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Ever since I was little girl I have been interested in “old stuff”. My grandmother, born in the late 1880’s, was a truly Victorian lady. Her taste has influenced Ever since I was little girl I have been interested in “old stuff”. My grandmother, born in the late 1880’s, was a truly Victorian lady. Her taste has influenced me throughout my childhood. After leaving the socialist East Germany in 1985, I lost pretty much everything I have ever owned, including many special items handed to me by my grandmother. I will never be able to replace most of the jewelry, books, and furniture. Some time ago, I started going to antique stores and second hand stores and came across many beautiful objects that awakened memories of my beloved grandmother. These memories inspired me to start collecting vintage costume jewelry and porcelain and anything else that is old and gorgeous. Having said that, I also enjoy the hunt for a great find, the beauty of an old and previously loved item, and the thrill of finding out who made it and how old it is. (Read more)


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Small Art Deco Amber Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Miriam Haskell Faux Baroque Pearl Double String Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
ALP (Italy?) Vintage Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Taxco Sterling Clamper Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
10KP Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Accents Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Tortoise Shell (Faux?) Gold and Silver Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Danecraft Sterling Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Thermoset Plastic Necklace and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Costume Brooch/Pendant with Opaline Glass - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Bakelite Clip-On Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Mary, we can "team up" again!
  2. It is beautiful! Great buy too! How could I have missed it?! Gudrun
  3. Many thanks, blunderbuss2 and PhilDMorris:)
  4. Hi katherinescollection. I believe this is a European thing. I remember my grandmother talking about it. I believe the correct spelling might be double with an accent over the last e. To the best ...
  5. Kyratango, yes, I was lucky. I have not seen any in stores at all before. Now I found two in a row. Compared to some of elaborate pieces by Haskell, mine are very simple but I guess this makes it m...
  6. Thanks for your comment, Efesgirl:)
  7. Thanks so much for your comment, mikelv85:)
  8. Davyd286, thanks for your help. I was reasonably sure that the mark meant Alpaca, but because I have seen some other pieces with the same mark plus Italy, silly me thought that it might be the name o...
  9. NevadaBlades, thanks for your comment. I am glad you like them too:)
  10. Thanks so much, melaniej, mikelv85, Caperkid, and aura:)
  11. Mary, I agree with you. Someone must have liked it:)
  12. Thank you all so much for loving my ring: valentino97, Midnight1208, Manikin, vetraio50, MyFavoriteTreasures, kivatinitz, racer4four,AmatoorPikr, kyratango, antiquerose, NevadaBlades, TassieDevil, Ce...
  13. Mary, sorry for answering so late. I have been busy at work and at home and only stopped by CW for a quick look now and then. I am sorry to hear about your bird. I have a little dog, well, actuall...
  14. This mask would give me nightmares!
  15. OMG, Mary, I am trying to picture it! Too bad I didn't find it:(
  16. Mary, I haven't seen anything like it yet either. Most of the brooches had several small cabochons, rather than one big one. I'll keep looking:) Thanks for your comment and hint!
  17. Thanks a lot for your advice, kyratango. Usually I give all my finds a good cleaning before I put the away because you never know where they have been... This one I didn't clean because I was afraid ...
  18. Many thanks for all of your kind comments: Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, Toni1969, TassieDevil, antiquerose, and AmatoorPikr! Antiquerose, I think you are correct. I also feel the ring might date to aro...
  19. Thanks so much for your comments, Efesgirl, kyratango, racer4four, and Emme. After I bought it, I had buyer's remorse because I thought it was a costume piece after all. It looked almost black! The...
  20. Efesgirl, this one was not in the junk section but it was very well priced. I also had a coupon for a 30% discount. And last but not least, I returned the candlesticks because of lack of space. So ...
  21. Efesgirl, once in a while I get lucky. Sometimes weeks go by and I find nothing, and then luck just changes. This one must have been in the store for some time, based on the colour of the label. I ...
