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I'm collecting Art Nouveau & Art Deco glass, mostly bohemian. As a new beginner, I'm eager to learn! I have a very low budget, so I search for my treasures at fleamaI'm collecting Art Nouveau & Art Deco glass, mostly bohemian. As a new beginner, I'm eager to learn! I have a very low budget, so I search for my treasures at fleamarkets, where one can find beautiful objects whose identitys or origin have been forgotten. Otherwise, I have been collecting decorative items from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era, in particular costume jewellery such as czech glass, 30's wood jewellery and bakelite. (Read more)


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Bohemian vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Purple trumpet vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Swedish jugendstil vase  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Rörstrand vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Big Czechoslovakia baroque-jugendstil vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Seashell vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Blue & cream-white drip glaze vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Dragonfly bowl - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Majolica flower pot - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Rörstrand flower pot - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Hej! Ja jag tycker också den ser ut att vara gammal! (Inte för att jag kan så mycket om just spelkulor, men jag gissar ändå på runt sekelskiftet 1900?) Puntelmärke / puntel är nog ordet du söker! Äve...
  2. Wow!! That explains it - one of these producers must have been responsible for this mystery WW signature!! Great research!! I'm very happy if I can help, and also I think it's a lot of fun to resea...
  3. Very beautiful!!!
  4. WOW!!! It's just stunning!! How wonderful to have furniture like that...!!!
  5. Moonstone, thank you, thank you!!! It makes me very happy!! Many thanks vetraio50 and antiquerose for loving it!!
  6. Moonstone and antiquerose - many thanks for your comments!!! :)
  7. Oh, but you certainly do!! :)
  8. Wow!! I had no idea!! She really has a lovely way with colours! I thought often when I saw your arragements here on CW that they are arranged in a way, which reveals you have a trained and sensitive e...
  9. Moonstone, thank you so much for your most kind words!!! It means a lot to me -especially because I admire your collection very much, and your gorgeous arrangements!! It's an art to arrange things bea...
  10. You make such wonderful arrangements! Sometimes it looks as if you were painting (with vases instead of paint)!
  11. Many thanks Moonstone for the superfast love!!!
  12. Moonstone, thank you so much!!! :)
  13. So, so gorgeuos!!!!
  14. Wow, it's really lovely!! I totally agree with vetraio - it's VERY wiener werkstätte!!
  15. It's beautiful!!! Väldigt vacker! Googla på Latticino marble / antique latticino marble...!
  16. Oh, and I'm looking forward to see the other brass box (that you mentioned) too!!!
  17. Have a look at this!!! It looks like it may be the same shape and colour like your vase! Unfortunately there is no photo of the mark, but...! http://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/a-wiener-werkstatte...
  18. WOW!!!! It's so, so elegant and gracious!!! Especially in this very light and beautiful colour!!! I adore it!!!!!!!!
  19. jensen - WOW!!! I'm so happy to see this!! It looks like the same shape but with different colours..!!! Thank you so so much!!!
  20. bohemianglassandmore - thank you so much for your comment and for loving!! Yes it's uranium glass, and of all my uraium glass items it's definitely the most radioactive! It glows really really much gr...
  21. austrohungaro - thank you so much for the link!! Yes it really does resemble that!! Marita Voigt was not familiar to me, I'll definitely look her up!! SEAN68 and scottvez - thank you, thank you!!! :...
  22. ho2cultcha - thank you so much for your comment and for the love!! I'm happy that you like it too!! :) And thank you so much nutsabotas6, Phil, valentino97, vetraio50, racer4four, SEAN68, austrohun...
  23. SEAN68 - thanks a lot for your comment and for loving it!!! Moonstonelover21, nutsabotas6, Phil, valentino97, vetraio50, czechman, racer4four, petey and austrohungaro - many thanks for the love!!!
  24. racer4four - thanks a lot for your comment and for the love!!! :) Many thanks aghcollect, nutsabotas, Phil, Gracay2004, SEAN68, Radegrunder, jensen, vetraio50, blunderbuss2, idcloisonne and austroh...
  25. racer4four - thank you so much for your comment!! :) I'm very happy that the vase "speaks" to you!! (That's maybe a bit of a clumsy translation from Swedish.. maybe in english it would be "appeals".....
