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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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Milk Glass Safe Bank - Toysin Toys
Benjamin Franklin thrift Bank - Toysin Toys
Ertl John Deere A  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Arcade John Deere Toy Tractor - Model Carsin Model Cars
Arcade Allis Chalmers Toy Tractor - Model Carsin Model Cars
Arcade Fordson - Model Carsin Model Cars
Hires Root Beer Stopper - Advertisingin Advertising
Buddy L Pickup - Model Carsin Model Cars
Marx Fix-All Tractor - Model Carsin Model Cars
Farmall M Tractor from the Tractor collection - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Awesome! I have not seen that one before.
  2. Thanks, I will be posting more. We have several old banks of all shapes and sizes.
  3. So far the only listing I have is from Butler Brothers catalog dated 1895. These type of listing seldom give manufacture names. it states "Assorted Animal Group each on 4-wheeled raised platform. ...
  4. Ok, Is this about 7 inches long? Is there any indication that a dong was mounted under it?
  5. Thank you for all the loves.
  6. Thank you gargoylecollector and antiquerose for nice comments. Thanks for all the loves.
  7. Looks like Handy Hank. Tin Dozer from Japan
  8. Very nice! That's before my time,lol I'll check some of my resources on it.
  9. Ok, lets not get carried away here,lol
  10. That's a nice one! It looks too cold to be pouring concrete, even with calcium in it.
  11. Thanks Thomas. I am all too familiar with "excellent condition" from ebay sellers,lol It is all about condition, condition, condition when pricing most collectibles. Stay warm.
  12. It looks to me the tubes are all the same diameter. The adjustment up or down creates a variable size gap at the bottom.
  13. This is one odd puppy. (figure of speech) I can't see the need of six tubes to sort coins/tokens all smaller than a quarter. Also, wouldn't they still be falling in the same pile?
  14. Thanks for reply. I have very few bus stories. I don't get much off ebay anymore and haven't sold on there in a few years. I do use the completed listing a lot checking on prices. there is way more ...
  15. WOW! I missed this one. There is a lot of cool stuff to look at there. I would love to see more of the yellow car and the Radio Bank.
  16. Thanks for the reply Thomas. I'm not trying to work you here, but I was hoping to learn the difference between your great record and say the one posted above or this one:
  17. Clamping down on sales ??? lol I love the old dealer awards and the odd things companies used to give away.
  18. I'm not into records but have bought a few for the covers and see hundreds of them at the antique mall I'm in. My question on this one is, how does it differ from like the one here? http://www.ebay...
  19. I like that. I have never seen one before.
  20. That is too cool! I'm guessing the diecast companies never saw this. I have a few HD with sidecars so this could be my next custom model project. Here is another photo and great HD Coke story. ...
  21. Stop by anytime. I recommend using the "collection" feature with the variety of stuff you have, kind of like I did. Thanks for the comments and loves
  22. These were first in a Hubley catalog in 1940. They were made for several years but I'm not sure how many. The one's with orange tips did not come from the factory that way. They were added by sellers...
  23. That is cool Trey. I have an oil treatment can like that.
  24. I agree with blunderbuss2 on this one, a souvenir. The wheels look like diecast. Will a magnet stick to the wheels?
  25. First of all, that is an awesome photo. I'm not sure on this one. It looks to be a Tri-ang but I could not find it listed anywhere. Being of a mid 1930's car, I would say it probably came from that...
  26. So Cool! I love the old plastic toys.
  27. "I'm not sure what else I can say really" You could start with the dimensions and any markings it may have. Post some better photos and I'm sure I can tell you what it is.
  28. Thanks Edisonfan, I will get some more posted.
  29. It looks like they may still be available. The company was founded in 1932.
  30. The link Jlhockey97 posted has the same logo as your knife as well as having the same type components.
  31. Lucky you!
  32. Thanks Nicefice.
  33. Ok, that was a fun trip ..... why don't I have that Oliver 60,lol
  34. I'm not sure that Ford trophy fits in that museum, lol
  35. Thanks for all the loves!
  36. I think that if they took the effort to put Eight Lever on it, they would have put their name on it. It looks to me like this has an artificial aging to it, as in a more recent lock.
  37. Thanks for the comment fortapache. Thanks for all the loves.
  38. NICE! My farm toy collection is on the home page. Thanks for the comments and all the loves.
  39. I love the bike and that you kept it that long. "hope to here from your likes and dislike" Here are some photo tips.
  40. I missed this one. Nice
  41. Trey, I know you like automobilia so you have to have these,lol I posted my Texaco set with my sign. Should have posted them separate. I have more I'll get posted.
  42. There you go .. They all have a drawer front on one side.
  43. I'm late for this party. From what can be seen in the photo, I'm going with Tallcakes. If it were a printers drawer one long edge would be a drawer front. Those large spaces would be great for your ...
  44. I'm only guessing but being cast iron I would say 30's. I think later ones were aluminum. Thanks for stopping by and all the loves.
  45. Very Nice!
  46. Nice truck, I have some blackener that you brush on metal and it will age it just minutes. I just used it to match new head lights to grill on a Buddy L.
  47. Great looking fan, Love the chrome. You do need to use caution running these with children around.
  48. Thanks for the comment thegatherer. Thanks for all the loves.
  49. Thanks jscotto363 and Nicefice. Thanks for all the loves.
  50. Awesome scooter. I do not know who made this. We had the same one on here a few years ago and a Joemustang65 seemed to know about it. He left an email you may try.
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