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  1. History on the Keystone Standard Watch Co. Dave
  2. mickeysmagic, great watch & box. Ingersoll made a COLBY and so did New Haven. I have a New Haven Colby Compensated. Is yours a New Haven or Ingersoll? Dave
  3. It's great that you were the caretaker of these for your uncle and his son. Thanks for sharing the story and your kindness. Dave
  4. kanukster, Thanks for showing your watch. Nice family heirloom. The Fahys Montauk is the case maker, Fahys is the maker, Montauk is the grade, a 20 year gold filled case. The watch movement is manu...
  5. Kerry, Mickey133 left a couple of messages for you here:
  6. Without seeing the movement and serial number on the movement (the working mechanism) all that can be said, is that it has a Waltham 24 hour dial that is placed over what looks like a paper dial under...
  7. I don't have access to my books right now, but I think Ingersoll LTD, Great Britain had a 17 jewel, 3-finger bridge movement. Like Kerry said, a photo of the movement can help answer your questions. ...
  8. BB2, the number you gave is the number on the case. We need the number on the movement to give you information on the watch. Dave
  9. BB2, This is what I found on the watch case: The case is B&B (Bates & Bacon) founded by Joseph M. Bates & George M. Bacon in Attleboro, MA in 1868. In 1901, B&B was bought out by the Philadelphia Wat...
  10. Nice watch BB2 Grade: 305 Possible Bridge Plate Design. Movement Serial Number:3760012 Estimated Production Year: 1920 Run Quantity: 600 Size: 16s Jewels: 17j Movement Configuration: Open...
  11. I have enjoyed all your great post. Thanks for sharing with us. Dave
  12. These are neat little New Haven miniature clocks. Here is the post I made awhile back of the pair I have. Dave
  13. Here is a link to a Lux Clock Collection & this shows "The Heartbeat" clock.
  14. Nice job BB2. Dave
  15. Nice watch fob. Here is some information on the connection of the Texas Cotton Palace in Waco, Texas and the Circle A Ginger Ale Co. Maybe this fob was made as the plate was, to commemorate the 1910 ...
  16. AmberRose, that was posted by crazycharacter. It is on my list also. Dave
  17. I wish I had a trashed out box for mine! Nice post Kerry. Dave
  18. Sorry. That was the wrong one. I was reading Arthur Hughes. (Printsid, you can delete my first comment) Maybe this one? Dave
  19. A little Sekiden history Dave
  20. Kerry, just tell everyone that it is a "prototype". Very Rare. Dave
  21. Nice one Kerry. This is my Ingersoll 1935 one. Dave
  22. Kerry, I'm not sure why yours didn't get marked. One that slipped by quality control. Dave
  23. Kerry, I just posted a Series "L". Dave
  24. Kerry, It appears to be a 8 size Waterbury "L" Series. Case and plate pattern seem to match. I will post a marked 8 size Series "L" for comparison. Dave
  25. This might be one like yours. Dave
  26. Very nice one Kerry. Dave
  27. George, In George Townsend's book "The Watch That Made The Dollar Famous" on page 6, the diagrams showing Ansonia Movements, Plate 2 matches this movement except for the plate stampings: MFG BY THE ...
  28. Nice Kerry. In Townsends book, early 1939 era advertisements list these at $3.95. Dave
  29. In Roy Marcot's book, The History of Remington Firearms, he writes a short (2 paragraphs) on the Remington Egyptian Rolling Block Rifles where a contract for 60,000 rifles was signed on June 30, 1869....
  30. Kerry, Nice Transitional watch & I like the early National Watch Co. dials. Here is a link to my 1884-85 Illinois Transitional.
  31. Another great item. Thanks for sharing. Dave
  32. Ken, I love your collection of watch keys & your fine explanation of their use. I've collected a few and will post them if you don't mind. Dave
  33. filmnet, It's a "challenge coin" you receive (at least when I joined) when you join the NRA. I still have mine in the sealed plastic bag. Dave
  34. Here are some links to Silver Toned Bell Brand Banjo / Violin Strings Scroll down to 7th image: Old advertisement:
  35. Here is a link 0f the history of Texas tags: Dave
  36. Nice collection. Merry Christmas. Dave
  37. Merry Christmas EJW-54 Dave
  38. Another nice one. Merry Christmas. Dave
  39. Here is an I. Probin Great Britain 1750-1770 Dave
  40. Could be John Probin gunmaker of Birmingham, Warwickshire late 1700's - 1800. Dave
  41. Nice work Kerry. Dave
  42. avendosera, I'm sorry if I offended you. Under the Help section here, and under sub-section, what is appropriate on show-and-tell, it states: In your item postings: Don’t post items that are for ...
  44. This is a beautiful watch, but I'm a little confused. Is this a sales advertisement?
  45. Nice old fob pops52. I love the ones with history. Dave
  46. Awesome Robin Hood. Colors are great. Dave
  47. Nice find Kerry. After seeing your work, this will look great when you are done. Dave
  48. Awesome post and a credit to one of our great heroic patriots. Dave
  49. Awesome Clock, Dave
  50. This is a Flobert Blank Pistol designed to use a .22 blank cartridge. I have one of these. I'm not sure when they were first manufactured, but they were still being sold in 1939, and advertised in a ...
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