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Vase & Lidded Jar in Frosted Cased Glass, Very Unusual??? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Authentic Qing, Tongzhi Tazza Bowl Circa 1870 - Asianin Asian
Loetz bohemian deep crackle cased glass vase- I guess? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cameo Art Amethyst Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hollow Log Studio Art Vase with Green Tree Frog by LS/AP - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Black & White Sgraffito Peacock Vase of Unknown Origin, Unsigned - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vintage Japanese Fishing Float??? - Fishingin Fishing
A Rare Vintage "Roerken" Stein by F. (Frans) Santesson 1895 - Brewerianain Breweriana
Nerikomi Style Banko Tapestry Ware Ceramic Vase from Japan - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vintage Myott, Son & Co. Royal York Pattern, From Stoke on Trent - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Thanks Racer, a real puzzle for me... Thanks AGH, Sklo, Blunder and Roycroft, for the love...
  2. I passed on one of these, guess that was a mistake, ooops. I do also love your new photo too. Regards, Kirk
  3. Thanks Sean, any ideas?
  4. Wow, just so 50's, Bellissimo my friend...
  5. Just Beautiful, it may be common, but delicious to my eyes...
  6. Thank you HO2
  7. Thanks Sean...
  8. Thanks Racer, Vetraio, AGH & Kyratango, right back at you...
  9. Dear Racer, Please don't be hard on yourself. This is a very difficult area of ceramics to become knowledgeable in, it takes a commitment, as it is so vast with so many dynasties and periods to under...
  10. Dear HO2, As I mentioned on the other piece, this too is probably 20th C. It has a stamped mark, which cannot be read. The enamels are rather crude, but colors used denote "made for export". Robin56 ...
  11. Dear HO2 & Racer, These are "made for export", probably correct 20C. They are not Tongzhi, that refers to a period during the Qing dynasty. The design is similar to those found on Tongzhi period piec...
  12. Just Extraordinary...
  13. OMG, you are blessed, and you deserve it too. :-)
  14. Just exquisite, love the texture and color. Incredible find, but no clue on this one.
  15. Truly Outstanding!
  16. Now there is a subject, I have been waiting to read about, lol
  17. Beautiful, maybe it pays to work estate sales, stickers still on, what a find. Congrats, Kirk
  18. Sean, I feel the same about you :-) good to be back. **May the treasures be in plain sight!
  19. Now I know why I can't seem to find any grand items like you always find, because someone took them all to Sidney, beautiful pieces, Kirk
  20. Truly a remarkable piece to own! Congrats, Kirk
  21. Sean, Although I have not posted for a while, I have admired your finds, continuously. You are a cut above. This big LOVE is for all the love's I missed giving... Kindly, Kirk
  22. Yes I am back, hope I can stay connected, miss all of you. Thanks Vetraio, I will pursue German. Thanks Sean, always good to hear from you. Thanks Surfdub66 & Aghcollect I have even seen a Rinds...
  23. Hello Senchi, I came across your piece, very lovely. It is Pottery by Capo Di Monte Made In Italy. Mystery solved. Regards, Kirk
  24. Oz, those are so remarkable, I am at a loss for words. Thanks for sharing all at once to compare and appreciate. Regards, Kirk
  25. I have to ask, at 33", how much does it weigh. My guess is over 25lbs.
  26. Dear Gracay2004, I watched looked and listened. From the photos it is stunning, so who cares who made it, unless your planing on selling it, then you need to know. But at 33" tall, it's a great find ...
  27. Sean, another winner. Maybe no one else cares, but what is the size. Regards, Kirk
  28. Sean, Weller or not, it is stunning. The colors work so well. Bravo...
  29. What a lovely surprise, and nice gift.
  30. Dear Ho2, Those are so wonderful. I think they are Repousse, meaning the ornate design that was created by pushing it out from the inside. HARRIS & SHAFER - Washington, D.C. A partnership of Edwin...
  31. The midas touch!
  32. Wow Sean, if it were an original you could retire, what a thought.
  33. Dear ho2cultcha, I agree with Jedman1. I mentioned months ago, that you should not rush to judgement. Often primitive pieces are mistaken for junk. I hope you have not painted it, but if so, enjoy......
  34. Well Sean, I have missed CW for a while. But I must say, when I look at the loot you get, I ask myself, is he the greatest hunter-gatherer we know, or does he have a pact with the Devil. LOL. Your fin...
  35. Wonderful find, beautiful color.
  36. Wow, that says it all. :-)
  37. Cindy, have you used a magnifying glass to scan the bottom for makers marks. I have a lot of crystal, I will keep these in mind, and let you know. They are probably European, and have lost their stick...
  38. Also Castelli
  39. Beautiful, colors remind me of Picasso and De' Simone.
  40. Thanks CindB. I like your collectibles, very nice finds. Regards, Kirk
  41. Dear Fellow Collectors my sincere thanks to all of you: DRFluffy Manikin Vladimir Racer4 nutsabotas6 vetraio50 surfdub66 SEAN68 Ivonne sklo42 CindB aghcollect
  42. CindB, again, thanks. Its nice to be back and among all you great collectors. Yours, Kirk
  43. Dear Sean, many thanks. CindB, right back at you. Nutsaobotas6, thanks so much. Racer, big thanks, it is remarkable isn't it. Thanks Everyone, you guys are awesome. Kirk
  44. Thanks aghcollect. :-)
  45. CindB, thanks for the Love and wonderful comment. Regards, Kirk
  46. Hey Guys, what's all the hub-bub. This is normal for Sean, after-all he is the magic man. All kidding aside, you did it again, awesome find. Regards, Kirk
  47. Sean, love the Italian pottery, so whimsical.
  48. Hello buddy, very nice, as usual. Kirk
  49. Thanks CindB. :-) Look like you have a nice collection of goodies too. Kirk
  50. Dear Sean, Thank you my friend. May this year also find you in the company of many fine objects, with my best wishes for many great hunts. Sorry for my absence, but the house in being remodeled, and ...
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