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I'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focI'm an avid "Character" Timepiece collector . I have a few in my collection that I will share with you and try to give you a little history on each piece.My main focus is on Disney, but I've collected several others along the way, most of my interest is on "Mechanical" movement timepieces with a few later electric and quartz style movements. I've been participating on this forum for awhile and have found a vast array of different collections, each category has been very informative and educational for me. True asset for anyone that spends the time to browse and read the material provided by people that share their interest and experience in their prospective collection. Kerry (Read more)


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Early 1930's Mickey Mouse Toy Saxophone - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Newest Project..... 1934 Lux "Animated" Dancing Bear Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Christmas Gift to Self...oops - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Toy Pinocchio Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Mickey Mouse "Topolino" Wrist Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Dr. Suess "Cat in the Hat" Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Attention Virginia.vintage,Told you I'd post one of these....LOL - Clocksin Clocks
EYE4.....before, during and after - Officein Office
Mini-Globe Pencil Sharpener - Officein Office
The "NEW" Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch for 1939 - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. hit nail squarely on the head...... Jewels, very nice, I have the Popeye and Mickey ones
  2. Thanks everyone for the Holiday wishes and know I appreciate each and every. Happy Holidays and wish you all the best for you.
  3. Happy holidays Virginia... And thank you. Always great to see you have been looking. :-)
  4. AGHCOLLECT Thanks and Bingle Jells and hope the new year finds you and yours filled with health, wealth and happiness :-)
  5. Yep....very neat travel clock....LOVE it. Happy Holidays to you and yours toolate2.
  6. Thank you PatSea, for the holiday greetings and all the support in the past year, always very appreciated!!
  7. Cool Joe!!!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours
  8. Happy Holidays to you and yours :-)
  9. Happy Holidays to you and yours
  10. If you had to behave.....someone would have you locked down lol...stay warm and try not to create to much trouble....
  11. Nice PW and happy holidays to you and yours:-)
  12. Thank You Ken, Roy and Trunkman for the loves and support, wish you all a very happy holiday and hope the future is filled with the touch of loved ones and a bright future
  13. Outstanding Trunk....thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays to you and yours :-)
  14. Thank You rniederman and Season's Greeting to you and yours. :-)
  15. Great snag and happy holidays to you and yours :-)
  16. Trey, I would, but promised it to oldest girl :-)
  17. Thanks David, and may the new year bring forth health, wealth and happiness to you and yours
  18. Happy Holidays David, and happy new year
  19. Happy Holidays Ken to you and yours :-)
  20. Love it...... Happy Holidays to you and yours :-)
  21. Merry Christmas Mani and Doc
  22. Bingle Jells and Happy Holidays Trey.....:-)
  23. Happy Holidays from an old grumpy guy :-)
  24. Very cool Sean, ole buddy
  25. Thank You Karen and Jewels....Karen, I won't destroy the patina, nor quote RESTORE, just clean it up a touch and make work again. I prefer the "Well Loved" look myself. Thanks again my friends...Happy...
  26. Thank You: Dave (pw-collector),PatSea and aghcollect. Very appreciated!!
  27. Thank you DrFluffy and Happy holidays to you and yours
  28. And may the Holidays find you with health, wealth and happiness :-)
  29. LOL....... Probably so, but it's the holidays season and she just let it go. She LOVES me....:-)
  30. Didn't tell her..... lol
  31. Big fingers....small screen lol
  32. LOL Eye4... Thanks and didn't know I hit the loves tab...must been while looking in on post
  33. Great post FortA....Happy Holidays and drop me an email:
  34. Congrats on a great piece Russ.....Happy Holidays
  35. Good Evening everybody....Thank You: VETRAIO50, Antiquerose, Ho2cultcha, Mikelv85, Rlwindle, Bobogal, Toolate2, CindB, Walksoftly, Belltown, Trey, Billyg, Racer4four, Longings, Sugargi...
  36. Well off to pillow time...Hope you all have a great night, evening or morning and I'll catch you all in a few days.
  37. You've got the "Christmas" thing these
  38. Missed this love them, had a pop-up yellow one back in the 80's, wished I'd kept it. Happy Holidays to you and yours :-)
  39. Eye4, Thanks and to you my friend, Hope the holidays find you and yours surrounded with love and good tidings. I'll be spending more time in a few more days, finishing up on project and will have rest...
  40. Eye4.....copyrights and trademarks below the 6 by King Syn. Inc.
  41. Thank You Valentino and Sean, Wishing you a joyful and happy holidays, may they find you surrounded by loved ones and health, weath and happiness.
  42. Eye4....yes and a couple different variants.... namely the early Bradley's(1970's)
  43. I also bought a 4 oz. bottle of cinnamon oil from the drug store to make red-hot popcorn....does that count? LOL
  44. LOL eye4beauty, nope not yet...Thanks for the loves and I wish you all the Holiday greetings and hope you are filled and surrounded with the spirt of good tidings. Thanks again, deeply appreciated
  45. LOL Mani, don't know if I was good or good at it....Happy Holidays to you and Doc xoxo
  46. Thank you Michael and happy holidays
  47. Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays......
  48. Thank you aghcollect and Weirdpuckett for the loves and May you and yours have a happy Holiday
  49. Love the photos sure they're not mine :-)
  50. Thanks Dave, only the best....when buying for self lol..... Thanks again Dave and Merry Christmas to you and yours
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White, big, vintage, old alarm clock Peter Pink Mr. Peanut Jar Unique neon coca cola clock Seth Thomas Old Wall Clock Canadian Drill Press Found in my Storage Unit Seth Thomas wall clock Ugly.......


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