Sydney Australia

I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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Faces I and II, Fumio Sasa, Hoya Crystal - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass onna no hito - a person of feminity - Art Glassin Art Glass
Suntory bottle with a surprise - Bottlesin Bottles
Tyger tyger, burning bright - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kurata iridescent vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Robots at work! - Toysin Toys
The Robot Family - Toysin Toys
Snowflake China vase 1960s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Royal Haeger pheasant - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Marvelous melamine! - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Thank you so much Kevin.
  2. Sue - come and play!! Thanks babe.
  3. Thanks MeliG - I have to say we amused ourselves too!
  4. Lovely glass. I hope Tallcakes (THE guru!) can help ID for you.
  5. There is absolutely everything wonderful about this piece.
  6. The jeweller gurus will give more info but I think these would be 1950s, possibly Czech glass. This type with the coloured iridescence is known as aurora borealis, after the lights in far northern an...
  7. Stunning
  8. Lovely piece of jade Lee, and mounted simply enough it can be really appreciated.
  9. We called them a scarifier.
  10. Great scores Trey. I can see your happy Monday smile from here!
  11. Fantastic Vetraio! Laughing, and admiring your brain.
  12. He looks like a Japanese make to me, just on the characterisation. I adore him! Any marks on the base?
  13. It is wonderful PCC!
  14. Love the homily!
  15. Wow - well done Sean! Fantastic items (including this one), even better photos! About a thousand envious thoughts here on your skill at finding great things at great prices! You are a LEGEND!!!
  16. So pretty! I love the delicacy of Perthshire weights.
  17. Etain basically means tin, and this company Etain Dumanoir Paris France made pewter objects such as jugs, bowls, plates etc. Your stylish decanter is most likely clad in pewter!
  18. Your seconds are probably firsts for most Kerry.
  19. Well found. I agree it is beautiful, more so because it shows use.
  20. Nice design!
  21. Love your old bits in here.
  22. Back at you Sean!
  23. Ohhhh Surfdub - now I see Merlin in a kimono!! Thanks.
  24. Alan I appreciate you seeing her beauty. And my rambling on!
  25. Why thank you Miss Peggy! I always like your comments (never had a negative one, no, no,no!)
  26. Thanks Mike. Even for me seeing lots of Japanese glass she is different.
  27. Thanks cherubchik and Sean - I guess you get the quirk!
  28. How are you traveling mate? Been very quiet.
  29. Thanks very much Indrozdenko. I guess you have noticed my love of Japanese glass!
  30. Outstanding Marty!
  31. Wow. I am enthralled by each and every piece of your outstanding collection.
  32. Great story. Collecting can be so personally rewarding...they sound like good people.
  33. Lovely duo. Classic willow pattern based upon an original design by Minton, but promoted as a true artistic rendition of a traditional Chinese poor boy loves rich girl story. The story is not Chines...
  34. Top quality crystal. Plenty on Ebay to get an idea for value.
  35. I would buy it!! Thank heavens we don't all have the same taste....
  36. This post was the best start to my day. Thanks all!
  37. I think it was well worth the anxiety and money Jean. It is beautiful.
  38. A shot of the base would help with the ID. Thanks
  39. I agree the Lazarus Gate is PZH's mark but don't know enough about them to clarify the Old:Holland. They did have a number of different marks Zuid Holland, Made in Holland etc, so your mark is not a ...
  40. Lovely vase SD.
  41. Very interesting
  42. Always amazed Peggy at your finds. So GB was to Welz what Aus was to Japan....a good market!
  43. Mum put me in special clothes, made me put my toys down, and now I have to stand still? Really!! So cute.
  44. Fantastic deco shapes.
  45. Great post Mani. Glad to see one of your girls.....such a great outfit on her.
  46. Love the characters on it!
  47. Great info agh. In Australia tours started as early as 1921, but not as organised as these US Congress ones.
  48. Thanks mate!
  49. I meant so very appealing Alan, not so so!
  50. So so appealing.
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I can't believe I did this !  : ((


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