I have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,aI have been collecting since 1970 and main collection is Disney timepieces. the rest is anything Disney that if I like I will buy if I can afford it. books, toys ,advertising , food items, WW2. I also am in collector car business and build cars in any stage. (Read more)


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MY INGERSOLL MICKEY COLLECTION - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
MICKEY MOUSE TEA SET - Advertisingin Advertising
DONALD DUCK TEA SET - Advertisingin Advertising
DONALD DUCK BOXED CHILD'S TEA SET - Advertisingin Advertising
MY FUN-E-FLEX COLLECTION - Advertisingin Advertising
INGERSOLL RING DISPLAY - Advertisingin Advertising
KIDDY-LITES - Advertisingin Advertising
MICKEY LAPEL WATCHES WITH PAPERS - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
MICKEY LAPEL WATCHES - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
MICKEY MOUSE XMAS  LIGHTS - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Beautiful one Kerry sorry I didn't respond sooner wasn't feeling to good today. I am going to start another treatment in the next couple of weeks. I am still trying to figure out how to send you the v...
  2. Thank You Kerry and racer4four for the comments and EJW-54, officialfuel, Time Traveler, valentino97, bijoucillouvintage, racer4four, Kerry 10456, roddyq, and thegatherer for all the loves.
  3. Great collection. I was wondering about the signs standing behind the box and clock on the right. Are they original or repos. I do not have one with my box. Will show my collection when I get some...
  4. Thank You everyone for all the loves and comments. Wandlessfairy this is a great way to share my collection with others interested as I am. I really love sharing it with others. But I am very selec...
  5. Thank You everyone for all the loves and comments.
  6. Thank You everyone for all the loves and comments it's so appreciated!
  7. Thank You everyone for all the loves and Wandlessfairy and Mrstyndall for the comments
  8. Thank You for all the Loves everyone. And for the comments Celiene, kerry, roddyq and Wandlessfairy
  9. Thank You everyone for the loves and for the comments Celiene and racer4four. And Wandlessfairy I bought these at on line auction as I did the first display I have but the other display does not have ...
  10. Thank You Antique Toys for the loves
  11. I did some quick research and found the cards were made in red and blue and are from 1939. Did not find a date on the book but found one that sold for 125.00 on auction in 2005. the cards were on a si...
  12. Very cool I am not sure on a date but has to be after 1937. I do not have any of these now I am envious!
  13. Very cool I have Disney Xmas villages but do not have any room to display. Just have to much stuff.
  14. Thank You Whitman75, they would look cool but I can't decorate for xmas.
  15. Hey Kerry I was researching on internet and came across the same watch on Hakes that sold on July 2013 complete boxed with papers and chain, it sold for 1723.85. It said that they never have had this...
  16. Thank You for the kind words I hope to post some more soon.
  17. Thank you Wandlesfairy, All is well for now the biopsy is in line with the leukemia that I have and not a more aggressive lymphoma, witch is a good thing so I just watch the swelling to see if it gets...
  19. very nice piece I do not think I have one of these, great find
  20. Nice one, I don't know if I have that one. Was good to talk the other day, haven't talk to anyone for long time.
  21. Nice start , You will never regret organizing when you get them. It takes so much more time if you wait and you might forget when where and what you paid. I am still finding watches I have not cat. ye...
  22. lot of fun they bring a smile to you just watching them. I have a Mickey and Minnie in the kitchen window. you know they are working just by hearing them and you smile
  23. THANK YOU everyone for the loves. Good one Wandlessfairy ! vonsboy, I do not think you can fit a cord to a Mickey glass bead from another item. The ones on mine looks as they are attached before the...
  24. THANY YOU everyone for the loves and comments.
  25. Very nice watch to add to your collection . I have 2 of them with the mickey cord, 1 is about 3\4" and 1 is about 1\2" in diameter with the same mickey in the button and the smaller one has a red cord...
  26. Thank You for the best wishes. The biopsy went ok but had a lot of pain the day after and bruising. Will hope to find out results next week.
  27. Thanks for the well wishes, I will keep an eye out for a box and let you know if I find one. Yes my chemo days are behind me right now but I am going in on Wednesday 23rd for a biopsy on a lymph node...
  28. VERY VERY NICE. I have a thing for English Disneyana to, I have other things like toys and books to.
  29. Great to hear the history of these things that general public does not know. THANK YOU for your service Kerry
  30. an oops moment that paid off, great find congratulations.
  31. Very cool never seen the box for the Pluto and dog house , Very rare. I have the large Pluto in original box will post when I get some more time
  32. Thanks Kerry
  33. Thank you everyone for the loves. SiritBear these are from 1935 as in the Noma catalogue. Thank s Kerry was nice to talk the other day. Wandlessfairy To be honest the lights are advertised to be worki...
  34. Thank You for the loves TassieDevil and fortapache
  36. thanks everyone for the loves and comments.
  37. Thanks for the loves vetraio50
  38. Thanks for the loves vetraio50
  39. Thanks for the loves vetraio50
  40. Hey Kerry , I have been looking for one for you but you beat me to it congratulations on getting one . It looks really in great condition.
  41. Thank you everyone for al the loves. Thanks Celiene, can you just imagine someone trying to judge the distance of what they see in the mirror while talking or texting on their cell phone!
  42. Thank You everyone for all the loves. Thank you ravage60 for the comment, I love this kind of stuff to and love the store displays. I have a few more in automotive and Disney. will post more
  43. Would like to see what you collect , you need to make collections. I have a lot of different Disney other than time pieces if any one is interested to see.
  44. Thanks Wandlessfairy, There is nothing wrong with oops buys, things happen for a reason maybe you don't know why at time but it may be clear in the future. That oops buy might just complete an incom...
  45. Thank You Wandlessfairy, I thought the same thing years ago and I just decided that it was one of the only things that made me happy, the hunt is what was fun and if I could afford it at the time I wi...
  46. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE LOVES. A of the comments and song racer4four.
  48. thanks for the loves pops52
  49. worth more than 20 buck still in original box. I think I have one but have those years packed away
  50. Thanks for letting me know about your watch box. Would love to have it but funds are real tight right now, do not know what my CT scan for cancer check up in 4 weeks co payment will be. Really a nice...
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