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I'm an east coast guy leaving on the West Coast got into collecting/picking about 4 years ago. I love things with historical connection and that have a story. I loveI'm an east coast guy leaving on the West Coast got into collecting/picking about 4 years ago. I love things with historical connection and that have a story. I love fishing and cooking. Most of the stuff I find I keep. (Read more)


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  1. Thanks Mil I have found out there was several Military Academies during the start of the civil war all the way into the beginning of the war many of which were in the southern states. From what I coul...
  2. Well I Figured out it reads Eight Lever Just don't know the Maker.
  3. I got an expert Opinion this photo is very likely post war late 1860's
  4. I didnt realize that there were also so many child soldiers during the war i suppose this could also be the case.
  5. From the north or south? He does look young thats for sure.
  6. I was told 95 percent likely to be a replica but the pin appears to be an authentic Reich Labor Service Female youth Pin.
  7. I don't know many German patches to have rolled edges so I'm guessing a replica.
  8. Thanks PP it's one I couldn't find a thing on either. I always appreciate you're information.
  9. These are Police Gazette Magazine Issued Photo Posters. I
  10. Also some photos are from CM Conlon
  11. Thanks Tom I did also Notice it's stamped D1 SA on the back. I appreciate the information
  12. Thanks Bobby you nailed it and yes it's 2 1/2 inch long.
  13. Thanks Rob I just listed a couple more maybe you could help with.
  14. Thanks Rob you nailed it! I'm looking to get a book on lure identification. Could you possible share what ID you're using with me?
  15. Thanks Kerry I located the female Pinback and its indeed Girl Scout just gotta figure out the Eagle.
  16. Great story Moon they must be a fascinating family with great stories.
  17. Thanks Pol Pins u have the best collection BTW
  18. These are great
  19. Thanks Fritz
  20. Thanks PP Happy New Year!
  21. Thanks PP it's kinda different for sure.
  22. Merry Xmas Valentino yes the swap meet are still around still great stuff around just gotta be there at the right time these days or there gone quick
  23. Merry Xmas to you Nice!
  24. Thanks Deano!!
  25. The person I purchased these off told me he thinks they are from the Alamagordo Bombing and Gunnery base in New Mexico. I'm not sure if that's the case but hoping someone has some knowledge of patches...
  26. I believe it's wood
  27. I updated the photo after removing the paint what a difference. Does anyone know what the eagle grip is made from what metal?
  28. Thanks again looks like these don't show up to often I'm gonna work on removing the black stuff.
  29. Verr thanks for the information do you have any suggestions on what could be used to clean it ?
  30. Thanks Tom!
  31. Thanks Scott I wasn't close at all thanks.
  32. I think the star is an Army Citation star but I don't know if that's the case.
  33. Thanks harbor guy I just found out the other one with an anchor is also German Kreigsmarine Coastal Artillery shoulder strap.
  34. I was told that some of these are possible WW2 German Kreigsmarine patches.
  35. I really like the GG bridge Logo that stands out cool piece.
  36. Thanks Dave I like this one a lot with the Lincoln Bust and then the Badge also.
  37. Dave thanks yeah there are different variations for sure I'm curious which one he has.
  38. Thanks Kerry
  39. Man they caught so many fish back then I'm jealous!
  40. So Cool great Job of restoring it!
  41. Yep he swang!!
  42. He unfortunately was part inspiration for a great book. I also think he was one of the first people to plead insanity as a defense in court of law.
  43. Man I loved that cartoon great watch.
  44. Chinese Tom Tom
  45. Actually more common than I thought but this one is mint great advertising.
  46. Thanks to all of you for sharing the related information.
  47. Thanks Kath I meant sailor not soldier oops not meant to show any disrespect for all the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for us all past and present.
  48. Thanks Blunder from what I could tell from the stamp dating this would be pre WW1.
  49. Thanks Milit I was told it might have been a Chauffer also.
  50. Thanks Kath and Alana I also have some other amazing pins from fair and Expos from 1898-1916. The previous owner took wonderful care of these items
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