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1880's Seth Thomas Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Pocket Watch Coin Bank - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
H.Z. Culver, National Watch Co. (Elgin Watch Co.) - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Wishing You An Ingersoll Christmas - Christmasin Christmas
"SIR" PENT Dated 16 September 1946 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
"SIR" PENT Dated 7 September 1946 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Shi'ite Toilet Tissue - Paperin Paper
More Folding Knife Pocket Watch Fobs - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Folding Knife Pocket Watch Fob - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
2mm Pinfire Pistol Cufflinks & Tie Clips - Accessoriesin Accessories


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  6. Another great clock. Thanks for the link. Dave
  7. Don't know how I missed this one. Thanks for posting it. Dave
  8. Ok, I found another reference to Commercial & Savings Bank in Stockton, CA. Two possibilities of the origin of this bank. Still searching for others. (pdf) Celebrate Art & History - Downtown Stockto...
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  10. The only state that I can find a financial institution named, The Commercial & Savings Bank (CSB), is in Ohio and none of their branches are listed in Stockton, Ohio.
  11. Thanks for the appreciation & comments. There is also a Stockton, Ohio. valentino97 officialfuel vetraio50 Kydur mikelv85 Alan2310 PhilDavidAlexanderMorris Roycroftbooksfromme1 surfdub66 ize...
  12. Thanks BB2 for the appreciation and here is a list of U.S.A. cities named Stockton: Stockton, AL Stockton, CA Stockton, GA Stockton, IA Stockton, IL Stockton, KS Stockton, MD Stockton, MN ...
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  14. Thank you aghcollect & walksoftly for the appreciation. PatSea, I'm going freshwater fishing for sturgeon. They are regulated and they have to be 46" to 66" to be a legal keeper. The last one I caugh...
  15. Hello PatSea, I love your profile photo, I hope I can catch a fish that big tomorrow! About your watches. I only collect pocket watches and do not do any repairs. I have to find others to do that for...
  16. Thanks Ken for the appreciation & comments. You are correct about todays banks. A while back I wanted to move some money from one bank and open a savings account in another one (not a small amount eit...
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  27. I have several radium dial "dollar" pocket watches and I think your fears are unnecessary. The Aristocrat Watch Co. N.Y. was a marketing company for the E. Ingraham Co. of Bristol, Conn. founded in ...
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  39. I agree with pops52. I'm not sure if it is just the crystal that is damaged or if there is damage to the dial also. If so, you might be able to find someone to repair the dial also. Dave
  40. Musikchoo, re-check the serial number on the movement. The number you listed does not match your watch. The photo of the movement is not clear enough for me to see the number. Dave
  41. Musikchoo, after enlarging the movement photo, the serial number is 10302651. Here is some information on your watch: Grade: 240 B.W. Raymond Movement Serial Number:10302651 Grade:240 Model: 8 ...
  42. Trey, researching a item I have acquired is just as fun as the "thrill of the hunt", or in this case, an item that found me. A little more history: H.Z Culver, after his initial investment was electe...
  43. "Ho-Ho-Horology..." Great toolate. Santa has no excuse "not to be on-time" at my house!! Besides, I love these Ingersoll's or any other "dollar watch". Dave
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