Sydney Australia

I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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Takahashi Japan Glass Containers - Kitchenin Kitchen
Pentagonal Blue Vase attr. Sasaki - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bullicante Bowl....Murano - Art Glassin Art Glass
Nuutajarvi Notsjö Kartio Glasses - Art Glassin Art Glass
Villeroy & Boch Fishing Bowl - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Diana Pottery Australia Prawn Bowl  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Pottery Compote Taiwan - Asianin Asian
Maybe Alpine Japan Glass Bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Japanese Glass Vase Producer Unknown - Art Glassin Art Glass
Yamaguchi Glass Vase Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Nice!
  2. Thanks Mike. I didn't see your piece when I was trolling your posts before. Beautiful and interesting!
  3. Hey CC antiquerose never sleeps! Looks a bit like my Zabkowice vase!
  4. How can you possibly wait! Itchy pants happening......salivation..........wishing Wednesday away!!!
  5. Thank you Sean!
  6. Thanks as always Kerry!
  7. Thanks George and Moonstone for the quick loves!
  8. Thanks AR! Based on your knowledge I will now remove the question mark!!!
  9. Thanks Austro! I have noticed that these are much thinner walled than other Kartio I have seen. These are glasses that will NOT be included in the day to day use group. lol.
  10. And happy!
  11. Happy, happy, happy!
  12. Love this. Just pulls you in.
  13. Iconic '57!
  14. Manikin I am very envious of all these wonderful family photos you have. I love looking at them and all the period styles, but for you they have even more meaning!
  15. How gorgeous!
  16. That glaze is amazing.
  17. Great pair!
  18. Stuart I think this is an early hair straightener. Of course not! No idea...but I love old tools. They just ask you to hold them and move them and admire the workmanship in them.
  19. Your photos are just amazing Sean - I think you could photograph a toilet roll and make it look good. Although this is clearly a class piece even before the photos!
  20. Wonderful too.
  21. Agreed - it is really wonderful.
  22. No, not junk. Beautifully made and lots of hand work in this. Welcome!
  23. Good work ID and Shrine!
  24. The decor is amazing. Almost looks as if the glass frit was added to cooling glass but then how did they shape the shell with those glass pieces not melding with the base? I hope you understand my q...
  25. Absolutely unique!
  26. Mike I think you have my problem. I can't go home empty handed! Instead of asking myself do I really want it?, where will it go?, will it end up in a box?, I buy that thing so I have a "precioussss...
  27. I think he is a toad! Your photos make him a most beautiful toad though!
  28. Thanks for the history Agram. Lovely brooch and it shows that if design is good the base metal is not so important!
  29. Yes you are right Lise! You have a red one with no sticker that has to be Oread! Good spotting!
  30. Wow. Looks small.....kids were skinnier then!
  31. Hey, don't give it away....then you couldn't have a slide night! With devilled eggs, fruit cup and other tasty refreshments! Sheet on the wall for a screen. Kids in their PJs on the floor, Nana bic...
  32. Special. Good post Tom!
  33. Is the mark painted on or incised? If incised you may be able to rub something into it (we use Vegemite here!) to darken it to help. They re gorgeous and look really well made.
  34. Really like them.....very organic!
  35. Gorgeous!
  36. Thanks and looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. BTW my son is called Vincent ! :)
  37. I would say this post pathetic, true to the meaning of pathos, but others might think me insulting. I can't describe how much these posts you write make me feel. Thanks.
  38. Sparkle love!
  39. Sweet as!
  40. Yes that is the same company but they don't do much "art" glass today. Japanese glass is little known in the West even though lots was exported in the 60s and 70s. I have spent lots of time trying t...
  41. Incredible. And the wooden base has been well done so it retains it's beauty. Congratulations on your piece.
  42. I think it's a pity these modern ones even put Galle on them. If they sold them as just wonderful cameo vases we would all respect the art of them so much more. It is a beautiful thing!
  43. What a great way to start my day - laughing! Thanks! and thanks again!
  44. Great collection there FG!
  45. I love CW. I am constantly learning about new things ( and if I read the same post tomorrow I learn it all again- bad memory you know lol!) Tarbeklaasi - new to me! This vase is right up my stree...
  46. Collecting is fun and you must smile all the time looking at these!
  47. Why is he so sad when he is on such a great ceramic piece? Doesn't he know how good he's got it?
  48. I would have bought it too Mike!
  49. I always love your staging FA. Vincent is excited. Loves the shells and weapons and the radio - all ready to roar! He says thanks for posting.
  50. Tom your collection keeps on amazing me.
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