Derby, U.K.

I collect wristwatches, very eclectic mix with brand new Hugo Boss and 1920's Elgin! I love Seiko's and Bulova's, anything unusual.


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Chinese made "Hobo knife". - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Pradel multi-tool folding knife - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
A. Parkin lambfoot - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Swiss Army clone-great quality! - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1940 US Army Camillus (part 2) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1940 US Army issue Camillus - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Miniature wooden chest - Furniturein Furniture
Caithness Glass "Ebony Sand" range Chinese vase. - Art Glassin Art Glass
1943 British military issued clasp knife - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique chess set (part 2) - Gamesin Games


  1. Just remembered, I got this knife in a fishing tackle box. I swapped a Weihrauch HW77 with Tasco sights for a large amount of tackle, box, 5/6 rods, assorted reels, etc. Everything neede3d for coarse ...
  2. Thanks r4f! Thanks all.
  3. Ah, Gomen nasai KJ-san! I saw a post with what I thought was your name on the end, many apologies again.
  4. Thanks for the loves folks!
  5. Thanks for the loves people!
  6. Too right my friend! I might try some polishing with different grades of Micro-Mesh sheets. These are a great, longer lasting alternative to wet and dry paper, fabric backed and washable and lasts fo...
  7. Thanks for the loves guys!
  8. Definitely Michael! We will start tomorrow, pick the material and finish wanted, then get stuck in!
  9. Thanks again for the love, brunswick!
  10. Thanks for looking brunswick, and thanks for the love!
  11. Thanks Michael! Unfortunately the first link is saying it has been deleted, but I love those in the second link. I have a surprise for you, as my next post is one of those "Hobo knives", I got this ...
  12. The law in England is iffy regarding imported goods markings, except for foodstuffs. Here is a quote regarding the law in UK: "The nearest the law comes to prescribing rules is section 36 of the T...
  13. P.S. Michael, I can post/send pics if you wish buddy! Cheers, Bob.
  14. There is no CHINA mark anywhere, but It does have "STAINLESS" stamped on the other side of the main blade tang, sorry I forgot to put that in the description! :-) It surprised me too, as I have two ...
  15. Great knife NB, I enjoy working on my "iffy" ones also. Got a couple incoming from the US, Boker Tree Barlow and Valley Forge fishtail, should be here soon. I love how that Schrade turned out.
  16. Great knife NB, I have a similar one I keep in my fishing tackle box. I've had this one for more than 25 years, and it's quality is outstanding. Sadly, they still make them today with the brass "Q an...
  17. Thank you r4f, it is a little different from the usual paperweights that's for sure! Thanks for the loves guys!
  18. Thank you Katherine, and many thanks for the loves guys.
  19. Cool blades, and love your collection. I wish we could buy pocket knives on ebay here in the UK. :-(
  20. Thanks NevadaBlades! I also have a 1960's dated British military issue Electricians knife, this has been sharpened to look like a regular cutting blade. Also a US Army Engineers pocket knife, This ...
  21. That's amazing Celiene, thanks for finding these! No, I only paid £2 for the set in a charity shop.
  22. Thanks buddy, does it have any real age do you think? I'm in it for a fortune... £2! :-)
  23. That's amazing, I met a guy in the pub yesterday who spent some time (literally, at one point! ;-)) in the U.S. and met several band members too! Thanks for the loves guys!
  24. Writing on blade is possibly Spanish for steel.
  25. Hi, it has been extensively ground down. Scroll down to find your model shown on this pdf. Cheers, Bob.
  26. COMET was a brand name for mining belt grips, for joining the ends of the belts together.
  27. I also agree that the blades are very worn, and when closed both blades are not touching the inner back as they should, so your surmise that they were of a "billhook" shape is probably correct. Tha...
  28. Thanks UncleRon, I too thought the knives must be worn, but the tang is undamaged, the pivot pin is not loose, and the blades lock tightly into place with a nice "snap". W hat are the chances that two...
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  30. Thanks guys!
  31. Thanks Kerry. How you doin'? Thanks for the love guys.
  32. Thanks geo26e, nice comment.
  33. Thanks for the love, Roycroftbooksfromme1Roycroftbooksfromme1!
  34. Thanks guys! Fantastic links ozmarty, many thanks.
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  38. Thank you, Manikin!
  39. I love it when someone "re-invents" an old classic! Fine work, Mo.
  40. Great watch Jev! They still made the Academy Award models though in Canada up until 1968 at least. This ad from Watchophilia that I found, amongst many posted there, has two models, a man's and a la...
  41. Found out through vintage newspaper ads that this called a Legionnaire, and came in several guises
  42. Filmnet, try using 1200-1500 grit wet/dry paper to sand the scratches out, then use Brasso to clear the crystal, as it will look cloudy after the wet/dry paper. This is only for acrylic/plastic cryst...
  43. Cheers, Kevin!
  44. Hey, glad to give you some proof and back you up Bud LOL! Last ad on it's way.
  45. Glad you like it, buddy. I've been doing a lot of ad searching the last couple of weeks for, came across a Mickey ad from the 50's, so I went on a deep search and recover op!
  46. Thanx for the love and comments, guys!
  47. Thanks, guys.
  48. Thanks, Kerry.
  49. Classics! I just love them.
  50. thanks, got two of these 6309's and one 7002 myself. Just got the other 6309 from India, original worn pepsi bezel, dirt cheap, but works great.
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1957 Lord Elgin Futur, Mystery Dial Old Bulova watch id?


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