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I'm an east coast guy leaving on the West Coast got into collecting/picking about 4 years ago. I love things with historical connection and that have a story. I loveI'm an east coast guy leaving on the West Coast got into collecting/picking about 4 years ago. I love things with historical connection and that have a story. I love fishing and cooking. Most of the stuff I find I keep. (Read more)


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Beautiful S.D. Meadows Signed Wooden Duck Decoy - Outdoor Sportsin Outdoor Sports
Antique Unknown Wooden Duck Decoy - Outdoor Sportsin Outdoor Sports
Colorful Native American Indian Baskets - Native Americanin Native American
Antique Native American Frog Spirit Mask?? - Folk Artin Folk Art
Vintage Las Vegas Monte Carlo Club Ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Vintage Unknown Glass Marbles Please Help ID - Gamesin Games
Vintage Marbles Please Help ID - Gamesin Games
Vintage 1930s GP Car Racing E.P Meyrowitz Goggles - Accessoriesin Accessories
1947 Ingersol Disney Daisy Duck Wristwatch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Vintage Rare Alaska Steamship Co. Matchbook  - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Just got an expert opinion and looks like it's and Oldsquaw decoy likely from maine early 20th century. Maker still unknown.
  2. I'm guessing early 20th century decoy not sure who made it but I like the black T like pattern.
  3. Im gonna get better photos to show maybe that will help
  4. I had a feeling they may not be to old but I didnt know the facts and I thank you for that good thing I got them cheap. Much obliged.
  5. Well I did find out something this is a Bali Frog Ceromonial mask. The only problem is dating it they do make them over there still so its hard for me to tell. I still find it to be a really cool pie...
  6. Thanks I think the 3rd might be master sparkler I appreictae the help
  7. Maybe they were for racing and pilots really cool.
  8. Les lunettes I saw what appears to be the gp racing with these goggles on the ad
  9. The top of the center of the glasses next to his name its stamped France in photo 2.
  10. Thanks I didn't know
  11. I regret that I didnt buy them all. I purchased about 25 photos about half are planes the others are of pilots in posing for photos with aircraft or friends or landmarks.
  12. Guys I posted a few new photos related to this grouping if interested
  13. I finally got it. The P-51 is one of the original " Big Beautiful Doll" planes he flew. I was finally able to find a photo of him in this exact plane. Also in the photo you can see under the window Cp...
  14. Also backs are stamped " Passed for Personal Use only. Not for Publication. Station censor f-357.
  15. Turned out to be an Authentic Piece confirmed by native America Expert
  16. Thanks Apho for the information I sadly never drank it. I was put in touch with a gentlemen from San Fran that convinced me to part with it.
  17. Thanks Fhrjr2 I got figure what species from the color im guessing male.
  18. The place I went to had many other bottles must of which were sealed and vintage from the 1960s and 70s all for 10.00 per bottle.
  19. Yes they are very famous for music boxes from what o can find and highly sought after. These tables music boxes are also collectable but not to the degree of jewelry boxes.
  20. I was just told this are likely Reuge and they likely have swiss music movements
  21. I cant rule out the fact this might be a reproduction but the wood does show natural patina on the club I might have not taken photos that accurately show that the tags are just there to ID the piece ...
  22. Well I did the magnet and it sticks to the blade and tacks. The tacks on this are not made of brass I can see that made of something else. The blade looks maybe to be iron forged.
  23. Thanks guys I found one similiar that looks more beat under Walter black Stevenson from the 1920's but looks different
  24. Thanks for the info but search engine turned up nothing on this copy.
  25. Thanks Scott they do have numbers the Garrison Hat dsa-1-4330-64-c. 8405-286-5005
  26. Thanks for the background Chris makes for an interesting piece of history. Im hoping someone out there may have seen this medal before or similar and let me know if they are rare or what the medal may...
  27. Thanks Kerry he didnt know anything about the medal either but said it was a cool piece. I imagine its pretty rare but its a localized piece not a national piece either way early medals are tough to c...
  28. Gotta love supply vs demand its worth 200.00 ..enjoy theeee whiskey
  29. Thanks ..but I think TA is confused about whiskey. First this older rare eagle is much more quality bourbon than what's being produced today and taste completely different. Also Whiskey Bourbon that a...
  30. Maybe ...but I would have to Decide Neat or very few Rocks
  31. I'm looking closer at some of the other photos as well and it looks like the la Citadelle in Quebec City that would be nice I imagine these early photos would be great in a historical sense to the city.
  32. Thanks for the info I wish i could identify the fort and other landmarks maybe i will list some of the other photos??/
  33. Haha yep sorry took the photo at an odd angle. Lots of other great photos in the album of the fort .
  34. Thanks I was told German HJ Flag. Thanks for the Info really good hisztory piece.
  35. I found this recently of the same saw ..claims to be a Bone Saw from the civil war era.
  36. Thanks Tony I found only Reference to this toy and it was stated as being pretty rare and in the box extremely rare. I guess like most things value depends on what people will pay. The show wasn't on ...
  37. Thanks Tony ,have you seen any sold? Trying to figure out an estimated value.
  38. Made by LJN says on the bottom of the truck and on the cb.
  39. Gotcha I didn't that those could be old phone numbers any idea on what time period we are looking at? Thanks for sharing
  40. Hey Scott the gray pants Union or Confederate?
  41. Thanks Tony i will check it out...bummer
  42. That could be but the bottom of the piece looks like its to be fitted into something I don't c why a flag would need that.
  43. thanks scott
  44. Hey B HOCK check the bay
  45. Hey Scott Check the Bay for Wm. Kendrick
  46. I also just noticed the silver us marine corps pin on pocket is stamped Sterling on the back.
  47. Thanks Scott its really a cool piece and thank you for sharing I didn't realize these were made for children of soldiers very cool and patriotic.
  48. Thanks a lot for all the help and info ..much appreciated.
  49. Thanks it may be correct at the moment I think it is Simon's the Spoon is monogramed in capital letters MLB in fancy lettering.
  50. That is the closest mark I have yet to see but not sure it to be exact. Anyway to date the Kendrick spoon? Also trying to figure out if that one piece is a napkin holder and if that piece that looks l...
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