I'm a mom with the most amazing family. I'm always looking for that hidden gem, trying to collect vintage jewelry on a budget.


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Huge bakelite earclips - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Czech glass Bohemia jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Plastic and japanese earclips - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Silver and marcassite brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Micro mosaic collection from old till new - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Super tiny cameo earstuds - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Applejuice galalith and blue rhinestone bangle - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Big chunky ethnic ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Amber collection - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Amber earclips - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Interesting post, this one! I m really curious if its mysterie is going to be solved, also because of my own brooch ;-)The tunisia link could be a good one.
  2. Oh you have some nice ones! Some oldies too
  3. Peasejean, I have...but I never look at their jewelry auctions...if not I would end up broke, but with lots of treasures ;-)
  4. Peasejean55, yes that one looks the same as yours. I think you are right about these brooches beeing european...I m belgian and so I found mine here in Belgium, and isn t Catawiki a Holland auction ho...
  5. Thank you very much Peasejean55! Yours is so much nicer than mine with those demi lune decorations! But it does look the same, so maybe they have the same origins. Someone said mine could be fromEgyp...
  6. Peasejean, that would be great, thanks a lot!
  7. Nice brooch! I found one a bit similar, but mine is just costume. Btw, how amazing you have such a big family! Do you ever get a moment for yourself? ;-) Love the thought of all those nice babies t...
  8. Thanks Agram for your comments, always nice to hear from you! And freiheit, thank you for loving them
  9. Love the bracelet and the rings! My projects drawer looks like a garbage tray for now ;-)
  10. Oh wowvalentino, I would love to see your red matching bracelet! Here where I live there is not so much bakelite around, so people dont know it. Thats why its cheap. I paid 50 cents for the big chun...
  11. Lovely! i haven t found one single carved bracelet yet!
  12. Nice brooch! How many children do you have?
  13. Valentino, Im really curious to see your rings! It sounds like a good idea for a single earclip or for some buttons. Unfortunatly, this year I have had not a moment for my own to repair jewelry or to...
  14. Thanks Agram, elisabethan and val for loving my earclips and for the nice comments. And thanks to sean68 and kyratango for loving my earrings! I never find game pieces, let alone in bakelite, so Im h...
  15. Thanks Peasejean,Manikin,Efesgirl,vetraio,katherinescollection and racer4four for the love and comments! I really appreciate it
  16. Thanks manikin, kyratango, virginia, vetraio,hunter,valentino, aghcollect for loving my earclips! And Agram thanks for your nice comments!
  17. Kyratango and Agram, thanks for your comments and efesgirl, elisabethan, agram, katherine,racer4four, vetraio50, manikin, kyratango and aghcollect for the love!
  18. Hello Efesgirl, thanks for your comments! Ik hou ook van kringwinkels, but most of my jewelry are flea market finds.
  19. Agram, thanks for your comment and the love. Indeed its all about the fun to collect. Thats why I keep buying stuff :-) I thought its realy interesting to see them together, you really see the tesse...
  20. Nutsabotas, thanks for your love anyway and for explaining, because Totally misunderstood your first comment! And thanks katherine, filmnet, ttorntucker,racer4four,ho2, vetraio and zowie for lovin...
  21. Val, I absolutely love your wide range of quirky items! Most people here buy high end jewelry, I usually buy the lower end items....but we have three children, we just made a nice trip with them...e...
  22. Nutsabotas, why feel sorry? i like them, wouldn t have bought them otherwise, and thats the most important thing
  23. Thanks valentino97 and katherinescollection for the love
  24. Davyd286, thanks for your valuable opinion. I should have seen it given her hairstyle :-)
  25. Thanks agram for the comment and love thank you kyratango, racer4four, blunderbuss, vetraio50 and aghcollect for the love
  26. Thanks aghcollect and sean for the love
  27. Kyratango, thanks for lovingand your comments! Good idea, could indeed be galalith, I forgot about it( have posted galalith earrings long time ago here on cw). I breastfeed my baby so for the moment...
  28. Lovely!
  29. Very exciting indeed! Would love some help, especially with our oldest daughter who was diagnosed a few weeks ago with lots of things, but most of all autism. Mr mittens usually is calm and relax as ...
  30. Hi val, yes having a great summer, we re going to thailand with the 3 kids real soon, so pretty excited!
  31. Love it! Have a rhinestone bangle that looks and feels like bakelite, but wont pass the simichrome test. I will post it soon.
  32. Very nice
  33. Thanks peasejean55 and elisabethan for your comments and love. Elisa,I already knewthat site but I looked a bitcloser this time, and yes, it has similarities to pakistani jewelry
  34. Vetraio, so quick! Thanks for loving my earclips!
  35. Oh they are really nice! Your husband and son have great taste
  36. Dangerdana, thank you very much for your interesting comment!
  37. Thanks aghcollect, ivonne and kyratango for the love!
  38. Karherinescollection and nutsabothas, thanks for the comments! And thanks kyratango, aghcollect and freiheit for the love
  39. Thanks kyratango, agram, racer4four, nutsabotas, vetraio, aghcollect and katherinescollections for the love!
  40. Thank you for your kind words nutsabotas...I have been collecting these for some years now, and I havent found any carved piece yet!
  41. Bedankt voor je commentaar Marga, fijn om je hier weer tegen te komen. And thanks to surfdubb,vetraio, racer4four, valentino, aghcollect, for the love
  42. Val, thank you so much for your input, mourning jewelry has a special place in my collection. Sometimes seems Im the only one in my country who loves this type of jewels
  43. Katherine, indeed sometimes it looks like a tennis match, but I LOOOOOOVE to learn more about jewelry. i have learnt so much here on this site, sometimes I only wished we could all sit in one gigantic...
  44. Val, yes you might be right with crepe stone, thanks!
  45. Valentino, thanks for your comment! This brooch is really a mystery to me...maybe vulcanite?
  46. Oldandsilly, thank you very much for your comments, Im not sure though its bog oak. i do have a bog oak brooch, I posted it here on cw a while ago, and this one looks different, its more like its mold...
  47. Thanks katherinescollection, racer4four, vetraio50 and aghcollect for the love.
  48. Thanks katherinescollection for the comments and the love and thanks roycroftbooks, freiheit, belleEpoque and kyratango for the love
  49. Thanks aghcollect for your love
  50. Jade could be, but I think aventurine stone
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