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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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Buckeye Livestock Semi - Model Carsin Model Cars
Store Display/Salesmen Sample Trash Can - Advertisingin Advertising
J.E. Stevens Safe Bank - Toysin Toys
Cast Iron Gas Stove Bank - Toysin Toys
Drunken Cigarette Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Pennsylvania Tire Ashtray  - Advertisingin Advertising
Rabbits for Scott - Animalsin Animals
Wyandotte Toy Wagon - Toysin Toys
Fraiser Tin Wind-Up Car - Toysin Toys
Kaiser Wind-up Car - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. I was just guessing 80's because it was made in China.
  2. Very nice.
  3. The first photo looks like a Sad Face,lol Hard to believe they got the years wrong. So this is like an 1980's piece?
  4. It was made just a few years ago. Sold at toy stores for around $150.00.
  5. I think is an early 1930's Steelcraft.
  6. I'm going with tire changing hammer on this one.
  7. It looks like a 63 Chevy Lowrider made by Revell around 2003-2005? The junk in the broken off trunk is the boom box.
  8. The regular car has painted windshield, fender lights and bumpers, the Deluxe has chrome. The Deluxe also has 2-3/4 inch white side wall pneumatic tires. The Deluxe also says Swiss music box radio....
  9. Ok, I did some digging in my ads and catalogs. from the info I have these were made from 1938 to 1941. The only year I could find an ad with the pneumatic tires was 1940. It is the Deluxe model but d...
  10. I going with a device to insert suppositories. I was thinking the bumps or dimples on the arms may be where a rubber O ring went to hold the arms in.
  11. That's sweet. You could take it apart and look at the lever to get a better idea, but I looks right to me.
  12. That is a beauty!
  13. Welcome to CW! It is a Steelcraft Zephyr and a very nice one. The trim on top of the fenders are actually the light for this car, non electric. The working lights you have I believe were added. They...
  14. That is awesome. It can't be 1/32 scale, one of those semi trucks would about 25 inches long. I'm guessing 1/32 = one foot??
  15. I'm going with Efesgirl. Thinking wine bottle and a stem glass hanging on the hands.
  16. Wow! How long is a size 29 shoe? I just found my first child's shoe last, size 4.
  17. Very nice. I like how loud these things pop.
  18. "No, there is no information,Only writing is : ON and OFF , on the chest" See other post. You may want to invest in glasses,LOL, just saying.
  19. Welcome to CW. It was made for the trade mark "Modern Toys" by Masudaya Toys, LTD Tokyo Japan. It is an original old one. How does the battery box look? Have you tried running it?
  20. I'm not a Robot expert but I can tell you the one you have is NOT the one in the book. That said your's could be a real good one. No way to tell much looking at one dark photo. Many of the old rob...
  21. "AzTom, thanks for the love! The larger holes at the bottom are all 1.25" x 13/16". The top holes are all 1" x 6/8" But are they exact same size on all four sides? If they differ some, and that ma...
  22. Nice. That would be worth cleaning up a bit.
  23. This is rather new, they are still being made. They make them to look old and beat up.
  24. Wow! This may take awhile,lol So you can't pick it up by the handle as it pulls right out? It looks like it may have once come out the bottom? Does it look like it may have been broken off? A...
  25. Thanks for the comments, Drinking coffee out of this in the morning get you "Gassed Up" for the day.
  26. Thanks for the nice comments and all the loves.
  27. Thanks Scott, I can't understand why he won't post more photos? It looks like pot metal with a brass finish. I agree on the other stuff as well. There is a lot of that stuff being sold that have ...
  28. It looks like the motor from the old construction type sets, similar to Erector Set.
  29. Nice, I like finding the odd ball cars.
  30. Thanks for all the comments. nutsabotas6, what makes you say railroad? trunkman, I did get "tired" of smoking,lol almost 35 years ago. Thanks for all the loves!
  31. I used to have a slew of them. I quit smoking over 35 years ago and lost interest in most ashtrays. I still have a few of the unusual ones. I would buy one of those toy ones in a hurry. Actually, I ...
  32. Thanks for the comments. I see the openers a lot, use caution buying those. They are being reproduced and made to look antique. Thanks for all the loves.
  33. Wow, That is a little one. I have never seen one that small. On ebay that would be a Salesmen's Sample,lol I'll post mine.
  34. Very Nice! You should have a UV light, they make small pocket ones. They are good for checking for glass made with Uranium (Vaseline glass) as well as spotting cracks in cast iron and paint touch up...
  35. Welcome to CW. It is a BMC Special, and rather hard one to find. Here is my original one. You did a great job...
  36. Maybe that's why you don't see these around, they didn't work well. I'm sure you know GM used vacuum wipers well into the 50's, they didn't work well either,lol
  37. I don't blame you. If I run across one of these at the right price I'd grab it up. I have the single engine mail plane I got from the original owner.
  38. Cool! Love that light but have never seen one, can't help on that. That fan is great, does it run on vacuum?
  39. I got to thinking about custom paint on one of these and thought of this.
  40. JimDandy, Glad to hear you weren't burnt on it. Every now and then you see someone asking a few thousand dollars for one of these. They do make a great display item.
  41. Now you're just making me feel old,lol I helped a plumber that used one of these, melting lead for the cast drain seals and heating soldering irons. The local sheet metal guy had one as well fo...
  42. I got a 1934 $100.00 mixed in with newer bills several months ago.
  43. Great find but if American Pickers offers you that, you should take it. I think that show is about a joke.
  44. I think the tree wheel was 1969 and the four wheel was 1970-71. I would probably custom paint it with some flames.
  45. I think it was called a Probe Jr.
  46. I hope you find evidence to prove me wrong because it would be awesome to own an original. But, This looks like a 1970 - 80's fantasy item. The manufacture of this one is the same as the small decor ...
  47. Nice! My favorites are the pedal scooter, scooter with the seat and the rusty tricycle. That is an old one. Thanks for re-posting.
  48. I think the aliens did the metric bolts,lol
  49. Here is one real close, Japan. My guess early 50's
  50. Welcome to CW. I hope you plan on doing individual post of some of these. I would like to see more of the rusty looking tricycle and the small horse for sure.
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TRI MOTOR FORD Toy Aeroplane TIN TOY TRACTOR  W/PUP TRAILERS Auction win Two more auction wins Wind-Up Tin Race Car and 1927 Maine License Plate Pre-War Toys Clamps of some kind Buck Rogers XZ-31 Pistol who knows what this is


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