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Reproduction of New Haven Superman wristwatch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1930's English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse marketing/advertising  - Advertisingin Advertising
1934 English "bearded" Mickey Mouse wristwatch with original band - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1934 English Mickey #1  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1937 Mickey Mouse deluxe and 1933 Chicago World's Fair Mickey #1 - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1936 English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse wristwatch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1934 English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse black label box - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. Funtime Playsuits were made in NYC and sold in the 1950's. Probably to take advantage of the interest created by the TV series featuring Goerge Reeves, this particular woran by the child playing "l...
  2. Thanks Warwagon64, this watch came out in 1993 I believe, I've only seen a few of the boxes, have always fought the urge to put it on and wear it!
  3. There is a real scarcity of information on the subject, have never seen or heard of any timepieces offered for sale in the U.K. other than Mickey Mouse.
  4. My pleasure.
  5. Afraid not, which is why I've reached out to seek clarity from anyone who might be able to provide it, Maurice R may know something, he has various variants to Mickey timepieces that only he has. He...
  6. I would love to hear from anyone with anything related to these timepieces and/or their merchandising
  7. I apologize for answering a question I mistakenly thought had been addressed to me!
  8. In the photo showing the wristwatch it is right next to the winding stem.
  9. There is a small "pin" that allows the hands to great moved for setting the time.
  10. Already tried that thanks.
  11. I've seen them but they haven't been for sale or trade. Also have been looking for the American Ingersoll Mickey store standees, which are all in collections as far as I know, so will not likely turn ...
  12. Fantastic, have been looking for a pin set without any luck so far.
  13. Your welcome, I'm still waiting for another look at your English pin set wrist watch.
  14. I would love to hear where you found the English Mickey clocks, and box.
  15. It is brown also. The lighting in the photo makes it a little hard to see.
  16. I may know someone who can assist wth cleaning,restoration if you haven't already found someone
  17. The 1st Mickey made for the English market featured a more "rat" faced Mickey with balloon like trousers and was quickly replaced with the second, "bearded" version. Identical pocketwatches were als...
  18. Am wondering if you might be a nurse in England?
  19. Love the pin set wristwatch with box, would love to know more about it, how you found it etc.
  20. You have a very impressive collection.
  21. Very nice clock and box, must have missed it last time I was here.
  22. Was wondering what became of you English pin set wrist watch, unable to find a photo of it
  23. your welcome
  24. it does not
  25. geo26e fortunately for collectors, so many of these watches have survived that finding many of the various models is not too difficult.
  26. Kerry The US Mickeys are so common,millions were made and sold, it shouldn't be too hard for even a casual collector to locate one with a little effort. A quick look on Ebay should suffice. The UK v...
  27. geo26e Thank you for the post,fabulous piece.
  28. Kerry i wish everyone could own one.
  29. geo26e I don't think of these pieces as watches,though they are, but as small works of art that transcend their function,a beautiful look back to the past, so familiar and comforting and yet ever ...
  30. geo26e but maurice has everything else! haha
  31. Kerry Thanks for the post.
  32. geo26e Maurice doesn't own a 34 to my knowledge,we've been friends for years and he's never mentioned owning one.
  33. Geo26e I'm shocked by the attention these few watches have attracted. I haven't enjoyed the attempts to look behind and beyond the posts though.
  34. would love to see the front of this box if you have a photo
  35. geo26e no, my small collection is as you see it. Unfortunately I've come to regret my participation in this forum, I have received unwelcome attention as a result of these posts.
  36. Yes, also very hard to find an original,not a reprint.I enjoyed looking at your collection also.
  37. Very nice collection
  38. See more


First Watch advert. Reproduction of New Haven Superman wristwatch ATTEN: vonsboy, English variant Mickey Mouse Watches & Boxes 1930s ENGLISH MICKEY MOUSE CLOCKS Mickey Lapel Watches 1933 ENGLISH MICKEY MOUSE CLOCK Info if poss Ingersoll Watch display Mid 30's 'English' Mickey Mouse Wristwatch Box 1963 Honda C200 Touring 90 Honda 1964 S90 Pre-war English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Wristwatches 1st &2nd english mickey mouse wrist waches Disney Room


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