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Rollin White Arms Co. 
Tremont Watch Company - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Civil War Chess Set - Gamesin Games
Redwood Burl Slab Clock - Clocksin Clocks
1952 Wienermobile - Advertisingin Advertising
Yamaha Dealership Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Waltham 8-Day Desk / Calendar Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Smith & Wesson "Direct Infringements" 
Wendover  Will - Signsin Signs
Woody Woodpecker PW - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches


  1. Thanks Peasejean for the appreciation.
  2. fortapache, thanks for the compliments and appreciation. Also thanks to: Roycroftbooksfromme1 mikelv85
  3. Thanks aghcollect for the appreciation.
  4. White/S&W Infringements & Evasions I have posted:
  5. Thanks lundy for the appreciation.
  6. Thanks Trey for the appreciation.
  7. Thanks Trey for the appreciation.
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  9. Thanks for the appreciation: SEAN68 gargoylecollector watchnut
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  12. Brings back a lot of memories. Still like watching old cowboy movies & TV Series on the Encore Western channel. Thanks for sharing these, Dave
  13. Thank you for the appreciation: Rattletrap frisco
  14. Kerry, the granddaughters said the reason why the lady was selling it was because she didn't want to get caught with anything connected with the confederate flag. They told her, "we're sure my grandpa...
  15. Thanks for the appreciation: aghcollect kyratango Kerry racer4four vetraio50 mikelv85 walksoftly captainslack
  16. BB2, Just having the magazine to your "grease gun" in my possession, in my state, would change my wardrobe to those horizontal pin-striped suits. Thinking about moving to Arizona, the most gun friend...
  17. watchnut, you are welcome. Click on link below and you can see a few I have posted. The collection list on the left side will help find them. I had a lot posted at one time, then deleted them. I'm slo...
  18. BB2, you are correct on the possibilities. I was looking for an oval with a ELG and star inside and a crown on top of the oval, or a crown over R or PV for Belgian proofs, British were similar, but I ...
  19. Thanks petey for the appreciation.
  20. Thanks petey for the appreciation.
  21. Thanks petey for the appreciation.
  22. vetraio50, I'm not sure of age but I don't think they are very old. Thanks for the appreciation: vetraio50 petey
  23. I don't know the manufacture, but my guess is that it is a French manufacture based on what appears to be French proof marks that looks like a star over (2) letters. Hard to tell. Folding trigger, bag...
  24. Kerry, by the way, the Ingersoll ad is from a Sears 1938 advertisement. The Ingraham 3-watch ad is from a Sears 1941 advertisement. There are 1951 ads still showing them. So this shows that lapel w...
  25. Manikin, I thought they did great. Thanks for checking in on my post again.
  26. Thank you for the appreciation: mikelv85 BB2
  27. Kerry, I emailed you some advertisement photos. Dave
  28. Kerry, I emailed you some advertisement photos. Dave
  29. Kerry, if you have a copy of the dollar watch book by George Townsend, "The Watch That Made The Dollar Famous", there are some small ads in it. I'll look and see if I have some larger ads. Dave
  30. Thank you kyratango for the appreciation.
  31. Kerry, In your Mickey Lapel post, you stated: "I have a straight run Ingersoll Lapel watch in brown, circa 1937 by the # on movement, I'll post photo for you, I still don't what market they were tryin...
  32. Great watch Kerry. Dave
  33. Thanks Trey for the appreciation.
  34. This looks to be a similar clock to yours.
  35. I bet the kid who got this new didn't have a frown on his face like the peddle car has in photo #1. Dave
  36. Transitional watch movements are neat. I have one and I think it is an Illinois movement (will have to look it up). Thanks for sharing yours. Dave
  37. Thanks mikelv85 for the appreciation.
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  42. Link to some history on General fire extinguishers Dave
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  45. Considering how many copies of each document, that the army requires to be made, I hope this sharpener is powered by a jet engine!!! Dave
  46. Signaholic, involved enough where it could have got him one of those pinstriped suits (horizontal stripes that is), for patent infringements (LOL). Thanks for the appreciation.
  47. Thanks melaniej for the appreciation.
  48. PostCardCollector, Can't just sing this jingle once!! Kind of like the Lay's Potato Chip commercial, "Bet You Can't Just Eat One". Thanks for the appreciation.
  49. Thanks for the appreciation: Kerry fortapache Manikin walksoftly
  50. Thanks Kerry for the appreciation.
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