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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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Charles Lindbergh Pencil Box - Advertisingin Advertising
Over the Hill Racer - Toysin Toys
Spider Puzzle - Toysin Toys
Occupied Japan Tin Bus - Toysin Toys
Willard Battery Cable Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Texaco Fire Chief Hat - Petrolianain Petroliana
Pleasure Trip Plane  - Toysin Toys
Loop Plane Wind Up - Toysin Toys
Barber Figure for Used Razor Blade Storage - Accessoriesin Accessories
1950's Camera Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Welcome tractorbob. Post away! You were only one of many that had that story. It was quite sad as he made some nice stuff for the times. I have a few of his MM tractors as well.
  2. Awesome, Love the patina.
  3. Thanks Pops, Now I need three more,lol
  4. Welcome Matn011id, This is a great place to get help, if you have the time. Search here for Martha and George lamp, I posted one and I know there are others. I have seen many of these and they...
  5. Very Nice! You don't see these as often as the Linemar.
  6. Linemar is the line of toys Marx's had made in Japan. The coke truck is one of the better ones price wise but not not near what some of the guides have them at. I have a few of these with differe...
  7. Nice. I love that purple on the early HW's.
  8. It may be the angle of the photo but it looks like the bottom number is 322, not that it matters. It looks relatively recent, maybe 1970's from India. I'm going to guess it was a souvenir item fro...
  9. I have not seen this before but that looks rather new.
  10. Thanks, It's larger than I first thought. Never saw the movie, sorry
  11. That's pretty cool. What are the dimensions of it?
  12. Many of the high end buttons were from late 1800's. This event was in Avondale, just west of Phoenix at the Hilton. It was called the annual Arizona show and sponsored by a local button club. ...
  13. We went to our first Button show yesterday. What an experience! Having collected buttons, just to fill a 5 gal glass jar, for about 30 years we were blown away by how many we have never seen. T...
  14. Originally this would have been a toy as Spark was not a real stove company. This one appears to be a recent made one, having the outside age enhanced while the inside is still new. Grey Iron Cast...
  15. That's cool. Does it tell where they were made?
  16. Nice! Use caution when children are around. Those old wire guards have large holes.
  17. I have 1906 & 1914 RR supply catalogs that shows these as Railroad Hand Torches. They also had a lamp but not this shape. They are not in their 1937 catalog but they may have just quit selling th...
  18. I thought these were so cool I went searching and found a few. My email is in my profile if you want to contact me.
  19. I think aghcollect is on the right track. How thick are they? I was going to guess book markers.
  20. Trey, The best I could figure out was late 20,s - early 30's. Thanks for the new loves
  21. I downloaded a couple of the photos and lightened them. I would say it is all original and quite nice for that plane. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but it may be helpful for check out t...
  22. Oh my, That is too cool! I just did this with a tractor steering wheel.
  23. Love these old planes. I wish I had collected more back in the day.
  24. Very Nice!
  25. I have never heard of Sudway Topliff. It looks to be an American National. It probably would have had solid disc wheels having the full body. That said it looks like the entire chassis is a ne...
  26. Welcome to CW. I do not know what this chair is. I can tell you how I would look at it. If it belonged to my family there would be NO way I would re-purpose it. This chair is in too good of shape ...
  27. Is this marked Matchbox? I can't remember Matchbox having a molded in driver. Hard to tell from that photo but this looks more like a Dinky Toys.
  28. Wow! Those are awesome. They look big, can you post the size?
  29. Welcome! Very nice. The only flaw I see is, it's empty
  30. Thanks for the loves and comments. This won't be much of a competition, this is the only piece I have other than a 1980's diecast airplane.,lol.
  31. It's the correct colors. Would need better photos to answer your question.
  32. Great post, and old iRons. That said i'm about tired of the i-this ..i-that ... i-just about everything,lol
  33. Done that ..... done that too ......... I do have room for a few more shelves but I also have cartons of stuff that has not been unpacked since the 80's,lol
  34. It doesn't take long to get tired of watching do the same thing over and over,lol Thanks for all the loves!
  35. More room for toys! Ya gotta love it.
  36. It did not, at least I have not seen one that did. They didn't always get the details correct,lol On a lot of the toys from Japan the images on the box did not always match the car inside.
  37. It was made by Momoya Stoten of Japan. This trailer came in a set with the mobile truck you posted, two trailers and one cab. Not having the box I would do the same thing and find a cab.
  38. You are officially addicted,lol Nice
  39. Alan, Sorry about the delay, and yes I have had this one. The reason for the precise dimension is to tell the repos from the real. The copies will be a little smaller due to shrinkage. Here...
  40. Thanks Walks, My bucket list is quite long but I saved the photos. I would love to do in brass but styrene would be much quicker. Would that have been a flathead 6 cyl engine?
  41. Awesome! Welcome to CW It looks like the one from Shackelton Auction. I would say mid to late teens, I think the 1920 model had a rounded seat. Hard to tell from one photo if it has been repai...
  42. Wow! That looks like it would be a great model project.
  43. Maja6x, They don't like us talking about prices on here. You can email me, see my profile. Thanks for all the loves!
  44. Does it have cross hairs in it?
  45. Nice! I wish I had room to collect more banks.
  46. Very Nice! Great photos.
  47. Here is a link to a video of the race car running.
  48. Nice! Is this one of the small ones, about 3 in?
  49. I think blunder has it! A larger photo would help
  50. These figure type openers are fun to look for. Many are sold not realizing they are openers.
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