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I'm a student and long-time volunteer. I collect antiques like bottles, insulators, books, tokens, foreign coins, fossils, etc. I do urban archaeology as a hobbyI'm a student and long-time volunteer. I collect antiques like bottles, insulators, books, tokens, foreign coins, fossils, etc. I do urban archaeology as a hobby. I'm a furry, and my fursona is Bear-- hence my name, which combined with a few other aspects to make me Spirit Bear. I'm also here to educate and get more education. (Read more)


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  1. This style is usually a little earlier than 1950s.
  2. It has a very nice colour.
  3. If a cap is salvageable on my crown top bottles, I remove it and replace it with a modern cap.
  4. Only if the bottles tip could it be an issue. I myself collect labeled and full bottles. To me, it is more desirable to keep them full. To other collectors, they'd rather have them empty. It all dep...
  5. We have shot glasses like these, in many colours. My mom says they were my grand parents', which died in the 1970s. They're likely 1940s or 1950s, from what I've gathered.
  6. Not sure why you would think that, as he didn't go to England, and these are obviously machine blown. Probably from around 1960.
  7. I've seen an electric cook top like that once. No cord was attached anymore. Just two prongs to receive the plug.
  8. Why not send this link to Scott? We all will agree that his is the authority. I am pretty sure she is alive. A few of the subjects in the link sent to you earlier, were also alive. Remember, they als...
  9. Lovely piece for a 300th post.
  10. You'd find it difficult to pop the caps off without damaging the caps. Unless, of course, you did not want to keep the caps.
  11. Very neat.
  12. Interesting repurpose for a spinning wheel.
  13. kntbemr01, thank you. I was curious where the name "Plant" came from. fhjr2, thank you. Up here we grow blueberries.
  14. Cool. Welcome to CW.
  15. I've always disliked dolls and clowns, so this is an especial dislike! LOL. It's a neat item, though. Great toy for Halloween.
  16. Looks like Dracula playing volley ball.
  17. I love it.
  18. It's hard to tell from pics, but if that's a seam under the mouth or if a seam goes up to the top, it's 1910s or newer.
  19. My guess is it had a brass-plated finish originally, at least on the horse shoe. They used the same base style for many years on several models, so dating it to even within 5 years would be difficult...
  20. Well, the user is likely from the U.K, so it wouldn't have a UL sticker (empirical observations: "trousers", "nan", and "recognisable" with an "s"). Not sure if we have any UK lamp experts left anymor...
  21. You can view it here if you'd like: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/190286-the-same-canteen-1889
  22. I have an 1880s Chromolithograph of a similar canteen as the one at the right, with the poem The Same Canteen. It's on the back on an early G.A.R. roster.
  23. Yup. You can see the tiny dots.
  24. I see what look like little dots making up the image. They're often blurred. Applique. Kind of like T-shirt graphics. Most items like this that are sold as "hand painted" are really just hand-applied ...
  25. Also be careful when buying coloured insulators that aren't aqua (common Hemingrays) or dark green (common Brookfields). 90% of the bright and colourful ones have been stained by someone with the idea...
  26. So, technically it was brought to the U.S., as a German export for the open American market. But, it did not come over with your great grandmother. It was intended only for export.
  27. Unlikely, as it says Germany, not Deutschland (Germany is the English word for the country).
  28. None of these crackle insulators were struck by lightning, contrary to popular belief. They're purposely heated up to a very hot temperature and cooled quickly to fracture the glass like this. I mysel...
  29. Nice. I also like Bluegrass.
  30. I've seen the bowl turned into a grill, with the tank being used as a cooler for beer.
  31. All three now safely reside in California.
  32. Very nice.
  33. B in Circle mark: Brown, Boveri & Co. (1981-1984) Reference: http://www.r-infinity.com/Markings/Markings_p1.htm
  34. What is so hilarious? They look like they're overcome by laughter.
  35. It's usually easy to date if (I) or a G in square is on the base. Currently, all I can say is, it's likely 1960s (zip-code).
  36. A clear picture of the base embossing may help date it. ~Hint hint. ~
  37. Thank you.
  38. It's been a noticeable decrease for decades. In the 1950s, I'd have commented the same thing on this photo: The snow's diminished. If I were to take a photo of the snow back in the 1950s, and send it ...
  39. Thank you, Post Card Collector.
  40. Thank you for commenting, elanski. I'd likely not understand the Asian hallmarks. Some of the European, yes, but not non-Latin characters outside of Cyrillic.
  41. Thank you, Caperkid.
  42. Thank you for commenting, Scott Vez.
  43. They're scary. LOL.
  44. How different are they there, than here? I'm still looking for the gold.
  45. The style is Gothic or Cathedral.
  46. I think mine, with a different logo, said Taiwan on a sticker on the bottom. Is it cemented in?
  47. LOL. Funny.
  48. It is always of interest to me that we make novelties of the most important collection of works ever written (the Bible), but most people have never read it-- even those who subscribe to its ideas.
  49. And then there's me, who listens to Heavy Metal-- even more noise. LOL.
  50. I have about 15 buttons. 12 of them are above my head, pinned to the upper bunk bed. LOL.
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