I'm a mom with the most amazing family. I'm always looking for that hidden gem, trying to collect vintage jewelry on a budget.


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Amber collection - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Amber earclips - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian gold and seedpearl stickpin - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Trifari demi parure - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Bakelite bangles - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Micro mosaic ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Black mystery brooch with c- clasp - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Modernist pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Etruscan style brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Berber enamel and silver pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Georgeous!
  2. Vetraio, so quick! Thanks for loving my earclips!
  3. Oh they are really nice! Your husband and son have great taste
  4. Dangerdana, thank you very much for your interesting comment!
  5. Thanks aghcollect, ivonne and kyratango for the love!
  6. Karherinescollection and nutsabothas, thanks for the comments! And thanks kyratango, aghcollect and freiheit for the love
  7. Thanks kyratango, agram, racer4four, nutsabotas, vetraio, aghcollect and katherinescollections for the love!
  8. Thank you for your kind words nutsabotas...I have been collecting these for some years now, and I havent found any carved piece yet!
  9. Bedankt voor je commentaar Marga, fijn om je hier weer tegen te komen. And thanks to surfdubb,vetraio, racer4four, valentino, aghcollect, for the love
  10. Val, thank you so much for your input, mourning jewelry has a special place in my collection. Sometimes seems Im the only one in my country who loves this type of jewels
  11. Katherine, indeed sometimes it looks like a tennis match, but I LOOOOOOVE to learn more about jewelry. i have learnt so much here on this site, sometimes I only wished we could all sit in one gigantic...
  12. Val, yes you might be right with crepe stone, thanks!
  13. Valentino, thanks for your comment! This brooch is really a mystery to me...maybe vulcanite?
  14. Oldandsilly, thank you very much for your comments, Im not sure though its bog oak. i do have a bog oak brooch, I posted it here on cw a while ago, and this one looks different, its more like its mold...
  15. Thanks katherinescollection, racer4four, vetraio50 and aghcollect for the love.
  16. Thanks katherinescollection for the comments and the love and thanks roycroftbooks, freiheit, belleEpoque and kyratango for the love
  17. Thanks aghcollect for your love
  18. Jade could be, but I think aventurine stone
  19. Thanks valentino for your comment and loving and thank you aghcollect, vetraio50 and racer4four for the love
  20. Thanks for living it vetraio, peasejean and sean. Peasejean, I would love to see your brooch!
  21. And thanks to Kyratango,fortapache, antiquerose, valentino, racer4four,manikin, afram, vetraio and aghcollect for the love!
  22. Agram, thank you very much, you solved my mystery! :-)
  23. Hello everybody, thank you very much for appreciating my jewelry posts! I must admit I never really lost my appetite for jewelry ;-) I will post some more items every now and than
  24. Valentino is right:I see jaspis, onyx...all sorts of agate, these are the stones they find in germany
  25. Hey Val, yes he is getting big! And he has really big feet also :-) well maybe not as big as on the picture, bur still... but such a nice and quiet lad! I diserved a baby like him :-)
  26. Sorry, cant turn them, another time maybe :-)
  27. Oops! Maybe thats why he was crying ;-)
  28. Thanks val! And I think you are right, it will be better on a leather cord
  29. Love bakelite!
  30. Thanks sean, aghcollect, freiheit for loving my pendant
  31. Yes, Lio is going to the first grade now! AndTini is in her last year of kindergarden, she turned 5 a few days ago! They are growing so fast...
  32. Thx dclee, freiheit,val, sean and aghcollect!
  33. Val, its good to be 'back', although, I dont buy as much jewlry as I used to for the moment
  34. Hey idcloisonne, thank you very much for your comment! I will look up the Beau Company.
  35. Thanks kyratango for your comment!
  36. It reminds me a bit of the filigree neckace and earrings I posted here about a year ago.
  37. I love crescent moon jewelry. Its not weird, look at the micro mosaic collection of Agram
  38. I love them! I own only one like that. You just dont find them here in Belgium. I just bough a great green bakelite bangle though. I will try to post my finds soon.
  39. Its adorable! I really think its a girl, look at her face! She must be 3-4 years old. She doesn't look malicious, she looks absolutely cute! She remindes me of my youngest daughter, who is also 4 year...
  40. Love it!
  41. Love the necklace! It makes me think of a similar necklace I posted a while ago.
  42. Thank you very much to Phildavid, valentino, elisabethan, aghcollect, Moonstonelover, Manikin, Agram, freiheit, geo26,racer4four and paultemler for loving my jewelry!
  43. Hey freiheit, your earrings are lovely!
  44. I love the mask earrings in pic 3!
  45. It looks great! It reminds me of a necklace I posted a while ago. Its from the fourties or fifties and its definatly glass
  46. Could it be carnelian?
  47. Thanks kyratango, tom61, aghcollect, geo26, vetraio50, valentino, kerry106
  48. Hey Val, these were definately made in Congo. Congo used to be a province of Belgium so lots of people lived there and got back to Belgium when Congo got independent. I put these on all the time. Wood...
  49. Hey Val...Yes, we dont have freedom of speech where I live. Well, at least everybody knows that here ;-) I m not sure why only 20yr old boys were nice to you in Hungary. I think the other people idee...
  50. I had no idea it was Remembrance day...I have never really heard of it I must confess. Here in Europe the horrible past is still very much alive every day. Btw, its a great locket!
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Meyle & Mayer sterling enamel pansy pin.