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I collect vintage watches.


1954 "Explorer" Compass Wrist Watch & Original Box - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1971 University of Texas Longhorn Football Watch by Amazin' Time Co. - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1970's Humpty Dumpty Character Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. Thanks George! I'll get in touch with them. Maybe they can make us some custom ones! You will have to keep an eye out for your sister. Seiko & Citizen made some wind-up Hello Kitty watches in ...
  2. George, Thanks. Any idea if they have other characters? I have a couple Rolex watches I would like to transform. :-)
  3. George, This is AWESOME! Was the dial custom made for you or are they being sold in bulk?
  4. Looks great Kerry! Small world! I was just having the conversation about the first character watch with another collector yesterday!
  5. Nice George! One of my favorite set of character watches made. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Sweet clock! Very cool!
  7. I didn't realize Big Birds hand was in the way until I uploaded the video and had all the watches put away. ;-(
  8. I'm sure I have another. :-)
  9. I wish they would have made more nodders! I would love to see a Count nodder!
  10. Check out this link :-)
  11. Very nice George!
  13. Love it!
  14. Thanks for sharing. Love the back on this version! I think the dial has been re-finished. Still a great piece just wanted to let you know.
  15. I have a couple of them. I can send you a photo of them and a link for others if you want. My email can be seen by clicking on my username. I don't believe we are suppose to discuss values here.
  16. Made in the 70's by Helbros and is a hard watch to find. The band is the original.
  17. Thanks for looking and the loves Kerry, tom61375, pops52, Manikin, aghcollect, vetraio50, racer4four, SEAN68, George & bratjdd!
  18. Thanks for looking and the loves tom61375, vetraio50, & SEAN68!
  19. Thanks Kerry!
  20. Thanks for looking and the loves aghcollect, Virginia.vintage, Manikin, walksoftly, George, Kerry, bratjdd, bobogal & racer4four!
  21. Made in Hong Kong for Construct Watch Ltd. It utilizes a BFG 866 movement.
  22. Missed this posting somehow. Great watch Kerry! Haven't seen it before. Fantastic condition. I'm sure it's a welcome addition to the "horde".
  23. possibly early 40's...still researching
  24. Same here Kerry. I have a yellow panel box that I believe dates to the mid 40's.
  25. Very cool. I would guess early 40's. Probably 42-43.
  26. Great post Kerry. Have you seen ads of Tracy watches and original boxes? I'm currently trying to research the yellow panel style boxes and recently discovered something that took everything I thou...
  27. LOL. Always get in trouble looking at the Bay. ALWAYS something on there to buy.
  28. I think you did very well! Grats on a nice find!
  29. "Cincinnatus" c.1894
  30. No nodder version of these guys...unfortunately.
  31. No problem. It's a cool watch!
  32. Very nice!
  33. Great job!
  34. Yes, sorry pattymanwaring. Feel free to delete all my comments not related to your watch. I've been trying to get ahold of Kerry via email, but have been having technical issues.
  35. I have a stem for you. Please email me your address. I am getting your emails but when I send them to you, they are getting bounced back to me.
  36. OK...back to normal...LOL....wonder how that happened???
  37. The watch is rare and the band is rarer. :-) Great item! Be careful you don't lose the hands with the cover missing.
  39. Great watch Kerry. The black is definitely harder to find than the green. There are also different signature variants on both the green and black dialed watches. The black dial with four signatures...
  40. Kerry, Have you ever seen an ad for these watches with both the regular shaped case and this case side by side?
  41. I have a cool nodding head one. It's one of my favorites.
  42. I like the top hat one. Neat watch. Not sure I have the other.
  43. Yeah, that's unusual. Have any other Pink Panther watches?
  44. Great watch! The Pink Panther is one of my favorite cartoons. I'm always looking for 60's and 70's Pink Panther watches, but not many different designs come up for sale!
  45. Nice. No idea how many I have, but will try to get a group shot. I will try to fond Pluto today. Things are a mess here right now. I have everything out and tore apart in an attempt to get eve...
  46. I should. I will check.
  47. The generic ones.
  48. Do you have "Pluto" from this series?
  49. Yeah. Confusing stuff. All Bugs should be 64 or 65. I believe Abner is close to the same age, but just a guess. An ad will show up eventually. Figuring out what store it was made for will be the ...
  50. I've seen mixed, but most seem to be plain.
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