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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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Arcade Fordson - Model Carsin Model Cars
Hires Root Beer Stopper - Advertisingin Advertising
Buddy L Pickup - Model Carsin Model Cars
Marx Fix-All Tractor - Model Carsin Model Cars
Farmall M Tractor from the Tractor collection - Model Carsin Model Cars
Garbage Truck Japan - Model Carsin Model Cars
Yellowstone Nat'l Park Souvenir Piano - Advertisingin Advertising
White Motor Co Glacier Park Bus - Model Carsin Model Cars
Antique Hair Nets #2 - Accessoriesin Accessories
Antique Hair Nets - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Thanks for the comment fortapache. Thanks for all the loves.
  2. NICE! My farm toy collection is on the home page. Thanks for the comments and all the loves.
  3. I love the bike and that you kept it that long. "hope to here from your likes and dislike" Here are some photo tips.
  4. I missed this one. Nice
  5. Trey, I know you like automobilia so you have to have these,lol I posted my Texaco set with my sign. Should have posted them separate. I have more I'll get posted.
  6. There you go .. They all have a drawer front on one side.
  7. I'm late for this party. From what can be seen in the photo, I'm going with Tallcakes. If it were a printers drawer one long edge would be a drawer front. Those large spaces would be great for your ...
  8. I'm only guessing but being cast iron I would say 30's. I think later ones were aluminum. Thanks for stopping by and all the loves.
  9. Very Nice!
  10. Nice truck, I have some blackener that you brush on metal and it will age it just minutes. I just used it to match new head lights to grill on a Buddy L.
  11. Great looking fan, Love the chrome. You do need to use caution running these with children around.
  12. Thanks for the comment thegatherer. Thanks for all the loves.
  13. Thanks jscotto363 and Nicefice. Thanks for all the loves.
  14. Awesome scooter. I do not know who made this. We had the same one on here a few years ago and a Joemustang65 seemed to know about it. He left an email you may try.
  15. OLD!! That's one of my newer ones,lol Thanks Nicefice
  16. Nice old brace. The bit is called a ships auger. They are available today for electrical and plumbing industry. If the end that fits in the brace is hex shaped it is s newer one.
  17. Thanks Otaco4you Sometimes you just get lucky.
  18. Dust in Az? Nooooo.. We are on the west side and don't get the dust storms coming up the I-10. Do you ever hit the Brass Armadillo in Goodyear for post cards?
  19. Just bringing this up again.
  20. I have a modern one of these of sort. It is two rows of square holes that start with one at about 1/4 and each hole gets smaller. You pound or pull through the piece of wood or soft metal starting at ...
  21. I could use one too. The dust is 9-10 inches or the sign is?
  22. Very nice display! You don't have to be crazy to collect old stuff, but it does help,lol
  23. You do have some great old tools. Does this one have different size holes, starting with the largest and finishing with the smallest hole to get the needed size?
  24. Thanks for the comment Nicefice. I love my farm toys,lol
  25. Finding the manual like that is pure luck, love it when things go that smooth!
  26. Thanks for the nice comment Nicefice. Thanks for all the loves.
  27. Thanks for all the loves!
  28. Very nice bus. This one was made under the trade mark "Modern Toys" by Masudaya Toys in Tokyo. Saying Perth to Brisbane, I would guess it was made for the Australian market.
  29. Great models and even better memories.
  30. Midgetoy was a competitor of Tootsietoy for many years in the 50-60's. The Midgetoy line are more generic vehicles and not as collectible as the Tootsies. Still good fun toys to collect, I have seve...
  31. That was a great buy!!
  32. Thanks for posting that. I have never seen a real Thunder Rod. I have only seen the catalog listing and have never seen even an ad for the shifter in your style pedal car. I think that is the exact ...
  33. It's a Murray for sure. They did make this same body in the later years with headlights up & down, and it did have the shifter. Maybe this is a transition car?? It was called Thunder Rod.
  34. Thanks kyratango, That is real close, same style. Mine may be a knock off of that watch. I don't think mine is a $3255.00 USD watch.
  35. Man, I want to go picking with you. We don't even have barns here.
  36. That is too cool!
  37. lol, I have Arcade toys that say "Arcade Balloon" on the tires and they are solid, go figure.
  38. It looks like one of the cars from a wind up play set. I know Chein made a Disney Roller Coaster that had cars shaped like that. Marx had some similar type sets as well.
  39. Nice old cabinet and great display. All you need now is an old Curtis Candy toy truck,lol
  40. I would agree with DobbinDee70. It it the right size and the same wheel, they called them artillery style. I know BMC used tires marked Firestone but have never seen one with pneumatic tires. The...
  41. Thanks for trying Efesgirl. I didn't even find any of the photos. Thanks for all the loves.
  42. These were all made by the Ertl Co, Dyersville Ia. The JD and IH 3588 were from mid to late 70's. The Ford is a TW 10 and the IH 5288 are from early to mid 80's.
  43. Not sure about being a reproduction, but a recent made item for sure. Great decor items.
  44. You are correct, this is the Murray flat face car. I have not seen one on this model but the slot looks like it was for a shifter. Could have been added?? This model was made from around 1959 into...
  45. Mani, thanks for posting this beautiful dresser. We have a full walnut bedroom set with those joints and never knew the story of them. Although our set was not a family heirloom, Knapp is a famil...
  46. Thank for the nice comments. I'm slowly running out anything to keep looking good,lol These are made of real human hair so that is a thought. I like the idea of framing them. Thanks for all ...
  47. They are, love seeing that old style art work. Thanks for the comment. Thanks for all the loves.
  48. Thanks for the nice comments and all the loves.
  49. Nice! Looks like you have it heating up. You will want to find a door,lol We had one of these and used it most of the winter. Try here.
  50. Great find, that's a good one. It is a 1957 Ford F-100, the only year of that style with single head lights. I could not find this listed. Is it marked Marusan?
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