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Huron National Forest, Michigan

40 some years collecting button's I started out with anti war button's picked up while attending protests (Protesting the war not the troops BTW) back in the day the40 some years collecting button's I started out with anti war button's picked up while attending protests (Protesting the war not the troops BTW) back in the day then for many years I just wanted any non political but historical like Mercury and Apollo pins then political button's and the last few years my focus has gone back to Vietnam pins both pro and anti war. This whole thing I can thank or blame on a neighbor from when I was a kid, he had a 4 foot by 16 foot board covered with button's next to his pool table that I was always in awe of I ran into him in 2001 at a funeral he was behind me but I knew that voice so as I turned I said "It's all your fault ya know" once he understood what I was talking about we had a little chuckle he was very interested in hearing about my collection and I was very sad to hear his entire collection went missing during his last move. BTW I am AKA John AKA MidMichBidder (on eBay) AKA ButtonGlutton (Read more)


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  1. I count 15 if we count the cartoon alien lol he is just above #4
  2. Don't know about them other then My Dad played but ANY info, That's one sweet banjo!
  3. Mighty fine glass!
  4. SOLID GOLD there, great bike!!!
  5. Hey iggy thanks for the love, much appreciated
  6. Very nice glass but great family history, Priceless
  7. Nice collection even then and the site cover even better. Spoke like a true collector > Wish I could have afforded glass doors on the others < I say the same for my collection but I'll spend 4 time...
  8. TY 4 the Love betweenthelens
  9. Thanks for the Love(s) betweenthelens & SpiritBear
  10. TY for the Love and comment SpiritBear
  11. Welcome to CW sblanco F.W. Gromm Manufacturer is the maker established in 1873, By 1895, trunks were covered with canvas or decorated sheet metal. Embossed metal coverings were used from 1870 to 191...
  12. Funny I had those counter tops too but replaced them because of condition issues, Yours look like new. I'm guessing the house was built about 72 to 75? and the stove likely was from that year or the y...
  13. Mid 1970s I forgot what the color is called maybe burnt copper? It likely has a tag either inside or on the door, I still have a c1974 harvest gold one my tag is behind the door near the hinge & I jus...
  14. Very cool knife so unusual.
  15. Welcome to CW Miklu90, It likely wasn't worth much when they cut it and now that it is cut it's again not worth much but someone here will probably know about when it was made. We can't buy, sell ...
  16. Looks like everyone took great care of it, Looks like new. I'm sure there are plenty of collectors here who would love to have it, however we can't buy, sell or appraise on the site but they will lo...
  17. The Donald
  18. A perfect Pontiac to tow with, well back then now that car would cost too much for towing anything and might get 6 mpg if ya did.
  19. Very unusual holder & Cool
  20. G-night, Anyone notice the heart on her sleeve? ( the one on the right and on her right our left cuff ) OR how about the cartoon alien? antenna and all LOL just above the head of the little girl #4...
  21. That just might be the same one FA and what the tag once looked like LOL
  22. Looks like it came out very clean! Latex or rubber gloves? hope you ran cold water over your hands that stuff can burn deep. Zoomed in on the image of the tag looks cool, It would make a nice backgr...
  23. Continental is Ye old 10 speed? and Free Sb a 5 speed? Love that shade of green (ish blue) or is the color called Greenbriar? Nice bikes.
  24. How strange is that, it must have been the hung man (not in a good way either) I kinda think the black eyed man #2 in the center was drawn in at a later date and the others? LOL No I'll bet this was...
  25. I did catch that once well part of it anyhow, They are funny. The more I look at this "ghost" image the more I think that it may have been made during "the spiritual movement" likely someone sellin...
  26. I thought it was. Hint the face that is the most clear I didn't list and this one is whole body not just a purdy face.
  27. I liked some of Zak's shows, He took some chances that I don't think I would just in case LOL
  28. Good thought I was havin a flashback LOL jk, Thanks Thomas I'll post a link to PCCs post so folks can see both and I will make it image #4 too PCC Post below: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stori...
  29. I think we can see faces about any place but for kicks I cleaned the image some and posted it. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/227345-pcc-image-with-ghosts
  30. The 2 girls in the upper right seem to be in color, How about the mouth in the vase? or maybe a face with a blindfold (and ghost over the right eye lol) 6 or 7 total I think If you hold ctrl and t...
  31. No one noticed the ghosts? I'm trying to bring out more detail of the 3 or 4 in the background, 2 little girls (upper right) and one older man (upper center)+ maybe? one in the light. Any one else s...
  32. Nice solve there ric WELL DONE and said, Might have been from the top post >Woodall & Co. 1873 - 1929
  33. You might be able to spread the clamp part of the seat with a hammer and large screwdriver or chisel? You can find many bike decals on eBay or at the site below: http://www.vintageschwinn.com/decals...
  34. cost OF*
  35. And God said to Adam I will make you the perfect Woman she will always do as you say and never talk back at the cost or your right hand, Adam asked what can I get for a rib? the rest is history. Bef...
  36. The chain is attached to the post and with enlargement it looks like it is also attached to his wrist, Sadly escaped slaves were often photographed once caught. Not sure that's what this is but? I...
  37. R.C.A. Victor Co., Inc. RE-73 Schematic https://www.tubesandmore.com/schematics/rca-victor-co-inc/re-73
  38. Smaller wheels maybe? ButtonGlutton?
  39. TY for the Love vetraio50 & bb
  40. Thanks for the Love blunderbuss2 & vetraio50
  41. Thanks for the love(s) bb2 & vetraio50
  42. Taking shape 4 sure and lookin good!
  43. Okay so how about some better news, Lets hit the Rock and Romance Cruise (for the rock lol) MARCH 3-8, 2018 with Styx, Michael McDonald, America, War, The Guess Who, B.J. Thomas, Atlanta Rhythm Sectio...
  44. TY CW 4 the Twitter post ;D
  45. SOUNDGARDEN *BLACK HOLE SUN* live in DETROIT Fox Theatre 5/17/2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfbGVE8vIs8
  46. More sad news for the music industry as yet another one submits, Chris Cornell, the singer of the grunge band Soundgarden, has died at 52 Via suicide at the Detroit MGM Grand Hotel after talking to ...
  47. Looks like the inspiration is from the Ferrari 375 Indy car, I have no idea of value or what it would cost to restore but if it's worth it to you then go for it. https://www.google.com/search?q=formu...
  48. TY for the Love(s) Caperkid & brunswick
  49. Thanks for the Love(s) Caperkid & brunswick
  50. Great display item, I have seen a somewhat similar pin displays with Vietnam battalion pins on a map of Vietnam but not one thru the years like this, Nice find.
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Campaign Pin Collection 1896- 1960


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