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My Bird on Cat....VMFA-451.....CVA-59 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Not Your "Everyday" Buster Brown Wrist Watch Circa 1950 - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
It's Saturday and Television Cartoons just aren't the Same anymore...Here's flashback to the 1960's - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Todays Project....Trash to Treasure - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Music Box Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
My Oldest "Wrist Watch"  - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Had to Share This for all my Coca-Cola Freinds  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
The Many Faces of Woody Woodpecker - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Blacksmith Elf "Animated" Clock Circa 1930 Germany - Clocksin Clocks
Smokey Bear Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. Thanks chawatch, Roy & Mani :-)
  2. Nice, "Jumps" are always fun pieces, love the dark blue.... different from the normal. Thanks for sharing
  3. Just to clarify....don't you have most of those "featured" in the Hy Brown book :-)
  4. Thanks charwatch, they're some out there, and always glad to hear of someone having one. Thanks for sharing the others you've posted, Loved seein them
  5. Top of my chart as Coolest watch posted in the Character category this doubts about it.... Love this, thanks for sharing this after describing earlier. It reminds me of the "Italian " marke...
  6. Dave, the subdial is right variant, give me a few days, I'll post one for you to see, just not home right now, if you know....well I know you know
  7. Sorry didn't answer your message earlier, I couldn't...
  8. Good afternoon nutsabotas6, thank you very much for showing the support, always deeply appreciated!!
  9. Dave, just for reference, have you ever seen this style in Mickey Mouse? The retractable chain fob had a celluiod Mickey and the dial was the same as the 34-37 wristwatch.
  10. LOL Mani, yes I could, but that would mean this old crippled up guy would have to write a post, take photos, just being a butt Mani, If you can't see it from that side of the screen, I'm s...
  11. To add a side note..... Wouldn't it grand if I could upload photos in comment section to compare the ad to the actual piece.....oh to Thanks again for this and the other fantastic post, ...
  12. Thank You Sir, now I'm in a slump, oh the anxiety of seeing one I don't possess is always I've been adding the "Flicker" watches as I find them, surprising enough, there's not ma...
  13. Thank you Roy...... for stopping in, always a pleasure to see your name pop-up on my post, very appreciated!!
  14. Possibly a flamingo, my first thoughts before reading description was that of an Emu, just another person's perspective......That's what's fun about "Art" everyone sees something just a little differe...
  15. kiwipaul, again another outstanding example of you have your own mine? Just joking, please don't take offense. But love seeing all these wonderful cuts and sets. Your collection is "Top S...
  16. Thank you: Rattletrap, Russ, kaputs11, Caperkid, Windwalker, Harborguy & Sean for all the loves and support....told you all I catch back up, just a little slow :-)
  17. Email response sent...Congrats on the Birthday Series Bambi
  18. BTW, did you win the Bambi watch?
  19. Hello again me at and I'll give you a few ideas. nothing in the Ingraham line will work to redo this, but I need to see your movement style to tell you which Ingersoll/...
  20. should have sent him home with a 6 to go
  21. Would have bet dollars to donuts, I had hit the love button on this, must have faded away over time, but did then and again just now. Great little bank...
  22. You lucky dog.....don't even have to leave an treasures seem to and as for he did offer hem a o coffee, tea or beer hope
  23. mdditalianusa, would love to see yours. I remember you had several very nice pieces you've shown me before. The Jay Wards were excellent examples if memory serves me correctly. Always good to hear fro...
  24. Thank you Trey, Karen & Michael for all the loves, very appreciated
  25. Don't know what to call it, but would handy for pouring a beverage at a large crowded table at family gatherings...just joking, but interesting design
  26. Sorry Fort for only hitting the "likes", I love the way you portrayed in description, but totally hated the show, so split the dif, lol Have a great day
  27. I will catch up with you all....But for now Thank you Mikelv85 &VETRAIO50 very appreciated!!
  28. Thanks Sean, very appreciated!! :-)
  29. Thanks Sean, ole buddy, very appreciated, hope today brings forth a ton of fortune and loves to you and yours :-)
  30. Good Day Everybody, sorry slow with the "Thank You" to everyone, yesterday was one of those "Bad" days, which I'm sure most of us has had before. So will cut this short and Group Thank you for all t...
  31. Looks like several "Nice" things to stand and stare at here, thanks for the "Eye" candy.
  32. Thank you very much raiz06 & shawnicus for showing the support and hope you and yours have a great day :-)
  33. Would you adopt me into the family? I would treasure something this this for years to come.....Loved seeing this, Thank you very much for sharing....has brighten up a somewhat gloomy day.
  34. Eye4, by far one of the "Greatest" post ever on CW.... the basis of Days gone by and Childhood memories, to remember the box of cereal offer and getting mailed the "Prize" , the smile that appeared o...
  35. Know that....I've been on the search for a 1934 Betty Boop pocket watch for several years, either the seller thinks it's the only one left and priced out of sight or condition is beyond what I can eve...
  36. LOL , that's what I normally do....then in about a week or so, they call/email you back asking if offer still
  37. BTW, we have determined I'm a Corsair fan, but in real life, here's the birds I dealt with....later model A/C, but by today's standards, an antique airframe....
  38. I should add, I'm fairly aware of prices of certain items, and know when the treasure seekers think they have the Crème de Crop and when you approach them with a truly honest appraisal and offer, they...
  39. I thought so also, but just had to share the offers they say, but usually people don't care for my honest opinion when I offer lol
  40. would look a lot better full of chocolate cookies..... :-)
  41. thought exactly...China reproduction "Fantasy" watch, seen many lately...too many
  42. would need to see the other side also, and is this a "Bubble" watch?
  43. There are a lot of glass collectors that favor the "Greens", but nothing says "Beautiful" like the "Blues"...this is a wonderful shade of blue
  44. Okay, I've waiting long enough to get to "Cyber" know you, your turn to divulge your name, unless you prefer to keep your Secret identity :-)
  45. Sounds good, take care my friend and rest well...I'll holler on shop phone come Wednesday then.
  46. Hey Rattle...Kerry here chiming in....might be touch expensive but....
  47. Thanks Mickey, it turned out pretty good, IMO. and all said and done I have less than 200 bucks tied up in it...might seem high to a view looking in, but we know the average price on these are several...
  48. Sorry to hear, but hopefully the package I've been putting together will brighten up your day. Have a better day tomorrow, you desire a break
  49. Evening Mickey, just a quick "Hello" and just wanted to pass along, I have located you a "Stunner" replacement for your 1955 packaging. It will fit right into the quality of what your collection deman...
  50. Alan, now that I've a few moments, thought I'd express how nice a timepiece this is. IMO, United made some very interesting clocks and seem to boom around mid-century. Unlike so many of their competi...
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