Plumera, Florida


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1957 - Indian Motorcycles Accessories Catalog - Paperin Paper
1957 - Indian Motorcycles Repair Manual - Paperin Paper
1952 - Ann Sothern for Fedders Air Conditioners - Advertisement - Advertisingin Advertising
1951 - Joan Crawford for Realist Cameras - Advertisement - Advertisingin Advertising
1950 - Recipe Booklet "Vegetables" - Booksin Books
Bronze Miniature "Victory" Cannon Replica - Toysin Toys
Matchbox "Toys 'R` Us" Anniversary Rig - Model Carsin Model Cars
1954 - Gourmet Magazine Cover - Paperin Paper
Guide to Florida - Poisonous Snakes - Booksin Books
1950's Ford Truck - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. It looks like pewter in the picture.
  2. What makes you think they are brass?
  3. Maybe Tiffin Glass ??
  4. No mani - that was copied from Lee Reynolds actual biographic website where he stated the facts in the first person because of so much inaccurate information on the internet about his "signed" artwork...
  5. It's either the black with platinum or the midnight black with ruthenium-plated accents. I can't tell.
  6. There were several different Starwalker models so I can't be sure - you could send it to me for further examination, heh heh :)))
  7. Just a tidbit of info - those dogs were "cosmodogs" named Belka and Strelka (Whitey and Arrow) that were sent into space and were above the earth for a day on board Sputnik 5.
  8. Looks like the "Starwalker" model in midnight black resin. - a current model but priced at $340. ;)
  9. LEE REYNOLDS I as an Artist have done no more than 200 "Original" Paintings and Sculptures in my life. Lee Reynolds was simply a trade name. It was attached to numerous artworks and designs at Vangua...
  10. Better yet, an Indian owner
  11. Made by Royal Haeger - google "Haeger fish flower frog"
  12. Your display arrangement is absolutely stunning!
  13. Oops, I meant horn, not bone :)
  14. Thank you Agram.m for your advise - I know it is not plastic and it is too light in weight to be any type of stone so I do assume it is bone but I am not positive.
  15. Gardiel Pottery - Tonala Mexico
  16. It looks like a circa 1919 "Model T" Truck - the top is actually metal (you can even see the pinstripe design on the paint). The side cover panels were a roll-up material, probably a heavy canvas. - I...
  17. Its hard for me to distinguish between the different marks for actual date period - in fact, I thought it was a cow when it is apparently a lamb. (and I grew up on a farm :))
  18. Sean - check Porzellanmalerei Ambrosius Lamm (1897-1934) and later Clara Lamm & Rudolph Pitschke (1934-1949?) - Saxony
  19. Columbia Records J-MJ-35 -- Released 1947
  20. The CE mark is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985. The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manuf...
  21. It may have belonged to someones grandmother but it was made in circa 1980's-1990's - google "Timex collectible mini clocks" - offered in various case types including motorcycle, locomotive, antique c...
  22. This photo was taken about 2 months prior to my brothers first marriage - 2 years later it was primered part black and part gray - I last saw it in 2004, up on concrete blocks just rusting away. I thi...
  23. Just a guess TC based on a very vague and incomplete description on the part of the poster (one picture, no measurements, etc.) - pattern circa is 2010-discontinued
  24. Looks like "Chatham"
  25. Ripley - I only saw these in a 1948 and 1949 advertisement (it is listed on ebay), the 1942 date I referenced in comment #1 was rechecked and it actually says "whiskey distilled in 1942 and bottled in...
  26. Meriah - Just an assumption - but the 47 is probably the date code for 1947 -Ripley, I was also trying to date by retail by use of printed advertisements which I found for both 1948 and 1949 - basic...
  27. Ripley is right on the mark if you want to date the actual sale date of the product which can be done by the tax stamp (and also the state it was sold in). The actual decanter bottle may have been mad...
  28. This was issued as a set which included a Ferrari F50, '97 Corvette, and '68 Mustang Cobra Jet - I'm pretty sure I bought the set just to get the Mustang
  29. This is a "gift decanter" usually offered around Christmas time - they are shown in advertisements I found from 1948 and 1949 but there is another reference as early as 1942. - The tax stamp is also c...
  30. You can determine the size by simply using a measuring cup of water - does it hold 1 quart or 2 quarts? - Crushed Fruit Jar is the item name
  31. Please read the text information on page 2 of the above link - the answers are all there. - First pattern patent was on the 2 quart crushed fruit jar Aug 23, 1910 - it is shown in the 1913 catalog and...
  32. Scroll down to page 7 on this link;
  33. Thanks TA for your assistance.
  34. The Sculptor's Way - Google Books › Art › Techniques › General go to the above link and at the bottom of the page it says "Selected pages" - the one to the far right says page 19 cl...
  35. Re: "Sculptors Way" - you have to scroll down several pages to PLATE 9 (page 19) "Animal Studies" by Alice Decker - it shows several of her animal figures including your penguin all on the same page. ...
  36. - Item#: 65797 Manufacturer Status: Discontinued Circa: 1948 - Pattern: Chevonia by Noritake [N CHEV] Pattern #: 6003 Description: BLUE & TAN BORDER,FLORAL SPRAYS,CREAM
  37. The pattern is called "Chevonia"
  38. Is this your post from 2 years ago?
  39. Alice Decker - 1901-1979 I could only find a few examples of her work; #1) - "Sleeping Cat" wood sculpture sold at a Skinner Auction in 2012 for $1185 #2) - "Sculptor's Way" - a google book you can...
  40. The Reid S. Baker in your link is based in New York City and Long Island. - It could very well be a relative or ancestor. - Look at this advertising stamp circa 1922 - i think you have to copy and pas...
  41. Reid S. Baker was a Camera and Photographics Supplies store in the early 1900's located at 938 F Street, Washington, DC - simply google "reid s baker kodak cameras washington dc" and there are numerou...
  42. Nail puller
  43. Henry Stahlhut's vintage cover illustration from the September 1954 Gourmet magazine featured 'Entrecôte à la Mirabeau,' a rib steak with a garnish lattice of anchovies and stuffed green olives surrou...
  44. Owens-Illinois Glass Company The #2 is the plant code - Fairmont, West Virginia The #3 is the date code = 1943 The #9 is the mold number
  45. Thanks Mani - inspired to post this by your old truck photo
  46. The profile pic is a porcelain figurine - it is posted in my "Dalmatian Dogs" collection
  47. check "Maruyama Toki Yamashiro Ryuhei"
  48. Buffalo Grunt - YouTube
  49. google "vintage glove clips"
  50. Released January, 1949
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