Brampton, Ontario

Ever since I was little girl I have been interested in “old stuff”. My grandmother, born in the late 1880’s, was a truly Victorian lady. Her taste has influenced Ever since I was little girl I have been interested in “old stuff”. My grandmother, born in the late 1880’s, was a truly Victorian lady. Her taste has influenced me throughout my childhood. After leaving the socialist East Germany in 1985, I lost pretty much everything I have ever owned, including many special items handed to me by my grandmother. I will never be able to replace most of the jewelry, books, and furniture. Some time ago, I started going to antique stores and second hand stores and came across many beautiful objects that awakened memories of my beloved grandmother. These memories inspired me to start collecting vintage costume jewelry and porcelain and anything else that is old and gorgeous. Having said that, I also enjoy the hunt for a great find, the beauty of an old and previously loved item, and the thrill of finding out who made it and how old it is. (Read more)


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Large Pendant - Just for Fun - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Cinnabar Vintage Bangle - Or Not? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
One of MyLast Finds:  Sterling Multi-Colour Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Banded Agate Brooch – Vintage? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
“The Castle” Cufflinks and Small Leather Box - Accessoriesin Accessories
Joska Design Silberberg-Kristal Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Madonna Charm/Pendant – 10K - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Mexican Sterling "Fish" Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Child's Bangle - Sterling? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Beautiful! Now I appreciate the work that went into this jewelry:)
  2. Thanks again, idcloisonne:)
  3. Thanks everyone for the help. I am looking forward to seeing AmberRose's one too. I checked the link idcloisonne provided and loved the piece. Is there a way to date this kind of jewelry?
  4. Very pretty! Thanks for your link!
  5. Many thanks also to mikelv85, vetraio50, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, bratjdd, Manikin, and aghcollect:)
  6. Idcloisonne, thanks so much for your clarification/explanation. I didn't really check it out but the very little I saw on line was very confusing to me. I found some that were clearly marked as "pla...
  7. Actually, I really have no idea, racer4four. I have been "burned" a few times before by buying something that wasn't what I believed it was. I learned the hard way that things sometimes are not wha...
  8. Thanks, Moonstonelover 21. You are really fast :)
  9. I have some costume necklaces with faux pearls and the clasp look similar like the first one. I am not sure but the look of the clasp looks like the 1920's - but I am just guessing here.
  10. Thanks so much for your kind comment Virginia.vintage:)
  11. Thanks so much for your comment, racer4four :)
  12. Thanks a lot, vetraio50:)
  13. Love your photo. I tried to take some on July 4th here in Marco Island. I wasted half of my memory card and non of the pics are worth sharing.
  14. Wow, you made my day. I don't remember what the weight was, but remember that I paid less than half of the current silver prices. I wore it a lot over the past days, including in the pool and it st...
  15. Thanks a lot, shareurpassion. You are fast!
  16. I just came back from Germany and got there something very similar. Mine is made of brass and rather small - maybe around 5 inches. I was told it might have been used as a lamp, possibly for miners....
  17. Many thanks also to idcloisonne, DrFluffy, Elisabethan, Moonstonelover21, sarahoff, mikelv85, southcop, and vetraio5:)
  18. Thanks so much, AmberRose and racer4four:)
  19. Many thanks also: petey, Elisabethan, and aghcollect:)
  20. Zowie, believe me, I thought about that. But my husband finds walking around with a metal detector too geeky. Have a great summer/winter. You are in Australia? Gudrun
  21. Thanks, Elisabethan:)
  22. Thanks everyone: mikelv85, Signaholic, geo26e, and SEAN68 :)
  23. Thanks so much, Manikin! I am sure I'm going to find something and I will share it with this wonderful CW community. I hope you have a great summer!
  24. Yes, nutsabotas. Thanks a lot.
  25. MrsWarren, I haven't had the time yet. I also have to be in the mood to do it, and so far that wasn't the case. I will post a photo when I am done. Thanks for your kind inquiry:)
  26. Many thanks, Manikin and PhilDavidAlexanderMorris:)
  27. Thanks so much all of you: vetraio50, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, mikelv85, aghcollect, kerry10456, antiquerose, Hedgewalker, and blunderbuss2 :)
  28. Thanks a lot, Manikin. You are very kind:)
  29. Thanks a lot, aghcollect and geo26e:)
  30. Thanks, Manikin. I took it outside to show the colours in the sun, but just as I was about to take the photos, it clouded over:(
  31. Thanks so much, antiquerose. She gave me one more. I'll post it shortly:)
  32. valentino97, I never thought about that. Actually, my grandmother was named Maria but everyone called her Marie. For that reason, all my girls have the middle name Marie - I think this would be clos...
  33. Thanks, nutsabotas6:)
  34. Thanks, aghcollect:)
  35. Thanks so much, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, aghcollect, valentino97, geo26e, and nutsabotas6:)
  36. Thanks for your comment, Zowie. I would love to see yours. I am sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital. I wish all the best. Have a great weekend:)
  37. Thanks, Alfredo:) Yes there is some Czech jewelry. One of my favorite clear rhinestone pins (the round one) is marked Czechoslovakia. I think some the others might be too:)
  38. Thanks so much everyone: Manikin, Elisabethan, petey, racer4four, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, Virginia.vintage, vetraio50, valentino97, and mikelv85 :)
  39. Thanks so much, wlongeuay, Manikin, DrFluffy, Elisabethan, petey, vetraio50, valentino97, and SEAN68 :)
  40. My great-grandfather was a painter and decorator. I used to have several of his items, including paintings and decorated furniture. I lost all of them when I left East Germany but my mom managed to...
  41. Thanks, valentino97. I agree about the bail. Actually, it looks like it has been repaired. The agate is flat and very smooth to the touch:)
  42. Thanks so much, Ladysalt, for your information. I tried to search for the silver marks but to me they all look the same. Gudrun
  43. Yes, I checked it out. But yours is so much nicer:)
  44. Thanks a lot for your comment, shareurpassion. I wish you were correct but I am not sure because the bangle was black when I found it. I cleaned it up just like my other silver. I have also a few p...
  45. I found two of them last week. Mine looked horrible - but they are perfect now, after a bit of TLC:) I believe they are Mexican.
  46. Thanks a lot, geo26e:)
  47. Thanks a lot, SEAN68, DrFluffy, Moonstonelover21, and aghcollect:)
  48. Many thanks, SEAN68, Moonstonelover21, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, and mikelv85 :)
  49. I am glad you like it, nutsabotas6:)
  50. Zowie, I try my best! My husband says that as long as it fits in a box or drawer, he is fine with it. I just bought one more jewelry box, LOL
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