I'm a mom with the most amazing family. I'm always looking for that hidden gem, trying to collect vintage jewelry on a tight budget.


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1930's demi parure - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Edwardian silver horseshoe brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Galalith daisy - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Silver thimbles - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Art deco chrome and galalith bangle - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Bohemian brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fabulous blue glass brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Victorian silver and niello horseshoe  charm - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Crown Trifari earrings and necklace 'G' pattern - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Ciccada brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you very much Belgium, tomorrow london or vienna...yesterday paris...what can I say? Hope it stops one day
  2. Kyratango, you nailed it! Thanks for solving my mystery :-) the display is just an old eggcup, filled wih a green headband from one of my daughters ;-)
  3. Omg brunswick, your wife shares chocolate with you? Must be true love...I eat it all on my own. He can be glad he still has all of his fingers if he gives me a chocolate bar :-)
  4. Ow this is the link to the sumilar thimble (similar to the one on the third and fourth pic))
  5. Thank you all for the love and shareurpassion, thanks for the valuable comment. I looked a bit on internet, and I found a very similar thimble to my art nouveau-ish one. Some prices are nuts! No inter...
  6. They are definately ivory. Nice catch
  7. Thanks for the info. I love milk glass! In fact, I love all glass beads ;-)
  8. These are nice, I also have some from my grandmother and mother and they are very dear to me :-)
  9. I dont wanna fight either...its simply not worth it to get angry for me...some people on flea markets are really rude! on top of that, I m always with baby or/and children so I let the collectors pass...
  10. Rucklczglass roflol! I m not like this usually...maybe I got bitten by a bug ;-)
  11. Oh I posted a morrocon bracelet with the same closure some years ago. maybe this helps
  12. Omg kyra, you re so lucky, you can go shopping with efesgirl (and nobody would find anything interesting after you two pass). Great spider, I love your bugs! (Awww that sounds bad, doesn t it?). ;-)
  13. Val thanks for looking it up...learned something new thx to you. :-)
  14. Omg reminds me of stephen kings christine ;-)
  15. Hello Val, thanks for the info. I think its some kind of laquer, melamine...whatever, its cool ;-)
  16. Did they really apply bakelite onto wood? Didn t know this...does it really test as bakelite?
  17. Thanks everyone for the love and special thank you to efesgirl, valentino, agram and kyratango for the valuable comments!
  18. Oh I spend yesterday most part of the afternoon applying several layers...till my bottle was finished ;-) it works great! Bracelet looks so much better than it was when I bought it
  19. Oh such a great post kyra, I missed that one. My silver polish seems something similar to yours...
  20. Nice one! i would have guessed thailand, because it has the same face as a tempel guards...but any guess can be good ;-) Look for Thailand yaksha
  21. Oh luvintage, you just solved my mystery: New england glass mark. Thanks a lot! And thanks everyone for loving my jewelry once again :-)
  22. Congratulations on your 600th posting!!! May we see much more postings from you ;-) bedankt voor de glimp in je prachtige collectie Marga
  23. Ohhh this is a nice delicate brooch with these flowers! Indeed it is build the same way as my glass brooch. It reminds me of some bracelets and earrings I have...will post them soon ;-) and so we go on
  24. Thanks Vanitylove and kyratango for solving my mystery. Still love this little fellow...will be on the lookout to make a set with a ring or earrings to complete this stickpin :-)
  25. Thanks val! Always nice to hear your expertise! Indeed, there are lots of plastic ones out there. Its one happy catch :-)
  26. Thanks everyone for the love! I will keep on looking for this sort of beauties
  27. Omg val: 1 piece of chocolate/month? No way!!! I couldn t survive one day without chocolate...and not one teeny tiny piece, but loads of boyfriend always looks at price per kg because I eat m...
  28. Love the for chocolate tools: yes we have them occasionaly in some shops here in my city. Belgium is THE nr 1 chocolate country as you must know...Almost bought a pair of these chocolate too...
  29. Omg omg omg!!! Remind me to never go on a flea market howl with you, you would have bought everything in a blink of an eye ;-) Just kidding...not that I stand a chance with my three kids on my side o...
  30. My guess: these are all good luck symbols: the hand of Fatima, the evil eye, the holy palm tree...?
  31. Love the bunky spacer! You can almost still see the tube it was cut out of
  32. Lol! You re welcome Efesgirl...I ve always been good at brainstorming ;-)
  33. Have you noticed ist the leyter "G"? I have some trifari earrings in goldtone with the same "G" pattern
  34. Almost seems like some viking jewelry...
  35. Art deco that is... Thanks for the love everyone!
  36. Yesss lots of happy memories! Think we will be back this summer ;-) Here they say art de o, but I do...
  37. The ciccada is a good luck charm in France. I have an aunt in Marseille, and when I visit her and the surrounding Provence, you find everywhere the image of ciccada: on walls, on pottery, and even jew...
  38. These are so georgeous!!! I love all your posts but thesebirds are simply stunning!
  39. This is such a fun jewel! Has some comic-book-style about it. Great find
  40. Thank you everyone for your love and for the comments" Val, indeed, you can see traces of the original color inside...its blue-ish green...a very nice color
  41. Hello Kyratango. It has worked out great! I have been thinking about repairing some jewelry with silver just have to bake the jewelry piece after applying the silverclay...will have a look ...
  42. Oh those are stunning! Yes, could be celluloid. My experience with galalith learns me it is very similar to bakelite: same look, weight and feel...only no smell and it sounds differently
  43. Love it!
  44. Elisabethan, thanks for bringing these beauties back to attention. I have since collected some more of these. Will try to post them soon
  45. Peasejean55, thanks for loving my bracelet!
  46. Hello Elisabethan, looking back at them, these swirls could just as well be chinese, dont you think? Could also be Mexican. Its a pitty, I dont wear these because they are heavy on the ear!
  47. Hello Elisabethan, these earrings are not particularry lightweight. I will try to put them on a scale in the near future ;-) Have found some other nice galalith jewelry recently...but I lack time to ...
  48. Ahhh this is beautiful! The guilloche work and color re Inds me of my silver egg I posted here some days ago. Think it could also be scandinavian. The small detail on pic 3 reminds me on the work of ...
  49. Love them...they are georgeous! What a surprise its gold over silver!
  50. Thank you for your comments kyra, racer4fourvand agram. And a big thank you for everyone who loves my jewels
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Meyle & Mayer sterling enamel pansy pin.