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I'm a student and long-time volunteer. I collect antiques like bottles, insulators, books, tokens, foreign coins, fossils, etc. I do urban archaeology as a hobbyI'm a student and long-time volunteer. I collect antiques like bottles, insulators, books, tokens, foreign coins, fossils, etc. I do urban archaeology as a hobby. I'm a furry, and my fursona is Bear-- hence my name, which combined with a few other aspects to make me Spirit Bear. I'm also here to educate and get more education. (Read more)


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Pineules, 1910s - Bottlesin Bottles
Antique Labeled Bottle: Cuticura Resolvent  - Bottlesin Bottles
Unopened Liniment  - Bottlesin Bottles
Wedgwood Mushroom Plate???? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Bear Necessities  - Animalsin Animals
What Is This Tool? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique Mirror Age?  - Furniturein Furniture
Free Spirit & Continental  - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
ID Label On Bellbox  - Telephonesin Telephones
Deco Alarm Clock - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Joey, thank you. Malkey, thank you also.
  2. Thank you, Malkey. Tomorrow I will post one with dogs, which was planned before I found out that tomorrow my beloved dog will die.
  3. Thank you, Vintage Fran.
  4. Political Pinbacks, LOL. Phonoboy, if I connect a minor battery to the end, do you think it will feel nice on my temples?
  5. I just looked at my pointer finger, having again done the same thing today. It has a small crack. LOL. Everythingelse is dry and wrinkled-- withered flesh, anyone?
  6. Baloo Bear.
  7. Well, my pillow is very reminiscent of a bear. It is covered in black fur and has arms. LOL.
  8. What name is on or under the burner, including on the knob that adjusts the wick?
  9. It's heavy but not magnetic. I gouged the underside, but it remained a white metal. I'm guessing zinc or magnesium. I've never seen a round scraped, Anything Obscure.
  10. I have the same problem as the guy on the right when both of my pockets are too full as they are lowest at the front. LOL. I'd prefer to get to know them first, but the guy on the left looks decent. :)
  11. Interesting enough to lay down a couple quarters for. LOL.
  12. Thank you, Malkey. Today and tomorrow (your time, as I know it's about 1 AM there) I will post nicer labeled and boxed bottles.
  13. I was looking for ways to at least date the plate, and found out that the 30 actually does mean 1930. The T is the worker's mark. The 1 means January. So, at least I know a date for my 87-year-old pla...
  14. A most interesting item.
  15. Artfoot, thank you. That is interesting-- the paper pulp idea. Ms. Crystal Ship, you got it.
  16. Onedtent, I cannot see how it would be used to scrape paint. Phonoboy, when I first saw it, I had thought electrical. But it was difficult for me to formulate an idea as to what it would be used f...
  17. I've seen a number of similar ones touted as Victorian (how very expected), and while I may think they're late Victorian and through Edwardian, they all had one thing in common: They were plaster over...
  18. Another calls it Syroco?
  19. One in better shape Sold for 19.99 on e-Bay as a "1940s souvenir from Yellowstone". As for the veracity, I know not.
  20. The design on the bottle was copy-righted then. You see that copy-right year for a few decades.
  21. I have the same weird green bottle. It has a cap perforated like a salt-n-pepper shaker's cap. Your bottles look to be 1930s-1960s.
  22. Tube Amp, thank you. Fort Apache, it is a very close match. Political Pinbacks, I was using latex. And I didn't wash my hands for several minutes. They're still unhappy. LOL. I over-enhanced t...
  23. The Free Spirit is a 5-speed. Greenbriar, I think, was an Australian brand. It's actually dark green. Today I rode my most modern bike, a 10-speed Astral K2, around town to thrift stores. I filled...
  24. I had wanted to ride to work, but then my manager changed my schedule to 5 AM.... so that ended that. LOL.
  25. LOL. I see all but one. That's funny.
  26. Thank you. I really liked your box, so when I saw one.... MINE. LOL.
  27. I don't recommend trying them. LOL. Mine was written over in grease pen, right over the dogs, and is also missing the part that says Seven Barks (not sure why it had a punch-out?). I fixed the first ...
  28. As W. T. & Co. has the ampersand still (&) in its name, it's pre-1901 (they removed the ampersand). The mark (Name, letter or number, U. S. A.) puts it circa 1890 - 1901.
  29. If it's not cemented in....
  30. I loosened the clamp before working on it. Thank you for the link. Sir, the bars are no worry as I'm only 20. LOL. As for the bears, raccoons, foxes, wolves, etc.... I spent 11 years at an exotics ...
  31. If you don'r like the stand, you can always let me have it. :P
  32. Look at you: you just did all my research for me. Today at bottle club I got one of these, remembered this post, and here I go. :P
  33. Too much smaller, and the pedals will scrape concrete. The seat post can be cut, but the seat is a b****h to get back on. It took me 10 minutes with a wrench and hammer just to get the seat on. LOL. ...
  34. The Fuzz. LOL.
  35. One of my favourite pieces so far.
  36. And many a woman fall down under the wrath of a prick!
  37. In the drying time for my other projects, today I was working on my 1960s 5-speed Schwinn. It was custom built for someone with long legs, it seems. My legs are long, and I'm 6 feet tall, but this bik...
  38. All sounds correct. Wheaton is the most well-known manufacturer of them.
  39. Nice vintage style.
  40. Awfully old for a 10-speed. Those are usually 1970s on. They're too cute to feed. Of course yer a drifter. LOL.
  41. Thank you, Sammyz.
  42. They have a line running where they can and cannot cut trees. The line is far from straight and they cut trees on his property. He wanted a second opinion, I guess. It sounds bad, but I try to avoid h...
  43. Leave as is! Any item that has not been restored need not be altered. A restoration makes the item unoriginal and better to do as one pleases with (I'm in the middle of one of those types of "restorat...
  44. I saw another one from about the same time with a similar message but different image. I thought it was strange. Still do!
  45. The shape is for Owen-Illinois Glass Co. That's likely a 1944 date-code as you have a D-patent Coke.
  46. I really like their mascot. :)
  47. I used to be a country fan. After that, contemporary Christian and hymns (I still sing hymns daily). I began to experience life's hurricane and began to need something harder than the light, happy mus...
  48. I've known that song for years. Thank you for the kind offer. Lately I've felt quite lonely and confused.
  49. Very awesome.
  50. Are you taking pics with a cell-phone or are you uploading from anything other than a desk top? If so, that is why they don't upload right.
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