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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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Telephone Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Advertising Note Spike - Officein Office
Note / Receipt Spike - Officein Office
Cottonwood Trucks - Model Carsin Model Cars
Vintage Table Lamp #2 Help - Lampsin Lamps
Vintage Table Lamp, Help - Lampsin Lamps
Caterpillar Grader, Pan Scraper & Bottom Dump - Toysin Toys
A.C. Williams Interchangeable Set - Model Carsin Model Cars
Hubley Taxi Set - Model Carsin Model Cars
Vintage Nativity Figures - Christmasin Christmas


  1. If AAntiquities had these he would not have stuttered typing his handle.
  2. I'm pretty sure these are after market mirrors like sold at Western Auto type stores. Are there any numbers on the bottom them? It would also be helpful if you stated where you are located, if yo...
  3. 1920's Ford made by Bing. Very nice from what we can see, although the front fender does look broken. It does have value, but not discussed on here. email me:
  4. I was just having fun with it.
  5. Very nice!
  6. Dental Blowtorch
  7. This is one of those posts that shows enough to get you on the edge of your seat ... then stops. Like.... HELLO .... which way do you turn the pencil?
  8. I don't mean this in an insulting way but it seems ironic that someone would plug a device into a 120v outlet, touch the electrical terminals and think it's a "quack" medical device.
  9. The length in inches is the best way anyway on this type of toy. Ironically this same wagon with different hub caps was also made under the Joustra of france name like your 1958 wagon.
  10. Another great one. It would be nice if you posted the size for collectors that are not familiar with some of these older toys.
  11. This is a great toy. For an 8 in car I think it's amazing they put that much detail in stamped tin.
  12. Another nice one. I like 1/43 so the Dinky toys work for me.
  13. Very Nice!
  14. Very Nice!
  15. Ok, I did find out the movement is Swiss by Imperial Watch Co No 1039 Model 14.
  16. I'm going to guess a lid with a fish as the handle.
  17. Thanks for the comments and all the love
  18. It has tractors, Ya gotta love that one.
  19. It does look like a newer casting and the paint is for sure. Maybe take the screw out and see what the inside looks like.
  20. Cool. Are you making these?
  21. Would make a nice hat post.
  22. I don't know much about watches but the way the back is worn sure makes it look old. Also the scratched markings inside the case are dates when the watch would have been serviced. That may help date ...
  23. I don't think it's a reproduction per say but I don't think it is old. It looks to me like a recent made sign for historic districts or areas that want that vintage look.
  24. I always liked the Husky but they were not very easy to find here in the US.
  25. Great collection! Welcome to CW You have some hard to find cars there but the rack is AWESOME.
  26. Thanks for the love Manikin. I forgot about this post. I made these at my Aunts when I was in 8th grade. She had complete ceramic shop in their basement with a ton of molds.
  27. Nice. It is missing the driver. There were made in the 1960's by Shioji.
  28. Thanks for the loves
  29. Wow! That a wild one. Sorry I missed this one. I'll keep it in thought as I go through old catalogs.
  30. Looks real to me
  31. Not having vent holes on the top and the general construction, I would say these are 1970's decor items.
  32. It's a letter opener from the Masons, in this case from the Hartford Lodge
  33. It looks like it hinges open. Can you post more photos?
  34. Thanks for the comments and all the loves.
  35. You got it, Manoil made up into the 50's. I think the small game type marble will fit in it.
  36. Love the 1/43 detailed models.
  37. Great job!
  38. I have 1906, 1914 & 1937 RR supply books and the only thing I found in there with this shape is a Poll Pick. It is not fluted like yours but same shape. The odd thing is the round handle hole yours ...
  39. Nail puller
  40. Good idea. It would not be that hard to add a duplicate fin on the inside of those to give it some width. Another option would be to build the fin out of would and cover with fiberglass. You can buy...
  41. That's one of my favorite Matchbox cars.
  42. I have one of those signs similar to that. I don't think this box was ever made for outdoor use. It appears to be 3/4 in plywood and poorly assembled. I'm not saying it is not an original piece, j...
  43. Cool Custom! It's actually an AMF pedal car and someone did great job customizing it. All the chrome and fins were added.
  44. This small version did not have the driver. They are not rare and usually under $50.00 A keeper for sure!
  45. Nice one Mike. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say AMF, lol
  46. Looks like the Structo.
  47. As the other car one linked to is a 1903, I would say this is the same year. I will agree that based on the construction this is a 1950's car. As mentioned 1953 could be it as that was Ford's 50t...
  48. I'm going to have to say mid 50's. That magnifying glass was great to fry ants with on sunny day,lol
  49. Oldsmobubbles ??
  50. Awesome photo. I have the model kit of the Beverly Hillbillies Olds truck,lol Blunderbuss2, I don't think the Rocket name came until 1949-50 for the new V-8 engine.
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