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Sheffield "Suitcase" Travel Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Book Of Time - Clocksin Clocks
Lux Rotary Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Western Clock Mfg. Co. Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
F.Dick Cutlery Pocket Watch Fob - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
What is this ?? (Shoe Buttoning Frame/Hook) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
A Westclox Story - Clocksin Clocks
U.S. Mint Sample / Money Art - US Paper Moneyin US Paper Money
Wienermobile Today & a 1952 Model  - Advertisingin Advertising
Westclox Store Counter Display  - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. shawnicus, these are 2mm pinfire berloque pistols (more can be seen here: Thanks for the appreciation.
  2. nice little travel alarm.
  3. Nice family heirloom collection. Dave
  4. Racer4four, I agree, the 12 size pw fits great. Thanks for the appreciation: racer4four officialfuel
  5. Thanks for the kind words & appreciation: mikelv85 jscott0363 fortapache
  6. Sorry, I think this is what I wanted to show: Dave
  7. I found these C. C. & Co. Lures: Dave
  8. This might give you some information: Dave
  9. Wandlessfairy, the watch itself has no connection as being manufactured for the scouts. The scout pin with the watch might mean a scout carried that watch. There are a few "dollar watch" companies th...
  10. Wandlessfairy, These are Ingersoll watches made in Great Britain. If you pop the back off you should see a number stamped on the plate, i.e. 73 meaning 1973. I have a few of these. Dave
  11. Sad to see empty, deserted baseball fields. Happy to say in my hometown baseball is strong from little league teams, High School, College & a Minor League team that I have had season tickets to for th...
  12. I think it is a Rover 2000 TC 4-Door Saloon 1973 Dave
  13. Thanks for the appreciation: SEAN68 valentino97 Caperkid Bruce99 (thanks also for the comment) vetraio50 walksoftly bb2 Manikin pops52
  14. Thanks Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse for the appreciation.
  15. Alan, It could be in the "traveling clock", "desk clock", "night stand clock" category. I would like to see the one you have. Thanks for the appreciation: mikelv85 Alan2310 TassieDevil (thanks for...
  16. jscott0363, I really like, what I call, my little miniatures. Thanks for the appreciation.
  17. Thanks officialfuel for the appreciation.
  18. Thanks artfoot for the appreciation.
  19. Nice find!! I have a copy of Sheep's World's Fair Photographed of the 1983 Columbian Exposition and on page 81 is the same photo you show in your first photo of Bohemian Glass. The post of my copy is ...
  20. very unique. I like it. Dave
  21. The 4th one on the top row is the closest match I could find. I have no idea if this is what you were looking for, but the search was fun. Dave
  22. Thanks for the appreciation: lee120275 Radegunder
  23. Thanks again fleafinder, appreciate the extra click. Thanks lisa for the appreciation.
  24. Thanks fleafinder for the appreciation.
  25. Thanks leese for the appreciation.
  26. There are many styles of this type of clip-on watch chain/fob. Here is one that has a wax seal & the last photo shows it attached to the breast pocket. Dave
  27. Thanks for the appreciation: vetraio50 officialfuel
  28. Sean, nice stop watch. I have a red Westclox one that is similar to this, but with only one side button, cross checkered flags and a J.W. Dant Speedway Time Chart insert in the box.
  29. Thanks for the appreciation: fleafinder walksoftly Hunter
  30. trench art candle holder/stand ???
  31. Thanks for the appreciation: brunswick fortapache ravage60 (I have had mine since the late 70's early 80's) TassieDevil racer4four GeodeJem Efesgirl mikelv85 iggy buckethead Bruce99
  32. Thanks bb2 for the appreciation.
  33. Thanks Ken for the appreciation. It's always a plus to me when the box is accompanying the item.
  34. jscott0363, definitely a curiosity piece of it's time. Thanks for the appreciation.
  35. Thanks ttomtucker for the appreciation.
  36. rlwindle, these are great clocks, thanks for sharing yours and thanks for the appreciation here.
  37. The back comes off by turning it counter-clockwise. Place the face of the watch in one palm & with your other palm unscrew it. Dave
  38. Thanks bobbee for the appreciation.
  39. Thanks Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse for the appreciation.
  40. Thanks fleafinder for the comment and appreciation. Also thanks to: Capered walksoftly
  41. Thanks for the comment & appreciation: aura jscott0363 bb2 ( I'm glad you enjoyed it)
  42. raven1, I'm not sure you are still checking in on CW, but I can at least offer some information on these handcuffs. These are manufactured by the Peerless Handcuff Company in Springfield, Massachuset...
  43. Thanks for the appreciation: vetraio50 officialfuel pops52 (thanks for reading my long post. My addiction to dollar watches). mikelv85
  44. bb2, wishing you great success on your recovery project. Will be anticipating a great report. Dave
  45. Thanks lee120275 for the appreciation.
  46. fleafinder, PCC has already commented (see #7). Thanks walksoftly & fleafinder for the appreciation.
  47. Thanks for the appreciation: TassieDevil (glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment) fleafinder fortapache
  48. Thanks for the appreciation: bb2 Caperkid
  49. Thanks again ttomtucker.
  50. Thanks ttomtucker for the appreciation.
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