I have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,aI have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,advertising , food items, WW2. I also am in collector car business and build cars in any stage. (Read more)


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1951 NASH HEALEY UP DATE - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
DISNEY CASLO GASOLINE AD - Advertisingin Advertising
DISNEY STANDARD OIL ADDS - Advertisingin Advertising
BAYYARD DONALD DUCK CLOCK - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
DONALD DUCK POCKET WATCH - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
HOT ROD - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1948 CHEVROLET COUPE - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1969 CHEROLET PICKUP - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
WOODLITES - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kerry cool phone I have one like it that we use as our only land line in the house and still work just fine. hope you had a great day Mickey
  2. kbair I do not have ant parts for the Pluto clocks but maybe Kerry 10456 can help you
  3. THANK YOU Manikin ,SEAN68 & Virginia.vintage for the comments and all the rest for the loves
  4. I learn something every post you do , Ihave one new in the box and never knew it was animated. thanks for sharing
  5. thank you aghcollect and everyone for the loves
  6. Kerry I am not to quick sometimes took me a while to understand what you meant but I think I did . I meant to say HELLO Collectors. not to good at typing with 2 fingers, that's why it takes so long fo...
  7. Kerry not to want to sound to dumb but I am not sure what ephemera means ?
  8. Thanks for the link I have that auction catalogue. hard to remember everything you see in them.
  9. thank you crazycharacter ,I am pretty sure that they are original as the look of the papers age looks correct. but I do not know much about these kind of items.
  10. thanks for the loves Manikin , crazycharacter and Kerry
  11. Thanks Kerry I was walking threw a antique store in Reno NV., one of the ones that after you walked in you think to yourself what a waste of time this store is and as I was just about to leave I saw ...
  12. thank you Virginia.vintage and Kerry and vetraio50 for the loves
  13. Thanks Kerry , OK to get excited George it makes life more fun
  14. thanks Kerry
  15. Thanks Adam
  16. thanks George and crazycharacter, are you studdering george
  17. Sure Kerry not sure what that is I am not to good on all this social media stuff, I am just figuring out CW site. do not spend enough time to remember things . facebook is to dam confusing to me
  18. no numbers or anything , that's what make so much fun and exciting when you finally find out
  19. here a the movement photos Adam
  20. Thanks Kerry I forgot to include movement photos with this new post
  21. thanks Kerry I new you would know something about that
  22. Hi Kerry I have been looking at all my books and watches and have not found anything that all you guys do not already know yet . I will be looking for the box to go with my watch . I will post mine ...
  23. thanks Kerry
  24. thank you Virginia. vintage
  25. thanks crazycharacter
  26. Thank You nutsabotas6
  27. thanks George and blunderbuss2, yes we have checked all Healey and Nash with no luck yet. I have found in my Chilton body shop book from 1946 to1952 a picture of a regulator from a 1946to48 Chrysler ...
  28. Thanks craxycharacter
  29. Thanks Virginia vintage
  30. Thanks George just got back from Easter party
  31. THANK YOU everyone for the loves
  32. THANK YOU everyone for the loves
  33. Kerry I think you are right about the cans from 1953 I do not have any of them yet will be looking for them now . I not not think many stores would have used this to display the pop top cons as it w...
  34. Thank you Kerry
  35. Thank you Kerry you are right about the cardboard carriers I have 10 of them and 2 of the wooden cases. I forgot to mention that the stand is 17'' wide 11'' deep and 30'' high and the shelves are 5'' ...
  36. thanks Kerry for the loves
  37. thanks Kerry for the info and everyone for the loves
  38. thanks Kerry I was looking at Georges bugs bunny watches and the hands on mine are diff and the numerals are black or dark gray maybe they are glo in the dark. are there maybe 4 styles?
  39. thanks antiquerose I would love if I had the room to display it . and thanks for all the loves
  40. thank you for the loves aghcollect, geo26e and kerry10456
  41. thank you for the loves aghcollect, geo26e,and Kerry10456
  42. thank you goe26e and Kerry great to talk again
  43. thank you Kerry I new you would know and is the fob missing the compass or where they offered without it
  44. great buy I only have a few of them. would love to find them
  45. I was just looking today and ran into this post. this car was contracted by James Hatfield of Metalica to Rick Dore Customs to have built. Rick subcontracts things out such as fabrication , bodywor...
  46. Cool Merry Xmas
  47. Thank You vetraio50 and the same to you and yours
  48. thank you craxycharacter for the interest and looking , yes I would be interested in making it but it will take me a long time as I am so busy in my business and am working 12 to 14 hrs. a day 7 days ...
  49. thanks Kerry I opened the watch and it is stamped 1168
  50. cool love to see it thanks steller
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