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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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Fraiser Tin Wind-Up Car - Toysin Toys
Kaiser Wind-up Car - Model Carsin Model Cars
Baby Pontiac Occupied Japan - Toysin Toys
Radio Flyer Wagon 1933 - Toysin Toys
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  1. I want to see them as well.
  2. Well, you couldn't pinch off a volcano with these. The jaws do not move, only that little stub you see near the round opening near the pivot point. That stub should have ruler type marks on it. The a...
  3. Awesome photos ! Your photos even make the low end cars look like million bucks.
  4. Very Nice!
  5. I would guess this was used by someone on a job site. It was common to paint your tools like that for quick identification. You could try washing that off with Super Clean. If the original black...
  6. They for setting saw teeth.
  7. These un-restored cars were a hot item for a while. Motor City also made a Ford Model A truck and a Camper in the used look. Ertl made a few sets that came with both cars.
  8. I'm with jscott0363 on this one. My dad would have said that is the epitome of laziness. lol
  9. I like those. Maybe post a few more photos and dimensions.
  10. That looks like a recent decor item made of brass. Still a fun piece.
  11. This is the type tractor that goes with your implements. It all came in a box that made into the barn. I have the set here someplace if you want to see it.
  12. No tractor but, you do have the farmer,lol
  13. Thanks for posting this, yet another variation. I'm guessing a cottage industry type company may have made these. Another thought is the plated one may have been made by Wyandotte Toy as a company a...
  14. We called them brush axes. This one is not very old.
  15. This stuff is real popular on the antique/re-purpose market.
  16. That's pretty cool. I'm guessing a parade float???
  17. Very nice!
  18. Good call packrat
  19. I don't know what it is but I know I would have used it on that big azz spider.
  20. These are popular right as a holder for photos, part of the re-purpose movement.
  21. Cool, I have that same set.
  22. Real nice, looks like a bee hive.
  23. Welcome to CW. Very nice! You can add up to four photos for our viewing pleasure.
  24. Thanks for all the comments and loves. I did get the receiver cap in the mail and it fits perfectly. I would recommend the link I posted above for old phone parts. Now just need to get it hung...
  25. It's a Strombecker 1/24 Scale Slot Car, originally in kit form. Should be a place for a 9 volt battery.
  26. Some of my favorites as well. Awesome photos.
  27. You are correct on that. I research that years ago to help determine the age of items. I don't think any hex nuts were made this small in the 1800's, but I am not positive of that. Toys and many o...
  28. I was just going to say the logo in front of the number in the third photo is "I" over "H" over "C", International Harvester Corp. The mounted cultivators were real common in the 50's so that would...
  29. Very nice! I had not heard of this company either, they must not have made toys,lol
  30. Nice. I like the white wheels the best.
  31. Can't go wrong with black & chrome. Very nice.
  32. That is still strange to me. Does it look it was molded in two pieces and joined together? I can't see how even one side of that would have been removed from the mold without damaging it.
  33. Pops, Thanks for the nice comment. I packed my 1/18 cars up 10 years ago when we moved to AZ. I know where my 1920's hearse is so if I can find the skeleton I will post it.
  34. It has disc brakes on the back side of the wheel hubs,lol That is a great looking wagon with excellent detail. If this were a 1880's salesmen sample, would the nuts have been square rather than he...
  35. These are great models. Nice photos. I found a pewter skeleton that I displayed in the coffin of mine,lol Acme recently released a re-issue of the red and white ambulance from this series.
  36. Very nice, great find. I only remember the one with the flags. After looking it up, that was the 1958. I appears your grill is for 1962-64.
  37. I will see if I can find those old toys. I'm sure there in one of the junk boxes here someplace. About making tools, There is a local guy here that makes awesome looking knives out large old files. ...
  38. I almost did not respond because of the "Need a smart person" title. Then I though , well I know a guy that has a brother that knows a girl that is kind of smart.
  39. Another nice one Scott. I am a little puzzled by this one. Because of the relief in the shape of this, the only way I see this could have been cast is by the lost wax method. It looks more like a...
  40. I'm going to guess this is a home made tool made from an old file. It may have been made to replace the old car engine crankshaft seals so you didn't have to remove the crank. I have a hand full of ...
  41. Thanks for the nice comments and all the loves.
  42. They are not common but not rare either. Finding one not cracked up may be hard to do. I did a little research and these may have been made by the Perfect Rubber Co. Cars known to be made by them h...
  43. Thanks for the pat on the back, Scott. This is made of rubber, hardened and cracked after many years. It is unknown who made these but they also made a 34 Desoto airflow. They are not Auburn or Sun...
  44. Amazing the windshield is there.
  45. Nice, You can post Four photos of each item. I had the red one posted here some time ago and went to get the link and found it gone??? I will re-post it.
  46. Love the 1/43 toys.
  47. Welcome to CW. Good to have another toy hoarder on here. This looks like a 50's Studebaker, nice! It is helpful to list the scale or size of your items. thanks
  48. WOW! So this plane has like a 5 foot wingspan? Very impressive. Welcome to CW and thanks for posting this.
  49. Now that is different. I have no clue as what this is but I would be quite sure it is not a saw set. A saw set would have two supports and a center pin to bend the tooth. Having the post with...
  50. Incredible work of art.
  51. See more


Toy Aeroplane TIN TOY TRACTOR  W/PUP TRAILERS Auction win Two more auction wins Wind-Up Tin Race Car and 1927 Maine License Plate Pre-War Toys Clamps of some kind Buck Rogers XZ-31 Pistol who knows what this is


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