in the Murano style. Some discount Chinese glass absolutely which for me is a folly - it can be lovely and pretty well made, is available and ...
  26. He's a cutie for sure! I'm not sure when the Japanese produced these Hummel like figures. 60s?
  27. Really interesting history Chris and a marvelous poster!
  28. Kyra this is too hard! For $8 I would buy it just because it might be a good thing. I don't know jewellery but I like the old looking setting although the stone looks glass to this novice.
  29. So much work and beauty.
  30. It's a greatpiece Jean. Obviously a master silversmith - even the back is gorgeous.
  31. Fantastic.
  32. He's lovely Melanie!
  33. I'm loving all these piggy banks on CW!!
  34. Such a pretty decor Ivonne but I really love the hadles and the way they are attached.
  35. Beautiful pair.
  36. I believe it is Barbini a well known Venetian glass maker.
  37. Thanks 20thC and Lulux! Jim, you always come through - thanks. Quite modern then! I used your info and found this site too which I will keep on my list. http://litaxulingkelley.blogspot.com/p/ja...
  38. Love the orange. Is it a cup for people like me who drop things?
  39. Lovely thick glaze and hand painting on it. Whenever I think of Perugian ceramics I stop at Deruta, but this does not seem Deruta style. I usually refer Italian ceramics to this group on FB - they a...
  40. This is spectacular Glassie!
  41. A lovely, moody watercolour.
  42. Well there's a good tip Ken! Not my favorite era the 80s but these have a certain style - very Monet. They seemed to like the graphic swirl, like a creative texta mark. Great lot (again) :)
  43. It sure is good - the birds delight me too!
  44. How can it not be a fabulous object! It's beautiful.
  45. I agree with Ken - the modeling is beautiful.
  46. Great research Verbatim.
  47. No worries 20thC. The ring is fantastic. Hope to see more things from you!
  48. Typical Sanyu rainbow palette Anne. I agree, gorgeous.
  49. Oooooh nice - love the swirl effect.
  50. I think we all have your problem Freiheit! I couldn't have left this either - lovely.
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I can't believe I did this !  : ((


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