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On a mountain watching & smiling

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.E mail... (Read more)


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  1. '-)> ....
  2. I gaze a at a piece of art like this and wonder how they were able to control the colors in the kiln well as what kind of kiln,. glass ,clay a touch of this and that as well ..I have a b...
  3. James Dean .....Comes to mind ... nice ..
  4. Sweet,,, I see what you were talking about now PhilD....enjoy the day..
  5. Last one.. don't think I'll post so much ..rather have some one drive nails under my finger nails, then bang away on a key Thanks all for the loves ..,,,enjoy whats left of the day...
  6. Thanks for all the loves and warm comments ..UV light is on my list Amatoor ;=) and thanks for your input on the page ...
  7. Running out of skin on my typing finger ...chuckling Thanks for the great comments and loves ''
  8. thanks for the loves.... EJW-54 fortapache Manikin. kerry10456. CindB
  9. Thanks all for the loves ...
  10. Love the input on this as well as you personal Utube for there Documentary's & Music which the head set is always on when in cyber space ...thank you Manikin..I have few stories I could ...
  11. thanks all for the loves and kind comments racer4four . NevadaBlades. blunderbuss2. Nicefice. brunswick. mikelv85. SEAN68 vetraio50
  12. this is great
  13. thanks all for the loves and comment ..@ Manikin ..Hope life has been treating you well.... Prairie Girl.. ;-)
  14. Beer Bar Tap Handle...?
  15. Who knew.....smiling !!! love the post, great info..thanks for sharing...
  16. thanks for all the loves and stopping by ...enjoy the day CindB nutsabotas6 mikelv85 antiquerose. glassiegirl blunderbuss2 racer4four. NevadaBlades vetraio50 Nicefice. bobby725
  17. I think he was shipping it to St Martin ...something about they want it for a condos...
  18. lovely...........
  19. Never seen them before,.... very cool
  20. thanks all for the loves and stopping by.........
  21. Thank you..Sean ,N B ...& vetraio50 for stoping by and the loves... ;-)
  22. very nice..
  23. Well beam me up love it ..nice save.and its always cool to be the first... ;-))
  24. Thanks Gruff for all that Great information...I was going to hit you with 10 or 15 Questions , So you would offer me 20 bucks or so to go by a book on him and not ask any more Questions on it ...
  25. Thank you N B and Phil for your loves & comment....
  26. Sorry SpritBear was chasing down a book dealer the same time I was in hear who didn't known how to rate a book he sold me and I sent back.. Yes it just a souvenir that the missions sell and sold fo...
  27. U most likley know all this Gruff but thought I would throw it out .. smiling Just love the style and colors ;;
  28. LOL Ruckle...My mom would tell him where to go ..smiling He spoke and wrote french flawlessly...but didn't want us kids to learn it for some reason.. My cousin lives in Quebec another Murphy...But al...
  29. Put the old candle holders to a few pigs in my day...after they came out of the tank.... ;-)
  30. U can have a duel citizenship mom was from Noveeeeee, she spoke blueberry french as my father would say...smiling
  31. lol....
  33. lovely...
  35. Thank you Sean.........
  36. love it ...your a man of the world ....
  37. smiling ..thanks buddy..
  38. very nice Sean............
  39. looks like a good read I will have to get a copy...thanks Virginia.. Paulo Coelho's enchanting novel has inspired a devoted following around the world. This story, dazzling in its powerful simpli...
  41. Tanks all for the loves ...Thank you kindly for your comments ...nutsabotas6
  42. Thanks Virginia...yes nothing better then traveling from time to time ..but theres no place like home.......I'll throw a post up for ya in a few..thanks all for the loves and stopping by...
  43. lovely ...
  44. I would say its solved by.. martika,..I,ll post my two to show u the bottoms...
  45. just lovely...
  46. I want one nice bike ,nice picture ..,
  47. thank you .. N B .. Efesgirl.. and Aura... for the loves and stopping by...
  48. thanks all for the loves and great comments ...suns out, time to go play ..have a great dayyyyyy..
  49. nice kitty Sir Thomas ...smiling
  50. LOL Kyra...he's sitting on my shoulder while I try to bang things out on the key board with one hand dont mind the type ooooooo's as far as the hike from what i under stand all you need is ...
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I confess Beatles rug swatch...Cleveland...1964... W.J Loth Wood Stove


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