1934 English Mickey Mouse clock - Clocksin Clocks
Ingersoll Mickey Mouse store standee - Advertisingin Advertising
Mickey Mouse Keystone Projector - Toysin Toys
English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse advertisements - Advertisingin Advertising
1930's English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse marketing/advertising  - Advertisingin Advertising
1934 English Mickey #1  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1937 Mickey Mouse deluxe and 1933 Chicago World's Fair Mickey #1 - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1936 English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse wristwatch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1934 English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse black label box - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. Would love to take it out for a ride!
  2. I'm so very pleased you like the book. It should be a valuable tool to inform your buying decisions. If your collecting strays beyond the timekeeping realm there are other books to educate the buyer...
  3. Sorry to hear about that, I've been out of the country so am just catching up.
  4. More great stuff, any better shots of the top and 4th shelves of the cabinet on the left?
  5. Kerry I'm very impressed by the thought and effort that went into the creation of these displays.
  6. I think it will be of service to you, hope so. A bit pricey but has a very good selection of the types of watches you have to look at. Happy hunting!
  7. Sorry!
  8. My pleasure. Amazon.rcom also has copies at good prices for that book.
  9. Found some like yours at Peter Irngers Vintage Watches on the internet if your interested.
  10. There are several available on EBay at the moment, hope you find the information you need.
  11. I recommend Hy Browns book on collecting character watches, Hy was chief Engineer responsible for construction of DisneyWorld and has one of he largest comic character watch collections in the U.S. ...
  12. You are absolutely welcome, hope the CT results are great and you have many many years of happy collecting ahead! If the box does not sell I'm perfectly happy putting it back in my collection, so no...
  13. Have posted the box to EBay if you would like to have a look. Hope you are feeling much better these days!
  14. I've never seen this watch/ box before, stunning!
  15. In the end it doesn't really matter as I don't use them to actually keep time!!
  16. Thank you Kerry very much for stopping by, hope all is well with you. I have the bearded Mickey clock as well but it needs work, it ticks but the hands don't turn. This one runs pretty well. Difficul...
  17. Yes, Kerry10456 has the flat box 38 on his posting site if you want to have a look. Not nearly as attractive to my mind as those pictured here. I had the flat box model at one time but trade it away...
  18. My box is the same as this unless this one, the "cake" box came in more than one size. I had the flat box at one time with the display insert.
  19. Thanks very much to TTomTucker Ticktocktime100 MickeysMagic Racer4four Postcard collector FortApache Blunderbuss2 PW Collector Bruce 99 Thanks to all for stopping by!
  20. I meant to ask what you want that you don't have? I can't imagine what it might be as your collection is so complete.
  21. Sorry to take so long to reply, hope you are indeed feeling much better, I enjoy looking at any part or all of your collection, that you have great taste is obvious. That you have a passion for it i...
  22. Kerry I couldn't help noticing (finally) that two versions of the wristwatch were shown in the above ad, one regular and the other a more deluxe version.
  23. I used to love riding in the back of my great uncles identical pickup outside Fort Smith Arkansas when we visited, perfect for enjoying the beauty of the Ozarks!
  24. Always look forward to your postings geo26e!
  25. Always the best.
  26. Surprised not supposed haha!
  27. Two Deluxe wristwatches, why am I not supposed haha! Thanks very much for the post and the clarification! Indeed I'm enjoying it very much as I do whenever you post.
  28. Thank you Wandlessfairy for your comment hope you will post yours someday.
  29. Absolutely my pleasure, hope it will be of service to you. There is another good reference book currently up for auction although I don't know how much European Disney information is in it. Timepieces...
  30. And if you go to my posting site to my posting of an English Ingersoll Marketing page then scroll down to where kerry10456 has posted his advert for the English Donald with more info about it and a...
  31. My friend Geo26e has an example of the Donald wristwatch on his posting site along with some information about it if your interested.
  32. Another note, it was Swiss made and not made by Ingersoll. The advert shows the watch displayed in its box, and a matching pocket watch.
  33. I looked on Kerry's site but the advert is no longer there, as it happens I copied it and would be glad to forward it to you if I knew how. Strangely, as I looked at the advert I realized that in fa...
  34. Looking at Kerry10456's site I see he has a really nice Smiths Donald pocketwatch that reminds me, Smiths bought out Ingersoll in 1968 and produced a number of Disney timepieces that might be of in...
  35. The "bearded Mickey" you are asking about are shown in this listing, the image of Mickey has a reddened area around his mouth that some think looks like a beard.
  36. Thank you for your post, loved your Donald wristwatch post. There was a Donald wristwatch made by Ingersoll and sold in the U.K. along with the bearded Mickeys in the 1930's but I've never seen one....
  37. I'm assuming these are watches sold in the U.K.? There are lots of excellent reference books on the American timepieces that also cover some of the English Disneyana memorabilia, Hakes is one, Tomart...
  38. @fortapache, thanks for the love, I agree with you of course!
  39. Thank you blunderbuss2, pw-collector, and Bruce99 for the loves!
  40. Yes, I just looked on the Internet and you can find photos of the Pedre Copy, and I suppose you could use a Pedre box to display your watches if you wanted since only one original box has ever turn...
  41. Yes, a friend of mine bought the watch and then sold it to Hy Brown who has it in his hardback book with the story of it and the collection he put together. Pedre came out with a copy of it and if y...
  42. Yes, you are correct.
  43. Kerry, thank you so much, I'm trying to work out if it is the larger or smaller version of the wristwatch.
  44. Kerry, may I ask the diameter of the English pin set wristwatch case?
  45. Just judging from the small number that have turned up, relatively few were produced, they created a sensation when the first one mint in the box turned up at Brimfield and was bought for $6,000 befor...
  46. Thanks for the updates George,good to hear from you! Maurice began to have black label watches after I sent him a photo of mine. His boxes allow collectors to have a way to beautifully display their ...
  47. Have heard back from my friend in Great Britain who confirms its an American dial with. British Smiths movement which is compatible. The movement is a 1970's sweep movement, Smiths bought out Ingersol...
  48. One more impression. The Mickey looks like it might be a decal of some sort affixed to the underside of the crystal?
  49. Thank you Manikin, it is a pleasure to be here! I thank you for your interest and your loves!
  50. As I continue to look at it, the Mickey is very bright and at sharp contrast to the watch face beneath it which is suspicious as a later addition.
  51. See more


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