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Huron National Forest, Michigan

40 some years collecting button's I started out with anti war button's picked up while attending protests (Protesting the war not the troops BTW) back in the day the40 some years collecting button's I started out with anti war button's picked up while attending protests (Protesting the war not the troops BTW) back in the day then for many years I just wanted any non political but historical like Mercury and Apollo pins then political button's and the last few years my focus has gone back to Vietnam pins both pro and anti war. This whole thing I can thank or blame on a neighbor from when I was a kid, he had a 4 foot by 16 foot board covered with button's next to his pool table that I was always in awe of I ran into him in 2001 at a funeral he was behind me but I knew that voice so as I turned I said "It's all your fault ya know" once he understood what I was talking about we had a little chuckle he was very interested in hearing about my collection and I was very sad to hear his entire collection went missing during his last move. BTW I am AKA John AKA MidMichBidder (on eBay) AKA ButtonGlutton (Read more)


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  1. See were learning a lot lol I thought "Mothers little Helper" was Valium but maybe that was just my mothers hehe
  2. I saw that one, I'm not sure if it was on that show or another about the CIA dosing many people from all walks of life from a house wife to a US Marshall without there knowledge, make ya wonder what t...
  3. I could believe he was a machinist (of firefighting equipment) as it was likely hand stamped and few trades did/do much of that, I was a Mold Maker and know until CNC machines took over we hand stampe...
  4. There's a keeper and in great condition, I hear "they" are starting to use a daily micro dose of LSD for therapeutic use, Not enough to trip or so "they" say. Agree cool post
  5. You do look much more relaxed and at home behind the drums, Congratulations billretirecoll
  6. These were the original owners, Jed will build that on 8 years down the road ;D
  7. She didn't burn it in the fireplace with the others, I think Miss. Mildred was seen in attendance with the creative Mr. Clampett
  8. Zeppelin
  9. I think your right Rod it reminded me of Led Zepling "Been a long Time" too but I couldn't place it until I read your comment.
  10. Thought it looked familiar, I'm kinda sorta sure it's a Bosch solenoid for a late 60s to mid 70s VW Beetle http://www.ebay.com/itm/PORCHE-1969-75-VOLKSWAGEN-VW-12-V-BOSCH-STARTER-SOLENOID-1964-1987-...
  11. nice part of family history, Good thing you saved them, sounds like it was a close one. Welcome to CW ccwilson64
  12. yeah funny how one little thing can make it go POOF
  13. I subscribed to ur channel last time "just in case"
  14. hardly noticed LOL
  15. The Red Krayola - God Bless The Red Krayola And All Who Sail With It (Full Album) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvWGYRvVuhI
  16. Haven't listened to this in many years I won't do that again, Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cpcyWumgKU
  17. I think that's Jed Clampets car
  18. Smokin um, been waiting for some skins ;D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYecp1Ucyew
  19. Haven't listened to them in a while, good one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWCzluZjfKg
  20. Ever use "never dull" for chrome? works good even takes off surface rust ;p love the look of um
  21. They are NEVER $5 when I see them, Nice find.
  22. better tread then on my car too
  23. Love Petrified Wood, opalized even better but yeah it is hard to capture the real beauty in a photo and most aren't flat enough to scan without cutting
  24. A country kitty aka pepe le pew
  25. Often when the spring is over tightened the clock won't work so it could be an easy fix but I've lost skin releasing the springs so it is best to take it in to a repair shop to have them do it (a 2 mi...
  26. Ditto loved it, had it, He was on "The Big Interview" talking about his Woodstock performance saying the funny faces were from trying to keep control of his guitar that was like rubber due to the LSD ...
  27. I remember this one but can't recall the original color, Looks good orange. They seem to remind me of my Dad in the yard listening to George Kell announcing "It's a bright sun shinny day here at Tig...
  28. Okay creepy
  29. She does look like a cross of the two LOL I find most dolls just creepy but she's freaky I like freaky better ;D
  30. Had to look up the end date just knew Dad was ACC in 44 I learn everyday mostly stuff I forget before I use hum maybe I just dream I learn
  31. Air Corps (AC) remained as one of the combat arms of the Army until 1947
  32. There was a 49th Bombardment Squadron - Army Air Corp but that'a not there emblem https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth14664/m1/1/high_res/ I think the Air Force started in 41 but the Air...
  33. Bobby That was what I was seeing at first too but if you zoom in (mainly pic 1) the block that moves has a notch (the top is hinged) Didn't help me figure it our, seems I/we have seen one of these b...
  34. 'Stereomonic' theirs something ya just don't hear
  35. Love it just the way it is I wouldn't touch it, I feel too many people buy a old items just to have them restored while taking the value down, If I wanted something to look new I would buy new.
  36. Welcome to CW vaistreasuretrove
  37. Lost another, Batman (Adam West) died 6/9/17
  38. Adam west aka Batman died last week 6/9/17 at 88 ;{
  39. Blackbeard's Arrrr and a belly full of rum
  40. Fine job cleaning this one up, fingers sore? ;p
  41. and antiquated notions {science!} yep MTV flashback good one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2VNxmn0lNA
  42. Nice little part of history here, A seller on eBay has been auctioning off many of her personal items.
  43. Right on with your history there Mr. Thomas & thank you, we have lost four to assassination I made a scan of the "martyrs" button that shows them but some just don't scan well so i'll have to get a p...
  44. I vote for a show horse owner, He doesn't look like a dog person (or chicken) certainly not a laborer or hero, Maybe best flower in show? but na I'll but my two bits on show horse owner.
  45. Thank you Mr. valentino for the love and nice comment, when it rains it pours eh I'm excited about both as not much happens here in the north woods lol
  46. Thanks for the love(s) n comments ttomtucker, Manikin, EZa, Alan2310, MyCountry,. blunderbuss2, SpiritBear, roddyq, brunswick, racer4four, valentino97, Caperkid & vetraio50
  47. Thanks for the love(s) n comments valentino97, vetraio50, bijoucaillouvintage, blunderbuss2, SpiritBear, fortapache, bobby725 & PostCardCollector
  48. Thanks for the love(s) n comment SpiritBear & roddyq much appreciated.
  49. From the pin design (on the back) I would guess 1880 to 1910, it looks like some text on the back? you might be able to do a pencil rub to read it, I'll do some digging.
  50. Hum I do tend to reach for my Optivisor before my glasses LOL and thought it different to see another color on a blue plate but looking at my last exam report it reads 20/20 or is that 20/200 ;p jk
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John Lennon's Davenport china plate-1964 Campaign Pin Collection 1896- 1960


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