Northern Iowa

Being the youngest of seven children and raised on a small farm in southwest Minnesota during the late 50’s and 60’s, our parents taught us to maintain and repair eqBeing the youngest of seven children and raised on a small farm in southwest Minnesota during the late 50’s and 60’s, our parents taught us to maintain and repair equipment. We were also taught to be inventive, like take some of the old “junk” and make something useful out of it. Apparently this same upbringing is what gave me the craving to have home made “toys” or do with with what is available for entertainment. What else could be the reason for my diverse interests? Collecting most likely did not start with rocks, rocks are something that was handpicked from the field and were collected in large piles. Not my version of fun, nope not at all… Through my late teens I do remember collecting beer cans; Wow, did I have a lot of beer cans in such a short period of time. Most that found were empty, but some were full, then magically became empty… ? Those are all gone now, took up to much space and were hard to display. When I came across the Evan’s Ten Strike (http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/12245-evans-ten-strike-arcade-game), it was a turning point… I like the EM stuff, but never made a real effort to acquire old machines until the last few years. It’s not so much as collecting, it’s the pleasure that is finding one cheap that don’t work and make the machine operational again… Yep to me that’s where the fun is… (Read more)


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  1. Okay... too bad we can't share videos so we could see the tool in action..... the up and down thingy could be interesting.. Probably something for farmers long before they had 32+ row planters... ...
  2. The best part is that you are still using it!
  3. Looks like a nice machine, well worth hanging on to and cleaning it up...
  4. To me I believe that the 70's was probably the start of the "use, abuse and through away" world... Not many people would cherish property enough to make it last for ever... I know I was as guilty a...
  5. Thanks Kigatinitz! Twins??
  6. Nice picture.. What is the size of the photo?
  7. Thanks Kivatinitz.... Sorry I missed your birthday.. lol... :-)
  8. If you would like to continue your search, there are several good sites, I would start with: AntiqueRadios.com, which may lead you to other sites. If you have a number on the chassis, those numbers a...
  9. If you have not done this, remove the back of the radio and look for identification and numbers... Generally that is where the real information can be found.
  10. Thank you Toyman!
  11. Great... I just love looking at old abandon sites... Enjoy while it still stands..
  12. Great... I just love looking at old abandon sites... Enjoy while it still stands..
  13. Love it.. So.. How does a "Super Charged" pedal car work??.. :-)
  14. Thanks PatSea! Thanks KristineK
  15. Thanks CindB and Marcobabe!
  16. Nice lighter... "I did notice that the fish is bigger then you!" :)
  17. A necessity for every Man Cave... :-)
  18. Probably more like "Amateur Radio" (HAM)... CB did not require a license, just an identification document that was issued by the FCC. CB could only operate in the 27MHz rage with the 40 channels provi...
  19. Thanks for the love timinaz!
  20. Opps Correction Not a furniture expert.. But if you enjoy it I would not think that $275 was NOT too much.. Love it..
  21. Humm... 76, I was collecting beer cans... absolutely not interesting in electronic games.. ;-)
  22. Thanks for sharing! Look good to me...
  23. Jewels, some of this stuff is getting real collectible to the right group... Enjoy.... :-) (Oh.. I am not one of them.)
  24. Not a furniture expert.. But if you enjoy it I would not think that $275 was too much.. Love it..
  25. Okay, I guess that removes all doubt..
  26. Thanks Bowhunter! Have you filled your tags? I could fill tags every night, the deer are plentiful on the route home..
  27. Thanks CindB and FortApache
  28. Thank aghcollect!
  29. Thanks Manikin!
  30. Thanks Jewels!
  31. Thanks Trey!
  32. I think of the Popeye cartoon with Bluto as Alibaba.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJbj6TBYgf0 Thanks for sharing!
  33. Very nice display case...
  34. Does your wife comment that it does not take as long as it used too? (Cutting your hair that is...) Mine does, as she makes a reference to my balding head... :-)
  35. Thanks SJR.... It is has many fond memories with the family and is a keepsake..
  36. Thanks: Jewels, Bigsarge,pwsest1944, Jono, pops52, SEAN68, pickingupbones, stonesfan1, kerry10456, trunkman, & gargoylecollector
  37. Thanks for the appreciation; Jewels, SEAN68, aghcollect, lundy, Dallymae, filmnet and walksoftly...
  38. Thanks for the love: Jewels, battlegear, PeaseJean55, Ginseng108, & Try...
  39. Yes, give it plenty of TLC and a good home.. Excellent keepsake for the family.
  40. Beautiful! ... You must have goodly amount of space to keep one of those around.
  41. Looks like you have a few others.. Will you be sharing pictures of those as well?
  42. Nice Machine... :-)
  43. Sorry, Typo.. Murray.. :-)
  44. Possibly Murry... They made various pedal vehicles for children..
  45. Thanks RustFarm!
  46. Nice Bike...
  47. That is really cool.... Did you ever think about pulling a plow? :-)
  48. Thanks RustFarm!
  49. Thanks lzenglish.. The engine was bolted sold as well. We had an idler pulley and connected to a foot peddle, depressing the peddle would tighten the belt. Engine speed was controlled by a cable and...
  50. http://www.beamsuntory.com/brands/windsor
  51. See more


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