Sydney Australia

I will collect ANYTHING! Last few years mainly glass, Euro and now Japanese! Karen


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1960s black beaded dress - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
The chook lamp! - Lampsin Lamps
Silk scarves - Accessoriesin Accessories
Controlled bubble vase Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large bowl attributed to Hokuyo Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Glass Vase by Iwatsu  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unknown Japanese glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Crochet doiley 1956 Olympic Games - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
The straight up and down - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cobalt and aventurine vase by Kamei - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Indy is not big here in Australia. I'm waiting for next week's MotoGP, and in the meantime will watch the high camp final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Australia is a special guest this year!
  2. Looks better on than on the hanger - of course. Just some nice earrings, gloves, a little something on the head, and maybe a beaded clutch? Lovely stocking of course, and perhaps a velvet shoe?
  3. It is pretty cool - so French!
  4. Thanks KT!
  5. So cute! I couldn't have left it there either.
  6. Delicate and beautiful.
  7. He is wonderful. I hope our jewelry knowledgeable ones can help! Is the yellow thorax a stone or glass?
  8. Great find. Obviously the demographic in Florida suits collectors!
  9. Delicious Michelle.
  10. I agree, the veneering is great!
  11. Thanks guys. Always happy to have your comments!
  12. What a great eye you have Dandy! This is a world class Australian piece...just fabulous. How great too that you contacted Greenaway.
  13. LOL Vet!!!
  14. I don't normally have chocolate on my banana pudding (lol!) but this looks scrumptious.
  15. She is just wonderful!
  16. These are one of my favorite Zabkowice designs. The Drosts were an exceptional designing couple. I love your brother/sister idea Ivonne! I have not seen the sister vase before - those handle are fa...
  17. Such a designer! This is very clever - I love the convex sides.
  18. Special! Love the subtle gold speckle, the shape, the colour.....and yeah, the enameling too.
  19. Great find!
  20. The bamboo handle wrap is interesting too. Obviously for insulation but it seems a bit of an anachronism!
  21. Just lovely silver.
  22. Great lot of silver you bought HO2. I agree this is very sweet.
  23. Really great piece Kivanitz.
  24. I was speaking to a friend just the other day and she revealed she collects black forest bears, and I knew little about them....and here you are with one!! I see the appeal.
  25. A new one from Chalet for me Lee. Just fantastic!!
  26. It's probably not a fantastically expensive piece but of course things are only worth hanging onto if you really love them!
  27. Ken got it! Wild! I just love it Sean.
  28. Awesome!
  29. Thanks Chris. I find that what I put up here helps me keep a record too, and I'm sure that other military sword collectors are using your posts as excellent references.
  30. Our most recent and fantastic cloisonne expert no longer does it for CW so I'm not sure who else can help sorry!
  31. Hey William! So good to hear from you. I can't imagine much Japanese glass being in France...a bit like the Scandi countries, it just wasn't their style. I think it must have been interesting watch...
  32. Thanks SD! Underwater critter is now it's name. You sure have been scoring well in the glass lately!!
  33. So purdy! !
  34. Photos to die for Sean!
  35. There was quite a lot sold here and also in the USA. I see lots more coming up for sale on ebay now as awareness grows, but rarely see it in op shops. I have been buying directly from Japan over the...
  36. I just love the bugs, but the painting on the enamel is sooo fine!
  37. Happy birthday Trey! I'm laughing now coz I have clicked love, and read your post, and I'm excited now too about what is really a rusty steel post. Collectors! The things that push our buttons lol!
  38. Fantastic print Charm!
  39. Lol TA!
  40. Incredible piece. My feeling is Japanese because of the motif. I would suggest a Google images search for Japanese cloisonne, and compare the style, in particular the design around the base.
  41. My first thought was Sklo Union too, but can't help sorry!
  42. It's lovely. The green on white and the scrollwork (or whatever it's called lol).
  43. I'm with you Ivonne - I like what I like (most of my jewelry is not even silver) and am amazed at what others post here and how much they know! I love this flower basket - the blue is fantastic! I h...
  44. Ahh yes of course: the meat monitoring law! (I had to look it up naturally) I smiled heaps Chris - thanks! Your collection is so extensive. Do you have groups you deal with that collect milita...
  45. Style is certainly a bit Kralik - it's just about 10x their weight! Thanks Anne.
  46. Anne - these cat paw handles (my term) are beautiful aren't they! Thanks Thanks too Miss Katherine - I know from your collection you love beautiful things!
  47. Thanks for all the loves, and thanks also for your appreciative comments: Alan Mike Sergey Trey Anne Katherine Sean and Rick Makes me feel good you guys!!
  48. Hmm - all I know is it's not Japanese lol!
  49. Fascinating pieces. Almost tribal in their design, which is not how I have ever thought of WW!
  50. Gorgeous pair Marty!
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