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I have been called an eclectic collector but really am more scattershot than anything! Currently following the glass art path, particularly post war Euro and JapaneI have been called an eclectic collector but really am more scattershot than anything! Currently following the glass art path, particularly post war Euro and Japanese glass, but also will pick up anything appealing to me! Karen (Read more)


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Unknown Vase -Help Needed - Art Glassin Art Glass
Chooks for Easter! - Animalsin Animals
Fratelli Fanciullacci Italy Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
More bunnies (and a bilby!) - Animalsin Animals
Kosta Boda vase Bertil Vallien - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bright bunnies and one from the dark side! - Animalsin Animals
Bunnies bianco breeding! - Animalsin Animals
Art Deco Style 3 Sided Bowl - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Acid Etched Vase and Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Easter Bilby - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Wedding receptions! Yeah cruel!
  2. Moving....
  3. It is just fabulous!
  4. Wow William you have a nice lot of this Tara Kells series!
  5. Maybe Levin?
  6. Now that's an egg! Outdone us all Leah! Greetings to you too!
  7. What was Kraft TV? Cheesy? Still lots of that now then.
  8. Yes! Good idea Amber!
  9. No ideas from me but its a gorgeous kitty!
  10. I'm a bit chipped and repaired too Mike but still worthwhile! As are we all. This is quite OTT but gorgeous too! Great buy! Happy bilby easter!
  11. Thanks for the positive comments everyone and a happy bilby Easter to you all!
  12. Yes Rose it does as part of the design. I have bought some Chinese glass in the past in the belief it's something else, but you know, even after confirmation of its origins I've kept it. I worked o...
  13. Thanks and the same to you dear Aim! Thanks also Phil Verontique Fort!
  14. Jewels your collection keeps amazing me! You have clearly spent a lot of time studying and obtaining it. As a collector here in Australia too I find items here are limited. Have you found much here ...
  15. Agreed. Fantastic!
  16. All I can find is works by him attributed to W Minkin, Paris. Looking at the work he has done he was influenced by the Impressionists and clearly here by the Cubists, who were active in Paris prior t...
  17. Happy GI Joe Easter to you too Fortapache!
  18. AGH your knowledge always astounds me! Thanks.
  19. She looks so young!
  20. That bunny has given kitty indigestion! Happy Easter Moon!
  21. He is wonderful Virginia! I can almost hear him speak!
  22. Love the opalescence! Why shouldn't useful things also be beautiful! And Marty you clearly haven't seen the Pyrex and other collection is my kitchen! lol
  23. Looks like a type of trapunto you think? Lovely piece.
  24. Lovely bone china set!
  25. Looks like a lithograph! Happy Easter Tom
  26. These are all wonderful Kyratango! The engraving on the horn insects is so good and how whimsical to have a cicada and a damsel fly on your hat! Humans have also enjoyed breaking away from the seriou...
  27. Sylvac made some really wonderful animal figures! He's a cutey!
  28. Cute and colourful! My smile is as big as quacky's!!!
  29. Great artist Sean adn a lovely plate. This one has an almost Chinese feel to it. Why Finnair on the back? Were these used as a plate in 1st class or as a presentation? Any idea?
  30. Fabulous history there.
  31. Excuse my Antipodean ignorance - is spun cotton felt? I am overcome with easter excitement now! And please post the kids easter separately - after all they are collectible! (I think anyway)
  32. What the flock? An egg mobile! Love a bit of velvet too!
  33. I'm giggling and smiling and I am not even a drunk chick! Champion chicks!!!
  34. Gorgeous bowls and Rebessin your photos are art.
  35. The Italians made a lot of happy pottery like these! Love those handles and the way they are attached! Great buy :)
  36. Great Fran even if IDing the date is frustrating. The colour is wonderful and I loooove the shape of the teapot! Rare here too! Pity really, I would pick it up too.
  37. I know Amber....how will we cope? Maybe just 1 little egg? Pleeeeeeeze?!! Your comments always make us all smile! Thanks! I know it's lowbrow everyone but thanks for loving it anyway..... ...
  38. Thanks for your positive comments and love Nuts and Valentine! Thank you also: Rose Mike Geo Agh
  39. Si. Meraviglioso campi di grano. Grazie amico mio!
  40. How can we not love it! "little collection" !!!! lol!!
  41. My favorite Jere so far!
  42. Same to you Inky, and your friends and family!
  43. Thanks Aim! He is cute with his feet up! They are just releasing a new dose of Calecivirus here Inky, here's hoping it puts a big dent in their numbers again! And yes, only in lifeless forms are t...
  44. Elegant glass Mike! Has a very English feel to it but I would have no idea where it's from. Enjoy!
  45. More Easter yet to come Amber! I'm glad I'm not the only "one" too! (no interpretation required for what a "one" is )..... Happy Easter too William. It's not a big deal for me to work - kids are o...
  46. You are correct Amber and Fran - the colour is unusual. It's almost a sea colour, very understated. This vase is a sneaky one...doesn't grab straight away but gets more and more intriguing. Thanks ...
  47. Happy Easter and thank you for the chocolately sweet comments Leah, AR, Manikin and Fran. Glad you love them too!
  48. Thank you Verontique for loving them too! Happy Easter! I would actually like them to breed Amber! Can never have enough kitsch! Easter yumminess for you and your family. Thank you Fran and a...
  49. The Japanese did this whimsy best! Happy Easter!
  50. Tom your posts make me hungry!~
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