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1997 - St. Thomas & Prince Islds. - "Princess Diana" Postage Stamps - Stampsin Stamps
Paraguayan Airlines Inaugural Flight Medal - Advertisingin Advertising
UNC Mint Silver Eisenhower Dollar - Token - US Coinsin US Coins
Genuine Leather Book Cover - Booksin Books
Genuine Snake Skin Book Cover - Booksin Books
Souvenir Spoon - "Zurich" (Switzerland) - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Souvenir Spoon - "Bern" (Switzerland) - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Walgreens Studio 35 Single-Use Camera - unused - Camerasin Cameras
1997 - Kodak Royal Gold Film - unused - Camerasin Cameras
Pentax CE Electronic Flash Unit - Camerasin Cameras


  1. "Some" of the older postally used stamps do in fact bring a higher value than mint condition stamps - my great-grandfather actually collected "cancellations" or specific "commemorative" postmarks. - N...
  2. Postage stamps are printed for use - some are "regular" issues which are printed year after year (sometimes 20-30 years). Others are "Commemorative" stamps which are only printed for a specific time p...
  3. These specific ones I would prefer to have in mint condition as the full souvenir sheet without any cancellation - in my opinion, the cancellation just ruins the image on something like this, but I wo...
  4. Does little to identify the maker - basically just identifying the music - many of these had the mechanisms made in Austria and the boxes made in Germany, and/or vice versa - It looks like in picture ...
  5. These commemorative stamps were issued as memorial stamps in a souvenir sheet type format (attached together as a "mini-sheet") - The issue date was October 15, 1997 - so about 45 days after her death...
  6. On the Beautiful, Blue Danube Waltz (by Johann Strauss) Artist's Life Waltz (by Johann Strauss) Viennese Citizens' Waltz (by Carl Michael Ziehrer)
  7. 17 years ago today :((
  8. Only wish it was full size :) - perfect Florida year-round cruiser
  9. "Syucu (Girl from Bali)" by Walter Lambert circa 1960's - Walter Lambert (1897-1986) was also the original artist for the Leyland Motors calendars, which started in the early 1930's and were famous ar...
  10. Sorry vetraio - I inadvertently had deleted some of my "Loves" from your postings and will be reapplying them accordingly.
  11. AH - if you do not start copying and pasting the identification comment into your description and removing the item from the "unsolved mysteries" categories the identification will be lost because whe...
  12. Some collectors just collect "topicals" - when I was buying I had a preference for Space, Trains, Airplanes, Birds, Butterflies, Cars, etc. but I ended up with so many stamps I just cataloged them all...
  13. A cancellation is basically postally used; values in the catalog reflect a basic cancellation - a collector would note in their personal collection listing as light cancel, medium cancel, or heavy can...
  14. Thanks again - I think so far of what I have posted may be a couple of the japanese pieces in my Porcelain & China collection - a lot of them I haven't even posted simply because I can't get a decent ...
  15. The basic definition is all that was needed and your description very thorough. - I just wanted to know before I post some of my mothers items from her china cabinet. I will probably only describe the...
  16. What is the definition of Cloisonne? - Is it's proper term only used for enamel on metalwares?
  17. The tail on that one is curved - yours (not "yours" literally LOL) - your figurines' is more straight. The one I saw on worthpoint which I found searching by the AP mark is much larger (6" tall).
  18. Oh, I just read your description 2 1/2" tall - you have the small one but the factory mark is different for sure.
  19. Is yours 3" x 2 3/8" tall like in that link or ; 6" tall; about 7-1/2" to 7-3/4" long from hind leg to tip of nose?
  20. I found images of the pedestal mug in clear glass and cobalt blue glass, but none in yellow or with daisies
  21. 1953-1971 Red label with gold or silver trim. Reads Lefton’s Reg U.S. Pat. Off. Exclusives Japan
  22. Most items marked "occupied Japan" were made from 1946-1951
  23. Well, in French Vite Soyez means "be fast"
  24. Information received from a reputable militaria source indicates; U.S.S. Co. - this was United States Steel Co. S.M. Co. - this was Southwestern Metals Co.
  25. Budweiser Beer sign
  26. I think the "hallmark" in this link refers to the "backstamp" or makers mark, not the Hallmark Stores - some of these early german dog figurines get up into the hundreds of dollars range - do more res...
  27. Good one too!! - I will keep an eye out, I have to search for the mark on my german dog figurine, its from my german grandmother and quite old.
  28. Is there any way you can get a clearer picture of the mark?
  29. Sorry mowgli - I couldn't find the mark, only two other examples of the figurine with the same mark and they didn't identify maker.
  30. The dog breed is an Airedale Terrier - I'm still searching the mark
  31. See several of these in google-images - described as "retro" - some are shown in pairs as bookends
  32. Canada (2 cents) Commemorative Issued June 29, 1927 / Catalog# 142 "60th year of the Canadian Confederation" Depicted are the "Fathers of Confederation" You have a light cancel - value 20¢-40¢ Th...
  33. Canada (5 cents) Commemorative Catalog# 380 / Issued July 30, 1958 Commemorates the Nursing Profession and the importance of individual & national health Value - 20¢
  34. Issued September 24, 1951 Canada 15 cents - Commemorative Catalog# 314 / bright red / value 25¢ Commemorating the Centenary of British North American postal administration
  35. I know it's upside down
  36. 1864 Catalog#33 (1 penny) Queen Victoria - value $1.90
  37. AH - ignore and just delete his ignorant comments Ireland - 1/2 pence -issued June 30, 1944 Catalog# 128 / emerald color / value 25¢ Commemorative for the 300th Anniversary of the death of Michae...
  38. India - George VI (1 rupee) Catalog#162 issued 1937-1940 (black & red brown) - value 25¢
  39. Burley & Winter 5 gallon - mark used 1872-1937
  40. Fence stretcher
  41. Vintage 1950's Enesco Japan Siamese cats
  42. I see the red mark on her paw - is it possible she was playing with a little red ball which broke off?
  43. Here is some info on the company; - In 1926, Robert Wesselhoeft Swift bought a small import company and called it Swift and Anderson Inc. This family owned company was the first to import roof prism b...
  44. Only know that because we had one in the 70's, although it was a cheap one with plastic case and clear plastic face instead of glass. - No where near as nice as yours.
  45. The outer pointer was used to show what the actual change was over time. The user could simply align the needle with the inner one and then after checking it, say 6 hours later, could see the actual c...
  46. J.C. Widman & Co was located at the intersection of 15th St., Kirby St. and the Grand Trunk Railroad line in Detroit, Michigan - 1900-1925
  47. 1982 P - mintage 500,931,000 1982 D - mintage 480,042788 1983 P - mintage 673,535,000 1983 D - mintage 617,806,446 Circulated quarters of these dates are worth no more than face value - the prices...
  48. The Atlas jar by itself is fairly common and of minimal value, however the advertising is Black Americana which enhances the value greatly since Black Americana is highly collectible right now - appra...
  49. What do you think is rare?? - These are common circulating coins.
  50. Agram - you can use regular Vaseline or any "petroleum jelly" product to remove the rust from the beads - just let them "sit" in the jelly overnight and then clean the jelly off with an alcohol based ...
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