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Calling Doc to Surgery...stat - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Kerry's "Cowboy" Box - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Lapel  watch adverts from Dave - Advertisingin Advertising
1932 New Haven "Bakelite" Lapel Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Ingersoll "Lapel" leather watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Solid Silver Swiss Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
 National Watch Company B W Raymond Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
1936 Ingeroll "Leather" Mickey Mouse Lapel Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Ultra Rare Packaging for the Space Explorer Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
UnAuthorized Andy Panda Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. Thanks Sean, it's been a wonderful experience , a couple pain pills so I could sit long enough to preform the surgery and steady the old guys hands, but end results were well worth the effort. Thanks ...
  2. Dave ........TA-DA....operation a success....
  3. Dave....just a heads-up....getting ready to post your projects :-)
  4. Thank you valentino97 for the wonderful complement, you're always one of the sweetest folk :-) Thanks you Sean, ole buddy for your wonderful complement also Thanks again to both of you, very apprec...
  5. Thank you gargoylecollector for all the loves, very appreciated
  6. Sneaked this one in on me....newer as you said, but still very cool :-)
  7. Thank you aghcollect, I would have filled two pages of description...if I'd named and dated these 19 different watches lol
  8. Cool design, was just curious if had one incorporated in handle stem.
  9. Good day Sean, just one quick question....The teapots I've owned in the past, had a whistle port when water was hot.....Does this have such a feature?
  10. Thanks very much gargoylecollector, always very appreciated!!
  11. Hello Gargoylecollector, thanks for all the support, very appreciated!!
  12. Thank you for the great complement kyratango, always enjoy hearing such, but you're going to make me blush..... Thanks again kyratango and gargoylecollector for all the support :-)
  13. Thank you gargoylecollector and captainslack for taking the "TIME" to look and show the support on the "Horde", very appreciated!!
  14. And can't forget to mention the Thompson......:-)
  15. Understand... lol. Terms are bit different here I guess, the folks I run with, call the M3 a "burp" gun and the Sten a 'grease', you know us Yankees up north, never call anything the same as you south...
  16. Thanks very much walksoftly for all the loves and support. :-)
  17. Thanks David for all the loves, the support is deeply appreciated!!
  18. Thank you David(walksoftly) for looking and showing all the support, very appreciated!!
  19. I remember these being offered by "Franklin Mint" back in the 1980's
  20. Love this Dave, but beware....The Grey Rook will be banned for having the Tennessee Battle Flag
  21. one issue I didn't care for....had to force sync external hard drive, wouldn't plug-n-play
  22. I have slight advantage...never used 7.....went from Vista to * and upgraded to 8.1 with in a week, so lots of similarities, but lots of things need to explore lol
  23. Kevin, sorry missed this, really like the "Burnt" brown blending into the orange. Makes interesting contrast.
  24. We've always called them "Grease" gun because of the general shape....resembles a grease gun with alimite fittings.. I like them, just a touch slow on cycle rate, but steady and reliable weapon and 9 ...
  25. Great figurine Mike, I agree Windows 10 is awesome, but taking me a little to get use to, I had to fuddle around with the "Photo" app for several attempts, before getting the hang of changes from 8.1....
  26. Eye4, just a quick note: I hope you don't think I was getting short with you yesterday, wasn't my intention. It might have appeared so, but been having "Mood Swings" with the medications they have m...
  27. Thanks Mike, Russ & Sean for all the support, glad you all enjoyed seeing this oddity style watch :-)
  28. Thanks Russ (rlwindle) for stopping by, very appreciated!!
  29. Good Morning CW...Thank you Mike & Russ for taking the "Time" to look around and show the support
  30. Thanks petey for all the support, very appreciated!!
  31. Thanks Dave, Karen, Petey & aghcollect for all the info and showing the loves, very appreciated!!
  32. Thank you racer4four, petey & aghcollect for stopping by, very appreciated!!
  33. Thank you ttomtucker for showing the love, very appreciated
  34. Thanks Sean, ole buddy :-)
  35. Thank you Scott for dropping by and showing the support, very appreciated!!
  36. Just wondering what the Mystery is.... Heres the basics: Railroad pocket watches were an important staple for most watch companies. Standards had to be met in order for a watch to be used by railroad...
  37. I didn't mean to refer to "YOU" as you, but in general, just you can't guess what a person might be partial to, the guy in the pin-stripped suit might have boxer shorts or tightie-whities, same if he ...
  38. playwright Sam Shepard, Joe Cino(know as the father of off Broadway), artist Andy Warhol, Astronauts Wally Schirra(Apollo 7)& "Buzz" Aldrin, Carol Burnett, Johnny Carson, Tiny Tim, Grace Kelly, Ethel...
  39. For all practical purpose....anybody. Example would be me . I'm a Vietnam Marine Corps vet, patch holding motorcyclist and back in my younger years considered an undesirable with the main stream.....A...
  40. FYI, this piece is beautiful watch and dated 1882 if you didn't know
  41.'s link to a couple switch locks and keys
  42. OOPS, these style of keys were used from the mid 1800's to present is some cases...the UP changed out key and lock styles in the early 1990's
  43. Well trunkman, I'm not this poster, but have 25 years on R/R and have a few keys.... A switch key was like any other padlock key, most are Adilake locks. they padlocked the switch stand handle down, ...
  44. Thank you surfdub66 & Mickey for dropping by and showing the support, very appreciated!!
  45. Thank you Trey & Mickey for looking and showing all the support
  46. Thank you Eye4, I posted them just now, kyratango, Mani, pretty wild :-) mikelv85 & VETRAIO50 for all the loves and comments, very appreciated!!
  47. Thanks VETRAIO50, these are not seen many of, I'm glad Dave had an original sales advertisement to show how they were worn.
  48. Thank You: VETRAIO50, mikelv85 & Mickey for dropping by @ Dave, Thanks I'll Post them shortly
  49. Thank you Roy, very appreciate the support :-)
  50. Thank you mickeysmagic for dropping by, very appreciated!!
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