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I'm an east coast guy leaving on the West Coast got into collecting/picking about 4 years ago. I love things with historical connection and that have a story. I loveI'm an east coast guy leaving on the West Coast got into collecting/picking about 4 years ago. I love things with historical connection and that have a story. I love fishing and cooking. Most of the stuff I find I keep. (Read more)


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  1. It appears the 1st one is very likely a Mason decoy
  2. Thanks Charlie
  3. Thanks Everyone Charlie I see that most Elgin have the Tank this one doesn't anyway thanks again folks.
  4. I think it might be a 1940s roadmaster
  5. Thanks share ur passion
  6. German Bavarian Hat Pin Decoratio
  7. Thanks Everyone for the Info especially Manikin. I also was speaking to an expert on the dolls and believes these are also the Factory eyes and r an error at the end of production they probably placed...
  8. I'm aware of that Celine but these are more Fishnet it might be tough to see either way that's not what I'm looking to have answered
  9. I want those on my tree those are great
  10. Thanks Bijou
  11. So I just got the experts opinion and he believes it to be authentic and to be a British Light Dragoon Pistol. He said these are pretty rare and the condition is decent.
  12. Thanks Manikin !! :)
  13. I'm having it looked at Saturday so I will update it soon but I don't see what state it's in has to do with anything items move all around the world all the time. Thanks Blunder
  14. I'm jealous these are beuties
  15. Blunder I also read that they did make some out of Rayon Material as well.
  16. Blunder I was doing some reading and found out some Allied Subs and Ships would raise Jolly Roger Like Flags after successful missions this appears to small for a Sub but an interesting fact.
  17. Thanks Mankin
  18. I gave it the test and nothing happened also the corrosion on the metal holes is definitely old that just can't be faked. I agree the Skull is usually different but who's to say there isn't variants t...
  19. Ook will do
  20. Trey at a thrift shop
  21. Wow Great looks very similar greatly talented.
  22. Wow had no clue they were that sought after thanks for all the help.
  23. Thanks Manikin
  24. Manikin I just added another post of her nude so u can see.
  25. Ok I can do that
  26. Any way to distinguish a Reproduction?
  27. Thanks Manikin there were some old German Dolls and other really old dolls wish u were there I also listed another could u please take a look at for me ? Thanks
  28. Great Bottle I have info email me at titus19755@gmail.com
  29. They would probably put Raiders Stickers on it ??????????
  30. Wow thanks guys Celiene you're awesome
  31. Thanks Blunder that's what I was thinking but I appreciate the confirmation.
  32. Thanks guys GG good call it's tough to see but nice eyes!
  33. Thanks PP I like the Standing Bear I to have tried to find anything in this Harper fellow from the look of the pin it's early 20th century. I love to hunt and find the odds and obscure those are thing...
  34. Thanks Scott it didn't look correct even for me a novice
  35. Thanks Guys
  36. Thanks Guys
  37. Look out for the Bourbons! To
  38. It looks like an older Cognac
  39. Could be but they continue to pull Megalodon teeth out of the area.
  40. Thanks Guys I love it it was found in San Diego!
  41. Thanks Nicefire man I love me some Star Wars
  42. I'm trying to find a link to a Camillus Tang Mark Page.
  43. Thanks Kerry that's the name Onion Paper do they still look the same as far as logo? I would imagine these are kinda hard to find from WW2.
  44. Thanks Trey
  45. Hey Trey at a garage sale of someone cleaning out there grandfathers garage. He told me was an Amature Photographer. I'm not sure when and where all the photos took place time/date. But this is a grea...
  46. Hey Tom Thanks for the information
  47. Ivan I'm not exactly sure maybe one of the experts could answer that
  48. Thanks for all the advice
  49. Thanks Spirit and Blunder the cover is attached at the bottom of the spine the pages are all attached while the cover is 3/4 loose. Just having something from Dickens is cool.
  50. Good one Blunder
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