  26. nutsabotas - thank you so much for you commet and for loving it!! artpottery and sarahoff - thank you so much for your suggestions!!! I had no idea that the vase might be Belgian!! That's very exc...
  27. jensen - thank you, thank you!!! maybe I can mark the mystery as solved!! I cannot remember where I saw the other one that was attributed to M.A., (it was some years ago) but I think it was an auction...
  28. maryh1956 - Thank you very much for your suggestion and for loving it!!! :) I don't think it looks like any Swedish mark I know (also not Rörstrand), although it's impossible to read... Once I saw som...
  29. Moonstonelover21 and nutsabotas6 - thank you so much for your very kind comments!! racer4four, thank you so much for your most kind comment!! It made me very happy!!! Moonstonelover21, aghcollect,...
  30. Wow!! Gorgeuos!!! What an amazing find!!!
  31. Very beautiful, and interesting information!!
  32. vetraio50 - thank you so much!! Yes, I looked at that homepage but couldn't find it. I'll borrow some books about brass on the library to see if I can find something there.. aghcollect, petey, racer4...
  33. Haha, oh really!! How nice to have such a museum almost as neighbor!! :) And wow!! - that you have 2 Hoffmanns already! That website europeana- I think it's an ongoing project to make museum col...
  34. Oh, I found it! It's not exactly the same but quite similar: http://ceres.mcu.es/pages/Viewer?accion=41&Museo=&AMuseo=MNAD&Ninv=CE25031&txt_id_imagen=2&txt_rotar=0&txt_contraste=0&txt_zoom=10&cabece...
  35. There is a homepage called europeiana that has photos from different museum collections. I looked at Josef Hoffmann glass things there, and saw one vase (claimed to be Josef Hoffmann by a museum) that...
  36. TubeAmp - thank you so much for your helpfulness!! Yes!! If the tray is scandinavian, AB means "aktiebolag". I could not find a Swedish maker called WW or W&W however... still searching! Since W is n...
  37. SEAN68 - Haha yes I understand..!! And many thanks vetraio50 for the fast love!!
  38. SEAN68 - thank you so much for your suggestion and for the love!! The Wiener Werkstätte hallmark looks different, so I thought this must be another maker called "WW" or what do you think? The style...
  39. WOW!! The colours, the shape... it's gorgeous!!!
  40. This bottle is so beautiful...!! The shape, and how the shape of the brass top and the tassel/atomizer enhances it!! Gorgeous collection!!!
  41. WOW!!! It's really gorgeuos!!! Wonderful!!!
  42. Parkerhouse - thank you so much!!! Your comment made me very happy!!
  43. And many thanks for the love SEAN68, czechman, Moonstonelover21, vetraio50, blunderbuss2, racer4four, Phil, antiquerose, inky, austrohungaro, LeahGoodwin and Jensen!!!
  44. SEAN68 and inky - thank you so much for your comments!! They made me very happy!! My mothers family had a glass shop from 1903 to 1967. I was born in the 1980's when the glass shop was long gone...b...
  45. racer4four - thank you so much for your lovely comment!! I'm very happy for your most kind compliment!! inky - thank you so much!! I'm very happy that you like it!! Gracay2004, czechman, blunderbus...
  46. Gracay2004, czechman, Belltown, Manikin, vetraio50, racer4four, inky, austrohungaro, tom61375 and LeahGoodwin - thank you so much for loving it!!
  47. czechman - thank you, thank you!!! I'm very happy for your comments! I'll take your advice and buy the books...! These books, along with many others, were on my wishlist for a long time. My budget is ...
  48. I think the painting technique on your vase looks really similar to the painting on a vase I just found! Quite "fast" done, but very nice, artistic and skillfully executed. Here is my vase: http://w...
  49. Phil, thank you so much for your comment!! I think so too!! :) Thank you so much nutsabotas6 for your comment!! :) And thanks Phil, aghcollect and nutsabotas6 for loving it!!
  50. Phil, SEAN68 and nutsabotas6 thank you so much for your very kind comments!!! :) And aghcollect and nutsabotas6, many thanks for the love!!
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