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I'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focI'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focus is on Disney, but I've collected several others along the way, most of my interest is on "Mechanical" movement timepieces with a few later electric and quartz style movements. I've been participating on this forum for awhile and have found a vast array of different collections, each category has been very informative and educational for me. True asset for anyone that spends the time to browse and read the material provided by people that share their interest and experience in their prospective collection. Kerry (Read more)


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New Project...1951 Animated Roy Rogers Alarm Cock - Clocksin Clocks
Couple more of the Muppet Watches - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Official Mouseketeer Wrist Watch...CW's Show & Tell 100,000th posting - Advertisingin Advertising
Newer...But neat Mickey Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Smith's Popeye Animated Alarm  Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Mighty Mouse Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Merrie Mouse Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Project Update...Completed  the Task....AU 1934 Ingersoll Mickey Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Found a great box today...1951 Roy Rogers Alarm - Clocksin Clocks
Project Time.... 1934 Nodder Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Karen, always my pleasure, you're welcome
  2. Main reason...Kerry doesn't do glass... I'm bull in china cabinet
  3. Nice geometric shape, blues are always on my favs....:-)
  4. Welcome :-)
  5. flowers? How can you display vase with just razzin....great colors and decor
  6. Big Cheers and Welcome George
  7. as long as they are deals like this....won't much, thrift store been pretty bare for old ones....lots of new stuff, but I don't do new....okay mostly don't
  8. Thanks know was George's fault, was chatting earlier...said I was bored waiting for truck to arrive....He said "Bay Watch" lol Thanks again, always appreciated!!
  9. Good Evening Adam...... what you think for 35 ? Did I do okay :-) LOL
  10. First....Welcome to the CW Forum, I see you've posted some nice CC items, there is a lot of experience here to help you along the way....Daddy, Sign, and TGBWC just to name a few.....If you follow som...
  11. Hello Ken, Thank you for stopping by and showing the support, deeply appreciate the complement too :-)
  12. Thank you Belltown, great to see you've been looking in, always very appreciated!!
  13. Mani, would you please, lol :-)
  14. Thank you very much aniquerose, always a pleasure to see you've been by :-)
  15. Thank you racer4four, always great to see you've been looking :-)
  16. Thank you Michael, very appreciated :-))
  17.'s Hootie Hoot, the owl from the eco commercials of the 1970's....Give a hoot, don't pollute" LOL just razzin you old buddy. All in all, very neat, thanks for sharing and hope someone solve...
  18. Thank Mani, xoxo, yep I think I know who you're talking about. Do you think I could talk him into looking at this one? :-)
  19. Sneaked this one in today while page was poster George...Love it
  20. Virginia. vintage, LOL,No es un especialista, pero por suerte, gracias de nuevo
  21. Virginia.vintage, Muchas gracias, muy apreciadas :-)
  22. Thank you George, really didn't need this but sometime you have too, lol
  23. Thank aghcollect ...super sonic clicking on this lol
  24. Hmmmmm.....special......or just not quite right....might be closer explaination...LOL
  25. Mani....LOL....yep "Special"....they let me ride the Special short bus too....
  26. Hello Mani, xoxo, Thanksfor the loves :-)
  27. Thank you tom61375, steller and Sheriff for dropping by and showing the appreciation.
  28. Will do....later in the to assist daughter pull engine from her Mustang.....yuk....but what's a Father to do?
  29. You're welcome....I have a New Haven clock...same case design and color......touch older but this one in lots better shape
  30. Thanks for sharing this.....I had one as a child....brought back several great memories
  31. Thanks mickeysmagic for looking and showing the loves :-))
  32. Thank You Mickey, always great to see you've been looking, always very appreciated!!
  33. You're welcome bobogal, hope didn't make more confusion, lol Thanks Mickey for dropping in, very appreciated!!
  34. Hello Hedgewalker.......Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love, very appreciated!!
  35. Ships it
  36. Thank You Lee :-))
  37. Thank you Lee and Ken for the loves and wonderful complement @Ken, means a lot to hear :-)
  38. nutsabotas6 and VETRAIO50, Thanks for all the loves :-)
  39. Thank you Nuts and VETRAIO50, always smiling when I've seen you've been by :-)
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  42. Thank you: Nuts, VETRAIO50 and bobopgal, they say I'm not quite right, lol for the loves and comments :-)
  43. 1964 Cracker Jacks lunchbox and thermos...not much beautiful condition, what is it you're asking to be solved
  44. Thank you : racer4four, I tried to hit the mark, lol Trey and tom61375 for stopping by, looking and sharing the loves :-)
  45. Thank You: Phil, Michael and VETRAIO50 always very appreciated!!
  46. Dang....internet down for a few hours and now I've fallen behind...LOL Thank You: George, aghcollect, walksoftly, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, Virginia.vintage, mikelv85, VETRAIO50, Michael, ...
  47. bobogal..... Yes MZB has been part of those authorized by Disney, Most are labeled as "Disney" on the dial. These watches are sold at the Theme'll find dial configuration that of several...
  48. Mani....I don't and now you mentioned him....not sure if one was ever made.....something to research now Thank you Lee and Mani for the loves xoxox
  49. Thank you Adam and Ken for stopping, looking and sharing the loves :-)
  50. Howdy Hey Ken, Thanks for dropping in, always appreciated!!
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Canadian Drill Press Found in my Storage Unit Seth Thomas wall clock Ugly....... mystery maker any ideas?


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