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"Laddie Athlete" Football Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Calling Doc to Surgery...stat - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Kerry's "Cowboy" Box - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Lapel  watch adverts from Dave - Advertisingin Advertising
1932 New Haven "Bakelite" Lapel Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Ingersoll "Lapel" leather watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Solid Silver Swiss Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
 National Watch Company B W Raymond Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
1936 Ingeroll "Leather" Mickey Mouse Lapel Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Ultra Rare Packaging for the Space Explorer Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. Kevin, another fine post....really love the "Blue". Something about that particular shade appeals to my inner self. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Some how I totally missed seeing this.....simply put.....AWESOME
  3. bet it looks superb with sunlight coming through a window...another interesting depiction....
  4. Truck is pretty neat, but Ready Kilowatt grabbed my eye right off....Thanks for sharing this awesome Mobile tanker
  5. Great day for the John's family....Congrats
  6. Hey Fort, can I load up my trains and come to your house? bet we can make a pretty neat lay-out, just have to "Time" our watches for track schedule....don't need any mishaps :-)
  7. Trey, did all these new posting all come from the same spot or was it a travel day? Either way, the score was Trey 100 completion 0
  8. Karen, first off we all know I'm not a glass person, but some pieces do strike an interest in me....These being such. Totally love the symmetry in the vertical contour and horizontal swirls starting a...
  9. Thank you VETRAIO50, Dave, rare is understatement :-) Sean, ole buddy & Lucas (BB2) for dropping by and sharing the support, very appreciated!!
  10. Thanks Lucas, didn't see you sneak in while I was typing up test results on latest Always great to see you've been by the "Ole Horde" and shown the support.
  11. LOL David(walksoftly), if you wouldn't cough, smoking might be alright, byt coughing isn't an option right now, lol. Thanks surfdub66 & VETRAIO50 for the support. Dave, sounds like been a pretty go...
  12. Thanks Roycroftbooksfromme1, but gotta run for now...feeding time at the zoo and creatures are getting ttyl CW
  13. no doubt.....but I reserve the right to use as ashtray if I every make it out to
  14. Thanks petey, have it copied to my drive will touch up with photoshop and print for my files...Thanks again
  15. You're welcome Hunter...suggestion use a small rubber band, can loop in one eye and use piece of paper clip for hook on other end
  16. Will do either tonight or in morning dear....feeding time at the zoo, they are impatient and already telling me to get around LOL, but will do :-)
  17. Peter, as a Ordnance man from the USMC, I would love to see this sticker close up and posted so I could copy it for my files, if okay with you.
  18. Thank you AGHCOLLECT & David for stopping by the "Horde" and showing the support, very appreciated !!
  19. LOL David, thanks for the complement, It should make it now if the ashtray becomes a candy bowl :-)
  20. Roycroftbooksfromme1, the morphine helps with sitting, but nothing has touched the walking yet, Neurontin comes closest to helping it. Thanks for the kind wishes and you know as a Marine, no matter wh...
  21. Mani....sweetheart, you know I don't have to check the hole, have a modern repo on my second shelf....I say repo, but 1960's vintage, so not to modern :-)....hugs and loves
  22. Thanks petey, hope all is well and fine in your part of the across the pond, we're planning on building an Ark...rain...rain & more rain
  23. No problem, I just got done rebuilding a couple pocket watches for pw-collector, he can tell you my you pay postage and I'll be more that happy to do so
  24. Thank you very much petey and GeodeJem for stopping by and showing the support, always great to see you've been looking
  25. lol, I read it just fine before correction, so what's that tell ya...:-)
  26. Roycroftbooksfromme1, lumbar vertebra....3 compression fractures, 1 ruptured disk and 2 herniated disk, L4-L5 is the rupture Thanks petey for showing all the support
  27. Thanks Roycroftbooksfromme1, all good except trying to type your handle while under the influence Thanks again
  28. superb item petey, bet you don't see many of these nowdays
  29. Thank you very much Hunter & Mani for all the loves, very appreciated!!
  30. Hello mikelv85 & Trey, thanks for all the support :-)
  31. Trey, thanks for hitting all these, very appreciated!!
  32. Thanks Trey, very appreciated!!
  33. Dang-namit, missed this... Totally awesome thing to have, I had a few once, sold them eons ago and have regrets every time I see one. Great post Hunter, thanks for the memories
  34. not yet...still doing 6 meds every few hours until they deicide wither to fuse or try and replace filler material and graph....either way, no walking more than 20 or so feet before I hit the ground
  35. Yep, now we're looking at something I am familiar with, Telechron is probably correct, there are a few clock companies during this era, but the big "T" made several for other labels also. Very cool cl...
  36. I've seen a couple of those portable ashtrays now here on CW....just goes to show how great the info on this site is, never know what types of things are posted and what a person can learn from the va...
  37. Thanks Trey, the greasing wasn't a chore at all.....but removal of the "Cancer" from the healthy was the trick :-)
  38. Thanks again Roycroftbooksfromme1, I'll have to add the others to my collection, when I can afford them. There's a Tennis one on the bay, no fob and asking price isn't all that bad, but holding out fo...
  39. Different styling....I'll ask my oldest daughter what she thinks....she's the Queen of Dragon Freaks....oops Enthusiast is the correct term :-)
  40. Thanks Trey, don't forget to drop by the recovery room and say "Howdy" to the Cancer patient Thanks again for the support
  41. looks like it was a good day pickin' you're a grinin'
  42. Thanks Roy for showing the support on this old solider, he came thru it and supports a purple heart now... Semper Fi buddy
  43. Oh My Bad.... so many complements and loves, don't know where to Thank you: Dave, pw-collector, watch them also along with INSP on saturdays nuysabotas6, Alan2310, Have a few more Co...
  44. Thank You kyratango and Roy for dropping by, very appreciated!!
  45. Thanks Mike (mikelv85) for stopping by the "Visiting" room and showing the support :-)
  46. Thank You AGHCOLLECT, figured you'd had something to say on this one, lol Have a great day :-)
  47. Thanks Sean, it's been a wonderful experience , a couple pain pills so I could sit long enough to preform the surgery and steady the old guys hands, but end results were well worth the effort. Thanks ...
  48. Dave ........TA-DA....operation a success....
  49. Dave....just a heads-up....getting ready to post your projects :-)
  50. Thank you valentino97 for the wonderful complement, you're always one of the sweetest folk :-) Thanks you Sean, ole buddy for your wonderful complement also Thanks again to both of you, very apprec...
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