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I'm collecting Art Nouveau & Art Deco glass, mostly bohemian. As a new beginner, I'm eager to learn! I have a very low budget, so I search for my treasures at fleamaI'm collecting Art Nouveau & Art Deco glass, mostly bohemian. As a new beginner, I'm eager to learn! I have a very low budget, so I search for my treasures at fleamarkets, where one can find beautiful objects whose identitys or origin have been forgotten. Otherwise, I have been collecting decorative items from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era, in particular costume jewellery such as czech glass, 30's wood jewellery and bakelite. (Read more)


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Painted wood box - Art Decoin Art Deco
Red cut flacon - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue vase with enameled flowers and dots - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marcel Goupy flacon - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of candlesticks - Art Decoin Art Deco
Jugendstil vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Scent bottle - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two yellow Josef Hoffmann vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of iridescent spattered vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pink ribbed vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. retsirk - Oh yes I know... seen in reality, it's enchanting, isn't it!? Vintage_Joe - many thanks for your comment! Yes it's definitely a perfume bottle! My english is not very good... I thought "pe...
  2. racer4four, retsirk and aghcollect - many thanks for loving it!!!
  3. Thank you for sharing this very interesting information! I'm thinking this blue vase might be Bernhardine Bayerl...? http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/136329-blue-vase-with-enameled-flowers-an...
  4. Wow!! The colours are so beautiful and makes it really stand out!!
  5. Gorgeous!!!
  6. Wow!!! STUNNING!!!
  7. austrohungaro, many thanks for your kind comment and for loving!! cogito - thank you so much for your comment and for the love, your candlesticks are gorgeous!!! I agree, they are similar in style, ...
  8. Many thanks austrohungaro, mandomir, cogito, artislove, kivatinitz and retsirk for your kind and enthusiastic comments!! jensen - actually it's from the local car boot sale! I have found some good th...
  9. antiquerose - thank you, thank you!!! :)
  10. I think maybe Royal Brierley?
  11. Wow, it's lovely!!!
  12. Gorgeous!!!
  13. SEAN68 and retsirk - many thanks for your comments and the love!! getthatmonkeyoutofme - many thanks for your suggestion and for loving it!! I don't know but I think the first letter might be "K"....
  14. SEAN68 - thank you so much!!! antiquerose - many, many thanks, I'm happy that you like the photos!!! vetraio50 - thank you, thank you!!! racer4four - thanks a lot!!! ho2cultcha, aghcollect, Radegr...
  15. nutsabotas6, many thanks for your comment and for loving!! antiquerose - thank you so much!! I'm happy that you think so too!! If it is not designed by Peche, it could be by someone who was influence...
  16. SEAN68 - thank you so much for your comment and for loving!! Phil - many thanks for your comment and loving, I'm happy that you like them too!! I think they could be Austrian, like the trader writes...
  17. Hej! Det är svårt att säga utifrån foton vad det kan vara... Men verkligen väldigt fina iafl! Det skulle kunna vara bakelit. Om du har någon gammal burk med Häxans silverputs (typ plåtburk med rosa ...
  18. vetraio50, austrohungaro, Virginia.vintage, Slave-to-glass, ozmarty, inky, SteveS, melaniej, Radegrunder and retsirk - many thanks for the love!!
  19. Hi retsirk!! I have to say I'm not enough experienced to know, but I do believe it's at least Bohemian? Whoever made it, I love it just as much. Thank you, I'm happy that you like the vase too..! I...
  20. geo26e, SEAN68, Moonstonelover21, valentino97, aghcollect, vetraio50, racer4four, Slave-to-glass, ozmarty, inky, Manikin, Radegrunder, retsirk, pops52 and Savers123 - many thanks to all for loving it!!!
  21. Czechofan - thank you so so much for your excellent advise!!! I'll follow your instructions!! :) Looking forward to see the bottle complete with hose and squeezebulb...!!
  22. Czechofan - Wow, thank you, thank you!!! For your most helpful and kind comment!! :) I'm very happy for this information..! Yes finding a suitable replacement for the sqeeze bulb is my next mission......
