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I'm collecting Art Nouveau & Art Deco glass, mostly bohemian. As a new beginner, I'm eager to learn! I have a very low budget, so I search for my treasures at fleamaI'm collecting Art Nouveau & Art Deco glass, mostly bohemian. As a new beginner, I'm eager to learn! I have a very low budget, so I search for my treasures at fleamarkets, where one can find beautiful objects whose identitys or origin have been forgotten. Otherwise, I have been collecting decorative items from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era, in particular costume jewellery such as czech glass, 30's wood jewellery and bakelite. (Read more)


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Blue iridescent vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
What uniform is he wearing?  - Photographsin Photographs
Jugendstil box / keksdose - Kitchenin Kitchen
Rindskopf marbled vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
More crackle glass - orange  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mystery wood bowl with red laquer mendings- japanese? - Asianin Asian
Starburst/marquetry purple lidded bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Red crackle bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Square shaped iridescent vase with metal rim - Art Glassin Art Glass
Big pink tango (?) vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. vetraio50 - thank you so much for the love and comment! It could be... I will try to make one more photo of the text tomorrow..! It's really hard to read!
  2. Wow, thank you!!! It's so beautiful, with the decorated rim!!! The vases definitelely look related!!
  3. Gorgeous!!! Jättefint!!! Vill ha..!!!
  4. vetraio50, nutsabotas6, Michelleb007 and racer4four - thank you so much for loving!!
  5. vetraio50, ozmarty, Michelleb007, racer4four, Mac63 and czechman - thank you so much for the love!!!
  6. vetraio50 - Thank you, thank you!! I will look that up! I read and speak German..! And vetraio50, PatSea, ozmarty, Michelleb007 and czechman - many thanks for the love!!!
  7. Michelleb007, racer4four and vetraio50 - many thanks for the love!!! yesterdaysglass - Thank you so much for your most helpful comment!! Yes it would be great to see pics of yours!! :)
  8. Hej! Jag trodde först att den var svensk och från 20-30 talet. Men sedan tittade jag närmare på den, och visade den för en vän, som har mycket mer erfarenhet än mig. Han påpekade att de mörka "fläckar...
  9. welzebub - thank you!!! They are a mystery. And yes, the red crackle bowl and these orange bowls feels very related also when seen in reality. It's the same type of glass, the same type of iridescen...
  10. welzebub - here they are... one more mystery!! http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/143416-more-crackle-glass--orange?in=user
  11. welzebub - thats very intersting!! I have two other bowls, which seems very similar to this bowl, and I have also never seen anything like them in Kralik production!? I will post them soon!
  12. Maybe I should add, that the surface of the bowl is softer than silk to touch! In my home it has a central place, together with my most treasured items. It has a "personality" or charisma (?), I lov...
  13. Jewels, many thanks for loving it!!!
  14. jwendell222 - Thank you so much for your comment!! I will remove the word "crude" - I was not aware of the seemingly negative connotation! I meant it not in a negative way, it was an apparently bad tr...
  15. It's about 17,5 cm long, 14 cm wide and 8 cm high. (6,9 inches long, 5,5 iches wide and 3,1 inches high)
  16. aghcollect, many thanks for the love!! I want add that English is not my native language, so I don't know if maybe "crude" was the wrong word. In Sweden, maybe this kind of object would be called "...
  17. kyratango - thank you so much!!! :) I will measure it and get back soon! noob - Thank you so much for your comment!! Yes I know about Wabi Sabi - I was also thinking about it, and was considering t...
  18. SEAN68 and nutsabotas6 - Yes I tried refund...but the swedish "ebay" (called Tradera) doesn't work that way! I never got one. It was not very expensive... I think it's tragic though, like nutsabotas6...
  19. vetraio50, many thanks for the love!!
  20. SEAN68 - Yes I thought so too!! But I don't know, I have some doubt! It's so hard to tell, whitout the possibility of comparing the glass to other pieces in reality! So I'm most happy and curious t...
  21. SEAN68, welzebub and Moonstonelover21 - thank you so much for the love!!!
  22. ho2cultcha, Hunter and Moonstonelover21 - many thanks for loving!!!
  23. welzebub, Moonstonelover21, CindB, aghcollect and Rick55 - many thanks for the love!!! SEAN68 - Thank you so much for all your helpful comments/suggestions!!! :) CindB - Thank you, thank you!!! :) ...
  24. SEAN68 - thank you much for the superfast love and comment!!! :) I think Kralik?
  25. SEAN68 and sklo42 - thank you, thank you!!! :)
  26. PatSea, sklo42, welzebub, SEAN68 and aghcollect - thank you so much for loving it!!! SEAN68, many thanks for your comment!!! :)
  27. CindB - thank you so much!! :) And thank you PatSea for loving!!
  28. ho2cultcha, getthatmonkeyoutofme, Elisabethan, kivatinitz, Virginia.vintage, PatSea and CindB - thank you so much for the love!!! And CindB, many thanks for your comment!! :) Elisabethan - Tack!! Ja...
  29. How beautiful!! I LOVE skönvirke!!
  30. aghcollect, retsirk, Radegrunder, vetraio50, Jewels, Hunter, valentino97, austrohungaro and Elisabethan - many thanks for the love!!! retsirk - many thanks for your suggestion! Yes it could for sure ...
  31. freiheit, retsirk, SEAN68, aghcollect, sklo42, Elisabethan, Roycroftbooksfromme1, vetraio50, racer4four, blunderbuss2, austrohungaro, surfdub66 and kivatinitz - many thanks for loving it!!! freihei...
  32. Faboulous!!!
  33. Stunning!!! Amazing, what treasures you have!!!
  34. Wow, amazing to find such an elegant chair on the street!!! It's very beautiful!!
  35. Wow!!! Absolutely fabuluos!!!
  36. kairomalte - thank you so so much for your help!!! Maybe I can consider this mystery solved! welzebub and SEAN68 - thank you so much for your comments!!! :) :) Slave-to-glass, Michelleb007, Alfred...
  37. aghcollect, dlfd911, vetraio50, Elisabethan, czechman, Loetzbuddies, leahpia and austrohungaro - many thanks for loving it!!! welzebub - thank you so much for your very kind and interesting comment...
  38. Thank you so much welzebub and sklo42 for loving it!!!
  39. retsirk - Oh yes I know... seen in reality, it's enchanting, isn't it!? Vintage_Joe - many thanks for your comment! Yes it's definitely a perfume bottle! My english is not very good... I thought "pe...
  40. racer4four, retsirk and aghcollect - many thanks for loving it!!!
  41. Thank you for sharing this very interesting information! I'm thinking this blue vase might be Bernhardine Bayerl...? http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/136329-blue-vase-with-enameled-flowers-an...
  42. Wow!! The colours are so beautiful and makes it really stand out!!
  43. Gorgeous!!!
  44. Wow!!! STUNNING!!!
  45. austrohungaro, many thanks for your kind comment and for loving!! cogito - thank you so much for your comment and for the love, your candlesticks are gorgeous!!! I agree, they are similar in style, ...
  46. Many thanks austrohungaro, mandomir, cogito, artislove, kivatinitz and retsirk for your kind and enthusiastic comments!! jensen - actually it's from the local car boot sale! I have found some good th...
  47. antiquerose - thank you, thank you!!! :)
  48. I think maybe Royal Brierley?
  49. Wow, it's lovely!!!
  50. Gorgeous!!!
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