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1932 New Haven "Bakelite" Lapel Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Ingersoll "Lapel" leather watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Solid Silver Swiss Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
 National Watch Company B W Raymond Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
1936 Ingeroll "Leather" Mickey Mouse Lapel Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Ultra Rare Packaging for the Space Explorer Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
UnAuthorized Andy Panda Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
The Graf Zeppelin – The first flight of an airship around-the-world.  - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Dual Time Mickey Mouse Wrist Watches - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Difference between the 1939 Ingersoll Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck case backs - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches


  1. Thanks Roycroftbooksfromme1 for stopping by, very appreciated!!
  2. Cool Dave, I don't have that book, but will keep eye open for a copy. Thanks Roy for dropping in, appreciate you looking and showing the support:-)
  3. All cool stuff.....wife will love new handle, bet she's tired of that old hedge stick you got stuck in the double-bit
  4. Thanks Dave for stopping by, I'll be looking forward to your photo of sales advertisement on the Ingersoll Lapel
  5. Thank you nutsabotas6 for all the support, very appreciated!!
  6. Thanks Dave, you don't mind if I burn a copy off the photo for my files?
  7. Thank you kyratango for looking in, always very appreciated!!
  8. Thanks Dave, this was for reference to Eye4beauty, I will also add the 1932 "Bakelite" New Haven Lapel for contrast....Thanks again Dave for the complement and support
  9. I have a straight run Ingersoll Lapel watch in brown, circa 1937 by the # on movement, I'll post photo for you, I still don't what market they were trying to appeal to, but they produced them, just th...
  10. Well it wouldn't even been around in the 20's.....Mickey was first issued on film in 1928, times were still good, the depression hit, suit and tie folks became coverall workers and street sweepers, by...
  11. You're welcome Ken, but pretty sure you didn't lose much, $75 for a runner and truck full of tools, you came out alright :-)
  12. Thank you kyratango for looking in and showing the support, hope you've have a great day.....Thanks again
  13. Understand that....but thinking 50's-60's time frame.....I YouTube a lot of the old Mickeys from the 30's
  14. Perry, I have several mother "Space" themed watches, a few were of Television series Heroes , Rocky Jones & Tom Corbett just to name a couple, I believe I have around 20-25 different space watches. mo...
  15. I enjoy the "shorts" but most I remember were on TV, not so much at the theaters ..... Lots of Tex Avery's short here at the Theaters
  16. Howdy Hey Perry, knew the "Space Ship" would grab your attention.....Thanks for stopping by, very appreciated!!
  17. 20 bucks for naked lady lounging in a bowl....pretty cheap for the crowd I run with :-)
  18. Also great shelves to display smaller alarm clocks....hmmmmmmmm
  19. Good afternoon David, Thanks for showing all the support on this and the other stuff from the "Horde"....very appreciated!!
  20. Thank you very much Alan2310 & walksoftly for stopping in and showing all the support, very appreciated!!
  21. Eye4, that's something I'd love to see also, or any thing from that period I have watch or clock in background. Thanks walksoftly and Alan2310 for dropping by, always very appreciated!!
  22. LOL, That's okay David, that's why I don't have a check book.....who knows what disarray that would cause. Thank you David and Alan2310 for the support, always appreciated!!
  23. Thank You: VETRAIO50, Trey & mikelv85 for all the support on this and so many of the others, deeply appreciated!!
  24. Thank You Very Much: Lucas, Dave, VETRAIO50, Trey, racer4four, & mikelv85 you guys and gals are the best, very appreciated !!
  25. Thank you: VETRAIO50, Eye4, these are few and far in between sightings racer4four, :-) & mikelv85 for dropping by the "The Ole Horde" and sharing your comments and support, always deeply apprec...
  26. Thank You: Lucas, Dave, will be watching for yours, would love to see it VETRAIO50, fortapache, Trey, racer4four & mikelv85 for all the support and complements, very appreciated
  27. Thank You: Lucas, Davie, VETRAIO50, Trey & Mikelv85 very appreciated!!
  28. Thanks Sean, ole buddy for showing "ALL" the support, very appreciated!!
  29. Thank you nutsabotas6 for stopping in and showing the support, very much appreciated!!
  30. Thank you captainslack for stopping in, very appreciated!!
  31. Thanks aghcollect for being quick on the show of support, always great to see you've been looking
  32. Thanks aghcollect for dropping in and all the support, very appreciated!!
  33. Hello and Good day nutsabotas6, Thank you for stopping in and showing the support, deeply appreciated!!
  34. Thank you very much Mani, very appreciated xoxo
  35. Standard bench vice from Sears(Craftsman), looks to be a 6 inch vice, could be old but my thinking around 1960's-70's....but has a life-time guarantee beings it a Craftsman :-)
  36. Thanks Sean for the "quick draw" on this one, very appreciated ole buddy :-)
  37. any time Sean....I love these big eyed creatures....always have
  38. I'm sure some people collect things like this, but it covers so many different interest....I love the idea of it being a cool, Thanks for sharing
  39. You're very welcome, love to look.....know better than to touch :-)
  40. Hootie-Hoot.....Superb depiction Ole Buddy
  41. Again Agram.m, you've posted another beautiful piece, always enjoy seeing what you put on the board. Very nice and hopefully someone will solve your query shortly.
  42. Thanks so very much surfdub66 and kyratango for all the support and I deeply appreciate you all stopping by :-)
  43. Thank you kyratango for taking the "TIME" to look and show the support, very appreciated!!
  44. Good day kyratango, Thank you for dropping by, always a pleasure to see you've been by
  45. Thanks Mani, always brings a smile to see you've been looking xoxo
  46. Good Morning Good looking.....Thanks for the support Mani, always appreciated xoxo
  47. Thank you ttomtucker, seeing that you've stopped by and show of support is deeply appreciated!!
  48. Hello ttomtucker & aghcollect, Thank you guys for dropping by and showing the support, very appreciated!!
  49. Good day FortApache.....want a chuckle....take a peek
  50. Thank you FortApache for your quick show of support, very appreciated!!
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