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I have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: ohtoycollectoI have been collecting toys for over 40 years. My collection ranges from farm toys to cars and trucks but includes just about any type vehicle. EMAIL: (Read more)


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Over the Hill Racer - Toysin Toys
Spider Puzzle - Toysin Toys
Occupied Japan Tin Bus - Toysin Toys
Willard Battery Cable Sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Texaco Fire Chief Hat - Petrolianain Petroliana
Pleasure Trip Plane  - Toysin Toys
Loop Plane Wind Up - Toysin Toys
Barber Figure for Used Razor Blade Storage - Accessoriesin Accessories
1950's Camera Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
1950's Chrome Automobile Lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Thanks DrFluffy. Thanks for all of the loves!
  2. Thanks Trey. That makes sense. Thanks for all the loves.
  3. I love seeing these as well, in a sad way. I have actually saved one that was this bad and another that was not far from it. The sad part, is not the house, but the story of how it got this way.
  4. Another nice one! I have a thing for buses.
  5. If it's rusted it is not brass. I'm sure it is pressed steel. You will like this, it does have the keys.
  6. How long is it?
  7. These are cool bikes. I may have this one packed away somewhere, I was a retailer for Xonex for many years. Their detailed diecast Harleys are awesome. These don't show up a lot anymore but even ...
  8. It would have been a round head rivet. The hard part is they had a double pinch on the end that is impossible to duplicate with out a punch press. A rivet and push on tin nut would be nicer than the...
  9. That is in good shape for the bike. The screw in the front wheel is not original.
  10. I think they call these "T" Back chairs as far as style. I do not see any indication of any chopping done. The seat would have been cane. You can buy replacement kits that are pretty easy to use....
  11. You can't beat that. I think the decals are available for the model kit, should be able to adapt them onto this truck.
  12. To answer your question, yes, if was only a few dollars. This truck new in the box should bring over $100.00.
  13. Nice! It's a shame someone painted it. It is rather unusual to have that large of header on the front edge. Definitely worth having this one professionally restored.
  14. Ok, Now you're just showing off,lol Love that one!
  15. Nice! You must have a great picking place there.
  16. Very Nice!
  17. Very Nice! Here is one that I had posted with a 1919 ad for that doll.
  18. Could be the bracket that bolted to the flag pole to tie off the ropes. One bolt would go through the hole and the spiked would keep it from turning.
  19. That looks awesome, love the small size. Based on the wood and steel bands it looks quite early 1900's. It appears the handle was added at a much later date. I say that because it was obviously pa...
  20. You are welcome. It would cost way more to fix than it would be worth. You do need to add in the sentimental value, that would be up to you. It would be worth getting it in a safer place it the t...
  21. It's a Murray 1967 -1974 commonly called the "Toothgrill"
  22. Very nice! I love the chrome trim and wide whitewalls.
  23. New to me as well. Somewhere here I have an occupied Japan whisk broom that I think has a head painted like that on it. I need to go digging.
  24. Now these are pretty cool. After doing some research to find out what they were for, I remember seeing some old documents that had the wax seal on them. I have no idea how to date these but they ...
  25. Or Studebaker We're ready for more,lol
  26. Wow! I have never heard of these. Have to do some research.
  27. The problem with Worthpoint is the information is only as good as the auction or ebay seller is. Not very trustworthy for info. We have one of these and you would not even be able to turn it with f...
  28. I'm guessing this is the 1/24 scale Motormax. You do know the top is popped out of place right?
  29. These two have some of the tin tractor parts but not the MTD. You will have to make due with what you have and what you can modify to fit. Keep us posted on your progress. http://www.speedwaym...
  30. aghcollect has it. They were made as some models in some form at least up to 1966. Here is the only reference I have of this tractor dated 1966.
  31. I also missed this one. Great video, love the end where he shows that he still has all of his fingers. Anyone that worked a wood lathe appreciates that. Happy New Year!
  32. Clay, If you had a ring in it you would see that it does work in the correct direction.
  33. Nice! I really like the old open wheel race cars. I have the Marx you may be referring to.
  34. Awesome displays
  35. Great buy.
  36. Happy New Year!
  37. Nice. I was going to ask about the silver color on it's head. I looks more like solder, as it something was attached there, than a worn spot. You can file a spot on the bottom to see if it's plated...
  38. I'm not into this line of toys but I do like it. It looks to be homemade based on the the saw marks and gouges around the base and overall construction. Is there a small hole anywhere around the ...
  39. If you have a good set to copy it would not be that hard to make a new set.
  40. LOL, I had not heard that before. It does make sense though, if it's full of luck might as well pour some out and use it. You have a great web site, thanks for sharing that.
  41. I hope someone comes through for you. I have been searching info on these with very little luck. I picked up a few that even has what appears to be ivory teeth.
  42. Love that Badge! I think the tags were put on every piece of equipment as an identity number to keep track of where it was and of any maintenance records.
  43. Very nice! I'm not sure how lucky these are. With the horseshoe in that position the luck will run out of it.
  44. I can tell you these ARE addictive!
  45. Thank You CindB
  46. This is my favorite of the day. I have not seen this before.
  47. Welcome to CW! This is right down my alley, I had over 3000 of the 1/18 at the peak of my collection including every Lane car except the Christmas issues.
  48. Yep! You are addicted like the rest of us. Welcome Mike
  49. Great looking model.
  50. Awesome photo! I do not know who made this one. I have only seen the one other photo, same one Walksoftly posted of this car. I am quite sure it is not a US made car. I have hundreds of pages of ped...
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