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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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  1. This is a Steelcraft mid to late 1930's. It has been repainted. Still great to be in that good of condition and all the parts still there. It's actually a Fire Chief car. Love it!
  2. The spoke wheels are older than this one. I do not have any links but the info should be online somewhere. I have the book of Dayton Toy Makers.
  3. I would guess it was for dental work. The vacuum pump is used to degas mold making rubbers for dentures.
  4. I do believe this is the real thing. It is a Schieble Toy and Novelty Co called a Hill Climber. It would 1923 or later having the rubber tires and disc wheels. It is missing the front bumper and ha...
  5. Aghcollect, thanks for that link. I copied the post from that link as everyone on there has only posted that one item over a year ago. "murffdog, 1 year ago This is part of a 1920s Indian Motorc...
  6. fhrjr2, check the last photo. I looks like it does have a cold water tank in the top or vertical in the center. I have seen hundreds of these and have never seen one with the water tank. I'm going ...
  7. Very nice! I too love the wreckers and have a bunch of them. I have a few of the Cracker Jack toys but not sure about this one.
  8. Nice! Let me guess ... He's a Chevy man.
  9. I'm not a HW expert but have been around a few. That one would be from the more recent Vintage Collection. The original 69 cars would have black interior, Maltese cross on the side of helmet and ...
  10. That's pretty cool. The complete lamp is for sale on Ruby Lane for $250.00
  11. I think Kero-Sun first appeared in the mid 70's.
  12. I do not have any issues with this type of stuff as long as the vendor is selling them as decor items. I can get riled up when I see them being sold as antique. I do not care for the names on so...
  13. This does not look like an Asian cart made to look old, not from what I can see. The hardware would tell the story. It does look like a Paalmen ??? or close to that from the 30/40's. I would j...
  14. These show up at the antique mall, a dealer there sells all sort of replica antique looking stuff, including these. Many of the items have Remington, Well Fargo and other old names. I checked today a...
  15. Hard to say without seeing the front, that's always the most important angle when trying to figure out the make. That said it looks like a Bandai 1960's Sunbeam Coupe, about 5in long. Nice find!
  16. It looks like a recent made decor item.
  17. I looks like a tenon was cut out of the center of the opening. Maybe leveling jacks for some kind of table/cart?
  18. Of all the one I have seen, including the Standard Oil of California that I have are galvanized and not painted. That said I do li...
  19. Are there any markings on the bottom? They are a little out of proportion.
  20. Boy, not anymore, I've been out of Ohio for about eight years now. I'll ask a few friends I stay in contact with.
  21. It doesn't look like a real old one. They were sold in the 70-80's for decorations to hang next to the fireplace. You can pop popcorn in the fireplace with it.
  22. Here's one with original paint. Definitely worth having it professionally restored.
  23. Nice! I like the 4 legged Deere signs
  24. Looks like a late 20's Cadillac. Here is a link to my Pinterest page of Pedals.
  25. Very Nice!
  26. That is too cool. The tractor looks like an Arcade Fordson, made in 1920's & 30's. More photos would help.
  27. Need more photos but what is seen here indicates it's JD D made by Ertl in the early 1990's. The fenders and hitch have been removed.
  28. That sure is a different one. I don't remember ever seeing one like that.
  29. Hubley did make some with two screws as well as a rather rare one that is facing to the left.
  30. Thanks Virginia. I am actually a higher end collector of older toys and diecast but there is something about a simple plastic toy you just have to love. I have several hundred pieces, mostly vehicles...
  31. All of the originals had screws holding them together, some had one screw and some had two screws. These have been reproduced since the 50's so one may have had one for years. Detailed photos would...
  32. Nice! I wouldn't say that I have collected these but when I get them I have a hard time letting go of them,lol
  33. Welcome to CW. I also agree with the others.
  34. Thanks fortapache
  35. I'm going with a reproduction. The casting is rough and is hand painted with modern paint. Still a fun piece.
  36. From that photo I would have to agree with Mani.
  37. Nice! I think I would restore it, but that just me. Here is a link to one as well as parts for sale.
  38. That does look like an early one. Just for the record, Coleman was still selling the gas irons in 1981, not sure about all the colors.
  39. That is so cool! The car is 1917 - 1925 if that helps.
  40. Thanks Rose and Trey
  41. Cool looking lock. It has the look of a great old lock although the back side of the rivets look suspicious. I airplane cut out is awesome.
  42. Thanks, Yes the vent is in the top back.
  43. Nice old four legged deer from around 1956 to 1967.
  44. This looks like an ammo cart for a cannon. With those tires I would say it was pulled by a Jeep type vehicle. It is a Childs & Smith Atherstone for sure. Nice. I don't use this word often but...
  45. Welcome to CW. Nice tractor. I have collected farm toys for 45+ years and have not seen this one. First, it is not an articulated tractor. As for what went with it, Any farm implement like a plo...
  46. These can be very dangerous. Here is a good web page to read up on. I have a few, for decoration only.
  47. Could you post better photos?
  48. Well, if the table is 2 in tall that would make it about 1/16 scale. That would be great for the farm toy dioramas. Thanks
  49. Thanks nutsabotas6, I hope to get more posted soon.
  50. Thanks for the loves.
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