  23. SteveS - Yes, it could be the part of a roman number - just before that "curl" there is a little bit of golden residue, so it looks like part of it may have worn off! But really hard to tell...! Tha...
  24. Stunning!!!
  25. ozmarty - thank you so much for the help!! Since english is not my native language, I googled using the wrong words...and didn't find anything... But now I know what to write!! Thanks again!!
  26. Hi! The glass type and colour of the liveauctioneers "apricot bowl" looks definitely the same as the glass of my "pink ribbed vase". And also the way in which the leaves and stems are painted, is exa...
  27. SteveS - thank you, thank you!!! Thats so exciting information!! Yes the colour of the orientalism vase looks very similar indeed! I added two photos of the bottom - actally the first part looks mor...
  28. Wonderful!!!!
  29. NativeJewelerylovers & austrohungaro - many thanks!! I also thought Harrach or similar when I bought it..! But I don't know, maybe other producers made similar things aswell? I found this vase that...
  30. twentiethc - thank you so much for your most friendly and helpful comment!! Unfortunately it's unmarked. I also thought it looks similar to DeVilbiss, but seems there are others similar as well, like...
  31. Since I bought it I have been waiting for these orange lilies to bloom, so I could put them in the vase! So I added a photo.. austrohungaro, bohemianglassandmore and Michelleb007, many thanks for the...
  32. Most definitely!! :)
  33. Gorgeous!!! What a find!!!
  34. Wow again - the flowers are so well sculpted, and the colours are gorgeous..!! And the composition with the bird between the two puttos...!!!
  35. kairomalte - thank you!! The first number is almost impossible to read, it has partially worn off.... (?)/21 is what I can read! Vetraio, thank you for the love!!
  36. Gorgeous!!!
  37. WOW!!!! What an AMAZING find!!! Just wonderful..!!! Where do you find such pieces!!?! Thanks for sharing it here!
  38. Virginia.vintage - thanks a lot!!! IanBrighton, icollectglass and aghcollect - many thanks for loving it!! jensen, thanks for the like!!
  39. Lee - many thanks, I'm very happy to hear your thoughts!! And you seem to have a lot of knowledge for being a "newbeginner"! I also really don't know... but find it very beautiful!! Many thanks je...
  40. SEAN68 - thanks a lot!!! :) twentiethc - thank you so much for the helpful information!! The odd colour made me wonder too... but on the other hand, I find them very beautiful in this colour! They...
  41. SEAN68 - thank you so much!!! Nice to see you too!! :) Sorry I sometimes disappear for a while when having too much work and other things... Moonstonelover - many thanks!!! :) And aghcollect, many t...
  42. Moonstonelover - thank you so much!!! Oh I'm very curious about what you think..!! SEAN68 - many thanks!!! And thanks aghcollect for the love!
  43. vetrissimo - many thanks!!! Oh, germanic! I have no idea, the mark is really hard to read. I once saw some other items which must have come from the same producer listed on Ebay as french. However, I ...
  44. vetrissimo - Wow!!! Thank you, thank you!! I had no idea it was oriental, and that it could be Japanese is a big surprise to me! SEAN68 - many thanks!!! And many thanks for the love Moonstonelover!!
  45. Hej! Ja jag tycker också den ser ut att vara gammal! (Inte för att jag kan så mycket om just spelkulor, men jag gissar ändå på runt sekelskiftet 1900?) Puntelmärke / puntel är nog ordet du söker! Äve...
  46. Wow!! That explains it - one of these producers must have been responsible for this mystery WW signature!! Great research!! I'm very happy if I can help, and also I think it's a lot of fun to resea...
  47. Very beautiful!!!
  48. WOW!!! It's just stunning!! How wonderful to have furniture like that...!!!
  49. Moonstone, thank you, thank you!!! It makes me very happy!! Many thanks vetraio50 and antiquerose for loving it!!
  50. Moonstone and antiquerose - many thanks for your comments!!! :)
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