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I'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focI'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focus is on Disney, but I've collected several others along the way, most of my interest is on "Mechanical" movement timepieces with a few later electric and quartz style movements. I've been participating on this forum for awhile and have found a vast array of different collections, each category has been very informative and educational for me. True asset for anyone that spends the time to browse and read the material provided by people that share their interest and experience in their prospective collection. Kerry (Read more)


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Mighty Mouse Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Merrie Mouse Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Project Update...Completed  the Task....AU 1934 Ingersoll Mickey Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Found a great box today...1951 Roy Rogers Alarm - Clocksin Clocks
Project Time.... 1934 Nodder Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
1967 Unauthorized Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
The Eagle Has Landed...Apollo 11 Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Davy Crockett "Animated" Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Baseball "All Stars" Wrist Watch Circa 1966 - Baseballin Baseball
Miniature Bakelite Shoe Advertisement Clock - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Opps.......still wearing same style...
  2. icollectglass....never did that... I was the guy that always wore flare cut wranglers and light blue work shirt....almost looked like I was in except for the black leather jacket
  3. icollectglass....we were to busy being young :-)
  4. Thank You walksoftly, very appreciated!!
  5. Good Morning walksoftly....Thanks :-)
  6. You're "Welcome" icollectglass :-)
  7. in better condition than mine :-)
  8. black cherry flavor
  9. and resembles bowl of Jello :-)
  10. Vetraio50, sneaked one in on reading the full details in your postings.
  11. The raggedy ann is made in Israel, this one is branded Moppet, which is sub-division to Rega, these watches were made in several characters, the animated eyes were a great selling point. The Rega's/M...
  12. I my way of thinking...I call a flaw..."Well Loved", it adds character
  13. Thank You: tom61375, racer4four, so glad you got a chuckle at the description :-) mikelv85 and valentino97
  14. Thank You: bratjdd, tom61375, racer4four, valentino97 and mikelv85
  15. LOL thanks Phil.....I got her home early :-)
  16. Good Day Phil..... Thank you for the grins, between Underdog and Mighty Mouse.... We knew all was safe and sound :-)
  17. Thank you Ken :-)
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  19. Thanks aghcollect :-)
  20. LOL....South Park Kenny....hmmmmmmm
  21. Life due for some change......Eye. Maybe I need to buy "Name" brand instead of generic
  22. I want fruit cocktail in mine :-) please
  23. None of my jello was this color....I feel cheated You're welcome Sean :-)
  24. Hello Mickey, Thanks for dropping by, always very appreciated!!
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  27. Man oh man...fallen behind :-) Thank you: aghcollect, Sean, ole buddy....he turned out great :-) Mani,xoxo, another save from Doc MicClock racer4four, walksoftly, mikelv85, Phil, he needed ...
  28. Very top shelf....relic. I f you look at some of the older manual wound watches, back cover will say "Electronically Timed" this device was for that would time the watch to a certain re...
  29. Thank You Michael, very appreciated!!
  30. Hello Tom61375, Thanks for stopping by, always very appreciated :-)
  31. Tank you very much Virginia.vintage for the wonderful words and support :-)
  32. Thanks George, had a good starting point, I'm very pleased :-)
  33. Thanks Tom61375 Virginia.vintage, No a mala para el reloj antiguo, muchas gracias Thanks again for the loves and wonderful complement
  34. Thank you tom61375, I believe the old Mickey turned out fairly well :-)
  35. Project is's the new and improved Mickey:
  36. part 1 of project:
  37. Hello Trey, you sneaked in there on me.....Thanks and I totally agree :-)
  38. Thank you Bruce, always very appreciated!!
  39. Thank You Bootson, Happy Trails to you, until we meet again... Russ, walksoftly, the "Horde" needed this :-) and Phil, It doesn't get much better than this...the "Wow" factor is right Thanks ag...
  40. Thank You shawicus, racer4four, Feel good about it :-) and Vetraio50 for the support and complements :-)
  41. Hello everybody....sorry slow with internet for several hours....I T ...supposed to check network interface tomorrow. Thank you tom61375, blunderbuss2 and ttomtucker, very appreciated!!
  42. perfect match.... model and color box for clock I've had for years... 1m to 1 my guess
  43. Eye....must have been in someone's "hope" chest and found by relatives....IDK, but box is 99% mint, must haven't seen light of day for 60 years. Thanks :-)
  44. Hello Ken, Thanks for dropping in, always deeply appreciated!!
  45. Thanks for sharing these...seen a couple before, but never knew the history
  46. Supongo que mi espanol va a mejorar como hablamos, y sí, tiene que llevar esto :-)
  47. muy aseado viejo casco, supongo que de 1950 tambien. Gracias por compartir
  48. Good day inky, Thank you for all the loves, very appreciated!!
  49. Thank you inky for the loves and support, always greatly appreciated :-)) Sean, ole buddy, thanks again, he'll make a great clock when done
  50. Thank you very much Elisabethan for looking in, always very appreciated!!
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Canadian Drill Press Found in my Storage Unit Seth Thomas wall clock Ugly....... mystery maker any ideas?


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