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I'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focI'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focus is on Disney, but I've collected several others along the way, most of my interest is on "Mechanical" movement timepieces with a few later electric and quartz style movements. I've been participating on this forum for awhile and have found a vast array of different collections, each category has been very informative and educational for me. True asset for anyone that spends the time to browse and read the material provided by people that share their interest and experience in their prospective collection. Kerry (Read more)


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Sentinel Pocket watches and Travel Cases - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
1935 Popeye and Original Advertisment  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Old Style Bayard Mickey Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Time Teacher Clock/ with animated see-saw - Clocksin Clocks
Uncirculated 1980 80th Birthday Coin  Queen Elizabeth - World Coinsin World Coins
Early 1930's Mickey Mouse Toy Saxophone - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Newest Project..... 1934 Lux "Animated" Dancing Bear Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Christmas Gift to Self...oops - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Toy Pinocchio Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Mickey Mouse "Topolino" Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. Nice AMF Sporty on hardtail
  2. Top Shelf it
  3. Thank you Trey
  4. You're welcome Trey, love the "Fishtail" design Coke items
  5. Amanda.dora1987.......around 100 bucks.....give or take, depends on condition
  6. And still buying ones, I don't have, lol
  7. The more you find, the more you'll buy, if cheap enough.....your Buster is about 100-150 dollar watch and at the price you paid......steal
  8. Eye4....btw....Buster is a Timex and a fair collectible piece
  9. Trunkman, LOL, when eye4 gets enough to cover both arms top to bottom, I'll send Eye4 a long trench coat and he can wear all at once and stand on the corner and ask passer-by's.... "Wanna Buy a watch....
  10. Again, great room :-)
  11. Michael, every time I see this.....a little voice says in a low, gruff tone......."want some candy little girl?" LOL
  12. Thank you Dave, Ken and Michael for the complements and the loves. Dave, I ran across this one the other day and just had to have it :-)
  13. Thanks Mani, hugs
  14. Thank you aghcollect, always very appreciated!!
  15. I'll start by saying.......opps, I've missed several "Thank You" to every body, sorry. I'll start again with Thank you Ericocon for looking in and Thanks all before also, always deeply appreciated!!
  16. You're welcome, but $150 for an original 1939 Donald would have been a steal, an original sells normally around 750+ and around 1.5k in pristine condition with box. Sorry, it wasn't real, would been ...
  17. Dave, I know you have sentinel watch and stand, do you have one with the dog on dial?
  18. you're welcome Dave, my pleasure
  19. here's a couple links and you can see the case and crown designs are totally different http://www.collectorsweekly....
  20. yes fake 1939 Donald. Seen several of these lately, sorry, but it's a fake and probably came out of England
  21. LOL..... Thank you Sir, that put a smile on my face :-)
  22. Thank you getthatmonkeyoutofme, kyratango, ttomtucker and usedcarlady for looking in and showing the support, very appreciated !!
  23. Two Thumbs-Up :-)
  24. Thank you mtg75 and beachbum58 for looking in.....always appreciated
  25. Dave is correct on approx date.
  26. I have to agree with Eye4's take on possible events. These originally sold around $8.00-12.00 and priceless as family gift/airloom, these sell on the bay in this condition for around $25-50 bucks. Aga...
  27. The Seiko 50 is a nice newer watch, Can't find a better mid-range watch with the character of Mickey, lol
  28. LOL Thanks Eye4 :-)
  29. Eye4.....goodies across the board, I don't have the Buster Brown, had one, but haven't located it in the Horde
  30. LOL, might catch up this time.....Thank you: Trey, leighannrn. Peasejean55, sugargirl, Lady_Picker, trukn20, AntiqueToys and racer4four
  31. Thank You: PatSea, inky, Daddy_Nobucks, shughs and Mickey always deeply appreciated!!
  32. Happy Patty's Day
  33. Thank You: Vetraio50, clockerman, Elisabethan, awundrin and Russ always glad to see and hear from you all..
  34. Thank You: Dave Ken Michael Karen and Mike very appreciated!!
  35. Thank You: Walksoftly Aghcollect Mani and fhrjr2
  36. LOL Eye4....somewhere between Here's a link to collaborate:
  37. I can't argue over that confusion, as for coming from Disney World, I would shake my head and listen to the story. There is a possibility of these being sold there, but in my 40-50 years of collection...
  38. OH MY.... I've fallen behind. Thank you Everyone for the wonderful greetings and all the loves, always deeply appreciated. And Valentino......PLEASE don't give them my address :-)
  39. circa 1966-74 Unauthorized version of the Ingersoll Mickeys of that era. Commonly referred to "Tongue" variant, as printing appears as Mickey's tongue is sticking out
  40. I believe it to be Lux clock from 1940's...will research and get back
  41. What's not to
  42. very it
  43. OOPS, just looked closer....didn't notice it was pendant bad, dating would be newer than I est. earlier....1900-1920's by design
  44. Very nice watch, Ken(pops52)called it right... "Private Label" piece. His description as to what that means is spot on and agree totally. The date on this, I would est. around 1880's to turn of the ce...
  45. Very nice Dave
  46. I'm around, just in the back ground........Thanks for the wishes of "doing good" and wish you and yours the same :-)
  47. I agree.......slid in from behind the scene
  48. Love it Dave....Very cool indeed
  49. Great looking piece Russ, congrats
  50. Hello, sorry for slow response, but beings no writing referring to (Example 25 year) or warranty of plating , would strong believe this to be 14K solid case. If the inner back cover seems......flexibl...
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