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I'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focI'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focus is on Disney, but I've collected several others along the way, most of my interest is on "Mechanical" movement timepieces with a few later electric and quartz style movements. I've been participating on this forum for awhile and have found a vast array of different collections, each category has been very informative and educational for me. True asset for anyone that spends the time to browse and read the material provided by people that share their interest and experience in their prospective collection. Kerry (Read more)


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Do You All Remember Your Nursery Rhymes? - Clocksin Clocks
1934-35 Eisenberg Farm Products Advertisment Pocket Watch - Advertisingin Advertising
New Project...1951 Animated Roy Rogers Alarm Cock - Clocksin Clocks
Couple more of the Muppet Watches - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Official Mouseketeer Wrist Watch...CW's Show & Tell 100,000th posting - Advertisingin Advertising
Newer...But neat Mickey Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Smith's Popeye Animated Alarm  Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Mighty Mouse Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Merrie Mouse Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Project Update...Completed  the Task....AU 1934 Ingersoll Mickey Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. sneaked another goodie in on me....Superb
  2. late 70's-early 80's
  3. Thank You petey and Gary, always very appreciated!!
  4. aeroslove....that's the important're using it and have a classic style toaster...all good....I paid more for my electric toaster...around 60 bucks....but it leaves Mickey Mouse's face on t...
  5. I still don't swim in Atlantic lol, after seeing movie
  6. Trey....gotta say it....with the big smile on your has a date....oops I
  7. Good Evening Lee, Thank you very much, always a pleasure to see you name pop up, very appreciated!!
  8. Thank you aghcollect, always great to see you've been looking :-) Mani, bet you've said them many a time...I know I have
  9. Thank You: George....I know it was on your watch list :-) Virginia.vintage, :-) tom61375, Adam, Roy, lol and Trey for the loves, complements and chuckles, always very appreciated!!
  10. Stunning.....something like this...I could own...maybe...would be scared to touch , so would be a positive plus .
  11. Thank you Mani, big hugs....I bet you know all of the rhymes too :-)
  12. I see a wager happen, lol.....either piece
  13. Thank You: Phil, snatch and sole bidder, love that Rustfarm, walksoftly and AzTom always appreciate seeing you've dropped by and shared the loves :-)
  14. Thank You Ken, always a pleasure to see you've taken a look :-)
  15. You're "Welcome" example of what fhr was talking about....a 19/32 wrench is same as 15 mm. Odd sized where used in USA, because we use inch standard sizes, while the rest of the worl...
  16. Thank you so many more than one way :-)
  17. Love these AmberRose....just one quirk came out of seeing these....been singing: "Hotdogs...Armour Hotdogs...what kind of kids eat Armour Hotdogs...Fat kids, skinny kids, kids that climb on rocks, to...
  18. Thank you very much Adam...the Humpty watch made this a group posting :-)
  19. Thank you: Mani, xoxo racer4four, :-), mikelv85 and rlwindle for all the loves, very appreciated!!
  20. David....when are you going to make placards for Me? lol....just joking...again neat memories :-)
  21. Thank you Adam, very "Welcome" to the horde....looks great next to the Budman Helbros
  22. Thank You calljannie for the "likes" and Amandajane and Mickey for the loves, always very appreciated!!
  23. OH I'm So Bad..... Thank you : aghcollect, for the additional info on the Farm, very appreciated upstatenycollector, pops52 and officialfuel for the loves and support....I'll catch a couple...
  24. Good day bratjdd...sorry have missed the Thank You, been crazy and I'm touch slow lol Thanks for all the loves and support :-)
  25. Thank you bratjdd and Sean, ole buddy for the complement and the smiles
  26. Design and the oddity size of the one 23/32....would lead me to guess...just guessing 1940's-50's
  27. oops 1970's in descript...I bad...I was thinking 1966+
  28. Thought was...generic character hands, sort of give it that thought...1960's my guess
  29. Stunner....Hong Kong?
  30. Thanks for the info on the "Farm" still strange
  31. as Adam said pre-war would be safe it...and I wouldn't use any oil/ soap and q-tip maybe
  32. Yep....totally cool!!!!!!!
  33. Thanks Adam, haven't see any adverts with boxing pre 1951 just watches themselves. Let me know what you've found :-)
  34. Added new photo....size comparison difference between 35 and 48
  35. Thank you David, Russ and Tom, always great to see you guys been looking :-)
  36. Hats are Blue, Grey/ Brown......first issue is the Grey/Brown.....the blue is variant #2......touch smaller casing also...approx. 1.5 mm and smoothed edge, no rib
  37. LOL Geoge....a "premium" is give away items from the supports of the radio programs....a good example of a premium is your Alley tokens....
  38. LOL Trey, can't have a broken lens on a great clock :-) Thank you walksoftly, very appreciated!!
  39. Looking Great Phil....Congrats
  40. Good afternoon asked if I had glass lens lined up....well posted new photo on my clock posting, just for you, lol,....nos lens...ready to drop in :-)
  41. Hello Phil, yes turning out to be a thing of the so many things now day....The age of "Throw Away", when it stops or they tire of things....trash can here it comes. Sad to think of all the...
  42. Hello everybody...Thank You: Roy. Happy Trails Bruce, hope to have top shelf in couple days ho2cultcha, mikelv85, Bootson, Sean, ole buddy toolate2 and Trey, added new photo just for you :-...
  43. Karen, always my pleasure, you're welcome
  44. Main reason...Kerry doesn't do glass... I'm bull in china cabinet
  45. Nice geometric shape, blues are always on my favs....:-)
  46. Welcome :-)
  47. flowers? How can you display vase with just razzin....great colors and decor
  48. Big Cheers and Welcome George
  49. as long as they are deals like this....won't much, thrift store been pretty bare for old ones....lots of new stuff, but I don't do new....okay mostly don't
  50. Thanks know was George's fault, was chatting earlier...said I was bored waiting for truck to arrive....He said "Bay Watch" lol Thanks again, always appreciated!!
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Old Wall Clock Canadian Drill Press Found in my Storage Unit Seth Thomas wall clock Ugly....... mystery maker any ideas?


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