I'm a mom with the most amazing family. I'm always looking for that hidden gem, trying to collect vintage jewelry on a budget.


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Silver tennis pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Nice barbrooch with purple stone - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari pink moonglow lucite earclips - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Silver and glass lantern earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Equestrian themed jewelry - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian 9 ct gold, silver and base metal stickpin - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Chrome and galalith avantgarde brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Huge bakelite earclips - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Czech glass Bohemia jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Plastic and japanese earclips - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Love the bracelet!
  2. Silver is a soft metal, so it would actually take more work to make filigree out of base metal. So yes, Its probably silver :-)
  3. Oh wow, you did really well! I trie to put the baby in a carrying bag when walking in flea markets...easier to maneuver...a bit difficult to bend over though... Old people are the worst! I have been p...
  4. Beautiful ollection!
  5. Love these val! They are worth every penny you paid for them! I will be posting a bit less jewelry in the coming months....just had a big expence, so money s to tight to mention ;-)
  6. Love those!
  7. Agram, yes indeed, it seems nail polish could work. Thanks for the advise, I will try to find one with the same colors. And thanks val, racer4four, vetraio50 and sean for the love!
  8. Thanks for the love Sean!
  9. Agree with Kyra: they do look like chinese export. Lovely!
  10. Christmas is telling me I m getting a year older. My birthday is the 24 th of december, so as a kid, I always thought the lights and decorations were all there for my birthday ;-)
  11. Nutsabotas, you re right! Thank you for your comments. So this mystery is solved
  12. So I looked at them again, and there is no crown to be seen! So that makes them from the fifties I guess
  13. Djpeder, I would love a picture of your earrings! Mine are stashed away for now, will try to dig them up tomorrow
  14. Thanks aura, nutsabotas, kyratango, jscott, vetraio and peasejean for loving my earclips and for your comments!
  15. Very nice...these landscapes where often imaginary though...
  16. Thanks Efesgirl, Ivonne, racer4four, kyratango, Peasejean55,jscott, vetraio50 for loving my earrings! And thank you agram, kyratango, slackjack and Efesgirl for commenting. Slackjack, I never run, a...
  17. Love it!
  18. Yes, I think 1880s. Nice one!
  19. Very nice...maybe twenties or thirties, looking at its clasp
  20. Lolz :-) Yes, he is getting more curious girls never chewed my shoes or knocked my bakelite though...boys... ;-)
  21. Love them...I found sime similar silver lanterns, but they came without any attachement-thingy. I made earrings out of them, will post soon
  22. Thanks Efesgirl and vetraio for your comments and for loving them, and thanks to kyratango and racer4four for loving them
  23. Maybe zirconium?
  24. Silver with blue and green enamel, nice piece, congrats! Looks like sixties to me...other than that, I have no idea, sorry. I love vikings! So why wouldn t this guy be a lucky charm? :-) have fun, an...
  25. Love it, nice work!
  26. Yes, why would they do the extra work of letting the back open with a crappy stone and silver? Could be white gold indeed, just get it tested to be sure
  27. BelleEpoque will do ;-)
  28. Love this! Unfortunatly, womens wristwatches dont go for the same value mens watches go...I keep mine in a safe because if I sell now, I only get scrap prices, thats too bad
  29. Bought not baught...beung sleep deprived is really scary ;-) Thanks agram, ivonne,vetraio50, kyratango for loving my stickpins!
  30. Thanks Agram, elisabethan, vetraio50, sean68, rustfarm,belltown, davyd268,ivonne and kyratango for loving my jewels!
  31. Ivonne, thanks for your opinion, I really appreciate it! The bow brooch is a wannabe Bengel if you ask me. The red galalith and chrome one I posted here has some similarities with Bengel pieces, but y...
  32. Thanks Agram, Im enjoying every minute of it ;-) Will be posting some jewels here when I jewelry collection is getting too big, so I might get rid of some less nice stuff and focus on keepin...
  33. Hello Agram, thanks for your comments! i love the blackamoor too! the Jeanne is not one of my favorits, I just baught it because it was laying there :-)
  34. I m just could be a jakob bengel piece, it has the same style as some of his work, dont you think?
  35. Thanks Ivonne, vetraio and kyratango for loving my stickpin!
  36. Kyra, thanks for your love! He would taste my jewels if he got half a chance! For now I let him have my keys (yuck!!!) as a compromise but he really likes them and he gets really upset if Intrybto ta...
  37. Love it!
  38. Love it! Might show a glimpse of my custom made jewelry cabinet once ;-)
  39. Interesting post, this one! I m really curious if its mysterie is going to be solved, also because of my own brooch ;-)The tunisia link could be a good one.
  40. Oh you have some nice ones! Some oldies too
  41. Peasejean, I have...but I never look at their jewelry auctions...if not I would end up broke, but with lots of treasures ;-)
  42. Peasejean55, yes that one looks the same as yours. I think you are right about these brooches beeing european...I m belgian and so I found mine here in Belgium, and isn t Catawiki a Holland auction ho...
  43. Thank you very much Peasejean55! Yours is so much nicer than mine with those demi lune decorations! But it does look the same, so maybe they have the same origins. Someone said mine could be fromEgyp...
  44. Peasejean, that would be great, thanks a lot!
  45. Nice brooch! I found one a bit similar, but mine is just costume. Btw, how amazing you have such a big family! Do you ever get a moment for yourself? ;-) Love the thought of all those nice babies t...
  46. Thanks Agram for your comments, always nice to hear from you! And freiheit, thank you for loving them
  47. Love the bracelet and the rings! My projects drawer looks like a garbage tray for now ;-)
  48. Oh wowvalentino, I would love to see your red matching bracelet! Here where I live there is not so much bakelite around, so people dont know it. Thats why its cheap. I paid 50 cents for the big chun...
  49. Lovely! i haven t found one single carved bracelet yet!
  50. Nice brooch! How many children do you have?
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Meyle & Mayer sterling enamel pansy pin.