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Mickey Mouse Charm - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Reproduction Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Timepieces - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Lapel watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
1972 Honda 350  - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
1935/36 English Mickey Mouse clock - Toysin Toys
1934 English Mickey Mouse clock - Clocksin Clocks
Ingersoll Mickey Mouse store standee - Advertisingin Advertising
Mickey Mouse Keystone Projector - Toysin Toys
English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse advertisements - Advertisingin Advertising
1930's English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse marketing/advertising  - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Kerry you are too kind, you, Mickeys Magic, and I will include george26, have the sort of collections and vision that inspire new and advanced collectors alike, your willingness to mentor, advise an...
  2. Wandlessfairy, comparing my collection with those of Kerry and MickeysMagic is a exercise in futility haha! Despite my considerable appreciation of all things Disney my collecting philosophy is info...
  3. I'm sure your right, I just enjoy the image/depiction.
  4. Thanks for the information, have added a photo of the rear which isn't at all clear, showing a button-hook type feature.
  5. Like Walt said, it all started with a mouse lol!
  6. Kerry, we are cut from the very same cloth, thanks my friend!
  7. Wandlessfairy, You can't possibly envy me more than I do your Ingersoll Mickeys. And you are just getting started! You will grow, you will evolve, and you will learn, and most importantly of all, y...
  8. Actually, they have and are making modern copies of the early American Mickeys along with copies of the original boxes, sadly however they have yet to reissue the English counterparts we love so much...
  9. Kerry, like everyone else I'm interested in anything you post, your collection is vast,diverse and well displayed.
  10. Was wondering if the glass Mickey bead is found can a cord be fitted to it?
  11. Mickeysmagic I have looked at and admired your Lapel watches many times. Hope your biopsy went well and good results will follow.
  12. Wandlessfairy I'm pleased you like the Lapel watch and I thank you for the love, I wish your mom had been luckier, a beautiful little prezzie it would have been for you to unwrap Christmas Day indee...
  13. Was that your mom bidding on the bearded English Mickey wristwatch with a reproduction box?
  14. Thanks Fortapache for stopping by, hope you will be posting again soon.
  15. My thanks to race4four, officialfuel, bijoucaillouvintage, Capekid,Celine, Valentino97, Jlmam, for your support, and a shout out to the queen of England who is not permitted to enter in foreign affa...
  16. Kerry, I know a watch smith who specializes in repairing the Ingersolls so I think I'm ok (when I can work it into my budget!) but I'll certainly remember the tip! At some point I hope to find the Mic...
  17. Unfortunately I don't. Also the watch will need some repair work as well.
  18. Sorry, very!
  19. Thanks for coming by Kerry, yes, I had seen your piece on the decals and of course enjoyed it very much as I do all your postings. It was very kind of you comment, I respect your opinion ver much.
  20. I'm very pleased to hear that you are better and I hope you continue to improve.
  21. I have acquired a Lapel watch, am looking for a box, as the pre eminent finder of Lapels please keep an eye out for me! Hope your chemo days are behind you and in the thick of it all as usual!
  22. I should have said, unauthorized, Swiss made, sold in Israel.
  23. Very interesting winding stem placement, looks very much like an earlier unauthorized Israeli Mickey I've seen.
  24. Snowman3,rustybolts,nutsobota6,longings, thank you very much for stopping by and giving your loves!
  25. @wandlessfairy, yes I know what you mean, saw many horrific motorcycle related things come through my ER! Hope all is well where you are!
  26. Thanks for the love Johncobb, and for the reminiscing!
  27. Thanks for the love Johncobb, and for the reminiscing!
  28. Many thanks for the loves go out to: bucket head,trkn20, oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, Race4four,AutoPinback64,Iggy,Manikin,EJW-54,officialfuel,sanhardin,Caperkid, Fortapache,Leighannrn,Jlmam,crswerner,m...
  29. Thanks antiquerose for the love and comments.
  30. Thanks Blunderbuss2 for stopping by and the love, I just got lucky I think.
  31. Nice collection beautifully displayed!
  32. As far as what something is worth, to me, the answer what is it worth to me? When I've answered that question, my bid is ready and I'm always satisfied with the outcome. May I suggest you look up Mel ...
  33. I have decided not to put up my Beatles collection, though I am very proud of it. My Disneyana collection is nearly complete (I think) tiny though it is. At this point in my life I'm reluctant to sta...
  34. You are absolutely right, the decision of what to collect and how to collect it is a very personal one and best left to the collector.
  35. I still return as often as I can, strangely I even enjoyed the rain haha! And am of course a raging Beatles fan as well!
  36. Always glad to see you've been by!
  37. Thanks for the love manikin, really appreciate your interest!
  38. Bet you already know what I think! You are right! Totally fab!
  39. Thank you for the loves and stopping by: Jlmam Fleafinder Officialfuel Fortapache Valentino97 Bratjdd Kerry10456 TTomTucker Bruce99
  40. George what an incredible,fabulous piece, I'm gobsmacked haha!
  41. Hello again, after replying to your message I saw two Ingersoll pocketwatches on eBay that look like things you've posted, a Mickey & Donald and a Donald that are on EBay if you haven't already seen ...
  42. Thank you wandlessfairy for your love and comment, I will repost once the box is restored, I am totally besotted by these English Mickeys. The only one I haven't been able to find is the slightly lar...
  43. Very nice repair, it cleaned up nicely, congratulations!
  44. Would love to take it out for a ride!
  45. I'm so very pleased you like the book. It should be a valuable tool to inform your buying decisions. If your collecting strays beyond the timekeeping realm there are other books to educate the buyer...
  46. Sorry to hear about that, I've been out of the country so am just catching up.
  47. More great stuff, any better shots of the top and 4th shelves of the cabinet on the left?
  48. Kerry I'm very impressed by the thought and effort that went into the creation of these displays.
  49. I think it will be of service to you, hope so. A bit pricey but has a very good selection of the types of watches you have to look at. Happy hunting!
  50. Sorry!
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