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  1. I just noticed there is an initial on the bottom...looks like a "K" in an larger oval ..with possibly an R on left and 0o on right inside oval....any ideas what that stamp is???? Wish I new some his...
  2. Thank-you..upon researching more, I thought it was a bookend. Will need to research more now and find out more info. There are no holes on back to attach to the wall...will have to check that out.
  3. Perfect...I found them.
  4. Could be with a plug in bottom...thank-you
  5. DOn't think toothpicks would work..slit in the back is too small to reach in. Thanks for the thought/idea...anyone else?????
  6. Similar, but not the same..I don't think it's 200 years old either...will have to keep searching. Thanks
  7. I am saddened that no one knows anything about this watch.
  8. No markings at all. It MUST have some meaning ...
  9. Thanks- Very interesting - wonder whatever happened to the Donald Duck watch???? Will have to find some one who needs the D.D. box to go with their boxless watch.
  10. Thank-you for all the info....
  11. I believe it's a plant stand, too...put it in your front hall with a big bowl to collect gloves, mittens, keys etc....
  12. Might have been used on the door of a store..to push open the door .Screwed on..then could be changed
  13. For popouri..dried flowers to scent the air...justr a guess, but that's what I'd do with it. I think it would be too short for flowers..they woud be too top heavy
  14. Thanks-I'll keep searching for info.
  15. Have rechecked the hallmars- definetly Albert Coles. Thanks for all the info.
  16. App. 15" tall and 5" across. We are from Maine, but not sure where my Mom had found it.
  17. All the photos are the same piece...think it was meant to take the inner cover off- put the top cover on and the aroma of whatever was in the jar would permeate the room...then put the two cover s bac...
  18. Thanks for all the info. I don't think she ever had a train set, but a nephew did...I treaure them and think they are fun to have.
  19. Do they have any value now?
  20. Thanks bags...I watched the utube video and checked the website from Chinablue...I will mark as solved. Thanks for everyones help!
  21. Thanks..I love this site!!!! So glad I came upon it. Everyone is so helpful ~~as I learn each day!
  22. Thanks.....Ewwwww....so the leaves or "poison" were stored in this jar in a Dr. office - possibly??? I'll research it further now.
  23. Chinablue...Wow..thanks so much for your love and all the info. I do believe that that is what my Dad was referring to. He also had a huge old fire bell (which he sold) .He had found them both in a...
  24. Beautiful...I,too am trying to find out more about crackle glass. I have glasses posted.
  25. Love it...I have a pin that is similiar...will post it tomorrow as I would love to know something about it, too
  26. Thanks for your love...Have either of your seen any like these before? Wonder where they came from and value. I would love a little more info on them.
  27. Looks like something my husband would make to add to our "yard art"...I would put a large petunia plant in it ;-)
  28. Not sure- I believe it is wood...hard though and it has a crack in it.
  29. Ahhhhh...now that makes sence. The fancy handle made me think it would be used as some piece of serving tool. Thanks for your input. I have iton my kitchen window and is always a real conversation ...
  30. Looks like a meat tenderizer to me, too
  31. Looks like malicite- green stone..if it is 925- it is sterling
  32. I have a similiar one, but it has no markings. Do you know it's value?
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Vintage Berkel Slicer