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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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Willard Battery Cable Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Texaco Fire Chief Hat - Petrolianain Petroliana
Pleasure Trip Plane  - Toysin Toys
Loop Plane Wind Up - Toysin Toys
Barber Figure for Used Razor Blade Storage - Accessoriesin Accessories
1950's Camera Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
1950's Chrome Automobile Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Telephone Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Advertising Note Spike - Officein Office
Note / Receipt Spike - Officein Office


  1. They look like hog ring pliers.
  2. Another one solved! That is awesome. I was studying it before reading the post and thought this was going to be a tough one,lol As Brass Knuckles I think the user would get hurt as much as the...
  3. Alan, I made that point to help you correctly date the photo. The pedal car is 1920 or newer. The car was made by Toledo Metal Wheel Co. I don't have time to right now to search it but the real W...
  4. That is awesome to have that photo. I would like to point out that the pedal car is probably early 20's at the oldest.
  5. Does Pam have anything to do with like this racer? lol Great looking build. Cannon was making a model A3400 IS that has touch screen to focus. Aim the camera and touch the screen where you want...
  6. I love these. I have a couple of shoe boxes full somewhere. Of the ones you have here, I think the only one I have is the Z/28. Mine is the grill emblem, I took it off and painted the grill flat b...
  7. It's an AMF and probably had the Sky Lark paint job. You can try washing it with Super Clean that may remove most of the white paint and see the original paint.
  8. Thanks Weidpucket, Interesting thought. A lot of this stuff was produced for export to the US. Thank You MacDaddy. I ran out of space about 30 years ago. That helps you narrow your collection do...
  9. Thanks for all the loves.
  10. Thanks Mac
  11. I need one of those in the model shop.
  12. Very Nice!
  13. Very nice! The new pink one is ok but doesn't come close to the blue original.
  14. The Pontiac with the 8 lug rims is my favorite.
  15. That is too cool! Can you post the size? Here is some info, check all the photos.
  16. You may want to look closer at this one. It has a few indications that is it the recent made plane, last 15 yrs. If that is the case, restoration would cost more than it's worth if you have to pa...
  17. Really cool bike. I have not seen Murray use that style of M on their hubcaps and didn't find this bike in any of the reference material I have. I were reasonable I would sure go for it.
  18. That may help. I did not think this was an american pedal car as I have never seen one like it. The Kowalit appears to have been a German bicycle tire company in the mid to late 1950's . The s...
  19. My first thought was Ti-Ang or Thistle but I didn't see that body shape listed. The decal on the back is similar to that. Based on the late 50's style fins look I would guess from that era. Ar...
  20. Good call Slackjack. There should be a rubber suction cup on the end.
  21. They don't have the leverage needed for ice tongs. The link posted does not show one set like this item. Now ... What happened to the comments that were on this item?
  22. Thanks for the comment fortapache. Thanks for all the loves!
  23. Thanks katherinescollections. I'll have to keep an open for these. The wings almost look like they are make of corn husks. I do have some Occupied Japan bugs with that type of spring on the for l...
  24. Vintagetin, We're not permitted to sell or offer to buy items posted here. Some of us do have our emails in our profile as contact info.
  25. Love to see that one done. Here is one close.
  26. I like it. I have not seen these before. How big is it?
  27. There are a lot of to pick around here. I stay on the west side for the most part.
  28. Thanks Trey. Thanks for all the loves!
  29. That would have been awesome! We didn't even have the milk man out the sticks I grew up in.
  30. I agree the knobs have a purpose, just not for a clothes line. I did a little search on A. Lafore & Sons and found a they were an importer of Human hair and that John A Lafore had several patents,...
  31. Very Nice! Tis the season. I just read an article here on CW about these and found it very interesting.
  32. I don't think it's a laundry line. It would need to be up about five feet for that and there would be limited places to use that type of clamp. The knobs would have no purpose. Seeing no way to w...
  33. Best night light ever!
  34. Welcome to CW. I am also in the Phoenix area and a regular at the Brass Armadillo Goodyear antique mall. That is a great oil can.
  35. I would say letter opener, maybe from the Masons. Most of the ones I have seen are quiet sharp. I like the way the handle bracket was cut out of the blade and bent back, clever.
  36. This is going to be a tough one. You can post two more photos of other angle that may help. I would remove that wing nut and look inside, has to be a clue somewhere. I agree that the metal side...
  37. That would be "Elf on a Shelf" around here. The grand son had one show this last weekend and he sure is being a good boy,lol
  38. Thanks Jewels
  39. Thanks for the nice comments and loves.
  40. Welcome Danny Nice scooter. If you have any hope in getting info on this better photos may be needed. Try resting the camera on a chair back or anything stationary.
  41. Be careful, they are addictive,lol After forty plus years of collecting these I have a few thousand too many.
  42. My reference shows the maker as Unknown for this car and it is a 1956. You have to love these old 50's toys. The Alps would be about 11 in long.
  43. These are commonly called Irish Mail but also called Doodlebug and Hand Cars in old catalogs. I scanned some of my old print and didn't see this one. I would guess 1930's to early 50.s based on the ...
  44. Thanks for the kind comments and all the loves.
  45. This would have been from around 1946 to 1953 so you are an older one,lol Or we could assume they were made for many years after that.
  46. Thanks Sean, I brought your plane back to the top. I also posted a similar one. Happy Thanksgiving!
  47. I'm bringing this back to the top. I have not found my box of old wheels yet but will someday.
  48. Search Joyce Cridland Co Dayton Oh History. They started making jacks in 1873. The company is now called Joyce-Dayton
  49. Welcome Anthony. Sorry for your loss. It looks like the side of the hammer may say BLUEGRASS and under that WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES As stated above it fits the Bluegrass line. Wet your finger an...
  50. Blunder, your bad,lol That may be Illinois Iron & Bolt Co. Love these old jacks.
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