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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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  1. My reference shows the maker as Unknown for this car and it is a 1956. You have to love these old 50's toys. The Alps would be about 11 in long.
  2. These are commonly called Irish Mail but also called Doodlebug and Hand Cars in old catalogs. I scanned some of my old print and didn't see this one. I would guess 1930's to early 50.s based on the ...
  3. Thanks for the kind comments and all the loves.
  4. This would have been from around 1946 to 1953 so you are an older one,lol Or we could assume they were made for many years after that.
  5. Thanks Sean, I brought your plane back to the top. I also posted a similar one. Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. I'm bringing this back to the top. I have not found my box of old wheels yet but will someday.
  7. Search Joyce Cridland Co Dayton Oh History. They started making jacks in 1873. The company is now called Joyce-Dayton
  8. Welcome Anthony. Sorry for your loss. It looks like the side of the hammer may say BLUEGRASS and under that WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES As stated above it fits the Bluegrass line. Wet your finger an...
  9. Blunder, your bad,lol That may be Illinois Iron & Bolt Co. Love these old jacks.
  10. What does it say around the base? Maybe Joyce Cridland?
  11. That is a cool one. good for getting under something low. Can you make out what it says around the base?
  12. Hard to tell with one photo, but looks much newer then Ford A or T jack. This type of ratchet screw jack was common up into the early 60's as a general purpose jack. See if you can find any numb...
  13. It's called a screw jack. The 1 1/2 is the diameter of thread and the 8 is the height. It would be rated at about 15 ton
  14. Thanks Jewels Thanks for the new loves!
  15. There ya go! It was made by Hayashi Manufacturing.
  16. Hard telling, that is just the license plate they decided on. Post a close up of the mark and I'll see if I can help.
  17. Very Nice!
  18. Nice! The makers mark is at the rear of the tank on the left side.
  19. Occupied Japan would be late 1945 to around 1953. I have the colored version of this baby.
  20. Great Promo ad. I'll take one of each, no warped ones please, lol
  21. Are the rods long enough to go through the holes? I'm going to guess some type of weaving frame for making something like chair cane.
  22. It appears to be a Signature Models in 1/32 scale made recently.
  23. 1971 -73 gas cap
  24. It's a Marx tractor driver. With the tab also out the back it would be for the crawler type.
  25. I'm originally from Ohio and back in the 70's .. Nooo 1970's., when I was picking yard sales for this is stuff it was called tiger oak. We also called soda .. Pop,lol
  26. I really like the transom windows and stone, Very nice!
  27. Walksoftly has it, quartersawn oak. Here they call that type of grain Tigar oak. Great table, I love that oak. I'm sure this is plenty strong enough to put a lamp on it.
  28. Thanks. Some of the Joustra toy show up here.
  29. We don't see these here in the states. That would be a early 50's Buick. How long is it? Love the suit cases.
  30. As stated above this is from a newer release and is not rare at all. You can find them on ebay NIP for under $5.00.
  31. Sorry, don't know this one. I have good reference on tin toy companies but not this mark. I did see this mark on a similar duck but the auction did not know either. I'm going to guess it was a s...
  32. That looks like a fast kid.
  33. Thanks Trey. Thanks for all the loves.
  34. Thanks for the loves and comments.
  35. You are welcome. I think the red is more common.
  36. Westinghouse was my first thought as well, maybe from a golf cart? The spinners & baby moon look like after market items.
  37. Very nice! Its late 30's Bell Gong Mfg Co.
  38. So you never got the ice cream? Great pictures.
  39. Nice, kind of hard to find. 1951 Packard made by Nomura. Should be marked TN
  40. Thanks for the comment blunderbuss. Thanks for all the love.
  41. There was an old gas engine called a "Gem". This may be related to that as some of the old equipment came with tools and such.
  42. fifties50s is correct. Gearbox is a name used on these recent retro pedal cars. Instep is another name used.
  43. Now that is cool.
  44. There are some Tri-Ang here but not a lot. I have a large train engine.
  45. I would have grabbed it up. I have a small collection of buses, maybe 50, but no tin ones this large.
  46. I think view finder would have been a better term.
  47. Spotting lens, like on the modern telescopes.
  48. Thanks RobH. I admit it was just an educated guess. I had a tool with that type of slide hammer and the word Alaska on it led me to the ice chipper. Does anyone else wonder why someone makes the...
  49. A little worn but you don't see these large one very often, good find.
  50. Very Nice! I have a good collection of the large pressed steel trucks but never ended up with one of these.
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