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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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  1. Nice old four legged deer from around 1956 to 1967.
  2. This looks like an ammo cart for a cannon. With those tires I would say it was pulled by a Jeep type vehicle. It is a Childs & Smith Atherstone for sure. Nice. I don't use this word often but...
  3. Welcome to CW. Nice tractor. I have collected farm toys for 45+ years and have not seen this one. First, it is not an articulated tractor. As for what went with it, Any farm implement like a plo...
  4. Happy Easter! Here is a link for some info on Vernon.
  5. That page is not clear. The one in the photo is the discontinued one, half loop handle. The one like yours is still being made to this day. Here is HLC web site. Good for history and colors ava...
  6. I had a little time to compare colors. Again, it is hard to compare colors on the internet because the photos were taken with different light types. I did find this tea pot of an early one that l...
  7. These can be very dangerous. Here is a good web page to read up on. I have a few, for decoration only.
  8. Could you post better photos?
  9. The plate is not Fiesta ware. The tea pot and sauceboat is Fiesta and looks like Flamingo, a current color. But colors are hard to tell on a computer. Old fiesta is quite collectible. The HLC...
  10. Well, if the table is 2 in tall that would make it about 1/16 scale. That would be great for the farm toy dioramas. Thanks
  11. Thanks nutsabotas6, I hope to get more posted soon.
  12. Thanks for the loves.
  13. Thanks for the loves.
  14. I'm sure it is just a decorative item and agree that is not that old. More info may help you get answers. What size is it, what is it made of?
  15. It does look like the Mustang emblem. It would be an after market one as the original Ford would have their logo and part numbers on the back side. There is just something about these emblem you ...
  16. I need to get out more, I have never even heard of the Sylvanian Families. Based on 14 in high this could be about 1/18 scale. Could you post the exact height of the kitchen table? A quick s...
  17. Wow! That is a strange one. It looks to be brass with a copper lining and steel wheels. Does a magnet stick to the box? Are you sure the wheels are fixed to the box or maybe they once turned and n...
  18. What? I never got one of those ......
  19. 60, grade of steel may be it. Maybe a sample? The history of BHP Broken Hill Proprietary’s rich history began in a silver, lead and zinc mine in Broken Hill, Australia. Incorporated in 1885,...
  20. Nice, I would call them Dove book ends. The results are the same when they fly over your clean car, but Dove just sound more pleasant than Pigeon, lol
  21. Awesome! That is in good shape. I had a blue one several years ago. A few months ago I sold my green one that had never been ridden. Taken out of the box and sat in my toy room for years. We h...
  22. It looks like it's just the inside part of a lantern. I don't get the "Clock" part. You know by opening it you ruined the guarantee, lol
  23. It is, I have a few different ones. I'll post them as time allows.
  24. I don't know if this was a receipt spike missing the spike but thought I would bring it back up since we had a few posted.
  25. I have that same item only black. Nice.
  26. Fun toy but I think you have your tractors mixed up. The one in the photo is a Ford NAA and was made by Ertl in the late 1980's.
  27. And Likes!
  28. Thanks for all the Loves!
  29. Send me an email,
  30. I should add more info. Cottonwood made the IH tanker painted Standard, Hap's Oil. I would guess someone made the next two to match the Hap's Cottonwood IH. The IH semi tanker is a Cottonwood truck...
  31. Very Nice!
  32. Cox made a lot of these planes in the 70's. A good one should be worth about $30.00. Search Cox Bi-Wing, should find plenty of info.
  33. Awesome, Love that Plasticville catalogs
  34. Thanks Aimathena, Most of these you see now have been painted. Thanks for all the loves.
  35. Love the rivets down the seam.
  36. Thanks mlaaustin, that helped. Thanks for all the loves.
  37. Thanks for the Loves.
  38. More photos would be great. From what is shown it looks like a rather crude homemade item. The inconsistency on the bottom side of the holes looks splinted from running the drill bit through.
  39. What are the labels on the inside seat area? Looks like one on the left side and one on the seat back.
  40. Very nice oak cabinet. The clues are going to be in the pull down bin. Some close up photos of it would help. The record storage would be possible if it is sized so that it would close. I think ...
  41. Well, It looks like it's a Corn Husker. Must not have been very practical as is seems they were all thrown away except this one.
  42. Looks like a marble shooter, Wheels may have been repainted. Nice
  43. Thanks, That helped my search. Still have not found one just like mine.
  44. Nice truck. It is not rare by any means but it was a one year only in all red. That year was 1967. The 65 -66 years had a white top.
  45. Ok, I'm confused. How did you find out on here? There are no comments stating what it is. That said, Thanks! I posted a similar lamp with the same scene a few days ago and didn't get that info.
  46. Thanks Phil. It would be the older side of that based on the socket. I upgraded it several years ago along with new cord.
  47. That is a Marx. There has been a few on here in the past. The wing span should be about 23 in if I remember correctly. Nice!
  48. That was a long shot having no photo. There are about 30 different dental pliers still being used today. Most of the vintage ones look like hog ring pliers. The newer ones are great in the work shop ...
  49. To me it looks like an expansion type tool. The screw would be to set the amount of expansion the same each time. What it is made to stretch, I do not know. One guess would be the end of hose. ...
  50. These are so cool. I have one for a bridge in Beaver PA. Here is some great info on the company and JW Towle.
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