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1934 English Mickey #1  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1937 Mickey Mouse deluxe and 1933 Chicago World's Fair Mickey #1 - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1936 English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse wristwatch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. I'm looking forward to the big mystery reveal, have left you a message/reply on my site.
  2. Hope Mexico is everything you hoped it would be and more, I'm afraid you have seen my entire collection such as it is of our beloved Mickey. Unlike Kerry and Mickeys Magic one small curio cabinet e...
  3. Hope your trip is muy especial y mucho caliente!
  4. Hey, #1 on the "love" list for once!
  5. Don't forget Buster Brown pocket watch 1908!
  6. Are you posting from Mexico? Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day.
  7. Wandlessfairy, sorry to hear of the email Snafus, please do try again, am wondering now if all mine are arriving unmolested? Could do with a bit of a chat haha! And yes, Have been eating beloved ...
  8. Kerry, I'm so very pleased to have been able to contribute to what is thrilling to look at above. After the Chicago Mickey #1 this is my favorite of the American Mickeys, the fluted, restangular ca...
  9. It is certainly outside the common canon which makes me suspicious and until some form of corroboration is uncovered it will remain a mystery, the accompanying paperwork is not unusual, I have seen ...
  10. In this forum we see people actively helping,mentoring, educating ,befriending people who are simultaneously their collecting rivals haha! Where else does that happen?
  11. As with everything else that has to do with humanity and readily visible in these posts, collecting encompasses everything from the ridiculous to the sublime
  12. What I like about this forum is the appreciation of its participants for the thought effort and investment that it takes to amass collections such as Kerrys.
  13. As usual you are too kind, I will certainly look forward to all your future posts as I always do.
  14. If you want information about the American Mickeys, how to distinguish one from another etc. the book in the photo Kerry posted about the pocketwatch in the box you commented on,Time to Rewind ,is re...
  15. Kerry it's a reproduction but I'm pleased to have it after years of looking for an original fruitlessly.
  16. You are absolutely getting the hang of this "collecting" thing lol.
  17. Extremely kind of you to have done this for me, it provides information collectors need in order to evaluate their collecting decisions as well as simply providing an opportunity for simple apprecia...
  18. Glen emailed me today to say your mom had contacted him and that he had agreed to assist her, it was very generous as he's retired now. You certainly may pass your email address to him to pass on to ...
  19. Roddyq thank you for having a look and sharing a love!
  20. A Chicago Mickey.....have you been holding out on us?
  21. The creme de la creme of the American Mickeys in creme de la creme condition of course!
  22. Also: sanhardin who I deleted somehow! I also want to mention the folks at Clown Hamburgers, not because they support me, they are neutral on my collecting habits,but because their menu has support...
  23. I want to thank Leighannrn Mtg75 Egreeley1976 Longings Antiquetoys Trukn20 Crswerner Lady_Picker Crswerner
  24. I think you know what I think.
  25. Kerry, I had no idea this pocketwatch existed, great post as usual. Is there any engraving/embossing on the back? You have so many rare, one of a kind items it must be difficult to decide what to ...
  26. Kerry you set the bar high!
  27. Fabulous doesn't do the collection justice, indeed we do see whatcha got and we thank you for sharing whatcha got with us!
  28. Ahh, stupid me, obviously not firing on all cylinders this morning! No, it wasn't Maurice haha! I had Anthony's Restorations in California clean up the box and price ticket and they made an extra un...
  29. Am guessing someone in the U.K.?
  30. @kerry10456 I'm deeply flattered, am not familiar with MMWUK, who is that?
  31. Thank you so very much for your he loves and looks to: Sean68 Rniederman fortapache Hippiearcheologist Pickrknows
  32. @kerry10456. Very special when Super collectors like yourself and Mickeymagic appreciate the effort put forth, my sincerest thanks!
  33. @Mickeysmagic. The price ticket on the right is an original, the one in the middle is a reproduction. As always I will look forward to your posts!
  34. Wow! Thank you Mickeys Magic Bijoucailliovintage EJW-54 Caperkid thegatherer TassieDevil And Autopinback64 Now, all of you, show me whatcha got!
  35. Bruce99 ttomtucker Roycroftsbookfromme1 Thank you so very much for your interest and your support!
  36. Wandlessfairy, we share much you and I and I'm grateful to be able to share a love for these things with you. Hope you will be posting again soon.
  37. Thank you for the love as always Manikin, and for your comment, I feel the same way when viewing your latest posts!
  38. New acquisitions are the lifeblood of collecting, snap shots of our collecting lives, to be returned to again and again reliving and relishing these moments
  39. Wandlessfairy was wondering if you could be persuaded take and post a picture of Your bearded Mickey wristwatch and your moms #1 wristwatch side by side to judge the difference in size?
  40. CindB and roddyq I thank you for your interest the loves and I wish you both happy and successful hunting in the year 2017!
  41. Wandlessfairy when duty calls in a hospital setting it often involves doodie as you well know! Lol
  42. Wandlessfairy, if Glen is unable to help you I also have someone here in the U.S. that will work on the English timepieces. I never meant to create a collection of modern Mickeys at all, I just boug...
  43. Wandlessfairy you can find my friend on EBay where his username is jacz1, if you can't find his site please let me know. I hope he will be able to help. If there is any thing else I can do just let ...
  44. Have sent a message to my friend who is retired to ask if he would be willing to have a look at your pocketwatch, will try to connect you if he is.
  45. They are safely back in the cabinet, it's a very nice collection even if I do say so myself, would be reluctant to break it into pieces, would be willing to trade if something was offered. Yes, I do...
  46. How in the world did I get to the BOTTOM of this list? Forgive my late arrival to the party!
  47. A worthy addition to the mountain of Mickey already adorning every nook and cranny of Kerryland!
  48. A Christmas cat astrophy!
  49. Beautiful village, bet the property taxes are high though. Wandlessfairy I hope you've had a totally fab/gear Christmas and have a Boxing Day to match!
  50. Absolutely stunning! I couldn't agree more with your approach to collecting and your presentation is first class.
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