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Vintage Japanese Fishing Float??? - Fishingin Fishing
A Rare Vintage "Roerken" Stein by F. (Frans) Santesson 1895 - Brewerianain Breweriana
Nerikomi Style Banko Tapestry Ware Ceramic Vase from Japan - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vintage Myott, Son & Co. Plate, From Stoke on Trent - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Tall Yellow Eames Era Vase, am I close?  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
A Sad Vase will hopefully live again. A John Hess Vase... - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Cookie Jar-Maybe, but who dunit, Need Help with Mark - Kitchenin Kitchen
Square Gold Plate with Unusual Design, and Signature - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Yellow and Burgundy Four Finger Russian Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Chribska glassworks, designed by Josef Hospodka - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Inky, right back at you...
  2. I agree with Mike, and it is transfer ware, meaning it was not hand painted. But its still a very nice piece. It is Japanese because of the blue ring inside the foot, Chinese did not do that.
  3. It's a real timeless classic, no pun intended. These watches never go out of style.
  4. You are very welcome. :-)
  5. Sunfawn, try looking at Blenko, it's hard to tell from your photos, but that's a good place to start, good luck.
  6. Kivatinitz, wonderful vases. I think they are either Tiffin or Consolidaated Glass. Best of luck, Kirk
  7. Wow Ho2, very collectible, plenty of info on the net. Beautiful colors, will make a nice will hanging, attached to aviary wire. Just a thought. Kirk
  8. Well Sean, You did it again. You are amazing. Kirk
  9. Thanks Artislove, I will check that out. Hope you are correct. :-)
  10. Sean, this link indicates the value of your incredible find. Regards, Kirk
  11. Wow Sean, that site is amazing. Maybe your ashtray should be kept in a vault. :-)
  12. Thanks Sean, I appreciate your taste in all things, & Shareurpassion, many thanks and do please let me know what he says. This has intrigued me for some time now. Kirk
  13. Simply Stunning!
  14. Bohem, I just came upon your collection, breathtaking. And this piece is remarkable. Kirk
  15. OZ, you have done well. Those leave me speechless. And true mirror to boot. It does not get any better than these. Congratulations. Kirk
  16. I second that AntiqueRose, Ditto.
  17. Wonderful display of fine crystal. Bravo. Kirk
  18. Sean, you are so fortunate. Your finds are marvelous. You are also lucky, my GW's rarely lets things of this quality escape. Congrats, Kirk
  19. Awesome Sean.
  20. Ho2, very nice. I have two solid green ones, same mark. Kirk
  21. Vetraio, Stunning is exactly what they are. And yours is a winner in my book. Kirk
  22. Vetraio, lovely piece. This may help, let me know. Regards, Kirk
  23. Sean, love that stuff, shape and color, are killer.
  24. Moon, you have an amazing collection, I am so envious of these pieces. Hugs, Kirk
  25. Wow, they are really lovely, and having two is really special. Regards, Kirk
  26. Thanks Racer.
  27. Thanks Blunderbuss2.
  28. Sean, thanks a million. vetraio50, Thanks too. Kirk
  29. Thank you all for the loves, I have been remiss in my Thanking. Warmest Regards and Respect to all, Kirk
  30. Simply Exquisite...
  31. IdCloisonne, I stand educated, as your explanation was illuminating and have corrected my write-up to reflect it. I can't thank you and CanyonRoad enough. Warmest Regards, Kirk
  32. IdCloisonne, Thank you again, but I must admit, sometimes I am a bit thick, so in simple terms what would a correct description be or does my "Nerikomi Banko Ware Ceramic Vase from Japan" description...
  33. Thanks so much CanyonRoad & IdCloisonne. IdCloisonne, please understand that my info came from both of you, I take no credit, and would appreciate any corrections if I have over or understated anythi...
  34. Thanks IdCloisonne, I welcome any help on this one. Links etc... This is completely new to me. Regards, Kirk
  35. Wow Moon, you have the Midas touch, it's breathtaking.
  36. Beautiful, from one very large snake.
  37. Exquisite.
  38. Incredible, you are the man...
  39. Lovely Design, just awesome...
  40. CanyonRoad & Idcloisonne, I am so grateful for the education and knowledge you share. I will re-read and absorb the info and post "Solved" so please feel free to correct my info, as I now see I need ...
  41. Right back at you Antiquerose. :-)
  42. Many thanks Sean and AGH. Regards, Kirk
  43. My sincere apology to Antiquerose for overlooking your posting. Not sure how I overlooked that but I have now corrected this Faux Pas. Humbly Yours, Kirk
  44. V, This may help to solve... Beautiful piece, Kirk
  45. No Words....
  46. Beautiful...
  47. Incredible, great German engineering. Very nice!
  48. Thanks Sean, and thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds lately, you are gifted! Regards, Kirk
  49. Wonderful Piece. This was most likely flush mounting to the ceiling, maybe in a theater or hotel lobby. The fixture might not have been visible. Regards, Kirk
  50. Ooooo, that is nice. Great find, and of course nice photos. Kirk
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