I'm a mom with the most amazing family. I'm always looking for that hidden gem, trying to collect vintage jewelry on a budget.


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  1. Thank you very much Galejk, racer4four, lisa, vetraio, Elisabethan, nutsabotas, kyratango, pop52 and geo for loving my jewelry!
  2. Well its not that ugly, lets just call it: unique :-)
  3. Thanks Agram for your comments and loving and thanks geo and aghcollect for appreciating my collection!
  4. I have never befor seen these startburst bangles in bakelite. Thank you for educating us and showing your obsession.
  5. OMG! Thats lovely! Its gonna take me many more YEARS to match such a great collection!
  6. A bit hard to see on the stone, so maybe jaspis?
  7. I have the same necklace, exactly the same color. Its definatly bakelite, chill Zowie.
  8. And thanks pw-collector, DrFluffy, toolate2, Hunter, officialfuel, kerry, tom, vetraio, nutsabotas and aghcollect for appreciating my post!
  9. Thanks inky, kyratango, Agram and Elisabethan for your comments and for loving my knife!
  10. valentino, you are right, it must be a sea creature! I never saw that in them :-)
  11. Its lovely!
  12. Its really a treasure!
  13. Thanks for the love toni, petey, bellepoque, agram, rhinoman, jobug, toracat and sean
  14. thanks kyratango for your information and for loving my jewelry!
  15. Thanks nutsabotas6, aghcollect, Manikin, DrFluffy, AmberRose, Agram, Tom, racer, vetraio and austrohungarian for loving these earrings!
  16. LOL AmberRose, I feel you! :-)
  17. Thanks nutsabotas6 and Elisabethan for your comments! And thanks Agram, bratjdd, davyd and BHock for loving my brooch!
  18. Thanks Elisabethan, AmberRose, pop52, sarahoff, Belltown, freiheit, racer4, vetraio, DrFluffy and antiquerose for loving my pendant!
  19. Elisabethan, I know but one can only try ;-) Thanks Agram! I will be posting some more jewelry soon :-) Just nothing high quality
  20. Thanks nutsabotas6 for your comment and for loving my brooches. And thanks Elisabethan, tom and toracat for loving!
  21. VintageElle, thank you very much for your research. I will tell my daughters about the 3 wishes. They will absolutely love that! :-)) Thanks Roycroftbooks, nutsabotas, VintageElle, valentino and ker...
  22. Thanks Elisabethan, verontique, sarahoff, officialfuel, manikin, DrFluffy, Katzl, antuquarius, musikchoo and nutsabotas6 for loving my brooch!
  23. Thanks nutsabotas, valentino, aghcollect and Moonstonelover for appreciating my pendant. You make me feel welcome ;-)
  24. @valentino: my boyfriend didn't like this at all. He thinks its not enough stylised. And maybe he is right, but I like all things aquamarine so I bought it anyway.
  25. Whoa I love the pierrot piece! I think I only have about thirty or so bangles and about 15 necklaces in bakelite. All plain and simple bangles and one lucky polka dot find. I m still trying to find ...
  26. I really love the domed one!
  27. A real treasure!
  28. Scottydog, thank you very much for loving my bracelet! In my country not many people collect bakelite jewelry so that helps :-)
  29. I do think its more like fifties or sixties. I had some similar pieces posted here a while ago. Why do you think its from the thirties? Can you post a pic of the back?
  30. Great collection!
  31. I would love my man to know more about jewelry than I do! ;-) Oh well, he has other qualities. Great brooch!
  32. It would match my scarab necklace I posted a while ago :-)
  33. stunning!
  34. Its a georgeous bracelet!
  35. Whoa! Such a great discovery! Congratulations Agram! Its always a thrill to find out more about the jewelry you own!
  36. I love modernist jewelry! Sorry, I cant help with the stamp
  37. looks almost like candy
  38. There is nothing wrong with pre ban ivory. Love the necklace
  39. oops yellow that is
  40. The blue stone looks like turqoise, green: malachite, orange: carnelian, black: maybe idea about the pink one.
  41. Great collection! I have the same grapes brooch you have. I posted it earlier here on cw. Its russian from the Kalingrad factory
  42. No, its some real flowers, set in some kind of resin. I have some tiny pendants made in the same way. No idea about how they are called, but I m sure they date to the sixties or seventies. There was ...
  43. Looks like 1969 to me...
  44. You are right, its Dutch,I dont know if its old. It reads something like: For celabrating the birth of...and for saying goodbye to the design of... Its Belgian! Wortel and Merksplas are near Antwerp.
  45. Looks like he is trying to tame the horse...kinda like a rodeo
  46. This is really magnificent Agram! Maybe I should start to look for the 'Nina', one of his other ships
  47. Agram, I think you are right about my ring. Thanks a lot!
  48. Thanks Agram, vetraio50, bratjdd, aghcollect, vanskyock24, DrFluffy, Moonstonelover and AmberRose for loving my jewelry!
  49. Hey sarahoff, nice ring! Indeed you are right: hematite feels really cold to the touch and it has a gun metal tone. I cant tell what this stone could be just from your pictures, I m sorry. The prong...
  50. Thanks Sean, Moonstonelover and bratjdd for loving my earstuds!
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