  22. Thanks again, NevadaBlades:)
  23. Many thanks, NevadaBlades:)
  24. I love your post! It reminds me of my childhood. I used to go to the attic and play dress-up with my mom's shoes, dresses from the fifties and beautiful hats and gloves. I wish I still had that stu...
  25. I love old watches. I am not fond of "quartz" ones even though I have some. I hate changing batteries! I really like yours!
  26. It looks lovely! The green colour is so beautiful!
  27. They look like the "bigger sisters" to my little thorn vase - LOL I love them!
  28. Oh, wow, welzebub, when I posted my comment (I am rather slow) I found your comment! Thanks you so much for all of the information! I really appreciate it. And, by the way, you have a simply outsta...
  29. I would like to express my sincere thank you for all of you who helped me solve the mystery and for your kind comments: antiquerose, you figured out what my vase was called, namely a thorn vase, charc...
  30. I have not checked this post in a long time and want to thanks all of you for loving it. I really appreciate it. Many thanks to: aura, Destiny.Jennifer.g., kivatinitz, Moonstonelover21, CindB, SEAN...
  31. That could be the reason why the style of the back and the front is so different, rucklczglass:)
  32. The back looks to me similar to the ones of costume pieces (stamped brass) made in the 1920 -1940's. At least I have some from that time. I would think they were mostly made in Germany, Czechoslova...
  33. Davyd286, thanks so much for your comment and the link. My Russian is a bit rusty; I took it at school for many years but I have forgotten most of it. It is interesting to see how the components are...
  34. Many thanks for loving my bracelet: SEAN68 Trey PhilDMorris valentino97 kyratango racer4four AmatoorPikr NevadaBlades vetraio50 MyFavoriteTreasures mikelv85 and Efesgirl
  35. Many thanks to all of you for loving the bangle: Peasejean55 SEAN68 Trey PhilDMorris, kivatinitz, valentino9 kyratango AmatoorPikr NevadaBlades vetraio50 aura mikelv85 AnnaB antiquero...
  36. Thanks a lot for your link, Celiene!
  37. I would like to thank everybody for your comments and the love: Trey, PhilDMorris, SEAN68, kivatinitz, kyratango, AmatoorPikr, NevadaBlades, vetraio50, aura, mikelv85, MyFavoriteTreasures, martika,...
  38. Many thanks for loving my necklace: PhilDMorris, Trey, valentino97, MyFavoriteTreasures, Efesgirl, aura, melaniej, racer4four, and mikelv85:)
  39. I think I needed some encouragement, NevadaBlades. Thanks - LOL
  40. Many thanks, Peasejean55, kyratango, and Efesgirl:)
  41. I know how you feel, Emme. Looks like you got the antique/vintage hunting disease too:) LOL I love the brooch. It looks like candy!
  42. OK, Nefertiti it is. I wasn't sure because she is usually shown from the side. Thanks so much for all of your comment and tips, Efesgirl, valentino97, kyratango, racer4four, and AmatoorPikr:)
  43. OK, Mary, when I am in your area, I will drop it off so you can wear it for a while. I am sure I can find something in your collection I can borrow but I just don't know what to ask for first because...
  44. Thanks for your comments, kyratango and valentine! I will wear both, but in the summer. I am so sick and tired of the winter! Long sleeves and coats - I cannot stand it anymore! I have seen two id...
  45. I will have a look in that direction too. Thanks for your comment, kyratango:)
  46. Many thanks for the love: aura, aghcollect, vintagejewel, and miKKoChristmas11. Sorry for the late response. I just now had a look at this posting.
  47. Thanks a lot, vetraio50:) You are fast!
  48. I have on too: I use it in the hall. My kids dump their car key in - so they can find them. The bowl is holding u...
  49. Martika, thanks so much for your help. I was rather amazed that you found a vase looking like mine. I think that this line of design and decoration is exactly like my vases, the only difference is t...
  50. MyFavoriteTreasures, you are absolutely correct. If I had been looking for it, I wouldn't have found it. Strange things happen sometimes:)
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CARAVELLE WATCH with Sterling SPEIDEL Bracelet Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings


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