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Rose City, Michigan

I've been collecting pinback button's for 40 some years now on and off (mostly on) I started out with a few anti Vietnam war button's I picked up while attending proI've been collecting pinback button's for 40 some years now on and off (mostly on) I started out with a few anti Vietnam war button's I picked up while attending protests (as well as the Ann Arbor Hash Bash) back in the day then for many years I just wanted any non political but historical like Mercury and Apollo pins then political button's and the last few years my focus has gone back to Vietnam pins both pro and anti war. This whole thing I can thank or blame on a neighbor from when I was a kid in the early 1960s, he had a 4 foot by 16 foot board covered with button's next to his pool table that I was always in awe of I ran into him in 2001 at a funeral he was behind me but I knew that voice so as I turned I said "It's all your fault ya know" once he understood what I was talking about we had a little chuckle he was very interested in hearing about my collection and I was very sad to hear his entire collection went missing during his last move. BTW I am AKA MidMichBidder (on eBay) (Read more)


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  1. Thanks for the link Daddy_Nobucks, Now I wish I had a 6 inch too, Mine is 3" and now I need to re-check the curl as I went by my failing memory for the 50 made posted now I'm thinking it was 48, Bob...
  2. No my brother and I had a grand plan that year of going there after the Atlanta festival 2 weeks before Woodstock however he totaled his car on the way to Atlanta so we didn't make either ;( little d...
  3. Nice find the SNCC played a key role in inspiring SDS, both philosophically and by example. I just picked up a small lot of "Pigasus" button's from the original owner It's always nice to get 1st ha...
  4. Thanks for the comment Daddy_Nobucks , Right he made this in an effort to get a contract to design the new stuff, I was on a Guardfrog kick in 08/09 when I bought 2 of these direct from Bob. I listed...
  5. On closer look it could be earlier I will try to find mine that I know was bought in the 60s
  6. As of 3/2017 Still Unsolved anyone know?
  7. P.S. I have a lot of 60s - 70s protest button's posted if you dig such items, (many have 4 different button's in the post however on 1 shown until ya click) Peace Out
  8. Cool item the provenance makes it crazy cool, What happened back then we got such a huge crowd together with no death (one born) and we knew at a glance who was on our side (less a few narc's) then Te...
  9. Thank's for the love: vetraio50, EZa, czechglass5, & blunderbuss2
  10. Yep 1960s and into early 70s had/have one from my Boy Scout days, brings back memories of many camp outs.
  11. Happy to help, looks like it sold for $45.00 total with $16.00 shipping on ebay Uk
  12. They might give more info at least a price if a member or try the free trial/
  13. Found one but it tells little to no info, https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/ken-broadbent-porsche-911-collectors-304997669
  14. I was thinking maybe The Order of the Eastern Star, a Masonic appendant body open to both men and women. It was established in 1850
  15. Love these, The C.D. Warden is more in my wheel house but I like the 1936 Post Master best.
  16. IF she had won the Electoral College vote it would have likely sold for roughly $100 as it turned out more like $10 good thing I paid $9.99 woohoo a real money maker. It really is a collectors item c...
  17. Thanks for all the love! WittleBear I think so, such cute "little hands" Militarist yeah someday seems a lot of my button's are in that capsule.
  18. Rare find indeed (A hippie who could cut a straight line and weld) Resist in Peace
  19. Funny, low over head
  20. Sad but true ours sure didn't, (wonders if your getting the button bug lol) I like them because they show a little snap shot of history that too often repeats itself, so many of my 1960s protest butto...
  21. NP open ended if ya decide so, Many "students" pins for this that and the other have been becoming more collectible so likely well worth hanging on to, So far the Student Strike pins top the list, We ...
  22. Na urs if ya want some I have c2000 on display + 100s to a 1000 duplicates in boxes - my buttons overflowith and I have nobody to leave them to Soooo NP
  23. Great find as you know anything PETER MAX is very collectible not to mention hip. Peace
  24. Love um, I was one of those who "Almost cut my hair" seems like it happened just the other day but I didn't. Peace
  25. Love these, My brother in-law brought me the small one (maybe a little taller) back from the same place and time he was on the USS Kittyhawk. Great to see these all together. Peace
  26. Oops my bad if it's AO then it's "American Oil" not like it matters, If you want any old and or Michigan button's I would be happy to send ya a few. (no charge)
  27. P.S. NOT 1 of my items ;-)
  28. Another great addition as the collection grows. Don't know if this item I ran across on fleabay is too new or if you (or others) have any interest in a "Mickey Mouse 50th Anniversary Commemorative ...
  29. Toss up
  30. LOL forgot your the poor wittle bear 2 cute and that he got rid of his evil twin/other self so yeah ur safe.
  31. Small like anything you can compare to? Could come in handy if you piss off Superman
  32. Dig it, wonder if anything was worn under it.
  33. Or maybe Christensen Clock Repair but it is a bit farther away, Christensen Clock Repair 11680 East County Line Road Fife Lake MI 49633 Phone: 231-879-4363 info@christensenclockrepair.com
  34. Looks very clean inside before I looked I thought that may be the problem. Never used them so I don't know how good they are and have no idea what they charge however Jacks Clocks is somewhat in yo...
  35. Good job on the snow bank Robert I wouldn't have caught that 1, Andrew lol his utter dismay
  36. Is there room for a washer under the movement to move the whole thing closer to the face? just a thought. (2nd thought) with your record on turning harmless items into nukes I would stick with AA pow...
  37. Save the gum you can post it in 15 tears or so.
  38. or Andrew? lol
  39. Was that you standing on the snow bank?
  40. I like these games, I see 3 things thumbtacks we know, the 1st is slightly lighter and has less glare/ flash reflection on the glass but I don't see Waldo where's Waldo.
  41. Found one just like it on eBay problem is they have a ? mark on what L I B stands for if it is LIB ergo so far I'm no help.
  42. Thanks Auto, Vet, Art & Blunter oops Blunder
  43. Thanks Bobby & Rose
  44. Very cool I've not seen this one before, I still have the smaller plain version that was given to me in c1970 Peace
  45. How cool is that... VERY
  46. I was thinking where it might be as I was writing I'll likely be able to find it and get a pic
  47. kewl I hope the back is okay, write 1st friends are priceless.
  48. Who would have thunk it we can share our collections while collecting new friends life is good ;-)
  49. It sounds like you put a lot of yourself into the place when the owners wouldn't and worse they don't appreciate who they have/had I just hope your back is better and not a long term injury as a good...
  50. No idea what to use however the images was used on pinback buttons for what that's worth
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Campaign Pin Collection 1896- 1960


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