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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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John Deere Nascar Pedal - Toysin Toys
John Deere Pedal Car - Toysin Toys
Massey Harris 44 Pedal Tractor - Toysin Toys
Murray Boat Pedal Car - Toysin Toys
Scooting Star Scooter - Toysin Toys
Crawler Tractor  - Model Carsin Model Cars
Scott Bilt-E-Z building set - Toysin Toys
Campbell's Vegetable Garden Bank - Advertisingin Advertising
Mother's Helper Set - Toysin Toys
Lincoln Logs Farm Set - Toysin Toys


  1. I think we had one of these when I was a kid. I thought it was missing the long handle and was used for picking fruit or nuts. I guess I was kind of right.
  2. Sorry, I'm slow at typing,lol
  3. Good call blunderbuss2, They are also missing the wedges that hold the guide from moving once set. I would say these are real early onse as the later ones have a thumb screw to lock the guide.
  4. These are good cutters. I have that exact one in my tool box that I bought new around 1970.
  5. Very Nice! Having been in the electrical trade for years, I looked for one of these but never found one affordable.
  6. Not for those. There are a lot of parts available for the american made pedal cars. It looks like the wheels and grill would be the main items.
  7. I think this is it's a 1960's Giordani pedal car.
  8. Late 30's - early 40's Chrysler Air Flow pedal car made by Steelcraft. That's a good one.
  9. I never got into the trains but I think this is a Hornby by Meccano Ld. A google search should bring up a lot of info.
  10. I would guess it's used with a smoking pipe. Tamper and cleaning tools.
  11. Thanks for the info. I will be at the antique mall today so I can take a second look.
  12. Thanks for posting this. I just saw some of the for the first time last week. They had Asian marks on the back and a few had the same pattern as yours. They measured about 5 inches across. I di...
  13. Can you post more photos? The "55 Chevy" chrome trim is not original. Someone added that. It looks to be a Tri-Ang early 60's car.
  14. I have a fondness for keys as well. Never really collected them to the point of a lot of research or making displays for them. I just keep filling boxes with them,lol
  15. How cool is that. Nice trucks. It may be the angle of the photo but the grills look different on the two with the same cab. What size are these?
  16. Nice! What size is this one?
  17. Cool truck. Do the cases say Coca-Cola? I have not seen one of these. Lucky toys were made in Hong Kong. If it does not say Made in Hong Kong, it's probably mid to late 60's when they were copyi...
  18. You are welcome, Mystery solved
  19. I like that bellhop boy key, haven't one of those before. The opening in the skeleton key on the right is different also.
  20. I wish I had time to learn more about lures. There are so many fascinating designs and colors.
  21. Looks relatively new to me. What is the Pat info below the logo?
  22. I have adds for the Colorama set by Heller from 1952 to 1960.
  23. Very nice. My wife collects egg beaters also, just the crank type, no electric ones.
  24. That's Trevor from the Thomas the Tank series. Made by Ertl in early 2000
  25. Very Nice!
  26. Good for you, I did the same thing, 30+ years ago. I have gotten rid of most of my tobacomania items.
  27. Nice! The blue one in the last photo is the one I have. I had a real 1956 Beetle and a 1973 back in the days.
  28. I have only had a few Nazi items, so I'm no expert, but they look new to me. "The only other thing is if they were fake, then would you not think there would be more of them out there" This coul...
  29. AMT Ertl made a fiber optic light kit you use in this to light all the windows.
  30. I don't think these are punching holes, as in tickets. It looks like they are for pressing on and marking lead type tags, in this case, with a "W 14"
  31. Very nice. I like the blue steam shovel the best.
  32. If you plan on building it, Open it and have fun. They are plentiful and the molds are still available for future re-issues.
  33. I once had several of these back in the day. Before the internet they were kind of hard to find. My favorite were the early 30's with the 32-34 x ? tires on them. I'm guessing this one would be...
  34. Looks like a machinist vise that would see on a milling machine or drill press.
  35. It is actually a Steelcraft Eagle Roadster. If the Murray hub caps are original, then it was made after WWII as a Murray. The JD on the left is an Ertl 4400 series, should have the number 520 mol...
  36. Nice look. I'm going with a manly change tray, looks like a gear to me.
  37. Nice. I've never even seen a single chair with that type of steel mesh seat and back.
  38. That has to be the coolest adjustable wrench ever! Are those numbers stamped on the side of the jaw in the first photo?
  39. Very Nice! "Someone has corrected the front latch configuration." I like the way it was before. This way, when you close the lid the latch is going to hit the top of the front wall and not close.
  40. That is too cool!
  41. Britains LTD is the name of the company. They have been making toy figures for ever and last I knew still are, although a US company now. It was made for the Coronation. Great model but rather...
  42. Thanks Rareclassyunique75, Thanks for the loves.
  43. Thanks for the comment rose.
  44. Thanks for the comments and all the loves.
  45. Thanks for the nice comments and all the loves.
  46. Very Nice!
  47. Thanks for the comments and all the loves.
  48. This may be of some help.
  49. Thanks for the nice comments and all the loves. racer4four, come on over .... we'll get the good old ones out,lol
  50. Thanks for the nice comments. Nevada, that is our Grandson, back in 2001. I think you could do better in this car than Chad Little did in the real car,lol Thanks for all the loves.
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