Derby, U.K.

I collect wristwatches, very eclectic mix with brand new Hugo Boss and 1920's Elgin! I love Seiko's and Bulova's, anything unusual.


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circa 1950's (?) camera photo timer - Camerasin Cameras
 leather creasing tool  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Victorian-era quality watch movement. - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
J.C. Penney Towncraft wrist watch-Part Deux! - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
J.C. Penney Towncraft wrist watch. - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Tissot PR516 quartz - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1914 silver trench watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Sicura catalogue excerpt - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1970's Sicura - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Silver fruit knife - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Thanks for the loves, you know who you are!
  2. Thanks Thomas, glad you like it. It was took while on holiday in Skegness, where my latest finds are from. I also took some pics of my daughter "holding" the lower rainbow up, people saw me doing it...
  3. Here is a great source for newspapers or just about anything. Click on the "full view only" tab, type in your search item, and away you go. You will learn to ...
  4. Very nice, I love wrought iron. Maybe it is a blacksmith's repair to an old wooden handled sharpener that broke?
  5. Thanks for the loves people, you are too kind.
  6. You can't beat natural materials, although some of the man-made ones can be fantastic. You can't duplicate that feel though... :-D
  7. That looks like a "Butcher", it's a blacksmith's tool.
  8. As Cleveland Brown: "And 'boom' goes the dynamite..." ;-) Great piece!
  9. Congrats, really good score. That handle is very eye-catching, is it leather and steel?
  10. Thanks Thomas, I had a quick dekko but couldn't find any leather tools. I want more now!
  11. Sorry, I meany HALFPENNY!
  12. George lll penny, quite a nice one too!
  13. You're welcome! Star watch case co. is a US company, many manufacturers used their cases. Most famously, the Type A-11 military watch from WW2 used the Star company cases for all manufacturers!
  14. Thanks FF, me too. Have found out the balance wheel is solid gold, and the pallet has a ring counterbalance (see new photo, arrowed), a sign of quality. Those who don't know what a balance wheel is,...
  15. Hi, nice watch! Here is what Mikrolisk says about the name: So it looks like it's a ...
  16. If you read about advert production in this 1947 book, everything is explained. The chapter entitled "Producing and re-producing the ads" starts on page 321, and is a step-by-step explanation of the ...
  17. Amazing piece, Kerry. Is it lead, or other metal? I did a little research into advertising in the early 20th.C and it is fascinating.
  18. Here you go KJ, the Sicura ''Safari'', with Victorinox blade! Matt is crazy mad on Sicura, and I don...
  19. Using two grades (1500 then 6000) of Micro-Mesh, then good old Brasso, I removed most of the dirt and rust, leaving just some tiny pockmarks in the blade. Nice and shiny but not too overdone. All don...
  20. So can you carry, say, a big Bowie in a sheath on a belt, as long as it's not concealed? Similar to gun laws in US in certain states, yes?
  21. Possibly Scandi-wegian birch for the handle and sheath.
  22. Makers mark is for Arthur Worral Stanisforth. So we can extrapolate that the date mark is for 1895 at the earliest, and possibly for 191...
  23. Stunning. I want it!
  24. Actually found a site that dates this model between 1961 and 1968. Jeroen is a collector and fount of knowledge about SAK's.
  25. Cool piece KJ. I know someone who has a rare Sicura wrist watch from the 1970's that has a knife blade that opens out at the side. I would love one of those, it crosses over my two main collecting sp...
  26. Thank you, and thanks all for the loves.
  27. Thanks man!
  28. Sweet, I have kitchen scourers, copper and steel wool, Flitz metal polish, Brasso and several grades of Micro-Mesh which is waaay better than wet and dry paper. It's flexible and washable and lasts fo...
  29. Thanks pops52, I have many more!
  30. Across the whole of England, not sure about the rest of the UK though! No multi-shot shotguns, only double or single barreled allowed, and tight restrictions on those too. No multi-shot handguns at a...
  31. I sure did KJ! Now to find a very, very tiny watch that actually works...
  32. Thanks fleafinder, glad you like it! I have seen one other online, it was missing the insides of the clock and was in very poor shape. Like I said in the first post, I think this is 1950's and it wou...
  33. Sorry KJ, no cigar! Go look at my new post, all is revealed...
  34. No, I think my next post will make all clear...
  35. @fleafinder, it means that it has a mechanical movement made in JAPAN that uses two jewels as bushes in it, to make the watch ''axles'' move smoothly. @KJ, that is the hand for adjusting the alarm ...
  36. Glad you like the watches KJ, I have something over 130 of them myself... I know, let's do a collection swap, my watches for your knives! LOL! Wait until you see my next post, it is a good one...
  37. Thanks KJ, I was really lucky with this one, they usually cost around £50-80, way out of my price range!
  38. Thanks KJ, it was a part of a wrist watch ''swap'' with a friend of mine. He got a Pulsar quartz chrono that he wanted, a russian military style watch and a Boeing ''mystery dial'' watch, the seconds ...
  39. Thanks KJ, that is what first drew me to these two. And the fact they were a cheap ''twofer'' helped too...
  40. Thanks my man! How would you go about the work on this one? I really don't know what to do with it apart from some general cleaning with flitz metal polish, and some oiling.
  41. Hi KJ, thanks for the remarks. I have seen many of yours from Pakistan, and it is possible it is from there. I love this one, and just made a sheath for it until I can find a suitable replacement. ...
  42. No worries Rockbat, I understand. I was just making it clear that I believe the knife is of a superior quality. Please post some of your collection, I bet everyone would love to see them! Best wishe...
  43. It's a gas fire, we were staying in a large mobile home for our holiday (vacation) by the sea. It was very large, 12ft X 38ft. almost as big as a house! This knife is not a cheap falling to bits one,...
  44. Thanks TassieDevil!
  45. Thanks for the loves!
  46. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  47. Thanks for the loves!
  48. Thank you guys!
  49. Thanks for the loves people!
  50. Great knives whyatt.
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1957 Lord Elgin Futur, Mystery Dial Old Bulova watch id?


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