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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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Wyandotte Plastic Semi - Model Carsin Model Cars
John Deere Nascar Pedal - Toysin Toys
John Deere Pedal Car - Toysin Toys
Massey Harris 44 Pedal Tractor - Toysin Toys
Murray Boat Pedal Car - Toysin Toys
Scooting Star Scooter - Toysin Toys
Crawler Tractor  - Model Carsin Model Cars
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  1. The "Crank" type hitch makes it a 1968 - 70.
  2. I'm thinking around 1918 Cadillac.
  3. You were told correctly, No mystery here.
  4. Wow! I really love this one. I'm not sure why you would need two Laptop pockets ....... hmm, maybe those are magazine holders. I have seen a lot of desks but never on like this one. Even the cu...
  5. Nice! Welcome to CW
  6. Thank you gocgrace1 Welcome to CW!
  7. You don't see these often. Nice!
  8. That makes sense. The part that I thought was funny was the "your recent Show & Tell posting" Glad to see new categories being added. Thanks!
  9. I just got this email,5-17-16, LOL "We have recategorized your recent Show & Tell posting on Collectors Weekly"
  10. Thanks, I'll keep my eyes open for them.
  11. Very Nice!!
  12. I don't think I have ever seen those before. Are the marked and how tall are they?
  13. I'm with kerry on this one. The screw on the back should re-set it.
  14. Has a nice look to it. Does it say something in the groove?
  15. blunderbuss2, Oh Ya! We played with them, setting them and poking it with a stick ...... not the beaver, the trap.
  16. Welcome to CW. The bottom look odd, has to be unique to the maker.
  17. I know very little about pottery but it's kind of cool that it's your initials. A few more photos may help someone that does know pottery.
  18. I do not know anything about the manufacturer. I have not owned one of these so I never did a lot of research on it. I know graphics are available for them and that the cars come up on ebay once i...
  19. There was a lady at the antique mall complaining that they sold these type of traps. She said they were cruel to animals. Just say'n We had a bunch of those growing up, some that had the spring ...
  20. I was made in the late 50's - early 60's. For me it would be worth saving for nostalgia reasons.
  21. If it's any help, that is a Wyandotte toy airplane. I have no idea if Wyandotte made lamps out of these or if some handyman made it. I do like it!
  22. These are sold in a few stores in Phoenix as novelty items, not toys. I know at least one of the stores you have to be eighteen to by knives. There are also laws in some places that don't allow the...
  23. Thanks Caper, I never thought about a cab on one of these. That could be a custom project for the extra one I have.
  24. A piece that someone spent a lot of time making for sure. I would agree that it's signed SSA, in cursive. The date looks like 68. I did notice a clutch head screw in it just below the second S. ...
  25. Oh man! I don't have one done yet,lol I do have some of the old jealousy window glass, love the round edges
  26. Welcome! Nice scale. I wouldn't clean it up too much. Hard to determine the size, is it a 10 lb scale?
  27. Hard to say how old this one is, well used for sure. These were made at least up into the 1980's with very little change. Did you see what the one sold for on the link you provided?
  28. That's an old one for sure. Looks English made. It's hard to see in the photos if any of those markings include a manufactures logo. If you can send me close-up photos of it and of the bottom, ...
  29. Thanks for the nice comments and the loves.
  30. Thanks for the loves!
  31. Thanks, There was a red Farmall H or M, can't remember which, and a Ferguson that came in gray as well as a a red. Could be more. I did see a factory "Repair Kit" sell on ebay awhile back that had p...
  32. Glad I asked, they looked bigger than that. The tractor does exist, I'll have to check on a photo. The tractor is 1/16 scale, so it's about 7-8 inches long and is molded plastic much like your truck...
  33. Nice! You have been busy,lol
  34. Thanks, I'll keep an eye open for reference material on it.
  35. We are all here to learn. I have looked for years to find the Lego tractor with no luck. What is the size of these?
  36. Seems like you could ruin a shirt sleeve using that thing or worse, your skin.
  37. Nice! Can you add more photos? What size are these? They look like they are made of plastic. Lego also made a large farm tractor. Thanks for posting these.
  38. Love the old COE trucks. That is in pretty good condition. Can you add a photo of the front?
  39. Nice! What size it this one? I do not have reference on this car but the driver and light are the same as the ones on cars made by Ichiko. Having tin hubcaps, I would agree with the 50's. Love ...
  40. You need the two cars that go with these as well. You could have hours of fun playing cops and robbers.
  41. I never saw one either. I like that thing.
  42. Very nice! I really like the car hauler. I have the Cheerio pickup here someplace.
  43. I think we had one of these when I was a kid. I thought it was missing the long handle and was used for picking fruit or nuts. I guess I was kind of right.
  44. Sorry, I'm slow at typing,lol
  45. Good call blunderbuss2, They are also missing the wedges that hold the guide from moving once set. I would say these are real early onse as the later ones have a thumb screw to lock the guide.
  46. These are good cutters. I have that exact one in my tool box that I bought new around 1970.
  47. Not for those. There are a lot of parts available for the american made pedal cars. It looks like the wheels and grill would be the main items.
  48. I think this is it's a 1960's Giordani pedal car.
  49. Late 30's - early 40's Chrysler Air Flow pedal car made by Steelcraft. That's a good one.
  50. I never got into the trains but I think this is a Hornby by Meccano Ld. A google search should bring up a lot of info.
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Toy Aeroplane TIN TOY TRACTOR  W/PUP TRAILERS Auction win Two more auction wins Wind-Up Tin Race Car and 1927 Maine License Plate Pre-War Toys Clamps of some kind Buck Rogers XZ-31 Pistol who knows what this is Courtland Toy...Fire Chief Car...Made In Camden, New Jersey In The Thirties By Walter Rudolph Reach Simplex Portable Childs Typewriter No. 1


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