I love mid-century modern furniture, vintage pottery, china & glassware, Mickey watches and vintage handbags. When I travel, I always end up lugging home breakable vI love mid-century modern furniture, vintage pottery, china & glassware, Mickey watches and vintage handbags. When I travel, I always end up lugging home breakable vintage items for some reason such as an electric ceramic jug, lots of bone china plates, a 1950s fan etc. I love flea markets, auction houses, car boot sales and thrift shops. (Read more)


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  1. It's gorgeous and even better that it was $5. I am always jealous of your great buys!!
  2. It's a real beauty!
  3. Gorgeous!! I want!!!
  4. I bought some old brass locks similar to these in India. They were from the British Colonial days. They are great.
  5. I had my eye on one green juicer which sat atop a measuring cup but it was too pricey at the antique centre in Sydney and I didn't get it. I've been on the lookout for a similar set ever since!
  6. Pretty!!
  7. Trey, sean thank you for your appreciation!
  8. Oh my this is gorgeous.
  9. Thanks Tom and Virginia.
  10. Thank you aghcollect, racer, Kerry, George for the loves.
  11. People in this community are awesome, very helpful and willing to share. I enjoy this forum very much.
  12. aghcollect, fortapache and manikin, thanks for your appreciation.
  13. Belltown, antiquerose, thank you for your loves.
  14. Oops I meant awesome not awful. I blame my walking pneumonia sorry.
  15. It's awful how you guys who can't read Chinese, have seen the characters enough to remember and recognise them. Chinese charaters are pictorial. To mike's point about the square with the line through,...
  16. Gorgeous. Like its shape.
  17. Roosters are also hardworking and forthright! I'm a rooster :)
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  19. Thanks for your appreciation, sean!
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  21. Thank you sean!
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  23. Thanks racer, love the imagined (or in your case real haha) scenario! Thanks mike for the appreciation.
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  37. I meant my mum's ring was the first fiery blue opal I have seen and yours is the second. All the common ones coming out of Australia are more whitish with streaks. I'll try to post my mum's ring as we...
  38. Thanks george!
  39. Thank you shawnicus.
  40. Hi peasejean, I am no opal expert but I have never seen the newer opal jewellery commonly for sale nowadays like this, yours is the second one. Even the Australian opals nowadays don't really have thi...
  41. Thank you george.
  42. george thanks for the love.
  43. Thank you george for the love!
  44. Beautiful. I have a similar opal ring that my mum bought when she was studying in Melbourne, Australia in the early 60s. The setting also in gold is slightly different and doesn't have the diamond sid...
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  46. Thanks for the love aghcollect.
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  49. Gorgeous.
  50. Hi there, the Chinese characters are the trademark. The 2 characters on the left (read vertically) are "trademark". I believe it is LEE Kum Kee which is a company famous for its oyster sauce, hence yo...
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