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One MoreAdvertisement Pocket Watch This Evening, Then I'll stop and await another day.  - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
1910 "Rexall" United Drug Store Advertisement Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
1934-35 Eisenberg Farm Products Advertisement Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Saturday Evening Post Advertisement Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Deal of the Day...Ebay lot for 25 bucks - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Quicky For PW-Collector - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Porky Pig wristwtach - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
My Bird on Cat....VMFA-451.....CVA-59 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Not Your "Everyday" Buster Brown Wrist Watch Circa 1950 - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
It's Saturday and Television Cartoons just aren't the Same anymore...Here's flashback to the 1960's - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. Very nice addition to any collection....This and Heckle-Jeckle are my favorite animoric birds from early cartoons. Thanks for sharing this example
  2. lndrozdenko & Sean....Thank you very much for stopping by, always very appreciated!!
  3. Digitali5, Thanks and Hello, agree, thrifty sales are out there, just need to stumble across them :-)
  4. Thank you very much Michael, Perry & Trey for all the loves, very appreciated!!
  5. Thanks Perry, that means a lot.... Thanks RoyC, Michael, Perry & Trey for all the loves :-)
  6. Thank you Michael, Perry & Trey, always deeply appreciated!!
  7. So Sorry valenitino97, I need to proofread before submitting what I type....Thanks you Kerry
  8. Yes Trey, I'll try and add a few Thank You: fortapache, Michael, valninto97, Perry & Trey for all the support, deeply appreciated !!
  9. Very neat Dave....very neat
  10. Thanks Mani....Dave and I where throwing these at each other last night before heading off, always fun to compare "like" pieces , same but different
  11. Good day Mani, Thanks xoxo :-)
  12. Kudos T A..... great solve and also to ballstatebaseball for such a clever guess earlier before documentation of item...
  13. Has I stated on several others posting....I really enjoy seeing the "Smalls". They seem to have a strong appeal when displaying multi-items together. Really nice score, Congrats
  14. Thank you Russ & Dave for stopping by and showing the support, always very appreciated!!
  15. Thank you very much: rlwindle, Daddy_Nobucks, mikelv85, walksoftly, aghcollect & blunderbuss2 always great to see you've all taken the time to stop by and show the support!!
  16. Hello and Thank you: rlwindle, Daddy_Nobucks, mikelv85, GeodeJem, walksoftly, aghcollect & blunderbuss2 for stopping by and sharing the support, very appreciated !!
  17. Good Morning everybody, seems this has had a few lookers since I've been on last :-) Thank You: Russ, Daddy_Nobucks, mikelv85, walksoftly, appreciated the complement aghcollect & Lucas fo...
  18. Stunning piece, I'm always a sucker for Blue....and silver, best of both worlds
  19. Fort.... before long....fingers crossed, I'll be somewhat educated on what to look for when spotting these JW's pieces and accessory. I see them from time to time out "Thrift" store bouncing and some ...
  20. It's a cool wall hanger, what ever the true purpose might be....I'd be proud owner of such a piece, just for the appearance and would make interesting conversations to the grandkids as how Davy Crock...
  21. Thank you Dave for all the continued complements and support. I have tons of the "Shoe" watches and Mini-clocks, seems those were very popular with the shoe sales markets, most had some very interesti...
  22. Dave, I knew that, it just dawned on me as I was typing so just added for reference...The "singles" must been short lived, but was excellent idea for dirt and grime issues....Bradley adopted the idea ...
  23. Eye4, Mickey(mickeysmagic) has one of the finest "MINT" collections of early Disney pieces I know of...totally top shelf
  24. Good evening Mickey...seems we have another person an the road to Mickey Mouse watch collecting, I tried to warn him earlier, but think the "Rat" has bite him LOL
  25. Thank you FortApache and Dave for looking in, very appreciated!! @Dave, I've only seen a handful of the jeweled Ingersoll's and all of those were early 1900's, with the exception of the Reliance & Wa...
  26. Thanks Eye4, this seller is truly a smart sale to me and already a loyal customer
  27. LOL, Eye4, just fair warning sir, they become very addictive, looking for the history behind them is as much of the challenge as finding the watch itself :-)
  28. thank you very much fortapache for stopping in and showing the loves, deeply appreciated!!
  29. UPDATE: I received these in the mail today, with a note from the seller. In the note seller had sent me 3 additional watches he had located and passed them along also...Top notice eBay seller for sure...
  30. Thank you mikelv85 & Sean, ole buddy for looking and sharing the loves, very appreciated!!
  31. Thank you very much Mickey, Sean & Alan2310 for stopping by and showing all the support, deeply appreciated!!
  32. Thank you Dave, these 1 year only, localized pieces are the hardest to find, as you well know.
  33. Oh my... I've been falling behind, sorry for slow responses... Thank you: mikelv85, Sean, ole buddy :-) Alan2319 & Elisabethan for showing all the support, very appreciated!!
  34. Would bet so....wanna see? lol
  35. I only have about 4, maybe 5 of the single jewel movement if we post enough "Dollar" watches, we can get new sub-category lol
  36. Eye4, first off, repetitive thinking alone makes it Thanks, but watch out, these babies aren't so easy to locate.... for some reason they didn't survive the years. Thanks Sean, ole budd...
  37. I'd agree 70's, maybe early 80's...great looking and unique watch. Thanks for sharing this treasure
  38. You betcha, there's a cool advert watch, Thanks Dave for sharing...great post
  39. Thank You: aghcollect, blunderbuss2, TubeAmp, VETRAIO50 & racer4four for all the loves, @ Karen, is odd to see it that short.
  40. Thank you mikelv85 for the great complement :-) walksoftly, nutabotas6, fortapache, GeodeJem, & pw-collector for the support and @Dave would love to see them
  41. Again...OUTSTANDING piece you've shared, love all your rocks. I believe this to be my favorite thus far !!!
  42. Thank You bladerunner22 for stopping by and showing the support, very appreciated!!
  43. @ T A, very possible Swiss Fake, as you noted, the movement is low quality as only 1 jewel set on the balance is seen, the pins showing through the bridge make note, no other jeweled sets. With these ...
  44. Total WOW from me...pretty neat to see these out and about Big SMILE
  45. Nice "Art Glass" style clock, I've seen a few of these in different shapes and sizes, I like the shape and pattern shown on this one....Thanks for sharing, always great to find something when out "Thr...
  46. Perry.... speaking about smalls... I recently found a pocket watch with a very old sterling silver whistle, made in France as the fob at a junk sale, I'll post it maybe today and send you link, if you...
  47. You're very welcome and sorry couldn't be more helpful. Welcome to the CW forum and hope to se more things /treasures you might share with us. Kerry
  48. Howdy Mickey and Perry, thanks for dropping in, you're always a welcome set of patrons I enjoy seeing pop-up on my stuff, @ Perry, I just couldn't pass a bundle of smalls to sort through LOL Thanks ...
  49. Good Day Perry, thanks for dropping by and showing the support, always very appreciated!!
  50. LOL, google has to many inputs to absorb much for the first 1000
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