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I'm an east coast guy leaving on the West Coast got into collecting/picking about 4 years ago. I love things with historical connection and that have a story. I loveI'm an east coast guy leaving on the West Coast got into collecting/picking about 4 years ago. I love things with historical connection and that have a story. I love fishing and cooking. Most of the stuff I find I keep. (Read more)


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Comical Nixon Political Campaign Pinback Button - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…


  1. Thanks Deano!!
  2. The person I purchased these off told me he thinks they are from the Alamagordo Bombing and Gunnery base in New Mexico. I'm not sure if that's the case but hoping someone has some knowledge of patches...
  3. I believe it's wood
  4. I updated the photo after removing the paint what a difference. Does anyone know what the eagle grip is made from what metal?
  5. Thanks again looks like these don't show up to often I'm gonna work on removing the black stuff.
  6. Verr thanks for the information do you have any suggestions on what could be used to clean it ?
  7. Thanks Tom!
  8. Thanks Scott I wasn't close at all thanks.
  9. I think the star is an Army Citation star but I don't know if that's the case.
  10. Thanks harbor guy I just found out the other one with an anchor is also German Kreigsmarine Coastal Artillery shoulder strap.
  11. I was told that some of these are possible WW2 German Kreigsmarine patches.
  12. I really like the GG bridge Logo that stands out cool piece.
  13. Thanks Dave I like this one a lot with the Lincoln Bust and then the Badge also.
  14. Dave thanks yeah there are different variations for sure I'm curious which one he has.
  15. Thanks Kerry
  16. Man they caught so many fish back then I'm jealous!
  17. So Cool great Job of restoring it!
  18. Yep he swang!!
  19. He unfortunately was part inspiration for a great book. I also think he was one of the first people to plead insanity as a defense in court of law.
  20. Man I loved that cartoon great watch.
  21. Chinese Tom Tom
  22. Actually more common than I thought but this one is mint great advertising.
  23. Thanks to all of you for sharing the related information.
  24. Thanks Kath I meant sailor not soldier oops not meant to show any disrespect for all the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for us all past and present.
  25. Thanks Blunder from what I could tell from the stamp dating this would be pre WW1.
  26. Thanks Milit I was told it might have been a Chauffer also.
  27. Thanks Kath and Alana I also have some other amazing pins from fair and Expos from 1898-1916. The previous owner took wonderful care of these items
  28. Thanks Vet I'm gonna look it up !!
  29. Got it!!! A finish Puukko Knife that is signed.
  30. Thanks Vet that might make it easier to make out what is written on the blade.
  31. Will do
  32. No I haven't posted the other yet. Kinda hoping to find out more about them.
  33. Thanks Sean I also have the Sergeant Version.
  34. Was given some great info the Master Guide Award is the highest you can receive as a Pathfinder and this patch is likely from the 1950s thru 60s and they are tough to come by.
  35. I figured it out they are Pathfinders Org. Patches but not able to determine the age.
  36. Those are great it seems like most were cut back then those uncut tintypes are awesome.
  37. Great Camera's!!
  38. Thanks Rob I will check them out!
  39. Thanks for the comments rneiderman do these have a name or was this just someone did on his own?
  40. Myself couldn't tell Blunder first thing that came to mind. I'm not an expert on tribal gear or jewelry. Thanks for the helpful information.
  41. Found it in So Cal the family I got it from found it buried in a closet in a trunk at their fathers home.
  42. Can't wait for the new movie!!
  43. Looks to be a Train Watch I'm guessing a 21 jewel movement. Great piece.
  44. I was able to figure out this is a Korean War era Squadron Patch. This particular Squadron patch is connected to the pilots who flew the Douglas Skyraiders. This patch itself was given from March 3,19...
  45. Great graphics!!
  46. I love cap guns this one looks like a transition period Jr with a shorter barrel there is a great website with all the info you need at nicholscapguns.com
  47. Thanks JScott I have so really cool other USS USN ships lighters as well!
  48. That has the look of an old decoy is it hollowed?
  49. Grade Paint Great Truck!
  50. Thanks to everyone for sharing opionions and information.
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