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I'm a student and long-time volunteer. I collect antiques like bottles, insulators, books, tokens, foreign coins, fossils, etc. I do urban archaeology as a hobbyI'm a student and long-time volunteer. I collect antiques like bottles, insulators, books, tokens, foreign coins, fossils, etc. I do urban archaeology as a hobby. I'm a furry, and my fursona is Bear-- hence my name, which combined with a few other aspects to make me Spirit Bear. I'm also here to educate and get more education. (Read more)


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  1. Well, you can go to their site listed at the bottom of the cards and see what they offer.
  2. My parent also gets mail from the funeral homes. LOL. It looks like a doll but could be a super-imposed image like in many 'tall tale' postcards.
  3. The burner is likely a replacement circa the 1910s.
  4. Karenoke, thank you. I use Google Books, which scans old directories and such for worldwide public use, to find much of my sourced historical information. The oldest reference I found came out of a sc...
  5. What I found interesting was that this and another vase, both of thick glass, were in many pieces yet the thin chimney to an oil lamp that fell with them was totally intact. LOL.
  6. Destroyed today in shelf collapse. We believe the cat jumped on it, which knocked the shelf down.
  7. Destroyed today. We believe the cat jumped up onto a standing floor shelving unit, which caused the top shelf to collapse and send this flying into the floor.
  8. I'd call it a medium royal lavender. So, a happy intermediate. LOL.
  9. Your bottle was most likely made by Wheaton c. 1940s-1960s. They're most well-known for 1970s reproduction bottles, early 1900s laboratory bottles, and then general utility, in that order. Source: ...
  10. If you like medicine bottles, you may consider purchasing those with their labels still on them. My specialty is labeled antique bottles. My most recent acquisition C. 1845: http://www.collectorsw...
  11. A few would sell. LOL.
  12. Very nice. Ours just got shattered today by our cat.
  13. It's because the other guy was moving when the picture was taken. But what's really fun is double-exposure. Those can get weird.
  14. If you desire to collect jars, I would look into Doug LeyBourne's Red Book, but a modern copy and not one from 10 years ago as values have changed.
  15. Well, I don't remember exactly when, but I think it was in about 1907 that the government began mandating that contents' amount (in ounces, pints, or gallons) had to be marked on either glass or label...
  16. Glare or poor exposure. We have a film photo of me where the left half of the photo looks like Jesus has returned in all His glory. LOL.
  17. Contact Tod von Mehow. His site here: http://www.sodasandbeers.com/SABFindBottles.htm If you use his search bar, it is case and punctuation specific, and tends to prefer last name, first name. ...
  18. On the amber: The style of top (with that little flat collar immediately below) isn't normally seen till the 1890s outside of soda/alcohol/some mineral waters. Most popular in early 1900s meds/perfume...
  19. For some reason, it reminds me of A. B. Co. bricks. Not sure why. At some point, for a long period of time, they were unable to syncronise their labeling machine with their assembly line, so instead o...
  20. LOL, thanks, Bryan. But that doesn't give me an age on an all brass Aurora by them. :P Nazis, huh?
  21. I just find old ads lacking pictures, I'm afraid, in Google Books for the company. They're usually over-priced here, but these were under a dollar each.
  22. They're probably in better shape when you see them. LOL. People can ask whatever they want, but that doesn't make it its value.
  23. Never heard of it, Political Pinbacks. I rarely get chrome stuff to polish, though. lzenglish, thank you. Sadly, they don't have this particular Aurora listed.
  24. I love the bear.
  25. David Whitten, the author, is a go-to guy for all things related to dating bottles. Otherwise, Bill Lindsey does a very good page with dating bottles by characteristics in their manufacture, albeit no...
  26. I've dug them with the brush (sometimes product) still in them (attached to the cap).
  27. Yep, that's it. It goes back quite a while.
  28. Welcome to CW.
  29. I used to know what the most common product in this design bottle was, but it has such an odd name that I never could remember for long. Yes, it was a topically applied medicine. The seams are fro...
  30. I'm afraid it's circa 1954, as Owen-Illinois didn't use that particular mark till then. Even then, most of their plants didn't switch over till around the late 1950s from their older mark, <(I)>. Her...
  31. The round-shaped once is a bit newer than the mushroom-shaped one, which is from the 1970s. They made these in 3 main variants.
  32. Standard utility bottle made for glue, mucilage, nail polish, and occasionally small paint. Your bottle looks like 1940s-1960s. Made by Brockway Machine Bottle Company (1907-1933), which became Broc...
  33. It was knocked out by the Food & Drug Act in 1906.
  34. LOL, I like it better than my candlestick phone.
  35. Interesting. I didn't know they had so many variants.
  36. It's funny, because the dogs at the Sanctuary tend to run up and down the enclosures' outter fences to stir up the wolves. Well, it sounds more mutually beneficial than just what he wants.
  37. Thank you, Rick. It does make a fun toy.
  38. Thank you very much, Padit. I had not seen the article. I stopped volunteering earlier this year, but returned yesterday to help my parent as she was gonna be alone in the rain. While it was very we...
  39. Does it strike?
  40. One talented artist. From experience, hand-carving is not easy, especially in something solid. The stain on the back could be from how it was mounted, if whatever was touching it was acidic. The fro...
  41. One of the more reproduced marks (on bottom). Remember it, so when you find a piece missing the modern Made in China sticker, you know it isn't old even though the seller says it is. The original mark...
  42. Blunderbuss, at the same time, I call most all my stuff junk as we can't take it with us! LOL. Hamish, if you go to e-Bay.uk, you can sort by price and search till you win a low-priced auction. ...
  43. A nice century-old pair of finds. Don't leave them in direct sun or in humid/moist places.
  44. D. Sachs & Co., producing and distributing till 1919. http://www.pre-pro.com/midacore/view_vendor.php?vid=SDF11470 Other products offered by D. Sach's & Sons/Co.: http://www.pre-pro.com/midacore/...
  45. No for the kicker with this glorious ticker.... Does it run?
  46. Political Pinbacks, no, that's my arm and a dog full of trouble. :P Blunderbuss2, thank you. It's only due to the findings getting better as summer arrives. Fort Apache, thank you.
  47. Thank you, Political Pinbacks. Sadly, the nickel is permanently spotted and even missing in some spots. Fingers? Bears don't have fingers. :/
  48. Photo one is as clean. All others were before I cleaned it.
  49. Well, I have a postcard that would confuse you. When it was being made, a huge error occurred. Every part of the building that was supposed to be red, was shifted about an inch away on a normal size p...
  50. Better than providing my other orange-haired relatives with Amo. :P
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