I have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,aI have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,advertising , food items, WW2. I also am in collector car business and build cars in any stage. (Read more)


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1930s 3 little pigs  big bad wolf time piece collection - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
1930s 3 little pigs big bad wolf watches - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1997 DISNEYANNA CARL BARKS LIMTED WATCH - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1935 DONALD DUCK WRIST WATCHES - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1937/1938 MICKEY MOUSE DELUXE WRIST WATCH - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Big Bad Wolf Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1951 MERC THE ROSE - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1951 MERC THE ROSE - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1941 WILLYS COUPE - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1956 T BIRD - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE LOVES. A of the comments and song racer4four.
  3. thanks for the loves pops52
  4. worth more than 20 buck still in original box. I think I have one but have those years packed away
  5. Thanks for letting me know about your watch box. Would love to have it but funds are real tight right now, do not know what my CT scan for cancer check up in 4 weeks co payment will be. Really a nice...
  6. I am not to up on what names that have been given to the boxes as I should be, I do not have I guess what you call the flat box, is that like the flat blue box like the lapel box?
  7. Hey WARWAGON64 I am in Brentwood Ca. about an hour form Sac. I am not to much into tri 5s but have restored 2 57s for customers. One from Sac and one from Concord. I am more into pre 50s. I have a 194...
  8. Thanks for the response vonsboy, I am always looking for all types of Disney collectables. My passion I guess is time pieces. I do not have as much as some of my other collector friends, but I do have...
  9. Hello WARWAGON64 I looked at 1949 dodge roadsters o the internet since I am not familiar with that car. What I could tell and read on the side windows that they are in chrome frames that set in some ...
  10. thanks WARWAGON64, I really do not know if they came with leather or metal will have to do some research and I do not have parts you might ask Kerry he knows way more people than I do
  11. thank you for the loves blunderbuss2, pw-collector and vonsboy
  12. thanks for the loves blunderbuss2 and pw-collector
  13. thank you vonsboy
  14. Thank You vonsboy will try to post more as when I am feeling better. are there other watches that you would like in seeing than others ?
  15. THANK YOU vonsboy and antiquerose for the well wishes
  16. Yes vonsboy I very much like looking and sharing . I just do not have much time to post right now with trying to deal with recovering from problems from my last chemo session. At the end of the day I...
  17. You are so right vonsboy some of the items in my collection are from some major collectors that have decided to sell some. And with me if I like it and really want it and I can afford it at the time p...
  18. sorry to take so long to reply vonsboy, I do not turn on computer every day. Be patient and keep looking as people that collect and get older start selling and the items they have that they bought yea...
  19. I do not know much about your watch Kerry would know , he would tell you when he sees it. I was just looking on ebay antique mickey mouse disneyanna and one like yours came up on auction for 1195.00 ...
  20. Thank you vonsboy, I looked at my 3 lapel watches and as for as I see they are original boxes and inserts. All are with the stand up backing for display and 1 has all papers and instructions for disp...
  21. Thank You vonsboy I love your projector, I also have one in the original box
  22. Hey Kerry this is really cool, you just can't make everyone happy all the time!
  23. these are great Kerry , I loved looking have not bee feeling to good this brightened my day thanks Mickey
  24. Thank You vonsboy
  25. Thank You vonsboy , I am glad to be able to share with everyone at CW
  26. Tank You WARWAGON64
  27. Thank you everyone for all the loves
  28. thanks Kerry miss talking , know your busy talk to you soon
  29. thank you mickey133
  30. Hey Kerry , love this one . I emailed you couple of days ago, was wondering if the insert copy was good enough? can now get a better one if needed. copy machine needed new ink. I did them day I did ch...
  31. Thanks Kerry for the chear will be looking forward to seeing the package. have to go to Reno/Carson City on Monday and Tuesday to get paint materials for jobs not really feeling up to it yet but no w...
  32. thanks Kerry just turned on, didn't do to good yesterday ,today doing ok it goes by the day ---chemo sucks!!!!
  33. thanks everyone for the love and coments
  34. thanks everyone for all the loves and thank you Kerry , I just like making things out of aluminum my next project is going to be a full life size bald eagle coming into an attack landing wings spread ...
  35. thank you Manikin
  36. thanks Trey he found it sitting under a car port I think in Calistoga Ca.
  37. thanks Kerry and Trey
  38. thank you Windwalker and vetraio50
  39. thank you Windwalker and vetraio50
  40. thank you Windwalker and vetraio50
  41. thank you vetraio50
  42. thank you Windwalker and vetraio50
  43. thank you vetraio50
  44. thank you vetraio50 and Manikin
  45. thank you surfdub66 sorry spelled your name wrong 1st time
  46. thank you pw-collector and surfdub66
  47. thank you pw-collector and fortapache
  48. thank you pw-collector and fortapache
  49. thank you pw-collector and fortapache
  50. thank you pw-collector and fortapache
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