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I'm a student and long-time volunteer. I collect antiques like bottles, insulators, books, tokens, foreign coins, fossils, etc. I do urban archaeology as a hobbyI'm a student and long-time volunteer. I collect antiques like bottles, insulators, books, tokens, foreign coins, fossils, etc. I do urban archaeology as a hobby. I'm a furry, and my fursona is Bear-- hence my name, which combined with a few other aspects to make me Spirit Bear. I'm also here to educate and get more education. (Read more)


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  1. The blue circles on the underside usually mean Japanese.
  2. The cord is newer (like 1950s), but the style looks art-deco (which does work for the 1950s).
  3. The screws on the bottle opener are very modern.
  4. The most extreme deja-vu. I just got home from work, where I've been since before this was posted (with no access to internet) and am quite sure I've seen this post and these comments before, just a f...
  5. I think it's in Greek?
  6. Looks good.
  7. The stamp looked too modern to me, so I did a little research. https://www.allnumis.com/stamps-catalog/netherlands/trees Try a UV light if you have it. The cards should light up under it as, I be...
  8. Seat number?
  9. Open up the back if there's just a metal plate there. Shine a light inside.
  10. The first remote came out in the 1950s and used metal tines to send a frequency to change the channel. LOL. I think it had 4 tines and had to be close-by and pointed directly at the receiver.
  11. I am in regular contact with a guy who helps run the Scott Joplin museum in St. Louis. He may have you beat with loving rag-time. :P
  12. I know that at least that illustration page is in a severe stage of acidification. You need acid-free paper to put between it and the other pages if you want to try and slow that destructive process.
  13. The colour is very over-enhanced, to the point of looking almost too vibrant to have been done 90 years ago.
  14. Ugh, I hate the C-word. LOL.
  15. As I had no idea who he was, here is a link to a Wiki article on him for others to read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Yasgur At first I was confused. I began thinking, Does He Also Collect D...
  16. Never damaged it for me. Maybe certain types of glass.
  17. Oh, BTW, the shell of yours is the exact colour and shade of my 50-year-old briefcase. LOL.
  18. I don't even use a TV. LOL.
  19. I don't think it's a fox, even after I covered the ears and eyes (ears may have been cut to shape. My how people try to alter creation!).
  20. My guy has no interest in vintage or antiques. He likes my vintage shirts, but that's about it. *Chuckles and shakes my head.* We have no hobbies in common but get along splendidly.
  21. The decorative exterior is fully gone. There is nothing left to ID.
  22. *Chuckles.* To quote a song that sometimes comes on the radio, "Haters gonna hate." Plenty of people dislike me. Even I dislike me quite often. I tend to be quite opinionated and think in a different ...
  23. Too small to be a wolf. I spent 11 years with them. The muzzle and ears are all wrong. The fur looks off, too.
  24. That it was 3 feet down suggests it may have been only a trash pit that this was found in, rather than a privy (some privies will go down as far as 20 feet). On YouTube you can look up Privy Probing, ...
  25. I think it was a cat. LOL.
  26. Their purpose is to look pretty and make people wonder. ;) The left looks like a sugar-bowl, and the right I'd store tea in (and my mom would store flour!) as I have similar pieces. The glass looks s...
  27. I'm guessing it's only 50 meters between two steep hills?
  28. So.... don't wrap them in anything. Especially do not put them in plastic! Pure, unbleached, undyed cotton is the best material to protect from dust.
  29. Nice first post. Welcome to Collector's Weekly.
  30. Oh and if you don't believe it's a perfume, here's a pic of one of the most common perfumes out there from the time, which has a very similar shape: https://img0.etsystatic.com/002/0/6119175/il_570xN...
  31. No, it has neither flared lip nor a pontil. I assure you, this isn't earlier than 1890s. Your perfume is a typical shape and size for the 1890s-1910 period of blown-in-mold bottles. It is hand-toole...
  32. Actually, you may want to remove that yellowed rice-paper by the illustration and replace it. The yellowing is acid damage from the bleaching agents in the paper.
  33. Just keep them in a cool, dark cabinet away from sealed environments and away from high humidity, and they'll be fine.
  34. Well, America loves racism, so that's not a surprise. LOL.
  35. Very neat.
  36. As my first car we almost got a '47 Chevy truck. Totally unrestored. Faded blue paint. Ran, but not that well, so we passed.
  37. Fur? I'd not snuggle with him. Looks awfully pokey!
  38. I was wondering the same. I think someone made an error.
  39. Welcome back.
  40. Both wax and cooking oil have fats, which will gunk up. You'd be better to use an automotive spray, NOT WD40, to clean the movement. I've always had fine luck with 3-in-1 oil. There is supposedly a ...
  41. Are you sure it's not leather? Looks like it's early 1900s.
  42. The lady has white legs in no. 1. LOL.
  43. All from the last half of the 1900s.
  44. It looks like a poorly preserved ammonite fossil. They lived and still, in some form, live in the seas. The reason I think ammonite is because you can clearly see the swirl pattern of the shell.
  45. Well, it certainly is an odd find.
  46. Looks nice, but it's hard for me to imagine places where everything isn't trees. LOL.
  47. *Chuckles.* How cute. Thank you, Brunswick.
  48. Well, if it's small, I'd say it's a cologne or perfume. Looks like a typical early 1900s cologne. There's likely more down there.
  49. What exactly is a 'negro shouting song'?
  50. How very awesome.
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