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Cameo Art Amethyst Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hollow Log Studio Art Vase with Green Tree Frog by LS/AP - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Black & White Sgraffito Peacock Vase of Unknown Origin, Unsigned - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vintage Japanese Fishing Float??? - Fishingin Fishing
A Rare Vintage "Roerken" Stein by F. (Frans) Santesson 1895 - Brewerianain Breweriana
Nerikomi Style Banko Tapestry Ware Ceramic Vase from Japan - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Vintage Myott, Son & Co. Royal York Pattern, From Stoke on Trent - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Tall Yellow Eames Era Vase, am I close?  - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
A Sad Vase will hopefully live again. A John Hess Vase... - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Cookie Jar-Maybe, but who dunit, Need Help with Mark - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Wow, that says it all. :-)
  2. Cindy, have you used a magnifying glass to scan the bottom for makers marks. I have a lot of crystal, I will keep these in mind, and let you know. They are probably European, and have lost their stick...
  3. Also Castelli
  4. Beautiful, colors remind me of Picasso and De' Simone.
  5. Thanks CindB. I like your collectibles, very nice finds. Regards, Kirk
  6. Dear Fellow Collectors my sincere thanks to all of you: DRFluffy Manikin Vladimir Racer4 nutsabotas6 vetraio50 surfdub66 SEAN68 Ivonne sklo42 CindB aghcollect
  7. CindB, again, thanks. Its nice to be back and among all you great collectors. Yours, Kirk
  8. Dear Sean, many thanks. CindB, right back at you. Nutsaobotas6, thanks so much. Racer, big thanks, it is remarkable isn't it. Thanks Everyone, you guys are awesome. Kirk
  9. Thanks aghcollect. :-)
  10. CindB, thanks for the Love and wonderful comment. Regards, Kirk
  11. Hey Guys, what's all the hub-bub. This is normal for Sean, after-all he is the magic man. All kidding aside, you did it again, awesome find. Regards, Kirk
  12. Sean, love the Italian pottery, so whimsical.
  13. Hello buddy, very nice, as usual. Kirk
  14. Thanks CindB. :-) Look like you have a nice collection of goodies too. Kirk
  15. Dear Sean, Thank you my friend. May this year also find you in the company of many fine objects, with my best wishes for many great hunts. Sorry for my absence, but the house in being remodeled, and ...
  16. Incredible find. I would be careful what you do to it. I is quite possibly very valuable. I would certainly suggest a continued hunt for missing hand, but also go to Bonhams or other auction houses to...
  17. Wow, now that is a magnificent lamp, and I think the shade works nicely. It does not overpower the grandeur of the lamp, my humble opinion. Ah Moorcraft, says it all. Regards, Kirk
  18. Wow, that is amazing, you are blessed. Regards, Kirk
  19. Sean, this was such a treat. Great to see you and your treasures. Regards, Kirk
  20. Who loves you baby, always the best of the best...
  21. Wow, you did real well, love the color etc...
  22. Wonderful, love everything about it...
  23. Wow, and at GW. You go guy...
  24. Fascinating purchase.
  25. Someone knows you love funky...
  26. You remain blessed. Outrageously amazing...
  27. What a find, just gorgeous...
  28. What can I say that everyone else has not. Stupendous!
  29. Just Incredible as usual... you're the man. Your jealous friend, Kirk
  30. Moon, sorry, I forgot to click the last image. Magnificent.
  31. Moon, those two colors are just stunning. Could we see larger image possibly. Wow!
  32. HO2, Don't know a date, but it is definitely from Mexico. Many pieces of this same Mexican Art come through here in So Cal. Regards, Kirk
  33. And the winner is......Sean68, always. Way to go.
  34. Thanks FortApache, love your fan collection.
  35. Excellent Research, bravo...
  36. Powerful Memorabilia, nice find.
  37. Tanks Sean. Why do artist sign their mark like doctors fill out prescriptions. Very frustrating most often. You should see this in person, nice texture and subtle movement. I am fortunate to find this...
  38. Another Classic, bravo...
  39. Tkanks Racer. And thanks Melanie and Manikin and Vetraio.
  40. Thanks Sean, I am excited it so unique.
  41. Thanks AGH.
  42. WOW!...
  43. Very nice Amber, way to go Sean. :-)
  44. Another Awesome Find :-) Way to go Superman.
  45. Thanks Racer.
  46. Thanks Vetraio, I will check that out.
  47. Thanks Moon & Vetraio.
  48. Thanks Jewels
  49. Thanks AGH, any ideas?
  50. Lovely piece. Could you please post a photo of the makers mark on the underside. I have an old piece also. Thanks.
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