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Vintage Myott, Son & Co. Plate, From Stoke on Trent - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Tall Yellow Eames Era Vase, am I close?  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
A Sad Vase will hopefully live again. A John Hess Vase... - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Cookie Jar-Maybe, but who dunit, Need Help with Mark - Kitchenin Kitchen
Square Gold Plate with Unusual Design, and Signature - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Yellow and Burgundy Four Finger Russian Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Possible Skrdlovice glassworks, designed by Jan Beránek - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tall Blue Triangle Decanter - Bottlesin Bottles
Blue  Glass Vase- Swedish Maybe? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Opal Glass Jar, probably not Blenko?? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Wonderful Piece. This was most likely flush mounting to the ceiling, maybe in a theater or hotel lobby. The fixture might not have been visible. Regards, Kirk
  2. Ooooo, that is nice. Great find, and of course nice photos. Kirk
  3. In my humble opinion, I would suggest learning more about it before you modify it. It looks Toltec to me, but I think more investigation is warranted. Are there any markings on the base. Maybe somethi...
  4. So uncommon, nice find...
  5. Sean, Nice find. Gota Love the GW.
  6. Now that is cool. Nice find. Cheers, Kirk
  7. Opps, sorry Walksoftly, I missed your reference. Getting old. :-)
  8. Sean, very nice, and of course it is Orrefors. Question, is it signed as well as labeled? Thanks, Kirk
  9. I question whether it was used for pasta. The chipping of the glaze would not be welcome in you pasta. I think more decorative. I have one but it is signed and numbered. When I get time I will post it...
  10. As Valentino pointed out, it is a Rug Beater, used to beat the dust and dirt out of rugs as they hung on the clothes line. Cheers, Kirk
  11. Dear Agalwithglass, and with class. :-) I stand educated, and I thank you. Boy there is so much to learn, thanks for educating me, I really did not see it until the last link. I hope you post some...
  12. Hello again Agalwithglass, I admit I don't know, and you may be right, but do you have any links that I could follow to learn/research. Or do you have any photos of pieces you own to post, so I can s...
  13. Agalwithglass, Thanks for the additional info. I did look into your suggestion, and I am still not sure. It looks like to me it could be either, but I am certainly no expert. The tall wide shoulder a...
  14. Breathtaking...
  15. Sean, I just saw this, amazing, just amazing.
  16. Hello everyone, Sorry I have been lax in thanking for the love and info. Hey OZ, thanks for the dead on info. Big Hugs for all, Kirk
  17. Thanks Sean, it was an interesting find. Regards, Kirk
  18. Wow, that is exquisite. I will keep this in mind, mark looks familiar.
  19. Gorgeous, just gorgeous... I'm moonstruck now... :-)
  20. Wow Moon, you are blessed. Regards, Kirk
  21. Sean, just wonderful, color and shape... Can I ask, how do you identify these obscure pieces, from knowledge or books. Regards, Kirk
  22. Vet, when you zoom in, its like you're standing in the square with all the people. Very nice, Regards, Kirk
  23. AGH, very nice, love old coins especially with historical value. Regards, Kirk
  24. Wow Sean, Extraordinary. I have been away for a while, but this is another of your amazing finds. Bravo, Kirk
  25. Phil, Thanks for the info, I will digest this, and move forward when I get the nerve to try one of these methods. I have still not determined if the vase is valuable enough to work so hard at it, if ...
  26. Sean, Beautiful stuff. It is interesting how they split the country name. Kirk
  27. Wow, what a masterpiece. You are very fortunate. I was a discus thrower back in the day, but never struck a pose quite like that...
  28. Ho2, I could be wrong, but it looks like the unsigned work of Isabel Bloom. Not sure why it would be unsigned though? Very nice piece anyway. Kirk
  29. Wow, wow...
  30. Ann, I am at a loss for words, and that's not me, or as I see, you either. :-) Let me begin by saying I found this vase in two pieces and bought it that way. I assume that someone dropped it and it...
  31. Hunter, that is really slick. I will definitely keep that process in mind. At this point, I am waiting to see what is in the best interest of the piece. Many thanks, Kirk
  32. MaryH, Thanks for the research. I do see a resemblance, but I am not quite sure we have nailed this yet. Let's see what some of the Guru's have to say. Many thanks, Kirk
  33. To All, thanks for the Love, right back at you, you are a fabulous group. :-)
  34. Thanks Inky.
  35. Ditto...
  36. My pleasure ho2cultcha, It's nice to be able to give back some love. :-) Regards, Kirk
  37. Hey there guys, I found this, it seems pretty close. Regards, Kirk
  38. Rose, I changed the 4 image, that is as straight on as I can get it. Let me know what you think. I see mine as wider at the top (both in the photo and in person) , not sure what that means. Seems the...
  39. Wow, that knocks me over. Don't know what to say....
  40. Hello Everyone, thanks for the love and help. I am not sure, but I don't feel this is solved yet, or am I missing something. :-) I have been very busy, and it has interfered with my maintaining thes...
  41. Hello wksgibson: Nice piece. We are all fortunate to be in the company of many experts. Sometimes it takes more time to solve a mystery. You and I have been lucky. :-) Regards, Kirk
  42. Thanks Sean and Inky. Yes, this seems like it would be obvious, but I continue to strike out.
  43. Thanks Sean, it blows me away that this came my way...I feel blessed.
  44. Hello All, Upgrade my description, but will continue to define plate and characteristics as the info become clear. Again, many thanks, Kirk
  45. Well guys, Vetraio and Rose, you are the greatest. My deep thanks for your help. I will review all and try to come up with a revised description. Last question, any idea of the emblem in the middle....
  46. Rose, This one look the most like it except for the color. But unfortunately there is only one view. Thanks, Kirk
  47. Thanks Rose and Sean and Racer. From Roses link, I would say 835 is the closest, but would need to see more details. Mine is so bulky at the top, and narrow at the base. My 4th photo while a bit di...
  48. Hi Ho Silver and away... Nice piece.
  49. Thanks Racer. I have a lot to learn, and find it easy to make mistakes when it comes to researching glass and pottery. Thanks for you help. Regards, Kirk
  50. Wonderful Pot, love the artwork.
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