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23J Howard 18K Pocket Watch w/ Presentation Case - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Cadillac 10 Year Faithful Service Award Watch by Hamilton in the Original Box - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
1974 Ringo Starr & Harry Nilsson "SON OF DRACULA" Promotional Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. No problem. Glad to help. Nice watch!
  2. Dubois Watch Case Co.
  3. Thanks for looking and the loves Manikin and AzTom!
  4. Thanks for looking and the love Manikin!
  5. Thanks for looking and the love WatchClockWatcher!
  6. Thanks for looking and the loves Radegunder, Caperkid, fortapache, pops52, watchnut, blunderbuss2, WatchClockWatcher, vetraio50, racer4four, Kerry, vonsboy, toolate2 and officialfuel!
  7. Thank you vonsboy. I do collect character watches.
  8. Pops52, thanks!
  9. Thanks for looking SEAN68!
  10. Thanks for looking and the love vetraio50.
  11. I will try to post some more in a few days.
  12. Thanks for looking and the loves Kerry, blunderbuss2 and pops52!
  13. No problem. Thank you WARWAGON64.
  14. Great group. I picked up a Hoppy for the G.B. market earlier in the year. Completely different packaging than the US version. Pretty cool. I still haven't found an ad for The Westerner. They ...
  15. Nice one. Hard to find.
  16. George, I know someone who has a few if you are still looking. :-)
  17. I sure do. Let me know if you find anything.
  18. Thanks for the loves pops52 and vetraio50. Thanks for the love and comment Kerry. Do you have any monster watches from the 60's with a black dial and glow in the dark dial accents?
  19. Thanks for looking and the loves Caperkid, Nicefice and fortapache!
  20. Thanks Kerry! Quick Draw is one of my favorites!
  21. What's the Quick Draw McGraw item in the bottom left?
  22. Looking good Kerry!
  23. My avatar is one of them. Been looking for it for 20 years! I'm doing a write up on it for my site. Got another Tom Mix with original band and a Blondie with original band off of eBay.
  24. Same here. I bought 3 rare items last week, but been slow for a few months.
  25. No problem! Thanks for sharing the photos! Find any goodies lately?
  26. Yep. My fingers crossed for you too!
  27. The only thing that concerned me was the jagged edges on the triangles. I like the Batman watch the other person sells with the Animated Penguin. Pretty cool!
  28. I hope so. Either way, it's cool.
  29. Have you seen the person on Etsy from the U.K. that sells the fantasy Smiths/Ingersoll watches? Have you ever bought any? I am curious about the quality. There are a couple that I like, but I'm afr...
  30. Let me know if original when you get it. All of the ones I have seen were fantasy pieces.
  31. The clock shown was made by Schmid. Schmid-Schlenker made wall and table clocks until they were bought out and stopped production about 1990. They were in business from 1935 to around 1990. ...
  32. Great watch George! In the Jay Ward cartoons, Shep was light grey in color. Very few of the watches were actually made where Shep is actually grey. He was too hard to see against the dial and...
  33. OK. Sorry for the confusion. Bradley was owned by Elgin. I couldn't figure out why Bradley was mentioned so much when they had nothing to do with this watch.
  34. Gotcha. I can't type even when my fingers don't wander. :-) "Most of these were made by Bradley Time Works in Hong Kong, but they had no shame in actually putting their name on the face of the wa...
  35. What Mickey did Bradley make in the early 60's?
  36. Thanks George! I'll get in touch with them. Maybe they can make us some custom ones! You will have to keep an eye out for your sister. Seiko & Citizen made some wind-up Hello Kitty watches in ...
  37. George, Thanks. Any idea if they have other characters? I have a couple Rolex watches I would like to transform. :-)
  38. George, This is AWESOME! Was the dial custom made for you or are they being sold in bulk?
  39. Nice George! One of my favorite set of character watches made. Thanks for sharing.
  40. I didn't realize Big Birds hand was in the way until I uploaded the video and had all the watches put away. ;-(
  41. I'm sure I have another. :-)
  42. I wish they would have made more nodders! I would love to see a Count nodder!
  43. Check out this link :-)
  44. Very nice George!
  45. Love it!
  46. Thanks for sharing. Love the back on this version! I think the dial has been re-finished. Still a great piece just wanted to let you know.
  47. I have a couple of them. I can send you a photo of them and a link for others if you want. My email can be seen by clicking on my username. I don't believe we are suppose to discuss values here.
  48. Made in the 70's by Helbros and is a hard watch to find. The band is the original.
  49. Very cool. I would guess early 40's. Probably 42-43.
  50. "Cincinnatus" c.1894
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