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Mickey Mouse Keystone Projector - Toysin Toys
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1930's English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse marketing/advertising  - Advertisingin Advertising
1934 English Mickey #1  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1937 Mickey Mouse deluxe and 1933 Chicago World's Fair Mickey #1 - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1936 English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse wristwatch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1934 English Ingersoll Mickey Mouse black label box - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. George I always wanted to ask where you found your black label box?
  2. Looking in your case it looks like you found a bottom for your 38 de Luxe wristwatch. Congratulations!
  3. You are more than welcome. I hope you are feeling much better and are back on the hunt so to speak.
  4. I'm sorry to hear you're not well, hope better days are ahead for you. I began collecting Mickey Mouse watches in 1986 when I first realized that the Mickey watch that I got for my ninth birthday was...
  5. I very much enjoy looking at your collection. We seem to enjoy a lot of the same things and it is a pleasure to share it.
  6. You are right of course, I've looked for an original standee like the one I just posted for 20 plus years but the few that exist are in major collections so I had to settle for a reproduction! I began...
  7. They are indeed fabulous! Well done reproductions allow collectors to complete items that otherwise wouldn't be because some parts are just impossible to find. Your collection is a testament to your ...
  8. Have been admiring your Lapel pocketwatches again, they are in amazing condition and was wondering if I might ask a question? Are the inserts original? Due to the scarcity, reproduction inserts are so...
  9. I was thinking of trading rather than buying as you said you liked the bearded Mickeys, and that yours wasn't complete or working. I understand what you mean though. And thank you for taking the offer...
  10. I have a spare bearded Mickey wrist watch you can see on my posts that I would be willing to swap for the pin set watch and box pictured here, which is a Mickey dial and seconds hand on a replacement ...
  11. You are more than welcome, completely understand about time difference and work issues! May I ask if you and your mother share a collection or collect separately? It's great to have an opportunity to ...
  12. Beautiful. Thanks for posting. I've heard back from my friend who says he no longer works on the wristwatches as his hands don't work as well as they used to but he still occasionally works on the poc...
  13. Superb! Dial face is bright, not faded, box is outstanding, well done.
  14. Thank you toy hoarder for the kind comments, the box is just cardboard but at 80+ years old it is holding its own. The second Mickey Keystone projector came in a colorful box to grab kids attention ...
  15. I have asked a friend in the U.K. who repairs the English Mickeys if he is still in the business,(He has been talking about retiring) and will let you know what he says, I am a retired Nurse, was s...
  16. Thank you so much TassieDevil for stopping by and commenting.
  17. It's wonderful to hear from you , if you look at my postings you will see I also am a collector of the English Mickeys. May I ask if you only collect the watches or do you also collect other Disneya...
  18. Thank you very much fortapache! It was kind of you to comment.
  19. Thank you very much for this posting.
  20. It was worth the wait, all the hallmarks of what would be the Chicago Worlds Fair Mickeys are there, and in mint condition with box as well! Thanks Kerry!
  21. Farber not Farmer!!!!
  22. Thank you Kerry 10456, I will look forward to seeing it. R.H. Farmer has a few pictures in Time to Rewind also.
  23. Really not sure, just saw one for the first time today, a lug version, beautiful.
  24. Thanks Geo26e for the quick reply, I will begin to look at EBay for a mite! Will also start looking on Hakes, thanks. Hope you are well!
  25. Geo26e. Finallily got around to looking at the Ingersoll "mite" wristwatch and would love to be able to find one! Any suggestions?
  26. There is a real scarcity of information on the subject, have never seen or heard of any timepieces offered for sale in the U.K. other than Mickey Mouse.
  27. My pleasure.
  28. Afraid not, which is why I've reached out to seek clarity from anyone who might be able to provide it, Maurice R may know something, he has various variants to Mickey timepieces that only he has. He...
  29. I would love to hear from anyone with anything related to these timepieces and/or their merchandising
  30. I apologize for answering a question I mistakenly thought had been addressed to me!
  31. In the photo showing the wristwatch it is right next to the winding stem.
  32. There is a small "pin" that allows the hands to great moved for setting the time.
  33. Already tried that thanks.
  34. I've seen them but they haven't been for sale or trade. Also have been looking for the American Ingersoll Mickey store standees, which are all in collections as far as I know, so will not likely turn ...
  35. Fantastic, have been looking for a pin set without any luck so far.
  36. I may know someone who can assist wth cleaning,restoration if you haven't already found someone
  37. Am wondering if you might be a nurse in England?
  38. Love the pin set wristwatch with box, would love to know more about it, how you found it etc.
  39. You have a very impressive collection.
  40. Very nice clock and box, must have missed it last time I was here.
  41. Was wondering what became of you English pin set wrist watch, unable to find a photo of it
  42. your welcome
  43. it does not
  44. geo26e fortunately for collectors, so many of these watches have survived that finding many of the various models is not too difficult.
  45. Kerry The US Mickeys are so common,millions were made and sold, it shouldn't be too hard for even a casual collector to locate one with a little effort. A quick look on Ebay should suffice. The UK v...
  46. geo26e Thank you for the post,fabulous piece.
  47. Kerry i wish everyone could own one.
  48. geo26e I don't think of these pieces as watches,though they are, but as small works of art that transcend their function,a beautiful look back to the past, so familiar and comforting and yet ever ...
  49. geo26e but maurice has everything else! haha
  50. Kerry Thanks for the post.
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