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  1. Nice "Art Glass" style clock, I've seen a few of these in different shapes and sizes, I like the shape and pattern shown on this one....Thanks for sharing, always great to find something when out "Thr...
  2. Perry.... speaking about smalls... I recently found a pocket watch with a very old sterling silver whistle, made in France as the fob at a junk sale, I'll post it maybe today and send you link, if you...
  3. You're very welcome and sorry couldn't be more helpful. Welcome to the CW forum and hope to se more things /treasures you might share with us. Kerry
  4. Howdy Mickey and Perry, thanks for dropping in, you're always a welcome set of patrons I enjoy seeing pop-up on my stuff, @ Perry, I just couldn't pass a bundle of smalls to sort through LOL Thanks ...
  5. Good Day Perry, thanks for dropping by and showing the support, always very appreciated!!
  6. LOL, google has to many inputs to absorb much for the first 1000
  7. SorryI can't help with these, but I would be checking the attic again for any boxing/packaging these might have come in. That is a big plus to have for a collector and would also help determining age...
  8. It seems "just_a_random_guy" agrees with my line of thinking....something a Gardener would use in pruning different plants/flowers. Again, I've not a clue, but sounds reasonable to me. I've been follo...
  9. Very nice, the larger "Pie Eyed" Mickey is also sometimes called "Fat Boy" Mickey, this was one of Bradley's first styling of Mickey, they were looking for a "retro" look. This would also me the secon...
  10. Good Morning Dave, I like the "Ice cubes" used, great idea for making a great display...very nice. No joking implied, as I wouldn't pay that for "Fake" ice either.
  11. LOL, I too love the phrase....I've always went with "Well Loved" as description, but must remember this "slightly as found".....Great
  12. You betcha, not to mention the "Fun" factor...sure to always get a reaction of some sorts no matter where or who might be present. Some of people that have the best opinions and comment are usually th...
  13. Good Morning Eye4, oh my yes Bradley got the contract from Disney Jan 1971 and literally flooded the market from that point on with tons of different variants, sizes and shapes....I'll be watching for...
  14. I'm such a novice with such, but here(CW) lately there has been so many beautiful pieces of stone and really good information, I believe I might be learning something. Thank you all for sharing your k...
  15. War64 (Ken), sure thing will do. Thank You: VETRAIO50 & Mickey G. for showing the support, always very appreciated!!
  16. Thanks Mickey and WARWAGON64, I'm sure I can have most if not all of these up and running in the matter of a couple days...The best of the group IMO is the English Ingersoll LTD pocket watch with swee...
  17. Thank you FortApache for dropping by and showing the support, very appreciated!!
  18. Thank you Mani and fortapache... @ fortapache, that is a 1952 Ingersoll, when someone in the past has worked on it, didn't get the dial in right spot before reassembly, lol
  19. Thank you very much David, always very appreciated!!
  20. Thank you: Dave, Karen, Michael, Russ, lndrozdenko, aghcollect & Alan2310 for all the support, very appreciated!!
  21. Eye4, yep all those are, basically trick question all are but1 in #4 & #3 won't be sure until look closer
  22. I do have a few more of these "Transition" style watches, they also used a strap with gold hooks on each end and could be adjusted with a slider buckle in the center. I'll see about digging a couple o...
  23. LOL, both are different in that holding a flower in one and a sign with the word "LOVE" on the other....there are animated variants of these also, were the flower waves back and forth as the seconds c...
  24. Thank you Trey, always a pleasure to see you've been looking :-)
  25. the other is another variant of same...but they are commonly called The "Hippy" Mickey LOL
  26. Thanks Trey....that's a 1970 "Hippy" Mickey, he's wearing bell-bottoms and string leather Jacket holding a flower....
  27. The memories of her food seems to sparked a fond notion in your mind... The memories are always the greatest value of any treasure. Monetary items are nice, I guess, but to reflex on anything that bri...
  28. Hello All, Really appreciate you all dropping in and showing the support and comments Thank You: pw-collector, mikelv85, kyratango, Daddy_Nobucks & Trey again always appreciated !!
  29. WOW.... love the color and details of these....missed them until just now when they popped up with the "Thank You" message....These are great !!!!
  30. oops, that dreaded syndrome of "Oldtimers" has set in over your way also I see.... :-)
  31. That gets a lot of older watches, the unlike metals and humidity seems to make for electralis type corrosion and movements are permanently damaged
  32. No good..... I sit around for at least 40-45 minutes before starting mine, takes about that long before Meds kick in and movement required to do the coffee making....I need to make night before, so ca...
  33. Storage issues or just water in general?
  34. Good Morning Eye4, grab you a cup and have a seat
  35. Good Morning Eye4.... Thank you and lndrozdenko for dropping in and showing an interest in this, always appreciated!!
  36. Thank You: Dave(pw-collector), that doesn't surprise me, I believe in my own mind(No proof to back it up) these were an sample marketed item, sent to select cities around the country to see if sales ...
  37. good Day everyone, @ fortapache, yes collectors we know that the packaging is almost, if not more important than a piece itself :-) Thank You: Dave, Michael, Perry, Pascale & FortAp...
  38. not a clue, but to help BB2 get some sleep...a rose bush trimmer....
  39. I might be totally off base, but Bulova made a Magnolia wristwatch so would put you in mind they might have done same in pocket watch form...the # you said on movement in Bulova watch would date appr...
  40. LOL, we can only hope not... :-)
  41. Thank you WARWAGON64, I've got the right red strap attached already, need to update photos, but old and slow, lol
  42. The "Carrot hands, are the last variant(3rd model) and seem more desirable, but there are more of the other 2 than the carrot style.
  43. Thank You Nuts...I don't know about if that being so, but the complement is very appreciated and has touched me deeply. If it wouldn't ruin my image with the grandkids, I'd be blushing now :-)
  44. Hello again, I forgot to add, I believe this would have been a "Woman Wrist Bracelet" watch very much like the Waltham I have posted... the "Bow" above the crown is missing and would have been the att...
  45. lol, now you're asking a question that only the original animators can answer... :-)
  46. True, would look off to on lookers, but when person wearing it,would pull away from themselves and all would appear normal, these were design for the weare, not to passer by
  47. Eye4, the small is a pin-back retractable chain reel, all enclosed so chain doesn't show until it is extended
  48. Eye4, I have 2 different Woody Woodpecker clocks from 1959, both appear the same, but one is Canadian the other USA, with out close inspection of dial, you wouldn't know the difference. I suppose this...
  49. Yes, but different packaging and small difference in dial, These are like the Rexall Bugs Bunny watches in a way....Both were produced by same company but packaging was change for which market they we...
  50. Eye4, the Mickey's didn't seem to fair well, must been a select marketing idea, not many to be found and never seen an advertisement showing them in a nation wide publication
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