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Hummel Figurine - "On Secret Path" - Figurinesin Figurines
Hummel Figurine - "Hello" - Figurinesin Figurines
1980's - "Grolsch Lager" Playing Cards - Cardsin Cards
1990 - "Bucks" Playing Cards - Cardsin Cards
1999 - Matchbox D.A.R.E. Mustang Police Car - Toysin Toys
1998 - Hot Wheels X-V Racer - Toysin Toys
Vintage Car Card - Mustang Shelby GT350 - Cardsin Cards
Vintage Car Card - Ford Thunderbird - Cardsin Cards
Vintage Car Card - Duesenberg Mormon Meteor - Cardsin Cards
Vintage Car Card - Hudson Great Eight - Cardsin Cards


  1. I have the 1970 Boss 302 in Orange and black (Monogram Kit# 2923) and the 1970 Boss 429 in Yellow and black (Monogram Kit# 2728) - both built but still packed
  2. Me too - I may start a "guess who made me" collection LOL
  3. You're welcome mowgli - of course it doesn't help a bit if the sticker is missing
  4. Reference: Remember these are foil or paper labels, not marks. 1946-1953 Large crimson label with gold or silver trim. Reads Lefton’s Exclusive Japan 1953-1971 Red label with gold or silver trim. ...
  5. According to a Lefton collector website - the "Lefton Trademark Exclusive Japan" sticker label was used between 1960 and 1983
  6. Does the machine slide forward on those rails so a sign could be positioned beneath the press?
  7. There's a mark on the blade tang - what does it say?
  8. The great operator was the one and only Ruth Buzzi
  9. Not a "mis-print" - called a "clipped planchet" - the planchets are cut from a strip and then enter the minting press. Your planchet entered already clipped. Value for this error is around $7.
  10. The actual term for this is "clipped planchet" - it would have to be evaluated by a collector or coin dealer to be authenticated as a mint error. I base that on the fact it is dated 2001 and it is som...
  11. No - on the older stamps the grading is the opposite, the more centered the image is, the more collectible. - If you get NEW stamps now with off-center printing or the die-cut is off-center could be v...
  12. email is at the top of my posting board
  13. Canada (Ottowa printing) issued 1888 (5 cents) KM# 42 - value $4 but yours is off-center print so maybe $2.50 - Feel free to email your stamps to my email if you feel uncomfortable posting them here. ...
  14. Just keep posting them Antiquehunter1 - I will tell you what they are, just don't put antique in the heading or press the "unsolved" button. - unwanted comments on your postings can easily be deleted.
  15. It is not an unusual perforation - the point I'm trying to make is that you say just because it has perforations, it was not originally issued "imperforate" - The ink marking certainly matters because...
  16. "Old Willow" pattern - or in your case "Blue Willow" FAQS - International Willow Collectors
  17. Yes there are five different variations of the 1906 issue stamp; #320 - color "carmine" type I printing #320a - color "lake" type II printing #320b - color "scarlet" type I printing #320c - color ...
  18. Comment #3 - "Imperforated stamps were issued but all copies were privately perforated with slightly larger oblong perforations at the sides." - KM320d is a Schermack type III - The Schermack Type III...
  19. Repeat from comment 5 - Did you write "imp." next to it or is that how you found it?
  20. valentino97 - so funny, there actually is a German band called "The Beez"
  21. It's only 50 years old next year so it's only "half-antique" - but it's still something I show my nieces and they say "what the heck is that??"
  22. This actually has a little more value than 2¢ - depending on which variation Did you write "imp." next to it or is that how you found it? - It does appear the "spot" you refer to is in fact what is c...
  23. It's a byrd, it's a plain, it's Supperman
  24. oops - after reading ozmarty's comment it appears ther was also a later issue 1935 (KM125) red-brown - watermark multiple crowns and multiple C of A's The book value of this variation in used condit...
  25. This stamp was issued in several variations, mainly color and watermark, in 1913 and 1915 (both brown color) with one type of watermark, and in 1916 it was brown color, in 1924 it was violet-brown (th...
  26. You are correct - originally known as "The Jet Set", they decided to rename themselves The Byrds, a moniker that retained the theme of flight and also echoed the deliberate misspelling of "The Beatle...
  27. Imperforated stamps were issued but all copies were privately perforated with slightly larger oblong perforations at the sides.
  28. France catalog# KM109 (1 centime) - regular issue stamp issued from 1900 to 1929 - not rare (value 35¢) - even old stamps are plentiful because they were printed in the millions and many were in fact ...
  29. The catalog# is Australia #KM198 - issued Feb. 19, 1945. It is a commemorative stamp for the Inauguration of the Duke of Gloucester as Governor General. Same value in both mint and used condition 25¢
  30. First issued 1903 (KM#319) - issued again imperforate 1906 (KM#320) - someone initialed "imp." so I would assume it is the 1906 issue
  31. They are available from 2" all the way to 28" - filled glass tubes only, no backing
  32. Check ebay for "old stock thermometer glass" - there is a 10" one on there now for $15 - I don't know what yours measures.
  33. They are well-made and also mass-produced primarily for tourists to Europe since after the war - my dad brought back a few steins after his military service but they were made pre-war and came from th...
  34. AH - I think the main point here is that you are based in the UK so you don't have knowledge of our famous "Hobby Lobby" stores that specialize in knock-offs and fantasy gifts. Many of us here have ha...
  35. Looney Toons charm bracelet (also made in silver) - available through Warner Brothers Stores - if you bought just several years ago, probably made in China under license from WB
  36. Cotfer is a manufacturer of various souvenirs since 1923 (still in business) - a similar stein on ebay (#2000) is described as 1970's and is listed at around $15.
  37. Minimal value over face in that condition - cannot be redeemed for silver anymore; average price 1.75 each, maybe 2.00 for the star note
  38. Ambers right - hunter - see the bird in the dogs mouth
  39. See other comment - both these are Lefton China made in Japan - they would have had a foil label sticker on the bottoms which has been removed.
  40. These were made by Lefton China in Japan - both this one and your other H6774 Circa 1960's - 1970's
  41. Strange that two different dogs have the same pattern number on the bottom
  42. The first one is plum dumplings YUM, the second one is like you say for Bundt Cake YUM YUM
  43. These are current Complete collection of Westland Hot Diggity Dog collectable ...
  44. And another
  45. here is a similar item
  46. Size would be a good clue for me
  47. From Westland Gift's HOT DIGGITY Collection
  48. This is "Elvis the King" Wiener Figurine
  49. I am not sure but I believe this is a mid-40's (1945) "Statesman" green straited (striped); in the shorter size it was called a "Tuck-away"
  50. Try Seyei china, Japan - the image is from the Lascaux Cave paintings in France. Probably a tourist souvenir ashtray.
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